This Telephone Reading took place on December 12th of 2018 and lasted for one hour and eight minutes. It was a communicative exchange with one of The Ascended Masters called Hilarion and was conducted through Jon C. Fox of Nevada City, California. I have described the process in the 4 previous Readings and do not wish to burden the reader with the tedium of more redundancy. This is a word for word transcription of the MP3 recording that was made, and nothing was withheld or altered. Any underlinings are either words emphasized by Hilarion or topical matters under discussion that I chose to highlight.

These Readings are being shared because of the value that the information may have for other people, which is ever the intent of Hilarion when expanding upon His ideas. Remember the Level that it comes from: Those Who Know, Those Who oversee the evolutionary progress of the Human Race. In this particular Reading revelations are brought forth which cannot be found anywhere else and, because of the focus of my questioning, there are two areas of the human experience that were brought into greater light: the human diet and the use of the aetheric body in gaining greater health and vitality. The Raw Diet is supported by Hilarion, and such energetic tools as Sungazing, Qi Gong, Visualization, and Vibrational Remedies are discussed. I hope you find the information useful in your own life.


Hilarion: "Yes, greetings. Yes, is this James?"

JOC: "Yes it is."

Hilarion: "Greetings. This is that Energy, Being, or Vibration you call Hilarion. We would like to make deeper contact. What is your location as best as you can determine?"

JOC: "Okay, I'm approximately 4 and one-half miles northeast of Quartzsite, Arizona on the road called Sunkist Trail, and I'm about a half mile south of that Sunkist Trail out in the desert."

Hilarion: "Yes, We have the contact. We remind you of a helpful Emerald Light. See it filling the entire space around you and then narrowing down so that it's about 30 feet in diameter cylinder, for purposes of protection and deeper connection. Very good, then. Let us proceed. Do you have a few questions for today?"

JOC: "Well, thank You, Hilarion. I'd like to make a statement first. First of all, I want to say that I'm appreciative of all the advice and guidance that You've provided to me in these Sessions through Your instrument, Jon Fox. And I've made these things available for the benefit of others on my website called Kuthumi's Hands. As You likely know, You are reaching many others in the things that You tell me, and that is my intention."

"Today, I want to focus down intensely upon my physical body, because I want more than anything to bring it back to strength, health, and former vitality. I want my greatly atrophied musculature to return, and I want my vital energy to be adequate to the task of all I came to do."

"Jim, the incarnate personality, has come much too far in this life, against astronomical odds, to lay it all down and slip away from this body when his greater mission is only beginning. The idea is abhorrent because so many lives went into the training for this particular one, and I don't consider failure to be a viable option."

"I want the help of The Great White Lodge in restoring my emaciated body so that I may more energetically and successfully help Them by fulfilling my pre-incarnative intentions in assisting the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara."

"This is my motive as I reach out to You for help in improving my physical condition. I'm asking You to give me a program for the restoration of my physical health, strength, endurance, and vitality. And I ask for the enumerated particulars to be given in common-sense, down-to-earth, easily-understandable language. I ask for details in frequency and amounts and periodicity and just whatever I would need to know to make the program successful."

"From what You've said, it is my understanding that my body underwent, at the genetic level, some profound bio-chemical shift at the time of my consciousness-awakening and consciousness-expansion and that this bio-chemical re-orientation affected the production and utilization of the ATP molecules in all the cells, most especially the muscle cells. At the same time, the production of digestive enzymes in the gut was greatly curtailed, thus necessitating a change in diet to increase the intake of enzymes and bacteria for the microbiome. So, diet is an important part of the regimen unless and until I can learn to receive my energy requirements from the Grand Milieu, the Earth, the Sun, and the Cosmos."

"I've struggled with the Vonderplanitz Raw Diet. I live in a van without the space of a kitchen with cabinets and shelves and utensils and running water and fridge and electricity and storage. I can't chew raw meat because of the condition of my poorly-repaired teeth and the unpleasant taste, and I can't believe that You dismiss the karma of killing innocent animals for their flesh. I can't get raw butter in any of the places I travel and camp and live, not even in Arizona which legalizes raw dairy products, and the FDA prohibits shipping of raw dairy across state lines. Organic foods are so expensive that I can only buy a few items, and most of the time it's poorly-available in the places I go. Raw eggs are pretty hard to swallow."

"I would love You to give me a diet which is the next best alternative, considering my circumstances, and I would like to know of supplements that would be helpful for me, such as amino acids and protein and enzymes and vitamins and minerals and bacteria. Does all the pasteurized yogurt I'm eating contribute to atherosclerosis? I realize that diet is only part of this restorative process, so I would like to know what other tools and techniques and aids that would be helpful to the whole program of getting back my body."

"Give me a list of do's and don'ts, and then tell me how to transition from the eating of food to receiving my energy needs from the Energy Milieu. I would need to know more specifics about Sungazing and certain Qi Gong Movements and Exercises and perhaps Pranayama and whatever can help my body to adapt to its bio-chemical program without losing anymore muscle mass or degenerating further. In fact, I want the program to build muscle tissue and strength. Given my obstacles, what do I have to do to bring my body back and set on a course toward energy reception from the sun, the stars, and the galaxy?"

"I hope this isn't too much to ask of our Chohan of the 5th Ray and Overseer of all the Healing Arts on Planet Earth to do in such a short period of time. If it's feasible, I will have other related questions to ask. What can You teach me today, Hilarion?"

Hilarion: "The primary issue, as We perceive it, is similar to that which faces many others who are working along various spiritual lines to understand or improve or shift, and this must, by its nature, require some degree of enhanced sensitivity and awareness of something greater than yourself. It is very difficult to make that awareness somehow tune into only this and not that. And this is extremely difficult because the limiting factors about this will, of course, limit your own spiritual growth, your own deeper understanding. And where you would have some reflection or understanding of the human condition, something that would truly be helpful to others, it is obvious that you must have this greater sensitivity to the entire world, to other beings, to the population in general, etcetera."

"Now, look at the energetics with the Collective Consciousness, opinions of others, understanding from the medical community -- the list goes on and on -- with regards to any typical human at 74-years old. What you pop in with is all kinds of energies about degeneration, about the way things are supposed to be, about the various medical intervention methods, and so on and so forth." (He's referring to the dominant collective beliefs about aging and how strongly those impact us at the subconscious level. joc)

"This makes it incredibly difficult to manifest the changes that you would require, which must, of course, circumvent the physical body in its direct ability to be nourished and circumvent those collective consciousness energies that relate to the typical aspects of a person at your age."

"This presents a path and a realm of possibility, but it is one in which there is, ultimately, from this some learning, some capacity in which you make progress or success. Even though it may not be as complete as you would like, it still takes you in the right direction and, therefore, is something that is applicable to others. Many people are aware of many different methods of meditation or increasing their own higher vibrational energy but have little understanding of how this could affect the physical body. So obviously here, you have some applications that would be useful to others." (My lessons and struggles with the physical form may be helpful to other people. joc)

"Beyond this, though, there is little reason to hang around. You have created for yourself an impossible situation in the sense that the normal aspects of the physical body require those capacities that are going to be best absorbed, best utilized, best manifested and, therefore, rebuild and re-strengthen. At the same time, you then have a whole list of reasons why you can't do this or won't do it or would have all of the possibilities involved to show you why it should not be done."

"At its core, We do not disagree with this. And, in fact, We agree totally. In the ideal situation, you would be able to tune into a vibration that is essentially beyond that of the human condition and be able to move that energy directly into the musculature, into the digestive system, into the bones and be able to use this in ways that would then ultimately, of course, be so helpful to other people." (This refers to receiving one's physical energy requirements directly from the Energy Milieu. joc)

"The problem is that such requires not only a little bit of modeling, as We've mentioned the difficulty around this, but also it takes some degree of practice. In other words, this is often going to be easier for those who are younger. And you might think that this is because of a condition that has been long-standing, but it is not. It is simply because they have not worked with these energies and come to it afresh." (Younger humans aren't as heavily influenced by the collective beliefs and disbeliefs as the older ones. joc)

"So, you come to this as if you've never done it before, as if you are awakening to a child-like aspect, tuning into the Collective Consciousness as if you are nurturing a child, bringing this energy in with a sense of joy, with a sense of awakening, with a sense that it is somehow connected to a vibration that is higher than that of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, which would say that for this age (mid-70's) it is time to give it up."

"You will see, of course, many individuals at this age in nursing homes, in situations where they are being taken care of by the geriatric orientation of Science and Medicine and that, when you look ahead 10, 15, 20 years, you naturally see this amplified."

"So, as it shows up, the natural tendency would be to resist it, and instead We are suggesting that, in some way, you allow forgiveness, meaning free passage through your being, through your consciousness, through your awareness, through your mind of any of the ideas that relate to how society, how Medicine, how diet would normally be working with an individual of your age. And as you let this pass freely through, you recognize that there is another vibration, perhaps a little quieter, perhaps more subtle, indicating that it is of a higher vibration."

"It is very much about an attunement to an energetic that is like that which nurtures and manifests a child, the energy that comes in of joy, of simply being, of gazing at the things of beauty all around you, the awareness of the love that you feel when you talk to another person or gaze upon the stars or planets or, in any way, are able to receive and know something far beyond the human condition. Without this, it does seem that you would be, then, not only confounded by the aspects at the physical, at what's happening with your body, but by these powerful thoughts of consciousness that say you can't or it mustn't or do this or do that." (The collective beliefs and norms and expectations of Humanity have to be transcended because they are false and limiting. joc)

"In so doing, this can, at times, present you with more energy, and this attunement to that energy and the ability to bring it into the body is not that which you have easy models for, but they are there. There are ways in which you can visualize a beautiful, healthful, radiant being. See this as a brother of your's, as a friend, who is radiating from his heart to your's. See that there is a nurturing earth energy associated with Earth Mother. You might think of Her with the name, El Shaddai, the Many-Breasted One, and her beautiful, nurturing energy pours into you. The sense that this is like the milk of a human, but this is radiant and powerful, and as you drink it in with each breath, it goes where it is needed in the physical."

"To answer you in the specific, with regards to some of the areas you mentioned, there are many dangers and difficulties with milk that has been heated past about 120 degrees Fahrenheit or so. This includes, therefore, all pasteurized milk and dairy products. These create all kinds of degeneration and difficulty and require that, when other dairy (raw) is taken, this be cleaned out before the dairy can actually build and help."

"There are coconut yogurts. It is possible to make these on your own or purchase them, and they are, in some cases, not pasteurized because there is no need, as the pasteurization requirements and regulations apply to milk from cows and goats. So, that would be one possible avenue to explore, but the complete avoidance of pasteurized dairy is necessary. It just creates too much havoc in the body."

"In the worst case, it changes intercellular communication. This affects how the mitochondria is communicating with the nucleus and, as a result, how cells communicate with each other. And this is disruptive on many levels and will produce all kinds of issues eventually. This is true for most individuals. Some people may think that they're doing fine with pasteurized dairy, only to find that over a longer period of time there are eventual problems."

"We use this as a jumping off point because of the aspects that must reflect what happens over long periods of time. This can be as little as 5 years in your case, and we must be looking at this because, otherwise, there are just too many karmic issues. Specifically, therefore, with supplements (vitamins/minerals), with amino acids, with the use of various short-cuts, there are inevitably these big problems that pop up. Amino acids, currently, are extremely difficult for the body to handle because of the various compounds (such as benzene) that are coming in with them: compounds used to clean the bins, used in the manufacturing process, many things that build up in the body and create all kinds of problems." (Dietary supplements are contaminated with toxic chemicals. joc)

"At the same time, though, you are quite correct when you look at the karmic issues involved in eating flesh. Flesh is simply that which is going to build because of what it is. You use muscle to build muscle. You see the simplicity of this. But obviously, where there is a karmic repercussion, there must be some rebalancing that takes place. And if you cannot see your way through to this, then you do the next best thing, and you work with the foods that can be most easily converted. Foods must always be that which are not excessively dense. This is why, at the core level, even the very best of supplements create all kinds of havoc because they are so dense (too concentrated). Only a portion is absorbed, and the rest must somehow be excreted, putting a tremendous load on the lymphatic system."

"This has not been a big problem for you yet because you get enough exercise and enough movement, but it could potentially be a big disaster waiting to happen. That is why, in addition to the karmic issues, one must be cautious with regards to drugs, various supplements, various routines where the lymphatic system is going to be over-stressed."

"Therefore, it is important to recognize certain foods that keep showing up as beneficial. You see avocado, orange, and the combination of these as so helpful. Where milk (raw) can be obtained, and there are many sources of these -- you might, for instance, contact Dr. Paul Sweeney in Phoenix -- there are so many different ways in which you can work with the dairy products. These would always be introduced at room temperature and in very small quantity initially, and then as this is built up, you can have a greater and greater tolerance. These will have both cleansing and building effects." (Raw dairy products detoxify as well as regenerate tissue. joc)

"Coconut shows itself, in so many different ways, as beneficial, but, because of its high fiber content, wherever fiber is reduced, there is greater absorbability and benefit. Thus, coconut cream that is made in a juicer can have much nourishing capability to the cells, but it will also be quite cleansing. And so, again here looking at the balance, you see that it is about half and half (50% cleansing and 50% building); whereas the butter from a cow, when unsalted, can be far better and, indeed, have a ratio of about 80/20, with the 80% being the building (and 20% being the cleansing)."

"Avoiding cleansing (detoxifying) entirely is not good. Cleansing is necessary, but, at the same time, one must balance this so that the cleansing that is done is done sufficiently consciously, with a degree of deliberate movement, deliberate action of the lymphatic system. For instance, Qi Gong Moves that include the visualization of that which is moving out from you, as typical 'Cow Turns Its Head', where you are, then, throwing the energies you no longer need to the left or to the right. The various sequences that involve the animals, tiger and lion, are both very helpful because they often involve this release or movement away (from the body). That which is no longer needed is easily released. These are not particularly stressful to the body but are often those which enable this easy pattern to be established."

"Always with Qi Gong, one deliberately attunes to an energy that is present in the analog. So, if you are doing Hand Qi Gong, energy movements with the arm or whatever that do tend to affect the hand in any way, you then immediately think of or visualize or attune to your feet, so that you are re-creating or manifesting a similar process purely in imagination, even though the feet may not move at all, just because of the visualization of the energy itself."

"This brings Us to the most potent and powerful potential that you have. Much of the ability to work with energy is dependent on the aetheric body. The aetheric body is the subtle energy (field) that has a unique capability by comparison to any of the other subtle bodies (astral, mental). It is able to transfer, in vibration, between all of the higher subtle energies, all of the subtle bodies, and the physical. This means that, if you have the capacity to increase energy in the aetheric (body), there is a greater probability that it will be available at the physical. This is, indeed, a probability and must be mentioned as such, because here you see the tremendous potential influence of the Collective Thoughtform that says you can't do this or that for your age; you should be doing something else or whatever." (Link to "The Aetheric Body".)

"So, as you are deliberately looking at this, you take every energy that works at the non-physical level, every meditation, every attunement, every higher-vibrational connection, every awareness of your Brothers and Sisters at the higher vibrational level sending you energy, etcetera, etcetera, and visualize this deliberately strengthening the aetheric body, what usually can be visualized as a brightening. But it can also be an intensification by sound. It can be as if by a gentle breeze as you visualize it touching the skin in a kinaesthetic sort of visualization."

"The key is simply that you are regularly bringing energy into the aetheric (body) with the deliberate intent of it slowly but persistently infusing itself into the physical. The aetheric energies, incidentally, are always assisted by those foods that have a lot of vitality within them, and as soon as you start to cook, fractionate, process, or distill, that life energy goes out -- even, to some extent, storage (of food). So, the ideal situation would be that you pick it. You find the cactus and have a little bit of its flesh. If the animal karma issue was not of great concern to you, then you kill the animal that you find in the wild and devour it immediately."

"This brings vital life force, at the aetheric level, into the physical, not just the energy that relates to the high levels of enzymes, the benefits of the freshness, the extra vitality from the vitamins, etcetera, etcetera. This is not entirely a physical phenomenon. Noting that, of course then, We have a whole range of different things that boost aetheric energy, and you create these on your own and work with them any way you wish."

"What We have encouraged, through Jon over the years, is the developement of inert gas technology, in particular the inert gas, Xenon, as so helpful and strengthening to the physical body. In particular, the combination that includes Neon might be valuable. Pegasus (Products) has this as the Vitality Pendant, and this is simply the inert gas with a magnet immersed within it, so it is continuously putting out energy. That's a start." (Link to Pegasus Products.)

"But aetheric energy has so many different ways in which it can be utilized. For instance, moving water tends to create not only ions (negative) and various things of a psychological nature but aetheric energy itself. Being near moving water, being near a stream, a waterfall, something in which you can have such a sort of feeling of that energy, even if it is just the sound, is somewhat helpful at strengthening aetheric energy."

"Where you are connecting to the Earth Herself with the bare feet touching the Earth, you share the aetheric body of Earth with your own physical body. Anyway in which you are continuously looking at this intermediary, the aetheric body as the intermediary, between various vibrational levels and that of the physical." (The aetheric body is the receiver and repository and transmitter of all energies from higher levels into the dense physical body. joc)

"Indeed, this can at times even produce some cleansing or clearing when, in your dream or your visualization or your meditation, an obstacle that might show up in the aetheric pops in for you. Sometimes this can be seen simply as a blob of subtle dark energy somewhere near the physical, but sometimes it can be a memory or a specific issue that you wish to clear. But in any way in which you are, then, repeatedly looking at the aetheric (body) as the stepping-stone or doorway or connection, there can be so much benefit in looking and working with this regularly."

"Oftentimes, as people are able to experience this, they will have some of their own thoughts on this, and that is fine. It is good to explore these. The very act of walking slowly, while you are visualizing energy moving through you, has inherent benefit with strengthening and working with aetheric energy. Oftentimes, the ways in which these things move shift and change with your own consciousness. And, again here, this is not the vibrational level that is inherently going to be either higher or lower. It is an intermediary. So, it only makes sense, then, to use the higher vibrational energies, those beyond human consciousness, to bring various aspects right down here into the physical by moving through this aetheric energy intermediary (the vital or aetheric body)."

"Now, you mentioned Sungazing. Here is a perfect example. Many people who do this find that, though it is relaxing, they are unable to transform that energy into something that is truly beneficial and helpful to their physical body. Or, at best, they're able to do it to the sense and awareness of a sustaining but not a regeneration, not a re-creating or re-strengthening of the muscles."

"So, how to do this not only focuses on the Sungazing. There's a lot of information about that. For instance, you gaze at the sun right around the time of sunrise and sunset. This is a good time because there is very little damaging ultraviolet (light) from the sun at such times, and opening the eyes in a relaxed way is very easy. One typically begins with a short period and builds up longer and longer, and there are many recommendations for this that people have given over the years."

"But We would also always add to this that there is this visualization of a sort of coating all around the body. Perhaps it is seen as just an inch or two thick. That is 20, perhaps 50, millimeters thick, and as this continuously coats the body, this aetheric coating now shifts in color. It moves from whatever color might be associated with the Earth (earth tones) to a lighter and lighter color until it is one to blend with the sunlight energy. And the sunlight energy is, in itself then, able to create all kinds of helpful, beautiful vibrations and energies, as if the aetheric energy is dancing or enjoying or somehow bringing into consciousness so many of these things that are of joy and a sort of life force that naturally, then, moves into the physical."

"Over and over, as you work with any of the subtle bodies, you come to some aspect that must be transformed by the aetheric (body) in order for it to be that which is natural and physical, be it as an emotional energy or a new mental energy or an astral travel where you are learning or gaining understanding. But whatever process is used in working with this, this opportunity to transform that energy into something physical is necessary."

"At the microscopic level, each cell presents its own aetheric body. These combine and merge so that the energies are shared. But in this way you can recognize the nurturing and benefit to every cell in the body." (Great emphasis is laid upon the use of the aetheric body, the vital body, for the transmission of vital energies to sustain health or effect change in the dense physical body. joc)

"Beyond this We are going to have many difficulties because the usual techniques that We would suggest -- because they have proven themselves successful when all other methods have failed or when various aspects for the individual need to be confronted and shifted -- are those which you have already discounted, those which you have already said you cannot do for this reason or that reason or the other reason."

"Oftentimes, the underlying causes of these difficulties are not what you think. For instance, the taste and difficulty that many people have with raw meat is relatively easy to correct by a period of a few days of eating raw pineapple. One does not want to do this to the point of soreness in the mouth or skin but to the point of having the pineapple gradually shift the taste for most individuals as the bromaline enzymes are able to create changes in the body. And then they find that the raw meat is much more tolerable."

"Chewing of the meat is unnecessary. The body will digest it fine if it is not chewed, but one can obtain meat that has been ground already, so that there is little chewing necessary, even for those who are quite used to chewing. And these solutions go on and on. Vonderplanitz used them regularly in his classes, and many of them are written about on the website: We Want 2 Live dot com. And this information is widely available for anyone who wants to use it." (Link to We Want 2 Live.)

"But, if your objections to all of these things keep standing in your way, We have no way to make suggestions that would be helpful, other than this deeper idea of utilizing energy in a transformative way. And this will, of course, involve the aetheric body as We stated. It is important in understanding this to always ask, 'What's right about this?'. And this is a very beautiful thing."

"You see, eventually on your planet, just going in the way of evolution, looking at other planets and other beings, the use of this direct assimilation, energy moving directly into the cells without the intermediary of food at all, this just seems highly likely. And it is probably the path that Humanity will go, because it works and because it's simple and because it does not engender the karmic difficulties (of eating flesh). The list goes on and on as to why this is helpful."

"Is Humanity ready for this? Is this the time for it? These are not questions that can easily be answered. But clearly, as you are in an opportunity to work with this, you may be a pioneer or wayshower or someone who assists others as they also go down this path. The problem with this is that you are doing it as if you are being forced, as if you must, as if you will die if you don't. And this puts a great deal of stress and strain (on the body) and pulls your attention down from those higher vibrations back into the Consensus Reality, back into the energies that are related to what people think death is, what people think and feel about the relationship between the dimensions. This is unfortunate but is the situation you'll find yourself in."

"As a result, it seems more likely that, over time, you will make some progress in this direction and, at some point, you will simply decide that it's time to leave this body to get a new one, to use the body in some way in which it would be helpful and so on. And if you approach such a time with fear, with the idea that, 'I must stay around in order to do this or that.', meaning something that is forced or suggested by others, all of these things tend to lower vibration and push you into a place where ....................... Again, you are more receptive to this Collective Consciousness that says that you're going to degenerate or have problems or must follow this path or that."

"Instead, by having the acceptance of the idea that you can easily pass from this world and that you will raise vibration in order to strengthen the body so that it will do so in its own time when things are perfectly ready and not a moment before that, it is possible to thread a sort of narrow path where the physical is engaged, the physical is part of what you're doing. But, at the same time, the source of the energy, the non-physical level, is that which you are able to better receive, know, honor, treasure. And, most importantly, when it comes to the underlying reason this is successful, it is an energy that is shared, and other people know about it and are able to use it." (Sharing my findings and successes in the direct utilization of life-force energies from the Grand Milieu will enhance the chances for success. joc)

"The interesting thing about this is that, when you go to such a level and begin to look at it, you recognize that there is one more ally. This is one that is very interesting to examine and look at and, again, that which is applicable to all. And it has to do with the idea that non-physical beings are able to assist. Oftentimes, they have intelligence and awareness of how to transform energy from one vibrational level to the other. They cannot bring the energy right into the physical because they are not physical, but they can assist your aetheric body and aetheric energy transfer from many levels and, in so doing, assist this process by which you continue on your own, a sort of priming of the pump."

"In this regard, because you have been looking at this for a long time and because you have had an interest in this for awhile and because it can be helpful to others, a Guide Being has presented Himself that may be able to assist. We're going to call Him Tao, because that's what you called Him when you knew Him as a child in Ancient China. Tao has the opportunity to show you about energy in ways that you, perhaps, have not seen it before."

"And as you are able to simply open to new ideas about this, work with them, you will see a Being in constant movement, almost like a beautiful dance, the hands in various swirling and circular patterns, the feet moving in the beautiful way you might imagine various Qi Gong or different forms of exercise or various Martial Arts Movements. These are not directed in the usual way of martial arts for defense or harm, but they are utilized for the production of spiral energies, swirling circles, energies that over and over represent the vortexual capacity of the aetheric body. And these swirling energies inevitably concentrate. As they swirl in, they move that energy deeper and deeper into the aetheric (body), and then you consciously move this into the physical: cell by cell, organ by organ, system by system."

"At some point, something is in the way, some energy that must be released, some detoxification. Similarly then, you see this spiraling outward, moving from the physical through the aetheric. Then, as if simply lifted by the swirling actions, Tao assists by moving these energies into a place of dispersion and release to the Sun, release to the Earth, release to the atmosphere."

"The idea here is that a Teacher, somebody who can share, who has assisted in various ways, is something you are familiar with. But, at the same time, you know the danger of this: overdependence, utilization of this to the exclusion of your own intuition, and so on and so forth. So, Tao's energy is to love but always, at some point, to step back, to let that energy simply move on its own and remind you of your own capacities in this regard and encourage you to look deeper and understand these things for yourself."

"You mentioned frequency, and that's a little trickier, because sometimes when you find something that is helpful and beneficial, there is a place where you must stop as if you go to 80%. You go to a place where you are filled, but you are not going to overdo it. And that is not something that usually can be determined from the outside but is that which is felt as instinctual, and the key here is, as always, that you are using your own intuition to go to the level by which you are receiving it, you are with it, and then it transforms. The physical action stops, and that at a non-physical, a higher vibrational level, continues."

"This can happen, sometimes, with a single bite of food or can be something that takes an entire meal, but it is important that it be that which you are paying close attention to at every level. You'll find the digestive system, speaking of such matters, of course. But, what becomes interesting here is this inter-relationship We see with Guides, Teachers, Helpers, and Others with regards to the hands. The sense of the palm energy being that which is lighter or heavier can sometimes be a gentle guide for you. You have used your hands for healing and assisting and attunement and connection, but, in all those cases, you're actually not using your hands. They are a symbol."

"So, again here, you use the hands as symbols for movement and a sense of this energy. Sometimes it will be slowing down, so that the foods that you are eating are well-absorbed. Sometimes it will be giving a break for a few minutes while those things are, then, taken inside deeper."

"In the obvious situation by the simple build-up of muscle, it has been seen over and over that the simple recommendations described by Vonderplanitz in the daily eating schedule on pages 40 and 41 of 'Recipe For Living Without Disease' are profound, powerful, and would work for you just as well as for most people. But, when you look at the frequency of the eating schedule, you would find it to be excessive, that you are eating a lot using that. And so, one, of course, simply cuts down the portions. But in this way the enzymes are constantly present and constantly in a state of assistance and building."

"Indeed, for most people, this would be the obvious way to go. Because you have objections to this and you have presented some difficulties, We are, of course then, perplexed as to how to make a suggestion since this is not just a diet. It is an acknowledgement of the diet of your ancestors, of the energies for which you are pre-programmed, for the energies within your DNA structure."

"Now this, of course, brings up: 'Well, why not change the DNA structures?'. And that's really done by the influence of the aetheric body, by this attunement to the higher vibrations, by the body's natural ability to shift its own energies so it is better able to absorb directly (from the Milieu) rather than changing its DNA so that it will absorb cooked foods, for instance, or processed foods, for instance. And the reason for this is very simple. Because of their vibrations, it would only lower your's. And this is ultimately quite counter-productive, as you can easily see."

"Now, We have gone on and on with this to try to give you an overview and try to address some of your concerns directly. Your list of these aspects is, of course, beyond what We could possibly speak of, but We hope We have been of some help here and have given some detail and some suggestions that can be put into action. Does this help at all?"

JOC: "Well ..................... yes. I will have to review in detail and at length all that You've said. And I had no idea of the timing on this ................ "

Hilarion: "There is sufficient energy for more questions if you wish."

JOC: "What I was hoping, Hilarion, is that ............ I had a few other questions, and I was hoping that maybe I could just get some brief answers."

Hilarion: "Sure, We'd be happy to answer in brief, if possible. Go ahead."

JOC: "Okay, and if it takes a little more time, well, I'll leave it to Your judgement, but I'm hoping to get answers to these questions but try to squeeze them in as well. Anyway, I wanted to ask: Am I getting enough calories into my body?"

Hilarion: (pause) "It is impossible to answer within the context of the higher consciousness, the direct, and so on. The calories are not of great importance. Within the context of a more traditional diet, no. Having more fat and more protein would certainly be beneficial. The calories themselves depend on where they're derived from, but that from fat and protein would clearly be preferable. And yes, this could be increased. Next question?"

JOC: "But You're talking about non-cooked fat and protein; I assume."

Hilarion: "Yes, of course."

JOC: "But from the conventional viewpoint .................... "

Hilarion: "Ah yes, that could be misinterpreted. We are simply looking at the vibrational versus the more purely physical. One could look at this as all of those aspects that are adding to the aetheric (body), so theoretically there is not any need for any calories at all when you are transforming and working with energy from the higher vibrational reality."

"The most conventional view would be that which would somehow require the physical body to take calories from physical substance (food), and that, in general, is certainly helpful and could be worked with. But, you see, that is why the question is a little difficult to answer. Because, as you are able to work with more and more energies from higher vibrational sources (transmitted through the aetheric body), the whole sense of the calory requirements goes out the window."

"So, as you move through this, you may see that it kind of swings back and forth, that there are times when you need to bulk up or strengthen and other times when the vibrational energies will be quite sufficient. Does this clarify?"

JOC: "Yes, thank You. The first question I had was whether plant-based protein powders are of any help, and I suspect that You're gonna tell me no."

Hilarion: "Many of them are very concentrated. If they are sufficiently dilute, if you're making them yourself so you know what is being used to clean the equipment, We see that these could certainly be beneficial. When you are buying them off the shelf, you run into many issues. If they become quite popular, most companies tend to take short-cuts, and so what they'll do is they will take the same product that has worked great for awhile, and the new batch is contaminated with benzenes (used to clean the equipment and very toxic to humans). It has been partially sourced from non-organic sources. Even some non-GMO sources now have glyphosate (Round Up Herbicide), because it is being sprayed on many plants to keep mold from forming."

"And so, even though these have not been grown with genetically-modified organisms, they still have glyphosate and 'Round Up', and some of the compounds in 'Round Up' are even more problematic than the glyphosate itself. So, as this continues, one must certainly, as much as possible, rely upon your own intuition. You hold the avocado in your hand for a moment. You tune into its history, into its energy. You see how it works with your own physical body. And then you pick up another one, perhaps, and in this way may be able to choose."

"It is theoretically possible to do this with a can of something which has been processed, such as a plant-based protein powder, etcetera, and you may find that you have to struggle with this a little while, trying out several of these different ones to see of how it feels as you hold it. We cannot discount this, to say that it is always going to be problematic because, after all, it is going to be a lot better than many of the other alternatives, and, at the same time, there is greater and greater increasing popularity of these products."

"So, this works to bring new products onto the market and, oftentimes, this is one of the cornerstones: if it is that which has been relatively recently introduced and not yet very popular, it is more likely that it will be derived from organic ingredients with little contamination, be it from cleaning or from the processing and storage of the food substances themselves."

"So, it is possible here. The problem would be, even batch to batch, seeing great variability. So, having some attunement to this, using your own intuition, holding this in your hand for a minute or two, putting your nose next to the can -- no, you cannot smell what is inside, but there can be an attunement to your sense of smell that assists you with a sort of visualized smell -- and these could help you make such choices. Does this help a bit?"

JOC: "That's gonna be hard; I'm not very psychically-sensitive."

Hilarion: "Nonsense! You are extremely psychically-sensitive. It is just a matter of practice, and you can certainly get this when you work with natural foods initially, such as holding the avocado, etcetera, and it can be extended to these others."

JOC: "Okay, just specifically then, I have 'Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder'. Should I not use that?"

Hilarion: (slight pause) "The can you have is acceptable, but We're scanning what's in the store, and We see that the new batch does have some problems. So, this is going to create a little bit of an issue for you if you seek to re-supply."

JOC: (groaning disappointedly) "It's so complicated."

Hilarion: "Of course. What is simple is when you simply eat simple foods instead of those that have been processed or worked on by others."

JOC: "Yeah, briefly on this one (question). Are there any vitamin or mineral supplements that are more helpful than harmful?"

Hilarion: (brief pause) "No. They're too concentrated. The naturally-occurring foods with these in a much more diverse, spreadout ....................... They (supplements) are just too dense for the body to handle." (This is revelatory and comes from The Directing Intelligence for all Healing Arts on Planet Earth. Don't waste your money on dietary supplements nor bring harm to your body therefrom. Natural foods are the recommended source for these nutrients. joc)

JOC: "Okay, I'm gonna have to stop those. Do I need more Calcium and Vitamin D?"

Hilarion: "Yes, this would be helpful. The D can certainly come from full-body exposure, 45 minutes in the sun, and then waiting at least 2 hours to wash or cleanse it off. It's less of a problem than the Calcium and Magnesium. These certainly can be obtained from seed sources in particular, from raw sunflower seeds, although this is much better absorbed in the 'Nut Formula' as described on page 117 of 'Recipe For Living Without Disease'."

"The raw, unsalted butter can be obtained from Amos Miller Farm in Pennsylvania (Bird In Hand) where they are happy to ship it to you across state lines." (Link to Miller's Organic Farm.)

JOC: "Did You say Amos Miller in Pennsylvania?"

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "Okay ................. Let's see. In my Sungazing I'm up to a count of 50 now. Is it of any benefit to me?"

Hilarion: "Oh yes, and depending on the timing, if you are doing this when the sun is setting or rising, you can extend this and continue to extend even to as much as an hour. You become used to it in a way like deep relaxation, and it is not harmful. But, for most people, just about 5 minutes at sunrise and sunset is a very good goal."

JOC: "Would that be a good goal for me?"

Hilarion: "Yes."

JOC: "Okay, up to 5 minutes. Are the exercises that I do in my van of any help?"

Hilarion: "Sure. Anyway in which there is physical movement is going to be very helpful to the lymphatic system, but it's your visualization, it's the energetics as you see them moving that are also helping as you attune to higher vibrational levels. What would be of extra assistance here is that you do these while in a higher vibrational state."

"The simplest and most direct way to do this is simply to be aware of energy in your head. Move it to your feet, then back to your head, then faster and faster. No tension, no holding anywhere, simply faster and faster. You then will notice the sense that vibration is increasing. And, as you are aware of this energy while you are doing any sort of exercise, it adds so much to it. Next question?"

JOC: "Yes, I really didn't know what I was doing with the Qi Gong Exercises ................... "

Hilarion: (interjecting) "It is so difficult to describe verbally, but there are lots of these shown: DVD's, people doing them for others to see, the list goes on and on. And that would be a lot of fun for you to engage in personally, as people teach such classes and share their information on the Internet and so on. One individual named Pang you may find somewhat helpful, as you knew this fellow in a past life and helped him understand some of the energies involved."

JOC: "Did You say Pang?"

Hilarion: "Correct."

JOC: "I was just wondering if there were any particular ones that You could recommend at this time."

Hilarion: "Well, yes. We already have, and these would be valuable. But certainly, 'Cow Turns Its Head' has all kinds of value for you and could be helpful. But there is this other aspect, you see, and that has to do with boredom, doing the same thing over and over, doing it because someone else said it. All of that draws vibration down. In raising vibration, there is joy; there is fun. You are enjoying it; you are creating it yourself. It is that which brings you a sense of laughter or pleasant energy and feelings. This goes a long way to assisting the aetheric body. So, that is why exploring these on your own, learning them from others, playing with them and so on, this brings in the child-like energies which only enhance. Does this make sense?"

JOC: "I just didn't know if, considering my circumstances and my condition, there were any particular Qi Gong .................... "

Hilarion: (interjecting) "Well, you know, it is very interesting. When you look at people doing Qi Gong, you recognize that after a while their aetheric body begins to naturally work better. It is drawing energy from higher vibrational levels more easily into the physical and assisting them with detoxification and release from the physical to the non-physical level. Because of the nature of the aetheric body, even an exercise that is just focusing on one part of the body tends to affect other parts of the body. And this just naturally works."

"So, somebody might suggest that you do something specifically for an organ, but then you find, over time, that it is also doing things on the chakras. Similarly, exercises for the chakras also will affect the organs and so on. Where it is fun, where you are enjoying it, that is just as important as the exercises themselves. Further questions?"

JOC: "So, You don't have any particular ones that You'd like to recommend at this time?"

Hilarion: "Well sure, but We already have. You would see that 'Touching Heaven and Earth' has much benefit, that 'Tiger Separates Her Cubs' has benefit in several aspects within the physical. Those that tend to focus on the head and neck may be of assistance when you are re-creating various visualizations elsewhere in the body and are able to greater strengthen aetheric absorbability in general. Various animal poses as already mentioned. All are helpful. Is this valuable?"

JOC: "Okay, thank You. Are there any Vibrational Remedies that would be helpful to me, such as Flower Essences or Gem Elixirs or Herbal Remedies?"

Hilarion: "Sure. In particular, Neon Elixir, that is Neon 3x, may be of value for enhancing and strengthening the musculature of the physical body. Having this about 10 minutes before eating a small piece of raw, unsalted cheese, then 10 minutes later having the meal would be ideal. If one does not have access to the cheese, then 10 minutes before the meal having the Neon 3x, 3 drops under the tongue, would be quite adequate for this."

"Flower Essences are all going to be valuable on many levels. For attunement to the aetheric body and assistance with how you are receiving and working with this energy, having multiple perspectives on it, seeing it from many different angles could be very helpful. For this, Potato Flower Essence is valuable. The relationship is its appearance of having many eyes." (The Law of Signature states that the characteristics, qualities, and appearance of plants are indicative of their usefulness to humans. joc)

"There also is going to be benefit with the cleansing effects of some of the stones. Though here, over and over, exacerbating, creating, attuning, working with the heart and its connection to the aetheric is going to, over and over, assist. Thus, Gold Elixir would be valuable."

"One could make a mixture of these and have them regularly during the day, perhaps 3 times a day, a couple of drops under the tongue. Lotus Flower Essence mixed with Neon, Potato, and Gold would be helpful. But, in terms of that which would be most beneficial, that which is going to add strength, this is variable. How much it assists you with your aetheric connections, as mentioned, would be the primary answer. And it is possible here that you will go through a lull, a period of a few weeks, where the Vibrational Remedies don't have much effect."

"That's alright. You could cut back to just a single drop that is a mixture of this just once per day around noon. But then, there may be a time when you begin to notice a little more energy moving through, and then you might continue with this, perhaps upping it to 3 times a day. The point simply being that Vibrational Work and how it shifts and works with you is variable, and you attune to it. As much as you are using it, as if it is doing something to you, you are working with it. Then, does this make sense?"

JOC: "Yes. Real quickly, some of it (phone connection) broke up. Besides the Lotus, Potato, Neon, and Gold, was there one other one that You mentioned there?"

Hilarion: "No, that is it."

JOC: "Okay. I take some digestive enzymes called 'Organic Digest Plus', which is made by Garden of Life. Are those more helpful than harmful?"

Hilarion: "Neutral. They aren't doing that much good because there are only a few enzymes here. The ones you get in raw foods span thousands of different chemicals and combinations. They're not hurting. If you find that they help with any stomach condition or any other issues with digestion, then sure, it's fine to continue them. But they are not all that beneficial in terms of their capacity to assist the body with all of the processes that enzymes are capable of."

JOC: "Okay, thank You. I had one more (question). I've been using the Back 2 Life Machine on a daily basis for about 2 months now, and I'm wondering if that is doing any good for my lower back condition."

Hilarion: "You would know. Does it feel better?"

JOC: "Well, I've gone longer periods of time without any serious lower back pain, so it's hard for me to tell. I was just wondering if You could tell, from Your perspective, whether it's helping my intermittent intervertebral disc herniation problem."

Hilarion: "Yeah, it is. Circulation is improving, and that is valuable. There is, of course, no re-building. Back 2 Life isn't going to put fat where it is needed between the vertebrae, but it is helpful for circulation and, certainly, it can reduce pain should a recurrence occur."

JOC: "Okay. I don't want to burden Jon any longer, Hilarion."

Hilarion: "Good. Then shall we close for today? We are grateful for your questions, for your willingness to hear Our answers. But now, as difficult as it might be, with each breath just let it all go as if, then, you are attuning to a beautiful, loving, strengthening Earth Energy simply nurtured and loved. And within that Earth Energy, the Emerald Light Cylinder appears, a beautiful green color, symbolic of life, of new, of beautiful nourishing energies. This Emerald Light now expands. As the Cylinder of Light reaches several miles in diameter, Earth's loving response as a gentle healing Omm bubbles up through your body to be shared. Good bye. (softly) Ommmmmmm .................... "

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