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I received a channeled Reading from Dr. Norma Milanovich on May 12th, 2016 by means of telephone connection. Norma is the author of "We, The Arcturians", "Sacred Journey To Atlantis", and "The Light Shall Set You Free". She has given Readings to thousands of people, according to her estimates, and I've known of her work and connectivity with The Ascended Masters of Earth's Hierarchy for decades. She especially serves as an incarnate vehicle and intermediary for The Ascended Master and World Teacher known as Kuthumi, and that was my attraction to making request of her for a Reading, hoping that Kuthumi would be involved in the guidance I received from The Great White Lodge.

There are great demands on her time, not only for personal consultations and Readings but for online teaching courses overseen by The Masters, correspondence with people from all over the world, and group excursions to sacred locations around our planet as guided by Kuthumi. I would consider Norma to be one of the Disciple-Initiates in Kuthumi's Ashram. It normally takes up to 6 months on the waiting list to get a Reading, but after only a month or so I received a message from her personal assistant, Nida, that an opening had come up due to a cancellation of appointment. Although it took me a couple of days to receive the e-mail, having been camping in the wilderness, I was the first of all the people notified to respond in the affirmative. I wanted the appointment. As we will see in the Reading, the timing was all arranged from Higher Levels and according to a contract I had made with Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy before incarnation. Synchronicity came to intervene.

During her Readings, Norma is able to divide her attention and journey inter-dimensionally to serve as a liaison between Ascended Masters & Higher Beings and the recipient of the Reading, as she had been taught to do by The Higher Ups. There is no trance/meditative state. She communicates as herself, the personality, but is able to describe all that she sees, hears, and experiences on the higher Dimensions in her higher bodies and is able to give a verbatim rendering of any messages that The Masters would like to provide to the Earth-bound recipient of the Reading. Her vocal delivery is slow, precise, measured, and very clear as though giving dictation and conscientiously making sure that every word and phrase will be transcribed as accurately as was intended.

I have taken it all down exactly as it was given without any omissions or alterations. This is all of it word for word as it came from Kuthumi or the Voice of Oneness (as Norma describes it) or the observations of the intermediary herself. More advanced Beings like Ascended Masters often communicate in symbols and allegories to appeal to the discriminative faculty of the higher, abstract mind of the individual in order to trigger more profound levels of recognition and remembrance. This was no exception. I do want to be honest in stating that at times I just didn't know what Kuthumi was talking about, and oftentimes it was hard to believe that He was actually referring to me.

I offer this for any clarification or new information it may provide to the reader who has been guided to my website. All parentheses are mine to expedite understanding. Emboldened font is given reverentially to Those Who deserve it, and underlinings are my emphases. The links are a tool for expansion of consciousness. Finally, what follows is the link to the website of Norma Milanovich. Click on Athena Leadership Center.


Norma: "Okay, so sit back now, relax, and my higher bodies are now being guided to leave my lower bodies and to journey forward into the Dimension of time/space that has already been set by your Higher Self (Soul) and The Ascended Realms for this Reading."

"It is a day of celebration in the Heavens. It is like a reunion, for as I enter this 6th Dimensional Realm, which is a doorway into the 7th Dimension, I am reminded that myself and you today in this Reading are both invited, and we will be welcomed to enter this portal that literally is our Home outside of embodiment on the Earth Plane."

"It is a Dimension where time does not exist. It is a Dimension that literally aligns with theoretical knowledge and that which comes directly from The God Force, literally from Keter (Kether, the Crown, of the 10 Sephiroth on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life), and then eventually makes its way down through the Tree of Life so that finally or eventually the knowledge can be used on the Earth Plane in the 3rd Dimension by as many people as are able to raise their vibrational frequencies to accept it, to understand it, and to finally integrate it into their everyday lives."

"This is a Dimension connected to Alpha Centauri (a 3-star cluster which is the closest star system to our sun), a part of the Southern Cross (actually a member of the southern constellation Centaurus and the outer star of the Southern Pointers which point directly to the Southern Cross - joc) that is more scientific on a Cosmic Level than most of the other constellations and galaxies combined. It is a section in the parsec of the Universe that holds great promise for great minds to come forth now and in the future to be able to decipher the higher wisdom that most still believe is nothing but a theoretical concept."

"I am guided to know that this Dimension is ruled by the color and the frequency connected to indigo, which is that which rules the Third Eye. It also commands the tone of A, which is the tone of Creation and the frequency that heals everything of a lower nature and brings it back into an alignment, an energetic alignment that can be used for the higher agendas connected to the Soul (please refer to 'The Soul' )."

"This is an area that you are very familiar with, for I am being told through the Voice of Oneness at this time that this is an area where we both reside when out of embodiment, and it is an area that is very connected to the Ashtar Command and the higher work that They continue to do throughout the Universe to advance evolution in all of its ways and forms. The primary contact that we know from this Command is Soltec, The Head of the Scientific Realms that brings the concepts and theories into form."

"I am asked now, once this path has been laid, to return now and to bring you into this Dimensional Frequency to have this Reading and this attunement completed in this 6th Dimensional Reality. Intuitively I know that you arranged for this meeting in this space between lifetimes, and it is written in your sacred contract that this would occur at this time of your spiritual, physical, and mental developement to reconnect you to The Ascended Master Realms so that you can become a permanent citizen of the 5th Dimension and higher at this time."

"Up until this point in time, I am hearing, you have been an intermittent visitor and master of the 5th Dimension, and you've known, since the days of Atlantis and even many other lifetimes of significance on this Earth Plane, that that way of operation is only the beginning step to assuming mastery on the Earth Plane." (I am uncertain that her use of the word, mastery, has any equivalence to taking the 5th Initiation and becoming an Ascended Master. joc)

"You have reached mastery in other lifetimes in embodiment where other Lightworkers only dream of such an event, but you have always chosen wisely your paths. You have been meticulous in the details that you have included in your lifetimes that would assure that you would be able to slip through all of the passageways, even some that are hidden from some of the sharpest minds around, to guarantee that you would enter at some point in your life this 6th Dimensional Realm so that you could maintain your existence at this level of spiritual attunement while you were not only doing your work on the Earth Plane and the 5th Dimension but also in helping many others to do the same."

"In any one lifetime, there are usually no more than 12 in embodiment that have had the skills and abilities to do this, especially when there was not an abundance of teachers close by to guide this path. It is a rare occasion that someone in embodiment figures out this secret passageway into the 6th Dimensional Realm and does so with the goal in mind that they intend to reside at this Level more on a permanent level (basis) than they presently reside on the 3rd or 4th Dimension on the Earth Plane."

"It did not surprise The Ascended Realms when you wrote this into your contract once again (pre-incarnatively), for you knew that you would be ready, and what this implies is that when a soul is ready, they are ultimately ready to assume the responsibility of the higher knowledge coming down from the Mystery Schools of the Universe (Schools of Initiation) and using this higher knowledge in theoretical concepts, beginning to be or become the filter that is required and needed to bring the higher concepts through with clarity and perfection, so that eventually they can be used accurately on the lower Planes of Existence." (See "Nuggets From Shamballa".)

"You were a master of this on Atlantis and even further back than that civilization. And, as was already said, you have done this work and performed with excellence in other lifetimes as well. So this time it is like it is business as usual." (This could explain the gift of "The Silver Platter" to me from The Lords of Karma. Click on link. joc)

"Now, in bringing you from your location in the United States with me, we are both positioned in this Alpha Centauri Matrix. It is an extension of that advanced, advanced civilization, and I see your auric field shifting and changing so that your entire vibrational field has become the indigo color. This is happening to me as well, because in order for me to reside here, to be your witness today, I must vibrate on the same level to be able to accurately capture that which is destined to occur today."

"We stand here in the Void, for this Dimension is primarily made up of the Void. This is the Source of Creation, the Source of the stimulation of the intellect, the mind energy and, ultimately, The Mind of God (Brahma, The 3rd Aspect of The Triune Godhead). Directly above us comes an intense Golden Light. It shines down upon us with such power, such brilliance, and as we look straight ahead through our own indigo frequency and the Light around us, we see that two Masters are making Their way through a cosmic doorway to join us at this meeting place today."

"The first Master is Master Kuthumi, and the second Master is Jesus the Christ, often called Sananda. These two Beings, of such radiance and magnificence, work together, journey together, and fulfill all the important missions that Earth requires in its advancement into citizenship on the 5th Dimension and then, ultimately, higher. They are 7th Dimensional Beings filled with the wisdom of Melchizedek and Metatron, holding the Divine Plan (for Earth) in Their Electron Matrices that direct everything on the planet through the Heart and the Mind."

"As They approach, They stop, and with duty and obedience you and I bow (pronam) to these Masters, and They do the same to us. Kuthumi approaches you with eagerness, with great anticipation. He says to you, in calling you His brother, His guide, His teacher, that He is delighted to be reunited with you once again in this capacity. For He says that the timing is perfect. He looks at you and answers your question by giving you an example of Sananda with the 12 Apostles around Him over 2,000 years ago that came to complete this perfected energetic from the Universe." (Jesus was an incarnate expression of Lord Sananda. joc)

"He reminds you that in that lifetime He played the role of John (Johannen the Beloved), who some called the favorite Apostle to Jesus, and others called him His brother, even though there was no proof that was recorded except through words and language that this could be so."

"Kuthumi says that just as Sananda had to fulfill a tremendous Mission at the beginning of the Age of Pisces and it took the 12 Aspects of His Soul to come down onto the Earth Plane and to complete His Energetic Field and protect His Mission, so is it now with the 12 (Apostles) who are now elevated into higher and more serious work at the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of this New Age called Aquarian."

"Each of the original 12 (Apostles) are now considered to be Oversouls (Gestalts of Consciousness or Monads), and 12 have come forth in embodiment on this planet to be like 12 pillars of light, 12 shields of light, to hold the energetic in place so that one-twelfth of the mission, of the curriculum of the agenda, could eventually be put into place with perfection and precision." (This was confusing, but I believe that He is saying that each of the 12 Apostles of Jesus-Sananda, now Ascended Masters, sent forth 12 incarnate expressions of Themselves, making a total of 144. joc)

"You, He says, are one of the 12 in this embodiment who has agreed to fulfill this aspect of the higher mission, but when you take 12 times 12 you get 144. So, this means that each of the others, the other 11, also has the 12 aspects of their own energetic field and mission stamped into them, ready to be activated at this time."

"Of this group of 144, you are the one selected to be called forth to receive this schematic and this picture of this part of the plan, so that on the Aetheric (Level) over the next 90 days of time you will be able to instruct the other 143 of this part of the mission and the plan, so that these others positioned around the Earth will have full access, coming into their aetheric bodies, that will help them understand the Great Shift that is about to occur." (Click on "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".)

"So, you have been selected as the teacher for this event to occur, and Kuthumi is very pleased that you were the one elected to do this work, because every time you have come to Earth in an embodiment to serve at this high level, you have never let The Hierarchy down." (If interested, go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

"But in order to do this, you must be activated today to receive higher information of a theoretical level and, therefore, your Third Eye must be expanded and higher channels must be opened to allow you access to this higher information so that you and your body, mind, and Soul can be used as the vibrational tool to teach these others, so that they are in position within 90 days to hold the energetics of God's Divine Plan (as administered by Lord Sanat Kumara) in place while they will be installed on the Christ Consciousness Grid around the planet."

"So, this is the reason you have come forth at this time to receive this knowledge and this information so that you could work primarily with Kuthumi but also Sananda, Jesus the Christ, because the other 143 individuals or souls are all connected firmly with the Christ Consciousness Grid, but they have not been able to access and understand the positions that they hold or the work that they must perform in the months to come."

"Everything on the planet is speeding up at an extraordinary pace, which means that there are many agendas competing for the higher position of transformation, some in the Light and many in the Dark." (Refer to "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces".)

"It is the goal of the 12 original Masters assigned around Sananda 2,000 years ago to literally put into place the 12 Aspects of God's Divine Plan and to secure these firmly in the Christ Consciousness Grid approximately 90 days from today, but They cannot operate by bringing this 6th Dimensional knowledge and wisdom that must maintain its integrity down through Their anchor points of 12 each (incarnate expressions) if the individuals are not stable, if they do not understand the significance and critical importance of excellence aligned with this mission."

"It is up to you to convey to each of these (143) individuals in the dream state and meditative state exactly how critical this mission is and how it must be performed with excellence at the time of its inception. This, by being completed with excellence in the Light, will automatically transform and transmute many of the plans that have already been activated by Forces of Darkness that are, indeed, catching hold, but they are undesirable and they do not fit the Divine Plan's ultimate agenda in the higher Dimensions of time/space."

"So, the more perfectly orchestrated this mission, this future mission, will be, the more assurances there are that everything will be fulfilled and Earth will have a much easier time moving into the higher Dimensions of time/space and enjoying the Plan created in the Light that most on the planet are waiting to realize."

"Right now, most on the planet are captivated by these lower agendas of fear and hopelessness and terror, etcetera, etcetera, that show their faces in a hundred different ways. This is by design, for, in general, the Human Race is held in captivity by the Forces that have ruled and taken over most of the planet over the last several hundred years (Illuminati, Puppet Masters, World Management Team, New World Order, the Dark Brotherhood). This is about to change, and the success of this first step is dependent upon you, They are saying, and on how well you can communicate and train the other 143 masters who also are extensions of the original 12."

"In the dream state for the first 7 weeks of time or 49 days, you will be taught by Sananda and Kuthumi both regarding the many aspects of this Plan that will be operational after the 90 days is complete. At that time you will have the remainder of the time to reach these other master souls to prepare them for this ultimate Shift that will occur on this Earth." (Have a look at "Earth In Metamorphosis".)

"It is important that you access, during this first 7 weeks, your own Atlantean Oversoul Who understood how to do this perfectly with ease and grace and to bring forth this knowledge, this information, to your conscious mind and to capture it in a journal so that you are conscious on more than one Plane of Existence. In fact, the more conscious you can become, using all your lower 9 bodies including your physical body, the more powerful you will become in the future."

"You must pay attention to every sign. You must observe everything in your environment and in the world around. The more you do this and the more you begin to commune and communicate with everything around you, the more you will raise your I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient); and the more you raise your I.Q., the stronger your psychic abilities will become."

"This is an exciting time for you, and it is a mission that Melchizedek has been waiting to assign, for the success of this one mission alone is critical. It is a pivotal point for the 7 Battles of Armageddon of which we are presently still in the end of the 5th Battle (White Brotherhood versus Dark Brotherhood)."

"Now, Sananda connects His Heart with your's, and He tells you that He will be doing this over the next 7 days of time to seal this with a sign of the 7th Seal, for your heart must be strong to be able to communicate to the 143 masters who are already aligned with the Christ Consciousness Grid, even to a greater degree than you are, because you handle more multi-tasks and you are more diversified than they are who remain, with single focus and single purpose, connected to that Grid."

"So, Sananda-Jesus will be strengthening your heart to make it a warrior's heart and expanding your auric field even moreso than what you already command today."

"Kuthumi will be your Teacher, your primary Teacher, and before going to bed at night, you must invite Them to work with you, for you must renew your commitment on a daily basis to assure that success will be ongoing and unbroken."

"Journal knowledge when it comes through, even at the least expected time. Bring forth this wisdom. Remain in silence for the first 7 weeks of time while you build your own atomic structure to a point that it will be so strong, unbroken, and powerful that nothing will be able to penetrate this energy field when you go into service to train the others. For keep in mind, always remember, that the information must come through uncontaminated and clear. You do not have the luxury of a weak moment, allowing some energetic force (of Darkness) that is not of the highest to quickly attack or take some aspect of your mind and twist the words or the message that you will be responsible to transmit."

"Kuthumi steps back. He aligns with Sananda. They put me to work as well. And the 3 of us form a perfect 3-sided triangle around you. It is first a tetrahedron, a 3-sided pyramid, but suddenly it is doubled, and it is now a Merkabah, the Vehicle of God. Instantly, with you in the center vibrating to the Third Eye of Indigo, the top and bottom (tetrahedra) spin in opposite directions creating a centrifugal force. Even your DNA is being re-aligned at this point, the coding within. The chakra system is perfected. It is strong, the 7 colors making up the white light." (The Merkabah is a stellated octahedron comprised of 2 interlocking, equally-sized tetrahedra with a common center, one apex pointed up and the other apex pointed down. joc)

"And this energetic field now is attuning you. You are becoming the key to open up this segment of the Universe once again for The Ascended Realms to become the channel, the satellite, the receiver of this higher wisdom for God."

"They say that you will remain in this Merkabah for 24 hours to assure that your own electronic structure will be strong. It will not be able to be broken (by the Dark Ones). They send in 7 Archangels of power and might to align around you, to hold you intact, and to help facilitate the instruction that will be forthcoming."

"And with this, They say that this attunement, this Reading, now is complete according to the contract that you wrote between lifetimes. And in this position now, They will seal this aspect with the famous words: 'Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish! Adonai Tsebayoth! Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish! Adonai Tsebayoth! Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish! Adonai Tsebayoth! So be it! So it is! So mote it be! And it is done'!"

"And now They hold you suspended, but you will be returned to your lower bodies in 24 hours. But you will remain in this 6th Dimensional Frequency with your higher bodies there. And this aspect of this Reading is now complete. So just breathe it and know it."

(end and beginning)


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