Saint Francis of Assisi, Lifetime of Lord Kuthumi


This "Second Reading" from Saryon took place on March 28th, 2017, by way of telephone connection. The entirety was recorded digitally onto an MP3 file, which I later downloaded from an Internet link for accurate transcription. Underlinings were made for certain words given emphasis in the channeling and for topical subjects of relevance and importance. A few parenthetical comments were made for explanatory purposes, and emboldened font was used out of reverence and respectful devotion.

Saryon serves as an intermediary or channel for The Ascended Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, and in this particular Reading two of The Masters attended and communicated to me: Kuthumi and Saint Germain. At the outset, one of the more influential aspects of The Kuthumi Consciousness was projected forward to have words with me, and that was Saint Francis of Assisi. Later, I was given counselling by Saint Germain and then Kuthumi and was informed that the Two of Them have synergistically come together to work with me to assist in the things that I volunteered to do in this lifetime on behalf of The White Brotherhood.

Roughly midway through the Session, the telephone connection was suddenly and mysteriously severed, but after reconnection Saryon was able to continue the train of thought initiated by Master Kuthumi because of telepathic rapport and an energetic resonance with the Level of Earth's Hierarchy. Though not in a meditative trance state, he was able to continue receiving the thoughts and messages from Kuthumi though speaking as the human personality, Saryon.

I've divided this Reading into two parts to break up the monotony of so much text for those with compromised attention spans, and "Part Two" begins following the phone disconnection. These ideas and concepts are shared for their ready applicability to many other people and were not given solely for my benefit, so read about the comments and examples regarding physical manifestation as tools to directly and practically apply to your own life. Here is what Kuthumi and Saint Germain had to say to me, and this is the link to the website of Saryon Michael White: Saryon. .


Saryon: "So, we'll do a meditation for, maybe, about 5 or 10 minutes. Of course, I really just want to begin by conveying the sweetness of the love that The Masters (Ascended Masters of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy) have for you, Their devotion, Their support. There's really such a sweet, sweet nectar of love and blessing that comes from Their Presence to you."

"What you're doing is difficult. You're on a really major faith journey, if I can just say so (chuckle). This is a very faith-strengthening process of constantly being challenged into deeper surrender, and it's very deep. They understand that; They're with you on that journey. And I just really feel Their love for you. So, we'll start with opening to receive more of that as a Divine embrace, and we'll just be in silence for 5 to 10 minutes here." ........... (10 minute pause)

Kuthumi: "May the Ray of Divine Love (the Second Ray of the Seven Rays, which is the Love of God for all of God's Creation) enfold you, and may your heart rest at ease within this loving embrace. I am sending to you, my beloved, my incarnation known as Saint Francis (of Assisi, one of the greater aspects of The Kuthumi Consciousness), as you are very familiar with his vibrations as well. He is the one who will speak to you for a time, as this is a slightly different frequency, and it carries its own unique gifts for which you may integrate. And so, in a moment Saint Francis will speak to you." (Kuthumi is The Chohan of the 2nd Ray and The Supervising Intelligence for the dissemination of its Love Energies for the Earth. joc)

Saint Francis: "I speak to you as a brother. I am your beloved Saint Francis, and I am a gift to you. I came to you to merge with your heart, to be like a strengthening force inside of you, a force of faith, a force of alignment with a path of grace, and also to support you in the awakening of certain awarenesses that are beginning to dawn on you and on a certain part of Humanity that is also awakening in a very unique and special way."

"I am here to cultivate within you a deeper alignment with the currents and forces that flow through your beloved Mother Earth and that flow to you through the animals. There is the obvious association that many people see between myself and the subject of the animals, however there is a certain form of guidance that was set up through this association, guidance that I am very blessed to bring."

"It says that there are many forms of Medicine that come to you through the Animal Kingdom, many forms of Energetic Medicine that come to you from the Earth. And though you are aware of this kind of Medicine, though you have practiced accessing it in your own way, everything that you have experienced thus far was a preliminary step towards what is awakening now with regard to the Vibrational Medicine that is coming to you through the landscape itself, from the animals, not just the animals from the land where you are physically located but from all across the Earth."

"There is what can be described as a spiritual interface that is opening up inside the body that links you with all of the animals, and the spiritual interface is where you will find my presence as one of your Guides. There are many things that I wish to show you with regards to this interface. And there is much work to do as well for the connections that we shall weave together between you and the various forms of the Animal Kingdom."

"These links are also being woven into a much larger Collective of Human Consciousness, and you are acting as a bridge, allowing this weaving to occur inside you, so that as it happens inside of you, it begins to happen within more and more people."

"There is a certain portion of your work in this world that is done silently. It is invisible; it is not recognized. You are serving a purpose that most people do not see. Only on occasion do people have a direct experience of your value and of the gift that you are. And sometimes this is difficult, because it feels as though you are not accomplishing as much as you could. It feels as though you are not fulfilling as much of your potential as you could be fulfilling, and this sometimes weighs heavily on your mind."

"You look at the various choices that were made, the limitations that exist, but also what is not often realized is the freedom of spirit that has been gained, the liberation that has been gained (for 26 years continuously I have lived in a van out in the wilderness of Nature - joc). When people do not have a direct experience of your value very often, it is easier to feel less valuable in the world. That is not the case. I wish to convey to you the profound sense of value We have placed into the world through your vibration, through your presence, and to say to you that there is much more for you to do, much more work to be accomplished."

"Some of this occurs simply through your beingness and your being with the land. There are those times when I have awakened you in the middle of the night to wake you up into a meditation because there is work that can be done through your meditation, through your prayer, through your inner work with the world. And though sometimes the point of awakening you might be missed, know that there are these times when We awaken you into a meditation with Us so that We can anchor more Light into the world."

"But do not let your sense of value (self-value) diminish just because you're not being recognized more in the human world for all that you hold, all that you have achieved. We know that you are ready to serve. We know that you are committed, devoted, and capable." (The "We" is referring to The Great White Lodge of Planet Earth. joc)

"There is, however, a certain condition that We are working with in your consciousness. It is important to address this because on your path currently there are certain kinds of issues that come to the surface from time to time where you have physical needs, needs regarding your health, needs regarding your teeth, needs regarding the proper care and nourishing of the body. And on this path, though you have chosen to live very humbly, there are times when various needs arise, and you have developed a bit of a habit of doing without, of going without, of sacrificing and making your need less important, as if this is the only solution or the best solution to the problem of having a physical need."

"You have such devotion to God and devotion to Love and devotion to Humanity and devotion to Mother Earth. You're such a being of love, but as a being of such love and devotion, it is easy sometimes to overlook the needs of the person that you are, to make them less important, to diminish them in some way and, consequently, to leave yourself out of being able to receive more or leaving yourself out of a way that leaves others out of the opportunity to show up and support you in a way that is part of their service, their dharma."

"It is a very specific pattern when you come to a point of choice, the choice to honor a need or to make the need unimportant so that you do not feel it. In many cases you have chosen to diminish the need, but there is another path; there is another way. We would like to see you turn this around and become more masterful at including yourself. It is an old habit to see your own personal needs as a burden to others in some way, to not want to impose."

"You may not see the solution to this problem as one that you are comfortable to achieve by means of charging money for your services, and that is perfectly fine. There is, however, another side of this equation, because for you to make your own physical needs more important, more worthy, this would attract to you more abundance. And so, be aware of the point of choice when a need arises. It could be in the form of imbalance, pain, and discomfort. It can come to you in many ways."

"Even the vehicle that you drive can become a manifestation of this entire pattern, for vehicles also have needs. They need maintenance; parts need to be replaced. And sometimes this brings to the surface this exact pattern. It is important to look at where you still hold that the needs of the person are a burden in some way to others. We are working with you to change your tune regarding this (chuckle)." (Hilarion has taught that the vehicles we drive are symbolically representative of our physical bodies and that mechanical problems reflect corresponding physical problems. joc)

"There is, of course, the question: 'How can I make my need important if I do not have the ability to honor that need financially with my own resources?'. But this is also a case in which you must realize the power and the importance of making your need matter first to the Universe by honoring it; and that may then attract to you the opportunity, the exchange, the gift, the manifestation. Well, reflect on this as We will be visiting you on many occasions around shifting this pattern."

"There is what We might describe as a hurdle or a fence that is before you. It will require a leap; it will require you to take a leap outside of these patterns, and the hurdle is designed to test you out of an old way of thinking or being. It is not the kind of hurdle that will hold you back or truly be an obstacle. Rather, We use these kinds of constructs very, very carefully and very lovingly to support you, to connect with the invisible support that wishes to become visible, so that you allow yourself to feel how loved and supported you actually are on the level of your physical person."

"You are also, in your own way, here to overcome certain hurdles on behalf of your ancestors. And there are many ancestors that are looking on at your journey. You are as much in the role of healing, facilitating them, but they can also be your allies." (brief pause)

"The Violet Flame is coming into your field now, and there is a very specific attunement and message from the Violet Flame, so We will give space for this. Just remember that I (Saint Francis) walk with you as a brother." (brief pause)

Saryon: "Okay, so we may hear from Saint Germain. I'm not sure. Let us just attune to the Violet Flame for a moment." (3 minute pause)

Saint Germain: "You might sense and feel how My Energies and Beloved Kuthumi's Energies are quite merged in your field. I am your Beloved Saint Germain, and I am bringing the Violet Flame, not only to you here, but I am also joining with the Temple of your own I Am Presence (Soul or Higher Self). I bring the Violet Flame into this Temple, and together We are gathering around a very sacred alignment of energy that has been unfolding inside of you, this synergistic alignment between Myself and The Master Kuthumi. So, I am being permitted to speak first." (10 second pause)

"What do you wish to surrender into the Violet Flame in this moment? What do you wish to invoke as a form of support? And what can you offer your ancestors as a blessing to enter into the presence of the Violet Flame with you? There is important work to be done here. You have much important work to do with the Violet Flame. And just as much as you are used to experiencing your hands and your body as conduits for Kuthumi's Energy, feel your partnership and your companionship with the Violet Flame in this work as well. And your hands and your arms are continuing to be attuned to the presence of this Divine Energy (the 7th Ray)."

"You must not forget to give this Energy to yourself, to receive deeply dispensations of this Energy that We are bringing to you. There is a certain way that We ask you to do this, to receive this Energy on behalf of the Earth, as if you are a dish that is collecting this Energy for the Earth, disseminating it into the Earth. You are the opening flower that is receiving the Divine Rays and then sending Them down into the Earth." (brief pause)

"This energy of feeling one's physical self and presence and needs as a burden in some way .................. and I wish to say something about this as well. This is one of the things that I wish you to truly and completely surrender into the Violet Flame. You are such a love being. You came into this world as such a pure embodiment of love, with pure intentions of love. You do not know how to even relate to the person that you are, the needs that person has, because on some level you were still used to just being a pure conduit of love. Seeing the way that people can project resistance and fear onto their connection with you was always difficult."

"You experienced throughout your childhood, throughout your life, many difficult experiences empathically where you were not received as love or your needs were treated in a certain way. They might have been treated as a burden in a specific moment, and some part of you was so deeply impacted by this that you felt uncomfortable with having needs. You thought that 'if I could get rid of them, to purify myself of them, to have less of them, it would be better for all involved with me'."

"And you see, what people truly feared was intimacy. It was not your needs; it was not interdependence that was the issue. It was a fear of deeper intimacy. It was a fear of feeling connected to a sensitivity of love, of your heart. And it was always difficult as well to see how love could bring fear to the surface. It would make people shut down in their own ways. I am inviting you to remember all of those people that feared intimacy with you and to invite them to step into the Violet Flame, to offer the Flame to them with compassion for their fears."

"There is still a possibility for you to move into a very expansive, liberating freedom from feeling responsible for those beings. There is a doorway opening inside of you, that constantly confronts you with many of the agreements that you made with people from your past through which you made another person's needs more important than your's in a way that was unbalanced."

"Because The Divine speaks to you through this doorway. The Christ Presence is reaching out to claim you more and more. It sees your value in a certain way. It sees your equality with all beings, and the Divine Presence upholds the vision of you. It places you in a very specific alignment with Source. It radiates the truth of your equality and your importance. And so, whenever you have made agreements with others in your past that were compromising of this alignment, where you empathically became confused about the boundaries, all these things will come to the surface as We, your Beloved Ascended Master Teachers, are coming to claim your heart more and more. We do not wish for any bits and pieces of your energy to remain entangled with these imbalances." (brief pause)

"Part of the Violet Flame rests upon your Third Eye. There is a very specific clearing that is taking place there. So just breathe for a few moments." (4 minute pause)

Kuthumi: "I bow to you with grace. I am your Beloved Kuthumi, and Saint Germain is here by My side. The blending of Our Energies, synergistically weaving with yours', is an ongoing arrangement. It is a process of identifying specific areas in your consciousness where there can be greater balance, where We can create an integration inside of you between all of your light and love bodies with the physical temple of the body. And, for this reason I ask of you to accept this invitation to focus on honoring the temple of your body a little more deeply for a time with this integration process as We are integrating more love and light into you."

"Honoring the temple of your body is the focus that will help bring this connection into balance. So, honor the temple as if you were honoring a physical temple that was being dressed and adorned and prepared to be inhabited by a Divine Presence. And within this invitation, it is important also to consider that a man, such as yourself, who is here as an emissary of love and light is worthy of being adorned with fresh new clothing, with something that reflects the personality of the Soul that is deepening its connection with your physical body."

"And so, I feel that this is in order for you. I will not say exactly how We will bring this about, but there are ways in which this may manifest for you. And so, receive this as My gift to you, some new clothing to reflect the newness of the energy that is coming in. It is a ceremonial gift, so to speak, because truly We are adorning you with much more than clothing (chuckle). Even the gift of a new, fresh pair of socks should be received as a blessing directly from The Divine, so however this comes to you, see that We are gifting you of clothing that is more refined in vibration simultaneously as We bring to you and connect with you these various items."

"And so, celebrate that you are passing into a new phase, one that will involve various spiritual tests and challenges, one that will also bring about fruition, something that your Soul has set out to achieve. Be in position and be receptive; be a conduit, an emissary, and a divine receptacle for these energies that We are sending down, part of which comes to you through the Earth Itself." (brief pause)

"You have been requesting for quite some time the deepening of our relationship, wondering how deep this merger will go. 'What do I need to do to attain this? Is there anything that I need to do to further this relationship?' Your devotion is felt very deeply in My Heart. And truly our prayers for this world are one. I am concerned not so much with the deepening merger between us, but rather I am here merely to assist in that deepening merger with your own God Presence (Soul or Higher Self). And each individual lifetime has its own unique God Presence."

"And so, to the degree that you feel My Presence as a part of that process of merging, that is because I am holding the whole process within My Field. And though I am a part of it, I am in some ways merely The Witness of it. It is a merger that is being initiated by Our Common Source and not something that I, personally, .......... (mumble) to occur. In truth there is no I (Kuthumi is a vast Group Consciousness without individuality). The witnessing occurs in the space part of the process, and a blessing allows Me to act as Teacher, Guide, and also to be present within you and to experience it with you." (brief pause)

"So, the questions that you ask, the prayers and intentions that you have shared, have all been heard and understood. You are merely asking about a process that is already in effect and is a little like asking for the Light of your own Soul to become a part of you. (chuckle) How could the Light of your own Soul ever not be a part of you? So, what you ask for is what already is."

"And so, rest assured that the potential that you feel in your heart was placed there by The Divine, and I am with you in that potential, overseeing it, celebrating it, guiding you through it. And yes, We are drawing you into an embrace, not only with Myself but also your Beloved Saint Germain, The Master Jesus, with many other Masters. There is quite a celebratory vibration that We are holding around the phase that you have now reached."

"You will find that in the coming year it will become possible for you to let go of things, things that you did not even know that you were holding onto. And that is why We invite you to continue to search deeply as We show you these things. There is a deepening purification process that is occurring, and My gaze often visits you. Sometimes My eyes literally become one with yours' (Kuthumi looking through my eyes at certain people). Sometimes I even place garments of my clothing on you or around you (at the aetheric body level). Sometimes I invite you into a brief meditation to attune with My Energies. But know that I speak to you quite often as a Friend as much as an Overlighting Force of Divine Guidance and Enlightenment." (30 second pause)

"Do you have any questions?"

JOC: "Yes, I'm afraid I do, probably too many (chuckle). Should I start with one of them?"

Kuthumi: "Start wherever you feel to start."

JOC: "This is a very practical question, and it's not of the lofty sentiments that I've been hearing for the past hour, but it is something that weighs on my mind every day. Is there nothing that I can do about my physical body muscle-wasting disease (ongoing for 25 years)?"

Kuthumi: "Hmmmm. Well, the practical is one of the reasons why We are speaking, because that is precisely what We wish to support you with. So, thank you for asking, and just take a moment to breathe and relax and receive part of Our response and Our embrace. We'll be in silence for a moment." (2 minute pause)

"Over the last hour, some of the things that We have spoken to you about are, in truth, related and are part of the answer of 'what can I do?'. So, in practical terms, yes, there are things that you can do to support yourself with this condition. But, the answer to this is a little bit non-linear, so We will try to flush out a couple of different angles of perception around this."

"First of all, there is a condition of various beliefs and fears that are triggered by the wasting of the muscles, and that is its own issue; but it's also inter-related to the concern of where this deterioration will lead. And that is part of what We wish to address, because in that state of fear or concern there is the opportunity to invite a deeper connection with the Violet Flame to allow yourself to become aware that it is not a concern from the Level of the I Am Presence (Soul) that this condition exists, and there is no need to fear it."

"This is a process of becoming more and more deeply surrendered to the physical body, which is a process of releasing fears: fear of pain, fear of limitation, fear of losing one's ability from the physical standpoint. And, naturally, there are many old fears from other lifetimes and even from ancestors that project upon this condition, so that if it seems that your experience of this condition is being exasperated by the fear and the resistance to the physical, this creates the opportunity to make peace with the parts of you that fear and resist the condition of the body, seeing it merely as a trap. Because that is part of the opportunity of this condition. It allows you to heal those parts of yourself. And in this way, some of the stress of the condition can be alleviated."

"Now, there is also the issue that We spoke about regarding your needs, your physical needs, and becoming more masterful at honoring them instead of diminishing them, making them important, in that, those needs are important to God, important to the Earth, important to you ............................................ (mysteriously, the phone connection is cut off mid-sentence)."

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