One of the Artistic Inspirations for The Hilarion Consciousness, Earth's 5th Ray Chohan


This 4th Reading from Hilarion through Jon C. Fox was conducted by phone on May 25th, 2018 and lasted for one hour and 15 minutes. It was digitally recorded as an MP3 file, which I downloaded from an intermediary file transfer website and later transcribed word for word by longhand writing before typing up. The vocal delivery by Hilarion was rapid as usual.

In brief, because previous introductions have given similar information, The Gestalt of Consciousness known as Hilarion is a Senior Member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and is The Governing Intelligence Who is responsible for the modification and dissemination of the Cosmic Energy called the 5th Ray for this Planetary Scheme and its developing sentient species, Humankind. The 5th Ray Energy provides the stimulus and impetus for the developement of the analytical/intellectual aspect of mind, and Hilarion also has charge over all the scientific and technological advancements of the Race of Man as well as all of the Healing Arts. (Link to "The Fifth Ray".)

Jon Fox has served as a human intermediary or channel for the teachings of Hilarion since the 1980's and has been featured in such ground-breaking works as "Flower Essences", "Gemstone Elixirs", "The Spiritual Properties of Herbs", and "Starlight Elixirs". He lives in Nevada City, California, and his engineer/scientifically-oriented mind has a great rapport with The Chohan of the 5th Ray. This is the link to his website: JON C. FOX.

I've underlined all the words emphasized by Hilarion as well as a few others for topical enhancement. Emboldened font was given out of deep honor and respect. Parenthetical commentary is offered as an aid in understanding some abstruse passages. And I've divided the Reading into two parts to ease the tedium of so much uninterrupted text. I share this Personal Reading for the information which may be helpful to others. The following is the verbatim exchange as it happened on that day.


Hilarion: "Yes, greetings, yes. Is this James?"

JOC: "This is James."

Hilarion: "Yes, greetings. This is The Energy, Being, or Vibration you call Hilarion. One moment please as We make deeper contact. What is your location please?"

JOC: "I'm approximately 35 miles northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona, off of Highway 180 and 2 miles east of 180 on Forest Road 417."

Hilarion: "Yes, We have the contact. We remind you of a helpful, Emerald Light. See that Light filling the space all around you and naturally and easily creating a beautiful Cylinder. You can imagine this about 30 feet in diameter from infinitely upwards through you to the center of the Earth, but as it may, on its own, fluctuate to become larger or tighter as necessary. And then the idea that you are in the midst of this at infinitely upwards connected to Soul, at center of Earth connected to physicality. Then let us begin. Do you have some questions for today?"

JOC: "Yes, I do. Number one: Could You tell me why I should believe that You are The Grand Gestalt of Consciousness that is known as Hilarion?"

Hilarion: "It is a question that is asked in different contexts from time to time, and there is only one answer that is appropriate in all of this. And there are different ways to look at this, because what is a belief? It is something that you simply know. And so you cannot, in any way, create this for someone else. It's like trying to make someone fall in love or let them know something about their own existence."

"So, We would always say: never believe anything. Have only the context that you will try it out, work with it, etcetera. But what you'll notice over time is that beliefs, particularly negative ones, are burdensome. They show up in a way to block your own consciousness, awareness, and understanding. And you usually begin with those, clearing those out, finding there's more room, and then you begin to look at the positive beliefs, the ones that have served you for a long time and that you find helpful. And as you examine this, similarly with the information you've already gathered in clearing out negative beliefs, you eventually recognize that it is also burdensome, that it stands in the way of your conscious evolution, that a belief of any kind is that which can only be essentially limiting in its own construction."

"Thus, by releasing beliefs you come to a place of freedom, a place whereby you can see how things are without the restriction of your own consciousness upon it. So, in this way things can change; they can shift. Your reality can be that which you would recognize is most helpful at any given time, not that which is based in the past. Beliefs are essentially that which comes from experience and that which comes from your own past. As a result, they are inherently limiting. Believe nothing. Come to understand the context within the aspect that it is given, and work with it appropriately. It would seem to be a much better way to approach this. Does this help?"

JOC: "Fine. I hope You weren't offended." (Hilarion got hung up on the word, belief, and took the opportunity to give a lesson regarding beliefs in general, but He evaded the essence of the question, and I was not satisfied with the response to my question; however I didn't want to expend valuable time in pursuing it further because I had many other questions in mind. joc)

Hilarion: "Not so. Indeed, as you may wish to work with this on any level, you may find over time that your beliefs change. The Beings that you listen to change, and there's a good reason for this. The real purpose is to listen to One Being, and that is You, your own Consciousness (Higher Self). Your own higher awareness of what you are evolves over time. That itself can be a belief, but as it is released and you recognize the Essence of God that is you, that is the part to listen to, not anyone else, no matter what they would say about themselves or how they would be seen by others. Further question?"

JOC: "Yes. How many Higher Selves or Souls have gone into the make-up of The Hilarion Monad?"

Hilarion: "144."

JOC: "How many physically-incarnate personalities would that be?"

Hilarion: "144."

JOC: "Well, You're equating personalities and Souls."

Hilarion: "Not really. Each of these Souls has had distinct incarnations. They've had a whole series, but of these there'll be one that stands out and could be seen in its prominence as the most important attribute. So, in that way there is a one to one, in a sort of loose-knit way. After all, you have to understand what is a Soul, and to understand this you have to understand what is consciousness, and consciousness itself is not that which is easily understood from the 3-D (3rd dimensional) perspective."

JOC: "Right. Well, I was under the impression that what we call a Soul or a Solar Angel, the Divine Intermediary or Higher Self, many names for It, has hundreds if not thousands of incarnations."

Hilarion: "Correct. But what you'll usually find is that there is one that acts as a sort of conglomerate, a leader, one that is a little more related to what you would understand as personality. But personality, of course, at the higher dimension has many aspects that are much different from what you experience at 3-D, because you don't have to deal with the things that shape personality in the same way."

"But in whatever way you wish to conceive of this, it is just easier to recognize that oneness, otherwise the only way that you can work with it is from a place of pure anonymity. You cannot give it a name. The moment you do, you tend to draw it down into some essence that is a conglomerate or leader within all of those lifetimes, so it becomes much harder to speak of. When you reach that level, that it is anonymous, and We know a few of these, it is a very interesting sort of consciousness to work with, but it is also extremely difficult to assign anything to it in the sense that you're asking: a number, a series, a history."

"This is very difficult for most people in 3-D to understand. How could you not have a history when there has been a series of incarnations leading to the aspect that is now anonymous? And that is because that very aspect itself changes time. It is able to obliterate and shift so many aspects of itself. Thus, it can only be held within itself and its own context. The anonymous ones, they are known by at the higher vibrational level, and you will not see very much written about them. You will not see very much understood about them because, at the level of consciousness where writing takes place, it is pretty difficult to access."

"But We note, as do most of those who go to higher vibrational levels, that they exert a significant influence on every aspect, not just of earthly life but of consciousness itself, of what is happening in this galaxy, of interaction with other beings on every level. So, the anonymous ones must be taken into consideration. Have you seen much written about the anonymous ones?"

JOC: "Not at all."

Hilarion: "Well, there you have it, and yet there are these beings that you will, from time to time, even meet. You will actually encounter them, and you will not even know it. And such beings can, at times, have physical incarnation and hold it for many years if they choose, but at other times they may move through levels of consciousness far beyond that of 5 or 6 or 7-D. Further questions?"

(I consider much of this answer and attempted explanation to be a bunch of nonsense and, at the least, unsatisfactory. A concern arises for the uninvited interference of the poorly-educated subconscious of the channel, Jon Fox. The answer is an evasive digression that wanders off into the irrelevant and the non-credible, but I had more important things to get to and didn't want to waste time in challenging it. joc)

JOC: "Yes. Okay, I need to get to some personal questions here. For quite some time, a disconcerting thought and a definite concern has been haunting me, and I'd like Your response. It's in the historical record that some exhumed coffins have revealed scratchings and clawings on the inner-lid surface, indicating an occupant desperately trying to escape though buried, and some skeletal remains have been found in a prone position, the body having turned over after burial. Did they return to their bodies after being declared dead and reconnect the Life Thread of the Silver Cord, and how can I prevent that horror from happening to me? I seem to recall that Djwhal Khul advised waiting for 72 hours before doing anything with the body."

Hilarion: "Yes, the 72-hour rule or 3 days is very common in various religions. You see this widespread, in Judaism, various Hindi Religions, and so on and so forth. Yes, that is the usual recommendation. And for your Soul, that is the Soul occupying this body right now, it is an excellent way to prevent this difficulty."

"But, what you see in this case is not that same Soul in most cases. Of course, there are exceptions to this. You see the Soul of the person because they are in an unconscious state in which the heart has stopped and death has been declared, but, in actuality, they are in a very low metabolic state, a state in which breathing and heart rate can be very slow. And this can return. This is rare in the situation that you have noted, but it does occur occasionally. But most of them (the cases) are an intruder, a being who comes in to experience some aspect of that body. It may be the same person after they have passed away, coming back in. It may be someone else that they have known or someone of a similar vibration. It may be someone who has some particularly strong emotional energy -- it could be positive or it could be negative -- associated with the person who died."

"But as they pop into that body for awhile, they are able to manifest it (activate it), and as soon as they have any degree of sense around them, be it sense of touch, vision, sight, smell, hearing, they make a sound and they hear how it echoes or whichever. They realize that they are trapped. And, of course, the natural response is to try their best to escape. Doing so is usually very frustrating but will not usually last too long, and usually within a few hours the person gives up. And as the air (oxygen) is exhausted, as various energies deplete, they again leave the physical body. Oftentimes Guides and Helpers will surround them, reminding them of what they are doing, helping them to see the reality that they are in and to recognize this for themselves."

"Sometimes such an intrusion is karmic in nature. The person has buried somebody else alive or in some way hurt them, and they find themselves 'incarnated' for a brief period of time just to experience that pain and torture. But in most cases, indeed, this is intrusion, not the same Soul stuck in the body continuously since death was declared."

JOC: "So, can I avoid that horror, as I think of it? I don't want that to happen to me."

Hilarion: "Yes, We answered that. 72 hours is the best way. You have no control. After all, once you are passed from this world, you will then have all kinds of other experiences. You are likely to move your consciousness to very High Vibrational Levels, and you, in particular, will have a full awareness of the death process. So, it is very unlikely that something like that could happen. But again, to avoid it, if you can, put into your instructions after death that the body be simply left alone, given minimal intrusion or difficulty for 72 hours. That would be helpful."

"It brings up a whole different problem for many people, and that, of course, is embalming in which fluids are injected, blood is removed, the body is arranged, disturbed, etc., etc. And it is usually best if this is avoided for 72 hours because of the pain that will inevitably be transmitted to the physical. This is minimal when you have higher conscious awareness of this, but if you feel that you are stuck there and that you cannot easily leave the body and that you aren't aware that this is happening, then some of this is transmitted to the Higher Vibrational Self and is, indeed, quite troublesome. But, again there are Guides and Helpers Who will step in. They will do their best to pull you away from such a situation when it occurs and minimize some of the pain and suffering that is natural. That is a far more typical and common situation because of people who aren't aware that they have died. But it seems very certain that you will be fully conscious during the entire process."

JOC: "You mean me?"

Hilarion: "Yes."

JOC: "I'll be fully conscious during the dying process and know what I'm doing in terms of withdrawing the Silver Cord, the Life Thread and the Consciousness Thread from the body."

Hilarion: "Exactly."

JOC: "Okay, thank You. For the first 40 years of my life, this life, I always ate sparingly, considerably less than everyone else I knew, and I ate anything and everything, heedless of nutritional and health concerns. Yet I grew strong and athletic and agile and heavily muscled, and I had more energy and vitality than anyone I ever knew. What happened 25 to 30 years ago when my body's musculature started wasting away and my vital energy just plummeted? What precipitated this decline in the prime of my life? I eat far better and more now than when I had an active medical practice and was running 3 miles several times a week, and yet I can't reverse the muscular atrophy and emaciation. I'm wondering what brought all of this on."

Hilarion: "And, what was coincident with this in your life?"

JOC: "What was coincident with this? Ummm, I believe that was the phase when I had begun to retreat from society. I had isolated myself in the mountains of Northern California for 3 to 4 years and began my enormous expansion of consciousness and remembrance of who I Am and what I came to do."

Hilarion: "So, your genetic inheritance is coming ..................... Drawing a graph of this with relationship particularly to enzymatic action and various aspects of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) in the muscles activating the processes and this with a graph of consciousness/awareness and where energy is directed, they tend to cross at this point (30 years ago). And it is as if that which was already within the genetic makeup was triggered. The trigger point for this with people with this particular gene sequence is that which is usually triggered by some specific circumstance in consciousness, lifestyle, relationship, traumatic stress, something then causing this."

(ATP is the dynamo molecule for the cells of the body. It is the molecule that produces the energy required for all the metabolic processes in all the cells of the body and which produces the energy needed for the contraction of muscle cells and fibrils. At the molecular level, ATP is the energy reservoir of the dense physical body. joc)

"The actual mechanism is multifaceted. Besides the musculature and the sequence of ATP production that is completely different, there is also an enzymatic aspect in which the naturally-produced enzymes between bacteria in the intestines and the pancreatic enzymes is suddenly curtailed. This sequence then leads to a variety of ways in which the energetics associated with the physical body pull back. They pull more into your consciousness. Sometimes, when this occurs, there can be a powerful connection with a higher facet of what you might call a sort of energy that is non-directed, that could be physical, that could be non-physical, that could work in one area or another. The person then recognizes this and draws that energy into the physical."

"You started to do this; you had some awareness of this, but it was difficult. There were blocks. You haven't completed that sequence. Some of this is conveyed by solar energy, so sun-gazing, to some extent, can be of some assistance to fully activate this."

"But sometimes, for the individual, finding their own way has a specific path which is, for you, that which you would then learn enough to teach it in the next life or in this life if there is sufficient time. You have to draw in the stakes here as very high. It must be at a highest level of, sort of, the prioritization in life that you do it. Otherwise, you will simply leave this life, and it will not be of that much importance. That is the very nature of that withdrawal of energy into the higher facets."

"Because of this, sort of, crossing point (on the graph), a trigger starts and a cascade reaction results. This ends up at some level with various different .... (mumble) ..... It's almost as if you took on a new life. You ended a sequence and began a new one, but you did it all within one body. The aspects that are important to the Soul have dramatically shifted. You needed to have that physical energy to do what you were doing at the time (when younger). You needed to have the ability to digest a variety of foods, to produce your own enzymes, to keep the ATP reactions at the highest possible metabolic level so the musculature would remain strong, and so on and so forth."

"But as soon as that need changed, as soon as that shift occurred (in consciousness), it did not cause the problem. It simply was the trigger. It said, 'Now it's time; let's switch in program number two'. And that program is the one that has more to do with the consciousness, with the awareness of the true nature of being, and not so much to do with the way in which you would help other people in that way in which it doesn't give them conscious awareness. It simply gives them palliative care. It simply lets their symptoms reduce." (I went from being a physician in Allopathic Medicine to a healer at all levels and teacher of higher consciousness. joc)

"Another way of looking at this has a lot to do with a completely different way of understanding. You might call this, in consciousness, a path of clarification versus consolation. Consolation isn't bad; it's a wonderful thing. It has properties of helping people to survive, to be in the world, but you asked, and this was the deeper trigger, 'Is that all? Is that what this is really about?'. And, of course, your Soul responded powerfully, 'No, it is about clarification'. And to truly help somebody, to truly heal them, there must be more than simply consolation, a simple way in which they feel better. And, of course, this had to be applied to your self. With integrity, with understanding, you would always do that for yourself that you would do with anyone else."

(I believe that Hilarion, in using the word, consolation, refers to my role as a medical physician and the relief of physical symptoms in patients by purely physical modalities and not going to the core of the causation of illness and disease, which derives from other levels of being. I gave help through "palliative" care. And I believe that His use of the word, clarification, refers to my role now of raising consciousness and awareness of others beyond the mundane and the illusion of the consensus reality and my facilitation of their healing at all levels of their being. joc)

"And so, this has charted out the path since then. Now, you could look at this at a purely physical level. And from such you would say that the enzyme stores ran out and that the body would now need to use raw foods to self digest, to build the bacteria in the intestines, to assist with the intestinal-to-brain connection. And in this way a 100% raw food diet that involved a wide variety of bacteria might be a helpful tool. And this could be done without the necessity of the conscious interaction, the body saying then, 'I will exist on my own, independently. I will simply be as a support structure for your consciousness'."

"This is not always the best solution. The Soul sometimes has a lesson to learn here in this trigger aspect, and that is, indeed, what has happened with you. What choice you will make with this is always up to you, but what is available is simply this. Over the last 25 or so years, you have been developing various aspects of consciousness, and if you choose, if you ask for it, if you welcome it at every level, a great deal of this can be transformed to a lower vibrational level to specifically focus on the cells of the body, re-vitalizing them, re-strengthening them."

"Ask, learn a little more of the biochemistry, and go deep into each of the mechanisms, each of the cells, and look for a block. Look for a place where a trigger might have shown up saying, 'Time to withdraw, time to change, time to come into a new life.', or whatever. And fill that part with energy. Don't try to correct it. Instead, simply give it the sense of the most powerful, complex, deep love that you can. 'I totally understand exactly why you did this, and I support and love you for it at every level' might be an expression that you would feel. And then you ask, 'What are you seeking from this?'. Find a way to give it as if the reaction, as if the cellular construct, as if the biochemical -- whatever -- is that which is requiring your assistance the same way you would heal a person or send a positive energy here or there or use something helpful in the world. You are doing it for these bio-mechanisms, these structures, these relationships, whatever."

"Each way in which you work with it, then, is a way in which more energy comes from the level of consciousness. This does not require food, herbs, specific physical of any kind. It is really a sort of transformation of the 25 years of learning about the non-physical into that which then becomes physical."

"We know this doesn't make a lot of sense because it isn't really taking place at the 3rd Dimensional Level. It is between the Higher Dimensional and the 3rd Dimensional, and you are capable of this. But, is it important; is it necessary? Would it be better at some point soon to just take a new body, to let that one go ......... 'well, I really like this used car; I'm very comfortable with it; I don't want to move up to something new with auto drive or rear-view mirror that is actually a recording camera, etc., etc.' It is as if at the Soul Level, these are the things that are being spoken, and the Soul laughs at you with this, saying that, of course, as soon as you are ready, you can hop into a new vehicle that will have all the new features. Does this help at all?"

JOC: "I just thought that I had a lot to do in this lifetime."

Hilarion: "Indeed, and, of course, you can accomplish more when you are in a physical body, but there is also a lot you can accomplish when you are not physical."

JOC: "Well, since we're on that, let me go on to my diet. Has my change in diet made any difference in my physical well-being? As You know, I'm taking in a lot of avocados and citrus fruit and salads and whole grain breads, raw honey and fruit and sprouts and olive oil and stuff like that. I don't feel any difference, but has the change in diet made any difference in Your opinion?"

Hilarion: "Mmmm minor. Perhaps you've improved some of these aspects by between 8 and 12, say about 10% average."

JOC: "About 10% improvement. Also, along that line, You've taught some decades ago -- and I know we can't discuss any other mediums or channels -- but You've taught that there's such a thing as Biological Transmutation on this planet and that all life-forms past the mineral stage have the capability of transmuting any of the elements that they take in into the elements that they require. And if we all have this capability of Biological Transmutation, then what's the big deal about enzymes? Why can't my body just make the enzymes that it needs?"

Hilarion: "Sure, and you did have the ability to do this in the past. Biological Transformation was fairly easy, and yet when the body says, 'Consciousness must move elsewhere; it must shift into this entirely different way of being.', it then is able to say, 'I am not any longer going to transform (transmute); I am going to take direct (from the milieu)'. So, you take the energy of the specific vitalizing forces, the cosmic energy, the earth energy, the solar energy in particular, and you transform these (into the body's energetic needs)."

"So, the Biological Transformation is not that of one physical substance into another physical substance but the underlying energetic milieu of all of it into physical substance. And this is what you are doing already at a minor level, and as you understand more of how to work with this, you can then accomplish it at a greater and greater level."

"At the same time, there is the awareness that some of this is always towards helping others, some aspect that teaches, that brings in some consciousness that is clearly about clarification not just consolation. In other words, that paradigm of consolation versus clarification is now also applied as it is to every thing in your life from this point forward."

"And so, what do you do? You then ask, 'Well, how could I turn this process into that of clarification not just consolation?'. And that is why, then, this is showing up for you as that which shows up in your own body, so you pay attention, so it is something you can teach to others, so it is something you truly understand, etc., etc., all the aspects associated with clarification."

"Now, what this means is that if you wanted to go backwards, to go back to an earlier time when you made these Biological Transformations, when enzymes were not very important (in the diet), when the aspects and so on of health as you understand them would be associated with this switch back to consolation, you are never going to do that without paying dearly. It is as if the consciousness would say, 'I must shut down; I must abandon; I must let go'. You see here that there is a fundamental issue about it, some way in which you would let go." (If I tried to revert to my former self to regain my health, vitality, and musculature, my body would shut down, and I would die. joc)

"There are aspects of this that are, indeed, associated with consolation and clarification issues for all of Humanity. The specific thought-form or belief might be conceived at the childlike level as: 'I must pay for love'. Now, of course, this can be taken in other context: 'pay for health, pay for aliveness, pay for being'. But, at its core, it is really 'pay for love', because that is how the child feels it, how the little baby recognizes that it must do things in order to get approval, move on in life, etc., etc."

"It is a Collective Consciousness (a Collective Thought-form of Humanity), and that is the other aspect here. Biological Transformation, though widely available, is not widely utilized, and that is because it is in the Collective Consciousness that you cannot do that, that people don't understand it or believe it or prove it or work with it or whatever or that you see it in the child. And then in the adult, something about very much being an adult means you don't do that anymore." (After a certain age, the beliefs of the adults in the culture take over and serve to block the capacity for Biological Transformation. joc)

"And the most clear example of this is in the teeth, that the child has the ability to grow new teeth, losing the juvenile teeth, bringing in the adult teeth. Yes, but why does it only take place once? Why can't this be done over and over? That is, true Biological Transformation at every level, not only with calcium and enzymes and the specifics associated with the teeth but with the consciousness associated with what they mean, which is the symbol of teeth: to chew up, to digest, to take in, to absorb. To learn something new the way a child does stops around the time in which the teeth now become the adult teeth."

"Oh yes, they continue learning new things. That's what college is all about, but the way you learn in college is not anything like the way you learned at 7 years old. And, indeed, the very aspects of this are associated with Biological Transformation. Look at the way it feels to transform things as a 7-year old versus your understanding of it: complex, with perhaps the understanding that comes from science or the learning about biology or the experiences of eating different foods or whatever. Ultimately, you do understand that there is a lot of choice in the matter and that the big shift is into the Collective Consciousness that says you can't do it. That happens as an adult. This is almost irresistable."

(Humankind has a Collective Consciousness, which is on the Mental Plane of Being and which is subconscous in nature. The ideas and beliefs and ideations of the various collectives of Humanity are fed into this Collective Consciousness as thought-forms, which grow in strength and power over time as they are re-inforced by the cultures of the Earth. There is a dis-belief in any such thing as Biological Transformation or Transmutation because the highest authorities of medical science and biology and biochemistry and physiology have never proven or demonstrated its existence. The collective disbelief of the phenomenon in all adults at the subconscious level prevents it from taking place. joc)

"And the child wants to be an adult, wants to grow up and learn these things. What a tremendous lesson you could teach if you were able to reverse this (physical condition which has led to emaciation). And in this way the Soul then asks, 'What is the fastest and easiest way to reverse this?'. And what you recognize was that you went to Source (The Source of the energy itself)."

"You don't go to change one food into another; you simply draw on the energy itself. After all, why buy food at all? Why grow it or work with it if the Energetic Source is that of, as We mentioned, the Cosmos, the Earth, the Sun? After all, then, you solve the problem of buying food that you know has something to do with a corruptible system, that associated with a multi-national corporation or slave labor or things that are only about profit and not about health at all. You skirt the entire issue when you release food and move directly to the Energy Source. Does this make sense?"

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