This was another Reading by telephone, which took place on December 6th of 2019. Jon C. Fox of Nevada City, California was the human intermediary used by The Ascended Master known as Hilarion, One of The Superior Teachers of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and One of The Chohans of the 7 Rays impacting all life on this planet.

This Session was a little different than the previous ones, in that I requested abbreviated responses in order to have time for all my questions, so there is a great deal of interchange between myself and The Master. Surprising and revelatory information is given, which should become known to all Humanity, and much is discussed with regards to the Raw Diet and issues related to the health of the human physical body. These teachings are applicable to everyone, and that is why I share these amazing tidbits with anyone so guided to read them.

Parenthetical comments are mine to provide better understanding, and underlinings are either words emphasized by Hilarion or topics under discussion. Vocal delivery was rapid and difficult to follow at times, but I felt a sense of wonderment and privilege in listening to the teachings coming from such a highly-evolved Gestalt of Consciousness.


Hilarion: "Yes, greetings. Yes, is this James?"

JOC: "Yes, it is."

Hilarion: "Yes, greetings. This is that Energy, Being, or Vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as We make deeper contact. What is your current location please?"

JOC: "Okay. I'm near Quartzsite, Arizona, which is in Western Arizona and in La Paz County, and I am 4 and one-half miles northeast of Quartzsite on the road called Sunkist Trail. And I'm about a mile west of Sunkist Trail out in the desert in my van."

Hilarion: (brief pause) "Yes, We have the contact. We remind you of a helpful Emerald Light. Simply recognize it as gathering in your immediate area, including the van and all the land around you. And now gently, slowly, easily it condenses until it becomes a Cylinder about 30 feet in diameter to include you in its center. From infinitely upwards to the Center of Earth where it meets a Cylinder that is also placed around Jon (Fox) in Nevada City. And yes, this is helpful. Then let us begin. Do you have questions for today?"

JOC: "I sure do. Here's a quick statement. There have been considerable changes to my diet since we last spoke, changes and adaptations which You probably didn't think I'd make. I'm eating raw meat, raw eggs, raw butter, as well as raw produce and raw honey and raw milk when I can find it. I get organic food products as much as I can afford but am limited by my pathetic income. I stopped eating all processed foods in cans, jars, and other packages except for the sauce on my meat. I stopped drinking alcohol in any form in February of this year. Yet, all I see is my body continuing to waste away no matter what I do, and its extremely discouraging."

"I'm going to have a lot of questions today and would ask that Your responses be abbreviated so I can get them in. I can always ask follow-up questions if I want to pursue the matter. And I'll share Your wisdom with others. Number 1: Do You see any changes in my physical body over the last year, either for the better or worse?"

Hilarion: "Yes, there are several in both directions, but every time the musculature, liver, brain get going on the building up (regenerating), they are stopped. This appears to be primarily from salt, and this is breaking down into chlorine compounds that are problematic. As Vonderplanitz (Aajonus) observed, the blood needs salt only for a very brief period, and then it is damaging (it kills red blood cells - joc)."

JOC: "Where is the salt coming from?"

Hilarion: "You said that you are continuing to eat salt."

JOC: "No, I didn't say that. I'm trying to recall where that salt would come from. I'm not eating salt in anything unless there is salt in the sauce that I put on my meat or salt in the organic bread that I eat."

Hilarion: "Yes, this is sufficient and certainly needs to be avoided, as this is causing some of the problem. The fats are not being as absorbed as they could be, but We do see that some of this has already taken place. This is helping the liver to regenerate. The bile ducts, in particular, seem benefited. The body is still producing too much bile, but gradually this does seem likely to shift. Several areas of the brain have regenerated, and this does seem helpful, but there (in the brain) metals are stopping the process and need to be detoxified."

"At the same time, though, We are noting that there is some pH (acid/base) imbalance and that this is seriously hampering, along with the salt, the regeneration process. The best method for correcting this is with vegetable juices, because they can be much more powerful than any (whole) vegetables because of the tremendous compression, that is the size reduction, when they are juiced (concentrating the nutrients and eliminating the cellulose). This is, of course, covered nicely in 'Recipe For Living Without Disease' (by Aajonus Vonderplanitz) on pages 40 and 41. That would be Our brief overview. Did you have further questions?"

JOC: "I do drink celery juice, 16 ounces, self-juiced, organic celery every day. Is that not helping?"

Hilarion: "It is helping, but this pH balance is a little tricky. It might be best to spread this out during the day and to combine it with some carrot and, especially, some parsley and then, perhaps 3 times a week maximum, some juice from the herb called coriander (cilantro). The herb (cilantro) can be very helpful at detoxifying (heavy) metals. In addition, the celery juice all at once (all 16 ounces) does seem problematic, as if the body gets some of it but not the rest. So, spreading it out would seem to help this."

"Celery has a lot of sodium (cluster salts), which is helpful but will tend to, at least for, perhaps, another 4 or 5 months pull some of the deeply-buried salt out. It won't do this when any salt has been taken within about 24 hours. So, if you're entirely salt-free, then the celery juice can detoxify some of that deep salt, and this should help."

JOC: "Where is the salt coming from? I'm not sure I understand."

Hilarion: "Salt is a fascinating material that tends to go deep into body tissue. You may even see this in people as long as 7 years after they have ingested it, particularly if they're not doing anything to detoxify it deliberately. But anything on your salted foods, be it a salted cheese, a salted sauce, a salted bread, anyway in which it can come in (to the body), would be problematic." (AVOID ALL SALT. joc)

JOC: "So, there's enough salt in the sauce I use and the bread I eat for it to cause this problem?"

Hilarion: "Yes. Secondarily, We note that the lymphocyte count in the bood (my blood), though it fluctuates, still tends to be too high. This keeps the body in a state of stress and is primarily from the cooked food, the cooked bread in particular, triggering this reaction. Yes, there is the usual issue that people observe with the breads and so on, the gluten and intestinal difficulties and all of that, but that is not Our concern. The body does tend to be able to repair this. It is the higher lymphocyte count (called Lymphocytosis) in the blood that is problematic."

"When one can be entirely without foods cooked past their critical temperature for 3 days, this will retreat. The lymphocyte count will return to its normal level, and you may notice this in your meditations or in your consciousness, that there is a sense of deeper peace and calm. After you have gotten used to this or done it a few times, that is moving back and forth or in and out of such a state, then it is helpful to direct that energy very deliberately. Perhaps a good place to start would be the liver, though you could put it into the musculature, into the spine. Any visualization to direct that sense of greater energy would be helpful."

JOC: "So, it's not okay for me to eat organic, whole-grain bread."

Hilarion: "If it was entirely raw (unheated), there would be no lymphocyte increase, no inflammation, and so on. But, of course, such is pretty much inevitable."

JOC: "Is that mainly because of the salt in the bread?"

HIlarion: "No. It is because of the reaction that the body has to foods that are heated past their critical temperature." (The critical temperature is that temperature, when heating all foods and liquids, at which the nutrient molecules and enzymes are damaged, denatured, or destroyed, thus becoming useless for nutrition or actually harmful to the body. Upon consumption, the body goes into a stress mode and increases lymphocyte production. joc)

JOC: "Okay, on the celery juice, in all my reading I've been advised not to have anything to eat for an hour after drinking the celery juice."

Hilarion: "Yes, 45 minutes is adequate."

JOC: "If, let's say, I break up the celery juice to 3 times a day, maybe 6 to 8 ounces 3 times a day, and then 45 minutes after drinking it I can eat something?"

Hilarion: "Sure. And you can also increase its effectiveness if it is at room temperature rather than ice cold, also if you have a piece of raw, unsalted cheese about 10 minutes before, a piece about the size of a sugar cube."

JOC: "Okay, thank You. I'm assimilating these ideas into everything. Ooh boy. So, is there anything else I should do differently to get better results?"

Hilarion: "Oh yes, there are thousands of things that can help. The main idea is that you are trying to build up, that you spend some time working with fat. There are so many (fats) that are helpful, from animal origins, from coconut, and so many that are cleansing (detoxifying) and pull out various (toxic) materials -- from vegetable (plant) sources primarily. And this can include olive oil, peanut oil, and various other solvents, in small quantities of course. These are quite vailuable. They can be helpful at detoxifying. But, in order to build up (regenerate tissue), one needs to minimize the vegetable oils and maximize the animal fats."

"But, the exception to this is, of course, coconut fat. Coconut fat is about 40% building and 60% cleansing, as compared to, for instance, olive oil, which is about 99% cleansing and 1% building. So, the idea with this is to be deliberately circulating those fats, bringing them into the body with maximum absorption. So, Vonderplanitz developed what he calls the Lubrication Formula, also called the Moisturizing Formula from page 146 of 'Recipe For Living Without Disease'. This, taken on an empty stomach, tends to directly build. It works with the raw, unsalted butter. Butter must never be salted. This is one way in which the salt is absorbed about 3 times better than it would be on its own or with meat. And one must always be careful in working with this that the salt is minimized at every turn."

"You would also find that certain periods of cleansing (detoxifying) can be helpful. You may wish to time this with the Lunar Cycle. For instance, on New and Full Moon you might find some place that has a bath (tub) in which you can do the Lymph Bath as discussed extensively in Vonderplanitz' e-book, available on the website: wewant2live.com. But the point of the Lymph Bath is that for a short period the body's temperature at the very deepest core all the way to the surface is elevated and that this helps to pull out metals (heavy). Any detoxifying materials are released quickly, various chemicals and so on. You had a question."

JOC: "Yeah, I have a bunch. I'm utilizing the Lubrication Formula. I've been drinking it every day for months now with 5 raw, organic eggs and ........ "

Hilarion: "Five is too many. Two would be better and on an empty stomach, preferably just before bed."

JOC: "So, why would 2 be better?"

Hilarion: "Because the eggs have some cleansing capability and will reduce some of the absorption of the helpful fats."

JOC: "Well, why not 5?"

Hilarion: "Because that is going to unbalance the formula. Two is probably more appropriate, at least for an average-size egg."

JOC: "Let me give You my mixture. I'm using the juice of a whole lemon, 5 eggs, 3 heaping tablespoons of raw butter, and 3 heaping teaspoons of raw honey."

Hilarion: "That same formula, but with 2 eggs, would be more absorbable and helpful, and, of course, you must be certain that the raw butter is unsalted."

JOC: "And it is. How is it doing for my body? How am I doing with the Lubrication Formula?"

Hilarion: "It is primarily cleansing because there are so many eggs. This is helpful, but at this stage pulling back on the eggs would be better, and this will tend to work better for the musculature. It has been tending to focus more on the intestines; this is helpful. It tends to pull out some toxic materials there but isn't building (regenerating) as much as We would like."

JOC: "I was doing it to try to get more protein."

Hilarion: "Of course, but this is not a protein formula. This is a fat formula."

JOC: "You mentioned the fat and getting more fats. I'm going through about a pound of raw butter every week. I'm getting my butter now from Pennsylvania, from the Miller Organic Farm, and it's unsalted, of course. But I'm eating about a pound of butter a week. Is that not enough?"

Hilarion: "That is alright; one must absorb it. Miller now has available the A2 (strain of cow's milk and butter) at around the same price. This would seem to be better absorbed, as that protein (A2) is preferable (to the intestines). And, in fact, they also have the A2 Cultured (butter), which will tend to last a little longer in your situation (living in a van). Also, it would seem that it is helpful when spread out rather than being taken all at once, but you are already familiar with that. Yes? For instance, when you are eating meat, you have a bite of meat and bite of butter, bite of meat and bite of butter -- like that."

JOC: "Ohhhh. Okay, and it's important to have the butter along with the meat?"

Hilarion: "Oh yeah. This is particularly valuable in the esophagus which, from time to time, tends to detoxify, and the butter will prevent this."

JOC: "Okay, a lot of things are running through my mind ................. "

Hilarion: "What will also help is if 10 minutes before you have a meat meal you have a piece of cheese about the size of a sugar cube, raw unsalted. This is not for digestion; it is simply a detoxifier in the esophagus, the stomach, and the very beginning of the intestine (duodenum)."

JOC: (pause)

Hilarion: "Now, if you were to adjust the meat, it would seem that right now -- this may change over time -- but right now somewhere about 60/40 of the beef to chicken or fish ratio would be about right. This is so that the chicken or fish can now build some of the connective tissue: the cartilage, the tendons. Thus, the beef alone would be insufficient because, though it may build muscles, it will not have any place to hang or to grab back to the bone (attach). So, a good blend here, at each meal, not separated by time but at each meal you are having about 60/40 (60% red meat and 40% white meat). Does this make sense to you?"

JOC: "60/40 what?"

Hilarion: "60 beef, 40 chicken or fish."

JOC: "God. Let me comment that the only raw meat I've been eating has been grass-fed, organic, ground beef since I've been doing this (diet). That's the only organic meat that I can find in the places I travel and areas that I live."

Hilarion: "Yes, We see no problem with that, but it is causing an imbalance with regard to the tendons, fascia, collagen, and so on as mentioned, and the chicken or fish will balance this out."

JOC: "But I won't be able to get organic chicken or fowl."

Hilarion: "There's plenty of chicken out there that will be perfectly suitable. It's better to have it, even if it is commercial, than not at all. But 'Smart' chicken and various other brands are becoming much more widely available, and these are acceptable. They're not perfect, but they're better than nothing, for sure."

JOC: "Why hasn't the raw red meat been helping to regenerate my muscles?"

Hilarion: "It is, but they have no place to attach. It is a whole system not any piece by itself."

JOC: "I honestly don't know how I'm going to .................... The only way I could get down the meat was by smothering it with sauce."

Hilarion: "Yes, We see no issue with this. You could use a pesto sauce as long as it is not drenched in it, because that will typically have a lot of olive oil in it. But this would have some additional benefits, as the basil has some properties that work well with the ground beef to make it slightly more absorbable."

JOC: "You say a pesto sauce; is that correct?"

Hilarion: "Yes, that's correct, a very simple one with no nuts, just the basil, a little bit of oil, a little bit of honey."

JOC: "Where would I get that? Are You talking about store-bought pesto sauce?"

Hilarion: "No, this will typically be cooked. Anything in a jar that is sealed has been cooked by law. It's easy to make yourself from the basil, and you'll also find that you can often grow it. It is quite easy to grow as plants go."

JOC: "You're saying I can make this pesto sauce?"

Hilarion: "Yes, of course."

JOC: "So, the small amount of sauce that I use from a jar is problematic for me?"

Hilarion: "Increasing lymphocyte count as it is cooked (causing Lymphocytosis)."

JOC: "What is harmful about an increased level of the lymphocytes in my system?"

Hilarion: "This is telling the body, at every turn, because blood goes everywhere in the body, 'You are under stress; go into emergency mode'. It causes inflammation. The results of this can be quite problematic in many parts of the body, and We see that the lymphocyte count can be double or even triple from what would be a normal baseline. Even water, heated past its critical temperature of about 185 degrees Fahrenheit, will cause this reaction (i.e. all boiled water)."

"This is why people, when they fast, frequently feel wonderful. They may have various physical issues but still feel as if, somehow, they are happier, more relaxed. Often this is simply because the lymphocyte count has returned to normal, sometimes for the first time in many years."

JOC: "Would You have a formula or suggestions for making a pesto sauce?"

Hilarion: "You can use what is in 'Recipe For Living Without Disease', where a good set of sauces are listed. You might even wish to consult with Jill (Fox) because she makes this sauce regularly. But the basic idea is that you put basil leaves into the blender with enough oil (olive) to cover. Put in a little bit of garlic for flavor, if you wish, and some honey, and buzz it in the blender. It is that simple."

JOC: "Okay .............. These dietary matters are taking all my time. I'm hardly finding time to be able to do anything else. What signs can I look for to indicate that my body is actually improving?"

Hilarion: "There would be mental focus improved. There would be, eventually of course, the usual signs you are looking for. Greater physical strength, build-up of the fat in the body, and the sense that things are improving would all likely come first. But We are not looking at that at all. We are simply looking at the timeline (for my life), and you have deviated from this. We would probably not be speaking on this level. You would probably be dead in the physical or in the hospital at this stage. And you are actually, according to this deviation from the timeline, doing quite well. And, indeed, you cannot recognize this since you're in the middle of it. But generally speaking, because you are alive, because you are having this conversation and so on, We are, indeed, recognizing the benefits (of my changeover to the Raw Diet - joc)."

JOC: "The benefits of the changes that I've made. Is that what You're saying?"

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "Otherwise, if I hadn't made these changes (Primal Diet, etc.), You're telling me that I wouldn't be around?"

Hilarion: "Yes, we might be speaking more directly on the Higher Planes or you might find yourself in a medical situation, such as the hospital, etcetera."

JOC: "Well, that's pretty dramatic! (pause) How much of the raw meat do I need to consume?"

Hilarion: "We would like to see you at one and one-half pounds per day as a minimum, but you could go higher than this without it being problematic. In the healing stages, Vonderplanitz had a phrase. He said, 'If you're not vomiting, you're eating'."

JOC: "Why was that? What do You mean?"

Hilarion: "It is the use of these dietary procedures in order to rapidly make changes in the body, to build-up, and so on. This is not at all the same as a sort of ongoing or continuous diet. It is, rather, very specifically for the correcting of conditions or building-up in your case (regenerating muscle tissue, etc.)."

JOC: "Could You rephrase that? I'm not sure what You were talking about."

Hilarion: "Use of the diet for healing as opposed to use of the diet for steady, for day to day. Do you see the difference?"

JOC: "What about use of the diet for healing?"

Hilarion: "Then you increase the quantities beyond that which might be comfortable. Some might even go as high as 3 pounds of meat per day for this specific purpose."

JOC: "God, I don't know how I can do it."

Hilarion: "Well, you are just doing what you can, of course."

JOC: "Yeah, all my life I've always eaten just when I'm hungry, and I've always eaten sparingly because I never required very much."

Hilarion: "Right. This not about requirement; it is about healing."

JOC: "You're saying that I need at least a pound and a half of meat a day?"

Hilarion: "Well, that would certainly be a good minimum. We could see you go higher than that with no issue."

JOC: "And is that just healing, or is it regenerating and putting on the weight?"

Hilarion: "Same thing."

JOC: "Both. Okay, I'd better ask: What's the status of the plant-based Orgain Protein Powder?"

Hilarion: "Cooked. It causes the lymphocyte count reaction previously mentioned (Lymphocytosis). If it can be obtained raw and one can digest it, certainly there can be benefits. The biggest problem We have (with it) is the toxicity. So frequently, benzene is used to clean the drums in which these products are made in large quantities, and the benzene finds its way into the material. And benzene, as you are aware, is quite toxic."

JOC: "So, it sounds like You don't recommend this kind of powder at all."

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "Oh, okay, and primarily because of the compounds used to clean the bins plus its being heated? Is that it?"

Hilarion: "Correct. Where it creates the lymphocyte reaction (by the heating), then obviously you are causing too many problems, but it is the benzene and other cleaning compounds that are also, indeed, quite difficult, even for people who are not on a Raw Diet." (This warning also applies to ALL nutritional supplements that are processed, packaged, and sold in the marketplace, such as vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and protein powders, etc. - joc)

JOC: "Okay, well, maybe I should ask, then, how is the detoxification of my body going?"

Hilarion: "It goes in spurts. We would have a difficult time trying to evaluate this, but the detoxification level can be compared to what you could handle, what would be sufficient to detoxify without death, without huge debilitation. And you could, indeed, probably triple the level of detoxification you're doing without any problem. The difficulty here is, of course, in striking a balance, because whenever detoxification takes place, (toxic) materials are pulled out (of the body)."

"For instance, when We mentioned coriander before, otherwise the leaf known as cilantro, it was only to be about 5% of the juice and only as much as 3 times a week but no more. And the reason for this is that this could pull metals from very deep in the tissue, and this might cause colds, flu, or other mild reactions; or it could go all the way into the spine and cause some meningitis-like symptoms. These would actually be very good if you could understand them and not be afraid of them, but, for most people, they have such a fear-reaction when cleansing is severe that they stop (the detoxification) or they go to a doctor or whatever and end up with antibiotics which so significantly make everything worse that it is very problematic."

(Hilarion introduces a concept that is entirely foreign to Modern Medicine and Modern Humanity, the concept that the infectious diseases are necessary detoxifications of the physical body which should be supported by proper nutrition and not further complicated or even enhanced by pharmaceutical drugs, which simply add to the toxic levels of the body. We should keep in mind that Hilarion, as Chohan of the 5th Ray, is The Supervising Intelligence of all the Healing Arts of Planet Earth and has perfected knowledge of the human body at all its levels. joc)

"So, instead, the idea is to detoxify very deliberately in spurts. This is where the Lymph Bath is so good. You are putting all your attention on this while you are soaking, and, at the same time, you know, for the period of time of about 8 hours afterwards, you're going to detox; you're going to release (toxic) materials. And you're quite ready for it, and you allow it at every level. You could handle such baths as often as every day if you had the opportunity, but certainly to do this once a week or every other week would be a very helpful adjunct to everything else."

"But, in terms of how you're doing with detox., this is primarily a gradual process. That you are alive, that you are able to deal with the minor discomforts and so on, this is all very good. We are simply suggesting that you could handle a little more. But again, it must be in balance. So, if you were eating one and a half pounds of meat (per day), if you were doing the building-up and you were noticing this, then you could eventually move on to the more powerful detox. This is called 'weight gain/weight loss'."

"You are not there yet, but there could be a time when you put on, perhaps, 40 pounds. And then you could drop 30 pounds and, in this way, do the deeper detox., which pulls out materials that can only be put into the fat in the body. And that is certainly the real goal here. It is not just to build-up the musculature, to feel better, or to be stronger. It is also to assist with the deeper detox. Sorry for the long answer, but We needed to be a little clearer. Does this help?"

JOC: "Yes, I'm taking all this in rapidly. I haven't had any really harsh effects of detoxification after transitioning to the raw foods."

Hilarion: "Good. That is, you must recognize, unusual. Many people do, and these can have very far-reaching different effects for everybody. So, if it does occur, wecome it."

JOC: "If what occurs?"

Hilarion: "Heavy detox. symptoms. The technical term for this would be 'Herkheimer's'."

JOC: "Oh, Herkheimer's Reaction. Geez, it sounds like You agree a lot with what Vonderplanitz wrote in his books."

Hilarion: "No, it is not what he wrote; it is what is observed of the results (of the Primal Diet), and this is very problematic. So many excellent diets, in theory, and people just don't do well with them. So many great ideas that make sense philosophically but don't pan out in the real world. And that is where the Vonderplanitz Material shines and where your connection to anyone else doing it, community etcetera, continues to be very helpful."

"Right now, there is that Online Community associated with We Want 2 Live dot com, but there are enclaves all over the U.S.A. and the world of people doing this, who meet together for potluck, for sharing information, recipes, ideas, sources, and so on. And these typically are connecting now through Facebook. The point of this, in person, is the additional encouragement, as people are able to link and work together."

"Unfortunately, Vonderplanitz died before the greater discovery about the underlying reason why degeneration takes place in the human body was not widely known. And this is now becoming widely known and is, of course, that which people are discovering is related to water. And, as this will eventually come out and be better recognized, eventually We see low cost solutions. Right now, this is simply too expensive for most people, but it is that which deserves your own investigation and learning."

"In particular, this is the contamination of all water, in the ratio of about 6 drops of heavy water to one liter of ordinary or light water. The light water is nutritious, helpful, beneficial. It can be detoxifying to pull out toxic metals or minerals. But the 6 drops or so of heavy water damages ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), breaks down various important (bio-chemical) cycles, hurts the mitochondria, and, more importantly than all of the rest, blocks proper DNA replication."

(The mitochondria are tiny organelles inside the cytoplasm of all cells. They function as the energy dynamos for the bio-chemical processes and activities of the cells, and they do this by means of the ATP molecules as the source for those energy needs. DNA stands for de-oxyribonucleic acid and is the genetic foundation of all the cells. joc)

"It is observed on planets with significantly lower levels of heavy water or deuterium that the life-span would be the Earth equivalent of 700 years for a human body, and thus one can see this as an underlying cause for so many issues. It is clear that the diet developed by Vonderplanitz minimizes deuterium. It is very helpful in this because it is focused on fats that are turned into the water in the body. And Vonderplanitz often recommended that people do not drink water but, instead, get their liquid nourishment from fats, from milk, and so on and so forth."

"This is a step in the right direction, but this greater discovery will be more recognized in the future, and the result of this will be, eventually, the significant reduction of deuterium in the world. Sorry for the long answer, but it was the correct way to respond to your observation about Our observation of Vonderplanitz and diet. Does this help?"

(More accurately, deuterium is the name for the heavy hydrogen atom of heavy water. It has one proton plus one neutron in its nucleus instead of the usual one proton only. joc)

JOC: "Yes (chuckle), You say so much that I have trouble keeping up with it all. But it sounds like You're suggesting cutting back on the water intake."

Hilarion: "Well, it (water) has benefits because it tends to detoxify, but if there is thirst it is far preferable to have 3 foods first, whichever of these you are attracted to first, then one of the others, then the third if they are available. And only then after you've tried those and seen if that quenches thirst do you go on to water. Those 3 foods, not in any particular order, just what you'd be attracted to at any given time, would be raw milk, would be raw tomatoes, and these could be combined but generally would be separate. And then the third would be any helpful fat dissolved under the tongue, preferably raw, unsalted butter."

"For many people, when they are feeling very thirsty and just have a piece of butter, as little as a half a teaspoon dissolved under the tongue, not swallowed, this quenches thirst quite powerfully, indicating that you were not dehydrated because of lack of water but actually lack of fat. And, more specifically, when the fat is turned into water, it is nearly entirely deuterium-free. Thus, it is actually a craving for deuterium-depleted food or water, if that is available."

"These are more complex ways of seeing and understanding, but the additional influence in the Collective Consciousness about this is beginning to have its effect. There are millions of people now, worldwide -- you see this far more concentrated in Hungary, Romania, Russia, and several other areas in that vicinity -- where people are aware of this problem. And this is now penetrating into the Collective Unconscious in recognizing the way in which deuterium factors so prominently into every aspect of human health. Further questions?"

JOC: "Considering the way I live -- I guess You know the way I live (in a van) -- are there any suggestions for the water that I get?"

Hilarion: "Yes, We would suggest that you would take the water and put it in a glass jar -- a gallon jar is very nice -- out in the sun for a minimum of 2 hours. If the weather report is that you are going to have an extended period of cloudy weather, figure about how much water you might need during that time period so that you can expose it to the sun in this way. This is very helpful to do with any water, but your body does seem to absorb the sunlight energy better than most."

JOC: "Put the water out in the sun for a couple of hours."

Hilarion: "Correct. The technical term for that is Solarizing."

JOC: "Is all my diarrhea a part of the cleansing process?"

Hilarion: "Yes, and the idea with this is that the body is trying to bring in new, helpful bacteria, and that is always the key to stopping the diarrhea, that you get a good variety of helpful bacteria. A tiny amount of organic soil will have in it far more bacteria from far more species than any supplement, than anything you can buy in a store. And the idea is that once these (bacteria) are properly established, then the bowel will usually normalize."

JOC: "Oh, so my colon doesn't have adequate bacteria?"

Hilarion: "It has some, but the idea is to get the good balance, and this is unique to everyone. Vonderplanitz recommended that people simply, when obtaining their vegetables that they're juicing, as long as they were organic, that they simply don't wash them. And this would naturally get some of that soil in, but there are other techniques as well. As simple as, when you are intuitively drawn to a particular bit of land, a particular place in the forest -- people have done this for thousands of years -- you pick a little bit up, and you put it in your mouth. It is that simple."

"Also, for those who have various issues, including Cancer, Vonderplanitz would frequently recommend animal feces (from herbivores) in very small quantities for the same purpose and, for improving mood, the developement of a meat he called 'high meat' (high in bacteria), which is discussed extensively in 'Recipe For Living Without Disease'. This is, again, a way of bringing in a whole variety of bacteria, far more than you could ever get in any supplement."

JOC: "And so, I need either a better balance or more of the beneficial bacteria in my colon."

Hilarion: "Yes, both: better balance and more variety."

JOC: "Okay. How much fruit should I eat and what kinds of fruit?"

Hilarion: "About one piece a day is about right, and We're not talking about a whole pineapple or a whole watermelon when We say one piece. And this blended, as in the Smoothie, seems the best way to have this, preferably in the afternoon as it can be somewhat stimulating. Each of the different fruits have different benefits. We see that Kiwi (fruit) could be helpful. Banana, from time to time, may be valuable. Pineapple could be helpful. But, when you feel yourself intuitively attracted to a particular fruit, this could also be very good and could change from day to day or week to week."

JOC: "How often would You recommend that I eat a vegetable salad, and what kind of dressing would I use?"

Hilarion: "Never. Juice is preferable in all cases." (Whole vegetables are poorly digested by the human digestive tract because of the amount of cellulose or fiber in plants. The juicing process removes the fiber and concentrates the nutrients available in those plants. joc)

JOC: "Oh, okay. If I'm unable to get organic produce, and the way I live it can be hard to find, how do You suggest cleaning it?"

Hilarion: "You will not be able to clean the inside. The outside you can clean with whatever is available, running water or whatever. But to clean the inside is impossible, so you take a small amount of clay. This can be dissolved in the juice; it can be as much as half a teaspoon. More typically, people will have one-eighth to one-quarter teaspoon (in 16 ounces). Montmorillonite, Azomite, Ancient Healing -- there are various brands and different types. Each of these different clays has a powerful absorptive quality, and they will tend to absorb some of the pesticides, herbicides, and various other contaminants."

"What they are not very good at is absorbing metals. Metals don't typically find their way into the vegetables, but they can from time to time, depending on the piping that is used to water, irrigate, etcetera. And, indeed, metals just find their way in from so many different sources into the body that a metal detox. on a regular basis is very helpful. For this, one's fruit would be blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. Strawberries are not as effective, but if that is the only berry available, that can be used. These are taken with raw cream or raw coconut cream in the ratio of about one to one, about 4 ounces of each in the afternoon. This is an excellent metal detoxifier."

"This (berries) is not so much to directly affect the vegetables but metals that have been taken in and utilized by the body. Those are the two ways (clay and berries) that are very helpful for detoxifying and working with vegetables, because metals do sometimes come in through that pathway. Does that answer your question?"

JOC: "So, if I can only get non-organic produce, how do I utilize the clay?"

Hilarion: "You put some of it in your juice when you drink it. Stir it up real well so that the clay is coming in at the same time as the juice."

JOC: "What if I can't get organic fruit?"

Hilarion: "Because fruit is relatively optional, you could skip it. But because you have so much variety possible, this should not be as much of a problem. Usually there is some organic fruit of some sort available at any given time."

JOC: "Why is my liver and pancreas under stress?"

Hilarion: "Part of this has to do with emotions, where there is tension, where you are over-thinking. But a large part of it is also simply what was previously mentioned: the higher lymphocyte count putting all the organs into stress."

JOC: "And the lymphocyte count is raised as a consequence of foods that have been heated?"

Hilarion: "Correct ............ or water, anything heated past its critical temperature."

JOC: "Okay, and the high lymphocytes are a stress signal to the body, then. Is Moringa Leaf Powder a waste of time and money?"

Hilarion: (pause) "Yes."

JOC: "Because it's been heated; I would assume."

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "Okay, is the Vitality Pendant that I've gotten doing any good?" (This is a pendant of a magnet suspended in a mixture of Inert Gases under pressure. joc)

Hilarion: "Yes, and it would be helpful if it is used daily, for a few minutes at least, with clear focus on the sense that the energy associated with it goes somewhere in the body for healing or strengthening or benefit."

JOC: "Okay, do a visualization or a thought process of directing energy from that pendant into a certain area of my body?"

Hilarion: "Exactly."

JOC: "And how about the 4 elixirs that You recommended?"

Hilarion: "They have served their purpose. You might set them aside for awhile, but pick them up again in about a month. It is usually good, with any vibrational remedy, to give it a break for awhile."

JOC: "Okay, and then would I continue 3 times a day with them?"

Hilarion: "Even once a day would be adequate."

JOC: "Okay, when You first talked to me You told me about a Violet Energy Shield around my aetheric body, and I was wondering what the purpose of that was and how it got there."

Hilarion: "Its purpose is to keep you alive, to prevent various vibrations of the lowest form of Earth energy from interfering, from harming, from doing things that could be detrimental. But, when one has such a shield for too long, there tends to be a sort of marriage or inter-connectivity. One either becomes dependent on it or uses it in ways that probably are not very helpful, and as there is strength, it can then be used otherwise, that is, as the physical body builds or as there is a better attunement to higher vibration."

"Eventually, the idea is to convert any shield to a transformer so that, instead of energy bouncing off, it goes through but is transformed in such a way that it either passes through without any harm or difficulty if it is of a lower vibration or it is shifted to a higher vibration in which it is nourishing, beneficial, and helpful. You know this because you have an insight, because some particular idea pops in or some new way of seeing things, some aha, you might say. Is this sufficient?"

JOC: "How did it get there?"

Hilarion: "We see this as something that you brought in with you, as that which could be activated at any time but that which has served you well in many other incarnations and, particularly, on other planetary systems."

JOC: "Has it kept me alive? Is that why I'm still here?"

Hilarion: "Yes."

JOC: "Oh, I see. (laughter) ................ What do You see as the probability for my being able to turn all of this deteriorating physical condition around?"

Hilarion: "It's tough. It would be lovely if you had started this at a significantly earlier age. What is unusual about it is the psycho-spiritual (component). This makes it much more difficult to make such a prediction. In particular, all of your resistance to this, all of the energies that said, 'No, I can't do that'. This is very interesting. It's as if one of the things that you have recognized is that once you put your mind to it, you can do anything, even things that you had not previously considered possible."

"This is the real purpose in life as you realize that you can be much more than you thought you were. This bodes quite well and improves probabilities of success. So, if We were to chart this out, We would come somewhere around 72% probability of success, building of the musculature, improving of health generally, and thus a natural extension of lifespan, perhaps another 15 years as a minimum."

JOC: "72%, something like that."

Hilarion: "Yes."

JOC: "Ummm, do I need to do muscle-resistive exercises to regain muscles or no?"

Hilarion: "This would be very helpful as long as you don't tax the body or overdo it. Any sort of exercise is always helpful. The nice thing about the muscular resistance is that you can then target. You can work with each muscle separately, work with each group. But, what's the real energy associated with this? It's not just about the physical. It's about the love that you're putting into the body, how you are caring for it, how you are saying to those muscles, 'Come alive because I love you, not because I need you or because we're going to work together but out of love' -- out of something very positive within you. This can be very helpful at many levels, not just affecting the muscles."

JOC: "Hmmm, what does the Qi Gong have to do with regaining my body's musculature?"

Hilarion: "This is not a direct path, of course, since Qi Gong is not taxing the muscles, but it's right what We spoke about. You're bringing love; you're bringing attention. But the interesting thing about it is the language. Qi Gong, as you work with it for awhile, you begin to realize that it has its own language. It is as if you are speaking to the muscles in the language that they know best. So, as the energy is circulating, as you are sensing it, you can then direct it a little more consciously, bringing it into one particular muscle group, for instance."

"The other thing is that, as muscles build because of diet, exercise, nutrition and so on, there can be some significant problems. For instance, if a muscle on one side builds up more strongly than the other side, your balance will be affected, and you may fall down or be pulled in some direction or overdo it in such a way that there is pain or difficulty. Qi Gong prevents this. It gives you a better sense of the whole body. It gives you better balance. It allows you to, as if, receive the messages from the muscles before they are over-taxed. And in this way the energy is built up. Of course, Qi Gong has many other benefits besides something muscular, but that is where it affects the muscles. Does this clarify?"

JOC: "Is there any part of that You can rephrase? I'm not sure ................... Does the exercise of Qi Gong help to regain musculature in any way?"

Hilarion: "Yes. It will direct energies where they are otherwise unavailable. An extreme case would be, if you decided that you were not going to eat ever again. How much would Qi Gong help? It would certainly slow down the degenerative process. It might add a few weeks to your life. But, without any food or water, you would probably die in a fairly short period of time. So, in this way Qi Gong is coordinating. It is working with these other things to better circulate, distribute, and balance (life-force energy or chi in the aetheric body)."

JOC: "How rare is my body's condition since I underwent this consciousness-raising 30 years ago?"

Hilarion: "Perhaps .02% of the population. Somewhere on that level might have been able to share or work with similar experiences. These are quite diverse, so it would be hard to evaluate but, yes, it is fairly rare."

(Hilarion has explained to me that, when I underwent my expansion of consciousness 30 years ago, my physical body underwent a shift of its own to a different metabolic program all the way down to the DNA level, affecting the mitochondria and their energy production and even greatly reducing the production of digestive enzymes in the GI System. Not getting sufficient nutrients, my body slowly wasted away as it steadily consumed first my body fat and then the musculature, progressing towards emaciation. This is the reason for the Raw Diet recommendation, consuming nutrient-dense foods with their own natural enzymes. joc)

JOC: "Fairly rare .............. I can't believe that I planned for this to happen if I happened to wake up during this lifetime (from the collective illusion of Humanity called Consensus Reality). Did I know that this was going to happen before I came in?"

Hilarion: "You saw that it was very likely, but no, you did not know for sure. It was so hard to figure what the world would be like, where you would go, who you would meet, what you would do, all of the experiences. But, on the other hand, where the likelihood of this has shown up is that this is an old pattern. This has been repeated for you in other lifetimes: as a monk, as an ascetic, as a pure energy on another world. In various different ways, this pattern has served you. If you were only going to be here 40 years or so, no problem, but you did recognize that things here were getting pretty interesting, and maybe it would be useful to stick around a little longer."

JOC: (chuckling) ......... "Yeah, right. We'll I'd like to. ............. (chuckle) ............ Just because I expanded my consciousness, my body went all to hell. I mean, that sounds like a really dumb thing to do."

Hilarion: "No, not at all. It has certainly helped the Soul. That is the important aspect. You might choose a more balanced incarnation next or, like many, you might choose that this is the last one."

JOC: "Is that why I have 3 nines in my birth date (09/27/1944)?"

Hilarion: "Yes."

JOC: "That if I so choose, this could well be the last one?"

Hilarion: "Correct. A little symbol of this is always nice. It makes you a little more curious, so, perhaps, able to investigate this. But it's so subtle that anyone could also ignore it."

JOC: "But You're saying that that's a numerological or symbolical reminder for me to have 3 nines in the birth date?"

Hilarion: "Yes, that that gives you some choice, but that is not of great importance. After all, people could have no 9's and still choose by working on it. The difference is that they might have to work a little harder (to escape the Wheel of Rebirth by becoming free of all negative karma from thousands of lives)."

JOC: "So, from my Soul's perspective, it can really terminate any more incarnations."

Hilarion: "If that was, indeed, the most attractive choice. But that's what you're here for now. That's what you're observing. It isn't about the day to day events. It's about the sense of energy on Planet Earth. If this draws you back, you will find things even more interesting than they are now."

JOC: (chuckling) ............. "Okay, back to the mundane here. Why did my digestive enzyme production plummet, and is that the core problem underlying the catabolic state and my nutritional deficiency?"

Hilarion: "It is one of many factors but, yes, eating cooked foods will do this just about every time."

JOC: "Wait. Are You saying the cooked food altered the production of my digestive enzymes?"

Hilarion: "Totally."

JOC: "Oh! I thought that was a consequence of the metabolic shift that my body underwent."

Hilarion: "Yes, both can be an important factor here, but We see a few people who undergo significant consciousness shift who are then able to produce all the digestive enzymes they need to eat just about anything. And these people will typically reduce the food levels in their diet to very minimal, and, in this way, they're sort of living on Light. This is rare, but there are those who have done so from time to time, be it called breatharianism or asceticism or various things."

"The interesting thing is, given the population, how few are able to accomplish this. Compare this in the Collective Consciousness to how many people have significantly suffered because of eating cooked food, that the body's ability to produce enzymes is eventually exhausted. And then the only enzymes that are available are from the food they're eating, and where this is, then, minimal, many problems naturally show up. Does this clarify?"

(I feel that this point needs emphasizing. Hilarion is saying that consuming cooked food damages and then exhausts the human body's ability to produce digestive enzymes, and the heating process itself denatures and destroys the natural enzymes in those foods, leaving the digestive tract with little ability to digest and absorb the needed nutrients. Enzymes are, by the way, protein molecules which catalytically facilitate biochemical reactions by reducing the energy needed to initiate the reaction. Heating foods, additionally, produces various toxins in the foods, depending on the type of the food stuff. And the harmful effects from all the cooking is cumulative over time. joc)

JOC: "But billions of people do just fine on cooked food on this planet."

Hilarion: "What would you call just fine, living to 70?"

JOC: (chuckle) "I don't know ........... 80, 90. Very few of those elderly people are eating raw food."

Hilarion: "And you think they're in good health?"

JOC: "Ummm, naw, not usually."

Hilarion: "They are being kept alive, to a large extent, by pharmaceutical drugs, but We are not so concerned with that. We look at the gestation age, the maturation age, the way in which the body works with animals. And you will see a factor of 7 typically. So, where a dog might have a 2-year maturation period, you see a life-span of about 14 years. For a human being, maturation is at about 21. This is where the brain generally significantly stops developement. And so, the natural life-span should be 147 (7 x the maturation age). And even the oldest do not reach such an age. And when they are even close to that, they are usually in very poor health."

JOC: "Right. So, the heating and cooking of food is the primary reason for the degenerative diseases and the early debilitation and diminished longevity of Humankind?"

Hilarion: "Yes and no. It is if you discount deuterium, if you go back only a limited period of time. If you go back more than a few hundred-thousand years, you get a whole different perspective. This is well known within spiritual communities, that Lemurians lived for many 100's of years. And this is also observed on other planets with lower deuterium (levels). It is the consequence of the deuterium and the cooked food. If people had significantly lower levels of deuterium, they would live significantly longer even if they ate cooked food, but they would not reach 700. It would be more like, perhaps, 150 or 200. But these are difficult to calculate; after all, what models do we use, not just what happens on Earth but what we see on other planets?"

"Oftentimes, when people live longer, they become wiser. They notice things. The animals are living way longer than we are. The animals have this ratio (7) in their maturation. This aspect is observed and utilized, and the result is that so many on other planets who had brief periods of addiction to cooked foods dropped it and utilized more nourishing foods, began a scientific approach towards this in which only the most nourishing foods were taken. And, with the appropriate technology, this was very easy to do without harming very many animals or hurting the environment, the many problems that this presents to Humankind now -- the result being 700 years, in Earth years (equivalent), being quite typical when deuterium levels are low simply because there is greater intelligence."

"Yes, there is only consumption of foods that are ultimately healthy, not depriving one of enzymes, be it as technological advances or raw foods. But, all of these factors play into it simply because life-span is reduced because of the damaging aspects of the 6 drops of heavy water in every liter. We know that is confusing, and it is powerful and important information and that which everyone should know about and research for themselves. The solutions to this are now beginning to appear and are not just in water but in many other areas that will gradually be understood by many. This is one of the things that is going to make life very interesting in the next few hundred years."

JOC: "And the deuterium is the heavy water."

Hilarion: "That is correct."

JOC: "And the only thing that I can do now about that is putting my water in the sun for 2 hours?"

Hilarion: "No, that will not do anything to help the problem with deuterium. If you want to avoid deuterium, it is possible, but it is expensive because the currently available commercial method involves a lot of energy. The water is boiled in tall chambers about 30 feet tall with little baffles inside that it bounces around. It is then pulled under vacuum, and this is all making use of the idea that heavy water boils at a slightly different temperature than ordinary water. Then, one will still have some deuterium in the water. This is, then, counted as parts per million (ppm). 150 ppm is typical for the oceans, for all water, for the human body, and water obtained by these methods can be as low as 25 ppm."

"As one dilutes that water with ordinary water and drinks that, then deuterium levels will be lowered in the body. But that water is quite expensive. You may see it as much as $10 a liter because of all the energy it takes to make it. If one does consume, either diluted or straight, the 25 ppm (water), which is the most commonly available and in your state (Arizona) more widely available than in any other state in the U.S.A., then always expose it to sunlight. Because the water has been boiled, it will create the lymphocyte count reaction (Lymphocytosis). When you put water in the sun for 2 hours, you are mimicking the hydrological cycle which converts the bond angle back, so that water is now normalized."

(I think Hilarion is hinting that heating water past its critical temperature of 185 Fahrenheit alters the bond angle between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms and that those altered water molecules then produce the stress response in the human body that raises the level of lymphocytes and adversely affects the entire body. joc)

"This is recommended because it gives solar energy into water, because it is helpful for any water, but some water can, at times, come to you because it has not been through the hydrological cycle. So, you're doing that on your own. So, of course, that helps the water, but it does nothing to take out the deuterium. That is a much more complex process."

JOC: "So, there's not much that we can do about it right now or that I can do about the deuterium."

Hilarion: "Just depending on expense. If you wanted to obtain that water, for instance from Hydro Health, you could do so. They are based in Phoenix (Arizona), and they will sell you a 5-gallon container for less than you would pay for the individual water containers. That is possible: 602-462-5300 is their phone number. But, again, this is expensive, and so it might be something that you consider in the future."

"In particular, as more people become aware of this, there will be competition. There will be new methods. There will be ways in which the costs will go down, and people will need to deal with where they're going to put that deuterium. For this, We have many proposals and ideas that are coming from the 'Other Side' to inventors, scientists, engineers, and others. And it is hoped that over the next few years there will be some significant progress made in this regard."

JOC: "So, because I live in a van, glass containers break easily. I carry my water in plastic jugs. Is it okay to put those in the sun and to drink out of those?"

Hilarion: "No, that (the plastic) seems to filter. A one-gallon jug is possible to keep in a cloth container, empty. You use it when you are solarizing and then put it back in your cloth. Once it (the water) has been solarized, then you can put it in plastic."

JOC: "I'm sorry; I didn't get all that."

Hilarion: "Once the water has been solarized in glass, then you could put it back in plastic. That would be fine. And in this way you could protect your gallon glass container quite easily by keeping it packed appropriately."

JOC: "Before I use it, put the water in the glass container out in the sun for a couple hours. After that I can put it back into the plastic container, and I can still drink the water from the plastic container?"

Hilarion: "Yes."

JOC: "Okay, thank You. Finally, I was just wondering if there was anything that You would like to say to me, Hilarion."

Hilarion: "Many things with regards to aspects that are what you have been doing unconsciously to bring them to consciousness. That you are loving, connecting, working with the cells, each individual cell, each little creature of bacterium, each energy that is around the body. That you are understanding this, and it has been a shift for you. But recognize that this is a powerful energetic in the same way as everything else in your life, that which can be shared, that which can be helpful to others, that which you learn from, and that which you distribute and share, even if it is not directly. You are sharing it with the Collective Consciousness."

"In particular, there does seem to be one energy that is particularly healing, beneficial, loving, and that which you do work with from time to time. But, the way in which you could welcome the cells in this sort of energetic. And that is about gratitude, the sense that you are alive, the sense that you can welcome the morning sunshine, the sense that you can draw in from the cells wonderful energy for being alive and contribute back to them."

"There is something special about morning sunshine. It is one of the things that can be very useful in this communication process. So, every morning, certainly before 10:30, you get out in the sun with as much of the body exposed as possible. But you feel this; you connect to this; you talk to the cells; you talk to the organs; you listen to them. Their language is a humming, a quiet wind, a movement of energy in and of itself that produces sensation like tingling or warmth or cool."

"But, in whichever way in which you are having that connection, love is felt back and forth. It is reminding you, of course, that you are not your body. You are communicating with your body, and what you are is that which is so far beyond anything of limitation or of the physical."

"But for that moment in the sun, exposing and feeling and knowing, it is as if you and that sun are one, that great powerful energetic nourishing, strengthening, penetrating, and showing you about a profound and powerful love, a love that has brought forth life on Earth. You can see how just about every process on Earth can be traced back to the sun and its beautiful contribution."

"In this sense, this beautiful energy can go deep and can be an additional healing energy for every muscle, for every cell. It can help balance out reactions between the ATP and the mitochondria and even the DNA and, in so many ways, this is a shining and beautiful example. From sunrise until about 10:30 in the morning, this energy is particularly healing, plentiful, valuable, but also a reminder at the same time of a deeper attunement to your own cells, to your own body, and to all the love that can be magnified, breathed, felt, and then released as if to say, 'I am grateful; I thank you; I feel and notice and I appreciate you at every level'."

"We know that is not necessarily logical, but it is, indeed, an energetic of gratitude that can be very helpful, not just for healing but for every facet of your contribution on Earth and Earth's contribution to you. Then shall we close for today?"

JOC: "Did Jon remember to turn on the recorder before this started?"

Hilarion: "Oh yes, it has been recording the entire session."

JOC: "Okay, great. Yes, Hilarion. Thank You so much."

Hilarion: "We are grateful for your questions and willingness to receive but, more importantly, simply the idea of being present, connecting with Earth, connecting at infinitely upwards. That beautiful Cylinder of Light we began with now expands from 30 feet to 50 feet to 100 feet to many miles in diameter, Earth's gentle, loving response an OMM, bubbling up to be shared out loud. (gently) Goodbye. OMMMMMMM .............. "

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