A Humanized Representation of Archangel Michael of The First Ray

Introduction: On February 10, 2016, I received a channeled reading by Saryon Michael White, whose website may be reached by clicking on the following link: Saryon Michael White. The reading was done by telephone and was digitally-recorded so that an MP3 file could be sent to me afterward, and I could meticulously transcribe every word as it was spoken during the channeling, which is why I use quotation marks. Nothing has been withheld.

Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy attended my session to offer gifts, guidance, explanations, and helpful information. All parentheses are mine to aid the understanding of the reader, and all emboldened font has been inserted out of deepest reverence and devotion. Underlinings were prompted for the sake of emphasis. I share this with all who are guided to my website in the spirit of full disclosure, so that all may judge according to their own intuitive discernment as projected by their Higher Selves. I will admit to still being perplexed about the Higher Aspects of my Self that were discussed.

Saryon: "Let's just relax, take some deep breaths, and give thanks to The Masters, to Kuthumi, and welcome that Vibration in. And it's always amazing when you get two people together that work with the same Master, and it really is like we both can channel that energy together and really become like a container for that energy. So, I've actually been really excited about connecting with you because I feel like we are both very much in the 'Field' of this Master, and I feel a lot of heart energy (love) around my connection to you and your connection to Kuthumi."

(Over a period of 7 minutes, Saryon slowly enters his mediumistic/meditative state of consciousness.)

Kuthumi: "Blessings to you both, my beloved friends. I Am Kuthumi, and I thank you for inviting Me here. You are also receiving deeply into your heart the invitation to come for The Masters on the Inner Planes as well, so We have called you here. So, feel this alignment in your heart, and feel the place that We bring you to into Our Space and allow the space around you to be charged with this Sacred Energy."

"I am here with you, My brother (Jim), as your Sponsor, as your Friend, and as The Steward of your heart to bring you into this space where you can begin to experience dispensations and the very profound healing effects of the Ascension Flame."

"You stand now before the Ascension Flame as it is coming to bear upon your heart and mind. And I am here with your Brothers Saint Germain and Serapis Bey, and The 3 of Us have formed a very unique configuration of energy that is supporting you at this time."

"What We are here to support you with is the unsealing of your heart (anahata chakra). It is a very specific point in the spiritual journey of any and all of Our students and Initiates, the point where your heart begins to be unsealed and, to some degree, cracked open so that more of The Master's Presence can enter and begin to dwell there. And We are not just speaking of Our Presence, The Presence that overlights your Soul, but also your own Ascended Master Presence that 'walks' with Us and dwells amongst Us."

"You are entering into the space where you are communing more and more directly and completely with the frequency of your own Mastery, which I am more than happy to reveal to you. There is, of course, a Soul-braiding that has occurred for quite some time, where our energies have been woven together very completely in many ways, and you have experienced My Presence in your field (of energy) and your body as well, as if you are a direct emissary of the Vibrations and Consciousness that I bring to the Second Ray (Divine Love - click on 'The Second Ray')."

"And this, of course, will continue on; it will continue to unravel, for there is much more for us to do together. And yet your heart (anahata chakra) is going to be expanded to contain even more of what We all have to share with you. So there is a profound Soul-weaving that is taking place, and Beloved Saint Germain and Serapis Bey are here to preside over this part of the expansion."

"There is a link-up that is taking place in your field, where you are being linked with various 'downloads' and dispensations of Light, coming into your embodiment over a period of time. What this looks like is that there will be moments when you are noticeably experiencing an ascension or vibration-increasing, and you feel as though you are being called into alignment with your own Pillar of Light. And then you will see these energies taper off, and you will experience a plateau for a period of time where are you able to rest, to adjust to the new level of energy, to refine your relationship to the Presence of Light and what this Light is asking of you as a steward and conduit."

"And then you will gently feel the pull of the Ascension Flame again, magnetizing you and gently bringing you into a new position. And so, you are at a new threshold, a new crossing, and this type of acceleration can begin to increase and become more noticeable as We bring to bear various evolutionary pressures in your consciousness that can guide you out of what remains of the ego's illusions."

"You have placed great trust in The Ascended Masters, great trust in the Flame of My Heart that guides you, and there is a great deal We can do with this trust. And so, breathe for a moment and allow the Ascension Flame to penetrate deeper and to attune you to these downloads that are being activated into your time line." ................. (30 second pause)

"There has been a question that I would phrase in this particular way: the question is, 'What am I expanding into? What am I coming to embody more of?' Are you coming to embody more of My Frequency, having become so deeply attuned to this in your heart? Are you expanding into Me or are you expanding into God with Me as your Steward, having accepted the position that your Soul has invoked as the Guardian of your heart?"

"It is a very intimate relationship that we share in this regard, and certainly you do experience, to some degree, that your expansion into God is an expansion into who we are as One on the Inner Planes. And this is true, and the joy that you feel in this and the kinship that you feel with My Frequency, the way in which we hold congress through the Dimensions, it is a very intimate relationship, indeed."

"But also, the Heart of Shamballa is even vaster, is even more profound (go to 'Shamballa'). And as you have accepted the Path of Discipleship to The Masters, in your training We've revealed to you now that it is truly Our wish and Our planning for you to expand your heart into the fullness of what the Heart of Shamballa contains."

"At this time, there are not quite so many people in the world, even amongst those who are devoted to Our teachings, that have offered themselves to be a model for this degree of expansion. It is a great undertaking. It involves a letting go on a much deeper level than most can imagine. And there are degrees and aspects of this letting go that you have not yet fully encountered. It is My purpose to guide you into these, and so some of these experiences of letting go might come as a bit of a shock initially."

"You do not even realize what you have held onto until you are challenged to let it go. But I share this with you now because you will not be asked to let go of anything precious to your heart that will not provide you an immediate opening to expand into more of this Divine Love."

"Your dedication to The Divine and to Divine Love and to healing has afforded you a great deal of access to the Resource of Our Wisdom about such Initiatory Events. And truthfully, from Our perspective We must guide Our beloved emissaries very, very carefully through such Initiations in order to ensure that the effect is achieved and the presence of fear diminished as one is called to surrender even more deeply."

"This is the nature of the Initiation that you are on a journey to fulfill with Us. I am reaching out now to embrace your 3rd Eye to further wrap this part of your energy, this portal of multidimensional perception and communication -- also a manifestation portal -- to wrap this part of your essence and awareness in the cloak of My Unconditional Love. There is a band of Love Vibration that is being strengthened around your 3rd Eye. You may see it like a halo, and, to some degree, that is what it is. It is a part of the Crown Chakra, and yet it is a gift to the Crown Chakra to support its opening and alignment."

"For this gift to imprint all the way into your nervous system the way that it is, it is literally rewriting and overwriting various programs in your consciousness. And to experience that, it can, to some degree, bring about sensations of pain or discomfort, and as you feel that, energies in your mind that resist are being challenged. But you are at the point where the resistance is at a level where it can be challenged and overcome. And it is why you have called forth this dialogue. It is because you are ready."

"And so, for you to continue to maintain this readiness, this willingness, this desire to go further and deeper, the desire to surrender your heart more and more completely and to allow The Ascended Master Consciousness to direct you in every way from within -- this is what allows Us to gift you of Ourselves. And there are many, many more gifts that We wish to bring to you."

"The Sword of Archangel Michael is presented to you as well in this moment, and We ask you to hold this in your hands and to hold this in alignment with your heart and with your 3rd Eye and to receive from The Archangelic Presence a strengthening of your alignment with the Divine Will (the 1st Ray - see 'The First Ray')."

"You have asked and you have prayed to go as far as you can go to be of service and to not allow any aspect of the ego to escape a loving intention as We process you through the evolution that your Soul has requested."

"There is going to be a gentle increase that will grow stronger and more noticeable at times in your connection to the 1st Ray as well as the energy of Divine Will being strengthened inside you. This is part of how We are purifying you, and as you will discover, Our instructions and waves of alignment with this Ray will test and challenge you out of old forms of egoic instruction and agendas that you did not even know were there."

"This is, from Our perspective, one of the most interesting times in the journey of an Initiate, because you can begin to face the deepest and most hidden parts of the shadow self, and you are able to do this now and to overcome these hurdles because your heart has grown to have a great deal of compassion."

"Now, this was always part of your gift. You have brought great compassion into this world. Your Soul and your Master Body has cultivated compassion in so many lifetimes. And so, there is a great deal of this energy to be realized, even beyond what you currently embody. You have stored up many gifts for yourself, and so it is not just the gifts that We bring that will enlighten your heart and mind. It is also the gifts of your own Soul, the dawning of your Soul's enlightenment, that will bring to you so many of the gifts of compassion that you need to transform what remains of the fear and resistance of the ego."

"Our promise to you is that you will have precisely what you need in each moment (please check out 'The Silver Platter'). It is still possible for you to look around and see the world through a 3-D perspective that does not include awareness of how perfectly and synchronistically We are able to dance through and around the events, the people, the relationships, the communications happening in your 'field' to orchestrate them, to rearrange everything around you to effect some part of your God Realization, be it great or small."

"You are moving now into an awareness, a heightened awareness of the symbolic nature and the cleverness of how everything is arranged and placed in your life to effect your God Realization. It is a dream-like awareness, and this is also part of the gift that I bring to you to increase this by activating more of this inside-the-brain-awareness of the Soul's dreaming; and the way your Soul Itself can place objects, experiences, conversations, and messages so as to reveal the Path and to speak to you that the entire Universe around you is a communication portal with The Divine."

"And this is where you are experiencing and moving into a synaptic shift that is occurring in your nervous system. And it is literally bridging the Dimensions together."

"You will find that much of the healing and activation work that We are speaking of here will begin to illuminate itself through your healing work with others, and you will see people coming to you that are ready to receive some part of the same gifts and activations that are being spoken of here. And you will experience a deepening of these."

"I am focused now upon your Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura). We are giving you something of a full chakra attunement in this session. And so, allow yourself to receive My Presence into this Power Center, and breathe into it as I am also, cloaking this part of your auric field with My Presence."

"The Master Serapis Bey is stepping forward to activate another piece of the Ascension Flame to bring it to bear within this Chakra, and this is so that We can ground more of your own Divine Presence (Soul). So just breathe for a few moments." .................. (1 minute pause)

"In your attunement to The Ascended Master Presence that is braiding and blending and merging with your Soul Stream, see that same process happening in others. See Our Energies blending and merging with those that are called to work with you. And so, for example, there are those that come to you very specifically to connect with My Presence through your attunement. And what deepens your attunement to My Presence is when you see the fullness of this connection that we share inside that person, owning nothing of this energy and placing the fullness of this energy into their hearts, seeing them as being perfectly and equally connected to the same Source, the same spiritually-shared identity within The One."

"There are going to be moments when a very deep attunement to The Ascended Master Energy wants to move through you, and that is the approach, the alignment, to see the one vibration and spiritual equality that each person shares with Us through your heart and your devotion to The Ascended Master Energies that are guiding."

"Beloved Saint Germain, The Master Who is notable for His gift of humility, has come to you to imbue you with even more of this gift, deepening the energy and consciousness of humility inside you and blessing you with His Energy. And so, as He is bowing before you, He is transmitting a part of this energy into your 'field'. He is saying to you, that as you go forward and as you continue to walk this path, may you become increasingly humble; may you become increasingly vulnerable to the I Am Presence (Higher Self) and its command over you." (If interested, click on "Who In The World Is Saint Germain?".)

Saint Germain: "Many would fear this; many would fear loss of control; many would fear disempowerment. And yet the I Am Presence that overlights you does so with such pure devotion to your potential. How could you resist? But We see that you will not resist, and so We bless you with these gifts of humility and of holy desire for greater love. Allow My Presence to enter your heart and blend with Master Kuthumi's in equal proportion. Just breathe for a few moments. Allow the energy of the Violet Flame to deepen." .................... (90 second pause)

Kuthumi: "I wish to address the question that is present, concerning how to truly present yourself in your work. What is the most aligned way to present your relationship with The Masters and to create a balanced and aligned way for people to relate to the gift that you offer? As this is something that is going to be evolving, it is a question because there is an evolution taking place. And so, everything that you have created on Our behalf, We have inspired in you, and yet as you evolve, you are seeking for the best vehicle, the best way to expand the work and to expand both the teachings and the opportunity."

"There will continue to be a refinement in this regard, so We do not wish for you to have any doubts as to where you are at or whether or not you have found or created the vehicle to its perfection, because it is a step-by-step process. The vehicle that you have been creating for Our teachings evolves as you evolve. And so, do not think that you have to have the final version, the final and most complete version. The most complete version of the website, for example if We are simply speaking symbolically with this as a symbol, you are always going to be adding more. You are always going to be making changes, just as you will refine the way in which you communicate with people about what you are offering and what is being offered through you."

"So, allow this process to be fluid, to evolve and change, and let go of needing to have the final version. They (The White Brotherhood) are offering you a confirmation of what is there, and yet there will be changes that will occur as new information, new awareness, comes to light. It is true that at some point you'll be stepping into a more complete declaration of who you are as an emissary, not of any particular Master but of The One Heart Itself (2nd Aspect of The Triune Godhead, Vishnu, The Love of God)."

"And so, this you can begin to already adopt within your consciousness, to hold this in the sacred tabernacle of your heart, not that you will necessarily communicate this right away but to just hold this in your heart, the affirmation and the truth that I Am an emissary of The One Heart. That is what you are, an emissary of The One Heart, a disciple of The Ascended Masters, and a vehicle for Their teachings."

(Note: At times, it appears that The Masters as a Collective are speaking.) "Your work with the 2nd Ray will continue to expand, and you will assist many people to come into their own direct relationship with The Master Kuthumi. His Presence is still being discovered anew by a great many people. Far more people have experienced and been introduced to Saint Germain, and yet Kuthumi's Presence and Energy is still being unveiled into greater and greater degrees of influence (as The World Teacher). Let us breathe for a few moments." ................ (1 minute pause)

"We wish to share with you now an awareness of that Great Organization that you are a part of, that has been awakening and arising on the Physical Plane. This is the arrival of The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light (the Externalization of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, heralding the New Aquarian Age). The Family of Light that you're a part of has been growing stronger on the planet and formulating networks of support that are beginning to offer a great deal of opportunity for the services of all of its members to be properly networked and shared with more people. Because We are at such a point where the network has grown strong, the opportunities abound."

"We wish to address where you have felt a little bit outside of this network, not quite sure how or where or when to plug into it, though you are aware of it. You are aware of being part of it, and yet you have also been cultivating your spiritual work and waiting for a time when your life would become much, much busier. Well, that time is fast approaching, and it is Our great pleasure to guide you into alignment with various synchronicities and opportunities where you will be able to share your work with more people."

"This pariticular part of your expansion is most connected with the heart itself, and so the healing process that you have been in, that you have been cultivating within yourself behind the scenes and what We have been cultivating in you, We have been preparing you for the frequency of The One Heart to begin to open." (The 2nd Ray of Divine Love is the Cosmic Emanation of The 2nd Aspect of The Godhead, referred to here as The One Heart.)

"There is also quite an interesting connection that you are going to feel with The One Heart through your hands. It is a connection not merely to The Ascended Master Frequency of Love, Light, and Healing but an activation that is opening world-wide and that is connecting millions of helping hands with the Energy of The One Heart (or the 2nd Ray - see 'The Second Ray')."

"Truthfully, this is part of what you have been assisting Us with, the connection between your heart and your hands, in that you experience where your Heart Chakra literally has descended through your appendages, where your hands are like sacred portals into The One Heart. This is part of an activation that you have been assisting Us to create and birth into the field of human consciousness to activate millions of helping hands that are connected with The One Heart (also called Lord Vishnu, The Universal Christ, and The Love of God)."

"And you will be a messenger of this. You will be a communicator and one who shares attunement with this planetary activation as it is occurring. And so, you will feel this happening in your heart. You will feel the millions of helping hands through your body, and you will know that the activity of The Family of Light has begun to come into fruition to bring about global change. And this is why We will accelerate for you opportunities to share, because the time has come to imprint this awareness more, and your heart is opening to carry this code of consciousness as a conduit."

"And so, great care is being taken to assist you. It is mostly a matter of divine timing, but there will be certain doorways that will open for you where one connection will lead to another and another and another after that. And so, all of the preparation that you have done thus far, it has been well-timed in ways that you do not yet see, but you will be surprised and delighted at how this unfolds."

"And so, We bless you now with an awareness that the miraculous is truly possible -- for you to hold this and to hold awareness of and celebration of the miracles that are entering into the world, not just into your life but into the lives of people everywhere, moreso than ever before."

"If there are questions that you would like to put forth, then you are so invited."

JOC: "Well, thank You. Mmmmm, I have so many, but I'll just start with ..................... could You more precisely comment on my relationship with You, Lord Kuthumi?"

Kuthumi: "Yes. And so, just a moment please." ......................... (3 minute pause) "It is true that you embody an aspect of My Presence. It is also true that you are of the same Soul Lineage, and we are a part of the same Multi-dimensional Self, however you are much more. There is much more to who you are. So, as to the question of, are you a direct incarnation and embodiment of My Presence on the planet, there has been a little bit of unclarity regarding the nature of our connection."

"It is because you are part of the same Soul Lineage that there is more for you to absorb of My Presence, more for you to receive, and more for Me to gift to you than perhaps any other Master. And these gifts that I have given to you or will give to you are gifts of My Own Being and Presence that became a part of you, so it is as if part of Me has 'Walked In' to join you in the physical. And in this regard, yes, you are a direct emissary of an aspect of My Presence that walks with you on the Physical Plane."

"So, do not be confused about this. You have been correct in this regard. But this is something a bit different than being the direct incarnation of the full Master Presence that I represent on the Inner Planes."

"I am here to oversee your birth into God and into The Godhead, which will expand you into awareness of your own Ascended Master Presence, which has a unique frequency that includes My Frequency and yet also expands beyond it."

"And so, I will simply say that there is much more to who you are, and yet when you are in the flow of channeling My Love, Healing, and Guidance for others, you are doing this more as an emissary than simply as a channel. So, there are those who channel Me, for example, and who experience blending with more and more of the 2nd Ray, and they associate this with Me because I Am The Steward of this Energy (The Chohan of the 2nd Ray), and I am overlighting and guiding this process of each person's education with the Ray of Divine Love."

"However, a great many people become confused about their relationship to The Masters that they channel. In your case, it is a bit different because I have gifted you of Myself, and we are of the same Soul Lineage. Your beloved brother, Saryon, is also alike to you in this regard. I have given him an aspect of My Presence that he embodies, though your connection, what you embody of My Presence, is completely unique. It is something that has not been gifted to anyone else, but this is part of how We are bringing you and others like you into their full embodiments of Ascended Masters -- to gift you of Ourselves in this way."

"So, do not feel that you have ever misrepresented, even to yourself, the nature of our connection. It is simply that there is more to who you are that is being revealed. And there is also more to our connection that is being revealed as well."

"There will be various points in your process where you are asked to let go of all forms of spiritual identification and to become a blank slate yet again and to allow the concepts that We have given you of your relationship to The Masters to be overwritten yet again. And so, the concepts that you have had thus far at different stages of your developement were concepts that We gave you, that supported you to grow in your awareness of who you truly are. And yet, you continue to go further. You will be asked to become completely blank, to have no attachment to any of it, to take any sense of spiritual identity and to continually lay it on the Altar of God and to say: 'Here, I am willing to lay this down and to allow You to intervene and perfect my understanding and to bring it into its full completeness'."

"This is all We would ask of you, to simply be willing always to lay down any concepts that you may have at any given moment to allow an even higher truth to come to bear on your consciousness. You will do this many, many, many times, and each time you will expand into a greater awareness and understanding until eventually you feel as though all of it is equally a part of you, and your heart expands to include the whole of The Spiritual Hierarchy and Beyond."

"You are Melchizedek. That is also a part of Who and What you are. As a Melchizedek, there is an aspect of you that is universal and universally-connected to The Melchizedek Consciousness. And so you stand with Myself and Beloved Brother Saint Germain and Serapis Bey and all of Us here as Melchizedek."

"So, this you can begin to integrate with more and experience how you are being held truly as an equal with all of The Ascended Masters. Your prayer, your calling through your deep affinity with the energies that We share, has been to merge as completely as possible with the Energy that I represent in your consciousness, but from certain perspectives I truly am only a Representative of that Energy (the 2nd Ray of Divine Love). And what you are expanding into will go quite beyond any names or concepts or descriptions. We hope this message will continue to provide clarity about the process."

End and Beginning

Click on "Conversation With Saryon" for the exchange which followed this channeled reading, during which concepts were expanded and explained and further clarified. The reader may well be fascinated by this loftier perspective of ideas which bridge the concretized thinking of the human intellect with the abstract thought-forms of higher mind when Soul-connectivity is conscious and fluidly dominating.


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