Lodge Of The Dark Magicians

In plain talk, this is all about the Dark Forces of the Universe from a very high and unique perspective, one which has never been given before to the awakening Human Family. I begin by explaining the origination for duality/polarity, not only on Planet Earth but as a universal phenomenon, and proceed through a multi-dimensional expose' of the Initiate Brotherhood of the Left-Hand Path and their millions of years of involvement with this planet and her developing Races of Mankind.

Both The Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness, ever in oppositional confrontation, have their membership lodges, which is a simplistic and down-to-earth way of referencing their hierarchical structures based on Level of Consciousness and Initiate Status. I take the reader back to the Motherland of Mu in the Pacific Ocean and move forward through Atlantean Times on up to the modern-day phase of the 5th Root Race of Man by giving an accounting of the schemes perpetrated by the Dark Magicians to foil and obstruct the Divine Plan Itself for this planet (as envisioned by The Planetary Logos for Earth). I am laser-focusing the Light upon the Darkness and wish for everyone on the planet to be fully informed of their purpose and their ways.

The Shasta Revelations

During the Summer of 2003, when working as a gardener in the shadow of Mount Shasta, I had revealed to me the most exceptional things about my future course in life and about myself and the ones that I have come to call the Masters of Love. I kept a journal of all that was given to me and wrote it down just as it came without exaggeration, hyperboly, or modifying the essence of any of the communications. It had become time for me to learn of these matters, and I share them with a sense of wonder, humility, and anticipation for the things that are coming.

The Unknown Nazarene

I felt strongly impelled to do this piece of writing which reveals many things hitherto unknown to our Western Civilization about The One Who walked amongst us 2000 years ago in a place now called the Holy Land. That One, named Jehoshuah Ben Yussef, came to be called Jesus. The story of His life and His teachings became considerably distorted over the intervening centuries, both intentionally and unintentionally by the many generations of scribes and monks who copied by hand the manuscripts that were passed on to them. The information that I use herein regarding The Master from Galilee comes from the Higher Levels of Those Who watch over the evolutionary progress of Humankind, The 5th and 6th Initiate Levels of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Some will be delighted to learn more about The Way-shower for our Astrological Age of Pisces, and others will be disappointed or even scandalized to discover that they have been force-fed false beliefs about Him. I am the messenger, and what I've sought to do is simply reveal the truth as it is known to Those Who truly know (The Masters of Wisdom).

Earth In Metamorphosis

Would you like to know just what on Earth is happening to the planet and Her peoples during this crucial time period at the close of the Piscean Age? Much has been written of this time, but I'm afraid that there has been too much disinformation disseminated on the subject for all too long. I have gathered and consolidated my information from The Level of The Ascended Masters and from highly evolved Intelligences from elsewhere in the Galaxy and from much higher Planes of Existence, Those Who can offer the grand perspective of our Shift from one Dimensional Level to the next higher one. Most of what I offer here is quite esoteric and of revelatory nature and has nothing to do with the misconceptions promulgated by those of a religious bent. This offering is made to awaken those who are ready and to dispel fear of the unknown.

The Psalm 91 Connection

This is a remembrance of a synchronistically-timed encounter that I had with a very psychically-sensitive woman in 1992. She was clairaudiently impressed to give some messages to me, among which was that the meaning of Psalm 91 in the Bible had a direct message to impart to me. The King James Version of the psalm is included.

Ascension Celebration 1992

In the Fall of 1992, I was intuitively attracted to an event called the Ascension Celebration that was held on the shores of Lake Siskiyou near Mount Shasta in Northern California. There was only one person that I was drawn to seek out, and that was Norma Milanovich whom I considered to be a legitimate channel for The Kuthumi Consciousness and Others in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. I registered for the workshop that she was to give on the second day of the event, and I was much surprised to experience at that workshop a ceremony that had been planned for those who followed their inner guidance to attend. Lord Kuthumi and 11 other Masters came to perform ceremony for all those in attendance, and Norma described it all as it took place. This is exactly what happened on that auspicious day.

The Gift From Elk

In this short story, I share my experience of how a beautiful set of elk antlers came into my possession in a most extraordinary manner while in the high country of Northern Arizona, and I share what a Shaman had to tell me about those antlers and later what a very psychic woman had to say about them. This is an example of how we can receive gifts from the other Kingdoms of Nature.

Mission of The Love Masters

There are, at this time, many highly-evolved Beings Who are taking human form all over the planet in order to assist the Earth and Her Humanity in making the Transmutational Shift into the next higher level of expression. They are Beings of pure, unconditional love Who will get this planet started off on the right track at the outset of the Aquarian Age. This piece reveals their origin, how They are coming amongst us, The Galactic Level of planning involved, the reason that They have come, and what it is that They are going to do for this planet and the Galaxy as a whole.

What Happens After Death?

I have written this to dispel the all-pervasive fear and ignorance surrounding the most common human experience of all, the inevitable event which has been shrouded in mystery and manipulated for the sake of power and control by the religious institutions of the West, that have become enormously wealthy as a consequence of the lies that they spread about the so-called afterlife. I discuss the sequence of events which follow the departing of consciousness from the physical form and how each individual finds their way to the most appropriate Astral Level, what takes place there, and the eventual merging with the Soul or Higher Self. This is the way it is, and there need no longer be perplexity and fearful apprehension over the most joy-filled experience in one's entire life! The information comes from The Spiritual Hierarchy of Planet Earth.

The Silver Platter

This piece is about a force-field of assistance and protection which has followed my footsteps through this entire earth-walk. I came to learn of it from a very psychic East Indian man who was given the symbol of a "Silver Platter" to pass on to me. Reflecting back on the most extraordinary events that have happened to me in this life, I have recounted the highlights in anecdotes which seem nearly miraculous when viewed from the usual human perspective. It's fun reading and may be encouraging to those who still believe in miracles.

Entertaining Demons

This poem came at a time when I was doing heavy battle with the demons of my own mind while camped in a remote area of the Sonora Desert in January of 2,000 A.D. I felt particularly unguarded in expressing my innermost feelings and exposing my tender underbelly to those who might stumble upon it later. I both entertained these demons for long stretches of time and found them entertaining to the portion of my character that had a distinct distaste for boredom.

The Seal is a name given to me during the college years and, as with all things, can be interpreted at multiple levels of meaning (none of them accidental), one of them reflecting the Seven Seals which are mentioned in "The Revelations" of the Bible. Those Seals are symbolic representations for the Seven Major Chakras of the human body, and the Seal may have a part to play in opening the chakras of others somewhere along his path.

The rhythmic structure is, of course, intentional, and the 13 syllables per line are representative of the 1 plus 12, so well known to The Masters. This poem, as originally typed on paper, was precisely (and intentionally) 27 pages long, a number which numerologically is the number 9 (2 + 7), the number of completion that is found in my birth date for day and month and year. I hope you can find these demons entertaining as well and come to understand the Seal a little better.

The Reptilian Conquerors

My intention in writing this piece is to expose the existence of these very dark beings to a wider audience. This information may seem the most fantastical of my writings to date, but these powerful, dark warriors who conquer and then enslave systems of evolution are very much a part of the history of this planet and will be making their move for overt (rather than covert as is now the case) domination of Earth in the upcoming years, through their members who have incarnated as humans. Read about their agenda and the terror and fear they have inflicted upon Humankind for eons of time. I want those who have not succumbed to denial to be better prepared and informed.

Who In The World Is Saint Germain?

One of my goals this life, in keeping with my pre-incarnative agreements, has been to make more widely known the existence of Those Highly-Exalted Beings Who have variously been referred to as The Ascended Masters, The Great White Brotherhood, The Lodge of Adepts, and Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). They will physically be walking the Earth and instructing Humanity directly during the Zodiacal Age of Aquarius that is imminently upon us, a collective enterprise that has been called the Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy. They wish to be known to far higher numbers of incarnate humans so that a greater cooperative effort may ensue in manifesting the Divine Plan of Lord Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?").

One of the greatest of these Sons of the Fire Mist is That One Who has been called Saint Germain since His Mission in Europe during the 18th and 19th Centuries to politically coalesce all the kingdoms and states into a single European Entity, during which He was known as the Wonderman of Europe. Le Comte de Saint Germain was but an Aspect of the Greater Consciousness of Master Rakoczy as He is known to The Initiate Brotherhood. My information comes from Those Who Know and has no derivation from often-erroneous human sources. This Lofty Benefactor of Earth is scheduled to be The Governing Director and Overseer of the New Aquarian Age on this planet. Should we not know more about Him?


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