One of the Humanized Depictions of The Chohan of the 5th Ray for Planet Earth


This Reading/Session with The Hilarion Consciousness was conducted through Jon C. Fox on September 13th, 2017, and is the third in the series (link to his website: JON C. FOX). As previously explained, Hilarion is a vast Group Consciousness existent on a much Higher Plane of Being (Atmic Plane) as are all of the other Ascended Masters in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. There is no longer an individuated type of consciousness, such as that imposed by the separative personality of the incarnate human being and its ego structure. They may all be considered as Senior Monads, according to the exceedingly informative teachings of Master Djwhal Khul, and use the plurality of We when referencing the Self.

Jon is used as a willing instrument for Hilarion to communicate vocally to this Physical Level of Being, and the word flow is fairly rapid, making it sometimes a little hard to follow. Additionally, He (or That One) frequently cloaks the ideas in a foggy mist of symbolism and tangential references that require further study and contemplation, which, I believe, is the intention for this method of delivery. I had many questions I wanted to ask, but the response to my first question was nearly a half hour long, and I had to be highly selective in deciding what to ask, so I didn't get around to much that I had hoped to query about.

A great deal of material came out concerning the upcoming Dimensional Transition for Planet Earth, and Hilarion confirmed many things that I had written on my website more than a decade ago. An informative companion to this interview would be "Earth In Metamorphosis" (click on link). New information was granted with regards to the most probable near future for Humanity if it continues on its present course, and this has to do with global atmospheric and geological events expected for the year 2024 A.D. Hilarion wouldn't provide any details, but it looks to me like something on a grand scale is headed our way to shake the materialistic, self-serving foundations of the Race of Man. More distant future scenarios were also discussed, and I have to say that I don't share Hilarion's optimism in the future collective decisions of the Race (nor their patterns of behavior).

There just wasn't time to ask all the questions that I wanted to ask, and the long detours and unforeseen digressions threw me off in my thinking. Underlinings are for certain words emphasized by Hilarion and topics high-lighted to draw the reader's attention. Emboldened font was given out of honor and respect to Those it is due. Parenthetical comments are all mine and are given on an explanatory basis to better facilitate understanding. I transcribed the MP3 recording of the Session by long-hand writing and then typed up and digitalized it all. The Session was divided into two parts to ease the tediousness of reading so much uninterrupted text. This is exactly how it all came out, which is why quotation marks are used.


Hilarion: "Yes, greetings, yes. Is this Jim?"

JOC: "Yes it is."

Hilarion: "Yes, greetings, this is that Energy, Being, or Vibration that you call Hilarion. A moment please as We make deeper contact. You are on Lake County Road in Southern Oregon. Give a slightly more specific location."

JOC: "Yes. As the crow flies, I'm 17 miles north/northwest of Lakeview, Oregon, and I'm right next to Lake County Road 2-10B at the edge of the Fremont-Winema National Forest."

Hilarion: "Yes, We have the contact. We remind you of a helpful, strengthening Emerald Light. We ask you to welcome this Light as It fills the entire area around you. It forms a Cylinder about 30 feet in diameter from infinitely upwards through you to the Center of the Earth. Very good. Then let us begin. Do you have some questions for Us today?"

JOC: "I sure do. I will make a statement and then proceed with my questions and any interactive dialogue. For most of my life I was relatively fearless and pursued life with an intensity, vitality, and abandon that did not give pause for caution or trepidation. Precaution and wariness did not enter the picture most of the time. I offer to You the example of my hitch-hiking all the way to and around South America without a map, any prior knowledge of Spanish, or even a canteen for water. I had only a few 100 dollars; some countries were in violent revolution; and I looked like a revolutionary with my beard and long hair. I'm sure You'll find lots of examples if You care to peruse my Akashic Records."

"This brings me to say, however, that in this latter portion of my life , after 26 years of homelessness and living on the edge without a safety net, I've become, puzzlingly, almost paranoic and besieged with all kinds of fears; and this is after being informed, from Higher Levels, of extra-ordinary personal protection many times and in different ways. I've written about this on my website in "The Psalm 91 Connection" and "The Silver Platter", and yet the fears don't seem to be assuaged. I could make a short list here to elucidate what I'm talking about."

"Spending all my time in the wilderness of Nature, I'm afraid that lightning will strike myself or my van or both. My van has a fiberglass roof, and hence there's no Faraday Cage Effect if hit by lightning. And the monsoons bring violent storm cells for months." (A metal roof would direct the tremendous lightning current down through the metallic chassis of the van and through the tires to be grounded in the earth.)

"And then I fear that a large tree will come crashing down on my van with me in it, which severely limits my camping. I worry that my van's exhaust system will ignite a fire and start a wildfire on one of the many dirt roads and tracks that I travel, the repercussions ruining my life. I fear getting shot and killed out in the lawless, remote lands where I spend all my time, and I've contemplated getting a shotgun. I think about getting trapped by a wildfire out where I'm camping and losing my van/home and all my worldly belongings."

"I often worry about getting arrested over some minor infraction, having my van towed to a storage facility, and losing my van and all of my possessions due to inability to afford the storage fee. I fear that I won't be able to fulfill my purpose because of the progressive muscle-wasting of my body and the loss of my vitality. Unfortunately and ridiculously, I could go on and on, which leads to my most important query today."

"I would like to know all about the protection that I supposedly have (see 'The Psalm 91 Connection' and 'The Silver Platter'). Where did it come from? Why do I have it? How did it come to be? Who granted it and for what reason? What is the extent of it? What is the level of it? And is there any connection with The Galactic Council of 12?"

Hilarion: "The last part (Galactic Council) requires multiple Levels of permission .................... (pause). Yes, this does seem sufficiently granted. So yes, you have multiple issues here that are all combining. The weak link in one's own consciousness/physical body inter-relationship with these is that which can bring up various sort of triggers or tie-ins. And that becomes the way in which it is more difficult for you to dismantle this."

"The issue of fear in the world, the bigger picture, what it is for a human being ................... step back for a minute, reject, let go of, find a way around your own personal fears and issues, and simply grapple with that for a moment. Can you not see how the twin issues of fear and ego are at the core of that which is the most difficult for Humanity? Humanity can see the various problems ahead of Itself, yet out of those twin problems It is unable to make the course corrections necessary to prevent Humanity's own extinction through climate change or nuclear war or the various clashes on economic issues, and the list goes on and on."

"So, if you understand that from this karmic perspective, that of your own understanding of this improves with your own personal experience of this (fear). This is difficult to accept, of course. You have learned so much from simply the enjoyment of life, from learning in being. Yet you have also had this compassion, caring, and love for your fellow human beings on this planet. It is, in fact, the motivating energy or factor that brought you here. So, how can you really help them unless you understand their plight at the core level?"

"Now, We know that this does nothing to assuage your fears. It does nothing to shift the problem. And there are many specifics that can work with this. And it does not explain the levels of protection that you are asking about. But, it does give you an inkling as to why this is important, and important not just in the way in which you are able to change it, shift it, or have perhaps a different sense about it whereas you understand more of the protective aspect but also give you the greater perspective as to what you are to do with it."

"After all, you understand that, at the core, the only real protection that is necessary is that of the Soul Itself and that, as an individual is able to learn or grow or add energy to the Soul, you recognize the positive aspect that It works with. It tends to enlarge, to grow, to strengthen, and you have done this. And all of the rest is the illusion, either associated with the tenacity of clinging to life or the physical body itself or the words of others or negative thought-forms associated with various intrusive beings (the Dark Brotherhood), various things, all of which are not you, various things which are simply those which draw your attention as they have drawn the attention of humans, people on this planet, for millennia as they recognize the science, the awareness of, the need for love, the important experiences that people share, and so on."

"Yet, they (the Human Race) are unable to turn the ship on its powerful course straight ahead towards destruction, difficulty, and ultimately their de-evolution, their loss of this planet, their need to take a new planet, and how much this will set them back in their own developement."

"You and many others volunteered, wanting to help, wanting to make a difference, not just to a planet or to your own evolution but to all of this: to Humanity's clear potential to rise above, to go beyond all of these difficulties brought on by so much in the way of emotion, particularly fear, and in the way in which It does not see Itself as a group but sees Itself individually, in particular the ego. And those issues (fear and ego/individuality), when solved or at least repaired to the point that the solutions that are technological, that come from love, that come from a place of caring and compassion, can be enacted." (Tortured sentence. The solution to the twin issues of ego and fear must arise out of love, compassion, and caring for others. joc)

"Once you volunteer, once you make this commitment, many things unfold, some of them personal, your own experiences, for instance, as you've described: traveling or the people that you would meet or the talents and capabilities that you would develope. But, there is also with this willingness to bring this forward the necessity to do something with it as you learn about this. If you get a little bit behind schedule on this sort of thing, then some of those underlying energies will come in one way or another to remind you; so that if, for instance, you contend with your own fear, you may then be able to understand this better and help others."

"But, when you volunteer, when you bring forward the powerful love energy that is deep within you, it goes to the core of your Soul. It is an energy that says, such as, 'I want to help; I want to be of service; I want to do that which will be valuable to my fellow human beings.', or whatever. And there are many different forms of this, of course."

"When that energy is taken, a whole different sort of life change, a whole different attitude, many things, all of these occur at once. Then simultaneously various Beings Who want to assist show up. They are The Source of the protection. They come in principally because you have stated that you want to be used in a way that will be helpful, that you want to have that energy in a positive way. There are different ways in which this unfolds, and it is and must be malleable and flexible, so it can deal with any given situation at any given time."

"This is very different from the other way in which Guides and Helpers are typically arranged for an individual. They (the incarnate individual) come in with a set of purposes and ideas for their life and select and work with, sometimes even for a period of a few years, simulating situations on the Other Side (Astral Planes) before they come into the physical world. They work with these Guides and Helpers, and then They (the Guides) usually show up and stay with the person for awhile. Some individuals will maintain the same Guides and Helpers for their entire life, though that is a little rare these days, and usually one or two will get traded out at various times."

"This is exactly what is needed when it comes to the personal, to that which relates to your own specific evolution. This is not how it works for you when what you do is something at a much larger level. Yes, those Personal Guides are there. Yes, those Energies are there to assist. But, a much Greater Realm is tapped into, an Energy that says, 'We must find a way here to allow this individual to fulfill, to assist, to do that which his passion has now led to this connection to so many others at the Physical Level, the human beings, those that you help in person'. But also the general understanding, the consciousness that you add, and the way in which the energies are assisting those at the Non-physical Realm."

"This means that sometimes a little bit of aetheric head-scratching has to go on where Beings at various Levels must work out how this is supposed to play out, and the flexibility for this requires at times your own contribution. It's not as if you would see, then, that the protection, the energies, the benefits would be that which is already completely figured out or fixed in time. At times you will say, 'You know, a little help over here would be very helpful. Can You bring in Somebody perhaps a little more skilled at this or a little energy on a temporary basis?' And you can be very specific: say, for one month this sort of thing or that sort of thing."

"Beyond this, one recognizes that there can be various specifics, which Beings at various times, how They work with you, and all of that. But, it would not make very much sense to see that as the only way. Because this energy (my altruism) is the motivating factor, it can change the Guides and Helpers, the way They work, the Beings that They work with, and so on and so forth."

"The main idea was that if, in the way in which you are to provide benefits to others this (protection) could be continually, gently, but persistently reminded to you, that you would have the correct way to have a sense of where the protection is available and be able to do what is needed. And that worked out very well in the past for you, so you were able to travel to other places and have the feeling that you didn't have to worry about this or that, the sort of thing that other people clearly were worried about. And this enabled you to do these various things."

"The difficulty with this is that there is with the underlying energy of fear a physical side to it, and principally it works with the adrenals (glands). This tends to create some energetics that reveal to you about various ways of protection and caring and love. They (my adrenal glands) developed a reserve of energy within you, but on the negative side the depletion of adrenal energy can do all kinds of things to the rest of the physical body. Most importantly, they will draw on fat, and this is used by the adrenals but also by the brain, by the spinal cord, by the nervous system throughout the physical body. And as the fat levels go down, there can be a gradual but persistent imbalance in potassium and sodium (electrolytes), which affects all the cells, and a sort of continuing depletion in fat which then affects the brain."

"It is not required that a particular association shows up, and, in fact, you will notice that when you first began having fears, they were not associated with anything. They were more of just the general sort of something's not quite right here, as if somehow the protection was withdrawn. Even though, in fact, it was not, there was that sense, and then this naturally led to all of those energies that you have constructed, the stories. They are just stories, and there are an infinite number of them as you have already recognized, be it as lightning or authority or various difficulties with the land or fire or whichever it is. And the stories will never end. They are in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and Humanity is being driven by these stories in a similar way to the way you are being affected by them personally."

(Hilarion seems to be saying that the uncountable thought-forms of fear that the Human Race has generated in its Collective Consciousness are impacting me personally and that I perceive them as personal threats to me individually. joc)

"Those stories are pushing Humanity to ultimately do the same thing: get a grip; get a look; understand it; step back from it; make the changes necessary -- all of these things that are actually nonspecific. In other words, not addressing the problems at the specific level because that's just working with the stories from which more stories will be generated, but rather getting the bigger picture on it and, ultimately, understanding where the fear has been beneficial, where it can be shifted, where it can be released so that the truth emerges."

"You have, of course, heard FEAR: false evidence appearing as real for F and E and A and R. And what is the truth? And there are levels to this. Yes, there is the truth that you are protected. There is the truth that the trees don't want to fall. There is the truth that there is fire, but there are Those Who are working with it, etcetera, etcetera. But the higher level of truth is that there is within this (fearfulness) the opportunity to learn, to grow, to shift. And at the higher truth of that: that this energy is available to help all of Humanity."

"How that could be activated, how it could be known, there is the pathway through this through which your own personal experience does give you an opportunity to help others as a result. That isn't always the best way to proceed, but at least it gives you an opportunity to bring consciousness and awareness to that which is unconscious, to that which is not aware. For this (matters of fear), Byron Katie (Byron Kathleen Mitchell, author of 'The Work of Byron Katie: A Method for Self Inquiry') has spoken extensively, simply in the idea that you are either inquiring or you are at the effect of it. And that is important to remember. That you are looking at it, that you are thinking about it, that you are asking about it is a much better place to be in than simply the obvious exaggeration that you are cowering in fear." (Actively looking into the fear is far preferable to passively succumbing to the fear. joc)

"Now, this bigger picture of the whole thing is that which you have within you to communicate, to assist others with, to bring to Humanity. And to make this more real with personal examples, you have your own fears that you can study, learn about, and change. The first thing about this might be to notice where in the physical body the fear shows up: solar plexus, shoulders, tightening in the stomach, the back of the tongue more stiff perhaps, whatever. And at any given time, of course, the physical body can do this in different ways, and you notice them. You will become aware of it. You put energy in it; you don't deliberately try to change it. You just notice it."

"And you will notice that the moment you are noticing it, it begins to come down a little bit. If you gave it a scale, for instance 0 to 10, and that fear is showing up at a particular number, just by the noticing of it, it drops down a little bit. Such a gauge is a very helpful, quick measure but very useful because it puts you back into the perspective, the enquiry process, the looking at it. And then you try something; you eat an avocado, for instance, and then notice that the fear level has shifted. Perhaps it has moved elsewhere in the body. Perhaps that energy has gone down a little bit from a 7 to a 6 or whatever."

"You notice when you move, when your body does, perhaps, certain of these poses described in Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Gung) with rotation, with symmetry, with breathing. You notice of different things. You bring the energy up for awhile; emote it; sweep the floor; yell or scream, whatever, and then come back to a place of peace and notice where that energy is. But, in whichever way you play with this, you will begin to notice over and over that it is, as these things go, fairly primitive and that you are in a sense tired of it, sick of it. It is not that which is serving you; nor is it that which these stories associated with it have to hold the sense that this is real and this could happen or whichever."

"Now, of course, one can delve into the stories, look at the past-life connections where you have witnessed the tremendous destructive power of lightning and even felt it yourself (grimace), where you have contended with authority at various times in your life, and go on through the list. But, at its core, you know that those stories are just that. They're just stories, and those energies are not to draw your attention away from either the truth or the awareness of the fear itself."

"Now, at a practical level, it may not be all that helpful. After all, it does seem to make more sense to understand the way in which this energy could be changed for you. And this is the part that is important to understand, that just as there is this activation of the adrenals, just as there is this utilization of fat, fear does have some benefits. It can push you to action instead of sitting still. It can push you to observation when the stillness is that which is paralysis. It can move you into a different frame of mind, and then hopefully you have some choice in the matter and can ask, 'What is the truth here?', remembering the false evidence appearing as real (FEAR) so that you will not be fooled."

"In terms of the protection, not only does it remain, but it changes. It is that which shifts into ways that can work with you in different fashions. Ultimately, there will be no protection. This is the nature of being alive in the world (of physicality). Sooner or later, you die. This is just the nature of what it is. With the contract of coming into a body, with birth, you take on the contract of ending the body with death. This is the natural way in which it always is. And that means that at that moment, no matter how beautiful, painless, helpful, or ultimately even spiritual your death is, the protection for the physical is withdrawn. It does not show up; it is destroyed; it is pushed or whatever."

"This does not mean that the protection, in the sense that you understand it, has been removed. The protection, guidance, assistance with the Soul, your transition (to 4th Density), with all of that, that will remain. But with the physical body, at some point it is just natural to understand that it is not appropriate for the physical body to be protected forever and ever. When this shows up for you consciously, the best death, you might say, actually has nothing to do with either pain or relationship to others. It has to do with consciousness. As you become aware of this, the nature of this body, you say: 'I'm done; remove protection now'."

"This is the energy that goes right to the cellular structures, because protection doesn't only come from Non-physical Realms or from your Soul. It's the cells themselves. They say, 'Let's stay around; let's protect the brain; let's protect the circulatory system; let's do our best to prioritize how the energies move and where they are utilized and so on and so forth'. So, it is this movement, more and more, towards that which is consciousness, that which is your awareness, that you are doing this, that you're responsible for it, that you have a choice in the matter, that you are not at the effect of it that is a great lesson with regards to being alive (embodied) and being in the physical." (Each one of us has the choice whether or not to expand and advance our consciousness, a choice made only by us. joc)

"And just as every great lesson must, for its own nature, for the true learning, be paradoxical, you also recognize that you relinquish control to The Almighty, to The Energy of the Universe, to that which is moving through you, who you are, the nature of your being, the answer to the question: 'Who or What is experiencing this right now?'. And that is the great paradox with regards to protection, that it is both that which is within and beyond your control and your awareness."

"As all of this shifts for you, you can, perhaps, relax a little bit, not because somebody said you are protected, not because any of these things, but at the core of it because you choose it. The truth that works best for you is one in which there is this process of simply letting go, of allowing, and of becoming aware of what is happening."

"At the physical level, it does make sense here to give the body the strengthening foods, the things that would nourish and benefit the nervous system, since, after all, fear must directly associate with the nervous system. And that just goes always for the case of how these sorts of things work. But how you hold the context of this, how you shift and work with this, can be a powerful Soul lesson."

"We apologize for the long answer here, but We wanted to give you the bigger perspective. Does this make sense to you?"

JOC: "Oh yes, I can understand why You wanted to give me an answer from a higher perspective on all of that, and I'm going to study the thoughts and the ideas that You presented, and I appreciate it. Umm, I guess I'm gonna phrase it in a more practical manner, and You may or may not even want to answer it. The second question I had on my list was, 'What are the probabilities that I, Jim, this personality and/or my van will be struck by lightning or a falling tree, and will I lose my van in an arrest or a wildfire, and will my exhaust system ignite a fire, and can I be attacked physically when out in the wilds?'. I'm just wondering if there's any down-to-earth lower perspective that I can be given on this."

Hilarion: "Sure! Lightning: .003% probability. Exhaust: .02% probability. Attack physically: .03% probability -- within the time-frame that We are able to extrapolate, which is approximately 6.5 years (to 2024 A.D.). Does that answer your question?"

JOC: "Why 6.5 years?"

Hilarion: "Once We go beyond that, there are several intervening factors that have to do with all of Humanity (globally), many significant changes, things that make it hard to see with any great accuracy beyond that point. Accuracy falls but can at least be quantified, and so We could say that those are similar numbers to continue but with significant plus or minus capability. Thus, the sort of co-factors and so on bring it to the point that such numbers would not be very useful past that point."

JOC: "I would gather that the 6.5 years has something to do with the transmutational changes on the planet." (Refer to "Earth In Metamorphosis" and "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".)

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "And associated geo-physical occurrences."

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "Okay, so You were able to give that to me. Okay, so it sounds like the probabilities are extremely low for any of those things happening (the previously-mentioned concerns)."

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "And that helps with my fears."

Hilarion: "Nonsense."

JOC: "Did You say nonsense?"

Hilarion: "Of course. You can figure out something else to be afraid of, just as easily."

JOC: "Oh ................. (laughter) ............... okay. I appreciate the humor in that. Umm, might I proceed, Hilarion?"

Hilarion: "Please."

JOC: "In our first Session through Jon Fox, You seemed to imply, in a very subtle way, that I would live to the age of 147. What is Your best estimate of my physical longevity in years as this personality called Jim?"

Hilarion: "It is in the DNA that is pre-programmed. Given correct diet, pretty consistent, helpful movement so that nothing becomes too stagnant, 147. You deviate from this diet, which is the diet of your ancestors (all raw, unheated food). If you do things that overstress or do not give sufficient movement, then the number is reduced. We must, then, extrapolate based on tendencies, proclivities, and so on, but you can change these. You can change them at any time and, in doing so, reverse some of these energies. This makes it harder to make such predictions since those things that are, then, reversed or shifted can only go back so far, depending on the timing as to when you do this."

"But, if We draw together all of these (factors), draw a probability curve on this, and look for the peak curve on this, you are coming in somewhere about 92. It might be plus or minus, as you get to that (age), some 3 years or so. But this does seem to sort of focus down some of the energies. To push it to 97 is conceivable, but now you are moving off the curve a bit. Bringing in all kinds of significant physical changes, in particular dietary changes, it is possible to extend this to 140. That would, at this moment, be the upper limit given how far backwards one would have to go to make the changes necessary. But that moves down the probability curve significantly."

"Unfortunately, the nature of such probability curves is that they don't have only a leading edge; they have a trailing edge. And that is one in which there is significant stress, various things that you allow, perhaps the energetics already spoken of today with regards to burnout of the adrenal glands as a result of excessive fear. This pulls these numbers down quite a bit, and there is even on that probability curve that you could die tomorrow. It really has a lot to do with so many of these various factors, but We would like to at least look at 92 as, perhaps, just about the average and place that seems very reasonable given the current state of your own life and where you are heading. Does this make sense to you?"

JOC: (hesitantly and querulously) "Yeah, it makes sense. I was under the impression that I was going to be surviving, that is living, past the enormous geo-physical cataclysms and changes on the planet and going well into the New Golden Age at the higher dimensional level of expression on this planet." (If interested, click on "The New Golden Age On Earth".)

Hilarion: "Yes, well that brings up an entirely different issue. After all, there have been many predictions as to when such a thing would occur, and every time people came along in their daily life up to that moment in which those predictions have said, 'Oh yes, that's when it's going to happen', it doesn't happen; does it? And this is the big problem."

"And so, it really is much larger than any single person's life or life-span and has much more to do with the nature of The Guides and Helpers (Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy) and what They're up to. After all, if They can do anything in Their power to push forward (delay) the potential difficulties for Humanity and Humanity, during that time, is able to evolve, this gives Them more energy (impetus) to push them forward further (into the future) and so on."

"And that's what's been happening (postponements). This is why many of the powerful predictions that have gone on for so long have not come to pass and is, then, begging the deeper question: what is the motivating factor? The underlying factor for all of this has been with Humanity for a long time. It has to do with the number of Souls (or Higher Selves) in the association with the planet. That is the key and critical question to ask. What is the number of Souls? As soon as you ask this, you are not only going to get an answer, but you are also going to tune into those Souls and what They want. And you do so someways better by asking the question how many than by asking what They want, because it is a way of coming to it with a more logical frame of mind, using the part of your brain (left hemisphere) that is more associated with numbers and probabilities than that which is associated with emotion (right hemisphere), which then naturally brings in wishful thinking and unclarity with regards to the answer."

"So, what you get as you look at this is that those billions (of Souls) want to be on this planet at the same time. They want to be in body, able to communicate, to love, to touch, to connect, to do all of the things that give you advantage physically. And when the number is observed, as about 50 billion, you recognize the underlying forces pushing Humanity to overcome the difficulties and accept the dispensations and love from The Guides and Helpers (The Great White Lodge) so that people can hang around long enough for all 50 billion to be incarnated simultaneously."

"Obviously, this (enormous planetary population) stresses resources beyond that which Humanity is currently capable of and pushes various things within Humanity's Consciousness far beyond that which it is currently working with. But, that sort of energy is driving things more and more with regards to cataclysm, a nuclear war, population decrease on a dramatic level, and so on."

"Example: you just saw two tremendous weather events (Hurricanes Harvey and Irma), one right after the other in Southern U.S.A., and the thing that has been notable and that which many associated with this in the news areas have remarked upon is that the number of lives lost was, for the cataclysmic nature of these events, quite low. Indeed, although there was this massive destruction and this powerful sweeping away that the weather has the opportunity to do, there are many people who survived this. Even though, of course, they are in a great bit of despair and difficulty, they are alive. And Humanity helps Itself and will continue to do so. Yes, there will be those who die as a result of the aftermath of this (recent hurricanes), but again, the numbers are not going to be all that high."

"And the point of this is that people can love and help each other. Will they get the lesson of that, that they truly can help and love each other? Probably not, but it is a step in the right direction, and the result of this is that it allows more such catastrophic and difficult events where people can, then, ultimately learn and grow and love from this. That is unfortunate for those who will be involved in this, of course, but at the same time, because they do survive, there is a deeper learning that comes from this. When 50 billion can interact (harmoniously), at that point it is likely a conscious decision that will be made. Humanity will then say what they're going to do next. It may be space travel; it may be moving to another planet; it may be cleaning up this planet to make it a place far more beautiful and helpful and diverse for 50 billion. It will be up to Humanity at such time to choose."

"That seems to be the underlying energy and where all of this is heading and why great attention upon specific predictions about this event or that event must be seen in the correct perspective and why they often do not come to pass. Does this clarify?"

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