"The Harvest Of Planet Earth" and "The Teachings Of RA" are derived and extracted from a set of 106 channeling sessions published as "The Law Of One" by L/L Research, the link to which is as follows: L/L Research. These communications originated from and were received from an extremely vast and incomprehensibly evolved Gestalt of Consciousness or Group Mind existing upon the 6th Density Level of Being, that which is preparatory to the merging with The Creator of this Universe. The name of RA was chosen for identification purposes by that "Social Memory Complex" (as RA referred to Itself) for the duration of the contact in the early 1980's.

The contact with RA was made possible through the exquisitely precise and unusually clear mediumistic abilities of Carla Rueckert, assisted by the triangulation of love and integrity and honorable intent of Don Elkins and James McCarty. The communications from RA which had to do with the Harvest and with the Cosmic Principle of Unification or Unity (the Law of One) were intended for the enlightenment of 3rd Density human beings prior to the Coming Harvest upon Planet Earth. The terms and language used by RA are so extraordinary that I have added many parentheses as explanatory and teaching tools. The material doesn't read linearly because it is comprised of selected passages which didn't follow each other sequentially in the question and answer format chosen by RA for the sessions.

Besides the material relevant to Earth's Coming Harvest to be found in "The Harvest Of Planet Earth", many additional concepts and revelations of RA have been organized in "The Teachings Of RA" because they are so illuminating and come from such a High Level that they are beyond the emotionality and subjectivity and grossly-limited perceptivity of human consciousness entrapped within the 3rd Density Illusion. RA's overall intent was the expansion of awareness of those who would be intuitively drawn to these teachings and the increased harvestability of greater numbers of humans to become capable of making the Dimensional Shift along with this planet into 4th Density and the Aquarian Age of Peace and Harmony. This is likewise my intent in making these offerings with the approval of L/L Research. Please read slowly and deliberately. Much of this material is challenging and must be studied for a clear comprehensibility, but it is worth it because it is truly some of the best that has been made available to Humanity.

Further materials channeled by Carla may be purchased at the online store of L/L Research by going to the following link: The Channelings of Carla Reuckert

The Harvest Of Planet Earth

The Teachings Of RA



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