Birthing of A New Earth

March 2005:

For a long time Greg has had a "sense" that the year, 2012 A.D., is not correct as the end-point, space/time nexus for the completion of the Third Density Piscean Age (on Earth) and the beginning of the Fourth Density Aquarian Age. He has felt uncomfortable for a long time whenever he has heard it and read about it from me, and he doesn't know or sense if the End Point is sooner or later.

February 25, 2006:

He still intuitively feels that the year 2012 is not the correct time/space nexus for the ending of Third Density and the beginning of Fourth. He had a mild sense that that nexus point was after 2012 sometime.

March 25, 2006:

Greg and I were having a conversation while he was in a psychically receptive state, and after he had told me that this life was going to be a VERY long one for me, he then had a "sense" that the time/space nexus for the ending of 3rd Density here will be "way past" 2012 A.D. The "way past" seemed ambiguous to him but may have been given to him that way because of the uncertainties associated with the free will of humans.

September 10, 2006:

I (Jim) had written that I was a little surprised that such Lofty Ones like Kuthumi and Hilarion would have any personal involvement with humans during this busy time in preparation for the Dimensional Shift and the Aquarian Age. Greg said, "I got a big smile 'feeling' from The Dudes when reading the personal involvement sentence. They intimated that They would have personal involvement with ALL humans if they would simply open up and reach out. I also got that They send complete portions of Their Consciousness (not fragments), as They are able to be everywhere completely at all times. They have no need for fracturing (to interact with humans)."

September 25, 2006:

In a Question and Answer session with The Ascended Masters through Greg, I asked if I was correct in my belief that the 7 Years of Tribulation have not even begun and that the Dimensional Shift will have to be postponed for a LONG time past 2012 for the sake of preparing much, much larger numbers of humans for being able to participate in the Fourth Density New Age. The Higher Dudes responded, "You are correct. The amount of delay will be partly in your hands and the work of many others trying to raise the meager numbers" (of humans capable of making it into the New Age).

November 08, 2006:

I had sent Greg a list of questions for The Big Dudes which mostly had to do with the Dimensional Shift of Planet Earth and the dimensional shifting of certain well-prepared individuals along with the planet. The Brotherhood had been silent in Their communications to us for about a month until now. He wrote, "I finally got the information from several Someones this afternoon, but I'm not sure Who They were".

The following are my (Jim's) comments and questions directed toward The White Brotherhood and the direct responses that They provided through Greg. "In my talks ('13 Steps To Paradise'), I don't want to misinform anyone with the knowledge that I've accumulated over a long period of time and would ask for a comment, a confirmation, or a correction on the following matters."

    1. Question: "Is that Lighter Body that we shift into the Astral Body for those who find themselves in the Age of Christ-Love? What happens to the denser body?"

        Answer: "It's far too complicated to explain in detail, but the so-called denser body is simply transformed into the Lighter Body. It is not a difficult process, and We are unconcerned about you misinforming." (In later discussion about this last sentence, Greg felt that Their lack of concern about me misinforming others was because there were such minor and inconsequential discrepancies in my writings and teachings that they were of little concern to The Heavy Dudes.)

    2. Question: "Am I correct that the Higher Self orchestrates the sudden shifting of the incarnate personality from 3rd to 4th Density and that without warning they find themselves in that Higher Level free from all the chaos, destruction, trauma, fear, and massive death?"

        Answer: "You are correct about the Higher Self orchestration, but there will be Others helping with the Shift (of each individual). It will be sudden for very few."

    3. Question: "Is there a time period during which that personality is shifted back and forth between 3rd and 4th Density as a means for preparing that one for the dramatic change?"

        Answer: "The 'process' may happen over a period of days but can happen nearly instantly for some. It can and will be a confusing and frightening experience for some. The Shift is primarily made gradually as the shock of moving back and forth between the 2 Densities would be harmful for most."

    4. Question: "What are those experiences like when that one has their focus of awareness shifted into 4th Density temporarily? How can they recognize it consciously?"

        Answer: "We appreciate your attempt at 'peeking' through the Veil. We would not spoil it for you."

    5. Question: "I have taught that the transitioning from this Level to the next one would occur at different times for different people prior to the Shifting of the planet and that they would not all transition at the same time. Is this correct? When that happens, will they suddenly disappear from this reality in 3rd Density?"

        Answer: "You have taught correctly. They will not suddenly disappear. The transition will occur gradually."

    6. Question: "Are there signs and clues and signals that would tell someone that their Higher Self is preparing them to make the Shift or Transition?"

        Answer: "Other than the possibility of catastrophic environmental events occurring (which will not directly affect those who have prepared in consciousness), some will barely notice the Shift, and others will have a relatively difficult time making the adjustment. You, for example, will hardly notice the Shift as you are already in the process of transitioning, albeit slowly."

    7. Question: "If someone was using all the 13 Steps (see '13 Steps To Paradise') fervently and consistently to make it into the Aquarian Age, how would they know that they'd adequately prepared themselves?"

        Answer: "The 'time' element is of no significance. It is the decision to be there that comes from the heart and Soul that ultimately matters." (This was also discussed for further clarification, and the length of time in following all the 13 Steps is not as important as the honest and heartfelt decision to leave the self behind in dedicating one's life to be of service to others.)

    8. Question: "There will be a Harvest for both polarities (service to self and service to others) on this planet when the time comes. How polarized must one be in service to others (the positive polarity) to be harvested into 4th Density (in terms of % polarization, e.g. 80% or 93%, etc.)?"

        Answer: "You either are or have made the decision to be of service to others or NOT."

    9. Question: "Is it not correct that we will be able to rejuvenate our bodies and make them perfectly healthy once in 4th Density?"

        Answer: "Ultimately, yes. Until then, many will need the assistance of Healers." (It later "popped into Greg's head" that there will be some who are minimally prepared to make the Dimensional Shift when the Deal goes down, and they will go through some traumas which might be likened to the Christian concept of Purgatory before finding themselves in the Paradise of 4th Density. They will be in considerable need of healing.)

    10. Question: "Will the Sanctuaries and all those in them who are sufficiently prepared just suddenly make the Shift all at once and all together when the moment is propitious?"

          Answer: "No. It will be fascinating to watch and experience."

    11. Question: "What corrections would The Higher Dudes like to make regarding the things that I've been teaching about the Shift and the program for getting people capable of being harvested into the Golden Age?"

          Answer: "No corrections. You have been preparing for this for many lifetimes. We chuckle at the nicknames (Heavy Dudes, etc.) you have bestowed upon Us, but be mindful that others may feel you are being blasphemous."

    12. Question: "How is it that I'm definitely going to be there (4th Density) when I'm not doing any of the preparatory steps (refer to '13 Steps To Paradise') to get there? Was this plan all worked out before I even came in? I've been told before that I would be, for sure, going into the New Age at the next Higher Level."

          Answer: "You are already approaching the Transition and have been preparing for eons."

January 08, 2007:

I submitted these questions for The Heavyweights.

    1. Question: "Why don't the Lizzies (the Reptilian Dark Forces) know that their defeat on this evolutionary scheme called Earth is a foregone conclusion? If they've lost at Higher Levels here already, why are they still pushing for total world control?"

        Answer: "They are VERY aware of their ultimate defeat, nonetheless they are able to successfully coerce immense negative energies from the Earth Realm and will continue to do so until the Earth has completed it's Shift (into 4th Density)."

    2. Question: "If the ones who are going to make 4th Density will be transmuting their bodies into a higher level of beingness (called the Light Body) and they will be out of harm's way, what need will there be for a massive Evacuation by the Ashtar Command?"

        Answer: "There will be many, who are or who will be moving into a Higher Density, that happen to be in areas of great turmoil and dangerous earthly changes. They will not have made the Total Shift and will thus still be vulnerable. They will be removed from these dangers to be returned later." In follow-up, Greg said (as psychically received) that the Evacuation would not be massive but rather would be more limited in scope because of the small percentage of humans who will be capable of making the Dimensional Shift, and of that small fraction many will have been led to safe areas or will have already shifted into their Light Bodies. He thought that the total numbers of humans who will qualify for and require an extra-terrestrial evacuation would be in the millions but not in the 10's of millions or higher (thus billions will not make it). It might be helpful to click on and read "Earth In Metamorphosis".

January 10, 2011:

In December of 2010 during the middle of the night and once awakened, Greg received an updating of the timing of the Tribulation Period and the Dimensional Shift from The Great White Lodge. It was almost like a conversation that They had with him, and it came in fully formed thought-packages that were instantly transmitted into his mind. He was told telepathically that as of the current moment in our time illusion, the postponement that had previously been made with regard to the Dimensional Transmutation of this planet and her life-forms was being cancelled. Because of all the gains that were being made by the Dark Forces throughout Humankind and because of their successes in thwarting and subverting many of the plans and programs of The Forces of Light around the world, The Guides and Guardians of Humanity were thinking that it probably will not be worth it to delay the inevitable any longer in order to attempt to get many more humans capable of making it into the higher level of expression (the New Golden Age), considering that the entire galaxy of billions of civilizations were on hold and waiting for this one, final, laggard planet to make that Dimensional Shift.

He was told that the greed and hatred and complacency throughout Humanity was getting completely out of hand (as influenced by the Dark Brotherhood) and that the Dark Side was making faster and greater gains than The Brotherhood of Light. It was Greg's personal, intuitional sense or feeling that the end-point time/space nexus for the Dimensional Shift from the uppermost dimensional level of 3rd Density into the lowermost dimensional level of 4th Density would be roughly 15 to 20 years past 2012 A.D., which would mean that the 7 Years of Tribulation would precede that nexus point.


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