Thunderstruck by Kuthumi's Revelation

I first encountered the channeling of Sherry C. in an article she had written in the Sedona Journal of Emergence in 1993. I was so impressed by it that I wrote to the address given at the end of the article. She wrote back, a correspondence was established, and we became friends over the years. Sherry came into this lifetime with partial memory of her origins past the Veil of Forgetfulness and with retention of those metaphysical abilities that are called psychic. Those abilities were further expanded and stimulated by her teacher, Chief Little Summer, in Sarasota, Florida, later in life.

She is an incarnate expression of a large Gestalt of Consciousness which chooses to call Itself The Confederation of Man when communicating through her. Her channeling/psychic talents are quite advanced for this Level of Reality and phase of evolutionary developement of Humanity. I came to trust her clarity of reception from much Higher Levels as our correspondence continued through the years, and on a number of occasions I requested a channeling from the very Source of my beingness, That One Who is called Kuthumi. Besides the personal information given to me in these channelings, they contain information which readers may find informative and fascinating, and that is one of the reasons for my sharing of them.

13 November 1994:

"We would be happy to be of service. I Am Kuthumi. The entity, Jim, is of My Group Mind. Our purpose is as a Teacher. We are The Bringers of The Light of The Radiant One. We have been with this planet since the beginnings and have often influenced it in order to encourage the momentum of Earthlings toward the Love and Light. On occasion We have thrust forth portions of Ourselves to be used as a measure of the condition of the Earth. These ones are of a service in that We have direct access to their state of mind at all times and can experience with them. Their connection with Us is very strong, and they often find it impossible to incorporate with the Earth Illusion. Jim is one of these and is of great value. The blueprint of his vehicle has allowed for rich experience and opportunity for gaining knowledge. Through Jim We have gleaned enough data to adjust the needed energies for balance and guidance. With the mechanics of The Great White Brotherhood the proper vibrational adjustments can be made."

"When the time is correct, We will infuse Jim with the needed Light and Love to bring about a great change within the area of his affect. He is the bridge of connection between this World and the Earth Plane. The Hierarchy is as Levels of Consciousness connected within The Divine Intelligence of our Creator. We are The Teachers and Students of Creation. Our Consciousness covers a tremendous area of space and is responsible for the guidance of ones who would seek to reconnect with The Divine Creator's Vibration."

"Within the Earth School, many such as Jim are extended into the Illusion to serve as transmitters and receivers. We control the amount of Light placed within the Jim entity. Up until this point, the transmissions from Jim are of a great value. His feelings, observations, and experiences are of the utmost value as information needed to aid Us in understanding and giving aid to Earthlings. Time is close for the Transition. Soon now Jim will be the receiver of our great knowledge of which he is a part. He is a portion of Us. The infusion of Light (knowledge) will bring about great changes within the Earth Illusion. This tremendous presence of Light will be of a great influence to The Earth Logos. Jim is the tool along with some others which will be the key to leading The Earth Logos to the new area of space in which She will habitate in the Higher Dimensions."

"We know there is great desire in this entity to be more connected now. This also is possible. It will be possible through the act of love and the desire to be of a service to another. Opportunities will be forthcoming in which Jim can be of a great service. He will, if his desire is great, be capable of finding himself teaching with a new knowledge. If Jim can let go of his previous teachings and become open to spontaneous thought in a situation, this will be the way in which a connection with Kuthumi will become. Allowing for a flow of thought from Us by releasing the hold of teachings learned from earth sources will be the way in which the connection can be established."

"It is in this way that the vision of a golden place will become. The golden place is wherever you are and how capable you become to let in the Golden Light of our knowledge. We are as your Higher Self. This is how We are connected. In order to place your consciousness in the level necessary to receive the Golden Light, you must start now, Jim, to raise up your thinking out of the Illusion. Look with new thinking and see through the Illusion. You are capable of manifesting whatever you need in order to achieve your free-will goals as an ego. When you perceive the workings of the Illusion as experience only and remove the idea of distaste of it from your mind, then you will be able to have a clear path to the allowing of the Golden Light flow."

30 April 1995:

"Yes, I Am Kuthumi. This one (Jim) is most precious to Us. He has chosen a difficult path in order to gleen the experience necessary to become poised correctly for his ultimate purpose."

"This one has had to gather together aspects of the Multidimensional Self on only an unconscious level. In order to achieve, this one has wandered the Earth Plane in order to gather together the aspects of Self from the physical location of his fragmentation. The incarnational and serial selves were picked up and connected with in these wanderings. By intuition only has this been accomplished."

"His reason for being in Florida at this time is to connect with the Atlantean portions of Self. Though on an unconscious level, the connections are completed and will be merged with the conscious at the appropriate time. Florida is the closest physical space to the area of Atlantis where his other self dwelled. The name of the desired aspect is Anatonia. Yes, the tall entity you (Sherry) saw. This one had a great deal to do with the creation of the modified and fabricated crystals which lent energy to the Atlantean Culture. This one was big in sciences and wisdom. There was, however, a lacking in the more spiritual portions involved with being a creator, and many catalysts were the result."

"In the Atlantean Civilization, many twin souls incarnated simultaneously. It was felt, at the time, that having this form of totality present, yet divided into two parts, would be an interesting way in which to gleen certain knowledge. The result was most interesting in that the two polarities, male aspect to female aspect, became so divided that later in other cultures this was discontinued. Dr. Jim is searching not only for connection with Anatonia but with his twin soul aspect as well. The purpose is to, through him, reunite the two polarities in harmony. In knowing this information, the possibility of some conscious remembrance is made available to him."

"It has been most important for this one to live totally by instinct and not become too embroiled in the Earth Illusion. His mission is most critical to the Transition of The Earth Logos. In his wanderings, connection with the needs and vibration of The Earth Logos has been absorbed and transmuted in many ways."

"He is the vessel through which his divine purpose operates on a level so high that his conscious mind must not be allowed to know of it. If the analytical consciousness of Dr. Jim was aware of the import and vastness of the way in which he serves, he would become useless to Us as a 'key'. We would wish, however, at this time to express to him how precious his presence within the Earth Plane has been and is. We would like to inform him that all answers will be forthcoming and total understanding will be his joy when he understands the service he is giving."

"He needs not worry about his survival or the where-with-all of coming Earth events. We cannot explain at this time but wish to advise him that he need have no fear or concern, either for his vehicle or Spirit. The way in which his ultimate purpose will manifest will be most awesome to him and full of ecstatic joy. We realize this is difficult to understand. We would, at this time, congratulate Dr. Jim on his total success to this point in vibration and wish him to know that, indeed, he and We dwell within the same space at all times."

12 May 1995:

"Greetings! We are most pleased and joyous in communicating with you for Dr. Jim. Guidance for the immediate future for Jim: Jim must practice feeling joy in his creation. He must learn to feel that there is great importance in all that he thinks, feels, and does. The Earth Experience is drawing to a close, and the most must be made of the Third Density Experience. He must discover the beauty found within the self, for, indeed, the wonder of the human vehicle deserves pondering. Within the vehicle is a universe of wisdom and knowledge which can be tapped into for the furtherance of acquiring more Light. This is most important when desire for healing is present. For one must have knowledge of the vehicle that ones wear in order to know how to approach, mentally, the healing of another's vehicle."

"Some advice on how to accomplish this is for one to learn how to separate one's mental from one's physical. This can be done by a shifting of one's consciousness to allow for a dissociation with the body, then allowing for a mental trip through the human body, exploring through visualization of the organs, nervous system, etc. Taking a trip of this type in this way and allowing yourself to receive what the different portions of the human structure communicate to you will, indeed, give you the opportunity and wisdom to bring about a healing of another."

"Intuition of the thought structure of the patient is also necessary to correct the thinking process which has brought about the ailment of the patient. Intuition is your means of connection with your Higher Self and connection with The Higher Self of the individual asking for healing. If a healing is meant to take place in the Grand Plan of the Earth Illusion, it will occur. You must always follow your instinct in order to be placed where you should be in order to be of service to one who would ask for healing. You will already be connected on an unconscious level before following instinct to be physically contacted. Knowledge that you are not the healer but the medium through which access to healing can be made by a patient is most important. Be always aware of this so that ego or interference by ego can be avoided."

"In the times to come, there will be much chaos and injury. You will find yourself placed at the appropriate time and place. Dwelling on this and worrying about this only fogs the reception of true guidance. You must learn to clear your mind of mundane and useless contemplations regarding the physical aspects of the Earth Illusion. All that you will need will be given to you. What you need, in many cases, is not what you think you need. When in Spiritual Consciousness your needs are very different. The energies within Creation are limitless and available as needed."

"View your presence within the Earth Illusion with an inward smile as you see the unfolding of the path which you have chosen. You have been and will be provided with all your physical and spiritual needs. Be not impatient and do not look for an easy out with Earth mentality. Be strong in your faith and knowledge within. Your's is a solitary path with great adventures along the way. You are the seeker of the Truth and the Love and the Light. You need look no further than within your own mind and body for the answers to all your queries. The smallest cellular structure contains the totality of all of Creation. Think on this and pay attention to the littlest of things. Awake each day to the thought and attitude of expectation and adventure. You have only to open an inward eye to see The Creation and Creator within you."

"The Earth Planet has her own Christ Consciousness. All in Creation are capable of this Level of enlightenment. There are, as you know, many levels of consciousness which all beings are capable of achieving by raising their vibrations. The Earth Planet is connected to The All That Is and has great awareness and response to The Creator. The unencumbered First Density Level allows for total response to the wishes of The Creator. The Planet responds to The All That Is without any distraction of separation found in Second and Third Density."

"Your mission will be known by you when you are 'activated'. When this occurs, you will automatically be of a tremendous service to the Earth Planet and the Earthlings. Ego must not be allowed to interfere, and this is why, in your present state of analytical mentality, your Higher Self will not allow this knowledge. You will accomplish this mission when the time is correct. Be patient."

"Many times, for the greatest good and the ultimate experience, illness or chaos will occur. Because you are incapable of just allowing to be, you perceive these experiences as negative or tragic. Your ego defines and interprets your mental response to various situations. Emotion, in these instances, clouds the perception of The Grand Plan of The Creator. You must try to grasp the wisdom that all that occurs is in perfection and serves The Creator in experience and knowledge."

"You yearn for the Higher Levels of Vibration which you know exist intuitively, however, in your perceived knowledge you select what your ego perceives as Light and Love. In truth, all in existence and Creation is Light and Love. All in existence is The Creator. When you have achieved this and embraced this totally, you will have reached the Higher Vibrational Level you desire."

"You are one who must learn and exist by instinct. Were We to tell you to move to this area or that area, it would be an interference with your free will by altering your thought patterns and hindering your instinctive progress."

"Have the wisdom and love for yourself to embrace the knowledge that your truth and answers are available to you at any time within your own structure. Use your intelligence to discover and embrace that knowledge."

"The geophysical changes have begun. It is up to the Mass Consciousness of the Earth Dwellers to define and create what will become. Many, with the aid of energies focused upon the Earth Plane by the Higher Levels of Consciousness, are responding and altering their thought patterns. We believe that this will abort what may be considered drastic changes in some areas. There will be drastic changes in other areas where like minds will gather. The Earth will respond to these vibrations. The weather disorders taking place at this time are flags of warning as to what may become in some areas. In the devic area, it is as a temperature (fever) preceding an oncoming disease. If you are inclined to be the observer, watch the storms. They mark the area where the Earth is most likely to alter Herself."

"We have responded to all your questions. You must find the meaning within yourself in order to achieve the total knowledge and suggestions. Be of the Love and the Light for yourself."

16 July 1995:

"I Am Kuthumi Group Mind. We do not perceive Ourselves as separate Group Minds as you perceive yourselves as individuals. The Arcturians, The Confederation of Man, The Ashtar Command, The Great White Brotherhood -- We perceive thoughts simultaneously and not as individual. When called upon, as you have called upon Us, Fragments of The Whole respond. According to the level of vibration which you are capable of rising into is the determination as to what Aspects or Collected Consciousness you will be privy to."

"Likewise, when ones within the Earth Illusion no longer perceive themselves as separate but as a portion of The Whole, a Higher Level of Consciousness becomes. All that is necessary is to feel within yourself what is harmonious and correct for you. Know that when you are asked and follow your instinct, your action or answer will be of the highest service. Visions of great healings are noble in thought and intent, however your minute to minute connections with the higher thinking and listening within self are far nobler. Love and trust self and other-selves. Seeing all in your present existence as being but a portion of The Great Divine One is the way in which you are truly of a service."

"For when you aspire to the Great Love and Light of which you belong, this radiates into the Earth Plane as is the air you breathe to sustain life. Do you not see the truth of it? There are many levels within which you exist. Connecting with The Whole is as a divine healing. Many egos are healed by this type of connection. You still perceive yourself as separate. You now are mentally separating from your ego. This is good in that that type of release is how you step into the Complex System of Existence where your many portions dwell. Continue to raise your eyes into the visionary wisdom of the Truth. The more open you become, the higher your knowledge and vibration. This cannot be forced. This must be accepted and allowed to be."

"Your body vehicle and all involved with the Earth Illusion are just that, an illusion. Why spend time concerned with 'training wheel' devices to support your ride? Find a proper balance within self. Your vehicle is consciousness, devic consciousness, which responds directly to your own conscious intent and vibration. In order to heal, one must connect with the consciousness of the vehicle. The body is consciousness with which you merge in order to gain experience and knowledge. In order to raise the vibration of the body, your consciousness must transcend the Illusion."

"When you can truly grasp, in knowing, that all is consciousness, then you begin to perceive your place in The Divine Creation and that we, in totality, are The One Infinite Creator."

"In your search for the Truth, do not discount any who are striving for connections with their divine task. All are teachers and students. None are better than another. All in Creation have divine paths to follow and are in perfection in their experiencing and gaining of knowledge, for they are all a part of The All That Is. They are all a part of you as you are a part of Us. Embrace this truth, and with this divine knowing you will become aware of your great mission."

24 August 1995:

"I Am Kuthumi. The 'activation' will, simply put, be a sudden and clear understanding of Jim's purpose and truth. There will be flashbacks of memory of other-selves and the knowledge gained within the experiences. The human mind will no longer be bound by the Illusion but will be capable of seeing through the Illusion. This removal of focus from the Earth Illusion is the way in which the other illusions of existence will be capable of filtering through and memory known. This will, at first, be a gradual flow of Light (knowledge), and then there will, as the consciousness and body adjust, be more and more flow."

"The preparation which will be beneficial will be having an attitude of acceptance as these new knowledges begin. Do not block this flow of information with a literal mind and limited focus upon The All That Is. Raise your thought beyond this Illusion and allow for an opening to be brought about. Practice this blankness of the thoughts. Let go of the logical (to you) and allow for the abstract, higher vibrational knowledges to again become a part of you. When you have allowed this to begin, the 'activation' will be able to increase your ability for connection with this Group Mind (Kuthumi). Then you will be capable of receiving direct communication from Us and your Higher Self. (We always must communicate through The Higher Self so that free will is not interfered with or infringed upon.)"

"Your hesitating to open your consciousness, to this point, is in direct reflection to the Mass Consciousness of the Earth Plane. We know and understand this. However, since you have such a great desire to raise up your consciousness, you will, in turn (when you succeed), raise the Mass Consciousness. (This is your deep connection with Earth. This is your choice.) In this way, the great healing of which you dream will be brought about. The change will be in your thoughts. Look for this to begin. Before this year has ended, your 'activation' will begin. Soon you will be capable of communicating with Us directly, and we will become 'braided' or merged allowing for an even greater flow of Love and Light into the Earth Plane. We look forward to welcoming you back with Us."

19 July 1996:

"Kuthumi to Jim:"

"You must stop looking from without for your answers and look from within. Just as you are a part of Creation, you are part of The Creator. As such, you have, within, your ability to create and change as you desire. You are the creator of your body and all that happens to you. When you know this truly, you will be able to actively change and create at will. There are untapped portions of the consciousness which you have not yet explored. Work on expanding your consciousness and find the portion which will allow for your 'activation'."

"You have free will and the key to your own 'activation'. Know this; believe this; above all, believe this. We are of each other and combined. You are Me and I am you. If you were to view the Dimensions within this Earth Experience as looking into a pool of water and seeing a reflection there, this is how the Dimensions of the Plane on which you dwell appear to Us. All of Creation is a dream, a dream which can be changed and redreamed by the dreamer. Embracing this wisdom will enable you to redream your dream. Becoming entangled in the details of the Earth Dream is where one becomes unable to know that is it an illusion. If you can 'see' yourself as a great vast Consciousness expanding throughout space and the Dimensions, you will have a truer picture of the truth."

"Remember, you are the microcosm of the macrocosm of The Creator. Be open to your connection. If you cannot open to this truth, you will not be able to transcend the Earth Illusion and awaken from your dream. You are the dream, and the dream is you."

"Know too that you have the capability of connecting with and 'hearing' Us. You have not believed this and have not tried. We have been patiently waiting to help you in all aspects. You must meditate and listen within. It is from within that you will hear our thoughts and 'feel' our vibration. Practice emptying your mind and seeing your consciousness expand beyond your body. See it, in visualization, expanding through the Dimensions and space. That is where We will connect with you."

"I Am Kuthumi, extending the Love and Light of our Creator."

11 December 1999:

"Jim, your restlessness is an unrequited need to fill a void within your own self. You have searched for an elusive home in an Illusion in which you do not belong. This is the reason that you have been unable to find any type of contentment or peace within your present vibration. In order to find what you seek, you must learn to accept and love all that is around you. You must be able to understand that there is a loftier purpose in existence here on the level you know as Earth, and you must raise above becoming embroiled in the Illusion. This is not done by removing your vehicle from situations in which you feel discomfort, but by maintaining a higher vibration in spite of the Illusion no matter where you find your consciousness located. This is the way in which Ascension is possible, by raising above adversity and not running away from it."

"There is much to be learned from your present vibration. Your strong yearning for the Vibration from Whence you came makes your task there very difficult. Inwardly, you intuitively have a memory of the Vibration from Whence you agreed to enter this present vibration in order to learn and change. Just as a diamond sparkles in different shades of colors as light strikes the different angles upon its face, so too is the spirit and makeup of an incarnation upon the Earth Plane. All colors must be observed with admiration and an ability to see the purpose and beauty of the refraction of the light."

"Judgement, harshly, of other entities brings down the very vibration you wish to raise. Practice the art of patience and silence within. Flowing with the wind and rising and falling with the rhythm of your own breath is where you will learn the secret of eternal patience. The Light of Eternal Knowledge can only be received by one who has ultimate patience and peace and joy within self."

"Your search for the greatness that you know you have the ability to become lies there within you. You must learn to raise above adversity to discover that. When the few, placed within the Earth Illusion such as yourself, have achieved the ability to accept, within, their being in fullness, that is when the Great Transition of the Earth and the Mass Consciousness will be filled and raise in vibration to merge and take up the proper position within Creation."

"You will always be guided and protected. Remember, not your will but the intention for the betterment of all in Creation is your task. Do not fall so easily into anger and frustration. These emotions cause a lowering within the vibration of your being."

"Dwell in The Divine Flame, Kuthumi!"

17 February 2001:

Questions answered by Kuthumi:

1. Will I ever have my own Center of Light and Healing?

"Your center of light and healing is already in existence. It is within your heart and desire to be of service to others. You will be one who travels and connects with those who will allow healing to occur. Only those who are ready will be healed, will be capable of total and complete healing."

2. Please comment on my writings.

"Your writings are to allow you the opportunity to define and elevate your conscious level. In your writings, you are in the state of consciousness which allows you to receive the information you have desired all these years. This is the way in which My Energies can enter yours. Your ideas come from this Higher Level. You see it as definition or research because this makes you feel more comfortable with it, however you are, indeed, tapping into a Higher Level of thought. You are connecting and building the Bridge to Infinite Knowledge in this way. This is most important for you to do at this time."

"The work you are doing now with your writing is placing your vibrations in a Higher Level. The continuation of this work will allow you to become in a mind-set whereby you will be accessible to reach the Level you are desiring. In doing this work, the Light is coming to your conscious level. It comes through slowly so that your body can absorb it. Your body is not strong enough to allow it any other way."

"You must focus on allowing the filtering of the Light. You are doing just as you should be doing at this time. You are where you should be at this time. Do not waste energy in regret or anger or judgement. These emotional vibrations cut off the flow of the Light you desire. When you can raise above this, the flow of the Light will become stronger and strengthen your body in the process."

"We are Kuthumi!"

16 February 2002:

"There is now a separating of the Negativity (the Dark Forces) and The Positive Ones (The Light Forces). The Negativity is at present very prominent and will be for a time. Ones of the positive nature (service-to-others polarity) must hold fast and allow this negative movement its time to experience. On another level, The Positive Ones are making much progress in bringing into this Level the much-needed vibrations to bring about the changes for preparation of the new Love Vibration. This takes time and will be accomplished."

"Believe that there is much activity going on within your Multidimensional Self to bring about this much needed energy and that you serve a great purpose by simply dwelling within this Illusion and staying anchored to it. Only through you can The Higher Levels work in this way. You are most important and, though you feel abandoned and futile, it is your work which is most important at this time to anchor your Multidimensional Complex into this Illusion to transfer the higher energies into the Earth Plane."

"You are beloved and of a great service. Do not despair. See through the Illusion and see that you are, indeed, a part of the necessary changes which will occur very soon. You do, indeed, dwell within the Great Love and Light of the goodness of the all-encompassing Creation."

"I leave you in Light and Love, Kuthumi."


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