Photograph of Jesus in Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, in 1961 by an Archeologist

I want to reveal much that was previously not known or was intentionally hidden about the life of The One Who is called Jesus. This is not a work of fiction, and some of the revelatory information comes from that Teacher in The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth Who is known as Hilarion (for related teachings by Hilarion, see publications by Marcus Books). Hilarion is a Sixth Level Initiate, and as Lord of the Fifth Ray His responsibilities include the overseeing of all scientific and technological developements on the planet, the evolution and advancement of all the healing arts, and the perfecting of the mental side of the triangle of being for Humanity. The Fifth Ray Brotherhood of Truth are under His direction, and revelatory teachings which are always guided by truth have been given to Humankind for centuries by this Ascended Master. One of Hilarion's lifetimes was as the Great Apostle, Saint Paul (Saul of Tarsus), and He desires to set the record straight, a record that became greatly distorted and confused down through the centuries of darkness and ignorance in Western Civilization.

Before I begin to elaborate on what various Ascended Masters have had to say about Their Beloved Brother, Master Jesus, I want to say that, personally speaking, I have a tremendous love for Jesus myself and for His incomparable teachings. It is because of that love and a deep-seated prompting from the depths of me that I want to set the record straight myself with the help of what I've learned from Djwhal Khul, Hilarion, and a few Others. It's really all about exposing the truth with regards to the single greatest influence in the history of Western Civilization, That One Who walked the Earth as The Way-shower for the Piscean Age, Jehoshuah Ben Yussef, come to be known as Jesus.

Every 2,000 years in accordance with the Law of Cycles as applied to Planet Earth, there comes forth from The Spiritual Hierarchy (also called The Great White Brotherhood) an Avatar Who has come to set the example and be a demonstration of the exemplary life to which all may turn for the next astrological age which is roughly 2000 years. That Avatar is called The Way-shower, and the most recent one came at the outset of the Piscean Age, which is symbolized by the fishes. It is an event of great planning, and many of The Initiates and Adepts in The Hierarchy are Participants in that evolutionary thrust of The White Brotherhood. All of these Wayshowers have volunteered to come with the intention of moving Humanity up onto the next rung of the ladder of spiritual progress.

The name of The Lofty One Who incarnated as Jesus is (and was) Sananda, Who has had many other lifetimes on this planet as have had all of The Ascended Masters. Jehoshuah may have been the greatest of those incarnations but still only one of the lives of Sananda, and I will reveal more of those later in the piece. According to the rules governing Avatars in this particular solar system, They must be born into the world in the usual way, being fully human in their make-up, and this was, indeed, the case for Jesus.

This was a concerted effort on the part of The Hierarchy, and all those in the immediate circle of Jesus were Initiates of one degree or another. His Mother, Mary, had been prepared for many lifetimes for the influential and important role that She would play. Joseph, his Father, was an embodiment of that Ascended Master Saint Germain (also referred to as Master Rakoczi). The purity of their consciousness and the refined nature of their energy fields were essential in the home environment in which He would be raised. All of the twelve that He later selected and who were called the Apostles were Initiates, and all of His closest family and inner circle were Initiates, including the Mary who was called the Magdalene. Throughout His life, they collectively provided a spiritually-charged force-field of support and nurturance and focused will for the Mission of The Brotherhood, of which He was the focal point.

At a certain tender age, He was taken to the Essene Mystery School where His formal teaching would be supervised by the high-level Initiates among the Essene Brotherhood. Nothing would be left to chance in His upbringing, and consequently He was sent to the most spiritually-enlightened school in that part of the world. The sect called the Essenes carried the torch of enlightenment for The White Brotherhood, and their Mystery School was a School of Initiation. Both Mary and Joseph had studied and lived with the Essenes as had John the Beloved (Kuthumi incarnation) and John the Baptist and most of Jesus' family. His primary early influence was from the master teachers among the Essenes who knew the purpose for which He had come, and He was properly prepared as a Great Initiate.

I find it somewhat amusing that an 18-year period in the life of The One known as The Son of God throughout all of Christendom is entirely missing from those accounts that are called the gospels. That's a period of more than half the life of The One Who "came to save the world", if you believe that He died at the age of 33 (which He didn't). That's a long stretch of time, a glaring gap, and I've often wondered why not a word is mentioned of those 18 "missing years".

Well, those missing years weren't missing to Jehoshuah, and The Masters of Wisdom are very clear about what took place during that time prior to the beginning of His Ministry. He traveled extensively and studied under the Greatest Sages then on the Earth, mastering all of the teachings They had to impart, and They certainly knew who He was and what He had come to do. His travels through those years took Him to the Centers of Initiation first in Persia, then on to India and Tibet, to Greece and the island now called Britain, and lastly to Egypt where He eventually took His final Initiation in the Great Pyramid of Giza prior to returning to Galilee.

He became a great and accomplished Yogi during His training in the East and had all the siddhis or what was then thought to be supernatural powers of an advanced Yogi, which He would use as needed during His Ministry. He did teaching as well wherever He found Himself during those years. Principally He was being prepared to be a vehicle for The Christ Consciousness when that time had come. This had been extensively planned among The Ranks of The Hierarchy, and that would be one of the great sacrifices that Jesus would make on behalf of a laggard Humanity.

I should offer an explanation, because this issue has become totally confused by those who purport to follow the teachings of this beautiful Being called Jesus. First of all there is an Office or Position in The Spiritual Hierarchy now called The Office of The Christ and also called The World Teacher. The One Who holds that Office and responsibility is The Chohan or Lord of the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. At the beginning of the Piscean Age when Jesus came amongst us, The World Teacher was Maitreya, Who is known by The Higher Ups as The Master of The Masters, having been the first from the Human Race to rise up into The Ranks of The Hierarchy by following the Path of Initiation. Jesus came in to prepare Himself to be the most perfected and loving vehicle possible for the entry of The Maitreya Consciousness when the propitious moment had arrived.

This is essential to an understanding of Jesus. When He stood before John the Baptist at the River Jordan and that ceremony of baptism was enacted, The Consciousness of The Christ, Maitreya, entered and thenceforth totally overshadowed the consciousness of Jehoshuah. Thereafter, for the 3 years of the Ministry and until the crucifixion, it was The Christ Consciousness Which was doing the teaching and the healing and performing the so-called miracles. Every aspect of the life of Jesus was over-lighted by and managed by The Christ, but it needs to be clarified that They were 2 separate Entities: Jesus, The Third Level Initiate, and Maitreya, The Fifth Level Initiate and Ascended Master.

All of the Apostles and the inner circle of friends and followers knew the distinction, knew Who was doing the teaching. The terms, Messiah and Christos, refer to The Anointed One. It was only when the teachings and the story of the life of Jesus had spread beyond Judea that the confusion arose about the matter. When the Greek Initiates coined the designation, Christos, and applied it to Jesus, they were fully aware of the true relationship between Jesus and The World Teacher, Maitreya. They knew that He was being used as a vehicle for Lord Maitreya. Those who sought to form a religion and a religious hierarchy around Jesus subsequently convinced the world that He was The Christ or Christos. This does not diminish the importance of The One that came to be known as Jesus, but rather it elucidates the truth of what took place. Jesus, The Christ, is an inaccuracy that I wanted to clear up.

There is an even more esoteric relationship that developed in that union of consciousness that Jesus gave Himself over to in that preplanned act of sacrifice for the benefit of Humankind. Jesus can be considered to have been The Channel for Maitreya to have given the most appropriate teachings (by word or deed) to the West for the Age of Pisces, and those teachings centered on love, unfettered, unconditional love. At a higher level, Maitreya was serving as The Vehicle and The Channel for what is called The Universal Christ, Which is The Second Aspect or Facet of The Triune Godhead for this Universe. The Second Aspect of The Creator (Which projects the Second Ray) is known to The Masters as Love/Wisdom, and That is The Facet of The Godhead Which is The Manifestation of God's Love for all of the beings which have emanated from God. Maitreya brought that Universal Level of The Christ-Love Energy through His Consciousness, and then Jesus stepped it down another level so that it could be brought forth into physicality and better understanding by the simple, uneducated people of that time. Maitreya, through Jesus, anchored the virtue of unconditional love in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, where it remains for the time of its blossoming (the Aquarian Age).

Well, what did Jesus look like? There have been many representations through the centuries with little accuracy. I consider the altruistic and gentle Edgar Cayce to be the most talented trance channel of the 20th Century, and he described Jesus while viewing Him at the Last Supper in one reading. A very psychic friend of mine in Florida had 2 out-of-body experiences during which she knew she was in the presence of Jesus as He was speaking before a group of people. Their descriptions both concurred quite precisely. He was beautiful to behold and was sturdily built. There was nothing effeminate or weak about Him. He had long golden-reddish hair with a full beard to match and had piercing blue-grey eyes. Cayce said that He was at least 170 pounds with long, tapering fingers and that He had an extra long nail on His left little finger. He wore a pearl-gray robe that was a gift from Nicodemus at the supper that Cayce viewed.

Jehoshuah was not austere or self-abnegating but was the merriest of beings. Cayce found Him to be telling jokes even in the moment of His betrayel and the hour of His trial. Hilarion said that He had a wonderful gift for being able to make people laugh, which made Him loved by all who were touched by His life. He could spontaneously invent the most hilarious stories and would know, by the power He possessed, what would tickle a person's funny bone and so tailored His humor accordingly. He was a master of the involved pun and could interweave meaning so intricately into His words that it would baffle His detractors and make them guffaw despite themselves. He had a gift for the absurd, which could have people in stitches within seconds and, because of His ability to entertain, gained access to the homes of the wealthy and powerful to later talk of more serious and spiritual matters.

The Master was an accomplished musician. He played a lute-like stringed instrument beautifully and sang to its accompaniment (Cayce saw Him playing at the Last Supper and singing the 91st Psalm). He could move His listeners to tears by the entrancing tremor in His voice.

He had a particular love for children and would not allow His Apostles to keep them from Him. In their simplicity and guilelessness, He saw a reflection of Mankind's original state of grace which all too soon is crushed by the harsh realities of life. He viewed their innocense and trust as the state intended for all of Humanity. His kindness to children, His compassion for those who suffered illness, and His ability to bring joy through His wonderful musical gift were the paths that He laid out for His brothers to follow.

He meditated daily in order to keep His channel as clear and as pure as possible to Maitreya and, through Maitreya, to The Second Aspect of The Godhead, The Christ Logos. All of the disciples were taught this technique for reaching the inner silence and thus opening to the guidance of their Souls or Higher Selves, for He knew that it would inevitably raise their vibratory nature and sharpen their spiritual discernment. He had mastered meditative techniques in India.

He called upon the powers that He had developed while studying in the Mystery Schools to perform all the apparent miracles that are written of Him, but in truth there are no "miracles", and He was merely working with Higher Laws that He had come to understand. He did, indeed, say that what He had done anyone could do and that even greater things would be done by others. His body was more refined and purified than any who have walked the Earth since, and He could make Himself invisible to those who wanted to destroy Him, which He did do on a number of occasions. He knew and used the power of sound in the human voice, and when He calmed the storm and walked on water and healed with a simple touch, He was using the training He'd received during "The Missing Years". He knew how to employ the powers of visualization, the will, and the spoken word to make the environment (the Elements) conform to His wishes (and served as a Vehicle for Lord Maitreya).

He was the perfect example to Humanity of the way to find serenity and contentment, and He never refused help to anyone who asked for it. As The Wayshower for the Piscean Age, He set the example for the next 2,000 years of how to care for others, how to lift the burdens of worry and illness from another's back, and how to love one's fellow man. These lessons have still not been learned by the vast majority on the planet. In His teachings, He was expressing the Universal Truths through parable and symbolism by using Nature and the environment so that They could be better understood by the simple folk of that time.

The example of the life He lived was (and is) the key to the deeper mysteries known to the Initiates. In fact, it was intended that the life of The Nazarene would be representative of the First Five Initiations on the Path of Initiation given to Humankind by The Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara (see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?"). I will give the name of these Initiations as They are known to the Initiates:

First -- The Birth

Second -- The Baptism

Third -- The Transfiguration

Fourth -- The Renunciation or Crucifixion

Fifth -- The Revelation or Resurrection

As a Third Level Initiate taking the Fourth Initiation in that lifetime, He did not, however, make the Ascension (which happens at the 5th Initiation). Whoever wrote the so-called Gospels decades later were not Initiates and made an error in claiming that He Ascended in that lifetime (which He did in a subsequent one as Apollonius of Tyana).

When Jesus said, "Ye must be born again.", it was an example of His punning ability with double meaning. It referred to not only being born again into the Spirit while in physical life but also to the concept (and the truth) of reincarnation, which all were familiar with at the time.

I would like to clear up some confusion about one of His statements: "I Am The Way and The Truth and The Life. No one comes to The Father but by Me". This was spoken by The Love Facet or Christ Logos of The Godhead through Maitreya and thence through Jesus. It does not mean, as many assume, that salvation can only come through the Christian Religion but rather that the long cycle of return to The Infinite Creator can only be achieved by quickening the seed of The Christ Principle within, and that amounts to a perfecting of one's love for all of Creation.

Jesus was not seeking to establish an organized religion or found any kind of hierarchical religious institution, and if He walked incognito today He would likely be found a heretic and anathema by the very religion that was established in His name.

The expression, "as you sow, so shall you reap", conveys the truth of the Karmic Law, and The Christ, through Jesus, lifted the karmic burden and assumed the remaining karma that was at the root of the illness or suffering of anyone who was healed and forgiven. It may be little known but a certain amount of karma may be taken on by another entity. In fact, a great deal of the racial karma of Humankind was removed by The Christ Logos Which was present in The Consciousness of Maitreya at the Crucifixion. That act and that decision was beyond even the province of The Lords of Karma for this system and allowed Mankind to avoid sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of their karmic burdens and endless rounds of karmic debt.

It should practically go without saying, but The One known as Jesus was not "The Son of God", as if The One Infinite Intelligence had genitalia and a physical form like ours. He would never have made such a claim and referred to Himself as The Son of Man not God. There was a lot of competition for religious affiliation among the masses in the early days of the Church, and the religious leaders of the time created a false doctrine that Jesus was the only Son of God and gave Him deified status by vote (an amusing proposition, I must admit). It was hoped that the ignorant masses would want to join such a religion that worshipped the only offspring of God, and the myth continues to this day.

There is much that is not known about the Crucifixion that needs be revealed for the sake of finally getting the truth out. As I have said, The Nazarene was a greatly advanced Yogi and could do many things with His powers that were considered miraculous and beyond belief by the much lesser-evolved people of that time. Even the Disciples were vaguely disconcerted by the things that He could do. He did not suffer greatly as all suppose during the torture that we call the Passion prior to the Crucifixion. He knew the techniques for withdrawing the consciousness from the perception of the senses, and that included the sensation of pain.

He joked with observers along the way to the Hill of Golgotha. The event of the Crucifixion was a very rare and powerful event of Initiation. The Man, Jesus, was taking the Fourth Initiation at the same time that Maitreya was taking the Sixth Initiation. At the moment that Maitreya withdrew His Consciousness from The Nazarene and likewise when The Christ Logos of The Godhead was withdrawn, the loss was so overwhelming that Jehoshuah cried out, "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken me?", or words to that effect. The departure of The Christ after 3 years of being completely overshadowed was felt as a tremendous loss.

He went into a very deep, trancelike state of suspension which, as a Yogi, He could do, and the Roman soldiers thought He had prematurely died, thrusting the lance into His side as a test. He did not die on the cross, and it was never intended that He should when the life was planned. He perfectly demonstrated the principle of the Fourth Initiation (called the Renunciation), that of the total crucifixion of the lower self (the ego/personality), and allowed The Christ Logos to expiate a great deal of the human racial karma by agreeing to the Crucifixion. His heartbeat and respiration would have been undetectable to the Romans.

Joseph of Arimathea (also an Initiate) provided the private sepulchre where He could be taken and administered to by the Essene Initiates who were fully aware of Jesus' condition. He had been wrapped in the Shroud which centuries later found its way to Turin, Italy, because they wanted the Romans to believe He was dead. His wounds had been cleansed prior to wrapping Him in the Shroud, which has been scientifically examined and which shows areas of bleeding from wounds on the body. Bodies do not bleed after dying! The blood coagulates, so the Shroud, which was the one used for Jesus, demonstrates that the body that it surrounded was still alive.

Master herbalists among the Essenes helped to revive Him, and The Master resurrected after 3 days, but it wasn't a resurrection from death. He had much more to do in that life although not in that part of the world, and the symbolic message He wanted to convey to the world was the glorious message of resurrection into eternal life once The Christ Love was firmly anchored in one's heart, but the cross and the death by crucifixion became the representative symbol of that religion that named itself after The Christos. That thought-form of suffering and death has been an impediment to the spiritual progress of those millions who were emotionally impacted by the teachings of that death instead of the resurrection as was intended.

After wrapping up His affairs (secretly) in Judea and giving instruction to His followers, He departed the area and went on to other parts of the world to continue teaching under different names and guises (Issa in Tibet) but always with a focus on love and caring and non-judgemental respect for others. I don't know exactly how He ended that lifetime, but as a High Adept He could choose his own method of leaving this Reality Scheme, and He did it only after a long life of influence on many cultures.

Sananda, The Source for Jesus, had one more lifetime, that as Apollonius of Tyana, in which He took the Fifth Initiation and Ascended. The following lives of The One we call Jesus were given by Edgar Cayce in various trance readings. They should more accurately be considered as incarnations of Sananda, because The Nazarene was just one of them and consequently a fragment of The Sananda Consciousness. These aren't all of them but just the ones given by Cayce's Source.

1. Adam, first of Adam Kadmon Man

2. Enoch

3. Melchizedek, priest of Salem (Uru-Salem or Jerusalem)

4. Joseph, son of Jacob, sold into slavery by his brothers, becoming Regent for the Pharoah of Egypt

5. Joshua, son of Nun, the military commander at the time of Moses and the search for the Promised Land

6. Asaph, the chief court musician for King David's Court

7. Jeshua, son of Jozadak, high priest upon return of the Jews from exile in Babylon, leader of the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem

8. Zend, father of Zarathustra (Zoroaster)

9. Jehoshuah (Jeshua), The Wayshower for the Piscean Age and Vehicle for The Christ Consciousness

10. Apollonius of Tyana (Greece)

There is a lesson to be learned from this. As Joshua, He wreaked havoc and destruction throughout the so-called Promised Land. As commander of the military forces He was responsible for the cold-hearted slaughtering of thousands and thousands of men, women, and children. When any city was captured in their drive to take the "Promised Land" by force, the order was to kill every single human in that city. If Jesus could have taken on that immense of a karmic debt and risen as He did through unknowable effort through lifetime after lifetime of repaying that debt, and if He could have been selected to be The Vehicle for The Christ as The Nazarene 2,000 years ago, then there is hope for us all. I can't even imagine the suffering that He endured as He worked off the blood on His hands from the time of Joshua.

And now our Dear One is The Lord (or Chohan) of the Sixth Ray for Planet Earth, that Divine Energy called Devotion or Abstract Idealism. He is one of The Lords of the Seven Rays and a Sixth Level Initiate in The Spiritual Hierarchy with responsibility for unifying all the religions of the Earth (eventually) under a common umbrella of understanding and united principles. He is very exacting in His use of the Sixth Ray Energies and is dearly loved by all who are Members of The Great White Brotherhood.

He has a very strong will and purposefulness in directing The Creator's Flow of the Sixth Ray Energy and in synthesizing the religions of the world and bringing that effort into the Astral Plane Level first before it will be manifested in our Reality. Djwhal Khul (The Ascended Master called The Tibetan) calls Him an outstanding example of how to be as aligned with The Creator as possible by serving with exactitude and still be a Representative of Love. He also supervises some Hierarchical work involved with the Deva Evolution and the part They are playing in the Earth's Transition from Third to Fourth Density.

Jesus told me in 1994 that many of the stories told about Him in the gospels were only partial truths that had been embellished in order to create a new belief system called a religion around His memory. He said that He did not do many of the "silly" things written of Him, but rather He was more grand than was recorded, and He said it non-egoically. He said He was the essence of love then and that He still is the essence of love, and I believe Him.

There is another matter which needs clearing up, and that is what has been called the Second Coming. In the first place, Jesus (or Sananda) never has left and has been working diligently in The Spiritual Hierarchy for the betterment of human civilization. What will be returning in a physical sense is The Christ, That One Who holds The Office of The Christ Consciousness for Planet Earth -- also called The World Teacher. Maitreya has taken a Higher Initiation (the Seventh) and Kuthumi has moved into The Position. The Christed One will not walk the Earth until the New Age in Fourth Density has begun, and He will be accompanied by a great many Members of The White Brotherhood in what is called by Djwhal Khul as The Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Concomitantly, the Christ Love will appear in the hearts of Humanity, and this has been called the Christing of the Race. The two events, mirroring each other, will be the Second Coming (Christ within and Christ without), but it is Lord Kuthumi Who is coming and not Lord Jesus-Sananda.

Why is Jehoshuah called The Nazarene? In addition to being an Essene from childhood, He belonged to the spiritual sect called the Nazarenes, and Hilarion sometimes calls Him The Nazar-Essene. Some early writers confused the matter and said that He and His family lived in Nazareth, but no such town existed at that time 2,000 years ago. The presently existing town of Nazareth was founded centuries after He had departed the scene. I think of Him affectionately as The Naz, and I love Him more than I can put into words. By His sacrificial act, He did, indeed, redeem Western Civilization which may have spiraled down into darkness and barbarity had He not embodied the Divine Love of The Creator and definitively set the greatest of examples for all to follow thereafter.

The Last Supper

The Passover Meal that has been called the Last Supper was, indeed, the last collective meal that would be shared between The Master and His disciples, the last of many that they'd had. Those chosen to participate were select because of a final message of great importance that He wished to impart to them. They were all Initiates upon the Path and could be entrusted with the message. There were, of course, the twelve Apostles but also Mary His Mother, the sisters of Bethany (Martha & Miriam), and some of the Essene Teachers. There were many lessons of which Jehoshuah reminded those present during those last hours, and they were teachings of the Mysteries and Ageless Wisdoms taught in the Centers of Initiation for ages.

Jesus did not create something new in the symbolic breaking of the bread and the drinking of the wine, which came to be called the Sacrament of the Eucharist. This was something that had existed in different forms down through the ages in the Mystery Schools of the Universal Wisdoms, and He was reminding those present about it not teaching something new to them.

He then went on to remind them of the festivals of the passage of the seasons, and He spoke of the preparing of the soil and the planting, the bursting forth of the plants, of their coming to maturity, of the harvest which is the giving of the life of the plant, and of its return of the seed back into the earth in order to perpetuate life. Hilarion called this symbolic teaching the age-old mystery of the Precession of The Equinoxes (25,868-year cycle through the 12 Signs of the Zodiac) and which He designated as "the giver of life on this planet".

Jesus spoke of the sacrifice made by Mother Earth in order for the Spring to come, and then He went around the room kneeling before each one there and washing their feet while speaking of the need for service to others. He admonished all present that any who seek to be teachers and leaders must also be of service in humility to others, and The Master (overshadowed by The Christ) demonstrated that necessary humility by washing the feet of all the disciples who were there. Peter, incidentally, refused to allow his Master to wash his feet. Jesus told them, "He that would be greatest among you should be the servant of all".

When He had finished speaking of those things, He reminded His listeners that the bread which comes from the staff of life (wheat) is the result of what has been sacrificed. He took the bread, broke it, and said these words, "I too am now come to that point in My Life when I am sacrificed. Therefore, eat this bread now with Me, and whenever you do so again remember this time". Then he took the wine made from the grape, which He equated with the blood in the human body and He said, "That which is sacrificed, that which gives of itself in sacrifice, gives its blood, falling upon the earth in order to insure that all of life will continue. This I too shall do. And whenever you drink the wine again, remember that."

Jesus was referring to a worldwide folk myth which had originated as an essential teaching in all of the many Centers of Initiation called Mystery Schools around the Mediterranean Basin and the British Isles. This was the mystery of the Kingly Sacrifice in which the blood of the supreme head is shed in order to purchase extension of life for the Earth and all who dwell upon Her. Throughout the Piscean Age, the symbol of the Church that founded itself upon that Fourth Initiation Theme has been that of The Christ, The King, hanging upon the cross and giving of His body and blood in sacrifice.

Hilarion said that the mystery of the Crucifixion was that The Christ (through Jesus) was going through the ritual re-enactment of the Sacrifice of The King in which the innermost essence of His Being descended into the Earth, wherein the Earth took Him into Herself as in a divine marriage, a marriage which represented the joining of the Realm of Spirit with the manifest Plane of Form. This ritual was meant to point to the fact of reincarnation, Spirit entering into the cycle of incarnations upon this Earth.

This is not recorded anywhere, but Jesus invited all those present in the upper room to join with Him in the dance which celebrates the passage of The King into the Earth and the eventual Ascension into the Realms of Spirit. In the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe built by the Knights Templar (such as Chartres), a labyrinthine form was put into the paving stones of the floor so that people could dance their celebration of the blood of The Christ entering into the Earth as a remembrance of the dance which Christ Himself performed at the Last Supper. This used to be a part of the Eucharistic Celebration.

The Crucufixion Drama that followed was the ultimate demonstration of total sacrifice (total renunciation of all human desires), and The Christ Logos (through Jesus and through Maitreya) vicariously took upon Itself a tremendous amount of karma and suffering for all of Humanity in the shedding of that Sacred Blood upon the Earth. The Sacrifice of The King was made for our at-one-ment (atonement) to assure our ability to move beyond the animal nature (locked in karmic retributions) and into the Realm of Spirit (Ascended from the Wheel of Rebirth), thus becoming at one with our Soul. Endless rounds of karmic debts were saved in order to set those of Humanity, willing to accept, upon a path more easily sustained without that indebtedness, and that is the Path of Initiation which leads eventually to the Ascension. The blood of The Lord purchased a new foothold for Humanity toward the lofty summit of our dreams.


The following section consists of the information about The Master Jesus as provided by The High Source that communicated through the acclaimed Edgar Cayce, whom I consider to be one of the clearest and most giving and most reliable trance channels of the 20th Century. In fact, I believe that Edgar Cayce was carrying on the work of The White Brotherhood for Planet Earth in raising the consciousness of Western Civilization and ameliorating the suffering of so many who were led to reach out to him and the services he offered without asking anything in return. Because of his intense love for The Master, further clarification of His Life was sought to fill in the gaps of a very scanty record left by the so-called Gospels of the New Testament of the Bible (for more information, go to Association for Research and Enlightenment).

This is not about the entire life of Jesus but rather are previously unknown supplements to the current limited record for those who call themselves after the Greek name (Christos) for The Anointed One, those who consider themselves Christians. A good place to start would be the true origin of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament, given in the order in which they were written.

1. Mark: This first account was written by the nephew of Mother Mary, John Mark, in the year of 59 A.D. when he was 43 years old. It was written in collaboration with Peter and Barnabas but was principally dictated by Peter before he was taken to Rome. John Mark was often referred to as Marcus, the name of his father, and thus the name associated with this gospel, Marcus.

2. Matthew: This was written by one of the same name about 15 years after the gospel of Mark was written. It was written from the various churches or christian communities in Pamphylia and was intended for the scattered groups who followed the teachings of The Master in upper Palestine and Laodicea.

3. Luke: This was written by Lucias, who was a companion to Luke during the time of the traveling and teaching activities of Saint Paul, and was written for the small Christian communities in the provinces under Roman rule.

4. John: This gospel was written by several, one of whom was the scribe of John the Beloved. The different portions were combined some 50 years after the Crucifixion.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also "immaculately" conceived and was trained and educated in the Essene School of the Prophets at Mount Carmel. The Essenes were descended from the teachings of Melchizedek (one of the embodiments of Jesus) that were passed on and propogated by Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, and Saul.

As a young girl, Mary had been brought to Mount Carmel to be trained, along with 11 other girls, to be the possible vehicle for the entry of The Promised One Whom the Essenes were shortly expecting to be born among Humankind. When the time had come for the choosing of the vehicle, all 12 girls were brought to the Mount Carmel Temple for a ceremony and ascended the steps of the Temple one after the other. When Mary reached the top step, there was thunder and lightning, and The Archangel Gabriel appeared, taking her by the hand and leading her to the altar for the consecration. Announcement was made to all those present, and this was the manner of the choosing. She was 16 years old at the time.

The marriage of Joseph to Mary (Yussef to Miriam) was performed at the same Temple. Joseph (incarnation of Saint Germain) was also an Essene and was 36 at the time of the marriage while Mary was 16. Both were of the lineage of the House of David.

In one reading, it was given through Cayce that The Master was born on what is now considered to be March 19th in the year 4 A.D. according to the Julian Calendar and the year 1899 of the Mosaic Calendar. He wasn't visited by only the 3 Zoroastrian Magi (Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar) that are known to history but by other Wise Men as well who came from Egypt and India and Chaldea and China. They all foresaw the coming of The Wayshower for the Piscean Age.

When the Holy Family fled into Egypt to avoid the slaughtering of the innocents, aged 6 months to 2 years by decree of Herod, They were fulfilling the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah, "And my Son shall be called from Egypt". They were preceded and followed by groups of Essenes for their protection and traveled only at night, coming eventually to the vicinity of Alexandria where they remained for a period of 4 and one half years. Josie was the handmaid who was chosen by the Essene Brotherhood to accompany them and assist Mary.

While They were in Egypt, Herod (the "Great") died, and he died of a cancer according to the readings. When They returned to Judea, it was to Capernaum that They went, but for most of the education of the young Jesus, that was supervised by the Essenes at Mount Carmel, especially by his principle teacher, Judy, who was involved with his education until He was 15, at which time He was sent to further his developement and study and training in the East (to Persia and India and Tibet, etc.). He was known as Jeshua, the name being a contraction of Jehoshuah, although some other names were given, such as Issa in Tibet and Esu. While He was away during these years, John the Baptist (his cousin) had gone to Egypt for training as an Initiate in the Great Pyramid, which was also considered a Great Temple of Initiation.

The names of some of his teachers were given, though there were others besides these: 1) Persia -- Junner, 2) India -- Kahjian, 3) Egypt -- Zar. After all his years of travel, study, and teaching in various lands, He returned to Egypt to join his cousin John (who had been incarnate as Elijah) at the Mystery School of the Initiates at the Great Pyramid to eventually take his final Initiation before his return to Judea and the start of His Ministry. That, in part, was taken in the open sarcophogus of the so-called King's Chamber for 3 days and 3 nights, the Initiation being passed successfully.

When Jesus approached the Baptist at the River Jordan after both of them had returned to Judea, John pointed Him out as The One that should be greater and increase even as he decreased. The Baptism was a cosmic event, during which The Maitreya Consciousness entered Jesus and completely overshadowed every aspect of His Being from thenceforth. He fully manifested The Christ (and World Teacher) from that point on. When He went into the wilderness for 40 days following the Baptism, Andrew, the brother of Peter, went with Him.

It is erroneously believed that most of the disciples were poor. While Peter and Andrew were fishermen who worked for Zebedee, all of the others were rather well-to-do, especially Zebedee and his sons, James and John (the Beloved), who were considered wealthy. They also had a sister by the name of Naomi and an older brother, Roael.

Roael was the groom at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the bride was the daughter of a cousin of Mother Mary. Shortly after Jesus returned from the wilderness, He attended the wedding and it was, indeed, the first instance of the miracles He would perform in His Ministry when he turned the water into wine upon the request of his mother. Cayce channeled that the water turned into wine only when it was poured forth from the containers and otherwise remained as water if it wasn't used or needed during the wedding feast.

It could be mentioned at this point that Jesus had 3 siblings, James who was 10 years younger, Ruth the sister, and Jude the youngest brother.

It was clarified that Mary, the one called the Magdalene, was the sister of Martha and Lazarus and consequently was one of the sisters of Bethany where they lived. When she had been found to be an adultress in the city of Magdala, she was brought before the Sanhedrin and the High Priest in the Temple, was judged according to the laws of Moses, found guilty, and condemned to be stoned. Jesus was in the Temple at that time, and He was asked to make a statement about the condemnation of this adultress (as a test by the Sanhedrin).

First of all He informed her, "Neither do I condemn thee; neither do I condemn thee". As has been written, He said to the members of the Sanhedrin, "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone. Let him that has been faultless make the first move to fulfill the letter of the law". He then proceeded to write in the sand the "sins" of each of the members as they looked over his shoulder.

She was transformed by the experience and the Energy Field of Jesus and returned to her home in Bethany. As for her physical description, Cayce channeled that Leonardo Da Vinci had painted her the most accurately in "The Magdalene". She had Grecian and Jewish ancestry, was 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing around 121 pounds. Her hair was nearly red, and her eyes were blue.

Lazarus, the brother of the Magdalene, wasn't the only one raised from the "dead". On another occasion, Talitha, the daughter of Jairus, was likewise raised with the words, "Talitha, Talitha, arise".

The robe that was worn by The Master had been especially made for Him by the wife of Nicodemus, Martha. It was not white but rather a pearl-gray in color and was woven entirely in one piece with a hole in the top to pull over the head, being bound at the waist by cords. Selvage was woven around the neck, the sleeves, and the bottom where was also woven the Thummin and Urim of the priesthood. This is what He most commonly wore, the gift presented by Nicodemus.

For those who have always wondered where the Last Supper was taken, it was in the house of Zebedee, the father of John the Beloved (incarnation of Kuthumi). It was correctly recorded that it was held in the upper chamber of that house. The following was channeled by Cayce regarding the Last Supper and was given spontaneously and surprisingly at the end of a reading for another matter. It provides additional detail not found anyplace else. Date: June 14, 1932.

"The Lord's Supper, here with The Master, see what they had for supper: boiled fish, rice with leeks, wine, and loaf. One of the pitchers in which it was served was broken. The handle was broken, as was the lip to same."

"The whole robe of The Master was not white but pearl-gray, all combined into one, the gift of Nicodemus to The Lord."

"The better looking of the 12, of course, was Judas, while the younger was John -- oval face, dark hair, smooth face -- only one with the short hair. Peter, the rough and ready, always that of very short beard, rough and not altogether clean; while Andrew's is just the opposite, very sparse but inclined to be long more on the side and under the chin, long on the upper lip. His robe was always near gray or black, while his clouts or breeches were striped, while those of Philip and Bartholemew (incarnation of Mohammed) were red and brown."

"The Master's hair is almost red, inclined to be curly in portions yet not feminine or weak -- strong, with heavy piercing eyes that are blue or steel-gray. His weight would be at least a 170 pounds. Long, tapering fingers, nails well kept. Long nail, though, on the left little finger. Merry, even in the hour of trial. Joking, even in the moment of betrayal."

"The sack is empty. Judas departs."

"The last is given of the wine and loaf, with which He gives the emblems that should be so dear to every follower of Him. Lays aside his robe, which is all of one piece. Girds the towel about his waist, which is dressed with linen that is blue and white. Rolls back the folds, kneels first before John, James, then to Peter -- who refuses."

"Then the dissertation as to, 'He that would be the greatest would be servant of all'."

"The basin is taken as without handle and is made of wood. The water is from the gherkins that are in the wide-mouth shibboleths that stand in the house of John's father, Zebedee."

"And now comes, 'It is finished'. They sing the 91st Psalm, 'He that dwelleth in the Secret Place of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty. I will say of The Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God. In Him I trust'."

"He is the musician as well, for He uses the harp."

"They leave for the garden."

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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