A Humanized Representation of Master Hilarion, Earth's Chohan of The Fifth Ray


This channeled Reading was given by Jon C. Fox of Nevada City, California. Since 1983 he has served as a mediumistic intermediary for the communications of That One in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy Who is known as Hilarion. For more about this Master Teacher, go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?" and "The Fifth Ray". As with all of The Ascended Masters, there is no longer any individuated consciousness, such as human personalities experience, but rather Hilarion is a Grand Gestalt of Consciousness or Group Mind upon a Higher Plane of Existence (Buddhic Plane).

When The High Initiates of The Great White Brotherhood choose to physically interact with Humanity, They manifest a physical form that resembles the body They occupied during Their last lifetime, during which They took the Ascension Initiation (5th Initiation), and this makes it easier for humans to think of Them as single Individuals, but each Master is much more than that. For Hilarion, that lifetime was as Saint Hilarion, the 4th Century Desert Father and renowned Miracle Worker. For simplicity sake and in acknowledgement of Master Djwhal Khul's manner of teaching about these Great Ones, I will refer to The Monadic Consciousness of Hilarion as a He.

He is now a 6th Degree Initiate and Chohan or Lord of the 5th Ray for Planet Earth (see "The Fifth Ray"). In that capacity, He is in charge of the evolutionary advancement of the human mind, not just the developement of the intellect (concrete mind) but, far beyond that, the developement of the abstract, higher mind that finds its origination in the Soul (Higher Self). Big H wields the energies of the 5th Ray to promote the perfection of the mental body for the Human Race. This One is also The Supervising Intelligence for all of the scientific and technological advancements of Mankind. The thought-forms originate with the 5th Ray Brotherhood in Earth's Hierarchy and are telepathically received by those innovators and scientists who have adequate receptive capability. Hilarion is also The Overlighting Benefactor for all of the Healing Arts known to Man and may be considered The Master Physician for Planet Earth.

This may be seen in the publications which utilized the revelatory teachings of Hilarion as brought through Jon: "Gemstone Elixirs & Vibrational Healing", "Flower Essences", "The Spiritual Properties of Herbs", "Starlight Elixirs". All healing modalities and systems are overseen and guided by This One, both Occidental and Oriental.

The Reading was conducted in Nevada City, California, on April 14th, 2016 and was considered a Remote Reading because there was no telephone contact with me. I submitted my questions by faxing them to Jon's house, and they were read by Jon's wife, Jill, who conducted the session. A digital recording on an MP3 file was made, and then it was made available later for my downloading, so that I could transcribe it word for word.

The speaking style through Jon was fairly rapid, and I laboriously took it all down in long-hand writing before typing it up in digital format. Hilarion seemed to go out of His way to avoid directly answering most of my questions and told me what He must have known that I needed to hear. There are cryptic passages and explorations into the abstruse, and sometimes I just didn't know what He was talking about. Some of the sentences can be convoluted and tortuous, and He has little concern with grammatical conventionality.

Ascended Masters have a much loftier viewpoint and an enlightened reason for everything that They do, and I suspect that the manner of wording the ideas was meant to make me pay closer attention, to read more slowly, to reflect more intently, and to incorporate my intuition into the process of understanding what He wanted to convey. I'm still working on some of it.

I offer this to my readers because there are ideas and there is information in this verbose communication from Hilarion that could be of benefit to others, and I honestly think that some particulars were intentionally given to be shared with other people. I don't think that these messages were solely for myself. I have divided the session into two parts in hopes that the reader won't succumb to a bleary-eyed daze from so much uninterrupted text. Underlinings, reverentially-emboldened font, and parenthetical explanations are my additions. This is what I was told.


Jon C. Fox: "In the name of Creator of Love, of Almighty God, of The Highest Christ, Babaji, Krishna, Mother Mary, our Friend Hilarion, Sathya Sai Baba, Paramahansa Yogananda, Highest Sages and Saints of all ages and all religions; I ask that Jill, James Oliver Cyr, and I and anyone else we might speak of or work with be fully protected on all levels at all times during this channeling. I ask to be made a clear, open, yet perfect channel, to channel only from The Highest Sources, only for the greatest good for all. I ask to channel from that Energy or Being or Vibration we call Hilarion, and I ask that the information given be clear, accurate, and precise. And lastly I ask that at the end of this channeling, all of us, including me, be left with no residue at all, more energetic, more healthy, more loving, and even more alive than when we began. Amen!" ......... (5 second pause) .............

Hilarion: "Yes, greetings. Yes, greetings, Jill. Yes, this is that Energy, Being, or Vibration you call Hilarion. Please begin."

Jill: "Today is April 14th, 2016. We are gathered in Nevada City, California, to do a Remote Reading for Doctor James Oliver Cyr of Flagstaff, Arizona. Doctor Jim was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on September 27th, 1944 at 4:36 a.m."

Hilarion: "Current location?"

Jill: "Flagstaff, Arizona."

Hilarion: "Yes, We have the contact. Yes, greetings, James. We remind you of a full-strengthening Emerald Light. We ask you to welcome it and for you, Jill, to imagine this Light filling the room. This creates a cylinder as it extends infinitely upwards and through you in the center of this cylinder. You might imagine it about 30 feet in diameter for purposes of protection and connection but also improved communication -- infinitely upwards, symbolizing connection with Highest Self, Guides, Helpers, but symbolizing also the physical/material. Then let us begin. Questions for today."

Jill: Question One: "Please elaborate on my relationship with You, Hilarion. I am informed that we may have spent many lifetimes together serving Humanity and helping others, and I'm informed that we are quite close."

Hilarion: "There are many aspects to this relationship which does, indeed, go back a long time, however it is important to note that there came a clear awareness within your consciousness that it would be necessary, in order to accomplish the things that you and many others, including Ourselves, saw as important, that some would need a path of regular physical incarnations, that such would often involve training and interaction with others: Guides, Helpers, Our Guides and Helpers, The Guides and Helpers of Our Guides, and so on."

"And in order for this to make itself work, in order for these energies to manifest, somebody on the ground, some aspect of the physical, of the material (would be needed). You and many others that elected to do this ran into the obstacles, some of which were predicted, those that related to the difficulties Humanity Itself was creating, as was its own nature, with the various issues, tendencies, proclivities, etcetera, that Humanity continues to manifest."

"As a result of this, it became more and more difficult, as we would come together again (in incarnation), to shift the vibrations adequately, so that you would come to a sense that, indeed, it would be best to incarnate again, that you had the greatest practice in this, that the opportunity to do it would be that which would give the most good and assist the most beings and energies. This was important to understand, because it is that which remains as the bridge, the sort of energetic connection that we have."

"It is not just about words, visions, Light, energy, healing. It is also about the sense of gratitude. The more that this can be allowed to flow through you, the true, deep, long-lasting gratitude of the non-physical Beings, of Our Energies (The White Brotherhood), of those Aspects that say to you to be here in the world, to manifest and work with that which is around you has taken a lot of courage, a lot of strength, a lot of love. (non-sensical sentence - joc) But most of all, it is that which simply is that which reminds you of beingness itself, and oftentimes this can be forgotten."

"To remind you of this is to remind you of where we began, of our earliest aspects of Atlantean training and interaction. Even our Lemurian lifetimes were the opportunity to make so many choices, to move in and out of bodies, to do things in so many different ways so much more fluidly, so much more easily." (Hilarion admits that our lifetimes together stretch back to the 3rd Root Race on the Motherland of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, millions of years ago. joc)

"When you recognize all of these energies, then sometimes in the letting go of this, in the place of just dropping into the energy of oneness with Our Own Energy, the sense of the Emerald Light comes again. Not anything to be done, not a task ahead, not an assignment, simply gratitude and acknowledgement for the manifestation in a body, the willingness to be here against all odds with whatever energies are thrown your way, to work with what is given, and so on. That is, perhaps, the best way to answer this. Does that help?"

Jill: "Yes, thank you." Question Two: "Please discuss my relationship with Kuthumi and The Great White Brotherhood of Planet Earth from Your lofty perspective."

Hilarion: "So many different aspects of this, but most can be pretty much categorized into two essential areas to understand. In one of these is that which was seen as so important for Humanity, yet so much of that which only a fraction of this could be manifested and that which was seen as so valuable, not just for Humanity but for the Group Consciousness of all the beings, manifested and unmanifested, the Guides, Helpers, as well as the incarnates and the ways in which all of these energies might ultimately manifest with something truly useful, not just to Humanity but to the rest of the beings who co-inhabit this galaxy."

"And in this way that which has, therefore, fallen short, been difficult to manifest, that which was seen as the greatest potential for Humanity, that which you have visualized and recognized in your dreams, that which you shared amongst the ideas of so many who are associated with what might be called the New Age, that which is the sort of wishful-thinking aspect of the true nature of The White Brotherhood."

"But these energies still exist as a vision, as a possibility. They have not been taken up by Humanity en masse. They are not the shared visions and reality because there are so many ways in which Humanity has clearly demonstrated that it must continue to move to various lessons that relate to some very basic ideas of brotherhood, of companionship and caring instead of war, power over others, and the opportunity to hurt or harm your self, your planet, and your fellow beings."

"This opportunity within Humanity to overcome this is that which is so deeply embedded in the whole sense of brotherhood, in the whole sense of upliftment, in all of these energies that could be manifested on so many levels. Kuthumi's understanding of this was not just to demonstrate this by actions, by various suggestions, but by healing and by Pure Energy and awakening of consciousness within the highest chakras of the individuals, so that they would see this vision as their reality."

"This has been exceptionally difficult. So many people who have been shown this turn away from it. They may see it as something temporary rather than the true nature of their being. And the result of this is that Humanity finds Itself over and over stuck in various problems and issues in which the clear way out, a way of connecting, of brotherhood, of helping each other, is abandoned. And instead, a war, a hurting, a power over others, some aspect of service to self (Dark Polarity) rather than service to others (Light Polarity) has been taken on."

"The result of this is that many of the helpful energies that Kuthumi can share have their primary action, the way they have made the greatest difference, in the vision not the manifestation of the vision. This is important to understand because it means that those who can write about it, who can hold it as something within their consciousness that can be shared with others and various aspects that could make this that sort of energy that might overlap or continue long past your life is that which is the true value in this relationship. In other words, not as much what is done in the world as what is envisioned for the world."

"Now this is a hard one, because the potential within Humanity to make a shift is powerful, and everyone who senses it, who is aware of Humanity's love, of the ways in which people have really done good for each other, can know this and see that it is just a hair-breadth away, a simple shift in consciousness, a different attitude, a different energy, but that is not what manifests. Instead, you see over and over how these energies in the world show as if somebody looking at Humanity anew would see that people really have very little in the way of positive regard for each other and, instead, are simply seemingly out for themselves."

"Unfortunately, this means that the vision, not being so widely taken in, is then isolated. It is put into a position in which those who come to it do so with some hesitation. They do not see this so well manifested in the world, and they see that those who cling to such a vision are in the minority, or those who at, perhaps, a more difficult level would be considered fringe. Or those who are not, then, primarily influencing politics, economics, science, the decisions of the day, even religions."

"And as a result of this, it is, therefore, moved to the place in which it is the preservation of this vision, the way in which many people can keep coming back to this through an attunement to the Violet Flame and an attunement to a beautiful, loving energy between each other and an attunement to the sense of this vision as that which can transform instantaneously, that sense of it being that which is, then, as much as possible to be preserved and understood." (The vision is that of universal brotherhood, inclusiveness, unifying synthesis, peace, understanding, love for all, and caring, respect, and kindness toward all life. A small minority hold the vision. joc)

"It has been observed over and over that when you feel this and know it and you are in a body (incarnate), it has a far deeper meaning to the Soul (Higher Self). It reaches far deeper into your consciousness. It is that which is far more likely an energy that can be shared rather than that which can be ignored, and as a result, those people, such as yourself, with an attunement to this energy would, then, be so much in the world working with exactly that principle, knowing it deeply, knowing that vision, sharing it with others most specifically, because then in the next incarnation it would be much easier to tap into than for those who are currently not incarnated, who are then understanding this from the position of non-physicality (on the Astral Planes between incarnations)."

"In other words, it is in the physicality of the vision itself that your greatest challenge, greatest training, greatest attunement, and many of these interchanging energies with KH (Kuthumi) continue." (Manifesting the vision I share with Kuthumi is the greatest challenge. joc)

"Kuthumi's Energy on many levels has a powerful influence over the whole planet (as World Teacher), sharing with people other possibilities, other ideas, but people must be given choice. They must have the opportunity to turn towards the Light or away from It." (All are given freedom of choice in this free-will evolutionary scheme, never violated by The Ascended Masters. joc)

"When other people on the planet, such as yourself, are also manifesting this energy, it turns out that it's very powerful in a way that no non-physical, even The Highest Ascended Master, can manifest in the world. You are as if an anchor point for this sort of energy, and this is tremendously helpful. There are such anchor points, of course, all over the planet, and they have their roles to play, and it can be very frustrating at times when you see the vision of what is possible for Humanity and yet not the actions taken by people in such a direction."

"As a result, this split can be that which weighs heavily on your consciousness. It is, therefore, likely that over the next few years, in your projections of consciousness, in your meditations, in your attunements to higher vibration, Kuthumi can assist with various healing modalities around this."

"Just remember the Beautiful Light, letting that penetrate deeply into every cell as if to say to you: 'Stay on Earth as long as you can but also feel and know this Healing Light and know that the vision you have seen for Humanity, though it is not unfolding now, is a true one, is the way in which Humanity can uplift, love, understand, and ascend'. Does this help?"

Jill: "Yes, very good, Hilarion". Question Three: "I would like to know what You can tell me about my physical body's progressive emaciation and what I may do to reverse it (generalized muscular atrophy). While discussing this, what can You tell me about the health of my body?"

Hilarion: "The overall pattern here is relatively simple to understand, difficult, however, to make a change. When patterns have been established for a long period of time, the body tends to move to a homeostasis, a way in which it can be in between, working with different energies in a holding pattern to do the best it can. The primary difficulty is that the density of this planet, the powerful energetics associated with the difficulty in manifesting a vision of your body into the full physicalization of that in your DNA has been made, then, so slow, so difficult by the incredible densification on this planet."

"This was foreseen. You saw the possibility of this. You knew that if you could just incarnate, that would be enough, but you saw that so much more would also be possible. This has been a very trying time for those with such awareness. It is a very simple matter to utilize emipirical information in order to solve this (the emaciation)."

"It is possible, of course, to continue with the vision to have this in the face of the empirical awareness. The simple understanding of what happens to most people under such situations would then simply classify this holding of the vision over the reality as wishful thinking." (My creative visualization and holding of the thought-form of my fully muscled body before the atrophy began would be more along the line of wishful thinking, considering the dense energies of the planet which stand in opposition to physically manifesting the vision by visualization alone. In other words, getting my body back solely by visualizing it isn't realistic. joc)

"In some ways there isn't anything wrong with wishful thinking. It allows the incorporation of that which might be a vision otherwise difficult to manifest more powerfully into the Soul, but there is suffering. There is the way in which the physical body, then, has to respond to this, and this can be, in a sense, that which tears you apart, the same sort of energy that takes you to a vision of the possibility and the same energy in conflict with recognizing what is actually happening in the physical body." (The internal conflict between the way it is and the way I want it to be could tear me apart as well as do further harm to my body. joc)

"So you then, in looking at this purely empirically, stepping away from these energetics associated with what you would want it to be (the vision), would examine those people in the world who have fared well, who have built up muscles and strength and energy and healing and, most importantly, detoxification in spite of the vision or the energetics associated with it, even in a state of fear about this or in a state of self-judgement about it and, of course, the ways in which regeneration takes place." (I should examine methods that have actually worked for people and not expect a visualized thought-form to do the job. joc)

"Regeneration, obviously, is what is needed here (for my body). And when you look into the world, you don't see very much that supports any vision of the principle of regeneration. There are those who would expound on such, who would imagine it, and a few are successful in the area that is in line with this vision (of physical regeneration), and that is in sun-gazing."

"Sun-gazing is that which has been examined and worked with by many individuals, and We see a relatively small success rate, but it is that which is possible. You can look it up as to all the particulars. The basic idea is that right at sunset, right at sunrise, you are gazing at the sun. You begin with a small time, such as 10 seconds and add 10 seconds each day, always, then, doing this right at sunset or right at sunrise. The reason for this is that it is safe at such times. Ultraviolet and infrared are limited, and the eyes are not harmed by this. And one can visualize and imagine a taking in of energy, and the energy can be quite valuable at a spiritual level, of course, but it can also be that which, via visualization, can energize, strengthen the muscles, improve the physical stature, etcetera, etcetera."

"We don't see a very high probability of success for this with you, but We mention it because it is that which is certainly an adjunct to anything else you do and that which could be helpful at many levels. As you build up each day, you can eventually get to the point where you are doing this for an hour twice a day, and this can be quite potent and powerful. If there is cloud, gaze into the same general direction. Imagine the energetic, but do not add 10 seconds. Simply hold the same level you were at previously (the same time period)."

"If there is, then, the opportunity to increase and work with these energies, you will find that you have many possibilities here, but for full regeneration, again looking at the probabilities, We see the greatest success with only one single likely scenario. And that simply is again looking at the empirical evidence. Who has been helped and who has not, regardless of the wishful thinking, what they thought of it, what other people thought of it, whether it seemed right, whether it seemed karmically appropriate, or whatever."

"And this would, of course, be the dietary patterns, living ideas, working with reduction of harmful energetics (toxins and pollutants), life-style changes, etcetera, all associated with the work of Vonderplanitz (spells it out) -- the first book: 'We Want To Live'. Reading it slowly would be a revelation, very helpful, that which you could do and be able to learn from it, but even if you do not take on any of the aspects within this book, you would still be able to see things differently, having a completely different approach to life." (Aajonus Vonderplanitz initiated and promoted the Primal Diet. Website link is: We Want To Live. joc)

"Now, We know this flies in the face of so many aspects of your training (as an allopathic physician), of what you have seen in the world, but it is based on sound principles. And when you examine it, you will see that so many other aspects in the world are not based on sound principles, are, indeed, based on assumptions which are incorrect. This is the problem. Without such a re-education, almost, you could say, a reprogramming, it'll be difficult for you to accept this information."

"The basic idea is that, by eating foods that are extremely high in enzymes, the body is finally able to break them (the food molecules) down, digest them, and use them at the highest, most valuable level for rebuilding the musculature and re-strengthening the organs."

"We see many potential difficulties in your body currently: liver, pancreas. These are both stressed, the spleen to some extent. So many aspects of brain, nervous system, eyes -- many of these are stressed. No, it is not to the level of your age. You, indeed, are quite young for your age, you might say, but this is insufficient. One, to regenerate, must have a great deal more of this energy, and that is where the Vonderplanitz approach has proven itself over and over. Those who are even more emaciated than you have, indeed, been able to put on weight, strength, musculature, energy, even, as the expression goes, buff out."

"The difficulty is your age and the way in which an accumulation of toxicity would make it difficult in the beginning to make the switch to the Vonderplanitz Principles, even if you are able to put aside all of your objections to them, all your rationalizations, all your judgements, all your pre-conceived ideas. Therefore, it might be helpful, when making such a transition, to alternate with days of relatively low food volume where relatively small amounts are taken , and then this giving the body a chance to sort of catch up, so to speak. This would not be likely to build energy and strength and regeneration very quickly, but at least it would reduce some of the toxification that would likely take place." (This refers to the release of toxins by the body itself. joc)

"One of the key factors here is that which does not appear in Vonderplanitz's second book ('The Recipe For Living Without Disease'), and this is something you can start right away. Obtain cheese that has never been heated. This is raw cheese that is unsalted. There are very few sources for this: those in Pennsylvania, Miller Farms for instance and others, all possibilities. Be sure that this cheese is, indeed, unsalted and raw. If you have any doubts, call the manufacturer; call the producer and ask them."

"Some cheeses are made with raw milk, but the cheese-making process heats the milk, so that is not a raw cheese. A small piece of this, the size of a sugar cube, is eaten on an empty stomach on waking and then several times during the day and then perhaps an hour or so before going to sleep. This is a very small thing you might think, but it is tremendously helpful toward detoxification, and the release of toxicity, as you move to a diet that is powerfully regenerative, is inevitable. And the cheese will help absorb some of these toxins."

"This is not mentioned in the books and is something that Vonderplanitz added more recently and is, therefore, that which you may also read about as you consult his website. Then, is this sufficient?"

Jill: "Yes, thank You." Question Four: "Would You kindly discuss my pre-incarnative purpose and plans for this incarnation and any mission that I may have agreed to on behalf of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy?"

Hilarion: "Because one of the important ideas was around self-discovery, the sense of who you are, the manifestation of an energetic felt on the 'Other Side', now physical, there are, therefore, ultimately some limits as to how much We can say about this. Another way to put it is , as part of your self-discovery We wouldn't want to take all the fun out of it."

"And so, in these limitations one can recognize that you came here with many ideas, many possibilities, but, in a sense, all of these were secondary. It was as if just to have the sense of being itself, being alive, being aware, being able to do something with that energy. That sort of aspect was very important. It meant that, in a place in which you are not thinking about it, figuring it out, doing anything at all, just in that place of being, so much was possible. There were so many different areas."

"One of the visions that you had was a continuation of the awareness and the energy associated with the time before you incarnated, that which is called the Intermissive Period by Doctor Waldo Vieira when he became more familiar with the Intermissive. Their group has extended and expanded greatly on your planet. IAC World is their Internet address (Link to IAC WORLD), and their larger intent is that which is in such powerful alignment with so many of the visions and ideas that you saw before you came here. But you may see some of this as inspiring and helpful yet in a more practical way than is ever always possible in the world."

"As you looked into the world and saw the possibilities, one of the energies you recognized was of healing, the way in which an Energetic from the 'Other Side' (a Higher Being on a Higher Level) wanted so much to heal. But why couldn't healing from the non-physical side be so easily manifested here at the physical? This is a very deep question that actually relates to Physics on the various levels. To call that Metaphysics would probably seem as if to put it more closely into the Realm of Religion, but calling it, perhaps, Extra Physics might be a little more accurate."

"But in the understanding of this, it became clear that an anchor point, somebody physical, would be necessary. And your ability to understand this has drawn you to this in so many ways. Healing at the Physical Level, however, with another person tends to involve an energetic that is, well, kind of complex, because non-physical Beings are playing an important part in this role of healing energy, distracting the person or helping them." (Ascended Masters work through suitable instruments for the healing of incarnate humans within karmic and free-will constraints. joc)

"And, in a similar way, the way that the energy manifests is that which can be very healing, powerful, and helpful to the Soul, and yet this energy does not manifest at the Physical Level to produce a reduction in the energies of the person that are difficult or an expansion of those that are regenerative. Sound familiar as an energy (example) for yourself?"

"And in this way you would recognize that the solution to this was something you experienced powerfully from the 'Other Side'. Yet simply to feel this here in the world, to discover it for yourself, to manifest it in some way that would be more concrete has eluded you. It is as if to say a tiny, little, extra step and that which simply formalizes this -- Vieira calls it 'Penta' in his book by this name ('Penta Manual'), which stands for Personal Energetic Task -- and it is simply a commitment where every day, whether someone has asked for a healing or not, whether you are connecting that energy to a particular person or not, wherever that energy is going you are simply making it available. You are saying at the Highest Vibrational Level, 'On this day, I make this commitment, and you can count on it'."

"And as a result, the physical energy provided by the anchoring energy, the aspect of you that is physical, is made available for the non-physical beings in greater and greater measure. A non-physical clinic is established (on the Astral Planes), and the benefit is that, in a healing that is taking place with a person, that energy is continued by the clinic. And they are then able to project their consciousness in sleep and go to that clinic (in the astral body) for even more healing and energies that could then be brought into their physicality when they are awake and so on."

"But, at the deeper level, it is important to understand here that it is an experience of exploration, that here in the world you are in this constant interplay between the physicals and the non-physicals. You are seeking to heal the physicals, to allow benefit for them, to bring energy into the world, to learn from them, but, at the same time, you understand so clearly at an energetic level about the non-physicals and the way in which those energies manifest on their own and the way in which those energies still require, at some level, this physical anchoring." (Because of free will, The Great Initiates of The White Brotherhood must work through incarnate humans to effect changes, and this includes healing. joc)

"In many ways, you could say that it is a research project and that it is not so much based on the doingness aspect as might be imagined for other research projects. That is important, of course, where you want to see, ultimately, a manifestation of something whereby you can say, 'this worked and this didn't', but there is also the way in which this is that energy which changes you, shifts your own nature. And again, it is most profound, most important, not at the level of doingness, not with the way in which something is manifested but in the way in which it is envisioned and the way in which you know it, in which you simply BE with that energy."

"Now, that means that the experience of being physical itself has many important characteristics, many beautiful things within it, and that explains in so many ways your attraction to Nature and the way in which you can be, then, powerfully connected to this energy so easily by observing Nature, by feeling her energy, by seeing and being touched by this in whichever way you may attune to it." (I have lived out in Nature full time for 25 years. joc)

"Still, though, at the Highest Vibrational Level there is a component missing. It's as if a greater connection to the souls (people) of the planet who would, indeed, need healing and have not found you have not been able to access or work with such an energy, and yet who desire to -- these have not been reached."

"As a result, there was a secondary plan within your consciousness before you incarnated. This had to do with bringing some of this information out in the world. Exactly how this will come will be up to you as that which is written, as that which is channeled, as that which is spoken, as that which is given in groups, as that which is shared in a video or a DVD. There are so many ways, and, indeed, at the current time it would seem as if all of these can overlap, and this is also a very beautiful thing, a way in which you could construct it exactly the way that you want it." (Refer to the teachings on my website. joc)

"It could be in Nature. It could be in a way in which people are reminded by the environment around you of this beautiful energy that they can touch themselves. Whatever way in which this energy comes forth, it is that which would seem to be very important, so that those who would otherwise not have been touched by it or reached by it or know about it might be able to bring this forth."

"We see that this is especially important with the children. Many of those who are being born today are those who are going to suffer, particularly as a result of the powerful energetics associated with money in the pharmaceutical and drug-based medical system that is sweeping across the planet with greater and greater intensity. And this can produce a lot of difficulty, although there can be better understanding about this and shifts with various ways of learning about it through diet, through other people who are helping, etcetera. This other side to it, the consciousness aspect, the side that has to do with the Pure Light of Being Itself is that which many of these are going to seek out and be pushed to do so because of their disappointment in the more physicalized systems."

"After all, so much of the medical model is based upon the idea of a mechanical rather than a spiritual basis for life itself. It is important, though, as you understand and work with these energies, that your own opinion about it somehow be shared with people through your own voice, through the way in which you share, through the way in which the energies move through you and touch in a way that would not otherwise be available to them."

"And the flip side of this: if you imagine that you are denying this, that you are not allowing this energy out, those who would suffer, who would miss this, who would be here in many ways to be inspired by this, they would certainly, then, be at a loss."

"Therefore, do not restrict yourself. How you channel this, how you share it, how you bring it out, let others as necessary make suggestions. Play with it; enjoy it; let the energy move. Anytime it feels stuck and you have a difficult way of knowing what to do next, let it go and go to a place of movement within Nature, a simple Qi Gong move, a simple sharing of the turning of the hands or a slight movement of the neck or a bending at the waist, any way in which you are able simply to let that energy go and then receive Nature's touching of you in this way, a beautiful sort of movement to clear and allow more energy through." (Qi Gong, pronounced Chi Gung, has to do with the movement of life-force energy through the meridians and chakra system of the Aetheric Body. See "The Aetheric Body". joc)

"This would seem to be a little more important now as you move through this place (phase) in your life, and it is easy to see why. As you imagine that you are leaving this life, if you are whatever age, say a natural age for a human being, 147, and looking back on your life -- that is, after all, 7 times your maturation of 21 -- and then you are looking back on your life and looking at what you did, what you missed, what you might have done differently, and so on. This aspect of sharing about your self and others who would really need to hear this would certainly ............... (indecipherable mumble). Does this help?" (Hilarion is emphasizing that I continue doing what I came into this life to do: healing and teaching. joc)

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