Kissing Cousin To The Reptilian Beings

What I'm about to reveal here may seem the most fantastical yet of all the writings I've offered on this website, but that does not deter me in the least. I will firstly explain the source for the information and how it has gotten stepped down to this Third Density Level of Reality. It originates from a Collective of very advanced Intelligences in our distant future from the cluster of stars that the humans call the Pleiades. They are exceedingly evolved and project their teachings back through time to awaken the members of the Family of Light, who have incarnated here, to the reality of the situation in which they find themselves and to offer information unavailable anywhere else that may improve the understanding of those Light-workers operating under very difficult conditions.

The Pleiadians project their teachings back in time in an attempt to change their past and affect the future that They are experiencing. This planet and some others are keys in the developement of that future, and all those schemes of evolution are being contacted in a like manner. The Pleiadians say that the frequency of Light is the frequency of information, and They are shining their Light through one Barbara J. Marciniak of North Carolina. I have read and studied everything that she has put out since the late 1980's, including her published books, and her channelings are the real thing. There is tremendous clarity there, and I've come to be an enthusiastic supporter of what The Pleiadians are teaching through her. They were conceived (through her) on Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 and birthed in Athens, Greece, in 1988 after a 9-month gestational period, using symbology to make their presence known.

They have many fascinating things to say, but for the purposes of this piece I want to focus on the ones whom The Pleiadians call the "Lizzies", the reptilian-appearing ones that have been involved with this planet for 300,000 years or so. They have a higher dimensional beingness with physicality and exist at various levels of the Fourth Density, which is also called the Astral Planes. Unless they would so will it, they would not be visible at this Third Density Level of being except to those with some activation of their Third Eye (the Ajna Chakra) being able to use aetheric sight. I've known some people who have seen them.

I call them reptilian in form because of their resemblance to some of the larger reptiles on this planet, the crocodiles and alligators. The human form is hardly the only form taken by consciousness to learn the lessons that physicality offers. These "Lizzies" are about 8 feet tall, have long tails and thick, green, scaly skin, and stand upright on 2 legs. They have heads and jaws that resemble the alligators, and they are physically powerful and intellectually superior to the current stage of human evolvement. They are warriors and master geneticists and are of the service to self polarity (most of them anyway).

They can be considered Forces of Darkness in that they raid realities out of conquest and control systems of consciousness for the sake of power in serving the self. They are strongly polarized along the Separative Principle of the universe, and they do not follow the non-interventional guidelines of allowing civilizations to develope along their own lines. They seek conquest and will use whatever level of power and violence is needed to achieve their goals of domination (for more about this universe of duality, go to "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces").

These are the truly bad dudes and dudettes of the universe, and they came to own and control different portals of space and corridors of time, which allowed them to raid different realities and structures of consciousness called planets. As is true of all those of negative polarity, they were never satisfied with all that had come under their control, and they continued to spread themselves throughout the universe like a metastesizing cancer. In the far future, The Pleiadians have called them the universe's biggest nightmare, and They seek to alter that imperiled, freedom-less future by seeding the past in certain key locations with the Family of Light to bring about a revision of that past.

The Reptilians created a great upheaval throughout the universe that lasted for millions of our solar years, with the Earth becoming affected about 300,000 years ago when the Lizzies invaded this reality and fought with Those of The Light and won the battle engaged throughout the solar system. Tremendous destructions were created and the tyrannical owners took over this planet. In the Bible, they are called the Nephilim. On the cuneiform tablets of ancient Sumeria, they are called the Anunnaki. The author, Zecharia Sitchen, has written many books about them but doesn't realize that they were not humanoid in appearance. They became the "gods" of the simple-minded dominant species of Earth at the time.

In fact, they did become creator-gods of a sort. As mentioned, they were master geneticists, and they bio-genetically disassembled and re-arranged the DNA of the bipedal anthropoids that were left after all the destruction. The original 12-stranded DNA was reduced to the double helical DNA that is found to this day, and a breeding plan was established with the new species that was created.

They knew what they were doing and needed workers of a low level of intelligence to work their mines in what is now Southeast Africa. They were mining gold from the planet for all its higher properties they could use, such as transmutation from one reality to another, and needed slaves for their mines. The rearrangement of the DNA that The Pleiadians call Light-encoded filaments also kept the new species locked in fear, which was cultivated by the creator-gods and was utilized to broadcast out to other worlds that were under their control. They had the technology to be able to broadcast the energy of fear, which they thrive upon, to other areas of the universe. They have even destroyed entire planets just to project the collective fear and terror of the occupants to other worlds that they control and manipulate.

As an aside, it's a free-will Universe, and all are allowed their free-will expression depending on the polarity they've chosen -- service to self or service to others, the Dark versus The Light, Disunity versus Unity, and devolution away from The Creator versus evolution toward The Creator. The Lizzies serve the self at the expense of the freedoms of those who serve others. They do not give a damn about the hopes and the liberties and the evolutionary dreams of others. To them, it is the self that matters and how much of Creation they can bring under their control. They are electro-magnetically nourished by fear, and the energy of love is their enemy.

The Pleiadians have said that the reason that humans use only 10% of their brain is because the 12-stranded DNA was "unplugged", genetically altered, but the Family of Light and those who are able to raise their consciousness will be rebundling that DNA first into 3 strands, then 6 and 9 and 12, but I fear that they did not go into detail about how that would occur. The 12 strands would allow full, 100% use of the human brain with abilities now only guessed at, and at that time all the chakras would be fully operational and balanced.

This planet was basically raped by the Lizzies who then have controlled the frequency at which this planet operates for their own tyrannical purposes of maintaining control here and elsewhere. All of the wars down through the millennia and the unknown 10's of millions slaughtered in those wars, the endless bickering over and competition for resources, the rivalries between cultures, the clashes between groups of people, the bloodletting, torture, rape, genocide, and wholesale destruction of everything that is meaningful to a people have all been promoted, encouraged, and created by the Evil Lizards because it is the emotion and energy of fear that so delights them. It has to be obvious that they've been very successful on this planet and no more successful than in the 20th Century.

One of the ways that they directly influence planetary affairs is to incarnate into the human group, programming for wealth and status and ease of living and an opportunity for controlling a large number of humans. They are the "world management team", the wealthiest of families, the international bankers, the despots, the tyrannical rulers, the dictators, and the power elite. Many have studied in the mystical circles, know how to use magic of the left-handed path, and continue to reincarnate into the same wealthy family to consolidate the wealth and power. They have used the method of covert control of the planet and will be making their move toward overt, conspicuous control during the years before the Dimensional Shift (please see "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth").

They are some of the darkest of beings in the universe. I realize that using the terms dark and light are perhaps a bit dramatic when referencing the only 2 polarities in this universe of duality, but I prefer to use descriptive terms that are known to most people. It is their manipulation of the negative emotions of humans that has kept this planet and all her civilizations from progressing along with the rest of the galaxy of billions of other civilizations. Their interference and fear-based agenda has made this planet the lone laggard of the entire galaxy, and that's pretty serious stuff. I think that the term, dark, is practically an understatement, a little too mild to describe the horrors they have perpetrated from one end of the universe to the other.

They are able to replicate themselves in great numbers by their cloning methods, and they replicate the best of their warriors. They store these millions and millions of warriors in a state of suspension all over the universe for a time when they might be needed to take over even more systems of evolution. From The Pleiadians' perspective in our future, they have nearly over-run this immense universe and are like a pestilence that won't go away. If they are successful in bringing all star-systems and galaxies under their control, and if freedom and love can no longer be expressed, and if the evolution of all sentient Races comes to a standstill, the universe will implode upon itself and cease to be as The Creator Being withdraws Its Consciousness from that universe and enters a state of non-activity and non-manifestation, what could be referred to as undifferentiation (the Night of Brahma). All free-will would have been extinguished by the Dark Lords.

This is what The Pleiadians and The Forces of Light aligned with Them hope to prevent by incarnating in strategic places in their distant past to effect the necessary changes in that past which would thwart the drive of the Dark Ones toward total domination. Their teachings through Marciniak are meant to awaken those ones who came here with the intention to do battle (in consciousness) with the Forces of Darkness and who had forgotten their purpose when they entered the "Veil of Forgetfulness" that all pass through when entering life here.

There is a fly in the ointment, however, that comprises the story of these Dark Forces that have every intention of progressively extending their tentacles of control and domination to more parts of the universe. All beings of sentient expression in this universe, regardless of their chosen polarity of expression (service to self or service to others), are equally fragmented aspects of The Creator Being of this particular universe. One side of the polar divide between Dark and Light is not loved any more by The Creator than the other. All are loved equally by their ultimate Source.

With that caveat in mind, however, there will always, as long as this universe endures, be an inevitable clash between the 2 opposing sides, because The Creator of this particular universe chose to express Itself by way of 2 opposing Cosmic Principles that established the inevitable polarity of all sentient forms that came into being, those Principles being that of Unification or Oneness and that of Disunity or Separativeness. The twain shall never meet (except on the battlefield).

Those who have chosen the path of return to The Creator (evolution) by way of service to others are guided by the Unification Principle. Those who have chosen the path of turning away from The Creator (devolution) by way of service to self are ever guided by the Separative Principle, and it will ever be for the duration of this universe. The Dark Ones will always seek conquest and control over others to satisfy the most fundamental driving force of their being, the service to self. And The Light Ones must always oppose those who would enslave them and take away their freedom to evolve toward The Creator because that is their fundamental agenda in existence. Both are loved equally by God, their Creator, but the oppositional tension is a necessity because of the way that The Creator chose to express Itself (and discover Itself) in this particular universe.

We might harken back to the words of The Master Jesus when he said, "Love thine enemies", because the energy of love (the attractive, cohering force of the universe) is more powerful than the energy of fear, which the Dark Ones promote and sustain themselves with. No better challenge (or test) could be offered to those of The Light than the giving of love to those who have been the creators of every form of divisiveness that this planet has ever experienced (fueds, rivalries, hatreds, bitterness, genocide, bloodbaths, wars, and arms races). How many can make the leap toward loving the ones who would kill and destroy an entire planet to use that mass terror to bring another planet under control?

What isn't commonly known about these "Lizzies" is that the females of the species are the dominant ones. They call the shots and issue the orders. It must also be said that not all of the Reptilians are of the negative polarity. There are some smaller groups that split off from the cold-hearted conquerors and who chose The Light, and some positively-polarized entities have incarnated amongst them to try to effect change that way, but it's a very sacrificial act with few rewards amongst those who have forgotten that there's a benevolent Force of Creation.

There is a large space/time portal in the area of this planet called the Middle East, which has served as a pathway of entry for these creator-gods that I have called the Lizzies, and they have owned and occupied that portal for 100's of 1000's of years, making their home base in what would later be called Mesopotamia and what is now called the Middle East. It is through that portal of entry into our Third Density Reality that they create chaos and fear that is magnified in the immediate region and which allows them to modulate the frequency at which Humanity operates by inducing the spread of fear-based emotions throughout the planet. In other words, they can control the general frequency of being for humans through that portal, and the unending conflicts in the Middle East are merely symptoms of the influence created by their machinations in the area of their prime portal for Earth. It will be they who attempt to draw the military powers of the world into another world-wide conflict that centers itself around the portal that they own, the Middle East.

There is justification for optimism however, lots of justification. This next stretch of time, which is variously called the Tribulation or the Harvest or the Dimensional Transformation, will be the final period of time for the Reptilian Conquerors to promote their agenda of chaos, confusion, and fear on this planetary sphere forevermore. It has been decreed at levels as high as The Galactic Council of Twelve for this galaxy that once this planet has fully shifted into the Fourth Density and begun its New Aquarian Age, all those of the service-to-self polarity (including the Lizzies) will nevermore be allowed here, and furthermore I have been informed of such (for more, see "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth" and "Earth In Metamorphosis").

They will play their part to perfection in the few remaining years they have to control this planet through their incarnated members who essentially dominate the world in areas of international finances, politics, military organizations, religious institutions, education, and personal wealth. They will attempt consolidation of their control though the end result is a foregone conclusion (to The White Brotherhood), and they will keep the numbers of humans who are locked in fear as high as possible in order to prevent them from transitioning with the Earth into its higher level Golden Age of Harmony.

The Earth will be of a single polarity once into Fourth Density (that solely of service to others), and never again will the powerful warriors who wreak havoc and destruction in serving the self be allowed to participate in the dramas that unfold upon the Earth. It is a-dios (to God) to you Reptilians, and watch the recoil of that exit door on your way out! We are mighty grateful that you've relieved us of Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin, and Richard M. Nixon, but don't forget to take George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and Vladimir Putin with you!

I believe that the existence of these extremely dark and vicious beings needs to be exposed and that their purpose and programs and agendas need to be more widely known. Forewarned is forearmed. There is a tendency for many on the "Path" to deny their very existence, but denial is not a wise choice to make. I believe that the more that people have an awareness and knowledge of these Denizens of the Dark, the better they will comprehend what is taking place as the Tribulation Years unwind and the less confused and fear-full they will be. They are here. They have been here for a very long time. But they are soon to depart. Send them off in a wave of love that they'll never forget (though it repulses them to the core of their being).

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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