March 2005:       As we were talking about Kuthumi and before I had stepped onto my path, Greg had an immediate "sense" come over him that there was a strong urging by Kuthumi for me to get out there amongst them and to allow Kuthumi to work through me for healings. There was a sense conveyed to him that I had not moved rapidly enough toward that goal of being the channel for Kuthumi to heal. There was a sense of urgency to it all. He had a fleeting "mental picture" of Kuthumi standing firmly with hands on his hips waiting impatiently for me to get a move on it and to get to doing what I came to do. He knew and acknowledged that The Masters could have no such emotion as impatience and that it was merely a symbol to convey the prompting by Kuthumi for me to stop stalling and to get moving. I received the "chills" signal when he said it to me.

March 2005:       I asked if it would be The Kuthumi Christed Energy which would flow through me when I use my hands for healing, and Greg's input was that it will be, for sure, Kuthumi's Healing Energy. He saw an aethereal picture of White Light flowing through me to another human and my health just blossoming as it was happening. When I asked more specifically what he saw in the aethereal picture (or vision), he saw an outline of Who he knew to be Kuthumi standing behind my back by 2 to 3 feet. White Light was emanating from the entire body of Kuthumi to me and then passing through me to some older woman that I was standing behind. My arms were outstretched and my hands were to the outside of the woman's shoulders not directly touching her, perhaps 6 inches or so from her shoulders. The White Light coming through me radiated from my hands, my arms, and my shoulders and enveloped or surrounded the person receiving the healing. It was like the person was glowing!!

December 16, 2005:       From Greg, "WOW, I had STRONG CHILLS and a flashing thought about you having to teach/reach MANY before the Earth Shift (from Third to Fourth Density Level of Reality) while I was reading the part of your letter where you were talking about the blind billions following the blind elected officials. I guess that means you'll be teaching before the Changes, maybe to reduce the numbers that fail to cross over? (transcend Third Density Reality) That's sure what it felt like."

January 05, 2006:       We had discussed the beginning of my path in Northern Arizona and Greg wrote, "I will say that the feeling that I did have about your starting things up was like you would get things started and then you would just STOP and wait for The Dudes to do the rest, and my sense was that They want it to be a joint project with a maximum commitment from you. Maybe They want to see how much dedication you have. I have no idea and no sense of that. I also had a really 'negative/disappointment' feeling about the part where you asked if you would be left twisting in the wind and exposed to the Beast without any back-up (once beginning the healing work). I had an echoing in my head of, 'Have We left you twisting with no back-up before'?"

January 19, 2006:       I had shared a number of things that a woman in Florida had told me about myself with Greg. She's a talented channel and an incarnate aspect of a Gestalt of Consciousness called The Confederation of Man. We had corresponded for more than 10 years, had become friends, and she brought through information about myself and things that I came to do. Greg wrote, "After reading about what Sherry C. had told you, that you had some TREMENDOUS ability to be a receiver and transmitter of the Light and that you would be one of the 'keys' for assisting Earth to move from Third to Fourth Density, that information felt very 'settled' and 'correct'. AND I can certainly see why you might think it incredible. Man, what an assignment! I also think that that is why it's so DAMNED important that you get the show on the road (begin the healing path), and I suppose that that's why I really felt GOOD about your looking at going to the Flagstaff (Arizona) Area. Maybe that's where it's to start!!!"

February 11, 2006:       Kuthumi had channeled through Sherry C. for me, and one of the things that I was told was that at a certain point in time I was going to become "activated", after which I would have full recollection of all my lifetimes and the abilities developed in those lifetimes and would be fully infused with The Kuthumi Consciousness. In discussing this activation, Greg said that it would be more of a gradual process and not a sudden event. He had no sense of how long it would take once begun.

He strongly confirms something that I was told during my Shasta Summer of 2003, that I am taken, when out-of-body at night, to a totally secure astral location to be taught all the things that I will need to fulfill my role and mission. In all the times he was told about it, he has never sensed that it wasn't so.

He had an extremely good sense about my plans and intentions to begin my path as the healer, but he also feels that there will be pitfalls and that I'll run into obstacles set in my way by the Dark Brothers. He says it is imperative that I push on through those obstacles because the more people I influence and help, the less that the Dark Ones will be able to create obstructions to my path. That is, The Forces of Light will intervene once They see that I am committed to the work. The healing work will start slowly, but the numbers of people seeking my help will expand as in a geometric progression, assuming I give talks. Otherwise it will be considerably slower.

The Heavy Dudes will watch me to see how I react to the adversities because They want to observe my level of commitment. If I beat a hasty retreat from my path, They may just let me keep running, but if They see that I'm committed, then They will start sending people to me. Once it really gets going, there's no way that I'll have the time to take care of all the people who want to come to me for healing, and then I will need to learn how to teach others to assist me in the work and by doing that will find myself in both the roles as healer and teacher. If the numbers become too great and I don't have enough help, I may be able to heal entire groups of people at one time if The Brotherhood deems it necessary due to excessive demands upon my time.

February 14, 2006:       When Greg was reading my piece called "These Kuthumi Hands - A Healer Reawakens", a mental picture or "vision" of sorts formed in his mind coming out of the blue and having nothing to do with what he was reading. He saw himself in the back of a large auditorium that was full of people, and I was on the stage sitting on a stool giving a talk or presentation. He remembers looking side to side and thinking something like, "Wow, this place is packed." He was awed by the number of people there who had come to see me and sensed what a good thing it all was.

In response to my asking about it, Greg had his intuitive sense that I didn't need to and shouldn't be doing any kind of visualization during a healing because I would just be getting in the way of the healing. That is, ideally I should just be a clear and balanced and open receptacle for Kuthumi to use in passing through His Energy. I don't need to do anything else than be the conduit for Kuthumi.

It's not that Kuthumi can't over-ride any minor obstacle that I may unknowingly create if He intends to cure or heal through me, but I could diminish the effectiveness of the healing if I insert my mental activities into the process. If I do anything other than being a clear conduit during the healing, then, in effect, the Energies coming through me are filtered or screened in part by the interference I've created. I need do nothing else but simply serve as the hands for Big K.

I told Greg that I had my own sense that Kuthumi's Healing Energy coming through me was instantaneous and that, from the healing standpoint, it didn't make any difference whether I laid my hands on someone for 1 or for 10 minutes. His intuitive input agreed with that concept. Our seeming passage of time is an illusion. All is occurring in the Now, and The Masters are beyond any illusionary limitations of time. Kuthumi's Energy is passed through me in the blink of an eye. However, we also both agreed that people will have an expectation that I spend some time with them, both before and during a healing, and that if I don't they may have doubts which could block or reverse the healing.

February 15, 2006:       With regard to my approach to healings, Greg had a "sense" that before I do anything I should spend some time finding out the person's problems and specifically what it is that they want healed and what their expectations are. I should explain what it is I'm going to do beforehand and then explain just what I did afterwards, especially if I did something differently as received intuitively. Kuthumi will send the intuitive message and redirect me to another area if needed. I should be specific in my request of Kuthumi and say it out loud. This is all for the benefit of the patient so that they don't develope a doubt that might impede the healing from happening.

The "patients" need to be a partner in the healing process, and clear explanations from me would be beneficial to their state of mind and the character of their expectations. It will be really helpful for them to know that I can comprehend and bridge and integrate the physical syndrome with the spiritual, that my knowledge bridges the human body and the Realm of Spirit.

February 17, 2006:       Sherry C. had channeled that I was one of the keys to helping the Earth transition from Third to Fourth Density. I questioned my ability to do all these predicted things, but Greg had no negative sense to the use of the word, key, keeping in mind that I am just one of the keys. As one of those keys, he said that there are many thousands of people that I will influence directly or indirectly by my healings and teachings. My participation in the Earth Shift and my mission will be extraordinarily important. (All these things are written non-egoically as I dispassionately document the things that were passed on to me.)

February 18, 2006:       When I begin to give talks, Greg had his sense that I need to keep it up, to schedule more talks because people will bring other people and eventually I'll be reaching a lot of people in that manner. He said it grows from there and gets "big". But how will I find time to do all the healing and teaching? His sense was that The White Brotherhood will take care of all those issues and that I need not be concerned for lack of time.

When writing to me, a psychic/sensitive friend told me that a thought from out of nowhere came to her for me. It was: "You have reached the top of the mountain. Believe in yourself and go forth." He thought that the essence of the message was that I was being told that it's now time for me to be doing what I came to do.

February 25, 2006:       In a Q. and A. period around the campfire, I asked if any harm would come to me for going public with my Kuthumi Connection. His immediate response was that no harm will come to me for doing that. He then had his psychic input that my concerns for being harmed were somehow entered into my mind by the Dark Dudes. Somehow they are responsible for my idea about being harmed by them. In response to my question, he said the Dark Dudes cannot directly harm me physically, but he had a sense that they can create circumstances whereby I could be injured and thus be adversely affected indirectly. I asked if I would be in any danger as I went about being the channel for "miracles" of healing (as it may be viewed by people), and the intuitive response was that, no I won't be in danger.

He had a strong feeling come to him that there would be a need for me to have patience with all the mundane matters with which I'd be inundated and also with the mundane behavior of people, and I was advised to reflect on the reasons why the people have come to me. There will be a lot of people coming around, and I am going to be responsible for helping them to remain with the planet into the New Age at Fourth Density Level! The important word to him was "patience, patience, patience"!!

The Kuthumi Energy won't allow the negative energies and illnesses of the people I heal to impact me, and Greg had a mental image of a dam preventing the back flow. As he was telling me this, a sudden mental picture or vision came into his "mind's eye". This was a generic vision of what would happen as I offered my hands toward another person for healing. He saw the incredibly brilliant white light of Kuthumi's Energy instantaneously being transmitted through me to the person being healed, and then (aetherically speaking) both the patient and myself remained glowing with that intense white light, which very slowly and gradually diminished and faded away. He had a sense that at some point I'll be able to feel that instantaneous flow of Healing Energy come through me and the resultant "glowing" at my Aetheric Body Level. He saw me wincing as I felt the power of Kuthumi's Energy.

February 26, 2006:       Greg had a feeling that when I was giving my talks in 1992 about the Earth Changes, I was, during that time, on the path that I had preincarnatively planned and intended. I was "about my Father's business" as Master Jesus had suggested to me in 1994.

While sitting around a campfire, there came some unexpected information from his psychic input. During the healings that I conduct, there will be Others of The Spiritual Hierarchy besides Kuthumi involved at times. For certain healings and certain patients, Kuthumi will withdraw and Hilarion will provide the healing through me, and Other Adepts and Masters will do the same for certain people and for reasons known only to Them.

March 10, 2006:       As Greg was relaxed and drifting into an altered state of consciousness prior to falling asleep, he began hearing clairaudiently a message concerning me, and although he didn't remember the exact words of it all, it boiled down to this: "We're gonna provide Jim with financial support and help. We know that he will never ask for money for his services, and so he will need an intermediary or spokesperson to do the asking for him, and he needs to have a place on his website for contributions."

He tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but the sense of the message was so overwhelming and so insistent that he got up in the middle of the night at 1 a.m. to create a "Contributions" page on my website. They wouldn't let him get back to sleep until he took action on the message. When I relented and agreed to the "Contributions" link, he said They were happy about that.

Then he said that he felt very strongly that I have an enormous undertaking ahead of me and I need the financial means for accomplishing that. The money wouldn't be just for my own personal needs but also would be needed for every other aspect of the endeavor that I'm pursuing on behalf of The White Brotherhood. He said that They will not let this endeavor fail as long as I'm actively engaged in it, and he sensed that more and more information was coming to him about it the more committed that I was becoming to it.

Another strong sense was that the Dark Dudes will be watching me too and will be looking for weaknesses of mine to exploit in order to make me beat a hasty retreat from the healing path.

March 16, 2006:       I asked if I had any work to do with Hilarion this life, and Greg sensed that being the vehicle for Hilarion to do healing on occasion was the most prominent work but also sensed that I am doing some kind of work with Him at present, but he didn't know what that was. When I give talks, Hilarion will sometimes be there as well as Kuthumi, and They will influence the topics and what information gets discussed. He sensed that Others in The Hierarchy will be an influence also, regarding what I talk about. All of Them in The Brotherhood have a responsibility in bringing higher numbers of people into the Fourth Density for the New Golden Age on Earth. Greg received the symbol of a pebble thrown into a pond with the ripples of that splash spreading outward. I think that I might have been the pebble and my teachings the ripples. There's no telling how far the rippling effect will go, he said.

March 24, 2006:       When Greg read my introduction to a new web page which dealt with the teachings of Lord Hilarion and came to the part where I said that I thought this would be a perfect way for me to offer service to my Friend, Hilarion, he received a strong sense that Hilarion will be using me for teaching and disseminating information as much as Kuthumi will be using me for healing!!! We both got chills when he told me that, and he clarified that the teaching would come from me vocally not just from the website. There was no sense if I was to be a channel for Hilarion.

March 25, 2006:       As Greg read my piece called "Earth in Metamorphosis" in "Writings of Mine", a very strong sense came to him that The Spiritual Hierarchy will be using me to raise the percentage of humans that will be able to make the Shift into 4th Density. They are extremely unsatisfied and more than disappointed that the numbers of people who have the consciousness and the vibrational rate of being to be harvested into the New Age are so low after all their efforts over centuries. He said my role in this is critical!!! I rechecked his wording on that, and he confirmed it (to my consternation). He said The Higher Dudes are relying on me to bring along bunches of people into the Aquarian Age. He had a sense that it would be important for me to write up a program for people to follow so that they could raise their energies enough to transition with the Earth into 4th Density. (see "13 Steps To Paradise")

April 16, 2006:       At the Quartzsite, Arizona, library Greg was on the Internet and was trying to formulate the wording for a message to a metaphysical forum site in Sedona. The message had to do with getting people interested in hosting me for a talk on healing and related matters. Just then he received a forceful thought-package, that he called LOUD thoughts, that said, "Don't worry about what you say or how you say it! We will rectify ALL inconsistencies! Set up talks at ANY COST. THE PROCESS MUST PROCEED!!!!" Greg said that They didn't care how it was done. They just wanted it done! They want the talks to get started, and all else would spring from that!

Later in the week he was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by soft, gentle, and soothing thoughts saying, "Be at peace, loved one. You have accomplished far beyond what We were hoping for. You are reserved!" He mentally asked what that reserved meant but got no answer. More thought-impressions came in to him. "Just know that Jim's path as teacher is SO important that even he isn't allowed to remember. The Project MUST proceed, and We will let NOTHING stop it even at the cost of 'APOCALYPSE'."

He here sensed that the whole matter of what I came to do, "the Project" on behalf of The Brotherhood, was so important that The Masters would, if necessary, kill and destroy any of the Dark Brotherhood who got in the way. The intensity of their determination actually provoked anxiety in him, and he got sweaty palms. He said They were dead serious about seeing It to fruition.

He then stated, mentally, "I thought Jim's path was that of the healer." This was the reply: "It is both teacher and healer, but his gifts of teaching are FAR more important at this time. One can heal the body which only heals the vehicle. Heal the mind and you save the soul!!! Jim understands this and yet is reluctant. He must know that as the process starts, We will be directing him and speaking through him as We have with many great orators. We chuckle as We know he will love listening to Us (coming through me during the talks). By the way, both of you are correct regarding Jim's intuitive abilities. He receives the information (in my right brain) and transfers it to the opposite hemisphere (left brain) so quickly that it appears to manifest in logic, but the process has served him well all his life."

April 22, 2006:       Greg and I walked into the desert and talked about whatever came to mind in a free-flowing stream of consciousness during our last day in the desert before heading for the high country of Arizona and the start of my path after 15 years of living in seclusion in the wilderness.

A thought-package congealed into Greg's mind, and these are the words that gradually formed around it in order to express it: Somehow, I would come into some land somewhere, a parcel of real estate. It would be woodsy, populated with trees. He initially didn't know if I would own it or be leasing it. It would be a place where people could come to enrich their spirit, a place of grace and peace and learning of matters of the Spirit. He didn't know when it would happen but said that it is there in my future as long as I continue on the healer/teacher path. It is a Spiritual Retreat for people to live in for varying periods of time.

He saw me as the organizer, the builder, and the figurehead of this Spiritual Community, and he could see it as being incredibly successful. Then he went on to say that it was critical that I must not be reluctant to accept offerings of help or be hesitant to let it be known what it is I want to develope. I was advised that I needed to start developing the plans in my mind. As he was falling asleep last night, he heard repeatedly in his mind, "teaching the teachers, teaching the teachers". He said that at this Place of Grace I would need to teach the teachers and delegate responsibility, because I would not be able to do it all on my own.

He said I can lecture to many, but it's not the same as having a Community where people can come and live the life of the Spirit according to Aquarian Ideals. I would set the guidelines and rules. Since I can't truly reach the numbers needed by The Hierarchy to continue with this planet into the New Age, I will have the responsibility of teaching others to go out and reach them.

He said that ultimately my Spiritual Sanctuary would be BIG but that it pales in importance to "the Project" that I came to do (whatever that might be). He said it was just as important to mentally create this Dream Place as it will be for me to be healing and teaching, because many more people could be reached and influenced through it. Then he said that he had a strong feeling that I would have this Place and Community. Finally, he was compelled to tell me that it is a good and even excellent idea to put my dream of a Spiritual Community on my website. (see "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi")

We had a short Q. and A. session as follows:

    a) Q: I asked if I wasn't allowed to remember the details of my path and my mission because The Big Dudes might have a concern for ego-entrapment on my part.

        A: He received an instantaneous response, which to him meant a point blank and emphatic answer. They are not at all concerned with my ego, else They would not be backing my endeavors.

    b) Q: I asked once again if we received it correctly that The Heavy Dudes of The Brotherhood would kill and destroy any who got in the way of my "Project" and tried to stop it.

        A: His channeled response was, "Affirmative!" The words, "death and destruction", also formed in his mind with regard to any interference with the Project that I will undertake on behalf of The Hierarchy. He later told me that of all the messages that he has ever gotten, this is one of the strongest he has ever gotten, if not the strongest.

    c) Q: Have I trained (perhaps at night) to be able to consciously channel The Masters?

        A: I was no further than 2 words into the question when he got the response, "For a long time".

    d) Q: How will I know the channeling is happening?

        A: "You won't know, and you won't need to know, and it won't make any difference for you to know."

    e) Q: Was I way too late in moving off my "rock of inertia" to start down my path?

        A: "The timing is exactly right."

April 24, 2006:       Greg was awakened in the middle of the night and received these messages: "The progress forward has been astonishing, and Jim's unrelenting drive to accomplish this Project has created nothing short of unbridled bliss. The momentum gained will keep the Project moving, and all the tools necessary to bring it to fruition are in Jim's repertoire. Though he appears retiscent, he has rehearsed his role to perfection. His ideas to move all forward are exactly correct as are all suggestions you have presented."

"The discussion regarding the Sanctuary of Kuthumi (the Spiritual Retreat) had to be 'pressed through' to both of you as neither had previously mentioned it. Jim, as he said, has all the details to make it a viable entity, and you were exactly correct in suggesting that it be published on the website (of kuthumi-hands.com). We will direct the correct benefactors to it."

"Because of the extreme importance of Jim's mission, We are able and must provide extraordinary protection for him. We humbly and with regret tell you that We are not able to offer you the same. As surprising as it may seem, We have to work within certain constraints with those who would do you harm (Dark Forces) as well as with those We would protect."

May 01, 2006:       At 3 a.m. Greg was awakened and received some messages for me. "Consider posting (on kuthumi-hands.com) your plan for the Sanctuary (The Spiritual Retreat). We have, at this time, several possible benefactors that We would like to expose this to. We are not sure if they are ready yet but would like to introduce the possibilities regardless."

"Do not fear being asked to do too much as We will provide all the help needed to manifest this Project (the Sanctuary). Also know that you have been developing this concept for several lifetimes, and We LOVE this idea. It will be a Utopia within a Utopia. We have several others working on similar ideas but need far more than what have been proposed. Please consider a multiplicity of Sanctuaries."

"We are, indeed, pleased with all of your efforts, and know that you will be protected personally and financially." He had a "pictorial sense", in other words a vision in his mind's eye, that all the volunteers for my "Project" are already there. They just don't know it yet. He saw a white picket fence with lots of people waiting on the outside to get in (as a symbolic representation).

May 11, 2006:       E-mail from Greg, "I had a 'sense' that the Dark Creeps are having a field day with your discouragement (that my path is starting so very slowly). Since they know they can't win, their only rewards are to get you as far down as possible and hope you will abandon the Project. Remember, The Big Dudes are NOT going to let this fail. Also, remember that The Dudes are going to be speaking through you, so the information will be reaching the people that it is supposed to reach regardless."

May 22, 2006:       I had conducted my first distant healing on a woman in the State of Washington, and she reported back to me that it was successful. Greg said, "I'm not surprised!!! I had a feeling/sense that the remote healing work will be just as effective. The only difference will be in the recipient's belief system regarding your 'being there'." He sensed that distance (for healing) was totally immaterial except for the beliefs of the recipient. "I also had a 'sense' that you should explain that to the distant recipients (of healing) so that they understand that it's not you at your present location that's doing the healing but that Kuthumi is standing right beside them wherever they are."

May 24, 2006:       I had blown off some steam about having to give talks and speeches to people as part of my mission, because I'd been living in isolation like a hermit for 15 years and had doubts I could do public speaking. Greg said, "I had a BAD sense about how you looked at it. I had a voice saying in my head, 'He has been training for these days for SO LONG! Why does he think of our GIFTS with disdain? Why does he want to turn away from his path of teaching'?"

He said, "Remember, The Dudes (The Masters) are running the show! They will take care of the topics and will manipulate the subject matter as They see fit. You will just have to show up" (said humorously).

I mentioned again my displeasure at having to give talks, and Greg said, "Wow, I had REALLY BAD sensations again! I was a bit nervous as I had a sense that this was coming from Hilarion (Lord of The Fifth Ray)! I was positive it was Hilarion. There were BIG ECHOES in my head, 'Read the word me. Is he doing our work or his work? Have We started him before he is ready? Some self-serving remains.' Remember that the talks are, in most cases, leading directly to the healings. Also, remember the 'old' information that this will start off slowly."

I wrote, asking about the Sanctuary Project, and he had just had a "dream" about it the previous night. He wrote, "I had a 'sense' that it is free to no one but must be contributed to in one way or another (money, labor, etc.). It's going to be expensive to maintain. I also had a 'sense' that as it grows you will allow some to live there permanently (in their own cabins) but will also have hotel/motel style accommodations available for shorter stay guests. I was also looking at a line on some webpage on your site (in the dream) that said, 'We will turn no one away! If you can't afford to pay, contact me'."

In response to a question, he said, "Most of the people asking for healings are being referred to you by The Dudes or by those who have themselves been referred (by The White Brotherhood)."

June 04, 2006:       I told Greg about the talk that I had put together and had scheduled, entitled "The New Golden Age -- Do You Want To Get There?" It was to have 4 parts: Introduction and Background, the Dimensional Shift, the New Golden Age, and a 13 Part Program for getting people capable of making the Transition. He said, "I got a Really, Really good sense about your program! There were chills and goosebumps, even on my legs! I also had a VERY strong feeling and sensed that this was from Hilarion: that you should NOT forego the Q. & A. section at the end of your presentation and that you should add that you would be more than happy to talk to anyone one-on-one should they so desire. Maybe Hilarion's sending you some people who are too shy to ask questions in a group setting. What's going on with Hilarion? I thought Kuthumi was directing all or most of this? The program sounded VERY GOOD."

He also wrote, "I asked if They were losing confidence in you (because of a message in a previous e-mail) and just got a feeling of Them smiling and then saying, 'He has everything he needs to accomplish the Project, and that is one of the reasons We were able to release you (Greg). Jim is doing MORE than We had hoped. We have our reasons for sending what We do'."

June 06, 2006:       I had asked Greg about the protection that would be provided to the Spiritual Sanctuary and he wrote, "Regarding protection, I got a 'sense' that the Sanctuary would be protected but not necessarily all of the people living in and visiting the place would be protected to the same degree. It was something along the lines of why They couldn't offer me complete protection even though I was helping you and 'the Project'."

"The Sanctuary IS one of the places for The Love Masters (see 'Mission of The Love Masters' in 'Writings of Mine') to be brought for raising and education. The Sanctuary is simply a part of the whole Project but is also under the 'Will Not Fail' and 'Kill or Destroy' umbrella. (The White Brotherhood will destroy any of the Dark Ones who attempt to interfere with or obstruct any portion of the Project or Mission that I spearhead on their behalf.) I got a 'sense' that They would like you to start mentioning to everyone the fact that you will be building the Sanctuary at some point, this being to allow any and all possible contributions of money or property and suggestions to do the same. I also had a 'sense' that They will be leaving most of the details up to you but will send help when it is appropriate."

June 16, 2006:       I had asked for advice and guidance (through Greg) from The Masters on the long distance healings that I was doing after saying that more and more requests were coming in, and I wanted to get it right and maximize my participation and be as effective as I could possibly be. He wrote back, "I had an OVERWHELMING FEELING that you are doing exactly the right thing in what you are doing now and that these are some of the things that you've been training for when out of body (at night when asleep)."

"I had 'Someone' say in my head, 'Tell him (Jim) that some people may need to be on the phone with him while doing the healing. Tell him to remind them that they are always more than welcome to visit him in person should they feel more comfortable doing that. Tell him that distance doesn't exist for Us. We are there! Tell him to remind them of this. Tell him the 'Sanctuary of Kuthumi' (page for the website) is spectacular and timely. Tell him to press for follow-up information from each healing and, just as importantly, to ask if they know of anyone else who might need our Loving Grace. Lastly, the means for contributing is needing completion. (Paypal on the Contributions page of the website) Some intended gifts have been neglected due to this. In addition, consider offering the means to contribute incrementally'" (regular monthly payments).

June 22, 2006:       While watching the World Cup Soccer Tournament on TV, Greg suddenly had a "mental movie" play out in his mind. It was like he was standing in the scene off to one side and was privy to the conversation. It took place in one of the Sanctuaries that I had created (He knew there were more than one.), and it was a conversation that several people were having with me. They were people of position who were running and managing the Sanctuary for me. They were complaining about there being so much mail and that they had to run back and forth from the town so often to take care of all that mail. Somebody mentioned to me that what was really needed was a post office to take care of it all but that the Sanctuary would have to become incorporated to get one. Somebody else said that they were pretty sure that there were enough people living in the Spiritual Community for it to become incorporated, which was an indication of its size.

June 27, 2006:       Regarding teaching other healers to do what I am doing, Greg said, "I had a 'sense' that you will not have to 'transfer' anything to them. They will need to undergo much of the same training/learning/understanding that you have undergone but without having to distill the information over many years as you did. You have the information that they need. The Dudes (White Brotherhood) will then 'allow' them to act as a conduit for Their Healing Energies."

"My 'sense' is that They (The Ascended Masters) will work with them (the healers) ONLY if They feel that those healers are ready and are of pure heart and spirit. In other words, you don't really have to worry about it. I have a STRONG feeling that They are depending on you to 'instruct' or 'train' those who want to become healers (on behalf of The White Brotherhood). I also had an interesting feeling that the healers would need to 'affiliate' with the Sanctuary of Kuthumi. I have no idea what that means except that maybe by affiliating, they will be kept on 'track' by the atmosphere/environment at these Places of Grace."

July 01, 2006:       I had asked for clarification about "the Project" that The Masters had for me, and Greg wrote that he received the answer from Them in a kind of quiet whisper, "The Project is simple and one of many. The current cause is pointed almost totally at bringing as many as possible to a point that will allow them to make the Shift to the New Level. You ARE a key to this most important endeavor and will be teaching others to go about the task of teaching and healing, but your most important tasks will come during and after the Shift."

He wrote that there was more whispering, and the following was addressed to me: "The work (healing and teaching) is proceeding more slowly than We had anticipated but not because of your efforts. We are working on certain ones who can contribute greatly to your work, but at times it is like moving mountains, as you would say, to get them to act on their paths. Sometimes We are awed by the audacity of Free Will. We do have suggestions (for the work) but will be sending these through 'brainstorming' sessions (with other people) that you and Greg discussed by phone. Greg needs to ease back as he's cracking the door ever wider for the Forces of Evil" (by the amount of help being given to me).

Regarding long distance healings he channeled, "We do have a request. One session is enough for Our Healing Powers to resolve any problem, but We would ask that you suggest 2 to 3 sessions -- with them (the recipients) contacting you after each session to produce feedback." He wrote, "I had a pretty strong 'sense' that most people need to work on one major problem (during a healing) at a time, as their bodies won't usually have the wherewithall to handle the healing energy required to eliminate several maladies at once." I asked if there was any more advice for the healings in which I was in attendance, and They said, "Slightly more dialogue could bolster the belief system of the one receiving healing".

I asked how The Heavy Dudes liked the Ozarks for the Sanctuary of Kuthumi, and the only response was, "A most beautiful area." Greg said that he had "felt" a nice, warm sensation when that response was given.

Regarding the future need for more healers to be working on behalf of The White Brotherhood, "There are no abilities for you (Jim) to pass on. We will work through any who are of pure heart and spirit and whom you have taught to understand and who are willing to walk the path. Understand that you will be 'the Rock' for those that you 'ordain', and you must always remain available for interaction. Those ones must also vow allegiance to and support of the Sanctuaries."

August 26, 2006:       I had written a short piece about The Lord Hilarion (Chohan of The Fifth Ray) making an appearance at one of my talks about the "13 Steps To Paradise" and sent it to Greg to read. A psychic woman with aetheric vision had told me that she saw, while I was talking, a brilliant flash of white light enter the room opposite her and the name of "Hilarion" was given repeatedly to her in her mind, clairaudiently. She had also after that seen columns of white light moving about the room, and these represented to her Ascended Masters from her previous experience. Greg said, "Wow, I sure got a 'Right On' feeling reading 'Hilarion's Visit'." (This intuitive impression came to him from The White Brotherhood, he said.)

September 07, 2006:       Greg wrote to me, "I got a damned POWERFUL message or 'thought transfer'. Anyway, the message was that They want you to really start PUSHING the Sanctuaries (at least the first one). To anyone who voices or even hints at an interest in It, They want you to 'grill' them for ideas they might have in how to help get it started, how they might be able to help or contribute, AND if they might know anyone else who would be in a position to advise or help!"

"This was in terms of contributing money, land to lease, lend, or donate (and it doesn't have to be out in the wilderness to get it started), fund-raising skills they might have and how to set something like that up, skills to help build or produce everything or anything for the Project! It is imperative that they understand that you can't just build the Sanctuary by yourself! The implications were that some people have crossed your path that might have been able to help but for one reason or another may have managed to 'slip away'."

"I also got VERY strong feelings that the Sanctuaries are becoming a critical factor in the Project, and They are going to really push it at everyone .......... whatever that means. Man, I haven't had information that intense in a long while. As I mentioned, The Heavies are really pushing the Sanctuary. I just got, 'Get the Sanctuary going!' Damn, They are persistent."

September 10, 2006:       From The Heavies directed toward me, Jim: "The Sanctuary has become a priority. We understand your need to heal and teach, but your expertise in this Project, for now, needs be that of teaching the teachers. You simply cannot accomplish all that needs doing by yourself. This teaching needs to be facilitated at the Sanctuary in a setting without disturbances and in an environment of peace, harmony, and grace."

"Jim, We understand that you do not like soliciting funds for yourself, but any soliciting will be for the Sanctuaries and the benefit of Humankind NOT yourself. Therefore, have no reservations. It is imperative that you ask ALL for funds, help, suggestions, and/or ideas in building these Temples of Grace. Greg asked Us to create, as he put it, 'conditions' allowing him to register the domain name, 'whitewolfsanctuary.com' for your Project, but those who have the name currently (on the Oregon Coast) are doing a great service and so will be protected."

I (Jim) had written that some people, when they read "A Call To The Healers" on my website, were put off by the request of The Masters that healers and teachers who go out into the world from the Sanctuaries should remain affiliated with those Sanctuaries. Greg wrote, "Wow, I had a NOT GOOD feeling (? frustration and disappointment, almost anger, from The Dudes) about those who doubt your motives and Their motives and sincerity, ESPECIALLY those who have met you in person. The Higher Ones said, 'Use caution when dealing with those of that nature'. I can't pinpoint exactly what that means, so it's to your interpretation" (caution about wanting to deal with those who have doubts about the recommendations of The Masters of Wisdom).

"I just now asked for a clarification but got nothing but a kind of 'cold-chill feeling', so I wasn't moved to ask a second time. Of course, They're far beyond any such emotion like anger, but that was my interpretation (of the conveyed feeling)."

"I can't remember the exact wording (regarding affiliation with the Sanctuaries), but the impetus was to maintain a contact (with the Sanctuaries), I guess, rather than an affiliation and, as you interpreted, to maintain their spiritual direction (or compass) if needed. (Of course, they may be so advanced as to not need that.) It will be an enormous amount of work, and the Sanctuary will be a WONDERFUL place to go to get your 'batteries charged', so to speak! That did NOT mean that anyone would be obligated to the Sanctuaries for ANYTHING. God forbid that they would feel a kinship of sorts!"

"I just now had a feeling that these are the types of things that are causing the 'weariness' of The Dudes, especially those sentiments coming from people on the Path. If those on the Path feel this way, then what of convincing the mundane masses? Hmmmm, it was not a very pleasant feeling I got (about some people being suspect of the recommendations and the Wisdom of The Ascended Masters). Anyway, another part of the impetus (for remaining connected with the Sanctuaries) was that The Dudes would 'appreciate' that those who have 'graduated' from the Sanctuaries return occasionally to offer inspiration and support to those who are in the process of becoming teachers/healers (like an alumni maybe). In addition, many people, including teachers and healers, will be living at the Sanctuary. Why would you not want to return Home to experience old friends? That's about all I can remember of the information (from The White Brotherhood)."

"I have been getting inundated the last couple of days with lots of dream-like sequences about the Sanctuary. It's like I'm walking around the place (in astral form) after its finished, just watching and experiencing 'being' there. I can tell you for SURE, it is one fine, beautiful place, and it's heavily forested and has a stream running through it. It was a VERY comforting and peaceful place. It had that piney smell, and I could hear people talking, calling, and laughing, especially the kids." (Though he tried he couldn't tell what specific kinds of trees there were to identify the region.)

I (Jim) asked if there was anything more that I could do for Lord Hilarion. Greg received this directly from That Lord of The Fifth Ray. "I am fully pleased with your efforts. I am enjoying our orations (Hilarion merged with me) and would only encourage more of the same (the talks I give)! As you are aware, things (relative to the Project) are moving much more slowly than We (The Masters) had hoped, and the incident with your website (being down for 8 weeks) did not enhance these efforts. We are working on pulling lost benefactors back to a working reality. I would also suggest that you follow the promptings of The Lord Kuthumi regarding your anger (bringing it under control) as it could be your undoing with the Project. We could tell you how to eradicate the deficiency but must be extremely careful concerning how and what We offer as We too are under certain constraints." Greg said, "Wow, that was from The Dude Himself (Hilarion). I got freezing chills while that was going on!"

I (Jim) asked what more I could do during the healings to be more effective. Greg channeled, "We are delighted that you are finally experiencing the enormous energy that is flowing through you at these times. You are performing perfectly and as We expected. We did not pick you at random."

I (Jim) had written that I thought that Lord Hilarion had sent a holographic projection of Himself to the talk I was giving at Unity when someone with Third Eye sight saw Him come in. Greg received this directly from Hilarion, "Regarding the hologram, as I said above, I thank you for allowing Me to, as I called it, 'walk-in' (merge with my consciousness). When this happens, your energy field becomes so powerful that ones attuned are often able to see Me with you (merged), sometimes beside you, and sometimes are only aware of the energy or Light in and around you. We are amused at those of you who are in such awe. There are so many experiences beyond your farthest comprehension that We take for granted." Greg then wrote, "Whooooooeeeee, more of those chills and giant goosebumps!"

Greg told me later that he had a feeling that Hilarion will hang out with me during the talks that I give ("13 Steps To Paradise"). Kuthumi will also come but not just Those Two. Other Adepts and Masters will "drop in" on my talks. Hilarion will both influence the listeners to ask certain questions and will influence the answers that come out of me.

September 14, 2006:       Greg wrote, "Here's the stuff I got last night and early this morning. I thought I was just dreaming at first, but as I awoke the information just kept coming. All of these came as 'suggestions/brainstorming', I feel, rather than as directives, but I must say that they were coming fast and furious. Sometimes it's hard for me to 'wake up' when I think I'm dreaming and, like last night and early morning, it was 'raining down' information, although a lot of it was just me walking around (in astral form) and looking at things."

"The first thing I remember as I was falling asleep was that you (Jim) need to make a 'Wish List' and publish it on the website, and putting pictures with it would be even better. Next, I was walking through your 'store'. It was like a huge Good Will Store, and it had tons of stuff but was well kept, neat, and clean. There was lots of furniture. It seemed like I was walking through the store and dreaming at the same time -- very weird. I got the message that you should try to find donated warehouse space and shop space to store and make things. Consider storing/fixing donated items, then selling the items from the store or warehouse. My impression was EXACTLY like Good Will does it."

"An interjection here -- when I heard/sensed Them say 'you' (Jim), the meaning was to delegate the work out to volunteers. You will need them to set this up and run it. Ones could donate (money) outright to the Project. Others could donate items not sold from garage or moving sales, etc."

"I went out the back door of the warehouse, turned left, and walked over to your 'shop' (workshop). The front of the building said, 'White Wolf Industries'. I walked in and it was full of people using saws, drill presses, sanders, etc.; and a bunch of people were assembling all kinds of cool things like one-quarter and one-half scale buckboards, covered wagons, wishing wells, and lighthouses almost exactly like I was going to build (for a business venture). I could smell sawdust and heard the machinery running. I sure liked that place!"

The following is the list of suggestions given to Greg while he was walking around in "the dream" (or the future) in his astral body:

    a) "Make and sell things from the shop."

    b) "Another impression (given several times) -- make a Wish List and publish it on your website." (See "Road Map To The Sanctuary")

    c) "You will need access to a truck."

    d) "You need to find out about becoming a 501-c3" (a non-taxable, charitable entity).

    e) "See about getting your writings published. I'm assuming you will be protected in doing this. This will also generate a continuous income stream."

    f) "Make sure you place 'land or property' on your Wish List, even small parcels. Although you don't have the property yet, placing a picture as an 'example' will provide insight (for others) into your thinking and intentions."

    g) "You need to ask everyone to promote the Project and Sanctuary by posting as often as possible to groups, forums, blogs, etc."

    h) "I got this very strongly: 'Ask and you shall receive'!"

    i) "Find grant writers to help."

    j) "Find an accountant to help."

    k) "Host websites at www.kuthumi-hands.com inexpensively to generate a monthly revenue stream."

    l) "Consign items on E-Bay for private parties and businesses to generate commission revenue."

    m) "Set up your own 'Classifieds' section at kuthumi-hands.com. People can use it rather than the newspaper. You can also sell donated items there."

September 25, 2006:       Received by Greg for me: "Remember that 'the Project' IS enormous, but you need to DELEGATE MOST of the things that need doing. You will NOT be doing them, as your purpose is to direct, to keep things moving and on track."

I asked for a comment on my proposal for a page on my website called "Messages From The Masters", in which Greg would channel weekly messages. He had been advised not to do it. The Lofty Ones said, "We are focusing enormous efforts on the Sanctuaries at this time and would like that you make that a priority of your own. You will understand."

When I had recently talked to Greg about my participation in the long-distance healings, he had seen, in his "mind's eye" , the symbol of an umbilical cord stretching from me to the healing recipient. He wrote, "I wanted to remind you about the 'sense' I got about the umbilical cord. For some reason, the energy flowing through the so-called cord to the recipient is 'moderated' through you for the benefit of that person. I didn't get the whys or the wherefores. Also, you don't need the address (of the recipient), but the city or state could be helpful to you so that you can direct your 'personal' energies in that direction. Even that's probably not necessary, but I have a 'feeling' that some people benefit from it the same way a placebo might work (through belief). They think that that's expected and a part of the process and that if you don't ask (for their location) they won't be healed."

"I just had a 'sense' that the music, candles, sacred objects, lying down, etc. (during a healing session) are totally unnecessary but can be beneficial for the mind-set of the recipient. The expectations (of the healing) are MOST important, and the gratitude is a precondition of even receiving the healing."

October 01, 2006:       I (Jim) had asked some questions about my role in the long distance healings, and Greg wrote, "I got these thoughts from Someone although I don't know Who (of The Masters). 'You (Jim) were trained as a conduit for these Energies (of The Christ) long, long ago, but, as We have stated before, your position in these Transitional Times will be that of an overseer. You will be training the trainers (who will train the healers and the teachers). You must not allow yourself to get embroiled in the details but must be as the conductor. We are currently simply allowing you to keep the conduit charged'."

I had sent Greg the "Road Map to The Sanctuary", and he wrote, "WOW, did I get the MAJOR bumps and chills when I read it! I had a 'feeling' that It (the Sanctuary) is getting close. I also had a STRONG feeling that it (the writing just sent) HAS to be accessible to everyone on your website."

October 12, 2006:       These were responses to questions that I submitted to Greg.

    a) I asked what They thought of "Road Map To The Sanctuary", the latest writing to go into my website. The direct response was, "We are impressed".

    b) I asked if I was wrong to claim that Hilarion will make an appearance at my talks (aetherically speaking). He wrote, "I got that you are NOT wrong in that He has already been there (at the talks), but claim only that He may make an appearance. There are Others (of The Masters) that may do the same as needed. The Dudes would like you to continue giving the talks and healing those in need."

    c) I asked if there was anything that Kuthumi would like to communicate to me at this time, and the message channeled was, "You MUST work on your strength and body mass".

    d) I asked for comment on their efforts with regards to the first Sanctuary, and he wrote, "I got that They are distraught with several ones (people), but there was no elaboration." We later clarified that The Heavy Dudes are "distraught" with certain people who are not following the inner promptings given by The Heavies for them to go to my website or request a healing or offer a contribution or become interested in the Sanctuary.

    e) I asked about the "activation" I was told I would have at some point. He wrote, "I heard this kind of like a thought-bubble: 'Some have told you this will happen as though it were a light switch. This enlightenment will come to you as needed but not as a sudden event. You have already accessed much of your learning (given over eons), although you don't appear to recognize it and assume it is coming from within your own mind. And so all of it is coming from you and will come from you! These things will come more easily when you learn to let go, accept that it will happen, and let it happen; although you have surprised Us and don't seem to manifest the problems We would ascribe to your doubting mind'." Greg reiterated that the doubts I have are somehow inserted into my mind by the Dark Ones.

November 12, 2006:       While discussing the recommendation (by The Masters) of a series of healing sessions for those with chronic, serious medical conditions, Greg had an immediate intuitive "sense" that others may need the series as well for lots of different reasons: illnesses of a karmic nature, an influence of doubt, the inability to fully believe, a mind-set of victimhood, the unwillingness to be an active participant in the healing, the persistent relapse into negative emotions or thinking patterns. His "sense" was that I should just tell most people that more than one healing session is available and refer them to "Some Reasons Why A Healing May Not Occur".

He also had a "sense" that I should solicit more information from people regarding their medical conditions before the appointment is made. They should be made aware that I have the knowledge of an M.D. physician because it may further boost their confidence in the healing. This is all for the benefit of the recipient, because if they don't really believe in it, then it may well not happen. And he also "sensed" that I should be more adamant about requesting that certain things be read on my website.

January 08, 2007:       These are questions that were submitted to The White Brotherhood. The responses took 2 months to be received.

1. Question: "Are there any recommendations for getting my website and the healings more widely known?"

    Answer: "You should present information to many more forums, lists, and directories. It is also necessary that you begin selecting documents for the recording of your work on tapes and compact discs (CD's). It would be sufficient to simply record them as you or your designee read them aloud. These may be distributed from your website as well as other places and could produce some needed funds. Continuing to expand the awareness of your website is of maximum importance and help."

2. Question: "If the Sanctuary has been a priority now for months, has there been any progress? What more can I do?"

    Answer: "The Sanctuary is, for the most part, out of your hands at this time (meaning that the influencing of those who pledged to support It before incarnating is up to The Masters). We are amused at your impatience and conceptual use of linear time, but We understand why this is so. We continue to manipulate those who are necessary and capable of contributing significantly. There are some who have been given much because of commitments made long ago. They have reneged on those commitments, and so We have allowed them to lose these fortunes."

3. Question: "Does everyone need multiple healing sessions because of inability to handle the full intensity of The Christ Energies? What about animals?"

    Answer: "Not at all. It is dependent on the extent of their physical or emotional maladies, but most seeking your help will be in need of multiple sessions. In fact, some with dangerous diseases or multiples of such would be much better served were you to teach them to summon their own Guides and Masters for healing as well as continuing sessions with you. Those being served will know when they have had enough and will know that they are unable to get too much. Strange as it may seem, animals are much more able to tolerate healing energies than Humankind."

4. Question: "How does that 'umbilical cord' from me to the distant healing recipient work? How do I moderate the Energies from Kuthumi?"

    Answer: "It's far too complicated to explain, even though you already have this information. A quick explanation is that by sending the energies through you, the energies are able to evolve into an 'earthly' state that enables the recipient to more adequately and efficiently use the energy. As Greg suggested, it takes the edges off." A later clarification revealed that for most (but not all) of the healings at a distance, the energies are brought through me first before reaching the recipient, which is one of the things that I trained for in many other lifetimes and during sojourns on the Astral Planes.

Greg wrote to me, "It was VERY clear that I was supposed to apply for the V.A. pension funds a long time ago, get you on it, and get us both underway back in about 2000 or 2001. (BIG LOSS)"

He later said that The White Brotherhood had had many things planned and set up to happen for that time frame of 2000-2001 when it was expected that the 2 of us would be starting on our pre-planned paths on behalf of The Masters. When it didn't happen, some of those plans fell apart because many people who were involved in those plans drifted away from their commitments and went in other directions, and because I didn't start my path until 2006 new plans had to be formulated and set into motion by The Brotherhood.

A message to Jim: "We were hoping that with your work and exposure in Flagstaff, you would regain your ability to better cope with others. In the future, it will be of the UTMOST importance that you are able to do this, including working with those participating in the Sanctuaries. You will find that even some on 'the Path' will retain characteristics that can cause irritation and aggravation."

"There is only one way to resolve this, and that is to allow yourself immersion in it. A paradox is developing in that you are well on your long-awaited path to help save Humankind, yet you accommodate them with disgust, contempt, and disdain. Be reminded that, crude as some may be, all are extensions of The Almighty. We will tell you that much of your influence (which is negative) comes from the Dark Forces, but We never allow it to become more than you should easily handle."

January 29, 2007:       More Q. and A. for The Hierarchy of Heavies.

1. Question: "When I finally start creating the Sanctuaries, I want to have the final say on the decisions that are made -- the choices, the plans, the regulations, the permanent residents -- not out of any sense of ego or power trip but because I hold uppermost in mind the ideal vision and won't compromise that vision. Is there anything wrong with that?"

    Answer: "We appreciate your intent and sense of purpose but will remind you that you must place trust in your designees. Your purpose is far too important than to be weighted by the mundane, and as more Sanctuaries are created, this will become of even more import."

2. Question: "Could the Sanctuaries, which I wish to create and which have the potential for helping large numbers of people to make the Shift, have any comparison to other Endeavors of The Brotherhood in the past, such as the Theosophical Society, Alice Bailey's writings, the I Am Movement of the '30's, and the Bridge Activity of the '50's? Please elaborate!"

    Answer: "There are some similarities, but as the Sanctuaries evolve They will be like nothing ever seen on your planet. To elaborate would be to make patience intolerable."

3. Question: "Did the Sanctuaries need the approval of The Solar Logos and The Lords of Karma for the investment of your Energies and mine?"

    Answer: "Approval is an 'earthly' term. It is too difficult to fully explain, but suffice it to say that We (The Great White Brotherhood of Planet Earth), The Solar Logos, The Lords of Karma, and All that may be involved (in the Sanctuaries) conceived of, are developing, and are implementing the concept of the Sanctuaries as ONE (Collective of Consciousness), as with all Projects. All are aware of All at all times, a Universal Consciousness. You have also been aware and involved for a very long time as one of the initial instigators (of the Sanctuaries), but your Earth Plane veils your consciousness" (and memory).

April 02, 2007:       As Greg was reading an e-mail from me, he received, "Jim needs to get on some talk shows -- radio and/or television".

Reading through my e-mails, he said that a kind of thought-package came into his mind and that it definitely came from Someone in The Spiritual Hierarchy. They let it be known that it was VERY IMPORTANT! Basically, it conveyed that someone needed to develope the means for building donations for the Sanctuary Project and that a foundation grant proposal writer was needed to be working on it from that angle of approach.

April 24, 2007:       I had sent Greg a picture of a prominent police lieutenant in Florida who had received a series of healings from Kuthumi and who was very enthusiastic and impressed by his experience with Kuthumi. As Greg was looking at the picture, he said he got a "SCREAMING" message in his head from One of The White Brotherhood, "Tell him (Jim) to get some pictures on his site!!!" This referred to pictures of me. He said, "The message was presented in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS! I don't know what the big deal is, but then I can't see as far down the road as Those Guys. The message was actually kind of scary, it was so EMPHATIC!"

May 20, 2007:       This day I received another e-mail over the Internet from Saint Thomas Aquinas, The One Who is calling Himself The Sanctuarian, and I have come to believe or "sense" that this Master in The 5th Ray Brotherhood has been appointed by Lord Hilarion to see to it that the Sanctuaries of The Masters are brought to fruition and to provide me with all the help that I will be needing to accomplish the Project.

"Stay strong and focused; fulfillment is approaching. Surround yourself with those that would offer help."

    "1. Do not explain to ones where you have missed their healing appointment. This has caused dismay and doubt and, in turn, reversed healing which was none-the-less provided. We will attend them should We deem it necessary."

    "2. Should one fall into slumber during their healing session it is of no concern as long as the request has been made, they are karmically eligible, the desire to be healed is real, and healing is expected. Their consciousness is not needed to facilitate healing."

    "3. It is time to begin assembling the structure for the Sanctuaries. Your acolytes must assist you at this time by:

        a. Fully understanding the nature and purpose of the Sanctuaries
        b. Explaining and disseminating this information to others
        c. Searching for others who might have leadership qualities
        d. Searching out those who might be fit to inhabit this Place of Grace
        e. Forming covens to discuss and prepare for their inception and habitation
        f. Start contributing to and soliciting funds to bring the Sanctuaries to reality
        g. Searching for grant writers for funding
        h. Search out lands held in 'trust' that could be used even if temporarily"

    "4. Organize your writings into packages or chapters that will be used for teaching by you and others."

June 07, 2007:       I was sharing with Greg an e-mail from a man in Rome, Italy, who had not experienced any sensations during his healing session with Kuthumi, and the man was somewhat disappointed and seemed to be heading in the direction of skeptical because he hadn't felt anything out of the ordinary. At that moment, Greg received a bolus of thought from The White Brotherhood that translates as follows: Some people, especially those who are less psychically sensitive, may receive healing without even knowing it. That is, they won't have any sensations, symptoms, or signs during the healing session that are recognizable to the waking consciousness, and yet the healing will have been accomplished and will unfold over time. The message, which I included in "The Healing Session" on my website, was intended to keep those people from becoming discouraged or disbelieving, which would create a blockage to any ongoing healing process.

July 17, 2007:       During a phone conversation, Greg received input from The White Brotherhood as we were talking. With regard to concerns for my website and the technological ability of the Dark Ones to eradicate it in their quest to prevent me from completing the Project that I have come to do on behalf of The Ascended Masters, he said that The Masters have informed me that They simply will NOT let the Project fail and that my website is considered by Them to be too important a tool toward that end. As such, it is being protected from complete eradication, although the Lizards may be able to screw around with pieces of it, such as their deletion of "The Reptilian Conquerors". Somewhere, whether on the Internet, my hard drive, or back-up flash drives, my complete website has to remain intact, and The Heavy Dudes will see to it.

With regard to the Sanctuaries, he said that nobody can be allowed to own ANY of the land in the Sanctuaries, even people wanting to build their homes there. They CAN own their houses but not the land, as with condominiums. There is to be no ownership of the land. The Sanctuaries will belong to The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth, and I will manage them on their behalf until I become too busy with more important matters and must designate others to manage and run and oversee them.

November 04, 2007:       This message came through Greg after I had told him about someone who had expressed great enthusiasm and interest in the Sanctuaries and who had written a flurry of e-mails about all the help he was going to give me to create Them and who then disappeared into the aethers, never to be heard from again. He wrote, "I got a 'sense' that you just need to get what you can from people. If the Sanctuary has to be built piece by piece, then so be it. Just take what you can and keep moving forward, NEVER looking back. If they fall by the wayside, it will only hurt them."

July 30, 2008:       A woman in Flagstaff, Arizona, who has had the gift of psychic abilities all of her life passed on a message for me to a friend (Deb. W.), asking that she give it to me. I was told that the message came from The White Brotherhood and came spontaneously during meditation. The woman said that she never receives messages from The Hierarchy and so considered it to be most important and timely for me. In essence, I was told that I was not doing the work that was expected of me by The Higher Ups. That is, I wasn't getting myself out there to meet with and mingle with people. Her take on it was that I should be giving talks or workshops, etc. She said that people will be drawn to my "Light" when they meet me in person and that that "Light" will influence them. I mentioned all the work I'd done on the website and all the healings over the past 2 years, but she said that my Light wouldn't be available to them on the Internet at my site. They needed to be in my presence, whether that was a social gathering, a church service, a lecture, or etc. I sent the message to Greg, hoping that he could get some comment from The Masters, and he wrote to me as follows:

"You're not going to like this but I told you I would always tell you what I got, good or bad. I got that Deb W. is right on the money. This was kind of a flowing of thoughts as I was reading & re-reading your note and felt that it was from Hilarion Himself. Wow, that was pretty scary! The thoughts came so fast I couldn't write them down so will have to pull the stuff from memory. He said that you had been guided to doing the talks and presentations a very long time ago (Chico, California in 1992) and then again way back in Flagstaff (Arizona, 2006), and the whole reasoning behind all of that was to start bringing you back from the wilderness. I think I even mentioned once or twice that this is what They wanted to have happen, but it's been a long time now; maybe I didn't."

"The picture (vision) I was given was Jesus coming back from his years of absence and beginning his path of Teacher/Healer. He had to 'be about His Father's work', and that required 'going among the people'. I got that she is exactly right about people being drawn to your Light. That was even happening in Flagstaff when you were giving those talks back when. I got that the power of your Light is 'STUNNING', even beyond anything you could imagine, but it needed to be allowed to spread to those around you, however you elected to stop the process. You have stepped off of your path and are waiting for something to happen rather than making something happen. The picture I was given was of Jesus going back into the desert and not gathering the Apostles or not going from town to town teaching & healing. His story would have disappeared and his path ended there."

"I also got that many things that were suggested to you (by The Heavy Dudes) were forsaken and discarded, often because of your cynicism and also not trusting in yourself or Their guidance. I got that the website is only a tool, but you were counting on it to move mountains. It has it's place as a teaching tool, but your path was to get out among people. You were given and have developed, over the eons, the incredible powers of thought, an ability to accomplish ANYTHING, and an incredible magnetism of Light. I got that your dis-ease at being around people was normal and would have eventually dissipated with the exercising of humility, but your cynicism and anger will keep you off of your path until it is eradicated. I also got that 'Light' from the website WILL be available to those who are ready to receive It, but It is to be used to enable people to 'find' you and to enable them to 'experience' your Light."

I (Jim) had written Greg this: "Then she said that The Heavies were extremely disappointed and were either drawing away from me or had already drawn away from me (I forget which). She said They've found someone else to do the work that was expected of me. Then she went on to say that the psychic woman was told that my van wouldn't last much longer as it was getting old and wearing out. We talked about other things, but that was the core of it."

He wrote, "She is correct in that They are disappointed, but They did not seem 'extremely' so and are absolutely NOT drawing away. They are, indeed, activating others to take up the reins, but these are simply those that were to be activated at a later date anyway. Regardless of your decision to get back on your path, They always have and always will love and protect you. You are of Them and are ALWAYS most welcome to step back on the path, but 'We need him in the fields not in the wilderness' as He (Hilarion) put it with an uproarous laugh! I'm not sure what the laugh was about... I guess I missed the joke but was too nervous to ask. I just kept my mouth shut and listened."

"I was also told that the psychic woman is correct about the van. Had you pursued things the way they had been planned (you were in on the planning), your van would have been replaced by now and your circumstances vastly different. Hilarion said that it would now take a monumental effort to turn things around but that it could be done because you have the gifts needed to accomplish anything, IF you elect to do so. If you elect to return to your path, you will need the help of many, many friends -- even moreso than the original path. With the Light you have to offer and the gifts you have to share, there are others who will leap to your side. (From Lord Hilarion) 'YOU MUST LEARN TO GRACIOUSLY ALLOW OTHERS TO HELP YOU. YOU MUST NOT ALIENATE THEM. ALLOW THEM THEIR SHORTCOMINGS. WHEN OTHERS MOVE YOU TO ANGER, BE HUMBLE NOT ANGRY. WHEN YOU REBUKE THEM, YOU REBUKE US WHO HAVE SENT THEM TO YOU (Hilarion's emphasis). Would you dismiss the eons of time you have spent preparing? You can learn to work amongst the hordes of civilization again with it's noise, traffic, congestion, and inconveniences. Which is more important, your comfort or your work? This is where Our work needs to be done, and so this is where you are needed. Now be at peace with yourself. There are no mistakes; you will make the correct decision whichever it may be'."

Greg continued, "I got that this (the message received by the woman during meditation) is the real deal. Nothing is on the line even if you choose to end your path. Your decision will not affect what happens to you. From Hilarion, 'You are still of Us and so have much Grace. You will simply make a choice to not pursue the work you have prepared for, and this will be shifted to others. Your consciousness will pass to the New World (the New Golden Age) regardless of your choice'."

I (Jim) had also written Greg, "I'm asking you kindly if you would read this note over and over until you receive something from The Higher Dudes, something, just anything. If all the above is true, I think They might use this one last opportunity to get through to me and let me know just what it is that They want me to do to receive their continued support and guidance and protection. I mean, is this what I get in return for all I've done in the past 2 and a half years, not to mention the preparatory years in the wilderness? If my van goes, I am homeless. There is no one to fall back upon. And where would my 'Silver Platter' be in all of this and my Ascended Master Guardian? And what about your message of 3 years ago that my van problems were healed and that I wouldn't have any more major problems?"

He wrote, "They were VERY disappointed that you would expect something for what you've done. From Hilarion, 'It's sad that the love you receive for your accomplishments would not suffice. Did The Christ give up more than you? You have been given gifts that transcend mortal man and still you want more. Would riches make you happy? Would riches move your Soul to a higher glory? Then you are wanting less than you are.' Regarding the Platter, your Ascended Master, and the van problems being healed, I got that 3 years ago you were on a much different path and having stepped off of it, things have taken a turn in a downward direction. I also got that things could get much worse but are avoidable if you move quickly. I asked what 'quickly' meant but got no answer. I actually got no more. I have to tell you, this was not a very pleasant experience. It was lots of bad/sad news, but then again it sounds like it is totally salvagable AND They have NOT abandoned you by any stretch of the imagination."

August 17, 2008:       I had sent Greg a message that had been channeled from Kuthumi through a young man that lived in Southern California. After reading it, he said that he received a "sense" that the channeling was correct and on track. He later wrote, "I re-read Kuthumi's message to Brian and while reading it I got some REALLY good information (thought-forms but with sound?) from Kuthumi."

"My Brother (Jim) needs to AGAIN start formulating the creation of tapes and publications. He needs to begin the process for creation of a daily or weekly talk show via the Internet. He needs to create a place where hands-on healing may be effected. There will be available those who can help him. Without his initiation or inquiry, the help will not manifest. The work is much and he will be exhausted, but this will bring him the strength to reintegrate himself. The Master Virginia (my Ascended Master Guardian) will see to it."

August 25, 2008:       I wrote Greg that during a trip to San Diego I had gone to Paramahansa Yogananda's Hermitage and wandered the grounds. It had felt like hallowed ground, and I was moved to tears a number of times by the peaceful, loving energy of the place. That has rarely happened to me. The woman I was with could see White Light all over the place with her aetheric vision. When he read that, he said that he intuitively received that some of the Sanctuaries of The Masters will be very comparable as far as having the energies of a "holy place".

February 21, 2009:       I had sent Greg information about the lives of Helena P. Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Olcott, the founders of the Theosophical Society. They were both disciples of The Ascended Master El Morya Who appeared to each of them at various times throughout their lives. They were also visited by The Masters Kuthumi and Djwhal Khul and received monetary help whenever it was needed as they strived to develope and expand the Theosophical Society. The writings of HPB, "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine", and the Society were a major thrust of The Great White Brotherhood toward the spiritual awakening of Western Civilization, and help was provided by The Masters many times.

In my note, I wondered why I was not receiving help from The Great Ones. I said that it felt like I was in the lineage of Blavatsky and Olcott and Alice Bailey, in that I had come into this incarnate form to accomplish a certain mission on behalf of The Spiritual Hierarchy, one that would influence large numbers of people through the Sanctuaries and the healings and the preparation of many to be capable of making the Dimensional Shift. Everything was at a standstill, and I couldn't understand why there was not intervention and help from The Masters in this time of need.

When he read my note, he received a message from The Heavyweights. It was addressed to me: "You are exactly where YOU planned on being. You temporarily no longer have access to those strategies, and We are unable to intervene, but We can tell you that YOU set up these series of events and conditions prior to this incarnation. We can only follow but not interfere with the directives you have bestowed upon yourself for this journey. We would remind you that much of it you created as a test of yourself. Any and all change of direction is in your control. We can say, look to yourself rather than others except for advice or suggestion."

Greg continued to say, "One thing that struck me was that They said it was up to you to change directions not that you had to do it all yourself. Somehow I get the feeling that this might be some sort of battle, so to speak, between you changing directions and the Dark Lizards trying to smash that change so as to prevent the results of the change of direction. It seems that it would be up to you to somehow defeat their efforts and somehow maintain the changed direction at least until The Dudes can join you in the battle. I assumed that the strategies referred to were the flow of events you decided upon before your incarnation."

July 27, 2009:       Greg was reading through the healing experiences of people in "Sharings and Testimonials" on my website when he said he heard a voice in his head that was very direct and very clear. He heard the exact words of the message clairaudiently rather than getting a thought package which would need to be converted into words. "He (Jim) must begin performing hands-on healing everywhere he is. There are several nearby (Bayfield, Colorado) who are in particular need of his help." For a couple of years, almost all of the healings that I have offered have been at a distance during which Kuthumi would go to the side of the healing recipient to conduct the healing following my invocation, and I hadn't made any effort to announce myself or let it be known locally that I offer healings. All of the requests were coming from the Internet.

October 22, 2009:       Greg and I were having a phone conversation, and the subject of the Spiritual Communities had come up, the Sanctuaries of The Masters that I had been asked to create years ago just before stepping onto my path in the Spring of 2006. I was mentioning that nearly every single person who had expressed interest in offering assistance to this Project had disappeared into the aethers never to be heard from again. I had also told him about a woman in New Jersey who was being inspired and guided by Kuthumi on a daily basis to generate the funding for these Temples of Grace, as they have been called. Greg said that he received the sign of chills and then a thought-package which boiled down to this: when the Sanctuary comes into being (and likewise the others), all the help and the skills and the talents which will be needed for its developement will be attracted to it and will just show up to become participants in its creation and expansion. I would see this phenomenon as being directed by The Heavies of The Hierarchy.

November 14, 2009:       During the Summer of 2009 I made connection with a couple from Pennsylvania who were going to be touring the country and interviewing metaphysically-inclined people about their spiritual journeys in life for a documentary that they were being inspired to create. I later came to believe and feel that this whole project of the spiritual documentary was being overseen and guided by The Ascended Masters of The Hierarchy. On their "Consciousness Tour", the couple met me in Southwest Colorado and videotaped what I had to share about my journey and my path and the things that I had come to do on behalf of The White Brotherhood and my Source, Kuthumi.

I had never been videotaped before and didn't have any preplanned outline of what I might be talking about, but I just opened my mouth and began talking. I thought I had stumbled through the whole thing, but they liked it so much that they said that they were going to edit it separately from the documentary and post it on the YouTube Website. A few months later, it was posted as "Consciousness Tour Dr. Jim" in 3 parts, and I sent Greg the link to watch it. This is what he had to say: "WOW ... I got MASSIVE chills watching this. I got a 'feeling' that these videos could open the flood gates. I got the 'feeling' that THIS is your next mode, if you will, to moving forward even beyond your website. You presented a HIGHLY believable and interesting demeanor."

I think that Greg received his input, in the form of chills and intuitive feelings, from the usual Lofty Level of High Estate in order to inform me of the influential nature of these videos and the need for me to be receiving more of this type of exposure to advance the projects I've been given to accomplish.

November 14, 2009:       I had shared with Greg a note that I'd written to someone with regard to the attraction that I've had to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas for the purpose of beginning the Sanctuary Project there, for the purpose of establishing the first Community and Healing Center of the Sanctuaries of The Masters. As he read the note, he received intuitive input from On High as follows: My (Jim's) own intuitive attraction to the area of North America, which is called the Ozarks, is intended only to be an example or suggestion by Those Who guide me, but the location of this first Community is not written in stone. It is not predetermined and could potentially be developed anywhere in the world. I believe that this message was given so that I would not be inflexibly fixated on starting the Project in the Ozarks and so that I would be more open to other possible locations.

February 17, 2010:       When Greg was reading an e-mail of mine, he received a sudden and direct knowingness that he called a "flash". What he received was a confirmation of something that I had been told years ago but found very hard to believe. My website, www.kuthumi-hands.com, is considered by The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy to be THEIR website, and it is being used by Them to influence FAR more people than I am being made aware of because only a few of them make contact with me. Many, many people have gone to my website and have come to know Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters in this way and have developed a fabulous association with Them. That was the gist of the message, which I think was given to reassure me that more was going on behind the scenes than I knew and that people were being guided to my website by The Masters.

February 21, 2010:       I had written Greg about a Native American woman in Tennessee with 90 acres of land which she felt was gifted to her for a purpose. Following her intuitive guidance, she had made contact with me and, in doing so, Kuthumi had come into her life. She is now feeling that she is to create a Spiritual Community on her land and asked me to join her. I gave Greg the reasons why I couldn't do that under the current circumstances, and he received a thought-package from The Lofty Ones as he read my note. One of the reasons I gave was that I wanted my own piece of land to hold in trust for The Ascended Masters so that there could be no interference by any unenlightened owner who didn't share the highest of Aquarian Age ideals that my vision offers me. I had said that I absolutely could not compromise those very highest of ideals as outlined in "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi" on my website.

The message coming from The White Brotherhood said that it is okay for these parcels of land to be owned by others and that, even if they are, They would still encourage me to help set up the Communities. They knew that the Tennessee land would not be "my" Sanctuary, but then none of the Sanctuaries will be "mine" anyway. The Hierarchy for Planet Earth will be claiming them. I was told that even though I would not be the property owner or in complete charge, the nascent community would be MUCH better off with my input, guidance, and direction!!. The Heavyweights will be guiding me and working through me. Though I had not received it consciously, They had tried a long time ago to let me know that some of the Sanctuaries that I will be creating will not be "mine" with regard to land ownership. Many of the Communities will be set up by me, will become viable and stable, and I will subsequently move on to ignite others. The Hierarchy will assume control of the Community as I leave.

Next he said that the MAIN benefactors, who had made a pre-life contract to supply me with the means to accomplish my projects and who had been given great wealth to do so (by The Masters), have committed suicide because of their financial losses in the Great Recession. They had other projects that they were supposed to help besides mine, but they had reneged on the terms of their contract and so were allowed to lose their vast fortunes. They had been born into their fortunes and didn't even have to work for them. The next two benefactors in line to provide assistance to me are not very far behind the first ones in losing their fortunes, because they've clung to their wealth and have refused to help.

Greg said that The Masters are amazed that these gifts of wealth have bred such vile greed, such contempt, viciousness, and reluctance to serve Humanity. He said that the amount of financing for ALL of the projects that they had agreed to assist was simply insignificant in comparison to the amount of wealth that the main benefactors possessed, which indicates how enormously wealthy they were. He said that They are in awe of the power of avarice that grips these and many other humans, and They called it a "blinding force". He received cold chills while learning about the unimaginably wealthy ones who had refused to part with even a small portion of their wealth.

December 16, 2010:       After a very long dry spell, during which Greg had not received anything from The Masters of The Great White Lodge, he was given suddenly and unexpectedly a bunch of information as fully organized thought-packages. There were a number of areas of human concern that were covered, but with regard to myself and the things that I came to do, he was told that practically all of those benefactors who had made pre-life agreements to monetarily help me with my Projects had broken their contracts and reneged on their promises even though they had been given their massive wealth for that very purpose. He was told that the Dark Forces had been successful in subverting and reversing many of the plans and programs of The Forces of Light around the world, and my Projects had likewise been subverted by those of the Dark Side. When he reminded The Heavies that we had been told that any of the Dark Ones who attempted to interfere with my mission would be "killed and destroyed", he was told that that message had referred to any who tried to directly attack and harm me physically, however The White Brotherhood were not permitted to intervene in their efforts to manipulate my immediate environment (elements, insects, animals, and people).

There was some rather startling news this time. The Forces of Evil were winning the "battle" for humans in the polar divide between the service to self (Dark) and service to others (Light) on this planet. They were gaining far greater numbers of humans to be aligned with their polarity of self-orientation than The White Brotherhood were in influencing humans to be of selfless service to others. The Dark was gaining ground at a faster pace than The Light on Planet Earth (which many will find hard to believe and understand). The Dimensional Shift of Earth and Her Humanity had been postponed more than once from the original timing that had been planned (the latter 20th Century) and had been taken way past the year 2012 A.D. primarily to gain greater numbers of people who could become capable of shifting into their Light Bodies and shifting with the planet from 3rd to 4th Density. However, because of the successes of the Dark Brotherhood as mentioned and because the entire galaxy and its billions of sentient civilizations cannot remain on hold indefinitely for this one, final, laggard planet to make the shift into a higher dimensional level of expression as they ALL have already done, The Planetary Logos and The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth have cancelled the postponement and brought the timing of the Tribulation Period and the Dimensional Shift back closer to 2012.

The Ascended Masters conveyed to him that the way things were going, any further delays would probably not be worth the losses that were being incurred. It was Greg's personal, intuitive feeling that the Shift Itself (from the uppermost Dimensional Level of 3rd Density to the lowermost Dimensional Level of 4th Density) would be in the 15 to 20 year range past 2012 A.D., and that, of course, will be preceded by the Tribulation Period of 7 Years. They mentioned one other factor taking place in the decision process. The magnitude of the greed, hatred, and complacency throughout Humankind was really getting out of control. If our collective attitudes and behaviors were allowed to continue, it would only grow worse. I'm sure that the implications of all this can readily be ascertained.

January 12, 2013:       Greg hadn't received any messages from the Higher Ups for a couple of years, and then suddenly in the middle of the night while in a dream-like state he received what he called a Big Download. Not wanting to disrupt the flow of thought-packages, he waited until the morning to begin converting the thought projections into the linearity of language.

He wrote, "There exists an infinite number of parallel or co-existing Realities or Universes for each of us. In our other Realities there exists every alternative to every event that could possibly happen during our existence. In our human form we are unable to see nor are we aware of these other Realities even though they exist side by side. As we travel through our life, unbeknownst to us, we access or shift into and out of and through these Alternate Realities by the choices we make and oftentimes by forces that drive us to make choices that we might not normally make. It's difficult for humans to understand as we live in a linear existence, but our Soul or Spirit or Life Force is the same in all of these infinite Realities. Our Spirit is NOT limited to one body or one existence. It transcends our total and entire existence. Our Spirit is universal and equally present in each Reality. I also remember being told that this was a very, VERY simplified explanation of it."

"When we sleep we are often able to enter an altered state that allows us to experience some of these alternate selves (by merging with them). It is similar to what we refer to as 'Walking In' or dreaming. We are able to experience with this alternate self because their consciousness is our consciousness." Quoting the Higher Ups, "Conversely, your Alternate Realities or selves are able to join with you and, for all practical purposes, become you. Occasionally there are times when you or your alternate self will suspect that something odd is happening. Jim is an exceptional case in this process (exceptional ability to move between many of his Alternate Realities and accomplish the things being accomplished). I explain these things to help you understand what is happening with Jim."

"Jim is a powerful Master that has accepted an incredibly difficult task for The Spiritual World as well as for Mankind. Jim is accomplishing his mission splendidly. During his sleep, he is able to access and assume his infinite number of Alternate Realities and the process is known, accepted, and joined by his alternate selves. He has setup, is operating, and has designated supervision in several hundred Sanctuaries across many, many Realities. All but one of these Sanctuaries are exceptionally successful. In addition, he is teaching and healing during these excursions far beyond Our wildest expectations."

Greg wrote, "This led to Them saying that YOU are no less or no more powerful than Kuthumi or Hilarion and that ONE was needed to try and accomplish these things that you have been working on for many, many years. Most were reluctant to take on this endeavor, but you took it on and so have gained the love, honor, and respect of ALL of The Hierarchy."

February 18, 2015:       When reading an e-mail from me, Greg suddenly and unexpectedly had an onset of the "big chills" (commonly a premonitory sign for him of a forthcoming communication from The Higher Ups of The White Brotherhood), and the following thought was entered into his mind (or mental body): "Healing is not necessarily just for the impaired, ill, or dis-eased". I am confident that The Masters are encouraging me and indicating to me an expansion of the healing work that I am doing as an instrument and intermediary for Lord Kuthumi.

That is, They are saying that those people who consider themselves to be healthy and without physical and emotional problems will equally benefit from the Healing Sessions offered by Kuthumi (and other Masters) because of help They can offer in other areas of their life: karmic indebtedness, psychological disorders, possession and attack by members of the Dark Forces, pre-incarnative lessons and plans, evolutionary advancement, chakra balancing and progressive unfoldment, stimulation of spiritual aspiration, raising of vibrational frequency and awareness, removal of obstacles and blockages created by Dark Entities, deleterious sub-conscious programs impacting life expression, opening of the Heart Chakra to perfect the love nature, and on and on. The Great Ones have expanded the help They are willing to offer to individuals beyond the pathological boundaries of sickness and ill health, and it may be the opportunity of lifetimes (from the Soul's perspective).


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