In September of 1992, I was inspired to attend the so-called Ascension Celebration on the banks of Lake Siskiyou near the town of Mount Shasta, California, and I drove from Chico, California with the sole intention of participating in the workshop of Norma Milanovich, whom I had come to conclude was one of the principle channels for The Ascended Master Kuthumi, The One Who has assumed The Office of The Christ Consciousness and World Teacher for Planet Earth (for more information, go to "The World Teacher For Planet Earth" and "Who Is Kuthumi?"). I had read 2 of her books, "We The Arcturians" and "Journey To Atlantis", and was fairly impressed that she was working with and for The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Her workshop was called, "Working With The Ascended Masters". (If unfamiliar, go to "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?".)

I arrived early along with a few other people, and when there were 8 plus Norma she formed all of us in a tight circle in order to utilize the power of the number 9, the number of completion. We were to be the "inner circle" for the others who were to arrive later, perhaps 50 or 60 in total. I had seated myself facing east, and when she came she did likewise, setting her chair to my immediate right, next to me. I then remembered that all of my birth date numbers were numerologically the number 9, that of completion (day, month, and year). In the presentation that day, we would form the "inner circle", which may have had some symbolic relevance, but I do not know.

Initially, after the workshop had begun, she stated that all of the "starseed" who had come to her workshop had been guided to do so, and she let it be known that her information was coming from The Level of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth. She said that all those attending had taken on similar missions on 3 other planets undergoing an Evolutionary Leap, as was Earth, and that they hadn't "lost" one yet. She also said that those in attendance had 2 things mutually in common. They had been together in lifetimes on Atlantis and in lifetimes in the Temple of Isis in Egypt where they underwent Initiate training for hundreds of years.

Contracts had been made on Atlantis and in the Temple of Isis to be here on Earth at this time to perform a certain mission. We were all trained in the Temple of Isis, and a pact was made at that time. Part of the training had been the opening and developement of the Third Eye, and all those involved had projected themselves into the future time-period of this planet that we are experiencing now in order to know what would be transpiring during this time of Dimensional Transmutation of the planet. Each knew that the mission and the contract was to ground LOVE around the planet. Having seen the most probable future reality by use of the Third Eye, we had become better prepared in our developement for the mission during this crucial time/space nexus.

She said that all the "starseed" are protected in this mission, but she advised not to take it for granted. Use the protection with confidence however, and, as a master, proceed through the fear in situations. In Native American parlance, "Touch the wolf on the nose".

The following are scattered notes from Norma's talk at the workshop:

She said that it was important to give gratitude regardless of the circumstances, and it was very important to be completely flexible to allow guidance from Those with a Higher Perspective. This may avert collisions with the Negative Forces and other challenges.

She advised more total involvement with Humanity and being in the Now, especially utilizing all of the senses. Kuthumi emphasized that all experience is totally simultaneous. All is happening in the infinitive moment of Now, and the past and the future don't really exist outside of the illusion of time. He says that there are only 2 things which have the capability of holding us from the Path of Mastery: the past and the future.

She felt that all of The Masters in The Planetary Hierarchy were actually androgynous in Their Beingness and selected a particular form to manifest before Humanity. Soltec is from Alpha Centauri and is a Master Astrophysicist. Monka is Head of The Tribunal Council of Saturn, The Governing Body for this solar system. Saint Jude is The Master of despair and hopelessness. When seeking his help, pray one time each day for 9 days and ask for the greatest good of the all in the response.

Kuthumi said that now, in this evolutionary time-period, praying and beseaching are perceived by The Masters to be like begging. On the road to mastery, those on that road must demand what it is that they want and expect it now, if it is for the greatest good of the all. She advised to demand and expect it to happen now, while remaining ego-detached. It may be demanded if it is for the greater good of all.

Kuthumi has said that during this time on Earth, if the heart is in the right place and the integrity is intact, then even if a "mistake" has been made, there is no karma incurred.

She stressed that the ego is dead. The time has come for the ego to be dead. And she advised: demand to be kept in the Light and expect nothing less.

Release from attachments is on the Path of Mastery. One may have the material things, but detachment from them is the best approach. When The Masters come into physicality to prepare the way for The World Teacher (Lord Kuthumi), They will teach self-empowerment, abundancy in all things, and how to be co-creators (amongst other things). And we will be allowed to teach when the mastery of the subject has been achieved.

Kuthumi has said that forgiveness is really nothing more than letting go! After letting go then choose what you want to fill yourself with. When you cannot forgive someone, they have power over you. Let it go! Let them go! Finish the business with them. Get it over with. Clean it up today in order to avoid having to come back and finish it some other time.

After approximately 90 minutes of the workshop, Norma then told us that she had received a prior communication from Lord Kuthumi to conduct a special ceremony for those who would come to her workshop as they had all been guided to do so. During this ceremony, she had been asked by Kuthumi to divide her consciousness between the Third and the Fourth Densities. At our level, she would be able to communicate with us, and at the Fourth she would have heightened perception of what was taking place there. She had no idea what was going to happen but had agreed to Kuthumi's request.

What follows is a verbatim transcription of the audio portion of a video taping of the special ceremony. I had requested an audio cassette from the crew who had left their video camera recorder on despite Norma's request that all taping be terminated prior to the beginning of the ceremony. When The Masters came and the ceremony did begin, I experienced the sensation that is commonly referred to as "the chills", which traveled rapidly up my back to my neck and shoulder areas. It was a spine-tingling experience. When They (The Masters) did come, Norma, who was facing the east, jumped up excitedly from her chair and remained standing the rest of the time. This isn't conveyed in the transcription alone of the words on the audio cassette.


" ......................... Well, I feel that I have probably taken more time than enough, and I am hearing real clearly that They have a special ceremony that They want to bestow upon all of you in a few minutes. And what I would like to do is that I would not like this taped, if that's alright. Okay? We'll close the workshop now, officially."

"What I would like to do right now is ................. The Masters have taught me, in this past year, something that I can't really explain. I can teach anyone the things I can do up until I came to this point. I can't teach this; I can't explain it. But what They do, and maybe some of you can do the same thing, and you'd know what I'm talking about, is that They split me apart on a molecular level. And They will superimpose a Dimension on you, and The Masters will come in. And I can see Them and hear Them as clearly as I can see you."

"Now, I'm not going to channel and I'm not going to be in a trance, but I can look at you and I can look here and see Them, and in this part of my brain it's like it's been rewired. I will receive the telepathic transmissions. And I've known in the last couple of days, and I told you that it makes me feel very nervous, because I've never done this in a group. But I'm going to sit and I am going to explain to you the Dimension and what The Masters are going to do in a closing ceremony for the people that are gathered here. And so, I'll just sit down and I'm just gonna let it happen. Okay? And if you'll stay very still and very quiet wherever you're positioned, that will help maintain the energy."


"Coming to this area, the wooded area, there are 12 Masters that have gathered in a circle all around this particular group. This entire area is flooded with a Violet Frequency of such intensity, and It is swirling and It is moving right up, right through the opening of the trees."

"The Master That is coming from the back is Master Kuthumi, and He is walking forward. And He is wearing a white robe, and there is gold around his neck, and there is gold around his waist, and there is gold around the sleeves. Eleven other Masters, that are gathered around us right now, are all there, and Their hands are folded. And every One of Them, with the exception of Master Kuthumi right now, is going like this to this group (demonstrates the pronam, bowing with hands folded)."

"Master Kuthumi is coming forward right now, and He is saying to this group that They are very appreciative that you have gathered here today and that in this particular ceremony They would like to honor each and every one of you by giving you a gift, a gift of the Divine, a gift of the Heavens, and that which you have been longing to receive for many eons of time."

"He is here today, He says, to be speaking for the entire Tribunal Council of The Galactic Command and The Celestial Realms. But, He says, from your understanding of what this is about, it goes even further beyond that, because it's like the entire Universe and 12 Universes have come here today to be able to bring this Energy to this group."

"Master Kuthumi is saying that with your permission, in this group, if you feel so comfortable, that The 12 Masters, including Himself, will be moving around in the silence, and They're going to place a flame above each one of your heads. He says that on many levels this carries the symbolism of the Highest, but, He says, more importantly for what the ceremony is entitled for you today, that this particular gesture means that the Seventh/Crown Chakra is being connected through the Violet Frequency all the way up through this particular vortex into the Heavens. And He says that It will reconnect with that Golden Light that we each brought through and all of the Golden Rays that came down and touched each of our hearts."

"In the silence of your minds, if you give Them permission, then The 12 Masters will be going around and touching the Crown Chakras of each one of the people in attendance. He says that the people who have gathered here have gathered here for many reasons, but the primary reason, He says, is that in the future, He said that within the next 5 years, every single person in this group is going to be taking on the role of being the healers of the Earth."

"That is something that is a seed They are planting in your hearts today. It is a seed that They wish for you to know, to carry with you, because as the seed begins to grow, the faith of that mustard seed begins to get strong and begins to build in your consciousness. Each and every one of you, over time, will understand as your mission is revealed, and that which is coming forward, He says, will begin to blossom and many beautiful things will begin to fall around you."

"He says that at each one of your feet, now, They are going to lay a ring of flowers. He said that the ring of flowers is equivalent to the Deva Kingdom where they are considered to be Fairy Rings. He said that one of the things that this group is the weakest in is the fact that you do not honor the Elemental Kingdom to the same degree that you honor The Ascended Realms. There are many, many different Dimensions in time/space. There are many Dimensions that are working interconnectedly to be able to bring you the gifts, the beauty, the freedom which you are here for to be able to teach to others."

"He is asking that each of you, in your hearts, open up to that, He says, considered to be other Kingdoms of Reality and to be able to move with Them. He says, especially when you are walking around this beautiful vortex in the forest and in this Energy, begin with your Third Eye to begin to see the elementals and all of the beautiful creatures that are surrounding you here and celebrating with you today. So, as you leave here, each one of you, He says, will be bringing with you a Fairy Ring, a beautiful circle of flowers."

"They are now connecting each one of your hearts with the Golden Ray (the Twelfth Ray), and He says to remember this moment, but more importantly to remember the elementals and, He says, the connection with the butterfly. The butterfly is a powerful animal that very few understand, He says. The butterfly is on every continent of the planet. The butterfly can move and can carry the gossimer, golden strands and the threads to all over the world. He said, let the butterfly come and light upon your shoulders. Let the butterfly come up, and take the golden strand-like gossimer threads, and begin to build a beautiful golden web all over the planet. He said, feel it in your heart, and feel the strength of a creature so small and yet so tender and strong."

"As each one of you moves forward, He says, each one of you will have a protective shield. And He has worn the white garb today, with the gold around the wrists, the gold around the waist, the gold around the neck. And He said that each one of you, then, will be adorned in a white garment, and the gold will be your strength. The gold will be your tie-back to The Great Central Sun (The Galactic Being). As you walk through, He said, know that you will always wear this white frequency. And in the white frequency you will move forward and know that only The Divine will come through you, and feel It wherever you go. So, He has worn this to honor you. He has worn this to give you, in your visual mind, this pretext, this picture of exactly what it is that you are becoming and where you are going."

"The other 11 Masters, now, have stepped back. They are here, and there are 6 feminine and there are 6 masculine Masters that have come around to join you in this circle. They wish also for you to know that in the mastery of 12, with 6 being in feminine and 6 being in masculine, that your primary mission is to balance the male and female energy within. As you bring this energy within, know that, in your balancing, you will walk forward, and He said to call upon Them and to know that within 5 years each one of you will have a total of 12 Masters that will guide every step of your way."

"At this point, He says, the hearts are connected. The Golden Streams are coming up. He says, 'In the beginning, so shall it be in the end'. As They brought the Golden Light through, and the Golden Streams touched each one of the hearts, now He is sending the Energy back up. He said that with the collective consciousness of the group, visualize love, visualize peace, and visualize the perfect God's Divine Plan coming on the planet. 'As It is moving up', He said, 'know that It will go through The Great Central Sun, and so shall all of you as you make your Ascensions and as you pass through the portal of time/space'."

"He is thanking you today for this opportunity to be able to meet with all of you, as are the other 11 Masters. They are in much gratitude for the celebration and for the lightness of the hearts that They see. They are reiterating to you that each one of you are connected, that you have been connected from the beginning of time, and to use Them in your acquaintances and in your force that will move forward through you."

"At this point, the other 11 Masters, now, are moving back. They are going way off. It's like They're dissipating off into the area. Master Kuthumi now, there is a Golden Light coming that is a Ray of Light, and He is walking down a path, but it is like He is ascending. He's moving back in that direction."

"They have left you with this Violet Frequency and this Vortex that will be here for quite a while. But in that cleansing and that purification, He is saying, 'Remember that each of you is perfect. Each of you is Divine. And each of you is perfect'. And at this point They are closing the ceremony for you today. And He is gone. ....................... pause ......................... Now, I see you." (laughter)

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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