March 2005:       Greg has a "sense" that I'm a lot more intuitive and psychically receptive than I have believed of myself. The right hemispheric receptions from Higher Levels and the instantaneous movement of that information over to the analytical left hemisphere to be perceived as the logical workings of mind was seen as the explanation that I've thought myself to have little intuitive ability. The transfer of the input as it flows from the right to the left cerebral hemisphere is so fast and immediate that it only appears to be a function of the intellect, however much of it is what we call intuition and thought impression.

December 07, 2005:       Greg wrote me an e-mail about some very surprising information that he was given when he came across an old picture of my sister, Virginia, who had passed out of her body in 1967 at the age of 24. She had had Cerebral Palsy, was close to Jesus, and was a saintly one. "I have to tell you about this RIGHT NOW. Last night I was going through an old picture album that was found in a box in the garage. I turned the page and there in all her glory was a picture of your sister. I had MAJOR CHILLS and this echoed in my head over and over and over: 'Here is Jim's Silver Platter', 'Here is Jim's Silver Platter', 'Here is Jim's Silver Platter'. I also had incredible senses (higher input) that this 'Lady' is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than you have EVER imagined. I scanned the picture (for digitalization), and when I was getting ready to file and name it, the words 'ASCENDED MASTER' kept shouting at me, and so that is what I named Her picture."

The Silver Platter referred to is a forcefield of protection and abundance that was granted to me by The Lords of Karma for this solar system for the service and many good deeds that I have done for others during my incarnations on Earth. I was also told that it was given for my purity of heart and compassion and that it was a tool for learning that whatsoever you sow, you will reap. I was given the symbol of the Silver Platter by an East Indian man who spontaneously received messages consciously from his Higher Self or Atman. Please see "The Silver Platter" in "Writings of Mine". Greg received that The Administrator of my Silver Platter was The Master Who had incarnated as my sister. He wrote, "I was STUNNED when I found Virginia's picture. It has opened up a whole new world! Ascended Master (Fifth Initiation Level or higher in The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth) for a sister??"

December 26, 2005:       E-mail from Greg, "Regarding Virginia, I am amazed about that event. I have had her picture for years and nothing like that has ever happened before, but like you said maybe it was time (to learn of Her Ascended Master Status and of Her being The Source for the Silver Platter). My sense (intuitive) was that She chose to help guide you. You also mentioned Her taking that on as a 'limited role' (limiting for an Ascended Master of Wisdom). My sense was that She does thousands of other things, mostly beyond our comprehension, in addition to helping to guide you and that YES your intended path (in life) is important enough that They (The White Brotherhood) will and do intervene in your 'life adventures'."

"I also had a sense that you are not provided with all your needs, only those that keep you from going over the edge, from destitution, emergencies, or whatever meets Their needs to try to keep you on your path (healer, teacher, etc.). As you have said many times, you are left to develope the rest (the initial stages of the healer path) through your own free will or volition. I had a sense that They don't care how you do it. Just GET IT STARTED and the rest will fall into place."

December 30, 2005:       E-mail from Greg, "Regarding not providing all your needs (by way of the Silver Platter), what I meant was that I had a sense that some of the things you attribute to the Platter are, in fact, manifested through yourself and the capabilities (creative) you have developed over the years, NOT the Platter. I had no sense of which those might be, just that single sense."

"Interestingly, I never got a sense of Virginia's gender (as an Ascended Master) until I read your question (about that). For some reason, I was forced into a huge smile and felt that it was, in fact, Her smiling with my face. That was pretty strange but pleasant. Immediately, I sensed that gender was an earth-bound malady (while in physicality) and had nothing to do with Them (The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy) and that you can think of Her and call Her whatever pleases you. Also, I had no feelings regarding other expressions (incarnations) of Her in other lives. I had a STRONG sense that Her physical afflictions (Cerebral Palsy and its complications) were somehow to benefit you but that something went awry, and whatever the plan was for it was not totally completed."

February 15, 2006:       In conversation with Greg, the following was felt to be true and had no sense of falseness to it: My "Silver Platter" may have been granted by The Lords of Karma for this system, but it is administered and overseen by The Master Who was my sister, Virginia. She is also my Protector, somewhat of a Guardian Spirit for me, except that She's an Ascended Master. Greg had a sense that She has an incredible sense of humor and that She always has an energy of Joy with Her. He said that She really has some POWER!!

February 18, 2006:       Regarding The Ascended Master Who came in as my sister, She is always with me, and Greg sensed that She had incarnated with me as my sister because there was some work that She had intended to do with me as well as with some others. It seemed really strange to him that it didn't happen. When he saw her picture in the photo album, the message came so strongly in his mind, it was like it was being hammered there: "Here is Jim's Silver Platter." (over and over again) And when he went to title her digitalized picture, the force of the message was even stronger: "Ascended Master" (over and over). We both felt that the reason they were given so powerfully and definitively was so that I would be convinced and would rest confidently in the knowledge that I had an Ascended Master directly protecting me.

While talking about all the protection that I've been told repeatedly that I have and the High Level of that protection, I said that I still held about 5% in reserve from completely believing in that protective force-field, that I could commit myself to about 95% faith in the statements and reassurances of all the psychics and channels who have told me of that protection in one way or another. He had an intuitive sense that the caution of my analytical aspect of mind in holding back that 5% was not correct, was not justifiable. In other words, his sense was that I could and should trust completely in the protection I've been told that I have.

February 26, 2006:       Around a campfire, as I spoke of Master Hilarion, The Lord of The Fifth Ray, Greg had some intuitive input and emotional sense that Hilarion and I were connected and, in fact, were very close. He said that Hilarion has a great love for me and sensed that Hilarion and I go back together to other lifetimes and other places and that we have worked together to benefit Humanity many times.

March 10, 2006:       I had found a balloon in the remote wilderness on one of my hikes and thought it might be another balloon message to me from my Handlers. It read, "Happy Valentine's Day", and had little hearts all over it. It had jumped out at me because it was bright red and purple, and it was in perfect condition without any punctures. I asked Greg if Virginia had anything to do with it, and at that moment he got chills and goosebumps to confirm that it definitely came from my Protector, The Big V. All the little hearts were meant to convey the message, "I love you", and the perfect condition of the balloon was symbolic for the perfection of her love for me.

I gave him a copy of "The Gregorian Oracle" which chronicles every one of his mediumistic experiences for me. As he read about Lord Hilarion and me being very close and Hilarion having a great love for me and Hilarion and me working together for the benefit of Humanity, he had a very comfortable "sense" about that. He said that he had an "It's right!" feeling and said it was "right on the money".

In "The Oracle" when he came to the part about my sister, who as an Ascended Master was said to be my Protector and The One Who administers "The Silver Platter" to me and Who has an incredible sense of humor and an energy of Joy always with Her and Who is very powerful, it brought tears to his eyes and a breaking to his voice. He said it was a strongly confirmatory message to him and an emotional experience to reaffirm those things said about The Master that came in as Virginia.

March 16, 2006:       I asked why an Ascended Master like my sister would incarnate and risk incurring negative karma which would require other lifetimes, and he psychically sensed that The Masters had transcended karma and were no longer affected by it and that karma applied to lower levels of existence. He said that the Cerebral Palsy was nothing for The Master V. to handle.

March 25, 2006:       I had asked if this was to be a very long life as I had been told by others more psychically sensitive than myself, and Greg responded with "Yes". The words, "You may not see physical death!", came to him and a mental picture formed in his "mind's eye". It was a time-line and he saw me doing healing and teaching as I was moving forward in time. I passed through all of the Tribulation and on into the Fourth Density Experience and moved a long ways into that Golden Age, time-wise.

The mental picture was something like an elongated rectangle representing the time-line that I moved along. I moved through the segment representing Tribulation and way into the 4th Density segment of the rectangle. There was a verticle bar where I would have died, practically speaking, from old age, but I didn't and kept on going further into the 4th Density New Age.

I mentioned that a week ago when in Parker (Arizona), every single thing that I tried to do was met with obstruction and irritation. Some thing or some person prevented each thing I wanted to do from going smoothly. I suspected that the Dark Ones were behind each obstacle (somehow), and I didn't let them get to me or really bother me. I said to him that I might have just been paranoid in thinking that the Dark Dudes were doing those things to make me angry, but he said that it was them being the provocateurs.

He received input that I need to start examining my thoughts or ideas that I assume are coming from my left-brain analytical processes, because those thoughts may, in fact, have come through the psychically receptive right brain from a Higher Level and not my own mind at all. He said I was receiving more than I was aware of.

Then I mentioned that I had been told that I would become a channel for The Source Level of my being and that eventually I wouldn't need to rely on other mediums, because I could get all my questions answered by myself. He had a good feeling that I was correct about that.

April 02, 2006:       During a recent hike in the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness, I came across the largest helium balloon I'd ever found in my walks. It was 2 and a half feet long, had teddy bears on both sides, and read, "I Love You". I thought it might be yet another balloon message from The Master Who came as my sister. It was obvious to Greg that it was from Her, and I think the size was significant.

April 16, 2006:       I had found another balloon in very good shape on a hike into the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness, and it read, "Welcome Home". I told Greg I thought it was another message from Virginia, The Ascended Master. I interpreted the message as a welcome back to the fold or family of The White Brotherhood, that is, since I was now firmly and determinedly placing my feet upon the path that I had intended, at long last for this life, I viewed the message as a welcoming home to whom I truly am. Greg had chills, goosebumps, and tearful eye-watering all in response to my intuitive explanation of the balloon.

April 29, 2006:       Greg was up all night long having a conversation with The Lofty Ones, and he said that there were at least 4 of Them and that he could hear the words clairaudiently rather than just getting the fully formed thought-package as a whole. Most of the information had to do with him and the attack that he was coming under by the Dark Ones because of all the help that he was giving me to get started on my path. The one message that They did have for me was that two Dark Beings had tried to breech my protection, and they were "removed". He asked, "Do You mean killed?" The answer was, "It's enough to say that they will never bother anyone again."

May 01, 2006:       At 3 a.m. Greg received some messages for me after being awakened. "Tell Jim he has done a magnificent job, and We are so elated. Be sure you (Jim) do not allow yourself to lose the powerful drive you have initiated. Our only concern is your willingness to be patient and tolerant of your surroundings when in the city. We know you can do it, but will you? The frustration you allow to grip you at these times is extremely detrimental to your well-being."

"We have guided one to your (Jim's) website. They have been misguided in many respects but have a pure and honest heart. We were hoping you would at least attempt a clarification of some of their misunderstandings but are concerned that you have simply rebuked them. Know that you will encounter many such as this. We have no need to send enlightened ones to learn from you as We have no need to send a healthy one for healing."

May 24, 2006:       I had asked Greg about my emaciated body with muscular atrophy that has been slowly progressive since 1990. Nothing I did seemed to make a difference in regaining my strength and vitality. I mentioned that I preferred a vegetarian diet to the eating of the flesh of innocent animals. He said, "I had a strong sense that you should not go to a vegetarian diet and that you need to start eating more meat to help develope strength and body mass. I had a 'sense' that you're getting the right amount of exercise (hiking) but that you're expending more calories than you take in."

June 16, 2006:       Greg wrote, "I was thinking about what you told me regarding the woman you were helping and had a voice 'pop into my head', saying that you must ALWAYS avoid confrontation. If a situation is deteriorating to the point that you will become angry, you MUST WALK AWAY."

June 22, 2006:       In an e-mail I had explained a story that was related to me by a woman (Marta H.) who had had her psychic gifts from a very young age. She told me that when she had seen me at an evening presentation at Unity in Flagstaff, she saw "White Light" radiating from my being and recognized me from her childhood. A man had appeared to her and her mom repeatedly as she was growing up. He counselled her about what she would be doing in her life in the future, and he always suddenly appeared when her mother needed help of some kind, like the time that he showed up when the house had caught on fire and her mother was asleep. He always wore the same clothes through the years and always disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. That "man" had the same appearance as I do now, she said. He looked just like me. Greg said that he had MAJOR CHILLS and GOOSEBUMPS when he read of that story, which to him was a confirmatory signaling of its importance and veracity.

July 01, 2006:       While reading a note about a home-cooked meal I had enjoyed, he wrote, "I did get a 'sense' that besides the protein (being required in larger amounts) you just need to put more food into the body (increased caloric intake starting right away). As things get busier, you're gonna need the fuel!"

September 10, 2006:       Greg wrote, "I got tons of stuff over the last few days from The Dudes (The Hierarchy), and it's not all in this note but a lot of it was about the Sanctuary, and I'm having a hard time remembering all of it. Anyway, here's a lot of the information that I got."

"You (Jim) MUST get your anger under control. Failing this could preclude the success of your 'Project'. This is MOST IMPORTANT! It is like a poison or radioactivity around you. As in radioactivity or poison, it MUST BE SHIELDED from escaping. Until you are able to eradicate the anger, you should use one or more emissaries in whom you trust to deal with that which angers you the most. When this anger overcomes you, you should simply walk away from them, but you must allow them to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it before the fact."

"You are overly pessimistic. You tend to see the glass half empty. ALWAYS look for the positive even in unfortunate situations. It will ALWAYS be there as will the bad."

"You have contempt and disdain for much of Mankind. We/you are all of the same Spirit and are trying to return to the same Light, even the most 'hideous' of humans. Allow yourself to take joy in seeing even the lowest move toward the Light at even a small rate. If you won't allow yourself to feel the joy, then feel sorrow or pity, but DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF ANGER! It may take them many lifetimes, but the journey is to reunite all. REMEMBER, .......... what you do to your brethren, so you do to yourself and Us. We are you as you are Us."

"You expect others to meet the same expectations you require of yourself. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN! The more lowly of Humankind will not even begin to meet your expectations. There are those who can but not with the constancy and consistency that you are able to do. This breeds intolerance in you, creates anger, and will drive ALL away."

"You ARE able to control this anger but for particular reasons have chosen not to."

"We could bring countless things to light for you but We must also follow certain rules and laws. Were We to allow you all the information you request/need then what of free will and creativity. You would be as a puppet following a road map rather than the grand being you are."

"These deficiencies (mentioned above) are precipitated predominantly because of your advanced state of existence, but this advanced state also requires that you abandon lowly earthly ties to destructive emotions. You are mostly aware of this current Plane of Existence, and We understand that it has been most unpleasant for you. You need to trust that, in the grand scheme, it is only a minor 'bump in the road'. Do not treat it as more. Were it that We could expose all of it to you, but We have our reasons for not doing so at this time. Please be patient. Please heed our suggestions."

I (Greg) asked, "Why do you send information through me rather than directly to Jim?" The response, "Jim has chosen to close that particular channel for reasons. As in his meditations, he thinks he is unable to 'attain', but that is NOT the case. He thinks the 'body jerking' does not allow him to meditate. Far from the truth. As the mind travels, it doesn't care what the body does." He heard loud laughter. "Jim thinks he should be in the twilight zone or something to accomplish his meditation." To Jim, "Continue your work without concern or frustration."

Questions and Answers:

    a) I had previously been told to eat more "meat" in my diet to increase strength and body mass (muscularity). I asked again about my diet because of doubts about eating the flesh of innocent animals. Greg said, "I got the 'sense' that you don't need to eat a lot (of meat) but that you do need to eat some for strength. I heard a laughing 'guffaw' saying that all animals would gladly sacrifice themselves to contribute to your health and well-being (including your strength) to help with the Project. Then I heard from 'Someone', 'Please (Jim) understand that yours' are special circumstances. You're only eating their flesh, not their soul or spirit'."

    b) I asked if Virginia (The Ascended Master Who is my Guardian) had anything to say to me. Greg replied, "I felt a HUGE smile, a hug for you, and a showing of the V sign with the hand. Then I heard, 'Are you (Jim) loving it?' There was nothing more."

    c) I asked what the White Light radiating from my being was all about. Five different people with aetheric vision have told me about It. Greg received (and channeled), "It's the radiating energy of the Angels and Those Who would join with you at times. It's a mild and temporary type of 'walk-in'. You often act as a doorway to your world. Just as you experience 'out-of-body' (mainly at night), We occasionally manifest 'in your body'. We are surprised that you are not more aware of Us when this happens."

September 19, 2006:       I had written about the never-ending indirect attacks by the Dark Ones to cause me to become so miserable and frustrated that I would walk away from "the Project". They would usually come in the way of noise because of my hyperacute hearing sensitivity after 15 years in the wilderness, such things as alarms going off wherever I parked, diesel trucks and refrigerated trucks pulling up along side me and leaving their motors running, sirens screaming at me, ATV's and pick-up trucks and guns following me everywhere I went in the National Forest to camp, and on and on. I lamented that I had no quiet, safe, and comfortable place to go to for escape from all the noise in the public domain.

Greg wrote, "I just had a 'sense' that that is why The Dudes are pushing the Sanctuary so hard. They know you need some place to get away. I also got a message, 'Jim understands the interplay between what We will or can do and how that affects free will'. Whatever that means, I guess you'll understand it."

September 25, 2006:       I had submitted questions for The Heavy Dudes to answer and this is what was received through the receptive ability of Greg.

    a) I expressed my concern for my emaciated body, the weakness and fatigue, and for being able to do what I came to do considering the enormity of the Project. Greg responded, "We talked about the pushups and crunches you were doing. (He had had a very cold, chilly feeling when he read that I was doing them.) I still have a bad feeling about them! They are eating up the small amount of calories you are inputting. I also got the 'sense' that you need to increase the amount of food intake as well as including lots of protein (including meat). I also got a 'sense' that as you increase the amount of food ingested, your stomach will slowly adjust itself. I also got that when the Sanctuary has come to fruition, your living standard will be SO improved that this will facilitate a better health and well-being condition."

    b) I had asked how The Heavy Dudes thought I was doing with the anger more recently. Greg wrote, "I was made aware that They are very pleased with your progress, as the anger (and the impatience) are the most important low human aspects to rid yourself of. The Dark Forces will be unrelenting in their push to drive you from your Path, and these are some of their most useful weapons. I was told that as you subject yourself to more and more of the annoyances of the cities, you will slowly learn to block them out. Also, as we talked about, when the Sanctuary is underway, you will be at least partially removed from having to spend large amounts of time in the cities, although there will be times when you WILL need to be there."

    c) I asked if I could be provided with privacy and comfort and safety at the next place that I go to. The response is directly from The White Brotherhood, "We are trying to provide these things to you always, but ones do not always act upon our urgings. You MUST remember that in most cases you must ask in order to receive! MOST will not know of your needs and desires, and most will not offer, fearing insulting you. Without going into detail, it is also most important that you make them aware that you are an allopathic physician, and what physician would be without a standard of living?"

"So We say again, do not be afraid to make those around you aware, and don't be afraid to ASK! At this moment in time, you are correct about traveling from place to place, but We are working on reducing those travels so you may spend more time training the trainers! Leveraging is MOST important!"

    d) I asked Lord Hilarion to comment or make suggestions, and He responded simply with, "You are to be proud!"

    e) I asked if any more Dark Ones had tried to breech my forcefield of protection to try to harm me (or worse), and the answer was, "Several have tried and were appropriately dealt with."

October 01, 2006:       Through Greg I was told, "We are amused at but understand your need to entertain your left hemisphere (of the brain by questioning so much). BELIEVE Us that you are doing everything correctly and competently. When you ask a question, We know that you have, what you call, an idea of what the answer is. TRUST that it is We Who plant the idea. What you are doing now (the healing and the teaching) is experiencing what your learned teachers and healers will be experiencing when you have 'ordained' them to help with the Transition (of Earth). Were We to allow you complete recollection, you would find this 'Childs Play'. Be more peaceful with yourself."

October 12, 2006:       I had asked if The White Brotherhood had any concerns for the state of my physical body, referring to the emaciation and the extensive muscular atrophy which has been present for 15 years. Greg wrote, "As I was reading it I got that They are VERY concerned, but at the end I sat here for a minute or 2 and got nothing. Then I got a sweeping, 'Physician Heal Thyself! You have been a healer far too long to ask Us this question. You have, at your command, all that's needed to reverse your state of being'." Later, in a follow-up conversation, he said that the message came to him like a big commanding voice or thought-package that reverberated as though in an auditorium. It reminded him of Moses or God speaking in a movie.

I requested suggestions for the care of my lower back and the amelioration of its pain, and this was channeled, "You MUST be extricated from your current living conditions!" (15 years of homelessness and living in a van) Greg said that the message was emphatic and decisive.

October 27, 2006:       This is given as an example of my website coming under attack by the Dark Ones. Greg had come to learn, from someone who read much of my website, that there was a writing missing from my website called "The Reptilian Conquerors" (in "Writings of Mine"). I had written it as an expose' about the Dark and Evil Reptilian Forces who have controlled this planet for eons of time and who have purposely kept Humanity locked in fear to prevent their evolutionary progress into the Light. Greg went to my website and confirmed that it had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the "Writings of Mine" page and from the listing of those writings altogether. He then went to the hard drive on his computer, where it had been stored, to see if it was still there so he could simply upload it back into my website in its formatted state.

He discovered, to his utter amazement, that "The Reptilian Conquerors" was also inexplicably missing from his computer hard drive. As he made the discovery, the hair on his arms and neck stood on end, a sign he has been given so many times before. He said that a wave of fear swept over him, and he felt ill and somewhat nauseous and really uneasy at that moment. Then he perceived, psychically, a presence behind his back of one or more of the Dark Ones and "sensed" that he was being observed and mocked about the missing files. There was no doubt in his mind that those of the Dark Side had removed, through their technological capabilities, the piece I had written about them, which was indicative to me that they did not want others to read what I had written about them.

January 02, 2007:       I had written Greg that some vaguely perceived thought-form had entered me a few days ago that everything was going to be alright despite the outward appearances right now. When he read that, he said that he got a STRONG "sense" from The Heavy Dudes, and he said that there were more than 5 of Them involved in the message, including The Big V (Virginia, my Master Guardian). They were smiling and chuckling at my determination to NOT acknowledge Them when They comfort me and give me major thanks and hugs for all my efforts! He said that the message included that I interpreted the information correctly, that things will be fine.

January 08, 2007:       More questions had been submitted to be answered by The White Brotherhood whenever They felt that it was appropriate. It took a couple of months before the following was received.

1. Question: "Am I any closer to having a place to go for the Winter or do I need to expect to spend the entire Winter out in the Sonora?"

    Answer: "We understand your concern but will remind you that We must work within certain constraints. Much of what We are trying to enable is dependent on ones who utilize their free will, and it is not always to a direction We appreciate. We are VERY disappointed in many! Please be reminded that you too have this gift of free will. We would rejoice were We able to bestow earthly riches upon you at the blinking of an eye, but such is not the case. Remain immersed in riches of the heart and spirit."

2. Question: "Would Djwhal Khul have any comment to make since I've begun to include his teachings on the website?"

    Answer: "Any means made available to communicate with those of Earth are much appreciated. May The Great Ones bless you even more! Do not shy away from adding more."

3. Question: "Are there any commands, in the Name of The Christ, that will prevent the Dark Ones from interfering with me and my work? What happens if they try to harm or kill me?"

    Answer: "None are necessary. We are on FULL ALERT! Be reminded that they are fully able to manipulate your environment including those around you and, in doing so, cause you much negative emotion. It is important that you be keenly aware of this, and as they see that it is no longer to any avail (to try to upset me) they will eventually abandon their efforts. The opposite is also worthy of reminding. When you allow them successes, they gleefully increase their efforts."

"There are those of the Dark Forces who's only efforts are to remove you from your path. They are powerful and cunning ones, and you should be most proud that you have been able to fend them off as well as you have. Their will to persist is NOT as great as yours."

March 18, 2007:       During the second week in March, Greg said he went to look through his SPAM folder before deleting everything, something he very rarely does. His eye was immediately drawn to an e-mail whose sender was "Thomas Aquinas". When he opened the e-mail it read, "This is important information for a friend of yours: www.lifehealingcommunity.com" He knew the information was meant for me (Jim). When he read the message, he said the chills he received were so strong that they were jerking his body around, and the hairs on his arms stood straight up, and his body was shivering. When he went to the website recommended, he got the same symptoms all over again. The website was for a spiritual community founded by a shaman in Southern Missouri.

I then sent the following e-mail to "Thomas Aquinas":

"Thomas Aquinas, please inform me about your message to Greg Paul for me with regards to Life Healing Community being of importance to me. Can you shed any light on this matter for me? My conjecture is that this notification came from The White Brotherhood for this planet, and I may note a playfulness in the use of the name, The Sanctuarian (in the e-mail address). Am I correct about the origin of the message? Could this be a means for me to be in contact with The Ascended Masters by going through your e-mail address? Could it be means for me to have some questions answered by The Heavy Dudes without disturbing Greg? With Love, jim"

About a week later I received the following e-mail response back from "Thomas Aquinas":

"You as We, our own Healer and Teacher, We are gratified you are so much more trusting in your intuition as it should be. Your conjecture is correct."

"We understand your concern regarding your vehicle (1983 Chevy Van), but should you not venture to this Ozarks area (Winona, Missouri) what then? There is work to be done in your current location (Arizona), but a Sanctuary is not needed there at this time. There is some to learn from the shaman (Maggie) and some for you to share with her, but there are ones being guided there (Life Healing Community) for your connection."

"Several were guided to a Wind Spirit Community (Arizona) for a connection with you, one with a certain acquaintance that had the capacity to help greatly with financial matters, but you were not present. Three have left, including that one capable of helping monetarily. One remains ...... for the time being. They have all fulfilled their contracts and can no longer be called upon. Please know that We are unable to divulge these things in advance as it is a violation of influence, yet We are able to make suggestions. Revelations can be made when the influence ceases to exist. Were We able, We would simply lay gold at your feet."

"Do not rely on this form of communication. It was suggested, partly in jest, by our One, The Lord Hilarion. The initial message sent to your friend (Greg) has left him quite bewildered. This Internet has become a most powerful tool as you've come to know through your website. Use it wisely and it will create much for you. The Discussion Forum (newly created on my website) will open a new chapter of communication and will produce many fine connections."

"Advance in Love and Peace"

When Greg read the message above, he wrote the following, "HOLY COW!!! WHAT A MESSAGE!!! Man, I was doing some major shivering, and the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck were standing straight up. WOW ...... WOW ....... WOW!! I'm stunned. They're right; I am/was bewildered and STILL AM. It sounds like Hilarion is standing right alongside you with Kuthumi. It must be nice! He even has a sense of humor. Well, all I can say is WOW!!!"

It is apparent to me (Jim) that these communications came to me directly from The Brotherhood of The 5th Ray (called The Brotherhood of Truth) under Lord Hilarion, and it was done over the Internet of all things! I believe that The Master Who incarnated as Saint Thomas Aquinas was The One Who sent the messages and that He is a Member of The 5th Ray Brotherhood. Greg received that He is somehow involved in helping me to create the first Sanctuary and hence the name on the e-mail address as The Sanctuarian.

March 29, 2007:       After several correspondences with the founder of LHC (as mentioned above) in which I explained many things about myself and what I came to do and my connections with The White Brotherhood and the pull I have had toward the Ozarks for a long time, she sent me a defensive and fearful note suggesting that I create my Sanctuaries "out West" because the Ozarks were already being taken care of from the standpoint of Spiritual Retreats. My first reaction was to develope negative feelings and thoughts toward this person who had made the claim that she also was working with and being supported by The Masters. It was quite a let-down after the way I had come to be informed about the community. I couldn't understand why someone like her could feel so threatened by what I proposed to create in that part of the country, and I shared her e-mail to me with Greg.

Before he carefully read it, the first "sense" that he got was that she was like a mother being protective of her "nest". When he read it more carefully, there was received a message from Kuthumi to me, and he said that there was no doubt whatsoever in his mind that it was from Kuthumi. There was a comforting feeling associated with it. I will quote Greg, "This came from The Big Dude Himself, Kuthumi! 'You are allowing this information to cause you much more grief than it should. Be aware that in this process of healing, teaching, and creating Sanctuaries you will encounter MANY more such circumstances. Should you elect to allow them to affect you the way you are allowing the shaman, you will NOT have enough remaining energy to accomplish your tasks. Be aware again that you have had much more training than the shaman and most that you will encounter. Do not despise them for their frailties but love them as your children. Would you cast your child into the street? Know that when you allow anger or disdain to enter, it replaces love. Many will be afraid of your great knowledge and will be intimidated by your path, but only bring them to your breast as The Christ did and conversion will be yours'."

Greg had further things to say from what he psychically received while reading the note. "I sensed a lot of fear that your mission (the Sanctuary Project) could very much overshadow hers. I can certainly understand her concern, but like Kuthumi said, it's okay for her to be concerned, but she just doesn't have the understanding and knowledge that you have. Love her anyway. She just doesn't understand your path, and that's alright. I have felt her anxiety throughout her note to you."

April 24, 2007:       Greg received another e-mail from The Sanctuarian, The Master Who had incarnated as Saint Thomas Aquinas, and the message was for me. The subject read, "A warning for your friend", and the content was solely the URL for the Boston Channel. Upon going to the link, I found an article about fraudulent schemes aimed at Bank of America customers for the purpose of obtaining information about their accounts so that those accounts could be accessed and cleaned out. (I have a B of A account.)

I had already received 2 e-mails which purported to be from Bank of America, asking for an updating of information lest I no longer have on-line access to my account. Thomas Aquinas was looking out for me and my bank account, and it is believed that the basis of this warning has to do with money needed for the first Sanctuary, hence The Sanctuarian is demonstrating a protective influence.

June 17, 2007:       A man in Florida, who is supportive of my endeavor to create the first Sanctuary in the Ozarks, had looked into land for sale in that area on the Internet, and he sent me a link to a 160 acre property that looked attractive to him for the purposes I've written about. Looking at the road map of Missouri, I noticed that it was very near to the location of the self-appointed shaman who had become so fearful and paranoid that I would come to her corner of the world and begin my project so close to hers and possibly overshadow her operation.

I wrote the man to the effect that the property was so close to her that I was concerned that I might be subjected to all kinds of antagonism, anxiety, and negative energies being thrown my way by the woman and her pupils. I shared this exchange with Greg, and when he read my note to the Florida man, he received a message from The Lofty Ones. (another tongue-lashing for me)

He wrote, "I got a most harsh thought-package about you needing to get the paranoia our of your existence. They said you need to be looking at ways to bring this project to fruition, not ways to make it fail. You are allowing this negativity, and it is being influenced by the Dark Forces. Then more very harsh words came down saying, 'Even if it is next door to the shaman, then so be it. Keep about your Father's business not YOUR business. We have gone to extensive lengths to manifest opportunities, and you have managed to disregard these. Understand that We must answer for our progress, and WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO FAIL FOR ANY REASON!!!' Well, there it is. It was not a pleasant experience. I even got a little nauseous."

June 22, 2007:       I had regrettably gotten pessimistic about something and had forgotten the message received last Summer from The White Brotherhood that I tend to see the glass half-empty instead of seeing it half-full. They had told me that the pessimism needed to be overcome for the work that lay ahead and that the perception of the glass being half-full was always available to me. I had written to Greg with regard to my doubts about a certain matter, and he said he got a bad feeling when reading what I wrote. Additionally, he said that it made his back ICY COLD and tingling with shivers, the first time his back has ever done that! And then he received a thought-package from Saint Thomas Aquinas and had no doubt that it was coming from Him, "And so, perhaps the cynicism is insurmountable, causing spiritual devastation".

Later in the day, we talked on the phone and the conversation came around to my wondering how it was that the Dark Lizards could gain access to my mind and how they could influence me into dwelling on negative things and even pushing me somehow into negative emotional states like anger. Previously, I'd been told that they were able to do that, but it really puzzled me that such a thing was possible. As we were talking, Greg received the thought-impression that the way the Dark Ones are able to access me is through the intellect, through the analytical aspect of my mind and the workings of my left brain, and the message reminded me that I operate far more often through the intellect than I do from the heart (or right brain). At the same time, he received the confirmation signal of BIG chills with shivering and the hairs on his arms standing on end. I also got some chills up my thoracic spine area. He said, "That must be REALLY important!" (my learning how the Lizards can gain influence over me) He then said, "I would think that it's pretty hard to be cynical and pessimistic when living from the heart".

June 23, 2007:       Later in the same evening as above, I was given a direct illustration and a lesson from The Higher Dudes about seeing the glass half-full and not allowing doubt, fear, and a pessimistic approach to come into play. At the time, though, I had no idea it was a lesson from Them.

I was camping in my van in a remote area of the Coconino National Forest of Northern Arizona and had gotten there on a narrow, rough, tertiary road, more of a dirt track. As I was repositioning my van for the night and shifting into Park, my shifting lever went loose and I had no gears. I couldn't move my van. I couldn't go anywhere, because I couldn't get my transmission into gear. Even if I could afford one, I knew that no tow truck would go onto the poor road that I was now stuck on.

I felt myself initially go right into a cynical, negativistic thought pattern, expecting the worst until I caught myself by remembering the messages I'd been given by my Teachers and Friends. I was hoping to God it wasn't the transmission because I had no money for it, and if I could somehow coerce a tow-truck driver into coming for me, I knew that it would be expensive and that the repair bill at some garage would likely deplete my laughable cash reserves. In fact, I didn't even know if I had enough to cover the expenses, depending on what the problem was.

It seemed I was really stuck this time, and I had the hardest time in looking at a glass half-full instead of one half-empty. I didn't see how I was gonna get out of this one, but I began formulating a plan for the next day once it became light. I'd forgotten about the Silver Platter Forcefield following me through life (See "The Silver Platter" in "Writings of Mine"). I went to bed puzzled and disheartened over my circumstances.

I awoke in the dark at 4:30 a.m., my mind playing through all the possibilities of what the problem could be and how I would approach it at daybreak. It kept going through my mind that I needed to stay positive and maintain an optimistic approach, and I rehashed what I'd been told the previous day. I didn't see a way out, but I was going to be optimistic. At the crack of dawn, I got up and got ready for the day.

My mechanical knowledge was rudimentary, but I'd heard of transmission linkage and squeezed beneath my van with one-eighth inch to spare to see if I could find out what that was. I saw a couple of rods going to the transmission and fiddled with and moved them back and forth not really knowing what I was doing, just experimenting. Then I got into the driver's seat and turned on the ignition to see what would happen and was amazed that the van lurched forward indicating that I'd gotten it into gear to my surprise. I then knew that I could at least drive out of the wilderness on my own steam and make it into Flagstaff and not have to worry about begging for a tow truck and paying for one.

As it turns out, the gear I'd gotten it into was 4th gear so I didn't have to stop along the way and crawl under the van to fiddle with the linkage rods and try to find the right gear. The trip in was smooth sailing and I was getting lighter the closer I got to town. I still thought that wherever the linkage had broken, it was going to be an expensive repair, perhaps having to take the steering column off and waiting for parts to be shipped to Flagstaff, but I didn't allow my mood or thought to swing into the darker side of things. I was just gonna deal with it and accept it, come what may.

The first garage I found was too busy, and I found another with a friendly, honest manager. Even though he was working on replacing a motor in a car, he took some time off and came out to look at my van. After looking at the steering column, he looked under the hood, and I remember him saying, "This is gonna be easy". My heart leapt, and he showed me that the linkage problem was simply that a cotter pin had broken and a washer had fallen off. I felt a rush of elation and relief wash over me. Within minutes it was fixed and I was on my way.

As I was driving away from that garage and thinking that I'd just saved hundreds of dollars in what had transpired, I had a knowing that the whole thing had been a lesson to me provided by The Dudes. They sent me an immediate illustration of the way to orient my thinking in an optimistic manner even in the face of what appeared to be a hopeless situation. They wasted no time in giving me a stark demonstration of the lesson that I needed to learn, and I'll never forget it. (though I may not be 100% perfect in my future responses) When I told Greg about all of this, he had MAJOR CHILLS and the hair-raising signal, and he agreed that I was correct about this event being a lesson to me from Them.

July 17, 2007:       As we were having a phone conversation, Greg was informed by The White Brotherhood that the Dark Side has become MASTERFUL in manipulating my immediate environment in order to indirectly cause me to become pissed off or fearful. They are prevented from getting at me directly, physically, but they can manipulate insects and animals and the elements and people around me to cause aggravation and negative emotional states, and this is their primary means of attack against me. They will be relentless and creative and determined to force me off my path.

September 11, 2007:       A message was sent to me by a woman that I had been corresponding with on the Internet. She said that when she was young she was told that she was a "messenger". The name given to her by The One Who gave the message was "Lord Anthimos". She said that she felt (intuitively) that the message was intended for me, and it was received on December 05, 2005 shortly before I stepped onto my path. The message was hard for her to understand because of the accent that was used.

The first part of it stated, "Since the ever beginning of time, some ceased to exist, hence one will come that will co-hend (? comprehend) the affirmities of your world. He is of better time that one will see as a just for Man." She later sent me the following interpretation when I told her I didn't understand the meaning: "It talks of one who will come and that he is of a better time. I believe that this is you (Jim) and other people who are working in that direction of The Master Who will make that difference when the time comes."

I sent the initial message to Greg, and he wrote back, "WOW, I got MAJOR CHILLS and the hair stood up on my arms while reading this. I sure don't understand it, but I 'got' (psychically) that this is for you and about you. What I got came from one of The Dudes. I'm not sure Who, but it was The Big Guys! I just now got that the information was to be passed to you back when it was received, but the circumstances that were to occur for her to pass it on to you broke down, and the opportunity was lost until now."

November 04, 2007:       I had gotten a note from someone who said they were channeling a message from Kuthumi for me. The message read, "An important aspect of the New Age is music, Jim. Find some music that you truly love, that moves you, that you feel in your heart. When you feel down, anger, or frustration, play some music and dance. Feel the music and dance." The person then said, "That comes from Master Kuthumi. He wants you to keep your vibrations up." I shared this with Greg, and he wrote back, "Wow, I got confirmatory chills reading it. He is RIGHT ON about the music. I 'got' that music has ALWAYS (for many lives) been a STRONG force in your lives." This same person also wrote to me, "Believe it or not, an aspect of you has been with me, protecting me and guiding me."

The person mentioned above was later told, "Learn from the many writings on Our (Jim's) website (kuthumi-hands.com)". The Ascended Masters of The Hierarchy consider my website to be Their website, which is an indication of the confidence They have in the truthfulness of the information and teachings presented on it. I might say that this message very much surprised and humbled me and that I consider it an inestimable honor and responsibility.

Finally, this last message had to do with my ability to receive input from Higher Levels through my right cerebral cortex, all the while thinking that all my thoughts originated within my own mind and that I had little intuitive ability. Greg wrote, "I got a 'chills' confirmation about your abilities (psychic), and I was reminded of the lightning-fast transfer that you do from the right (the intuitive) to the left brain (the analytical) that confuses you into thinking it was you doing the processing."

November 06, 2007:       These are comments by The Masters through Greg that I have elected to include in this section because the concepts are invaluable in my life and should be more widely disseminated to an unknowing Humanity.

In response to a note from a friend to me, a note that I forwarded to Greg, he received the following from The Spiritual Hierarchy: "We chuckle that you humans think that you must create ritual to communicate with Us. Know that We are with you at all times. You need only think (of Us), and We hear and see. Our greatest joy is when you help those around you who are less fortunate. Even a gift as simple as a smile is greater than you can imagine."

They said further, through Greg, that Representatives of The White Brotherhood do not have to be sent anywhere to see anything, because They continually know what is happening at any time, at any place, to humans. They said, "We DO NOT judge, as there is NO right or wrong. All simply IS!" I have included these comments because I think it is important for humans to know, with all their laws and moral principles and judgemental predilections, that there is nothing that is right and nothing that is wrong in a Free Will Universe. There are only choices to be made and the consequences of those choices to be experienced. And not only does God not judge, but The Masters pass no judgement on any.

March 30, 2008:       A young man from Southern California by the name of Brian M. had been sent to me by The Hierarchy to do some healing work on my aetheric body and to bring me some communications from The Higher Ups and also to channel answers to any questions I might have. I sent Greg a file of one set of questions and answers he had provided for me to see if he might get some input as to the authenticity of them. He wrote me back, "WOW, nice! I felt completely comfortable reading all of it and was surprised by none of it. While reading the first part, I got a message appearing in my head. I had to stop reading, open NotePad, and write it down or it would have slipped away. I got that it was from Hilarion."

(To Jim) "For success to be your's, you MUST develop tolerance. Do not expect from others what you expect from yourself. MOST will not achieve to your satisfaction, and that will incite your anger and your slide into oblivion. Remember, this must come from within you. We are unable to effect this change. These challenges you are meeting are those that you chose before incarnating this lifetime. You explained them then as rungs in a ladder that must each be experienced to reach the top."

These are the questions and answers channeled by Brian M. and sent to Greg.

Brian's Question: (To Kuthumi) "What is your connection to Jim?"

Answer: "He is one of my children. He and Me are one. He is my Soul extension. He is not like me as my incarnation as Kuthumi. He is his own personality. I came back as Jim to show the world that the healing of consciousness is still necessary. I wanted to teach that being uncomplete or unwhole is a condition of the human. So I came back as an uncomplete or unwhole human to show the world that Humanity needs healing. Even Masters are incomplete on Planet Earth. By healing the wounds of Jim, I can teach from direct experience. By healing the wounds of Jim, I am healing the wounds of Humanity."

1. Question: "What would Hilarion or Whomever is gonna answer this suggest that I do to eradicate my anger?"

    Answer: (Kuthumi) "I would suggest that Jim work on meditation. He needs to learn to control his mind. Jim seems to think he does not have control over his anger, but he does. If he learns to meditate, it will slow down his mind's instant reactive patterning to move into anger. If he slows down his mind, he will see that he does, indeed, have the option to either move into anger or not."

"I believe that Jim is going to become a great teacher. He has the qualities of a left-brain scientist and the qualities of a right-brain healer. By combining these two, I have created an incarnation that can assist this planet in the merging of The Divine Masculine with The Divine Feminine. I can assist Humanity in healing the subconscious pain of straying away from the center of their beings (The Divine Self). I have created a union that can heal the schisms in Humanity's consciousness that are a result of Humanity choosing the lower mind (the ego) over the Higher Mind (The Soul)."

"I want to say that Jim is an evolved being in Soul. He is an extension of My Consciousness. I decided to take on a life of a person that needed lots of healing, so that I would be assisting this planet with the healing of its collective pain. I decided to become a person in need of healing so that I could heal that pain, thus healing the pain in all of Humanity. I want to tell Jim that we chose this life out of love for Humanity. We chose this life out of love for God. We chose this life out of love for self. Me and Jim chose to heal Humanity's pain, yet again, because it would help us in our evolution as a Soul as well as help Humanity's progress."

"I would also like to say to Jim that the anger will fade. It is a subconscious program that is being healed. It is not permanent and will fade in time. Some things that will make it fade are bringing love into his life, also bringing positive people into his life, also healing the way he views himself, also healing the way he admonishes himself. Jim is learning to control his anger. He is not as subject to it as he used to be. Jim is learning to be in control of his mind. It is coming easier and easier to him. The remains of Jim's anger can be healed in one year if he decides right now to make a supreme effort to become totally aligned with his Higher Self, to become totally aligned with his self worth, to become totally aligned with his self love."

"If Jim decides to put his mind to something, it always happens. If Jim decides to put his mind to healing his wounds, it will happen. I, being The Soul of Jim, know what I am capable of. I did not choose this life by accident. I chose this life knowing exactly what I am capable of. I chose this life to heal Humanity."

2. Question: "What is my relationship to Lord Hilarion if there is one?"

    Answer: (Hilarion) "He (Jim) is my brother. He is my friend. He is my Soul Mate. He is my equal in The White Brotherhood. We chose this life together because I am the most fit. I have the most experience working on the issues that Jim is working on in this incarnation. I'm also his very close Friend. We have worked together many times in the past. We are a great team together. I have been his father in incarnations. I have been his brother in incarnations. I've also been his mother in incarnations. He and I have a long history of working together with success. In this life, he and I are working together as an incarnated person and a Master Guide. We are working diligently to heal this planet's pain. We are going to make great waves, great ripples of change in Humanity's Consciousness, with this life of great importance that is Jim. As a Brother in The White Brotherhood, I have dedicated my entire focus to helping Jim in any way and every way I can. As a Brother in The White Brotherhood, I dedicate this time as Jim's Teacher to the healing of Humanity. It is our choice and our contribution to the evolving plans of The White Brotherhood."

3. Question: "Is there anything I could be doing differently in the distant or personal healings to improve on the results?"

    Answer: (Avery - Higher Self of Brian) "He (Jim) can use his personal love. He can bring forward his personal feelings and desires to heal the person that is either sitting in front of him or at a distance. The power of emotion to heal is a great tool that Humanity is gifted with. The simple desire to heal someone creates a wave of emotion that brings forward a wave of love that can do a tremendous amount of healing to the subtle bodies as well as the physical body. He needs to work on bringing the power of his emotion into the healing session with him."

"He can also use his prayers to heal people. He can use his prayers outside of the scheduled time slot of the healing. He can pray for his clients throughout the day. He can use the power of emotion in his prayers. He can tell his clients that he is praying for them, which will align their intentions with his prayers. He can tell his clients what his prayers are. Tell him that his healings will evolve over time. They will get stronger and more effective as well as lengthen in time. We want him to know that his abilities are evolving as well as his mind and body. With time, his healings will end up being much different than they are now. In the future, there will be more communications to him about how to improve his healings."

4. Question: "Would you care to say anything about the Dark Lizards and my protection?"

    Answer: (Kuthumi) "Tell Jim that the Dark Lizards have no power over him. They work on the Astral Plane where they can't reach him. Tell him that I am by his side at all times to scare away any potential harm-doers. I am here by his side to scare off ANY lower level beings that could do him any harm. There is NO DANGER! We, The White Brotherhood, have many safeguards in place on many different levels. I, Kuthumi, want to make it clear to Jim that he is in no danger, and he has never been in any."

August 10, 2008:       I received a message from Brian M. that he said was channeled from Kuthumi, and I forwarded it on to Greg to see what he thought of it. He replied that he did get a "sense" that this channeling was correct and on track. He thought that it was quite similar to the information that he had received for me. He also commented that if things seem to go wrong, it would be because I neglected to take the advice of The High Ones and failed to do something They had intended for me to do.

The Kuthumi message: "I want Jim to know that he is still greatly needed on this planet. I have many people for Jim to meet. I have many people for Jim to heal. His abilities will flower. His confidence will grow stronger. He has much to accomplish in this life. I will be there supporting him with My Love for the rest of his life. He will begin to feel My Love surging through him. It will open up his channels. It will melt his fears. It will melt his anger. It will melt his pain. I am guiding his life. I have not given up on him. I am bringing him people to help him. I am bringing him the means to carry on my mission. I am bringing him the Christed Energy of Love. I am bringing him out from within himself. I will never leave his side. I will never leave his heart. I will begin to channel though him so that he, as well as any who are around him, will feel My Presence. He will begin to live his life through the vibration of love."

August 15, 2008:       Spontaneously and unexpectedly, Brian M. was given a message for me (Jim) from Lord Sananda. I asked Greg what he thought or received about this message. He wrote back, "WOW & WOW! I got a 'sense' that it's all correct and good but nothing specific. That's so cool but for some reason not at all surprising. It seems to be, in different words, stuff that has been coming to you for a long time. For some reason you just never saw it or connected with it."

Sananda's message: "Jim is not alone. He has legions of Angels and Masters around him that all want to help him. He would stagger at the number of Guides he has that are surrounding him. He will notice that these Angels and Masters will work through the people who are in his life and those who are coming into his life. They will literally enter the human bodies of those surrounding Jim to teach him his self-worth and the importance of his mission. Jim's self-worth will grow. It will blossom. It will flower."

"He is a master who is waiting to come forward into his human flesh. Jim must realize that he is a master. There will come a time when Kuthumi will join Jim in his body. He will become what is known as a Self-actualized master. Jim is to be a master in a human body. He is learning to heal his emotions. They have been around for a long time, and so they won't heal instantaneously. Jim knows he is making progress. I and Kuthumi are teaching Jim to reprogram his mind. This process has already begun. It is well underway."

"The next step is re-socialization. Jim is ready for this step. Jim has shifted. He is now operating from a new vibration. It is higher than any he has ever achieved before. We are all so proud of Jim. Jim needs to know that he and Kuthumi are becoming one. The merge has already started. It will continue as scheduled without hindrance."

"He must understand that his protection is phenomenal. No lower entity can get near him now. His protection is too strong. We, The Ascended Masters, are walking with him now. All who see Jim can feel Our Presence. Jim has nothing to fear."

"Jim will continue to evolve his vibration up, octave after octave. This is happening at a quick pace now because the planet has moved into a vibration acceleration. Jim is moving with the planet. Jim's pace is being guided by Us. We have it all under control. We, The Ascended Masters, love Jim. We will not let our child fall. We now have Jim by the hand and are walking him into his new position. We are walking him into his new power. We are walking him into his new life as a leader in the New Age."

August 26, 2008:       I received another communication through Brian M. and forwarded it on to Greg to see if he would get any kind of response to it. It was said to be from Lord Hilarion. He wrote that he got the sign of "chills" as a confirmation of the veracity of the message. He thought that the importance of it was BIG if it was coming from Hilarion.

"I would like to say to Jim that he is my partner. We are a team. I am not above Jim. He is my brother and I love him. Jim is on the path to enlightenment. I am his Partner in this process. I am going to be here for him every step of the way. I have talks that I feel are appropriate. I am going to infuse Jim or inspire into his awareness those that I think are appropriate. I want Jim to know that all is well. We have a great lineup for him. I want Jim to know that there is nothing to fear. We, The Masters, have a glorious plan for Jim's life. He is doing great! I also want to say that I, Hilarion, love Jim like my brother."

December 08, 2008:       I had written Greg about the latest occurrence in my life which seemed miraculous in its nature. A year ago, I had the universal joints on my 25-year old van replaced. When I had driven away from the repair shop, there was a vibration which had never been there before, and it shook the whole van. I went back to the shop, but the manager refused to accept responsibility for the vibration, and I went on my way. I knew that the vibration had to have something to do with the driveshaft and that the mechanic had either damaged something or botched the job, but I didn't have the money to investigate it, and I had to drive my van because it was my home where I lived.

I knew the implications of driving with a driveline vibration as it was dangerous! The vibration would be loosening up the u-joints and the driveshaft might fall out, and also it could do damage to the transmission or the differential. If the front u-joint failed, the front of the driveshaft would drop onto the road, dig into the asphalt, and destroy the rear end or even lift up the van like a pole vaulter and bring it to an end along with its driver. If this happened while being passed or followed by an 18 wheeler, there would be even less chance of survival. Each time on the road was a white-knuckle experience. The vibration got worse over time, and I could hardly see out of the rear-view mirror, but it was 8 months before I had the money to check out the u-joints again.

The rear one was loose and needed to be replaced even though they should be able to last 200,000 miles. Upon driving away I discovered that the vibration was still there. Nothing had changed. I then became determined to have the driveline evaluated by the experts, those who specialize in driveline work. 4 months later I took it to such a shop in Yuma, Arizona. When the work was completed, the head mechanic who specialized solely in driveline work came out to talk to me. He said that he was just astonished that my driveshaft hadn't fallen out and done serious damage to my vehicle or to myself. He said that it was a MIRACLE that I had driven it for a year, because the driveshaft had been reinstalled backwards (both times) and had a one-quarter inch play from side to side where it inserted into the differential. In addition, he said that some fasteners for the driveshaft to the differential were missing. He was completely dumbfounded that it hadn't fallen out and said that the only thing that must have been holding it in place was suction, but I fail to see how that could have been possible.

When Greg read about all this, he was given some input from Higher Up. He psychically felt the sensation of a giant smile (which then made him smile), and he got his confirmatory signs of huge goosebumps and chills all over. Then he was given the words, "Holiest Lord Virginia", to indicate The One responsible for the driveshaft miracle and for keeping me safe from harm. The Ascended Master Who is my Guardian was The One Who prevented the loss of my driveshaft and all the consequences which would have followed. I wrote Greg that I received chills myself when reading it, and when he read that he said that he got a wonderful, warm feeling that swept through him, and his eyes filled with tears for a full 5 minutes, which I think is a sign and an indication of the warmth and caring and love that The Master Guardian has for me. It was channeled through Greg to pass on to me.

December 10, 2008:       I had written Greg, querying about my Master Guardian Who was most recently called "Holiest Lord Virginia". We had never, to this point in time, received any messages from That One, and I was curious why the word, Lord, had been used. Whenever Master Djwhal Khul had used the word, Lord, it referred to 6th Level Initiates or higher in The Spiritual Hierarchy, a Level and Consciousness beyond my ability to imagine. For example, The Chohans of The 7 Rays were called Lords of The 7 Rays. After reading my note a couple of times, he said that "thought streams" came from The Big Virginia and that he was enveloped in such a loving feeling that he couldn't even begin to tell me! The message was directed at me.

From The Master Who had an incarnate life as my sister, Virginia: "We are amused at mankind's interpretations of our Existence over the years. These are idioms known to you (Jim), but you will not become aware of them until you clear. We have no need to conserve energy. We ARE the energy. We are The Life Forces of all universes. We are ALL energy. We consist of all."

"We also delight and chuckle at mankind's need for Structure or Hierarchy (of Masters). It is simply an Alignment of Pure Love. The last is as heralded as the first. We are one in all and all in one. None is greater than another. It is slightly more complex, but Mankind does not yet enjoy the necessary concepts to be able to fully explain this. Again, these are things that you have learned over past existences, aethereal and mortal, but there are things you must accomplish before all can be revealed to you as though a light were turned on. These things of anger and disdain (my frailties) are not essentially or physically compatible with the knowledge and experience you have gleaned over the eons and are capable of. Your physical being would cease to exist were the two combined, hence the reason you have not cleared and you yourself, in Soul, will not allow yourself clearance until such time. So, it is yourself controlling both eventualities."

"Long ago I saw these such small but inevitable shortcomings and wanted to present an example for you to follow so as to bypass their effects, but alas we had such a short time together (my sister, Virginia, passed from her body at the age of 24). It is not too late. Please know that it is an easy thing to accomplish, but know that it must be from an outpouring of love for ALL Mankind, regardless of good or evil. You must truly put yourself and your wants and needs last to put the good of the universe first. I continue to love and honor you, and I remain an integral part of you as well as your most loving Sister amongst all levels of existence and universes. My love is with you always."

Greg wrote afterward, "That was it. WOW!! I had to go into the bathroom and was crying my eyes out. What an experience! Jesus, just having her thoughts coming in was incredible and loving. Holy Cow. What a Soul!!! I would love to have Her hanging out with me forever!"

October 22, 2009:       In a phone conversation, I was elaborating on the need to become a more Soul-infused and Soul-influenced personality and that meditation was the means for establishing a more open and persistent channel of communication to The Higher Self. I reminded Greg that since I had begun to meditate 20 years ago, I was always brought out of my meditation by a spasmodic muscle-jerking somewhere on my body. Just at that moment, he received the sign of chills alerting him to the message that was forthcoming. He was told that the Dark Ones were the cause of the muscle-jerking for all of this time and that they have been, thusly, able to prevent me from contacting my Source and receiving guidance by that means. This floored me that they were capable of doing such a thing, and it told me of yet another of their obstructionist tools in opposing The Forces of Light. It has been extremely effective with me and undoubtedly delayed the entry onto my path for many years which, in turn, postponed all the aspects of my mission.

January 12, 2013:       Greg hadn't received any communications from The Spiritual Hierarchy for a couple of years, and then suddenly in the middle of the night he had what he called a Big Download in a dream-like state. Not wanting to disrupt the flow of thought-forms that were rapidly coming to him, he waited until the morning to remember as much as possible and convert it into the linearity of language. Referring to my 20 years of generalized muscular atrophy and emaciation, he asked about my difficulty in maintaining physicality.

They said, "Jim is expending an enormous amount of energy with the many Sanctuaries he has established, even though they are in Alternate Realities (also called Parallel Universes or Realities, of which there are an infinitude), and it takes a physical and mental toll on him. We are amazed that his efforts have not taxed him more than they have. He has extraordinary stamina. His physical recession is, in part, a condition of natural earth aging but some is also due to diet. It is the simple rule, and he understands this, that he needs to increase his intake of sustenance. He needs to increase his intake of meat. He would even do well to imbibe occasionally in what you call a junk-food diet. This will and has proven difficult for him as he has developed a regimen that he may not be able to circumvent. He needs to treat himself as he would one of his patients. Much the same as 'physician, heal thyself'. If the means to do this escapes him, then let him research the information again while on the Internet. The answer is diet."

Greg asked why the messages were given to him rather than to me (Jim) and received, "You and Jim have elected to be 'grounded' in this particular Reality among the infinite number available and which happens to be one of the most difficult of all Realities. Few of either of your alternate selves choose to spend time in this, your present Reality. Jim's ability to communicate with Us is affected by the protection he has and affects his ability to get in touch with his Higher Planes and spiritual selves, especially in his waking state. The Dark Forces are terrified that he will 'break through' to his ability to communicate and understand and are doing everything in their power to prevent this. We were hoping that Jim would be able to communicate with Us in an altered state, but it appears that his left-brain development is making this extremely difficult. You must understand that the Forces of Darkness continually look for the smallest crack in Jim's protection. Should it appear, they would swarm with delight to his demise. You as well as many of Jim's contacts do not have the extent of protection that he has nor do you need it, and so it is several of you whom We have elected to send communications through. As you've seen and experienced yourself, the Dark Forces do not appreciate your helping in these matters either."


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