During the Summer of 2003 A.D., I worked as a gardener at the Mount Shasta Resort within the aura of the sacred mountain. My co-worker was a woman whom I discovered early in the season to be quite "psychic" and to have the full spectrum of those metaphysical abilities which proceed forth from the Source of Being, that which is called the Higher Self or I Am Presence.

That range of abilities included telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, visions, and aetheric sight. Those talents had never been suppressed in childhood (by authority figures) and consequently had been allowed to blossom and grow through the years. Additionally, she recalled that from the age of 5 there was a voice in her "head" that provided guidance and warnings and encouragement and information. For the most part she would follow that guidance and heed the warnings but did not fully trust in the inner processes which were occurring, so that often she would question and test the source of those voices heard clairaudiently.

However, gradually over the years more and more trust came to be placed in her unseen Guides because They always seemed to be correct in their advice. Even so, a measure of caution was still maintained, and the complete trust wasn't given over until the age of 13. At that age, she and her mother were on their way into a grocery store when her "voice" urgently advised that they wait outside for 5 minutes before entering. During that time interval, a man inside had pulled out a gun and killed someone in the store. After that pivotal event, she came to trust her Spirit Guides implicitly and unquestioningly and claims that They have never steered her wrong.

Most of the communications which come to her from Higher Consciousness are in the non-linear form of completed thought-packages of information or concepts or ideas. They are fully developed gestalts of information rather than any linear flowing of individual word-symbols and are transmitted through the receptive, holographic right cerebral cortex to be converted and explained by way of our language. The inner voice messages (heard clairaudiently) are linear, but the thought impressions are non-linear and are fully formed and matured as received. Thus, she served as the conduit for the information which was intended for me.

Quite often her body experienced the sensation that we have come to call "the chills", and she has come to learn and know that that is the signal from her Guides or her Higher Self that the truth is being spoken. The chills emphasize the importance and the truthfulness of what is being said. Many times I would see the "gooseflesh" appearance of her skin when she was having the chills and so had an objective demonstration of her subjective sensation.

No notes were taken while at work, and the information shared with me came from the shot-gun approach to communication. That is, it was fragmented and illogical at times and spontaneous and fractured and disorganized; and I would have to do the collating and synthesizing and restructuring of it all in my own mind by the end of the day. After work, I would oftentimes be exhausted from the manual labours, and it was under those conditions that I tried to recall as accurately as was possible the information which had been shared with me on that particular day.

No exaggerations have been made. No liberties have been taken, and my strongest desire was to record as faithfully and as honestly as I could all of the ideas and the predictions and the messages that proceeded from the mouth of my co-worker. Redundancies are accounted for by the repetition of the information to me on separate days.


I want to record the following information as it was given to me before the forgetfulness sets in and I wind up distorting the purity of it unintentionally. This is as close as I can remember in a tired state after working outdoors for 8 hours in cold, windy conditions.

A former cousin-in-law in Indiana has had a series of repeated "dreams" through the years which is actually an astral body experience while sleeping. In these so-called dreams which take place in our future in this reality, Cyndi K. and I go into various cities and urban areas during the Earth Changes to look for and to bring out certain, special infants and children to bring back to a Sanctuary (see "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi") of sorts. The cities are absolutely destroyed and lay in ruin from the geological events, and there is pandemonium and chaos everywhere.

Well, my co-worker, whom I will designate as KK, had strong chills when I told her about the repetitive dream and confirmed its validity. She said that Cyndi would know which ones to get and where they were located and that these children are to be the Teachers and the Leaders Who will be establishing the foundation for the New Golden Age on Earth. They are extremely evolved and They radiate total love, unconditional love. She said that this mission for myself and Cyndi K. was very important and was so important that a tremendous amount of protection was being given to the both of us.

In January of 2002, KK was awakened by her Guides from her sleep and went to sit outside facing her back yard which she often does when she cannot sleep any longer and has a sense that she has things to do back there. Despite being Wintertime, it was warm that night. For 6 months she had been working on an altar back there, both physically and aetherically, and had been doing ceremony and creating an energy field of a certain refined nature at that vortex in her back yard. Five 30 foot tall Light-filled Beings are often a part of her ceremony and ritual after her aetheric vision through the Third Eye has been opened.

On this particular night after the Five had come, her entire yard became filled with small, aetheric Beings of Light. They barely had form and could barely even be seen aetherically except as a source of radiant Light, but it was an intense Light which didn't hurt her eyes. They emanated, individually and collectively, Pure Love. Their being was simply unconditional love, and this was the totality of their vibration, nothing but love, the higher form of love.

There were so many she couldn't count Them, and she doesn't know how long They were there. Her preparations of that spot, under which flows pure artesian water from Mount Shasta, had allowed these Beings to descend down into the Aetheric Level and manifest on Earth for that brief moment in time. The groundwork had been laid and the sacred spot prepared. These Beings exist at a far higher Level than the Aetheric but came into an aetheric body for that particular preparatory ceremony and are subsequently now undergoing their preparations and studies and purifications to incarnate among humans down on Earth physically in the fairly near future. They will become those babies and infants that Cyndi K. and I are to look for and Who will become the Teachers and the Leaders on this planet in the Seventh Golden Age.

Yes, we will have a Sanctuary (see "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi") to which They will be brought and raised and taught and nurtured and developed for their future role. Their young minds will need to be protected from all the garbage that human children are typically fed. They'll be telepathic, intelligent, highly evolved, and we will be their protectors who, in turn, will need tremendous protection from the Forces of Darkness who would do anything in their power to thwart the Plan. And that protection comes from The White Brotherhood and The Spiritual Hierarchy (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). KK said that we have something very important to do, as she put it. (All this is documented non-egoically.)

The Beings of Love coming in have some relationship with the Spirit of Wolf. Pure white, spirit wolves also appeared during that night when the Beings came into her yard, and the wolves surrounded the yard and, at some point, sang. The wolves went with the Beings when They left. There is some connection with these Beings, as human children, and wolf as an ally or guardian spirit.

I will somehow be able to teach the children with the esoteric knowledge that I hold in me. What it is that They need to learn will somehow come forth from me. I know what it is that They will need to learn as They grow and develope into the New Age Leaders.


KK was given a message for me in the night when she woke up, which doesn't happen often (a message for someone else). She was to tell me that the reason that I've lost so much muscle mass and have undergone generalized muscular atrophy and weight loss was because I was moving into my aetheric body in preparation for the Times to come. I was not to worry about my body being so different than before nor to worry that my diet and food intake was wrong. It was all purposeful and appropriate, and my body was becoming more aetheric. I was only to be concerned if I felt ill or if I felt weakened in my condition. If I felt vigorous and healthy, I was not to be concerned about the changes that have taken place or the extensive muscular atrophy. I am becoming aetherialized.

The special infants mentioned above wouldn't be in just one city alone but would be scattered all over the world. The whole thing of rescue would be highly complicated but still somehow it would be carried off. Cyndi and I will need and will have the protection that is needed to go out into the devastated cities and areas to find and bring back the children and will have the protection for the mission of bringing up these children in a way that will prepare Them to be the Founders of the New Age.

A Council of Five Beings come around KK's altar at night when she is awakened and guided to be out in her back yard. They appear to be about 30 feet tall. These Ones are helping to prepare the Masters of Love for their all important mission on Earth when the Aquarian Age begins at Fourth Density Level.

When our Sanctuary (see "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi") has been established, wherever that is to be, I will be in touch with some extra-terrestrial group of beings and will be the liaison between the Sanctuary and the Star Beings. They are overseeing the whole plan for the young Masters of Love Who are a part of that E.T. Race. They will communicate to and through me for the benefit of all at the Sanctuary for the Masters of Love Who are already taking bodies and incarnating at this time.

KK feels absolutely certain about something intuitively when she feels a hand on her left shoulder and "chills" up and down the spine. It's validity has never failed her, and she claims that not once has she ever been given bad or incorrect guidance. She feels it strongly when she just knows something is the truth.

She said that there's really nothing I need to do to prepare myself for the mission. I am being prepared from another level, and all I need to do is follow my inner impulses when being directed to go somewhere or to do something in particular. That is all the preparatory work needed according to her. The rest is being accomplished from a Higher Level of Being.

She was told that I had become doubtful and questioning after the first day of her revealing so many things relating to the plan in which Cyndi K. and I were to participate (which was true). The mental demons had begun their work upon me and the doubts arose. She had awakened at 2 in the morning and amongst other things was informed of my doubt whilst the processing of her information was transpiring.

Cyndi's dreams, the repeated dreams of the future mission, aren't dreams at all but actual experience while in the sleeping state. She is in her astral body experiencing the coming mission with the Masters of Love. Her Higher Self takes her forward in "time" to view certain fragments of the purpose for which she came to make the necessary impression upon her.


The Council of Five or Group of Five that come to KK are definitely The Ones Who will oversee the program and the plan of the Masters of Love as They come into embodiment on the Earth and are prepared and brought up for their mission in the New Age, and These Five also oversee the Star Beings Who will be protecting and guarding and guiding and instructing the community of children in the Sanctuary.

The mission is immensely important and failure is not even an option!! The Dark Forces will not even be allowed to interfere. The Power of The Big Five is so far beyond that of the Dark Brotherhood interacting with Earth that the Darkness has no chance in foiling or fouling up the plan.

Ten years ago I was told that Psalm 91 was my psalm, that it had a direct message for me, this by a masters degree psychologist and Unity minister who had been clairaudient to Master Jesus and Mother Mary most of her life. She was impressed with and was asked to give me that message after telling me that I was so, so protected and that she saw angels all around me. She strongly emphasized the protection that I had. Neither of us knew what was in Psalm 91. When she turned to that Psalm in the Bible, her hands shook and the hairs stood up on her arms and her neck (click on "The Psalm 91 Connection").

KK said that when she read it (3 times), she got her confirmatory chills strongly when relating it to me, and she got some kind of jolt of energy that was hard to describe. She told me that I was protected so very much and from such a High Level that she couldn't put it into words (which she admitted was unusual for her). I questioned it, and she felt absolutely certain of it. I was so protected that it was difficult to imagine. She said I've had it all along this life even though I was unaware of it. I didn't really need to learn how to protect myself, because that was already being done and has been done all along. The protection for me personally was from such an incredibly High Level that I need not concern myself about the Dark Forces or the mission that lies ahead.

But if I allowed any fear to enter into my emotional field, I needed to learn how to eliminate that fear, because the energy of fear itself could put restraints upon the protection laid out for me. Fear of any kind was what I needed to eradicate from my experience and my expression. Only fear would hinder the protection, and she didn't really say that the protection would be completely blocked if I succumbed to fear for any reason, but rather, I understood that some of it could be altered or modified.

I was going to be coming out of my hermetic mode more and more, gradually. She said that "They" know me and won't rush things. If I had to be involved with too many people at once, I'd run! Gradually more and more people will be involved with me. She saw a group of people with involvement in the Plan. I would be moving less along the fringes of society.


She felt strongly that all the years of my higher education in order to get an M.D. were not wasted and that all the years of my being homeless and living in a van were not wasted but rather were preparatory to the things that I had come to do, such as teaching and caring for the Masters of Love. At some point, I will remember all of the information and knowledge that I acquired over my lifetime. I will then have access to my memory stores. All of the knowledge that has come to me (consciously and during the sleeping state) will be important because I am to be a teacher of the Teachers to come, and They will need to hear the truth.

My curiosity and my need to keep reading and learning and assimilating have had a purpose, and that is to teach the Masters of Love when They become my charge. She doesn't mind answering all my questions because she knows that I need to know about all of the things that arouse my curiosity, and she knows that my ego has been subjugated and conquered. She told me that she didn't get any ego-attachment or ego problem with me at all. "They" (The Guides and The White Brotherhood) have seen to it that I have learned all those things that are going to be necessary for my teaching role when it comes around.

This life is the pivotal one for me and, in a sense, all my other lives have been in support of this one and have brought me to the evolutionary point of this particular earth walk.

She said that my van (1984 Ford Van) is very special to me and is like a womb for me. It is still going with 223,000 miles on it only because I've had help in being able to keep my van for so long and being able to keep it going.


The group that will come together to help Cyndi K. and me will be a pretty sizeable group, though KK could not say just how big or how many will be in it. I will meet each of them gradually over the next years as my journey continues. Each will have their own particular skill or talent or knowledge to teach or thing to offer, and we will all live communally. She saw everybody having their own living arrangement throughout the community and collectively taking care of the Masters of Love. I shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the prospects because there will be plenty of help. The location hasn't been designated as of yet, and the determination of the location of the Sanctuary isn't as important as the Plan Itself. She also couldn't tell just how many children there would be to take care of. As far as the coming geological events are concerned, they will be influenced by the changing energies and thought-forms and consciousness of all areas of the planet.

The Masters of Love didn't just appear in her backyard in a ceremony before beginning their preparation for the mission. Other Groups of these Masters had similar introductory ceremonies all around the planet, and the Plan involves many more than just those that visited her backyard.

She psychically knew that I had voluntarily left the medical profession and had not been forced out. She knew that I was telling the truth about leaving Medicine and choosing to return my license to practice to the California Medical Board (BMQA). Others may not believe it but she knew better.

At some point in time, she said that I would be able to bring through or "channel" some messages and communications from The Lord Kuthumi.


She said that I made people calm. That was the kind of energy that I gave off, a calmness or tranquillity. At least, she said, that was the energy and effect upon her, and she admitted that she was likely a lot more sensitive in her perception of energies than most. My presence had a calming effect upon her. She also said that I had a strength about me, not necessarily a physical strength any more but a solidity and strength emanating from within, and she said I was very grounded which aided the strength arising within.

I then began to relate my elk antler tale to her because of its association with strength (see "The Gift From Elk"). As I got to the part (in 1996) where I discovered the dead body (partly skeletonized) of a grandfather elk with impressive antlers on my first day in 6 weeks back into the Coconino National Forest of Northern Arizona after it had been closed entirely because of the fire hazards, and when I said that it was hard to believe that no one else had discovered the elk since it was only 50 yards from a secondary road and had been lying there since before the forest was closed down, she blurted out that the elk and the antlers had been intended only for me and that the elk had been made invisible to anyone else but me. No one else was able to find it or to see it (the very thing that I had been told by an old, white-haired Medicine Woman when visiting friends in Chico, California, in the Fall of 1996).

She told me the exact same thing that a Shaman had told me before I even reached that part of the story. She said she had chills when receiving that information, and I could see the so-called goose flesh on her arms and legs. The big, beautiful elk had sacrificed his life for me and, in fact, his entire purpose for his lifetime was for me. He had been born and come into life on the Colorado Plateau solely for my benefit and to give the gift of his antlers to me after he had given up his life that I might receive the gift that he had to offer me, his magnificent antlers.

The female elk who had died just a short distance from him was his loving partner who chose to go with him in his act of sacrifice for me. This was very humbling to me that such a sacrificial event could have been planned and carried out for my benefit by the Spirit of Elk, acting through the vehicle of the grandfather elk whose life and death and towering antlers had been dedicated to me.

I likewise had the chills when we discussed this (the truth signal from my Higher Self). And I related that the Shaman told me that the purpose for the gift was to give me strength and endurance for the Coming Times on Planet Earth, relating back to her comments about my inner strength. She agreed that that was the gift that was given to me by the Spirit of Elk for whatever lies ahead for me.

She said that these elk antlers, which are mounted up near the roof of my van and beneath which I sleep every night, serve as a sort of cosmic antenna. Tremendous amounts of information are passed into my sleeping consciousness by way of these antlers, and it is all stored (presumably in the subconscious) for the time when it will be needed and at which time it will become consciously recognized and known. Moreover, also being transmitted by way of the elk antlers to me every night that I sleep under them is that energy known as Love and that force known as Light and assundry other energies from different portions of the Cosmos which will be helpful for my journey. But I believe that she emphasized all the information that was being passed to me by way of the "gifted" antlers.

The antlers are a source of strength for me, and whatever strength I had before, bodily speaking, was redirected into another kind of strength when my body underwent its changes and the musculature and weight were lost. The strength wasn't lost from me, but rather it was transformed into other kinds of strength issuing forth from within instead of without the physical being.


Sunshine (a friend in Grants Pass, Oregon) wrote me recently that The Heavy Dudes (of The Spiritual Hierarchy) were very pleased with my recent progress. When telling KK of this, she said that the progress referred to was my opening up of myself to allow other people into my life, slowly and gradually to be sure, but nonetheless the allowance for other people to enter into my life. She attributed great importance to the change. Sunshine wrote that because of my "progress" the protection, which has always been with me, has been intensified by The Big Dudes, and KK nodded in assent.

She thinks that my healing abilities this lifetime are the culmination of the healing work that I have done in many other lifetimes, that they all culminate in this particular lifetime experience. She believes (or knows or senses) that I have a pure "heart" (Fourth Chakra) and that my intentions are pure and honest and truthful. She said that she has a direct line, an instant knowingness, of people's intentions.

She reiterated that from the outset of our conversations she has neither felt nor sensed any impairment on my part with regards to egoism or ego-attachment. The eradication program has been no small feat, and humility has been the beacon in the darkness.

She said that the combination of my knowledge of the human body as a physician and my self-acquired abilities as a healer, developed over many lifetimes in that role, made me a powerful person. That is, the combination of physician and conduit for the energies of healing (from a Higher Level) was a very powerful one in terms of being able to help others in need of such healing. She had no reservation in telling me that because she knew that my ego would not be aroused and that I would not become bloated with self-importance. The power is there for me to use in service to my brother and sister while ever being humbled that such a thing is possible by one such as me who is awed and confused and excited and moderately skeptical that it actually could be true.


As I spoke of becoming more emaciated and losing even more weight, KK was infused with a bolus of thought, a sudden knowingness which came holographically and non-linearly, and she had the "chills" with it, her confirmatory sign. She said that I was slowly and gradually becoming invisible to this Third Density Reality, that I will keep my lighter and less dense body and move on to Fourth Density. It had begun for me 15 years ago (1988) and was all an orchestrated process by my Higher Self to make me prepared to transition into Fourth Density along with the planet, and I had a tremendous advantage over most of those who are to remain after the Shift and who had a later start in developing the so-called Light Body.

My body was becoming aetherealized, and the weight and overall muscularity were Third Density signs of the ongoing process. My body was the intermediary in receiving the signals from Higher Self and passing them on to the occupant of the body, the personality. She said that she was being told that I was going to remain with the Earth and that I would be here after all of the Changes and cataclysmic events have transpired. I would and I will be here when the New Golden Age begins, and I will have a Fourth Density vehicle. So, I guess it was "time" for me to learn that I will be one of those who survive and make the Shift with this planet to its next Level of Expression. And our need for food will become less and less as our energy begins to come more and more from The Sun (The Solar Logos) and the Cosmos.

I was discussing fear as being the basis for every single negative emotion there is, fear of some thing or another, and suddenly KK got her chills symptom and affirmed unequivocably that that was the truth of the matter. Fear underlies all negative emotions regardless of how they may manifest.


She told me that all of the suffering that I had endured earlier in my life (abandonment by both parents and the consequences) was intended to balance out and eliminate all the remaining negative karma brought forward from my other lifetimes into this one. The reason all this occurred so intensely and in the early portion of my life was to free me up from any karmic restraints so that I could, in a karmically-free state, carry out the mission and the purpose for which I came. Undischarged karma may have been an impediment which could have jeopardized my part of the Plan. Freedom from karma's consequences will give me the uninhibited freedom to create the intended reality that was planned before birth.

If I had not been rid of all negative karma, I suspect that my influence over the Masters of Love may not have had the purity and the pristine nature which They will need for their developement. I think that I need to be free of karma to be a teacher of the Teachers in their early, impressionable years. The future opens dramatically when no negative karma is there to be rectified.

She said that if I had earlier known of my karma-free status and my no longer having to balance any negative karmic acts from my "past", and if I had known more of my origins before my cycle of incarnations on Planet Earth, I would simply have checked out and gone, leaving my body behind on the troubled planet and moving on in the Cosmic Adventure. Knowing what I do now of the earth's future, my knowledge of karmic-free status will not have the same effect, and that's why I was allowed to know of it at this time.

When I sleep and shift my focus of consciousness into the astral body, I am taken by Guides and Protectors to other spheres and places and realities. I am taken away from the Planet Earth (and its Astral Planes) to be taught and informed and instructed, etc. The symbol that came to her was a sound-proof room. All of the information "downloaded" into my mind from Higher Beings is placed into various levels of my subconscious to be made available when the time is propitious, because if it were present and available to my waking consciousness, the Dark Dudes could have access to it through their telepathic abilities. It is much more difficult (somehow) for them to access all that I have been taught while it remains in the subconscious (and I don't fully understand why).

This is the reason that I've never been able to remember what takes place during my sleeping and "dreaming" states. It is all intentional and the information and knowledge which has been given to me by Great Teachers is too valuable and important to be allowed in the mental grasp of the Dark Ones. They would use it for their own nefarious purposes. They are not to be allowed to know what I know, buried in the subconscious, because they oppose the Plans of The Forces of Light (service-to-others polarity) and would use that information in their opposition. When the right time comes, I will be able to bring forth what it is that I need from my subconscious. In the meantime, I will continue to be taken elsewhere for instruction in my astral body at night, and that elsewhere is not penetrated by the Dark Brotherhood.

Those Who teach me at night and Who see to it that I will have all of the essential knowledge when it comes time to use it are not only of The White Brotherhood for Planet Earth but also of other Levels and other Systems of Evolution, all interconnected and aligned with the so-called Forces of Light.

I spoke of Kuthumi and his having moved into The Position of World Teacher and Office of The Christ Consciousness for Planet Earth, and she experienced the confirmatory "chills". She agreed with all I said about Kuthumi. He will be The One Who will return as The Christ during the early part of the New Age, and, as an Avatar of The Christ Consciousness, He will anchor the quality of compassion in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, to remain there for all subsequent time. He comes as The Lord of Compassion.

She agrees that there are going to be massive geophysical events on the planet in the fairly near future and that there is going to be massive "death" during these cataclysmic events, millions at a time. There will be economic collapse and the enormous loss of the material things of the world, valuable lessons to the Soul.

The "Council of Five" that come to her some nights do project humanoid forms, although those forms are barely discernable with Third Eye Sight. They are mostly Light (and, I think, holographic projections). They emanate the same Pure Love that she felt from the Masters of Love, only theirs' (The Five) is more powerful and overwhelming. The Five do oversee and will oversee the whole Project for the incarnation of the Love Masters (see "Mission Of The Love Masters"), and it is They Who will be guarding and protecting all involved to assure its success.

The Big Five Who appear to her use the form of human to satisfy the expectation of the human mind that other life out there is similar in its form and to reduce any possibility of a fear response, but They are really beyond form and physicality as Beings of pure energy and love and intellect Who would appear as Radiant Light. They adopt and create a form which best supports the comfort zone of the contactee (and, in my opinion, are holographic projections).


While I was questioning my principle reasons for coming in this time as an incarnation of my Soul or Higher Self, KK had "chills" (which I could see as "goose bumps") and said that my 2 primary reasons and purposes for this embodiment were as follows: 1) To become free of karma, to balance and meet all of my negative karma this lifetime and be in that karma-free state which I have mentioned. 2) To fulfill the contract which I established and agreed to prior to this incarnation. That contract (in part) has to do with the Masters of Love and their Mission for getting the New Age of Aquarius off on the right track, which is the track of love for all others and all life-forms and the caring for and helping all other beings as a core principle in guiding one's life.

So, she finally identified what it is in this life that I came to do (although there could be more clauses to the contract). This information I have prayed for and beseeched of The White Brotherhood for more years than I can remember. Regarding the first purpose, she said that I have become entirely free of any negative karma, regardless of the number of my incarnations on Earth or what I may have done in other times and other places. I am, according to her and the sign of chills from her Higher Self, completely free and clear of all and any karmic retributions and need for balancing, and whatever positive karma I create in the rest of this life may be used for the enormous karmic indebtedness of the Race of Man.

I have succeeded in the first principle reason for my coming here, and the majority of the balancing took place during the first 25 years of my life, the years of the most suffering and difficulty. All of the pain and torment which tortured me so during my infancy and childhood and my years of growing up were intended to free me forevermore of any karmic consequences yet to be met. The parental desertion and orphanage and foster homes and Boys Town (for 8 years) and the emotional sea of despair and sadness were able to free me from any more karma which must be met on Planet Earth.

Number 1 has to do with number 2 in that before I could be placed into a position of being a teacher to or mentor of the Masters of Love and before I could be allowed to be a significant influence on their lives and their developement toward being the Teachers and Leaders of the initial stages of the New Golden Age for this planet, I had to be free of all karma of a negative kind so that there would be no possibility of the Law of Cause and Effect in my life interfering with the success of the Mission. It was deemed essential by Those Who are overseeing the Plan (on behalf of The Galactic Council of 12) that I must eliminate any residual of negative karma from my Causal Body and the Totality of my Being before I could begin to interact with and influence the Masters of Pure Love.

I don't pretend to understand all of the implications, but I guess that now I am in a position to gravitate toward and be guided into the second major purpose for my coming here. My involvement with the Young Ones and their need for teachers of purity and truth and integrity and a good heart cannot be jeopardized by my need to meet any karma of an adverse nature with all of the effects that that would have upon the developing psyches of the Young Masters because of the position I will hold in their young minds.

I then asked what was so important about the information I was receiving at night when I was taken in my astral form off planet to a secure place for learning. What was it about the information that the Dark Brothers could never learn of it? She said, with chills, that the Dark Dudes could never have access to what I am taught at night (and which remains in the subconscious) because it has to do (in part) with the names and identities and the locations of the Masters of Love, and it has to do with the entire Plan and Mission for the Ones Who are coming to lead Humanity into the most incredible Era in this planet's history.

What has been placed into my subconscious during many a night of sleep can never be allowed to be revealed to those who oppose The Forces of Light because they would use all of their powers and deceptive ways to stop and prevent the Plan from going forth and succeeding. Consequently, I am taken to a place or a level of reality or a vibration or an astral environment (I don't know) which is entirely secured from any telepathic eavesdropping by the Denizens of the Dark.

When I go into Nature and spend much time there alone in the wilderness, she perceives that I become childlike in my own nature, that a certain innocense returns to my being, a wonder in all of God's Creation, and it is easier for my Teachers and Guides to approach me when I am in that state. The tiniest flower or creature may capture my attention and wonderment. And my times of solitude far distanced from the masses are important for allowing me to escape the collective, dysharmonious energies of those masses.


KK said that whatever has been given to me through her has been information which I now have been ready for but also information which I need to know, otherwise she would not have been given those things to pass on to me. And if there were the chance of my becoming ego-entrapped and "puffed up" in self-importance, her Guides and Guardians would never have allowed the information through. It is all given on a need to know basis, so for some reason it has become time for me to learn of my purpose for this life and the contract that I entered into before coming in and the all-important Mission of the Masters of Love.

Regarding my contract with the Beings of Light and The Galactic Dudes (overseeing the Mission), she said first of all that I was chosen to be the teacher of the Teachers, Those Who will found the New Age on the basis of mutual love and caring and respect. When I protested for the umpteenth time that I honestly couldn't see how it would be possible for me to do such a thing, she said that I have it all within me, that all of the knowledge and character and ability is already there within me. Everything is already in place in my consciousness and my being and will be made available when the time is right. The information and all the teachings that will be necessary for the New Age Leaders as They grow and mature under my influence are already implanted in my mental body but are simply not yet available to the waking consciousness.

My contract with "Them", Whoever They are, was first of all that I must and I would free myself, during the early phase of this life, of all remaining negative karma before I would be allowed to be placed into the position of being the teacher of the Masters of Love. Then secondly, once I had become karmically free of all my negative actions throughout my cycle of incarnations on Planet Earth, I had contractually agreed to teach the Ones Who are to become the Teachers and Leaders of the New Golden Age.

The contract entered by Those Who will oversee this Mission with respect to me was that I would be offered all the protection for my well-being which would be necessary regardless of the level of the adversary (on the Dark Side) in order to assure that no harm would ever come to me, so that I could perform my contractual obligations. There would be protection and guidance given as needed, and there was an assurance that no harm would come to any of the recently incarnated Masters from the Realms of Love. For my part, all of the protection and necessities of life which were deemed necessary would be made available to me as agreed upon by The Heavies if I would meet and surmount my karma.

She said, regarding Kuthumi, that He was, of course, working closely with The Forces of Light and all those who have a part and a role in the Mission, as I call It. He has many ongoing expressions of Himself, and I would be one amongst those many carrying out my part on behalf of The Christ, Kuthumi, and The Great White Brotherhood of Earth. The Teacher of Teachers has sent a spark of Himself (me) to teach the Teachers of the New Age soon to come.

Again she mused that I had to be free of karma for the sake of the Young Ones Who would come under my care. I would be giving off and projecting very subtle energies which They would be able to feel, and the presence of any karma would mitigate the purity of those energies and emanations. The success of their upbringing must not be hindered by any interference of karma in the one that They look to to be taught and guided.

As I've known, she knows that the economic system as well as all of the current Piscean Age Systems must be eradicated from the planet before the full Fourth Density Expression, to include the military and educational and political and medical and social and religious systems and structures. When we were talking about the collapse of the economy, she had a Vision of people lined up to barter with each other, to barter what they had for the things they needed. Paper currency would become worthless and, as I've known, barter would be the means of exchange.

She could feel my pain and desparation as a youth and some of what I went through and indicated that, as a consequence, I could now feel empathy and compassion, which is true. Because I actually experienced the things that I did, I could empathize with those who suffer terribly. Also, it will help me in my role with the young ones in my charge.

She doesn't even know if she will be around after the Changes have occurred here or what her role might be if she remains, but the fact that I have been told of both of those matters indicates that I had a need to know; otherwise I would never have been informed of those things and they would never have been impressed on her to tell me. And she says that she doesn't withhold a thing from me for that reason as well as knowing that there is no ego (on my part) to interfere.

According to her, there are many people who were supposed to remain and continue on into the New Age but who have not prepared their bodies and their consciousness to be a part of it and remain on this planet after the Shift. Their plan was to remain, but because of their lack of preparation they will have a very difficult time unlike myself, she says, because my body is becoming lighter and less dense and aetherealized in order to facilitate the shift into Fourth Density physical (the Light Body).

Many who have intended to remain have simply forgotten or lacked the discipline to prepare themselves physically and spiritually for the very thing that they came to do, and as the Changes unfold and the Third Density is left behind, they will have great difficulty in their personal lives and with their physical form if they want and if they choose to remain with the planet. So, even many of those who had pre-incarnatively planned to move with the Earth into the New Age will experience suffering and difficulty and maybe even the loss of their physical form (called death) because their bodies and their minds have remained too dense to be compatible with the higher frequencies into which the planet is moving.

Even though I cannot understand the relationship between loss of muscle mass and lighter density of physical form and higher vibratory nature of same, she was telling me that I was being well prepared to continue with the planet on into Fourth Density and the so-called New Age.


Through my persistent questioning, further information came through about the Beings of Love. The vortex of energy in KK's backyard was prepared, for many years by sound and visualization and ritual as instructed by The Big Five, precisely for the event which occurred in January of 2002, a very important event for Planet Earth. The energies in that vortex had been made exacting and pure and of a very elevated nature in order that the Masters of Love could have an Introductory Ceremony to the Planet Earth prior to their involvement directly with the planet. As mentioned, her backyard was not the only place where it happened, and there were others all over the world as it's a large and involved Mission that is being undertaken.

She was chosen for her role because she and the Beings of Love come from the same Collective or Gestalt of Consciousness. They all have the same Source, and she is an extension forth from that Group Mind as are the Masters of Love fragmented aspects of that Group Consciousness. She was told that she had done this many times before, that she had come as the forerunner to prepare the way and to prepare the place for Them to hold Introductory Ceremony on a sphere of evolution before their incarnative phase and the subsequent work of transforming that planet. Their trust was placed in her because she was one of Them and knew how to prepare the way for their entry into the affairs of Earth.

This was the first time she had been given this information, and we now understood why They had all come to her backyard and why all the energetic preparations had taken place. She confirmed that the Love Masters (see "Mission Of The Love Masters"), after the Ceremony of Introduction to Earth, were then taken off to one of the higher Astral Levels of Earth to be further prepared for their entry into our reality as incarnate human beings.

We both marveled at why all these things were happening and being projected to happen to us. We felt pretty ordinary and didn't feel like we were doing anything in particular which could justify involvement in the Mission of the Love Masters. It was and is a mystery! Well, it's far more of a mystery with me, to be sure. It's more in the range of astonishing if the thrust of all this can be believed.


She said that I had prepared myself for my role during many other lifetimes and that this time it all culminated. When I told her that Master Jesus had told me that this lifetime was the culmination, sort of the apex, of all the others and that all the other lifetimes were working to be in support of this one, she had confirmatory "chills". She agreed with that. It all culminates this time around, and having all 9's (numerologically) in my birth date (09-27-1944) was no coincidence (she said), 9 being the number of completion (perhaps of the cycle of my incarnations on this planet).

The Masters of Love are coming in now in greater numbers than will be needed because many will fall by the wayside and be distracted by all of the experiences on this side of the veil of forgetfulness and forget why They came, so in the planning it is hoped that enough of Them will remember their purpose.

The pure, white wolves who were present at their Introductory Ceremony to Planet Earth will remain with the young Masters, and the white wolf will be their spirit animal guide during their life. As a joking aside, I said that White Wolf Sanctuary (see "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi") would be a nice name for the Community of Light in North America to which the Masters will be brought, and KK had chills with that.


She said that a bunch of souls incarnated here with the possibility of becoming the mentor for the Teachers of Love, but I was the only one of that group that passed the "test". That test was remembrance of purpose and the developement of compassion, so I was told. All of the others, aside from myself, became enamored of other avenues and venues offered by life here and went in other directions. The veil of forgetfulness which descended when entering Earth Reality was too thick for them to penetrate, and none of the others remembered what it was that they came to do except for me, and I must acknowledge all the friends that helped me to remember.

Another portion of the test was the ability to take on the quality of compassion and to become compassionate. My compassion arose as a direct consequence of my youthful experiences which served to balance the remaining, outstanding karma. Only because of my direct, personal experience of suffering with those who suffered as well could that emotional energy which is called compassion become a part of me (so I was told). Thus plans were laid by The Overseers of the Mission to prepare me for the role of healer and teacher to the Ones Who will lay the foundation for the New Age. The others who could have filled the role used their free choice to do other things as I used mine to pierce the veil and remember.

Everyone who has a role to play in the Mission agreed to a contract with The Galactic Representatives. Contracts were worked out all around before coming in.


I was told that my van is being protected by The Heavy Dudes. My van is included in the protection that I receive from some High Level according to KK. It is held in protection because it is so important and necessary for me. When I am at comfort and confidence and well being, I can do the things that I came to do more effectively, more efficiently for the good of the All and Those overseeing my involvement here. Call Them The White Brotherhood if we must use names. And it is not out of the question for Them to provide me with another van if this one just gives out and starts falling apart or even if I request it (which is exactly what happened 2 years later). They are happy to do it because it provides the kind of lifestyle for me to carry out my purpose and my contract with Them, which is beneficial to the Plan (in some way).

While inspired, she said to me, "You are not the driver of your vehicle". It is no longer the personality that is calling the shots since I began surrendering my all to Kuthumi and The Universal Christ in order to be made a better vehicle for the fulfillment of the Plan of The Spiritual Hierarchy. My vehicle is being driven from Above, and I'm no longer in the driver's seat (despite all outward appearances). Through that quote, her Guides acknowledged that my surrender had been accepted.


I expressed my belief that her Guides were non-interventional and that it seemed to me that They waited to be asked about something before They commented or offered answers. She absolutely confirmed it! They await the initiative and the choice of the person doing the asking before responding to it. She said that They were really pleased and happy to be helping me and that I may ask of Them whatever I wish.

I read her one of the lengthy entries in my journal to get some feedback as to how accurate my memory was with regard to the things that she told me about, and she was very complementary about the way my mind had organized everything and had no corrrections whatsoever. She confirmed that my memory was more than adequate and that my mind had a very good way of collating the information that she and her Guides had given me in such a fragmented fashion. Then I was told that my way of mental processing would come into play when I found myself in the position of teaching and raising the young Masters of Love.

We take care of a little dogwood tree in the rough off one of the greens, transplanted there and fertilized and watered and loved in a way. 3 days ago when I went to water it, it looked essentially dead or as close to it as it could be. The leaves were all brown and brittle and falling off, and it looked to me as if it had died. I sent it love from the Anahata Chakra and visualized it enveloping the little tree and its field of energy. Then I called upon the sweet Deva Who oversees all of the plant life on our golf course and asked It to help bring the little tree back to life but honestly wasn't expecting any miracle.

Then yesterday on the way home KK was given the message to take me out to see the little dogwood in the morning. When we got there, I was taken aback by its apparent resurrection and resurgence of life. In a mere 3 days, it had seemingly come back from the dead and had tiny, green leaf buds on several of the limbs, where before there was nothing. She said that I needed to see that to understand what I am capable of doing as a healer. I needed to see that obvious demonstration and that's why she was told to show me. She said that the little tree now felt happy.

There is nothing more that I need to do to be preparing myself for what lies ahead. I need do nothing more! I am exactly where I need to be and am doing exactly what I need to be doing, according to KK. All of the rest is being taken care of, and my subconscious mind is being loaded with all that I will need to know to fulfill the teaching role.


I queried whether or not I had some association or connection with Lord Hilarion, The Chohan of the Fifth Ray for Planet Earth, feeling for a long time that I have had a connection or relationship of some kind with That One. I was told that I would find out when my "Activation" occurs. Her Guides would not say more about Hilarion at this time, at least in relationship to me.

She said that it must be obvious why I needed to get the M.D. and learn so much about the human body. I will combine my medical knowledge with the esoteric and symbolic information about the human body as taught by Hilarion, and I will teach many others how they can read the messages being sent through the body by their Guides and Higher Self -- not just the young Masters that I'll help to raise but many others. The symbols and signs and reflections and messages that are everywhere to be read on the human body will be a part of what I teach.


We had lunch together in a shady spot and she had chills that her Guides were present and would contribute to the discussion and answer my questions. When I expressed gratitude for all the wonderful information They had offered me, she said They were happy to do so. I said that I thought that her Guides originate from the same Group Consciousness as both she and the Masters of Love, and she confirmed that They did. Her Guides and Teachers are from the same Gestalt of Beingness that is the Source of her being.

I asked her Guides about my health, and They said it was quite good. They considered me healthy and saw no particular problems. My heart was good and likewise were all my internal organs. They called my organs "clean", free of the toxins and impurities which plague most people. I asked more than once but They gave me the clean bill of health.

As long as I don't feel weakness or malaise, I need not concern myself for the weight loss or muscular atrophy I've had. It is purposeful, and I'm the only one she knows who is actively preparing to become more aetherealized and physically compatible with the new Fourth Density of Planet Earth. I am physically moving into that lighter and less dense and vibrationally higher Level of Expression.

All the time I spend out in Nature is beneficial to my health and well being and has contributed to my body being free from toxins (relatively speaking). Also, the peace of mind that I experience without the jarring, disruptive influences that others have in their lives has promoted my physical health too. She thought that when I return to the desert, there was going to be more peacefulness within me because of what I've learned about my purpose for being and my plan and intentions for this lifetime.

She saw my physical body contracting but my beingness inside expanding at the same time and my becoming a dynamo of energy. In some unknown way, as my physicalness diminishes, my personal energy and power grows. And I am at a loss to comprehend it if that is true.


I was wanting to know more about the Mission that I am supposed to be involved in, and I proceeded to become querulous, always pushing to know more and more. This time we hit pay dirt and I will try to record it as clearly and as carefully as I can remember.

The planning and the creation and the guardianship over the Mission of the Love Masters on Earth, as this planetary scheme makes its Shift into the lowermost Dimension of the Fourth Density, has its origins at the highest level of the galaxy, The Galactic Being Itself, called The Great Central Sun. This last planet (Earth) in the entire galaxy to make the Transmutative Shift in order to join the billions of other civilizations and planets which have already made the Shift is of such extreme and nearly incomprehensible importance to The Galactic Being that if it does not make that Shift in the successful manner that has been planned for it in the overall scheme of the galaxy, then the galaxy itself will implode upon itself and cease to be (hard for human minds to grasp, moreso to believe).

This planet, when the Deal is done, is to demonstrate to all others the value of the emotional side of the triangle of being (physical, emotional, and mental), a valuable demonstration because nearly all other sentient civilizations evolve through the mental side of being and look upon emotions as a detriment and a handicap to evolutionary progress because of the myriad of consequences to the excesses of the negative emotions that cause karmic entrapments in incarnational cycles and devolutionary spirals away from The Creative Force.

After untold millennia of fear-based and negative emotional rampages, Humanity on this planet are to demonstrate to the entirety of the galaxy and observers from everywhere in the universe the greatest outpouring of love that they will ever have observed in a planet that had been mired in the negative emotions for eons. (as promoted by the Dark Forces)

The wave of Unconditional Love pouring off this planet when the Masters of Love have become the Teachers and Leaders of the New Age will simply astound and astonish the Galactic Races that develope through the mind without emotions, and then the emotional side of the triangle side of being will be looked upon in an entirely different way and may then be incorporated into the beingness of more and more sentient Races throughout the galaxy as well as the universe.

That is the importance of this laggard, watery-emotional planet, and it is of such extreme importance that Humanity develope and then demonstrate pure, unselfish, Unconditional Love that the Plan was created for the Masters of Love to incarnate here during this transitional time in order to lead the way toward that goal mentioned above. That Gestalt of Consciousness was selected because its very essence is Pure Love. That is why the Love Beings have come at the behest of The Galactic Council. They will show the way, and in the New Golden Age the flowering of the Human Race will be the brilliantly scintillating and completely open Anahata Chakra which will emit the purest emotion of all, that of Unconditional Love.

The Galactic Council of 12 are essentially The 12 Aspects or Extended Expressions of The Galactic Being Itself. They enact the Will of The Great Central Sun. The Plan for Planet Earth was created by That Council, and, as such, the protection which is afforded to all those incarnate on this planet who are involved with the Mission is of such incomprehensible strength and power that the Dark Ones simply cannot penetrate or adversely influence it. They can't touch it!!!

This Plan is of such importance that the mere mention of a possibility of failure is no option whatsoever. The Mission will go forth, and the Mission will succeed, and The Forces arrayed in support of and the power directed to protect from That Galactic Level are beyond any of the determined machinations of the Dark Brothers to have the least bit of influence.

All those involved in the Mission must be assured of that overwhelming protection and must exist without fear in that assurance! So, the whole thing originates with The Galactic Council and, with "chills", it was confirmed that The Big Five are Direct Representatives of That Council in their guardianship and guidance that the Mission will be successful and that no harm from any source will inflict anyone involved with the Mission. KK was firm about the protection for all!!

Regarding Psalm 91, I was informed about it being my psalm to ease my concerns and fears and to remind me of the incomprehensibly high level of protection that accompanies this task and also to tell me that a thousand may fall to my right and 10 thousand to my left but it will not come near me (to paraphrase the psalm). I have repeatedly been bludgeoned with the protection that I have by friends and readings and channelings all over the country because They (The White Brotherhood) know of my caution toward accepting things of this nature. It has been repeatedly reinforced because eventually I am going to have to know unequivocably that I am protected from harm to do what I came to do.

One of the reasons I accompany Cyndi K. into the devastated cities to retrieve the young ones is to assuage her fear and keep her from getting fearful which could be dangerous if the protection is modified by the emotion of fear. She has the codes and the memory stores of where to find the Masters. They will be frightened and many of Them terrified by the ordeal. I will also need to be able to calm Them down and ease their fears (somehow). I will have to be an anchor of tranquillity in a sea of tumult and turmoil.


Once I have used my will and intention to ask KK's Guides of something, They are delighted to respond to my query and have been so happy that I am asking and that I am talking and that I am believing what I hear from Them through her.

I reiterated what we had been told about the Plan and the Mission several days ago in order to make sure that we had gotten it straight and that my understanding was accurate. I spoke of the importance of this planet to The Galactic Being, the reasons for its extreme importance, the value of emotions, and the Plan for Humanity of Earth to demonstrate Unconditional Love to the rest of the Galactic Races and others of the universe. I spoke of the triad of being and all the other mental Races and the reason for the Plan and the Mission to be formulated and created by The Galactic Council and the reason for the protection of all involved in the Mission of the Love Masters to be coming all the way from The Council and The Galactic Being Itself. I spoke of the reason why the Mission and the Plan for Earth could not and would not be allowed to fail nor be foiled by the Dark Ones and the imploding of the galaxy should there be failure, for any unlikely reason, in the Plan that The Great Central Sun has had for this watery planet.

She had "chills" so strong at 3 separate times throughout my monologue that they made her wince, which she told me afterwards was not very common for her. Her Higher Self was telling her in such a strong way of the truthfulness of my words and my ideas that she would have to tell me that the Galactic Plan which I had summarized was absolutely the truth, as she put it. It was confirmed and reaffirmed. There was no question that what I had spoken to her was the Truth of the matter.

Her Guides said that all of that information had already and always been in me, that it had been in my subconscious and was released, through KK, to my waking consciousness. The details of the Plan and the Mission were programmed into my subconscious while I was asleep as have been many other things which will surface when the time is right, and they'll be triggered into my conscious memory.

As I spoke to her of the Galactic Plan for Earth, she said she detected a change in my voice that told her I was channeling the information I gave her, and she considered some of my journal writing when relaxed and open to be automatic writing, hence inspired from Higher Level. She had especially strong chills when I said that her Group Mind was chosen to lead Humanity into a state of Unconditional Love because their essence is Pure Love and only Pure Love!

My body is the "message board" for my Guides, Teachers, and Higher Self. Because of the way my linear, rational mind works and because of my knowledge of the human body as a mirror (per teachings of Lord Hilarion) and its symbolic use for communicating with the personality occupying that body by the Guides of that personality, They send their messages to me by way of my body. And I'm sure my knowledge as a physician is no detriment to that means of communicating.

My body is just fine and healthy. Any symptoms or problems or signs that it displays have originated in the aetheric body, which is where the messages are sent and from which shortly thereafter the physical body will be influenced. And the aetheric body is impacted by certain types of energies being sent into and through one of the chakras which exist in the aetheric body.

So, the message board of late has been communicating by way of the salivary glands and the uncapped molar with the old root canal (from 1982). The obstructed and painful salivary gland duct (submandibular) was a Fifth Chakra message, mediated by way of the Visshuddha Chakra. It had to do with speaking, verbalizing, and vocalizing the truths that I had learned. It was about my hesitancy to speak my knowledge. The duct was blocked and I was likewise blocking myself from freely talking about the many truths I had recently learned.

I was still obstructing the flow of my esoteric knowledge too much by my retiscence to let it out through my vocal apparatus, and it happened on the right side of my neck because my masculine aspect of self and my logical, masculine mind drew the reins in and reserved me too much from speaking what I needed to speak and to communicate. The painful salivary gland was simply a reminder from my Guides to not obstruct the flow of ideas that I can express through my vocal cords, all of which is governed by the Fifth Chakra. They want me to open up and ask questions of KK's Guides and to elaborate on any of my thoughts which seem to be relevant, because she is learning too.

The gaping root canal is meant to be. It has been there for over 2 decades to symbolize my need to get to the truth of any and all matters, to get to the root of all things and the core truth of all things (the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth, so help me God). Subconsciously it has been known to me that any problems that I've had associated with that root canal tooth have been messages and reminders from the Guides of my desire and fathomless, relentless need to discover and learn the truth, whatever that might be.

But there is a little more to the message as well. Pain associated with that tooth is telling me (as coming from my Guides) that I am having a difficulty with frustration and irritation which might be considered as side-kicks of anger, some form of anger. Those frustrations are negative emotions and all negative emotions are founded in fear. The frustrations serve to block my ability to acquire the truth of any matters that I want to know about. It is an energy, based in fear, which prevents my acquisition of the truth that I so dearly love and have a definite need for. If I am to teach, there can be no impediment toward my gaining the truth in all things.

Consequently, when my gingivae surrounding that tooth start to become painful and swollen and inflamed, I am being reminded (lovingly) by my Guides that I have allowed myself to become irritated over some aspect of life, and that irritation is preventing me from accessing the truth during the time that the irritation holds sway. And it is important enough for me to know that message that my Guides send it along in a painful, sometimes very painful, way for days at a time.

The cause of any occurrence is frustration/anger, and the effect is pain associated with the tooth of my truth, and Those Who have sent the message to me are my Guides. It would then pass as a corollary to all of this that the way for me to be avoiding pain in my tooth of truth is for me to avoid becoming frustrated by anything and allowing fear to enter me. That way I can always be open and receptive to the truth in all matters and things. And the truth is a necessity for me because I have to teach the truth to the Masters of Love for their Mission on Planet Earth.

The message board has much to say. This involved much questioning and clarification. The real reason that my Higher Self suppressed my body's appetite in order to make it lose weight and muscle mass and to appear emaciated to its occupant, me, was to send a very powerful message and make sure that I would be impressed with it. Because I had always been so muscular and strong and agile and athletic and because I had always paid so much attention to my body, the message sent along with my generalized muscular atrophy and weakness and contraction of form could never be dismissed or trivialized.

I am told that all my weight loss was to give me demonstrable proof, something tangible for the scientific mind, that my body was being prepared for the next step, the Fourth Density on Earth. That is, when I would be told by KK's Guides that my body was becoming aetherealized (for whatever purpose), I could look and see that it had been changed for a good 10 years. If I believed in what They were telling me (eventually), then I could accept that I was being prepared, physically and otherwise, for the Fourth Density New Age on Earth.

They said that it wasn't necessary for everyone to undergo muscle wasting in order to make the vibrational frequency of Fourth Density but that this signal and this unforgettable way of getting through to me was for me only. It was highly individualized and wouldn't necessarily be their way of signaling to others who will remain for the New Age. They knew the impact that my muscular atrophy would have with me. So, basically it was all a way of telling me that I am to remain and I am to be a part of the Golden Age around the corner, and I could see the incontrovertible proof of my diminished body with my very own eyes to satisfy the linear mind of dominance. I needed to know and to accept and believe that I would transition with the Earth lest any doubts throw a monkey wrench into the process.

I no longer need the body message since I've now learned, in another way, what it was all about, and if I totally and unreservedly accept that I will be moving into the Fourth Density of Earth after the Changes, then I should not have to lose any more muscle or weight from my body, because the message has finally been gotten, and it need not be augmented or placed in bold print on the message board. I can't say I know why I was told that my thinning body was a part of the process for my aetherealization, but I think that today I was able to ascertain the deeper reasons for my body to be the way it's been for way too long. As she said regarding all these things, it's now time for me to know.

All of the Tribulation Years and the Dimensional Shift Itself were postponed by The Spiritual Hierarchy for a good 20 years or so (as I had thought for a long time), because the numbers of humans who had advanced enough to remain were so inadequate. The postponement was intended to increase the numbers of humans for participation in the New Aquarian Age.


Her Guides are very pleased with my writing. In doing so, I reconstruct the information that was given me and cause it to solidify and organize better in my consciousness. It becomes more real to me and it presents another avenue for that information to be impacting my being. My writing it down re-energizes the information and it structures the information more coherently in the analytical aspect of mind for later reference and remembrance.

My sister, Virginia, who "died" back in 1967 is still around with me. She has become my Guardian, through choice, because she loves me so much. I was given her blanket a few years ago and keep it in my van. I was advised to spread out that blanket over me at night, because her energy and love can reach me more easily that way. Virginia is of my Spiritual Family. She is close to me always and loves me dearly. She always felt protective of me when I was a child (years later it was discovered that she was an incarnation of an Ascended Master).

We talked about the collapse of the world's economic system to come, and she intuitively agreed with me that the only thing huge enough to collapse the world markets, the stock exchanges, and all of the banking institutions would be the cataclysmic geophysical events that will be occurring. The Earth Changes, as the tectonic plates move, will be the cause of the collapse of the old economic system. Governments will be stretched so thin to provide emergency care requirements for their citizens that they will become bankrupt and cease to exist any longer. The monetary and resource drain on the governments around the world will be too great for them to handle. When the central banks go along with the governments, all the other banks will go.

The reason that some of these messages through my body's message board have to be so painful and have to capture my attention so readily is that the time now is so short for things to start happening and for the Shift to occur. They don't have decades to get through to us anymore. They have to speak loudly and clearly to us in any way that we will recognize, and time is of the essence, so to speak, because it won't be long before we will be needed to do what we came to do.


I asked if my Guides could be identified, but They chose not to be identified at this time. They want me to discover their identity. They wouldn't even tell me anything about Them. I was told that when I hear a high pitched ringing in one of my ears, then that is Them wishing to communicate to me. They are just not vibrationally matched with me right now, but I'm getting closer and it won't be too long before I can receive my guidance directly from Them instead of going through other people. She said there were 3 Principle Guides, all male, implying that there may be others. These Guides were so High, according to her, that she didn't think that she could even understand Them. I may even see Them before I start to hear Them. It would be a holographic projection of Them and not necessarily a body created for my benefit.

It is They Who communicate to me through my body, the message board. I asked what They thought of me living a hermetic existence out in the wilds for 12 years and counting. She said I needed to be protected from the insanity of civilization and the energies which it gives off. It was all intentional that I live in a van and spend most of my time out in the purity of Nature because I was being protected and needed to be kept away from the population centers.

My writings of the teachings of The Ascended Masters, which I consider to be so important to me, are to be used as references when I begin my role as teacher. But even if I lose them in the catastrophic changes, I already have them within me. I will get to a point whereby I will have memory of those writings and teachings. They are already programmed into me (presumably the subconscious) as part of the programming that takes place at night. It wasn't for naught that I spent so much time organizing and typing them up. They are already in me and have always been in me; she said cryptically.

She said that I definitely would be around after the Deal (the Shift) goes down but that she wasn't even certain of herself, not that she feared death or leaving early. She just didn't know about herself. She agreed that there would be a culminating event on the Earth after the 7 Years of Tribulation, whether it is the Axial Shift or something else, for the ending of the Third Density Experience.

Her Guides told her that They were so happy the way everything is going with me and my writings and my working with KK to get esoteric information and the way I am opening up to my Higher Level of Self and the way my interest and enthusiasm is peaked. They said that it's all working out the way it was supposed to work out, the way that They, the Guides, had planned, and They are so happy about that (if you ask me, I think They're happy all the time, engulfed in Joy!).


I asked if my liver was okay. They humorously and emphatically said, "Tell him his liver is fine! Tell him not to worry about his liver! Tell him not to worry about his van! And tell him not to worry about money!! All those things will be fine." I rechecked to see if we got it correctly, and we had. I think They also said something similar to what Jesus had told me. The energy of worry works as a block or impediment to the flow of abundance and protection.

A psychically-sensitive friend in 1994 had had a Vision of me in which I was a sparkling diamond-shaped white light of the intensity of lightning (she said) while everyone else were reddish-colored gyroscopes. This friend then painted a quick water color painting of the Vision and gave it to me. The explanation was on the reverse side. I wanted to see what KK thought of it and handed the painting to her without saying anything about it. She said that when she first looked at it my face appeared on the diamond and that she knew that I was the diamond before reading the information on the other side. I asked her what it meant, and she said that I give off or radiate white light all the time, day or night, waking or sleeping, whether I was aware of it or not (I'm not!). And I still don't understand.


I had driven to Grants Pass, Oregon, over the weekend to offer a healing to Sunshine, a friend. She had been having progressive symptoms of a Partial Small Bowel Obstruction and I came to offer any help that I could offer. When I saw her I embraced her for a good long while, and we sat down to talk for the rest of the evening, planning a healing session in the morning. She awakened the next morning with all the painful symptoms having been relieved and feeling more vigorous and well. Her appetite had returned and she was energetic. KK said that a healing had occurred simply through my embrace of her without my having to lay my hands on her in any other way. Her Guides said that I brought the Light to Sunshine.


KK said that I had so much power available to me as a healer that I could have gotten into trouble with it had I not been egoless and unenamored by the power. She hesitated to use the word power because of our negative connotations with it, but we both understood what she meant, and she also used strength to describe it. She said I practically had a negative ego, which must mean self-effacement or lack of self esteem or something of the sort, the opposite of an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

During a regular healing session with Sunshine, she had received the following words for me, "You're one! Be one!" I mentioned this to KK because I was uncertain what those words meant and I wanted to see if she had some sense about it. She was given the rest of the message which was, "You're one of Us! Be one of Us!" I was being told that I am one of The White Brotherhood or Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth, and KK had "chills" with that and showed me the "gooseflesh". I don't mind saying that I've struggled with the believability of that message.


I told her about a channeling that I'd had in Belize in 1992, during which I was told that I have a "Money Star" (see "The Silver Platter") following me around this life-time. She confirmed the validity of the comment saying that the symbol was the truth. She repeated what her Guides had told me with emphasis and humor, "Tell him not to worry about his liver; tell him not to worry about his van; tell him not to worry about money!!!" But I was also told that it could be blocked by feelings of unworthiness. The Money Star was a symbol for abundance flowing to me (as I had suspected).

More came forth about the Masters of Love. When They came to her backyard for that Introductory Ceremony to Planet Earth and she saw all of Them as Beings with human form emanating intense white light, they appeared at varying ages -- some 2-3 years old, some 10 or 11, and others at 18 or so. They will not all be of the same age range. And we discovered today that They will not be coming through the birthing process as thought before. They will be "Walk-Ins", utilizing the Soul Exchange Phenomenon.

As agreed upon at the Soul or Higher Self Level, their consciousness will move into a previously occupied body, and the former occupant of that body will move on. Thus, They will not have to go through all the years of developement normally occurring. Their memory of their origin and Mission will be erased, and They will be subject to the same Veil of Forgetfulness as everyone else in order to keep the Dark Ones in the dark as to their identity and purpose. If consciously known, that information could be accessed.

They are genetically programmed at the DNA level to awaken and remember suddenly when the time is right. KK visualized electrical switches for each of Them, and their awakening to Who They are will occur as suddenly and smoothly as flicking on an electrical switch. This symbol was also appropriate for me too; she said. My full activation will occur that suddenly, although it has already started in a subtle and slow fashion (I feel not a thing that is different with me.). She saw the electrical switch for me too.

I should say that repeatedly through all this KK got the "chills" and some of them so strongly that she winced now and then (and laughed and said, "all right", meaning enough). There will be Sanctuaries all over the world for Them to be brought. Not all of the eggs were to be placed in one basket for purposes of succeeding in this Mission.

She had strong chills with this: when the Love Masters entered their bodies in the Soul Exchange Phenomenon called "Walk-In", They were nearly repulsed by the dense and heavy and dysharmonious energies here. It was and is very difficult for Them to be here in late Third Density Earth, and They haven't had all the years that we've had to grow accustomed to those low frequency energies. Many of Them will consequently be in need of healing when getting to the Sanctuary to which they will be brought. Even though some of Them will be older than others, They will all be a lot younger than me, and she said that I would still be their mentor.

She sees the chaos and pandemonium coming on Earth, and the vision of cannibalism keeps coming to her, possibly as a symbol to represent people preying off of other people all over the place or even possibly the eating of human flesh when the crops fail and there is mass starvation. She said that we need to arm ourselves with a protective Shield of Light to repulse all those intense waves of fear that are coming.

My Guides want me to be comfortable and at ease with myself in my lifestyle, because I then, in that state of comfort and security and ease of mind, will be better able to do what I came to do here on this planet.

I was told that one of the ways that my Guides have chosen for getting through to me was that sensation that we call "the chills". The chills don't just come from the Higher Self, because with permission from my Higher Self (and me) They know how to give me the chills. When that happens in the future, it is Them communicating something to me.


I asked if I had made a terrible mistake when I left the medical profession and voluntarily returned my license to practice to the State of California. I was reassured, repeatedly, that I had needed to make that move. I will always be considered a physician and am a physician. I would have grown angry if I had remained in it. Plus, if I had not made my move on my own, it is likely that a situation would have been created (by my Guides or Higher Self) to force me out of it. Additionally, the artificial lighting and the dependent patients and the 4-walled structures and the energies of a medical office would have been harmful to me, and I needed to live in Nature.

"They" wanted me to have the knowledge that I have of the human body to be the teacher that I'm supposed to be for the Love Masters. This is their first lifetime on Planet Earth, and They will need to learn more about the human body from me. Even though I've consciously forgotten a great deal (a huge deal), it will all come back to me once awakened to all my memories and vast subconscious programs of information. It was important to the Plan of The White Brotherhood that I become a physician and go through the medical education process. The information that I hold will be valuable when I begin to teach. And it was mentioned that I had help in getting into medical school (both times -- Indiana University and the University of Missouri).

As an aside, the Young Masters of Love will, in many cases, have some serious emotional and consequently physical problems due to their inexperience with the enormous thought-forms of negativity here and powerful waves of corrosive emotions and the very dense energies extant upon this sphere. They've not had other lifetimes to become accustomed to the wayward ways of Earth. When They entered during the Soul Exchange Process, it was for the very first time (which seems nearly suicidal if not foolhardy).

My lower back pain has its own origins. This came from her Guides. They kept repeating, "weight of the world on his shoulders", referring to me. I explained that when I was young I developed a slump-shouldered posture because I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, in a manner of speaking, as I tried to survive the ordeal of parental abandonment and orphanage and foster homes and Boys Town. That posture led to the developement of the hyperlordotic lumbar spine (sway back) that predisposes me to lower back pain and injury (excessive torque stress on the intervertebral facet joints).

So, I was being told that, physically speaking, the shape of my vertebral column did lead to lower back pain, and this was created by the thought-form of weight of the world on my shoulders (in youth). But her Guides were mainly trying to emphasize that I no longer revisit that thought of my youth and that I not look back. The sadness and the intense anger and the suffering of my youth, during which time I slouched and slumped my posture in response, led to the creation of my own harmful subconscious program that plays itself over and over bringing the lower back pain back time and time again as a physical body consequence of the emotionally charged program.

Affirmations were suggested for eliminating the program from my subconscious, and if and when the program begins to recede, I was informed that I would experience pain as the program started on its way out. It wouldn't be incapacitating pain but more of the usual lower back pain that I've learned to bear and manage. Anyway, it would be a signal that the affirmations are working.

Dream: "The Light Bursts Forth"

In this so-called dream, I had the perspective of both the subject of the dream, myself, and an observer. The perspective was smoothly interchangeable. I was sitting in a restaurant-like atmosphere at a table which was next to a darkened window that was reflective, so that I could see my own reflection if I bothered to glance that way to my right.

A couple people were sitting at the same table across from me. I don't think I knew them or others in the restaurant. Suddenly, the 2 across from me exclaimed that something had happened to my hair, which was longer and about shoulder length. I looked at my reflection and was surprised to see my hair billowing out at the sides and bright light bursting out of my head in a postero-lateral direction on both sides.

At the same time, I felt something full and building within my head. Immediately after my hair billowed out and the light shot out on both sides of my head, my entire face and head became surrounded by White Light and I think my body as well, but I'm uncertain. I felt that the Light was originating from the Medulla Oblongata portion of the brain stem. It seemed to come from an area inferior to the cerebral cortex, deep within my central nervous system (but I can't exclude the Pituitary as the source).

Also at the same time that the Light burst forth, I suddenly felt rapturous and joyful, and I couldn't stop grinning. The smile that crept across my lips seemed frozen in place and remained that way for the rest of the dream. I couldn't do otherwise than grin, and the Light and the sensation in my head was intensely pleasurable.

Shortly after all of that began, my body just lifted up and levitated. Gravity had no influence on me. The restaurant had no ceiling or I passed right through it. The people below were pretty startled and were all staring at me. I had complete control of my movement and maneuvering in the air, and I performed some graceful maneuvers at will. The Light continued within and without all the while that I moved in a gravity-less state.

I moved toward and into a cathedral-like structure and drifted over and past the highest church leaders who were gathered in that cathedral. I guess they were all cardinals, and they were wearing their finest and most expensive red garments. As I passed over each one of them, they either ignored me or feigned disbelief in my presence or glanced in a belittling way toward me. In their minds I could not possibly be flying over them, and they were too superior to acknowledge my presence.

I drifted out of the cathedral over to another area, and as the intense Light, which seemed to be coming from deep within my brain, began to subside, I settled softly onto the ground. The aura of Light around my head and body faded, but the effortless smile continued on my face, and the feeling of joy and lightness of being persisted.

When I woke up right after this, I heard a high-pitched ringing in my left ear (supposedly the signal of communication from my Guides), and I felt the sensation of chills in my mid to upper back and posterior neck area. It wasn't a strong chilling, but I thought I perceived it there nonetheless.


I was able to share the above "dream" with KK this morning in hopes of seeking clarification from her Guides, and this is what I was told by her Guides and my Guides communicating through her.

The experience was no dream but rather an astral body experience that I had. Ultimately, all messages and knowledge and information and experiences that I have come from The Kuthumi Consciousness. With evident chills, she confirmed in no uncertain terms once again that Kuthumi is The Source of my being and my consciousness and my all in existence. That Which is called my Higher Self or I Am Presence is an aspect or fragment of The Consciousness of Kuthumi. That Higher Self is my more immediate Source of Being, and That, in turn, is a portion of The Kuthumi Consciousness or Group Mind. So, Kuthumi pulls the strings here, and all the Love and Light inherent in my being originates with Kuthumi.

Keeping that in mind, my dream-state experience was orchestrated by my Higher Self, and I was taken into the future to view myself for a reason. The darkened glass was reflective of me because I needed to see myself as I am, and I was taken in my astral form to view myself in the future after the Earth's Transition.

I will be suffused with Light and I will emanate Light from my physical being after my so-called Activation by Kuthumi, an activation which is in progress and on-going. The White Light which I saw surrounding my face and head is how I am going to appear. KK said that future reflection in the glass is who I am right now and not just how I'm going to appear at a later point in time. I am already that, according to her, and she feels the Light coming from me, and it's been increasing over this Summer.

My Guides and Higher Self felt that I needed to see who I am, and the experience was given because I was ready for it, and it was felt important that I come to know that when my Activation is complete and when I am ready to carry out the difficult mission, I will be in a different state of consciousness and will be, literally, emitting Radiant Light from my being. It is in that state that I will be able to be the teacher and the mentor and the healer for the Masters of Love (or any others). The dream was supposed to further reinforce the information passed on to me about my future role.

There was nothing symbolic or subconscious about the experience, and she kept saying that the Light-emitting self I saw is who I am right now (somehow). The accompanying state of bliss and uncaused joy is what I will literally experience when the Activation comes about, and yes there will be a smile constantly on my face as I remain immersed in ineffable joy. From that blissful state of activation, I will then have all the tools that I need to be the teacher, and my memory will have become open to all the information which has been stored away in my subconscious. I think that because of my doubts in my abilities, I was given this glimpse of myself in a future time. In that state it seemed that I could do anything.

The ringing in the ear and the upper back chills were definitely signals from my Guides regarding the validity and importance of the experience. When I sailed over the church leaders in the cathedral, their real feeling toward me was fear because of my power. Their responses were based in fear.

Because I kept asking over and over again, "Why me? Why me?", the dream experience was given to give me a better idea of who I am and what I will be like when it comes time to do what I came to do. When I still expressed disbelief that I could possibly be who They say I am, she said They'd practically like to give me a swift kick to better impress me with what They have to say (conveyed humorously). It isn't out of false humility that my doubts arise. She has a keen bullshit detector and would have detected that right away, so she said.

We have a misconception about The Ascended Masters as conveyed through the occult literature. Their Beingness, as with Kuthumi, is beyond our ken, and an accurate conception of their Beingness has not been given even in the occult and metaphysical literature available to Humanity. If Kuthumi is The Higher Self of my Higher Self, then that is referred to as The Monad by Djwhal Khul, and it may be a Senior Monad at that, incomprehensible in its vastness.

2 or 3 times today, she said that we'd better get our play time in now because this lull (before the storm of the Tribulation) wasn't going to last. Now is the time to get all the play we can, as the work and the responsibilities and the desparate times are ahead of us.


I had thought further about the real reason why I was given the dream/astral experience of which I've written, and I wanted to run it by KK's Guides for comment. She listened all the while without interjecting. Here is what I had organized in my mind: I will not be in the same state of consciousness as I am now after I have become Activated. My state of consciousness and my vibrational frequency of being will be different, and that is why I'll have the tools and the capability and the memory and the knowledge to be the teacher for the Teachers. I will be nothing like I am now. I will be in a state of bliss all the time, and that Radiant White Light will be visibly emitted from my being all the time. I will, in that state to which I'm headed, have all the abilities needed to fulfill my role and purpose. The dream was given by Kuthumi for me to come to that realization, not just to see what I may become some day.

KK and her Guides totally concurred with what I said. In fact, They congratulated me on working through it and coming to the realization that I did. She said that They often give fragments and tidbits for a person to contemplate and work out on their own, even to her, and she has to write it down for later contemplation. I asked if there was anything wrong in my conjecture, and she said there was nothing. I had found the reason for my dream experience.

But furthermore, she said that my intuition was arriving at these conclusions, and my left brain analytical mind was so dominant that the intuitive input (into the right brain) was nearly instantaneously switched over to the linear side and it only appeared to be coming from my rational aspect of mind, but it was in appearance only. My intuitive, receptive aspect of mind, mediated through the right hemisphere, was awakening and giving me more input than I realized. That was how I arrived at my dream realization.

She is having dream-visions of the coming cataclysms and geophysical changes of Earth and knows they are coming. She keeps seeing a land mass fracturing through the tectonic plate with the outer portion going into the ocean (possibly the North American Plate in my opinion). She sees volcanoes erupting and huge earth movements beyond the earthquakes currently known.

She agrees with Sherry C. (a friend in Florida), in that those who are to remain with the planet will be shifting their beingness to the vibratory level of Fourth Density, and from that Level will not be affected by all the Changes and trauma happening in Third Density. Additionally, from the Fourth they may reach back and help those embroiled in the drama of the Third. In fact, as with Sherry, those to be remaining with Earth are currently straddling both the Third and the Fourth Density Levels.

Her Guides said that the reason behind my inability to meditate was my dominant analytical aspect of mind. It is that which causes my body to jerk a muscle group to pull me back out of the silence, because it is that dominant aspect which abhors the silence as Nature abhors a vacuum, and it demands to perpetuate itself. They understand my difficulty in meditation and thus have chosen to reach me through KK.

But They also said that she and I were different from the others of Humanity (? somehow). All of the ancient teachings of the importance of meditation and meditative and spiritual practices are not applicable to us and others like us in order to advance along the Spiritual Path. It was not necessary for me to meditate, and They assured me that I was doing exactly as I should be doing. I was where I was supposed to be, and all was well, and I should not worry about meditating or doing any of the other practices which are deemed to be appropriate or even necessary for most humans to move further along on their Spiritual Journey of return to The Godhead. My path is different because of what I came to do (I am still non-egoically recording it as I have heard it.).


The protective shield or force-field around KK and myself does more than protect from any harm to ourselves. When we talk of all these Plans for the Earth made by The White Brotherhood and The Galactic Council, our discussion cannot be heard or penetrated by the Dark Dudes. Despite the 4th Density technology of the Reptilians and others and all their efforts to learn of the Plan and the Mission, they cannot break through the barrier of the force-field that surrounds us when we talk. They cannot hear our words and they cannot access our minds for what they want to learn in order to destroy those Plans.

I had wondered for some time why they just couldn't eavesdrop on us and learn what they wanted that way. She said that she had the same level of protection that I did, meaning from Galactic Level. I presume that that same shield is there when I am writing entries in this journal as well, both to my mental processes and the writing on the page. The Evil Ones know something is up which would run counter to their plans for this planet, but they do not know the specifics despite their surveillance of those who emit Light, and so they do whatever is in their power to prevent those ones from getting together. We both acknowledged that it sounded pretty melodramatic, but even so she said that it was true.


She noticed the inner strength and confidence which had grown since I learned of the revelations given by her Guides. She agreed with the predictions that I had previously received regarding my great longevity this time around. This will be a long life for me according to her.

It was recommended by the Guides that I remain silent for 10 to 15 minutes after my prayers and decrees in the evening. In that silence, there may be thoughts and messages impressed upon me by my Guides.

My journal writings were considered crucial by the Guides, and I was advised to continue. Not only can I organize my ideas, but my Guides may inspire my thoughts at that time. It was suggested that I think of a question and then sit with pen in hand to await the answer to come into my thoughts. I should remember the chills and ringing in the ears as a confirmatory signal from my Guides. In fact, I could take the signal of ringing in the ear (tinnitus) as a yes answer to a yes or no question.


She told me that anytime someone that I know is blocked or foiled or obstructed from meeting with me or calling or talking with me etc., I can be assured that it is the Dark Brotherhood who are behind it, preventing that contact with me. This goes for those who may be considered to be working with and polarized with The Forces of Light.

She thinks that after the tumult and turmoil of the Tribulation Years ahead for Third Density Earth, there will be a final relative calm before the biggest of storms. As do I, she thinks that the culminating event for the ending of the Piscean Age will be a world-shattering event -- something like an Axial Shift or Asteroid Collision or Crustal Collapsing inwardly -- a cataclysm of such proportions as to make the Third Density Earth uninhabitable for quite a while. Those who make the Shift will be living on the Fourth Density Earth.


The night had been subfreezing, and the topic turned to my inability to tolerate the cold after I related the painful thawing out of my frostbitten finger tips this morning. I finally got around to asking her Guides why my body no longer had tolerance for the cold. They said that my body had lost its adipose tissue stores (fat), including the subcutaneous fat that serves as an insulator for the core body heat, and thus it can't hold the body heat in very effectively during the cold. My condition is uncommon compared to other people who all, invariably, have the subcutaneous fatty layer that allows them to manage the cold.

In passing, she mentioned that my karma-free state was very unusual amongst Humanity. The way she sees it, when someone becomes free of karma they are out of here and finished with their Cycle of Incarnations on Earth. I volunteered for this life and the mission associated with it.

She wanted me to know that all of the compliments that she and her Guides have given me were not given for the purpose of placating me or boosting my ego or self image or lifting my spirits or for getting on my better side, etc. These compliments were given to me because, she says, they are the truth. She doesn't try to build up anyone's ego or unjustifiably complement them. That's not her way, she says. This actually answered my own unspoken concerns that all the complements these past months may have had some secondary or concealed motive. She spoke to my cautionary side. The compliments are the truth about me as she and her Guides see it.

I asked her Guides to comment on the Silver Platter (see "The Silver Platter"), a force-field of protection and abundance granted to me by The Lords of Karma for this System and made known to me by a very psychic East Indian man. They said, mirthfully and humorously and emphatically, "Tell ..... him .....that ..... the ........ Silver ....... Platter ....... is ...... real ...... and ...... that ...... he ...... has ...... all ...... the ....... protection ........ that ....... he ....... could ........ ever ........ need." They were in high spirits, she said. "Tell ...... him ....... not ...... to ...... worry ....... about ....... protection."

She then said, slowly and emphatically, that the Silver Platter gave me unlimited protection, unlimited!!! As she was telling me this, her Guides jolted her with the strong chills 4 separate times. She winced and laughingly said, "I get it", but she was given the chills 4 different times with the message for me that my protection is unlimited!!! I've never seen her get the chills so many times when passing along information to me. This is the most emphatic message that They have sent to me. The Platter, as it is held out to me, is the unlimited protection being offered to me.

Abundance is there and will flow to me unless I obstruct that flow by any concern or worry for the lack of that abundance in the form of money or food or shelter or things that I need. It will still come to me, but it'll be slowed by the filter of that thought energy.

I asked her why I had 3 nines, numerologically, in my birth date (09-27-1944). She (or her Guides) said that I was of the Level of The Christ Consciousness. To paraphrase what was said, I am one of Them (The White Brotherhood), and my beingness derives from The Kuthumi Consciousness or Kuthumi Group Mind as she visualized it. I am a spark or a descended aspect from That Source. The 9's refer to my Christ-Source of being, and she confusingly equated me with That Christ-Source. Once again, she agreed with my understanding that Kuthumi has moved into The Office of The Christ for Planet Earth (also called The World Teacher) and that He or That One would walk amongst Humanity in the New Age as The Avatar of The Christ Consciousness!!


We were discussing my last name, Cyr. She said that from the first time that she saw my last name on my time card, she knew that it really meant seer. I am the seer and the pronunciation of my last name is no accident (of course). Her statement reinforced what I had come to think 10 years ago about the significance and meaning of my name.

Today as we met for lunch by Lake Siskiyou, she said that when I pulled up on the "mule" that I was riding, she felt the most intense radiance of energy from me and saw a Light so brilliant emanating from my being that it was almost blinding to her Third Eye Aetheric Sight. She said that softness and love and compassion and warmth were emanating from me so strongly and intensely that it was nearly overwhelming to her (I am trying to remember as accurately as possible), considering her sensitivity to energies and emotions. I was boorishly ignorant of anything unusual happening to me, and I couldn't believe that she was talking about me.

She said that the only other time in her life that she had felt and seen those kinds of powerfully intense energies surrounding or coming from within someone was when she worked with an elderly woman in San Francisco by the name of Maggie, and Maggie was a light unto the world. She has since passed on, and from her astral position keeps a watch on KK. She is the one who will pat KK on the left shoulder when she is doubtful or skeptical of information coming from her Guides which is true. KK considered her to be so advanced and spiritually evolved that she said Maggie was sitting at "The Throne of God" (a metaphorical concept for Christians), and I saw her get the chills when she said it. She then told me that I am of that same level, that I am one of The Big Dudes or something to that effect. It probably goes without saying that I'm as confused as ever by these kinds of statements, knowing of my uncountable failures and flaws.

Maggie also had the unusual numerological birth configuration that I do. She had all 3 nines in her birth date for day, month, and year just as I do. We are the only 2 people from whom KK has seen and felt the emanation of a Love-suffused Light which was so brilliant and so intense as to be nearly overpowering.

When I protested that there was no holiness or sanctity to me (knowing myself as I do), it was then that she revealed the intensity of Love and Light which were projecting forth from within my being at that moment!! I will admit that when the conversation ended, I was feeling light-headed and a little giddy and had an unusual sense of elation and well-being (whatever be the cause).

Kuthumi came up again in the conversation, and her Guides kept repeating over and over and over again to me, "You are one! You are one! You are one!" They were emphasizing my identity with The World Teacher for Planet Earth. But, at my insistance, I drew out the further detail that, as before given, my Higher Self is a fragmented aspect of The Group Mind of Kuthumi, and I am an extended expression or fragment of the consciousness of my Higher Self, a second generational expression out of The Christ, Kuthumi. Even so, They continued to insist that I Am One with Kuthumi.

I told her about the I Am Decree that Jesus had given me (in 1994), "I Am magnificent and perfect in this moment, and I Am accepting that, and I Am not going to do anything more". As I said that, she had total body chills (from her Guides) that started all the way from her feet and spread upwards from there, giving great validity and, I think, importance to that particular I Am Decree. They certainly demonstrated through and to her that I had been given and was using an effective and powerful decree (in my interpretation of what happened).


The only reason that I remember anything of this so-called dream is because my body needed to shift its sleeping position which temporarily awakened the occupant of the body (me) just after or actually during the dream sequence. And I imperfectly remember the dream but did my best to recall the details just prior to fully awakening and beginning my day. I lay for the longest time trying to recapture accurately what had taken place.

This is one of a very few dreams that I've ever been able to remember, and I know not if it is simply a playing out of my subconscious as happens every single night during the lighter stages of sleep. If it came from my Guides or my Higher Self, then I'm greatly reluctant to put any kind of a literal interpretation on it but have recorded it here to be all-inclusive of the messages and experiences that came my way during my season in the shadow of the Sacred Mountain.

"Special Award For Compassion"

I was in school and I believe it was medical school (a graduate school). I was an upper classman, a 3rd or 4th year student. Two or 3 people who were in the same medical school, maybe even in my class, came to me and enigmatically told me that I was going to be coming into a whole new wardrobe of clothing, so much so that I'd be able to just throw away all of my old clothing and start afresh with the new and greatly expanded wardrobe. I was pretty excited about that prospect but I did wonder what it was all about.

Then someone else came to me and told me that I was going to be awarded a special award for compassion. Several awards to certain selected ones in my class were to be handed out at a ceremony which happened every year. These awards were given out annually by the faculty to the students of their choosing, and those particular awards did not vary from year to year. But the faculty had specially created the award that I was to receive, and that award was to be for compassion. And I think the new wardrobe was then given as a prize to accompany the special award.

I remember thinking in the dream that I hadn't done anything special to be singled out like that for compassion, or at least I began ruminating through my mind, trying to remember what compassion I had shown and what interactions in the past could have led to this special award being given by the faculty. I was happy to get the news but couldn't figure out why they had chosen me. I awoke before the ceremony took place.

From The Heart of Kuthumi

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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