Saint Hilarion, 5th Initiation Lifetime of Ascended Master Hilarion


This Reading or Communicative Interaction with that Ascended Master known as Hilarion took place on April 21st, 2017. I had telephone contact with Jon C. Fox, who was then utilized as an intermediary for Hilarion to speak to me, to give instructive guidance, and to answer my questions prepared beforehand.

As explained elsewhere on my website, that One known as Hilarion (as with all The Arhats of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy) is beyond the individuation of personality consciousness experienced by the human species on this planet and is actually a Gestalt or Collective of Consciousness, a Group Mind, hence always the use of the pronoun We instead of I when referencing the Self.

The Session, which lasted slightly more than an hour, was recorded by Jon on an MP3 file and then made available on an Internet link for me to download afterwards. I transcribed it all, word for word, by long-hand writing and then typed it into digital format to be included on my site.

I share these personal communications from The Masters for their highly informative content that may present practical applicability to others who may read them. Underlinings indicate an enhanced emphasis by The Big H or a topic marker by myself to bring the mind into focus after so much text, and the Reading is divided into 2 parts to relieve the eyes of the reader and break up the text for those with a short attention span.

What follows is the totality of the conversation that I had with Hilarion, and nothing has been withheld. Parenthetical additions are mine as explanatory tools. So close is their resonance and rapport that Jon takes mere seconds to be in trance state and serving as a vehicle for The Emerald Heart Flame of The Brotherhood of Truth (5th Ray Brotherhood of Earth), and he doesn't remember a thing when returned to ordinary waking consciousness. I offer here a link to his website: JON C. FOX.


Hilarion: "Yes, greetings, yes. Is this James?"

JOC: "Yes it is."

Hilarion: "Yes, greetings. This is that Energy or Vibration that you call Hilarion. And a moment please as We make deeper contact. Your current location please."

JOC: "In the vicinity of Flagstaff, Arizona, up in Northern Arizona."

Hilarion: "Nearest road or highway?"

JOC: "Highway 180, one eight zero."

Hilarion: "Yes, We have the contact. We remind you of a helpful, strengthening Emerald Light. We ask you to welcome this Light, filling the space all around you, and allow it to simply become brighter, clearer, stronger, and form a cylinder about 30 feet in diameter from infinitely upward through you to the center of the Earth. And at the edge of this powerful Cylinder of Light there is a black, opaque disk. The disk is about 10 feet in diameter, and you can imagine it to the East. Its purpose is to absorb the effects of Mercury Retrograde, a helpful visualization at any time during the approximately 3 weeks or so that Mercury is seen as moving backwards when viewed from Earth. The energetics of this are helpful with improving of communication of any kind."

"Then let's begin. Do you have some questions for today?"

JOC: "Yes, I sure do. Hilarion, I'm going to assume that You know everything that there is to know about me in this life as well as in all others because of Your immediate and full access to the Akashic Records. And so, I'll proceed."

"I would like to know all about my physical body, its health and its pathologies and its general assessment. In particular, please include my prostate gland, the heart, arteries, liver, pancreas, brain, and skin."

Hilarion: "It is an interesting sort of thing from Our perspective. Most people, when you would view them, have a relatively easy sort of surface, but your's is coated with a powerful light. The light is primarily violet or purple and acts as a sort of protective sheath or skin. It is an energy that has many qualities to it: gratitude, deeper connections to Higher Vibrational Levels (Higher Beings), intrinsic ability to transform energy, and other things."

"It makes it very easy to understand and work with energy but very difficult to make predictions (about my body). And this is the hardest thing you always run into when you are working with any energy having to do with the physical body."

"For instance, when We look at your pancreas, We can see that there has been a series of disruptions. These have primarily affected the pancreas' ability to produce a variety of enzymes. These enzymes are helpful for digestion. They assist with blood sugar (glucose) balance. They work with various detoxification principles, most importantly the detoxification of various chemicals and metallic elements. But, if We saw this in other individuals without this sort of violet or purple coating, We could easily say that they are headed for various problems, that the pancreas would need to be rebuilt (regenerated) and, most importantly, rehydrated."

"But, this violet energy has the ability to hydrate. It has the ability to transform sunlight energy, water energy, even some of the moisture in the air. And in making such transformations, it is able to re-vitalize, re-strengthen, bringing cellular memory. Most importantly though, in examining this process at the microscopic level, We see the connection of this violet light to mitochondria."

"Mitochondria, as they exist in every cell, have a rather mysterious purpose. They're not well understood in Science. Often-times, there are various connections with regards to ionic balance, protein utilization, DNA transfer, and, most importantly of course, ancestral DNA. None of these are really getting at their purpose. It has to do with the ability to work with energies that are outside of time in the way in which you usually understand it."

"Time, as it is generally approached by most individuals, is observed on the macroscopic level, what you see with your consciousness, how you view your past or visualize your future. But, the moment you do this (visualization), mitochondria, in various cellular structures throughout blood, brain, liver, even the spine, are activated. The actual attunement is occurring through cellular structures on a microscopic level. And so, the ability of the mitochondria to change energetics with you will be a little bit different from what We've seen with others and what you will likely see when you are working with others. So, this must be taken into account and makes it a little more difficult in terms of all these things that you mentioned (assessing the organs, systems, and ongoing general health of my body - joc)."

"In specific, it can be observed that the physical body (mine) has been deprived, at various levels, of enzymes. These appear to be very important, those that other people would depend upon for their own physical health. And yet, your body is able to produce enzymes. It can do so in various ways, though in small measure, in parts of the body that were not normally designed to do this. Of course, in the intestinal tract, in the various parts of the digestive system, there are different ways in which this normally takes place."

"Your liver, however, can also produce enzymes, even the brain, even the organs that do not seem to be able to do this normally, and even glandular structures. And, as these are taking place, though in small amounts, they give you the ability not only to digest food but to digest something else. It is not exactly what you would call solar energy, though it certainly comes from the Sun. And it is not exactly water energy, though it certainly does come from the water. It's a sort of blend of these that is able to be shifted in vibration and that which then takes place of many of the other substances that you might not be able to find in the diet or in the physical body otherwise."

"To some extent this makes it more difficult when you want to do things like make predictions, but it also makes it easier when you simply have the sense of this visualization of this beautiful light. It is not a steady light; it is a moving light. It shifts, transfers itself, swirls, blends, even changing shade or color as necessary. It can penetrate deep into the body. It can go right into the spine, and it can move up and down, and it can also move sideways or rotate. And to hold it in any particular way would simply be for a moment or two to concentrate it, but then it will again move." (All this is about the unusual violet/purple energy shield surrounding the periphery of my physical/aetheric body. joc)

"This is a helpful, sustaining life force. We see no problem with this, but in an understanding of how this works for you, it would be a little ............... not only impolite and improper but really inaccurate to try to compare it to that of other human beings. At the same time, though, it makes the higher vibrational component of each of the organs (in my aetheric body) much more visible (to The Higher Ups). And so then, it is easy to see that with the liver and the skin, you have opportunities for beneficial shifts in the future. And if these are not understood, particularly at their symbolic level, it is possible that various difficulties can begin there and move elsewhere." (Every aspect of the human body has a symbolic level of meaning, understanding, and lessons to impart to the occupant. joc)

"The skin (integument) is an organ of detoxification. The ability of the skin to detoxify does seem to be predicated on heat, and the ability to warm the skin by visualization or by a hot bath -- it really doesn't matter -- is very important in the way in which it can then pull various materials that can be taken in accidentally, in the air you breathe, in the water that is drunk, or, of course, from foods that you eat, and release these easily in a way that they can be swept from the body."

"Similarly, the liver has multiple functions, not only for detoxification but also, where necessary, to step in for any of the other organs: pancreas as mentioned, but also it can do work for really anything in the digestive system. And the mitochondria have an important role to play in the liver above and beyond that of the mitochondria in any of the other cells. In the liver, these are also assisting with ancestral memory, assisting you to bring in intuition: the right food to eat, the right way to proceed, and along with this something else, a way in which you can bring an energy to it as if this violet light or this powerful energy or something that swirls, something that feels good -- that this is in the food, that this is in each breath, that this is in each sip of water. And it would seem that this is able to attune it (the violet light), so that it then moves more directly, right into the liver as necessary and improves the liver's ability to do these other functions."

(I think that Hilarion is suggesting a visualized infusion of the mysterious, swirling violet light found in my auric envelope into everything that is taken into my body as a means of stimulating/activating the mitochondria in my liver toward performing their recognized physical functions as well as their un-recognized meta-physical functions. joc)

"But, the danger here, which is seen at the higher vibrational level (the aetheric body) which you would call the para-liver, similar to the para-brain or any other part of the body at the higher vibrational level, is where it is over-taxed, where it cannot do any more. And this is particularly true around the liver's ability to properly work with protein. This is not really digesting protein. That is the job of other organs in the body. But it is the ability to recycle it, to take that protein where it has not been fully absorbed, to change it into something in which it can be better absorbed elsewhere in the body and as if to tag it and send it right to that place with its tag saying, then, 'you are meant for the brain; you are meant for the pancreas; you are meant for the heart or whichever'."

(The Aetheric Body is the higher counterpart or template of the dense physical body, the location of the chakras and meridians of life force energy, that which organizes and sustains and vitalizes the denser body we are familiar with. Change occurs first in the Aetheric Body before it is eventually passed on to the lower body. Hilarion has taught that the liver can recycle the body's own amino acids, peptides, and proteins once the ability has been re-awakened by a low protein diet sourced in the Plant Kingdom alone. The protein recycling function of the liver has been shut down by the large amounts of animal protein consumed by most of Humanity and lies dormant and unrecognized by Medical Science. joc)

"And the way in which the liver has had this ability (of recycling protein) in most people, it is that which is not utilized, that which is, in some ways, reduced in function or, as We often see, never actually comes alive in anyone. But for you, not only is this an important function, but it is one on which the body depends. Therefore, again here We are extrapolating but looking at where this goes in the future based upon the para-liver, it is an organ that could be stressed in the future in a way that might produce some difficulty."

"At the same time, We can run some simulations, and in every one of these, as you would imagine, as soon as you are directing energy -- it doesn't really matter how you do it; it could be Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Gung); it could be movement; it could be visualization; it could be chanting; it could be some way in which that energy is simply directed, particularly if it has any of the characteristics of violet or swirling -- then the transformation energies are available. A greater transfer from the higher vibrational level through the para (aetheric) component into the physical component takes place, and the result of this is greater health, greater strength, but it may not always look like it. The body may lose weight or be, in some ways, stressed; and yet, then, it is often able to recover from this, bounce back from it in whichever way is necessary, and use that energy in a different mode."

"In some ways, with some people, one would say that this is dangerous, that without sufficient study or understanding of this they would only be able to work at that vibrational level for a short time. That's a matter of months. But because you have been doing it, clearly, for a long time and because it is that which you have studied for in various past lives, in the last Intermissive Period (between incarnations on the Astral Planes) in which you have continued to be trained by others and worked with this energy and so on and so forth, well, We see no problem with this."

"In a way, it can be that which you can actually learn more from, particularly if you ask the mitochondria within the cells associated with whatever energetic you are working with: a particular organ, a particular gland, a nervous system component, or whatever. You ask the mitochondria to speak to you. They will do this in their own language, of course. It is not the language of words or really of pictures in the usual way, nor is it of feeling, though it can be of all these things secondarily. But it is an energetic that simply speaks with this pulsing, with this light, with this swirling; and it does seem that when you bring that into this simulation, everything improves. The ability to move energy more consciously to assist any part of the body would seem to shift."

"There would be, of course, some resistances where hardened material stands in the way. This is moreso, perhaps, in the liver and the skin than anywhere else, but hardened material can also gradually be softened and will be released."

"In the eyes, in particular in the lenses, this (hardening) can be troublesome for most people (cataracts), but We see that this energetic, for you, may gradually allow that also to soften, and what seems to assist with this is at night particularly when there is no moon. Either it has already gone below the horizon or it is a New Moon, and you are gazing at the stars. You are taking in the energy of some particular star that you are attracted to on that evening. And as this takes place, you imagine that that energy, again violet and swirling, has this helpful characteristic as it goes right into the eye and heals and strengthens and allows the mitochondria in the eye cells, allows the fluids in the eyes and all of these energies to move and change and shift easily."

"We mention this not because of physical debilitation or difficulty (currently) but looking at the future and where that energy moves with the para-eyes (the aetheric eyes). And then you begin to realize the next important part of all of this, the symbolic connection. At the symbolic level, energetics associated with the lessons that you learn work very directly with the para component. And with the para-eyes you are looking at the future. You are looking at how your role is shifted in the world, about the things you do for others, about how your life is going, and, more importantly, how you answer questions about it. Seeing the forest for the trees or seeing the trees for the forest, relating to the issues of Myopia (near-sightedness) or Hypermetropia (far-sightedness) respectively. And the result of this, then, is simply that the eyes become an important way in which that energy shifts at the symbolic level. You will typically see this and work with this appropriately, but should a blockage or an energetic shift there, you may need to put a little more attention on it so it does not continue."

(Messages and lessons are passed from one's Guides and Higher Self to the incarnate personality by way of the physical body, the message board, and symbolism plays a great part in the communication. Refractive Errors of the eyes are not acquired accidentally or coincidentally but rather are symbolic reminders of the near or far-sightedness of the individual with regards to that one's vision of life, purpose, priorities, lessons, and spiritual aspirations. Is the vision short-sighted and focused on material desires with little ability to see the greater picture? Is the vision long-sighted and full of wishful thinking without recognition or interest in the more immediate responsibilities close at hand? Has all vision become clouded by erroneous beliefs, selfish behavior patterns, and cynicism toward life [lenticular opacities or cataracts]? The eyes are two-way windows to and from the Soul and a convenient way to mirror a recognizable message to the wayfarer who has strayed from the Path. joc)

"With regard to the heart, you have been working for a long time with a deeper understanding of love, and so at the symbolic level (the aetheric heart level), of course, this (love) has a lot to do with it. But at the physical heart level, there clearly is some difficulty in the relationship of the mitochondrial actions, the shifting of this violet layer of energy and so on as it makes its way into the physical heart. But, We do not see this as very troubling or difficult because this other component, this higher vibrational component (my aetheric heart) keeps stepping in as necessary, keeps bringing in the energy that is needed so that the heart can continue its physical function."

"At the deeper level, though, there is a shifting energy associated with this. As is often understood, as people work with love and especially the understanding karmically of the Law of Love, then they begin to understand the future from the heart's eye. This is very different from trying to understand it from the mind, because your lesson, like that of so many on your planet, is to learn to expand and increase and work in various ways previously unknown to anyone, even in this galaxy, about LOVE, about the heart, about that energy at the higher vibrational level."

(The Earth and her Human Race, being the emotional experiment of this galaxy, have a crucial lesson and demonstration to provide to the billions of other civilizations in this galaxy who do not know emotions and don't have emotional bodies. Future versions of Humanity will demonstrate to all the mentally-advanced Races of this galaxy the true value of emotions and the higher form of Christlike Love realized by The Great Ones of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. joc)

"You would think, 'Well, what does this have to do with the physical heart?', but, of course, it has so many ways in which it transforms and shifts energetics that do make their way into the physical heart."

"So, in the way in which that energy shifts, there is a sense at times of an energy that is associated with the opposite (of love), with some fear. That fear energy is not very powerful, but it does show up from time to time (in me) because it is relating to that of the larger, you could call it the Collective Consciousness, Humanity in glimpsing its future, contemplating where it is heading based upon what's happening in the world. Listening to the news, hearing what other people are saying, and all of that. Well, they may indeed feel fear. They may recognize where this planet is going, in relationship to their great, great grandchildren, as a place that would not be particularly hospitable or nearly as beautiful as it is today. And for this there is a collective understanding that leads to sadness and fear in the Collective Consciousness."

"'Oh', you might say, 'what does this have to do with me?'. In a sense, the correct answer, as soon as you answer that question, is 'Nothing at all'. And it is not, indeed, your place to be working with that (fear energy) but to assist at each individual level where called upon. But, you simply can't help it, because it is also an important part of where the consciousness is for people to make decisions about their lives. Are they going to be on a path of service to others or service to self? And that is the underlying basis from which the Collective Consciousness arises and is that which is changeable and shiftable by each person individually -- by what you say, by what you do, by what your energy works. So, that connection to the Collective Consciousness will remain." (See "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces".)

"The result of this is simple, that when there is a thought for Humanity, when there is connection to another person, looking through their eyes at all of Humanity, you feel that love for the individual and for Humanity and for the way in which you are loved within this beautiful energy as well. This releases instantly some of the fear or sadness associated with the Collective Consciousness and allows the heart to have its physical function improved naturally." (My heart is affected by the collective negative emotions of the Race. joc)

"What would, of course, assist this further is the typical thing We would say for anyone with relationship to the physical (heart). And there are dozens of things that We would say about this for anyone, but you know, for instance by example, the benefits of CoQ-10 (Coenzyme Q-10) for the heart and how poorly absorbed it is in various supplements (vitamins & minerals) and how difficult it is to take in from various foods. But when this violet light, this energetic of the mitochondria, and the activation in the liver takes place, that energetic is associated with a shift and the manufacture, through enzymatic action, of CoQ-10. And this substance then moves in a targeted way right to where it is needed, right to the circulatory system, right to the heart. And this is not done through the process of digestion of food but through the manifestation of transformation in the liver and the capacity of the light (violet) that We have mentioned. Work with this appropriately, lovingly, and in a way that would naturally, then, coordinate with the characteristics associated with that organ (the heart): the energetics of love and the release of fear."

"And so it is that by example you begin to get the sense of where this is possible for you and why it doesn't really make sense in the usual way to approach this. At the same time, if you discarded all that -- not likely -- but if you decided you would take the more, shall We call it, normal path in society of that of an office-worker or somebody helping others in a more traditional way, well, then you would be more dependent (on nutrition). And food, various ways of improving digestion, assisting with the way in which enzymes are taken in through food would be the normal recommendation."

"But the ability for you to transform, to work with these energetics, and so on makes it more difficult to assess this in terms of the usual way that this might take place. This is not to say that those ways (dietary) wouldn't work; they certainly would. If your diet shifted to that which was the simple idea that every food you ate, 100%, had its maximum enzymes -- this meaning food that would actually digest all on its own, that those enzymes would be better absorbed, that they could expand into enzymes that haven't even been discovered yet and identified by Science -- there would be benefits. The body would take these in; it would utilize them; it would transform them where necessary, and it would be helpful. But is it necessary? We do not see this. We see rather simply that the ability to shift these energies and work with it is the most appropriate for your own understanding." (I may compensate for nutritional deficiencies by working with the violet light in my body's energy shield. joc)

"After all, you do acknowledge that We are looking at this from a Higher Vibrational Level that includes that, most importantly, of your Soul (Ascended Masters are The Instructors of our Souls). You're going to leave this all behind. Eventually the physical body will be but a memory. So, learn from it. Understand the ability to transform energy with it and that this memory will most likely be helpful to you in the next life, working with others, healing or assisting them from the 'Other Side', or whatever. And it will be entirely up to you based upon what you have learned. Does this help at all?"

JOC: "Oh sure, enormously. Before moving on past the physical body, I'd like to know if my body is growing any cancers anywhere and if my prostate is enlarged and if there is any concern about that and/or if there is any cancer anywhere in the prostate or anyplace else in the body ............................. that I need to worry about." (I used a common expression not really meaning that I was going to worry, but Hilarion jumped on it to lightly make a point. joc)

Hilarion: "Good, your addendum, 'need to worry about'. Ahem (humorously clears throat), certainly not (meaning that worrying is a waste of time and is harmful to the emotional body - joc). Cancers come and go constantly. You will see, if you look at this moment by moment in the average person, as many as 5 a day. They come; they are destroyed typically by pancreatic enzymes. They disappear; they regrow; they form here and there and so on."

"Yes, the prostate is a difficult place because of poor circulation. That is simply the way the human body is designed. And you compensate for this with movement, visualization, various exercises, and that certainly helps. So, here you may see that cancers form and take a little bit longer to be destroyed. At least for now, this mechanism is fairly well balanced, and there isn't anything that We would call troubling or difficult (in my prostate). But at the same time, it does affect various other aspects, most importantly that of the blood. The blood, as it is not always making full contact and not having the ability to move properly through the areas where there is congestion or difficulty -- liver, pancreas, skin have been mentioned -- this problem then will eventually work its way to the prostate."

"At the para-prostate (aetheric-prostate), what is observed here is, naturally, all of the lessons with regards to the understanding of human sexuality. This is not so much as personal as it is the understanding of the human condition (generally speaking, not specifically about me - joc); and it has at times been a very interesting sort of question. Indeed, at the Higher Vibrational Level, many Guides and Helpers are concerned with this question, as there is no easy answer to it."

"The appropriate balance of sex and love for Humanity has been an ongoing internal debate within the Collective Consciousness of Humanity for many eons and, indeed, has its solution, as people are looking at it, with the ability to access and work with past-life information in a more direct way, a way in which you understand that you have lived lives -- and you understand these from the Soul point of view -- of every variety of human sexual experience: everything from the Testeradi to the intensely Female Courtesan to the intensely Male Warrior and every variety of sexuality. And as each of these are understood and accepted, there is a slight release in the para-prostate, an ability, symbolically, to understand this and open to the absorption of minerals, substances in the blood -- in particular zinc -- that all seem to play an important role here."

"So, in most situations, the simple recommendation would be for 2 things to significantly improve health of the prostate. How these apply to you, though, makes it a little more difficult. But those 2 things would be: well absorbed minerals, in particular zinc, which do not come from supplements. Shellfish, in particular raw oysters, are the best way to take this in. Karmically, of course, this presents some difficulties (the killing of animals and sea-life for the consumption of their flesh), but the main point of it is that it is the way in which it is more directly absorbed and most helpful."

"And Qi Gong (Chi Gung) Exercises. Qi Gong has been shown to move energy and blood. This has been studied extensively by Mantak Chia. He is not in the mainstream of Qi Gong thinking at the current time, but the point of Qi Gong most people do not understand. The teachers do not usually bring this into the lessons until an advanced level. And it is simply the idea that there are many Qi Gong Exercises and that if you learn the basics, the aspects of symmetry -- what is done on the left is done on the right, what is done clockwise is done counter-clockwise, what is done up is done down, the exception to this being the movement of organ energy, most typically to the liver and the spleen meridians -- and that this symmetry, then, is a part of the exercise and that in all cases the exercises are not done full. They are done to 70% or even less, so that the extra energy keeps going at the higher vibrational level, at the para level (within the aetheric body). And in this way that energy becomes more nourishing and helpful." (Website links for Mantak Chia: MANTAK CHIA and UNIVERSAL TAO.)

"Those 2 aspects, symmetry and 70%, can then be applied to Qi Gong Exercises that you create. After you've played with them, after you move around, after you understand, you go into the higher vibrational sort of energetic state and let one come in. You'll begin to notice that there are all kinds of these that are helpful. Some of them begin right at the physical level, so there is a tightening of the core muscles and contraction of the (anal) sphincter muscle, a pulsing and releasing of the buttocks, a slight bending forward or a bending back, and awareness of sunlight energy as it enters into the prostate. And those exercises as they are normally suggested, as sometimes called the Deer Pose or various other movements, are helpful."

"And then, what begins to show up is your own visualization, your own imagination. You see this naturally as a swirling energy, two spirals perhaps, one counter-clockwise and the other clockwise. And you begin to move your own hips in that way as if shifting and sliding in a very gentle, circular movement, again never up to 100%, always just to 70% or less. And then those energies are reversed, and in each case there is this connection. The prostate attunes now to the Earth. There is an opening energy. An Earth energy flows between you with this swirling action. Or, you visualize that it moves through the Sun, and those energies shift. Or, and the list goes on and on. You are working with this with your imagination. What happens with this in your ordinary waking state with your imagination can sometimes be quite different, in that, what shows up in the higher vibrational state (a mild trance) is helpful."

"Similarly with oysters. You understand that what they can give is a beautiful way in which they have learned how to turn minerals, and in particular zinc, into that which is distributed throughout their flesh and is, therefore, so helpful to others who eat them. And their ability to do this goes even beyond that of taking in zinc from sea water. They are actually able to transform, atomically (to transmute). They have this remarkable ability to bring a clear-sightedness and understanding of what is happening in the ocean around them and allow that transformation deep within their bodies, so that then they can produce their beautiful, iridescent-on-the-inside shell, the opportunity to make pearl, to create that beautiful, powerful energy as a pure white, swirling light, iridescent in nature with various colors within it, and so on."

"In this way in which you admire and understand and connect, you can, then, as if for a moment borrow this capability, taking in the ability to transform whatever it is -- a little bit of food, a little bit of milk, a little bit of light, a little bit of anything with minerals in it -- into the perfect blend of zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and sodium that will nourish and strengthen the prostate, that will move to it by many means: the circulatory system, the digestive system, the skin, the nervous system, but something even beyond that as if this system of a beautiful, swirling light. And the mitochondria will open to receive and transform and work with this appropriately." (By visualizing and working with the swirling, violet light in my energy shield, I can recreate the transmutational ability of the oyster and atomically transform anything taken into my body into those molecules that it needs. joc)

"This is an example of a way of using these energies that is a little bit different from what would be recommended for most people and that which, of course then, does not depend on the physical oyster but the oyster's communication, its ability to work with you, to educate you, to show you. 'I do it; so can you (from oyster)', a simple message that you see in many animals and plants throughout the world. In fact, it is one of the reasons Humanity chose this place. It is an advanced learning that people don't really have yet, but in the future it seems a very simple thing, since it's all obvious around them." (Every species of plant or animal has a gift, understanding, and lesson to give to Humankind. joc)

"Why do you go to Nature? Well, you see this as a sort of lesson, a bringing of that which Nature can do for you. And the people understand this intrinsically with many things, but they don't understand it at this microbial level, at the level by which an animal, a plant, a microbe is able to transform." (In teachings elsewhere, Hilarion discusses "Biological Transmutation", the capability of every biological form on this planet to transmute any of the elements that they take in into the elements that they require, an actual atomic transformation. The Bovine ability to produce high concentrations of Calcium in their milk from the grasses and grains consumed is given as an example. joc)

"So, of course, you see a waterfall, and you recognize for yourself that you can let that waterfall energy allow energies within you that are stuck to be swept away, to be released to the Earth. To let go and to let God, so to speak, is a beautiful message from the waterfall. But what about the message from the oyster, how it shares with you this powerful ability to transform and to make available so powerfully that it can then be turned into a shell. This is something of beauty and protection if the oyster desires and for you this ability to nourish and strengthen any organ and, in particular, the prostate (with the violet light). Does this help in your understanding?"

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