Pictorial Representation of The Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra)

91.   August 22, 2022 - Julia V. - Portland, Oregon

"Before the Session I had sharp pain in right knee when climbing stairs. I have been working on it in physical therapy. I also had an old shoulder injury of the right trapezius near the scapula. It was in a seized up state, making it difficult to roll over or certain reaching movements. After the Session, those places had eased with only soreness that went away after a few days."

"Yes, I was able to perceive sensations during the Session. I felt strong undulating waves of energy and special attention paid to the areas I had mentioned, such as my knee and shoulder pain and the upper right area of my head. In these weeks after, my ability to focus has improved, and my body has not been in pain. It is nice to think about it now, to quietly remember the sensations as if meditating on it honors the work done. I appreciate it so much and hope to connect again at a later time." Warm regards, Julia V.

90.   February 12, 2022 - Scarlet N. - San Jose, California

(Lower Back Pain)

"On the appointed day, Feb. 11, 2022, and time, I did not experience anything. I waited a bit anxiously, but I felt nothing. The next morning, however, I was aroused by a flood of warm energy, swarming in a cluster into my awareness and then over my body. I was laying on my stomach, and as this energy field moved to my lower spine, I realized this was the healing that I requested from Kuthumi. I relaxed and welcomed this energy with a sense of gratitude and awe. For about 10-15 minutes, I felt the energy merge into my body. When I got up, I could feel the ache in my lower spine moving away and the pressure in my Root Chakra Area lifting -- this continued through the morning. By the evening, there was no trace of inflammation or soreness in my lower spine. Interestingly, when I looked at the clock it was the appointed time of the healing. What also came in with this healing was a flood of new ideas and resources to explore as I journey through a shift in my career. Thank you, Kuthumi; thank you, Dr. Jim for granting my request for restoring balance and flow to my lower spine!"

February 21, 2022 (Work on Heart/Anahata Center)

"The day after our Session, as I lay sleeping this morning around 6 a.m., I experienced a download of energy, a light show of symbols and packets of information bytes. It was triggered by an encounter in my lucid dreaming state where I opened my front door, and in ran one of the most beautiful puppies I've ever seen. Vulnerable and apparently lost, it ran into my home looking for safety, and my heart just melted. Just at that loving moment, I began to see in my 3rd Eye a downpouring of images, light, and symbols streaming down in into me -- it was transfixing! I embraced this flood of what felt like an energy transfer, much like a software update, with an inner knowing that I was being given new instructions, new tools, new guidance, and a new framework."

"This very much aligns with my request for the activation of my Heart Blueprint! I remained in the dream and experienced an outpouring of love toward this puppy and one of my daughters who later appeared, both of whom were vulnerable and in need of loving kindness and safety, which I freely gave them. This beautiful experience effortlessly flowed into my awareness and inner knowing naturally. I'm excited about the potential shift that the Now moment will bring to my walk in life. Thank you for your Service Work, Dr Jim! I'm so grateful to receive this level of healing and activation from Ascended Master Kuthumi. It's such a blessing! You are a blessing! With Deep Gratitude, Scarlet"

89.   September 20, 2019 - Ishan S. - Jaipur, India

(Emotional Body Healing)

09/06/2019: "During the Healing Session, I experienced some sensations around my body and pressure around my forehead. These varied in intensity throughout the Session. Intuitively, I feel it was the Healing Energies of Master Kuthumi doing their work. One important thing I would like to tell you is that, from the next day after the Session, I am experiencing a profound peace and calmness which I have not experienced before."

09/18/2019: "It is almost 10 days after your Healing Session, and I am experiencing quite a profound peace of mind and a sense of calmness throughout the day. Situations which used to bother me do not bother me anymore, and I am having more acceptance towards people and situations. The Healing done by Lord Kuthumi, through you, really has quite a great positive impact on me. The effects of healing on my overall being are becoming evident as the time is progressing. My daytimes are marked with a great sense of calmness. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Ascended Master Kuthumi and you too for facilitating this healing. Best Regards, Ishan"

88.   June 16, 2019 - Kimia Y. - Agoura Hills, California

(Pain in Back, Ribs, and Sternum from Traumatic Injury with Respiratory Distress)

"I have been blessed in many ways by Lord Kuthumi’s Healing Energy through Jim. I came across his website in 2017 and immediately asked for a Healing Session, not fully knowing the intensity of healing I was going to receive. After witnessing the blessings that Kuthumi gifted me, I returned to him again for healing a severe back and chest pain, caused by an injury a few years back. The pain was most bothersome in meditation and sitting with my spine erected, so painful that after 20 minutes of sitting I could no longer breathe and would lie down on the floor in tears. My breathing was very shallow, and my body felt out of harmony. I felt nervous and just uneasy in my own body."

"I contacted Jim and explained my issue, and he so compassionately welcomed me to start healing my injury with Kuthumi. As Jim recommended, I asked Lord Kuthumi in meditation specifically of what I needed to heal. During every Healing Session I felt energy flowing through every cell of my being. It felt like liquid light running through me, moving through my spine and spreading into my muscles and organs, even flooding my brain with that light of gentleness and calmness. During and after these Sessions I felt pure compassion for everyone and felt like a child in ecstatic bliss. Even days after the Sessions I would again feel that compassionate gentleness vibrate in my body and mind. It’s like He gave me a gift in consciousness, and I can return to that at any time. I have come to feel very intimate and close with the Ascended Masters. I feel my mind and my actions being directed by that grace as if They never leave my side."

"Weeks have passed by from the initial Healing Session, and I can confidently say that more than 80% of my pain is gone. I can sit in meditation without even remembering I ever had such pain a few months ago. Besides the bodily healing, I feel healed on all levels. The areas of tension in my mind are gone. Emotionally, I feel like a child, always calm and receptive. My perception of life has renewed, and I look forward to every experience life offers. It’s like I have forgiven myself deeply and don’t identify myself with my past self. The blessings continue on, and I feel them in my everyday life."

"Doctor Jim, himself, has always been very compassionate to me, listening to my story and helping me understand my experiences. I first came to him a few months after going through a spontaneous spiritual awakening. The awakening was intense, and it left me with scars to recover from emotionally and mentally. I was young and had no one to ask help from, but it was only after having Healing Sessions with Kuthumi/Jim that I began to heal and return to balance."

"I cannot thank or recommend Jim/Kuthumi's healing touch enough. Whether your pain is mental, spiritual, or physical, it can all be healed in ways you never thought possible. I’ve received many, many blessings in the Spiritual Realm, and I shall continue to integrate those blessings even more. Joy and gratitude, Kimia."

Follow Up August 04, 2019: "I wanted to let you know that my back is doing very well. I have not felt pain in meditation since I received the healing. I just feel fine and balanced in my body, able to focus more and forget my body much easier. My body is no burden anymore."

87.   January 22, 2019 - A.S. - Tampa, Florida

(Uterine Fibroids, Undiagnosed Chest Pain)

"I had a healing success story in the past and returned to Dr. Jim when multiple issues were bothering me. My uterine fibroids were giving a lot of pain and heavy bleeding. I was fatigued and irritable. The other issue was a constant, nagging left lung pain. I was scared as to what could be causing it."

"I made sure to read and sincerely follow Jim's healing instructions and guidelines. I made a formal request to Kuthumi before my healing session. I experienced energy flow in all my sessions. I experienced pain in my left abdomen area and as if some work was being done in my Sacral Chakra. During one of the sessions, I was so calm and drifted away. There was a sense of calm, as I had handed over my worries to Kuthumi since the first session."

"The lung pain started giving me relief after my first session. My fibroid pain took almost 3-4 weeks after the last session to show relief. I was convinced that healing kept happening since the time I went to Kuthumi and many weeks after the last session too. I am pain free in my lung area and there is more than 80% relief with my fibroid pain. I feel so blessed and extremely grateful to Jim for the healing and love. Thanks, A.S."

86.   December 27, 2018 - Lisa R. - Palos Verdes, California

(Smoke Inhalation Lung Injury - Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)

"I am not sure how I found Jim except that I was guided. He worked on my dog's kidneys, and I haven't had him tested, but he seems happy and healthy. So when I lost my house in a fire and my lungs were damaged, I was desperate. My house burned down, and I had one other dog on the other side of the house who didn't come out. I ran into the house filled with smoke, blind, but since I grew up in that house I knew my way around. I couldn't find her. The smoke was thicker and darker and almost to the ground, and I ran in again and couldn't find her. The final time, the smoke was black and thick (it caused blurriness of vision for several days after) and to the floor, but the last time I found her and tried to pull her collar (weight 80 lbs), but the firefighters said that smoke inhalation causes disorientation."

"Because of the smoke inhalation, several days later I was in very bad shape. I couldn't breathe. It was terrifying. The doctor gave me two steroid shots and some oral steroids as well as three inhalers total. My chest was very tight; I couldn't get breath to the bottom of my lungs. When I would breathe, it would stop halfway down. I was out of breath walking around the house and would almost pass out after trying to walk my other dog. In total, I took oral steroids three times with very little result."

"The pulmonologist said we wouldn't know for several months if the damage was permanent, but with all the treatments they gave me, there was no progress. None! I was never a smoker. It really was frightening and disabling. And the doctors didn't seem to care that my life was over. I've had many very serious illnesses, including cancer, and this was the most disabling. I didn't know what to do, so I wrote to Jim. I sent him an e-mail, and he was so kind about setting up appointments for healing. I can't remember what my second e-mail was about, but the most amazing thing happened." (Kuthumi unexpectedly came before the 1st Session. joc)

"I had still been unable to breathe and was struggling and incredibly uncomfortable. I accepted that I'd probably be disabled for the rest of my life. Then suddenly my lungs cleared, and I could breathe normally. It was the most amazing experience of my life and one for which I have no other explanation than Jim and Lord Kuthumi. It was sudden, rapid, and dramatic, so I can't give credit to Modern Medicine. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such a dramatic result or to be healed completely. There is still an occasional tiny tightness in my lungs, which may be from my many allergies, but I'd say I'm 98%-99% cured. I don't think about breathing any more. Also, during my treatments with Lord Kuthumi, several times I was very busy and agitated, and as soon as I lay down, it was like something was breathing for me or inside me, calmly and deeply. That alone was a fascinating experience."

"Jim is one of the kindest, most gifted healers I've ever met, besides being one of the best human beings on the planet. He is pure Love and Light. I wish more people could experience him and Lord Kuthumi. They are miraculous. I thank you both for healing what the doctors could not (I think you are together as one). I wish you all the Love and Light you send to the world be returned to you. If you (the reader) are a skeptic, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Love and Light, Lisa R."

85.   May 23, 2018 - Marvin L. - Cincinnati, Ohio


"My name is Marvin L. and I had blood in my semen. It wasn't painful but really scary. Whenever I would urinate I would see blood clots coming out which was terrifying. I couldn't afford to go to the doctor because I didn't have health insurance. I decided to ask Doctor Jim for a healing, and he did one. Initially after the Healing Session, like a day or two, the problem was still there. After about a week to a week and a half I noticed that it was completely gone. I want to thank Doctor Jim and Kuthumi for sending me healing energy. I strongly encourage anyone that has problems to reach out to Doctor Jim because miracles do happen. Thanks again, Doctor Jim and Kuthumi :)."

84.   December 02, 2017 - Kamran M. - Nevada City, California

(Lower Back Pain Syndrome)

"I can't recommend Kuthumi/Jim highly enough. These are the kind of healing channels that we need to call on more, for our own sake and also to call more Light and healing to the Earth Herself. I found Jim's website and took my time reading his articles and tuning into his mission and consciousness -- already I felt uplifted :). During the Healing Sessions themselves I experienced a number of subtle sensations: vibrating energies, waves of warmth and love up and down the body, and a number of very physical, concrete adjustments in my spine, pelvis, and legs."

"I made sure to read and sincerely follow Jim's healing instructions and guidelines. I made a formal request to Kuthumi before each Session and, afterwards, spent time in meditation sending Him gratitude. My lower back (area of requesting healing) has definitely improved, but I would say this is only one aspect of the comprehensive healing that took place (over three Sessions)."

"Whenever I have a personal experience with an Ascended Master, the blessings and benefits I receive are always multidimensional and much more comprehensive than I expect. I try to stay open to this and offer up my request to a multitude of miraculous possibilities. Although I try to make my request as specific as possible, who knows what incredible gifts the Master might bring?!"

"This was the case with my experience of being blessed by Kuthumi/Jim. A number of physical, etheric, emotional, and mental issues I have been focusing on were simultaneously lifted. I feel like it was a leap forward on the Spiritual Path as a whole. My body feels able to handle more Light, love, and Christ Consciousness. On a very human level, I feel more whole, integrated, and harmonious. These are things my life is focused on and built around in general, and I feel like Kuthumi brought Healing Light to every aspect of my being that was open to Him. Since my Session, I have continued to call on Kuthumi, asking for His Blessings and also to be a channel for His work on Earth. I suspect my Healing Session opened a space in me which He can now operate through more easily."

"I can only speak for myself, but I have found that the greater and more sincere my faith is, the more concretely I can feel and participate with the Inner Plane Masters. Even saying Kuthumi's name can attract great blessings and spontaneous healing, but to consciously participate with Him -- experience is the bridge that builds that kind of communion. I am so, so grateful that Jim offers himself, on behalf of Kuthumi, to be a channel for the Masters. Alas, it is too rare to find sincere and dedicated channels of the Masters on Earth! Certainly this won't be the case in the future, but for now everyone of us can do our part by supporting God's channels on the Physical Plane (of course, we also support ourselves :)."

"I am always thrilled to work with any of the many aspects of the Spiritual Hierarchy, externalized on Mother Earth. You get to meet another member of your Soul Family, help manifest Heaven on Earth, and get a tremendous personal blessing in the process. Win-Win-Win! In love, Light, and gratitude,     Kamran."

83.   October 20, 2017 - Arcadia A., M.D., Ph.D. - France

"After a Satori Experience 3 years ago, I had been reading widely on the Internet in a bid to understand deeper my experience. Prior to this, I had had no interaction with New Age spirituality. I came across Jim's website by 'chance', after first coming across Tom Kenyon who mentioned Sanat Kumara on his website. This name somehow resonated with me, so I googled it and stumbled onto Jim's page. I immediately felt connected, especially since Jim is an M.D. like myself, and my life path of leaving my profession out of loss of faith in Allopathic Medicine mirrored his journey. However, I did not contact him at that time; perhaps I was not yet ready. I had no knowledge of all the topics Jim discussed on his website and needed time to digest the information."

"Fast forward 2 years: a traumatic miscarriage of my first child at 3 months and a surgical procedure straight after left me completely devastated. At a loss, both spiritually and physically, a thought came through my mind to contact Jim. I wrote to Jim and was really happy to hear back from him. He was open to dialoging with me if I had questions and also to carry out Energy Healing via Kuthumi should I wish for it. Over the Summer, I had 4 distant Energy Healing Sessions with Jim and corresponded with him regularly."

"I could write pages on my experiences, but here's a short summary. During each Session, I felt energy flowing up and down my legs, as I often feel when meditating, except much stronger. Physically, the Sessions really healed my body, and within a month my body was back to how it was before, with no scarring of the uterus from the surgery. I was truly relieved and very happy with the outcome. The biggest revolution however was spiritually, which made me realize that the whole experience was somehow not coincidental and that I was meant to contact Jim, somehow."

"Since the Sessions started, the synchronicities started increasing in my life and have continued to accelerate as we now enter Autumn. I have also experienced dreams, one which happened the same night after a Session with Jim/Kuthumi. In this dream my late grandfather visited me and handed me a decree, which I was required to repeat in my dream. What was said to me was nothing short of astonishing. Throughout this time, I continued corresponding with Jim, who has been really helpful and helped me to expand my thoughts to understand all the events that were happening to me. Jim is a really honest, loving human being that I have been honored to have connected with. He really cares about people, and this can be seen from the life choice that he has made."

"My Summer with Jim/Kuthumi has now put me back on the path I was meant to be on. I was stuck in so many ways after my Satori Experience and needed spiritual help. Jim/Kuthumi was that helping hand, and I am enormously grateful for their help. I would suggest that anyone interested in expanding their spirituality, with or without physical disease, to take advantage of Kuthumi's loving help via Jim. With gratitude, Arcadia A., M.D., Ph.D."

82.   August 31, 2017 - Marcos S. - Windsor, England

(Chronic Lower Back Pain)

"I have suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years. Often it has been completely debilitating, painful on a daily basis. At certain times, I have had to have days off work, lying flat on my back on the floor. Before hearing of Dr. Jim, I had searched in vain for solutions. Regular Chiropractic had helped to a small degree but in no way solved the problem. I have been interested in spiritual matters for a long time and knew about the Ascended Masters. By 'chance' I came across the Kuthumi Hands Website and was most impressed. I was still a little sceptical as to whether my back pain could be eliminated but decided to give it a go. Jim recommended that I should have 3 Sessions with Kuthumi."

"Whilst having the Sessions, I simply followed Jim's instructions. I did not have any unusual sensations but simply trusted that Kuthumi would do what was necessary. At first, after the treatments, there was no improvement. But then, after a week or so, I gradually noticed that I wasn't feeling the usual discomfort in my back. It's now several months since my Sessions, and I'm 100% pain free (if I sit still in meditation for an hour, I have a slight ache in the back, but that's to be expected!). Not only that, I can now play tennis (which I love), and afterwards my back feels totally healthy and not sore at all. I haven't felt like that for nearly 20 years. Yes, it really is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful to Kuthumi and Jim. I've never met Jim (we only exchanged e-mails), but if my experience is anything to go by, he's doing a wonderful service for Humanity. Again, thank you, thank you! And, for those reading this, I highly recommend you have some Sessions with Kuthumi if you have health problems ........ and have faith!"

81.   January 07, 2017 - Client in Ohio

a.) (Neck Injury - December 23, 2015):     "I made an appointment with Dr. Cyr and Kuthumi today (for 3 days hence). My neck had been rather bothersome at C-1 and C-7, giving me a rather bad headache. I don't know why I think I can pick up a refrigerator. When I was relaxed and about to fall asleep that evening, in the twilight stage, my neck suddenly jerked in the manner of a chiropractic adjustment 3 times. I was jolted into consciousness just enough to realize that it had happened and then fell asleep. The neck ache and headache were gone the next day. I have no doubt the adjustment was from Master Kuthumi. I certainly wasn't expecting any intervention before the appointment, but I was extremely grateful for the relief."

b.) (Hypertriglyceridemia - February 05, 2016):     "For some 10 years, I have been plagued with morbidly high lipids (my triglyceride levels were through the roof at 3000 mg/dl) and vague symptoms of dizziness and shortness of breath after eating. The Cardiologist and I tried several protocols with limited results. Then, I came upon Dr. James Cyr's Website. I considered that perhaps my health issues went beyond the physical. I contacted Dr. Cyr and arranged 4 long-distance appointments. Every week, Master Kuthumi made an etheric house call, and I was very relaxed during each Session. The encounters proved exciting and productive, and with each encounter I felt better health-wise. Certainly my physical health has improved, but something else happened. The world shifted, and I no longer just endure each day. Everything seems easier and manageable. It is more than just feeling better physically, though that is a plus. I highly recommend a Session with Master Kuthumi and Dr. Cyr. You guys are awesome!"

March 26, 2016:   "Dr. Cyr, my latest lipid profile has shown a marked improvement. Triglycerides are now 639 mg/dl. Not so bad and soooooo much better. YEAH!! Thank you very much for your help with that nonsense. I am confident that with time, it will resolve to a normal level. And I have been feeling great. The 2016 Nobel Prize in Alternative Medicine awarded to Dr. James O. Cyr! YEAH!!"

"I think something very significant happened that was well beyond triglycerides. On a physical level, I am no longer dizzy and can think again. I am no longer short of breath after I eat something. On a spiritual level, I leapt a chasm that seemed like the Grand Canyon. Thanks for the help across. I truly wish you the very best. There are no words to express my gratitude, in any Dimension! Thank you."

c.) (Knee Injury - October 09, 2016):     "Dr. Cyr, thank you for the Session of Saturday, October 8th. It seems that Master Kuthumi got an early start on Friday. I was resting and it felt like a hand reached in, mid-thigh, and gave the femur a slight twist .... awakening me to a very weird sensation! I was able to put a little weight on my leg after that maneuver. I didn't think the problem was related to the femur, but They have x-ray vision, not me, and it helped. The femur rotation was too cool."

"I had been feeling ungrounded and queasy since the incident happened on Thursday; now this has passed. I know these Sessions heal much more than the physical. I wish I knew what actually occurred .... what was really injured ..... academic and spiritual curiosity. Thank you very much for your help. That was more productive than the Emergency Room. Take care, Kahuna. P.S. I forgot to mail this last evening. It is Sunday morning, and I can walk!!! Thank you!!"

December 28, 2016:   "The injured knee is 85% recovered. Quads still not stretching completely, but there is progress every week. I can maneuver stairs in both directions now. Not too shabby for an injury that seemed to indicate surgery. Oh wait, I had surgery with Drs. Cyr and Kuthumi. Thanks!"

80.   December 31, 2016 - Kerri Lake - Cardiff, California

"My experience with the Kuthumi Energy through Jim was both gentle and profound. Our appointment time was for 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, so at that time I made sure I was sitting comfortably someplace that I enjoy. I wanted to be able to rest and let in the High Levels of Consciousness to benefit me in whatever way They would. When our appointment time began, I felt a wave of relaxation and just enjoyed the view for the duration of our appointment. It felt very pleasant and non-invasive."

"After our Session, the changes I noticed ranged from a greater sense of confidence to a greater sense of relaxation. Maybe they are both the same thing. It was like I had been acknowledged on some level, so I felt that now I had nothing to prove. I felt more open to connect with people, more okay in my own body. The confidence I felt seemed like a subtle shift, but the effects were clearly evident in my everyday life."

"All in all, I had three Sessions with Jim and Kuthumi. During those three weeks, I definitely felt a shift in myself, noticing that there were some things in my life that I was able to see differently, to do differently. And by differently, what I mean is more gently. Sometimes when things change it feels strange or uncomfortable, but somehow with this new sense of confidence, it was easier to relax into a new way of being. I am really grateful that Jim shares this gift with such kindness and purity. There are very few people whom I receive energetic assistance from, and I am very grateful to Jim for his integrity and dedication to the Divine. Love, Kerri"       (Website of Kerri Lake)

79.   December 27, 2016 - J.B.M. - Washington, D.C.

(Prostate Cancer)

"Dear Dr. Jim, my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in early 2002. For that he had seed implants (radioactive) to control his cancer. His Radiologist told us that this treatment would last 10 years, but it lasted for almost 14 years."

"In April 2016 his cancer resurfaced; his PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood count was 10 (nanograms per milliliter). His Urologist put him under a hormone therapy, but it didn't work. In August 2016 we went to see him again, and his PSA blood count was as high as 17 and counting. At this point, he gave him an injection (hormonal)."

"Before going to see the Urologist for his next appointment on Monday, December 5, 2016, I sent in an urgent healing petition, and you scheduled the Session for Sunday night. On Monday, his doctor examined him (rectally) and took his blood sample. He then informed him that his PSA blood count had dropped from 17 to 1. He told him that he was doing fine."

"We know in our hearts that this could not have been possible without our Master Kuthumi's Divine Intervention, and we are forever thankful to Him, knowing that He is there in times of need. All we have to do is ask with faith. God bless Kuthumi and you."

78.   June 02, 2015 - April M. - Marietta, Georgia

(Profound and Irremedial Grief for 6 Years)

"On April 28th of 2015 I experienced my First Distance Healing Session with Dr. James Oliver Cyr and Kuthumi. I followed instructions and said my prayers with my desire for healing. Immediately I relaxed and fell into a deep sleep, and I awoke two hours later. My results of this Healing were amazing; my constant deep grief was gone. I had been in a state of shock and grief since I found my oldest son dead by his own hand in May 2009. In the last few years there have been several tragic deaths and events close to me. This awful sadness was lifted from me, and I feel like a new person. Not only is my grief gone, but my other emotional blocks are lifting, and my spiritual gifts are returning! I am so grateful!"

From other notes: "My Healing was on the emotional body & the mental body. I felt wrapped in peace for 2 days, and I felt the healing energies for over 24 hours; I felt safe & secure. The grief was healed!! Both my mind and heart are at peace. NOTE: This Healing felt similar to being Slain-In-The-Spirit at the Pentecostal Churches, and that feels like being wrapped in the arms of The Holy Spirit. When I asked my Guidance (Soul Level) about his work, I was shown through my Third Eye Vision that 2 Ascended Masters of Light were working through him for my Healing, and one was definitely Kuthumi. I was not able to overcome this (grief and emotional pain) until my First Healing Session with Dr. Cyr, and then suddenly ALL MY GRIEF WAS GONE, and my gifts are returning!!! I am sure many, many Lightworkers need this Healer who I was guided to."         April M.

77.   May 10, 2014 - Tanya S. - Washington, D.C.


"My daughter's Internist found out that she had an overactive thyroid based on her blood test results about two years ago. He recommended her to go see an endocrinology specialist who would be able to treat her condition much better than him. He told my daughter that there were three ways of treating this condition: by taking medicine, radiation, and surgery as a last resort. The specialist was to determine which was the right treatment in my daughter's case. When she saw Tanya, she decided to treat her condition with medication and not radiation or surgery. She told her that there is really no cure for Hyperthyroidism."

"My daughter was suffering so much from the effects of her thyroid disorder. She was losing weight and had trembling hands, and she developed anemia. The most prevalent effect was that she lost all of her energy, and all she wanted to do was sleep. She would fall asleep at work."

"I then asked for a Healing Petition to our Divine Kuthumi-Hands. After you scheduled her Healing Sessions, she began to feel better and, little by little, she was back to normal functioning. She had more energy and she stopped losing weight. In May she had an appointment with the endocrinology specialist for a follow-up check up. The results from all her tests, including blood tests, came back normal. She no longer is suffering from a overactive thyroid. She told my daughter that she was amazed to see how quickly she was able to recover from feeling so bad and to get to a normal thyroid."

"I knew that our Divine Kuthumi-Hands had made the miracle of healing happen. Thank you, Dr. Jim. God bless you and Kuthumi and his Beloved Healing Hands."       D.L.M.

76.   November 18, 2013 - Derrick S. - Singapore

(Opiate Addiction)

"After the Sessions my external circumstances changed a lot, and it's a long story, but my colleagues and boss got to know about my addiction. Instead of being shunned by them I received lots of encouragement and love. I know I will feel ever grateful to them for the rest of my life for helping me overcome my problem, and now I feel I have a responsibility to make a change for them."

"Things have been improving. My relationships are starting to mend, and my finances are improving as well. I feel like I'm finally starting to heal. I know the Healing Sessions have definitely been a big help to me. The day after the Last Healing Session was the last day that I used. I'm clean now and my cravings have lessened by 90%. I personally feel that this is a huge miracle, and I've been feeling super grateful everyday ever since. Never in my life have I experienced so much love and support from others around me, and I feel like my heart is starting to open. Thank you, Jim."

75.   June 23, 2013 - D.L.M. - Washington, D.C.

(Seriously Abnormal Liver Function Studies/Undiagnosed Liver Disease)

"Dr. Jim, I contacted you some time ago (in 2010) for a Healing Petition because I was having abnormal liver function readings in blood tests. I am sorry for not giving you feedback before."

"My Internist recommended that I have Hepatitis A, B, and C tests, a complete sonogram of my entire stomach area including my liver, and a thyroid test. I did, and they all came back negative, however my liver function studies (liver enzymes) continued to come back elevated every time they took my blood sample. Finally, my doctor told me that it was time for me to have a liver biopsy and sent me to a liver and kidney transplant expert in a local hospital. That scared me a lot. I knew that a biopsy was an invasion to my body, and I rejected the idea. As a result, I did not go back to my Internist again and did not have any type of annual physical checkups for three years."

"In the meantime, one day I was browsing on the Internet hoping to find more literature on the Master Kuthumi (whom I already knew for about 30 years). I found hundreds of people who served as channels for Kuthumi, but the Kuthumi-Hands Website caught my attention more than the other articles. I read the whole website and learned about you. You seemed to be very sincere, and I had the feeling that you were honestly concerned about the suffering of your fellow brothers and sisters, and so I got in touch with you. You scheduled several Healing Sessions. My Healing Sessions were very powerful, and I was completely confident that I was healed."

"After 3 years of not seeing a health care professional, I just recently (March 2013) went to see a different Internist. He did take my blood sample, and my liver function reading was NORMAL. I really believe that it was due to the mercy and compassion of our beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi and you, as the conduit, that this miracle happened. I was so distressed about my liver function that it affected my general well-being (my mother passed away of liver cancer, therefore my worry was very intense). You can't imagine how thankful and happy I was after learning that my liver was now normal after all."

"Thank you ever so much and God bless you both."       D.L.M.

74.   March 14, 2013 - Joseph A.N. - Edinburgh, Scotland

"Jim is an incredible person, having devoted himself fully to the most complete way of healing I have come across. His work is super-inspirational, highly informative, and unrivaled in its scope and clarity. His integrity is equal to none but the highest of human beings, completely devoted to the healing of Humanity and without conditions. There are very few on Earth at this time who match his stature, and we are very lucky to be blessed by his (and, of course, His) presence."

"A true healer and guide, his writings and seemingly almost limitless knowledge of both the human body (being a master of Western Medicine is only one facet of his healing expertise) and the World of Spirit in its various Dimensions open the way for those who are ready not only to heal themselves but to be truly informed about what is actually going on here and what is possible."

"Thanks and love to him and Master Kuthumi always.         x o x o x o x o x o x o x o"

73.   March 10, 2013 - Rhonda C. - Lafayette, California

"I have been profoundly blessed to be receiving Healings from Jim, a.k.a. Lord Kuthumi, for many years now. I don't even know where to begin with my recommendation and deep caring and love for Jim. He is, by far, one of the most gifted souls I have ever had the privilege to know. He's brilliant for one thing and unbelievably knowledgeable when it comes to spiritual teachings. He is deeply committed to healing and uplifting all of us on the planet and following his true calling. My Healing Sessions are extraordinary (I know; it may sound like I'm exaggerating here, but I really am not!). I would not be where I am today without Jim and Lord Kuthumi. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart and will be eternally grateful to you."

"Much love and gratitude, Rhonda."

72.   May 24, 2012 - Steven S. - Vilcabamba, Ecuador

"I wanted to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for your having introduced Kuthumi into our lives. His generosity and love are extraordinary. My experience of His Presence and Healing was most beautiful. It was very loving and gentle. Thank you!       Steven"

71.   November 21, 2011 - Nancy R. - Lewes, Delaware

"When I stumbled upon Dr. Jim's website, I had no idea what it would lead to. I simply felt a sense of curiosity to explore what a Session would be like. I live far away, so I knew it would have to be long distance. The idea to have a Session without even being on the phone at first seemed somewhat strange, however that quickly passed. During the First Session I felt a pulling and opening sensation around my heart (Anahata Chakra). It seemed to reach so deep that it felt like the universe was opened up within that space. Truly a different and magical feeling!"

"From that point I felt compelled to schedule additional Sessions to continue further in this process. Each Session differs but seems to build into greater and greater depths of connecting to a Field of Universal Love. I found that, typically before each Session, a particular hurt or wound clearly comes into awareness. This emotional pain is what I've focused on at the beginning of each Appointment and, without fail, I have felt it leave my body and then I drop into a place of deep and profound peace."

"In between Appointments I have called upon Kuthumi during my daily meditations and now feel that I know His Presence. It seems that connecting with Kuthumi is becoming natural. This, of course, does not replace the Healing Sessions but helps to reinforce and perhaps strengthen the experience. I have also added the Violet Flame and Flower Essences into my daily practice. There is a new vibration in my Heart Chakra that is indescribable. This process continues to unfold into greater depths and love and consciousness. Truly I feel blessed to have found Jim, as his Healing has changed my life. With gratitude, Nancy."

70.   June 14, 2011 - G.F. - United Kingdom

(Psychic Attack with Anxiety and Emotional Incapacitation)

"Master Kuthumi has stopped a source of psychic attack coming from a very dark and malevolent frequency (the Dark Brotherhood). The results were quite amazing. I went from taking beta blockers to stop the heart palpitations to being able to have a cup of tea without feeling the slightest difference in my heartbeat (right in the middle of this psychic attack, which vanished right after the Healing Session). The nightmares are gone too. I am able to be myself again. I can finally think straight again, and, as a result of this, I have found a new direction (as a channel for The Ascended Masters). Thank you, Kuthumi, and thank you, Jim."

69.   December 25, 2010 - CeCe - Clarksville, Tennessee

(Right Hand Edema, Arthritis, Fear and Anxiety in the Emotional Body)

"I initially sought out help because something has been interfering with my energy field. I've been suffering with something that has caused me to have vertigo and anxiety. There is like a presence that I can't see or touch but I can feel. It's not in a body form, but it feels like that of a static field that sometimes moves across my body and interferes with my spiritual energy (which I didn't know existed). I've always believed in a soul/spirit but never that it could be compromised by an unseen force. I've seen movies about entities, demons, etc., but I never thought anything like that was possble. Once this happened to me, I started reading up on things and learned that it may be some type of attachment. My life has been in a tailspin because I've had to keep it all inside for so long. I haven't been able to discuss it with people because they might think I'm crazy. I never thought that something like this was possible until It happened to me and I started to read about it. I'm very spiritual. I love people and consider myself to be a servant to others, and I help others with their issues in life, so I couldn't understand why it happened to me. I don't understand what I may have done to cause it."

"I found out about the Kuthumi Website, so I made contact explaining what was going on and was set up with 3 Sessions. I failed to tell Jim about my physical ailments because I figured they were separate issues. I did share with him how fearful I've lived all my life of things, such as the dead, night time, spirits, etc. I have gotten better over the years, but I used to be petrified of things like that. When I first started experiencing this interference I was so afraid. I thought it was going to take over my body. I thank God that I had become in tune with my body and its operation day to day, therefore I was able to notice the change that was occurring. I believe that had I not been self-aware, it may have taken control by inflicting crippling anxiety or me losing control over my ability to concentrate or focus. At first it was bad, but I started using things I teach to others and have learned through my education (about anxiety, stress, control over my thoughts, etc.). After the First Session, I shared with Jim the physical ailments."

1st Session: "Prior to it I prayed for healing to my physical body, because I wasn't even aware of the aetheric body (there's so much I don't know). I prayed for the fear to be completely removed and for the knowledge to know everything that I don't know but need to learn that's important for my time here on Earth."

"I could tell when the healing process was beginning. It was a strange sensation like a blanket was over my body but a blanket of energy not a blanket made with material. I felt a light touch on my right arm and under my chin, and my right arm felt as if it were being healed. I saw a light dancing with my eyes closed but was very calm, and I felt kind of in a light trance, but I still had the ability to move if I wanted to. I felt filled with emotion. I didn't know what all was taking place, but it was different and strange in a sense. I could tell when the Session was over because the feeling left me and my eyes automatically opened. I felt refreshed and filled with so much peace. My body felt rested and even lighter. My joints felt better, and my right side felt better because I've been having problems with my hand due to having right-sided Lymphedema associated with a lung illness. The fear that I had been feeling was gone. I was even tested. My lights went out two times and normally I would have panicked, but I was so calm it surprised me. I am truly blessed for that. I had been working on it on my own, but this took me to another level."

2nd Session: "I could tell when it began and ended, but I didn't feel anything very significant in this Session. Again afterwards I felt at peace, and I always see lights (during the Sessions)."

3rd Session: "I felt the blanket of energy, but this time it was completely different. It felt as if it was moving very slowly up my body starting at my toes, instead of just covering me like the first time. I saw this blue light that kept moving upward, then it would go out, and the process repeated itself about 4 times (my eyes were closed the whole time). I was crying without knowing why, and I just felt the tears rolling down the sides of my face. For whatever reason I would open my eyes the same exact time after every Session. I felt really renewed. My body feels better as a whole."

"I still have this interference with my energy, but I'm not afraid of things like I was. I have better use of my right hand, and I don't feel as much stiffness and pain in the joints. I definitely feel less fearful, way less. I was already working and praying on it, but it is soooooooo much better. The fear that I was experiencing is almost none now. I just feel better overall. I'm thankful for the help that I've received."

68.   August 31, 2010 - D.L.M. - Washington, D.C.

"Since I had come to my part-time job, I had to use the Meditation Room located at my place of employment. My Healing Session was set up for 11 a.m. Washington, D.C. time. At precisely 11 a.m., I was meditating and thinking about my Beloved Kuthumi. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by emotion. My whole body shook, and tears came running down my cheeks. These tears were not out of fear, nor out of self-pity, but rather they were tears of joy. It seemed to me that this was a reunion with a Loved One. I knew then that I was touched by The Great One -- Kuthumi. I knew that I was healed. I am truly confident that on August 31st I was completely healed."

"Regarding my colonoscopy procedure on September 1st, it was a complete success, so much so that my doctor told me that I have a healthy colon and that they did not find any polyps. It is impossible to thank you enough for being the channel through which my Beloved Kuthumi touched my body to heal it. But He did not just heal my body. He also healed my mind and spirit, because beforehand I was completely nervous. After my Healing Session, I was very calm and happy, knowing that I was never and will never be alone!"

"May God and The White Brotherhood always bless you, D.L.M."

67.   June 02, 2010 - Lloyd M. - West Decatur, Pennsylvania

(Knee and Hip Pain)

"Dr. Jim, I have had pain in the right hip for over 2 years. It is great to be relatively free of pain. I say relatively because during our Yoga Class there was a small degree of discomfort in that area. As far as the knee is concerned, an Arthroscopy chipped away the irregular cartilage, and it had been trouble free until very recently. After the 3 Prayer Sessions with you and Lord Kuthumi, the knee has been absolutely pain free."

"Remember your stating that you and Lord Kuthumi were paying particular attention to my lower chakras? Low and behold, there are changes in that area. I used to have to get up at night 2-4 times to urinate. Recently I have been sleeping all night through with no interruptions. Also, until most recently I have had to take 2-4 doses of Metamucil to relieve constipation. Well, I have had to take no Metamucil for the past week. The Lord be praised! Blessings on you, dear brother; you have been a great help to me in my quest for Christ-Likeness. Thanks again for your part in my healing and progression on my spiritual journey. In the spirit of Christ Kuthumi, Lloyd"

66.   February 21, 2010 - K.J. - Victoria, British Columbia

"Words fall short of adequately expressing what I experienced in the Healing Session; ‘telepathic’ or vibrational communication is crystal clear. Five minutes before the appointed time, I got into my reclining chair and took a few deep, relaxing breaths. Then I found myself mentally saying, 'Welcome Dr. Jim. Welcome Kuthumi'. As soon as I said that, my Heart Center was flooded with warmth and flowed open. The energy that enveloped me was similar to what I had experienced on Thursday night but not as intense. However, considering that Thursday night was an 'urgent' situation, that fits." (Kuthumi had come to conduct Healing for major stress and anxiety.)

"During the Session, I lay there enjoying the vibrations that surrounded me and the colours that danced before my eyes. I felt energy in various chakras, specifically a strong vibration/adjustment in the Throat Chakra followed right away by the same in the Splenic Center, and I understood the link. Then the energy was focused below the Root Chakra. A bit later the 3rd Eye Area was filled with pulsing energy. Throughout the Session, I felt energy focused in different areas of the body. At one point, I felt that my entire auric field was being swept clear of psychic debris. Then I was greeted with a beautiful array of bursting stars, very clear and bright. And then another burst of stars but this time much paler, which I took as ‘good-bye’. I didn’t want the energy to end, and I remained in my zero-gravity chair for another 10 minutes or so."

"When I got up, I felt ‘out of this world’. . . . I had no desire to leave my home and go out into the world. After about 4 hours my daughter took me to the small beach below where we live and we spent a peaceful hour there near the salt water with the ducks and other birds."

"I am sincerely grateful to you, Dr. Jim, and to Master Kuthumi for this Blessed Healing Session. Heartfelt thanks, Kahriana"

65.   January 22, 2010 - Marika B. - Purdys, New York

(Thoracic Spine Injury, Anxiety)

"Dr. Jim, I wanted to let you know about my experience with my Healing Session today. I'm not even sure how to describe what I feel, but let me first express my deepest gratitude to you. I am profoundly moved by what happened to me today, and I am so grateful to be connected with you and to have worked with Kuthumi. I am also grateful to the white wolf that appeared in the meditation which led me to you. What a gift of Spirit I have been given. As for the details, I was extremely aware of many things that were happening to me during the Healing Session."

"Approximately 10 minutes before the appointment time, I lit a white candle, put on some music and began my own form of relaxation in a supine position, asking for the healing to come, setting the intention, and welcoming Kuthumi. Suddenly, I heard in my mind, very clearly, 'Marika, I am here'! I immediately began to weep very deeply. I have experienced sobbing in other healing practices, but I have not experienced this particular kind of extreme release. This felt like a 'casting off' of a very heavy burden, mingled with the joy of reunion with Higher Powers. I felt hugged and embraced. As the sobbing continued, and then as it subsided, I felt a lot of heat (like a heating pad) in my Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra), both front and back, especially at the site of my back injury. There was very deep breathing, and my hands became very hot as well. I knew intuitively that a lot of 'work' was being done, and it was all welcome and very peaceful."

"After a few quiet moments, I experienced something that was nothing less than astonishing. My spine began to undulate, especially in the area of my Heart Center (4th Chakra) and the area of my injury. I began to laugh, my head rocked to the left (where I've felt some soreness lately), and I just enjoyed the ride. It was amazing! It was very clear that my Higher Self was working on my body with Kuthumi, which was also very moving, and there was a bit more 'reunion crying', or 'bliss crying' as I sometimes call it for myself. Eventually things got very quiet, and I knew the Session had finished."

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart again and again, Marika."

64.   October 31, 2009 - Sandy H. - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Dear Dr. Jim, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful Healing I received from you and Kuthumi a few weeks ago. Here are some of the things that I have noticed that are directly connected to this Healing: I found myself to be more solid in my being, more resolute in my growth/journey. I have found that crying for myself comes easily now where previously it was nearly impossible. I find myself more confident with a mixture of new-found peace and joy. The setting and enforcing of my boundaries has become a necessary ingredient for my moving forward in truth. The ease of and acceptance of setting my boundaries has been a testament to my knowledge of self-power."

"With much gratitude my heart goes out to you and Kuthumi for facilitating this deep, profound, and effective Healing. What a blessing you are to me and to the New World. From my heart to yours, warmly, Sandy H."

63.   June 02, 2009 - Saroj U. - Nasik, Maharashtra, India

(Probable Abdominal Adhesions and Partial Small Bowel Obstruction following Peritonitis)

"I have had a major surgery for urinary bladder cancer which had caused everything in my visceral area to go loose (bladder perforation occurred with resultant Peritonitis). Due to that I always have had discomfort in my abdomen, not even allowing me to sit without pain for a few minutes."

"Ever since Jim had sent a Pulsation (of Kuthumi Christ Energy) prior to the First Healing Session, I felt a lot of activity in my abdomen, almost like a surgery happening. At times it felt like a child was in my abdomen with a strange feeling of hands holding something inside."

First Session: "When my First Session started, I did feel a tingle in my head and then nothing much else. I got a lot of strange dreams ever since the Kuthumi Pulsation which, after explanations from Jim, were related to my Healing. My dreams involved that I was being operated on by a group of doctors. At one point I was shown a big lump (lymph node) which was taken from my armpit. The strange part was that even after waking up I felt lot of pain in that area which was operated on in my dream. I had had a benign breast lump removed about 20 years back but had not experienced any problems with that later on."

"Ever since my First Session, I started experiencing a lot of movement in my abdomen, much more than usual. Also my blood pressure was higher. I was not sure at that point if the Healing was helping me or not, but there was an increase in activity in my area of discomfort."

Second Session: "Clearly, after my Second Session, I experienced relief in my abdominal movement. I very clearly felt the sensation of hands grabbing something in my abdomen. I used to always be constipated, but since then I started getting normal bowel movements, which Jim explained was due to improved and unobstructed peristaltic activity of the bowels related to the adhesions in my abdomen being healed."

Third Session: "The Third Session was quick, but that night too I had a dream wherein I dreamt of a gooey gross stuff coming out of the urinary tract. I woke up immediately and had the urge to go to the bathroom (release of toxins in the aetheric body)."

"I am doing much better now! The discomfort is mostly gone!! I have very regular bowels now. My stomach is much smoother, and I am able to sit for prolonged periods without much discomfort. This is a big thing for me as I have had this problem for almost 5 years now. I sincerely thank Kuthumi and Jim for this noble service. I always pray for Kuthumi's protection. May these Blessed Hands help more suffering people."

62.   May 27, 2009 - A.S. - Ann Arbor, Michigan

(Right Temple Sensitivity and Pain, Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction)

"Before I went to Kuthumi/Dr. Jim, I was so worried about the sensitivity, burning, and pressure in my temple area. The pain would shoot down to my jaw. I even got a CAT Scan and nothing showed up. My doctor could not diagnose what was wrong with me. The anxiety was killing me, and I used to keep thinking about it all day. I went to Dr. Jim with a very positive frame of mind. And then, ever since his first e-mail, when he had written a line about sending me a Pulsation of Kuthumi Christ Love, I miraculously started feeling much better. It felt like a balm was applied on the sensitive temple area. That was the first good sign which prepared me for the Healing Session."

1st Session: "When I lay down, I clearly felt something happening in my head area (Crown Chakra). I felt as if I was encapsulated in a feeling of warmth. I could feel tingling feelings in my head, mostly Crown Chakra, and in my arms sometimes. I even felt the sensation radiating all the way to my neck. I was very awake during the Session but then drifted away to such a rested state which I had never experienced. I felt I would be taken care of and left my worries to Kuthumi. My temple conditon felt as if nothing had ever happened before. It was almost like a miracle."

2nd Session: "The 2nd Session went quickly compared to my first one. As I sat down, immediately I felt work was being done on my right hip (my sacroiliac joint). I felt mild pain and pulling at times. There were times when I felt something happening in my upper stomach (Manipura Chakra), a feeling of some valves opening. Not much in my head area this time."

3rd Session: "I felt completely rested and taken care of."

"My temple condition is much better. I don't feel any pressure or pain now. I have totally left it to Master Kuthumi and Jim. My sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pain is 70% better, and I know it will be 100% better soon. I totally believe that Kuthumi and Jim have healed me! I am forever grateful . This is a totally safe and effective method and it really works. I sincerely hope that more people find their way to Kuthumi and experience this bliss and love."

61.   August 08, 2008 - Lloyd M. - West Decatur, Pennsylvania

(Hip Pain and Achilles Tendonitis)

Last Session: "Dr. Jim, this morning we went to the blueberry farm to pick blueberries. When the 11 o'clock appointment approached, I retired to the car to begin the Session. After the mantras, I observed a strip of beautiful white clouds passing across the windshield, and behold, the likeness of Lord Kuthumi began to form. It was first a side view, and then a frontal view appeared. I gave thanks for the indication of His Presence."

"Both the hip pain and the left heel tendonitis are history. They are no more. The achilles tendonitis and hip arthralgia are completely gone! I have a greater sense of well-being and a closer walk with God. Thanks again for the ministry of healing and inspiration that was afforded me through the healing hands of Lord Kuthumi.       Blessings and peace in Kuthumi's Love, Lloyd."

Follow-up, received June 01, 2009: "Each morning when I awake pain free I thank God, Lord Kuthimi, and you for your ministry of healing and health."

60.   July 10, 2008 - Carena C. - London, England

(Clinical Depression, Bronchial Asthma, Effects of Head Injury)

"Doctor Jim/Kuthumi, I would be delighted to give you an account of my Healing Sessions. The 1st Healing Session was truly amazing. I went to my bedroom and relaxed in order to open my mind and heart. First I saw very bright white lights, then all colours. I felt so completely relaxed as I have never felt before. I could sense healing hands going over my body, but it concentrated on my head mostly. I felt so at ease and peaceful, and I fell asleep for several hours. When I woke up it truly felt as if a great weight had been lifted, and I felt lighter and happier and for the first time in a long time able to cope. I believe the 1st Healing Session was working on my Head Injury and Depression."

"In the 2nd Healing Session, I did the same and went to my bedroom and relaxed. I again saw the bright lights and felt a Presence with me. While relaxing with my eyes closed, I saw the face of Kuthumi as in the picture on your website. Again I fell asleep and felt great when I woke up. By this time I knew the Depression had gone! And it has never returned I am happy to say."

"I must admit that I forgot the 3rd Session. I have memory loss and am rather forgetful at times, this being a part of my problem since the Head Injury. However, even though I forgot about the Session, I did fall asleep and again slept for several hours and felt great when I woke up."

"I shall always remember you for the rest of my life because your wonderful Healing has made a huge difference in my life, and I thank you and Kuthumi with all my heart for this wonderful blessing and Healing. Many have noticed a great difference in my mood, and I must say that I no longer have the Depression. My Asthma has most certainly improved as has my outlook on life in general, and I no longer suffer to the degree that I once did before contacting you both. I feel, in general, a better and healthier person. Long may you be blessed with your wonderful gift.         Kind regards, Carena C."

59.   April 28, 2008 - Deborah W. - Flagstaff, Arizona

(Tendonitis in Arms)

"The Healing you/Kuthumi did for me healed me! I had extreme pain caused by Tendonitis in my arms from shoveling so much snow this past Winter. Anything that I used to try to heal my arms did not work. After a round of anti-inflammatory drugs, the arms were not any better. The Kuthumi Healing did the trick, thankfully! With Spring being here, I need to be and am working in the garden. Thank you.         Deb W."

58.   March 16, 2008 - Brigitte W. - Belgium

(Reptilian Entity Brought into The Light)

Before Healing Session:     "Dear Dr. Jim, I recently found out that I'm pregnant, unplanned, unwanted. After the initial shock, I was able to calm down and tune in to the being inside of me. What I perceive is this: a male energy, named Tibo/Timo, dating back to Atlantis (or older). I perceive him as a Reptile...or half man/half Reptile with cold eyes, spikes on his head, back, and tail (a human fetus but Reptilian at a higher level of being). He says he is in my womb for his and my healing. He is a 'come and go', not meant to stay, not meant to be born. He will act as a 'magnet', collecting all the energetic leftovers of the Wound of Isis, which are still residing in my 2nd Chakra. He'll leave soon, and my womb will be entirely cleaned, healed, free. He says, 'I need to feel the Wound of Isis from a female perspective. I am looking for understanding, for forgiveness'."

"I can feel him floating around in every corner of my womb, looking, sensing, feeling, comprehending. He's going through all my cells, soaking up the energetic blueprint of every torture ever done to the feminine energy, reliving all the stories. He is looking at it from a physical and emotional perspective, from a female perspective, feeling the pain. 'I don't know what pain is', he says. 'I need to learn about compassion'. He keeps on walking around in my womb, showing story after story about the cruel things he has done. He is feeling into the emotions, trying to feel into the victim role. The sense that he isn't meant to be born is there. He really wants to experience pain. That is what he keeps on saying."

Healing Session:     "Here is what I experienced: I was laying down and doing some breathing. Then at 8 p.m. I felt this Strong Energy coming in, as a storm sweeping through and over my body. It felt like a tornado, swirling around, dust and rubbish flying in all kinds of directions, all black and grey and dark. This went on for quite awhile. When the storm was over, everything felt clean and peaceful. Then I felt my womb/uterus expanding energetically. It went as big as the entire universe. There was a war (between the Forces of Darkness and Light) raging in my womb/universe, a complete chaos of planets, stars, comets, energies bumping into each other. This also went on for quite awhile. Then my womb/universe contracted again and went smaller and smaller until it was the size of an atom. From there, from deep inside my womb, a warmth started spreading over my belly, chest, and down into my legs. It was a very pleasant, peaceful, 'yummy' kind of physical sensation."

"At some point I felt a whole team of 'Angelic Doctors' (later confirmed to be High Initiates and Ascended Masters including Hilarion) working on my body. There were 10 of Them at each side, and They were quickly reconnecting 'wires' (symbolically). 'We need to do this quickly'. I also got a picture (aetheric vision) of a white reptile/lizard laying in the sun, soaking up the warmth and the light of the sun and feeling peaceful with a big smile on his face (like a dolphin smile), saying, 'I am Home again' (which differs completely from the gray, brown, black, and mean and ugly Lizzies I perceived before). I believe you/we managed to bring this Lizzie back to The Light/The Source/God."

"Then I fell into a deep sleep. I slept until 1 a.m. then lay awake until 5 a.m. unable to sleep. I could sense some other Dark Lizzies hanging around, peeking in, curious about what happened. Maybe this one Lizzie paved a path to the Light, so others might follow. My feeling is that my womb got swept clean, and we brought this one Lizzie Home to the Light again. This feels already like a big thing, and I am sincerely thanking you for that. During the Healing, I felt you as being surrounded by a light blue light, which felt really reassuring. Thank you for this Healing.       Warmly, Brigitte W."

57.   February 21, 2008 - Christopher S. - Langley, British Columbia, Canada

(Chronic Difficulties of Gastro-Intestinal System)

1st Healing Session:     "I felt an overwhelming peace when I laid down to receive the Healing. I'm sure I saw a Vision of Kuthumi as I was in the Session. My whole body felt as if it were enveloped with White Golden Light. The whole experience was awesome!"

2nd Healing Session:     "I certainly enjoyed our Session we just completed. I felt my abdomen moving and some gurgling of my Digestive System as we were in Session. Also, I felt work being done on my head."

"Working with Jim/Kuthumi has been a great experience. The first 2 Sessions I noticed a huge amount of work being done on my Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra), so much so that I could feel the bubbling of my Digestive Tract. My health has improved immensely since my Sessions. Actually, I can say that all areas of my life have improved, and I look forward to sharing Jim/Kuthumi's work with others. Blessings of love and peace and in joy, Christopher."

56.   February 13, 2008 - Karen B. - San Diego, California

(Nerve Root Entrapment Syndrome - Sciatica)

"I had recently begun a Yoga Program when I noticed what felt like an electrical shock, extending from my left hip down my left leg to my knee, when I climbed stairs. It happened a couple of times, but I didn't pay that much attention to it. Then, within a couple of days I was awakened with razor sharp pain extending from my left hip to my left knee. That was the beginning of a nightmare for me! For the first 2 weeks I did nothing, hoping it would heal on its own. It didn't. It got worse. The only position, day or night, that was even remotely comfortable was standing. I have a desk job. I tried sleeping on the floor because my bed was too soft, making the nerve pinch the instant I sat on the edge of it. The floor didn't work either. I found myself being awakened 10 to 14 times a night with intense pain! The only way to relieve it was to get up and stretch and walk around. Two co-workers of mine, who had the same problem, had bad experiences with Western Medicine, so I didn't want to go that route to healing. One man's partner has been in pain with it for years with the 'help' of Modern Medicine and a Chiropractor. Another woman was in pain for 3 months following the instructions of her HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). I didn't want that. So I visited an Acupuncturist I had seen in the past for another problem. That helped a tiny bit for 1 day with the pain."

"Then a friend told me about the wonderful things Jim was doing channeling Kuthumi's Energy for long distance Healings. At that point, I was about ready to lose my mind from the pain and lack of sleep! I read the pages about Kuthumi and Jim and took into account the good things my friend said about them. I was willing to give it a try even though I wasn't sure I even believed in Kuthumi, and I was a little worried that my condition might be karmic. If that were the case, I felt it might be hopeless. However, I decided to give it a chance anyway. I fervently asked for a healing for my Sciatica and stretched out on the floor at the appointed time. I fell asleep through the Healing. When I woke up, I didn't feel any different. I was disappointed and thought it didn't work. Several hours later I felt some relief, so I made another appointment. That time I fell asleep too. Jim said it was okay that I fell asleep during the Treatments (as long as the request for the healing was made beforehand)."

"I should also mention that I communicate with Angels. I asked my Angel about Kuthumi. He said that Kuthumi is at the Level that humans would call a god with a small 'g' and that, yes, Jim does have the ability to channel and direct Kuthumi's Energy. That helped to convince me further about Kuthumi and Jim."

"By my 3rd Appointment, I was seeing significant improvement. I did not fall asleep. It is interesting to note that the air felt thick around me as I experienced this particular Treatment. Now I was sleeping at night and continued to feel better. During the Last Treatment I had yesterday, I fell asleep again. The Sciatica is now 95% gone. I feel certain that soon it will be 100% gone. I am so happy and thankful to both Jim and Kuthumi."

55.   February 02, 2008 - Coral F. - Matapihi, North Island, New Zealand

1st Healing Session:     "Kia Ora, Jim, (greetings in Maori) a big thank you to you and Lord Kuthumi. I felt sensations around my right foot (big story about my feet). I have not seen much with my Third Eye for several years now but saw quite a few things today: A violet window, which I haven't seen for ages, spirals, spinning or flutters under my eyelids with white energy. Plenty of white energy, magenta colors, a bright white ball in the distance. Sensations above my top lip, clicking near my right ear. I haven't heard that for ages too. Quite a lot of indescribable symbols and other dullish colors. Even a side profile of a Light Being. That was probably you. The whole time I was full of gratitude to you and Lord Kuthumi. I lay there for an extra 15 minutes, and when I opened my eyes a big tear had rolled down my cheek. Thank you again, Jim."

2nd Healing Session:     "Hello Jim, I thank you and Lord Kuthumi for the Healing. I saw a lot of colors, energy, spirals or tunnels, eyes, symbols, something like a purple comet, and other things I couldn't make out. Since the First Healing, every other night I could feel energy at my Crown (Chakra) and bubbly feelings at my Third Eye. It always wakes me during sleep. I give thanks to Lord Kuthumi and I go back to sleep. Thank you again and Lord Kuthumi for your help."

Other Sessions:     "The night I arrived at my Mum's, I went to bed, said my prayers, gave thanks to Lord Kuthumi and Jim, and turned on my side. No lies here, I physically felt manipulation or massage, call it whatever, between my shoulder blades up and down the vertebrae. I instantly gave thanks to Lord Kuthumi and Jim. That was the 29th of December. I presumed that you were going to say that the next Healing was the 6th of January, so I got ready for it and saw things like rockets taking off! Looking above, I saw a white round canopy or disc shape and white faces. Then on the 9th of January, straight up (honestly), physically I felt my neck getting massaged. I always acknowledged Lord Kuthumi and you."

"Then the 30th of January, two days before I came home, I went to bed, said prayers, and then as soon as I gave thanks to Lord Kuthumi and you I physically felt a hand on my Third Eye. It just lingered there awhile. I gratefully gave thanks. I even heard a man whisper a name. It sounded like my nickname. I actually got up thinking someone was outside my window. I'm starting to see things again (by aetheric vision), which is at my pace. I am full of gratefulness. Well, Jim, I thank you again.       Sincerely, Coral."

54.   January 19, 2008 - Kiki L. - Holland

(Chronic Neck Pain)

"The First Session was quite remarkable. Kuthumi showed His Presence by flickering of the lamps and a very deep stillness in the room all of a sudden. It felt very sacred. By the time the Treatment started I felt a lot of warmth in my neck where the pain was located. The Second and Third Treatments were not that spectacular, but I felt a lovely, soft, caring energy around me. After this series of Treatments, the pain is gone. Only a certain stiffness remains that needs some exercises and might fade away later on anyway. I feel very grateful that Doctor Jim made it possible for me to receive Kuthumi's Love and help!"

"I hope more people will find their way to Kuthumi's Hands.       With love and peace and gratitude, Kiki."

53.   January 14, 2008 - Joy K. - Hammond, Louisiana

"A healer suggested that I contact Dr. Jim for an appointment. During the past 20 years, I have been seeking assistance from various healers to help me clear debris still in my energy field, which had come from a psychic attack that happened about 25 years ago."

1st Healing Session:     "During the 1st Healing, I could see some rods/pins being removed from the center of my Root Chakra, two from the abdomen area, and one from the left side of the top of my head. I am aware that these rods/pins were holding much of the debris to my energy field and body. I also saw a long, tube-like cord being pulled away from the side and back of my right leg and another one from my abdomen. I felt the Energies of warm, Pure Love coming through during the Healing. Afterwards, my eyes felt better. I could feel that a lot of debris had been cleared out of my head."

2nd Healing Session:     "As the 2nd Session began, I saw the face of a bearded Man and his upper body through a mist, not clearly, and thought it may have been Kuthumi. After that, I saw the bright image of a man with slanted eyes and gold-toned skin, sitting without any clothing. With his back to me, I could see only his profile looking over his shoulder towards me. The upper part of his body was in the right proportion, but the lower part from the chest down was very large, distorted looking in relation to the upper part. I sensed that this diabolical figure represented the source of the psychic attack, though I was not sure who it was. During this Session, the Energies coming through were the same Healing Love Energies as the 1st Session but at much deeper level. This had the effect of pushing all the debris to the surface of my field where I could feel it as some kind of electrical net that was obstructing the free flow of my energy. I felt a pulling of cords in the right side of my shoulder. It started to hurt, and then the energy changed depth to below my waking consciousness. My conscious self and mind went into a dream-like state, and only my Soul was aware of the Healing Energy passing through me. Afterwards, my ears felt much better, as there had been some kind of cord-like entanglement in them causing soreness, and it was gone. Also, more of the debris lifted up and out of my head and legs."

3rd Healing Session:     "More of the net-like debris went up during this Healing Session in the Healing Energies passing through me. I was aware that a very large cord in my right knee was pulled out, and I am very thankful for that because it had been there since childhood, causing what is called a 'trick knee'."

"Thank you, Dr. Jim and Kuthumi, for helping me clear a lot of this debris out of my field and enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of the source of the problem. I can feel the Energy of Unconditional Love flowing through me most of the time, continuing its healing effect upon my body, Soul, and Spirit. With much gratitude, Louisiana Joy."

52.   December 08, 2007 - Tammy M. - Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

(Relationship Problems)

"Thank you, thank you, Jim & Kuthumi! After 3 Healing Sessions and about 8 weeks after the First Session, my relationship with my partner and father of my child has improved tremendously. It’s hard to really calculate how our relationship has improved except that there is a lot less arguing and a lot more love. We both seem to be less judgemental of one another, and when we do have a disagreement, we both want to work it out. We have a habit of arguing rather than talking things out, but lately we’re doing a lot more talking. I am also feeling more secure in my relationship, and I trust my partner more than ever. I feel like our relationship has matured and a sense of harmony has been restored."

Healing Session 1:     "About 10 minutes before the Healing Session was to begin I began to feel a real presence or strong sensation in the top left side of my head. At 6 p.m. I began to feel a full body tingling, something I have felt before during meditation, but even with the distractions of my 1 year old in the background it did not go away. Through the roughly 20-minute healing, I felt strong sensations in particular parts of my body. At first it was my stomach (Manipura Chakra), then Heart Chakra, then hands, head, legs, and Crown Chakra. It was really nice. I also felt a cold sweep into the room."

Healing Session 2:     "I felt the Energy through tingling throughout my body. I became so relaxed and then fell asleep. I will say that since 2 weeks ago the First Healing, I have been practicing the standard technology as well. And since the First Healing my relationship hasn’t been so tense."

Healing Session 3:     "I mostly felt the Energies in the upper part of my body this time, from my heart (Anahata Chakra) to the top of my head (Crown Chakra). Everything is going well with my partner and me, better than ever before."

"Once again, thank you both for the wonderful love that you shared with me during the 3 Healing Sessions. I anticipate continued progress in my relationship and life in general.       In love, Tammy."

51.   November 20, 2007 - Rebecca L. - San Diego, California

(Addictions and Clinical Depression)

"I initially contacted Jim for Healings from Kuthumi because I was struggling with Addictions and low level Depression. I wanted to take myself off Prozac, which I had been on for several years due to illness and pain, feeling that the illness was much better and that the medicine was no longer working. I also had a lot of emotional energy holding patterns in the Solar Plexus Area (the Manipura Chakra) that needed to be shifted out."

1st Healing Session:     "In the First Session, I immediately felt the room filling with Light and Vibrant Energy. I saw, in my Third Eye, Kuthumi clearing out black arrows from my Solar Plexus (Third Chakra), using his finger tips to pull them out. It was amazing! I saw geometrical designs in my brain as he worked to help re-balance my brain chemistry. At this time, I had been off the medication for a couple of weeks. The next day I went to exercise and rode the stationary bike for a half hour. To my surprise and with great gratitude, I felt endorphins circulating in my brain, and mental feelings of good will engulfed me. It was a most incredible blessing. For years I had not felt full force endorphins. It spoke to me of the validity of the Power of this Christed Energy."

2nd Healing Session:     "My Second Visit from Kuthumi, I slept in a semi-sleep state. When I regained consciousness, I was immediately greeted by a Blinding White Light of a shimmering vibrancy. It was clear to me that Kuthumi was acknowledging to me that, yes, He had healed me while I slept."

3rd Healing Session:     "Today when Kuthumi came He was wearing a multi-colored gown of shimmering colors tied at the waist. It was hard to describe, but it was beautiful. His walk was slow and graceful. He was wearing his turban. He gracefully walked to a sort of white, bar-like table that was waist high. I saw a white bowl on the table. In the bowl was a gold substance. He came to me and put the substance on my Third Eye (Ajna Chakra) and moved it in a clockwise direction. I saw amazing rainbow colors shooting out of my Third Eye toward the world. He let me know He had been aware of my recent suffering and kissed me on the forehead. I was much honored. He bowed to me in a Namaste' position before leaving."

4th Healing Session:     "The Healing began again with my awareness of large amounts of a High Light Vibration around me. I asked Kuthumi how to protect myself from negative energies, as I am a sensitive who feels people’s negativity toward me at a deep level. I was told to pray, to meditate, and to give to others, and I was told that I needed to connect daily with the Christ Light, and this would keep my aura strong and deflect negative energy. The message was simple, yet profound, because it really registered with me as to why these disciplines would help me and keep me strong. I continued to receive High Vibration Energy in my physical body and had a very positive day as a result. I have had no desire to addict since the Healing Sessions began. My Depression is getting better. I feel that this last piece of wisdom from Kuthumi is the answer to living a joyful life."

Summary:     "Before my Healings, I felt Depressed and struggled with Addiction. Since my Healings, I do not feel the inner struggle. I know that bio-chemically my mind (the neurotransmitter imbalance) has received miracles from Kuthumi. There is no way I would be doing this well otherwise. I now find myself wanting to meditate more and have begun to use my will to discipline myself and sit and connect with Spirit and The Ascended Masters. It is so easy for me to get caught up in constant mental chatter of which none of it really matters. All that matters is how well I love, and this I will continue to work on. Thank you, Jim. Thank you, Kuthumi.       Rebecca"

50.   November 17, 2007 - Aleitta R. - Estes Park, Colorado

"Good morning, Jim, if there were anything about my Kuthumi Healing Sessions that I would share with others, it is this. I discovered that I am an essential part of the entire experience. He did not just swoop in and take it all away. My part in this was to breathe very deeply on a daily basis and make a conscious CHOICE to ALLOW my body to rebalance itself. The breathing tells you on all levels, even to your Soul, that you are choosing life. One must remember, Kuthumi's job isn't to take it all away, and you also need to consider and choose what changes you will make to become more of what you came here to be. In other words, what will you do with what you receive? Some of the changes that I found to be necessary were to change some eating habits and to release old thinking patterns that were mere recordings that didn't serve my life anymore. There are more, but you get the idea. Was it difficult? Yes. Was it worth it? Emphatically yes!"

"So, if one finds that the healing 'wears off' or 'doesn't work', well then, consider that you may not have participated in something that you are able to do and haven't yet fully participated in. In my understanding, Jim, this is the basis of healing of any type. You are responsible and able to do it yourself. Kuthumi helps with it, but at the same time you must be the master of your life and, therefore, of your body. As a final note, it is most important to let go of any and all expectations. This means that one must trust what comes about. Healing doesn't always look like what we expect it to! Thanks so much for the work that you do! Love, Aleitta"

49.   October 08, 2007 - Robert M. - Opelousas, Louisiana

(Bipolar Affective Disorder)

"Hi Dr. Jim, thank you and Kuthumi for helping me so much. Here is my testimonial."

"Before contacting Dr. Jim, I was having a lot of trouble with medicines that I take for being Bipolar. Most of the time I would have a heavy feeling in my head and chest. I often felt sick overall and just didn't really enjoy life."

"Dr. Jim performed three distant Healing Sessions for me, which I am very grateful worked much better than I had hoped. During the First Session, I felt a swirling action in my upper stomach (Manipura Chakra) and a need to quit trying to worry about things. The Second Session was relaxing, and I felt like a gentle, painless incision was made from my upper stomach (Manipura Chakra) to the middle of my chest (Anahata Chakra). The Last Session was about like the first."

"I felt no pain at all during the Healing Sessions or at any other time for that matter. Most importantly and with much gratitude, the heaviness in my chest and head is gone. I feel very happy to be alive, and all kinds of great things are beginning to happen in my life. Not only do I feel good, but it seems like I am just repeatedly running into lucky or just wonderful experiences. Also, I feel like a loving energy is staying near me. I feel better now than I probably have my whole life! All I can say is WOW!! Thank you so much, Robert M."

48.   September 22, 2007 - Brenda A. - Dodge City, Kansas

(Long History of Menstrual Cycle Abnormalities)

"I had a hormone imbalance for a long time and had been using herbs and progesterone cream to help balance them. As I got older it seemed to get harder to know how much of which supplement to take, so there was a lot of trial and error trying to figure it out, and some months I would have heavy bleeding with large clots, being very drained and tired feeling, and more cramps than other months. I also was having leg and feet pain, so I asked Dr. Jim if he and Kuthumi could help me with the pain and balancing the hormones."

"Dr. Jim did three Sessions, and the First Session I could feel intense tingling all over but especially in my legs. I also felt a heat sensation in my abdomen area. The Second Session I felt the tingling, but then I felt chills all over, and it seemed to continue into the evening. The Third Session I just felt the tingling, no chills or heat, but a very peaceful and relaxing feeling. The next menstrual cycle was the best cycle I have ever had in my entire life, and I breezed through it -- no cramping, no heavy flow with big clots, and I did not feel drained. The legs and feet felt much better also, and I was able to stand and go for walks for longer periods of time. Thanks, Dr. Jim and Kuthumi!!!"

47.   September 15, 2007 - Diana M. - Sahuarita, Arizona

(Healing of Breast Cancer)

"On June 18, 2007, I went in for my annual mammogram, and by July 11th I was told that I had Stage I Breast Cancer. I immediately contacted family and friends to build my support network, as I DO BELIEVE that God answers prayers and that 'thoughts are things'. I focused all of my energy on loving and caring for my body, researching breast cancer, and reading everything I could find on self-healing."

"Only 3 days later, I received an e-mail from Carol Walczak, asking me if I would place a link from my website to hers. While researching her work, I noticed her link to Dr. Jim and Kuthumi. Being one who believes in synchronicity and listening to all messages being sent to me, I followed the link and asked Dr. Jim for a Healing."

"I was surprised and very pleased when I heard from Dr. Jim, and he scheduled my First Remote Healing on July 26th. It was a very loving and peaceful experience. I felt protected and calm that All Is Well."

"My Second Healing Session was on August 9th. I felt GREAT GRATITUDE and JOY during that Second Healing Session, and at the end of the Session I wrote in my diary, 'I AM HEALED'."

"August 16th was my out-patient surgery. I felt REMARKABLY WELL, even the first day after surgery. I was given a prescription of Percocet for pain control but only took it for less than two days. Everyday I continued to get stronger and was even back into my regular clothing by the third day!"

"Six days later I received word that the pathology report of my lymph nodes and tissue around my tumor ARE CANCER FREE!!! Praise God and all of His Masters!"

"The next afternoon (August 23rd) was my Third Healing, and I literally felt like there were Healing Hands on my breasts. No matter how I adjusted my position, I felt the sensation of hands healing me. I also felt led to draw Runes during my Healing Session, and I received very clear messages of disruption and balance. The words spoke directly to my heart and knowingness!"

"I am now waiting to meet my Medical and Radiation Oncologists. I made a promise to my surgeon that I would accept Radiation but will take any further recommendations for drugs under advisement. I am one who believes that drugs are NOT the only path to health, and I will not take them blindly. I believe that attitude, self-talk, meditation, diet, exercise, and help from wonderful and generous people like Dr. Jim are what REALLY help us create and maintain the Blessing of Health."

"My life has changed IMMENSELY from this cancer experience, and I DO consider it a gift of 'wakefulness'. I THANK YOU, Dr. Jim and Kuthumi, for being such a huge and vital part of my experience, growth, and health. I will be forever grateful!         Namaste', Diana M."

Received January 07, 2008:     "I am 30 days past the completion of my Radiation Treatments, so I saw my Radiologist this morning for my final follow-up with him. When I 'flashed him' my chest, he LITERALLY pushed back on his stool and said, 'Wow, your symmetry (of the breasts) is amazing! Your skin looks beautiful! You have really done incredibly well through this entire experience'!"

46.   August 21, 2007 - Judy Mc. - Canberra, Australia

(History of Cervical and Lumbar Back Pain)

1st Session:     "Hi Doctor Jim, thank you very much to you and Kuthumi for my first healing on Sunday. For about 12-15 hours before the healing was to take place, I felt strong energies around me and vibrations building within my body. Then, at the appointed time I started to feel really strong vibrations throughout my body, and then it concentrated in one area, moving to another area from time to time. This lasted for around 30 minutes and then subsided. What I have noticed since is that my lower back and hips are far less painful than they have been in years. Also, some other areas are less painful, so definitely some changes and healing have taken place. With very much gratitude, Judy." Received a week or so later: "I have much more energy at the moment, and my back has definitely improved."

2nd Session:     "Again, I felt the energy building before the Session was to start, especially around my forehead and Third Eye. Then at the appointed time, I invited Kuthumi in and felt very strong energy, directly in and around my Third Eye. This intensified and, although I was focusing on it, I either fell asleep or drifted off to other realms because I don't remember anything more. I am still moving more freely than I have for a long while, and my back continues to be less painful."

Final Session:     "Hi Dr. Jim, the Session that I had on Sunday morning was really good. I felt the energy very strongly for about an hour before the Session was to start, and then it became stronger once it had begun. My back certainly felt freer and much less painful after the Session ended as did, in fact, my whole spine. Since then, I have been moving more freely, and my back seems greatly improved. Thank you very much for the healings. I am most grateful and appreciative, Judy."

"At the time of each healing, I found the energies strong and knew Kuthumi was with me and healing me. I think the healings were deep and not immediately physically apparent, although some pain was relieved and I can move more freely than before. I feel also that the healing is ongoing and will take a bit longer to 'kick in' or be noticeable. I am so grateful to you and Kuthumi for this, and I hope that many others will find you and be willing to have a healing."

45.   August 18, 2007 - Marianne L. - Ashville, Alabama

(History of Weight Gain, Hypertension, and Emotional Difficulties)

2nd Session:     "Dear Jim, this Session was more eventful. After the first 10 minutes, I constantly felt stuff being pulled out of the front of my body (aetheric body). It felt very similar to a system I used to practice called 'Sahaj Marg' while receiving a cleansing from the Preceptors. You feel like stuff is being pulled from you. My blood pressure is back to normal. Really, I feel very good. I am re-evaluating my life which is calling for many changes. I am ending the self-destruction. Love, Marianne"

3rd Session:     "Dearest Jim, WOW, how lucky can a girl get? I received a powerful healing during thunderstorms on a Full Moon! It's such a wow at how things come to us when we are ready. This Session was much more powerful than the last. I felt the pulling immediately. That happened for a while, then I could feel tingling, bubbling, tickling on different chakra areas. Then there was a very fast coursing of energy in different directions at the same time, all up and down, like the energy was running up and down the meridians (in the aetheric body) at the same time. That lasted for a long time. When I came out of the bedroom after the Session, my husband commented that I looked more rested and peaceful than I have in a very long time. I feel it!!! I feel so much better! I am eating healthy, taking my supplements, exercising, cleansing, healing, and loving myself. Jim, I can never express how grateful I am. May God bless you and yours, Marianne."

After 4th Session:     "Dear Jim, I am speechless! Thank you, Lord Kuthumi and Jim! There has been so much change since I first contacted you 6 weeks and 4 Healing Sessions ago. All I can say is that I feel whole for the first time in 5 years! I have direction with my life. My self esteem is at an all time high, and there's not a problem with my health. The weight is falling off, and the blood pressure is already normal! I have slept better in the last 6 weeks than I have all my life! I wake refreshed and positive and can handle anything. It's great to be excited about life again! Thank you again and bless you, Marianne."

44.   August 02, 2007 - Laurie H. - Oxnard, California

1st Session:     "Hi Jim, I had an amazing experience this morning during the healing! I feel like I was experiencing my crucifixion. Twice my left hand jerked in the air, and my arm really hurt right below my wrist. I could actually see my crucifixion! My hands were also throbbing in a few places. Next, I saw my feet during the crucifixion, and they were attached to a round globe. I feel like it represented the world. Then I fell asleep. Pretty amazing... Thanks for this experience!"

Another Session:     "Hi Jim, I would like to thank you for the healing energy this past weekend, WOW!! I saw Kuthumi pulling grey, nasty stuff from my body (aetheric body). He told me that He would work with me again if I wanted to. I just needed to ask Him directly. I feel so awesome and healthy. Thank you so much for your time. You are awesome!!!"

Testimonial:     "Dr. Jim’s Christ Energy Kuthumi Healings are very loving and transforming, if you choose! This was a life-changing experience for me! Dr. Jim and Kuthumi helped me move some very stuck energy. If you are truly ready for a change, this is a loving way to release old stuck 'stuff'. The Energy is very soft, loving, and comforting. I also saw visions which helped me to understand so much. This allowed me to release, release, RELEASE! Thank you, Dr. Jim and Kuthumi. This was truly a beautiful experience!"

43.   July 27, 2007 - Antje H. - Mullheim, Germany

1st Session:     "Hi Dr. Jim, I want to let you know what happened during the Session. I felt a lot of pulsing through my whole body and then mainly in my hands. All of a sudden I had huge difficulties in holding the focus (not normal for me) and gave up fighting for that. My whole system feels different now, and I am a little spaced out. It feels like there is a lot on its way. Let me thank you deeply for your work and presence, Antje."

2nd Session:     "Dear Dr. Jim, a huge wave of gratitude is flowing in your direction. It was a wonderful experience yesterday. I was flooded with a verrrrry gentle energy of love, warmth, and cozy, total acceptance. Time and matter faded, and I simply was in the NOW moment full of joy. For the duration of the Session and for about 2 more hours, I felt completely whole. It charged my battery a lot. Again, thank you for your loving service. I hope to meet you in 14 days again.       With love, Antje"

42.   July 25, 2007 - Linda S. - Plano, Texas

(Request was made for healing work to be done on suspected blockages in the Manipura or 3rd Major Chakra.)

1st Session:     "Thank you for the Healing Session today, and thanks to Kuthumi and all of the other Beings Who participated. I often don't feel energy even when I am the facilitator, so I didn't have any preconceived ideas. The first thing that I felt was a very comforting warmth all over my body. At times it would be more intense on the backs of my hands. At one point I felt a light pressure in the right side of my head. Then I felt energy moving up my right leg. The explosions or 'blow outs', as I call them, happened a number of times in my Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra), at first like a kick from a baby's foot (inside) and then lessening in intensity. I coughed a number of times also, and the cough was an indication of break-up of blockages in the Solar Plexus (the cough was originating there). I finally dozed off and came out of it with a little fit of coughing, feeling very peaceful and calm. Again thank you. Warmest regards, Linda"

2nd Session:    "Dr. Jim, thank you very much for my Healing Session today. It was very powerful. I felt warmth all over and then drifted off. I woke up to air being expelled through my mouth, kind of like someone was gently pushing on my lungs to release the air. I felt a tingly, good feeling all over my body and then pressure in the Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra), which was the area being worked on. Thank you for the beautiful healing energy which I did feel. In the evening, I felt an energy in my Solar Plexus which I have felt many times before, but it was much stronger. Having had 2 children, the best way that I can relate it is that it feels like a baby kicking in that area. It is such a strong burst of energy that if I were watching that area at the time it happens I would actually see the skin protrude during the energetic 'kick'. With much gratitude to you and to Kuthumi, Linda"

41.   July 10, 2007 - Greg P. - McKinney, Texas

(History of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD. Recent onset of severe dental pain treated by cryotherapy and the highest recommended dosages of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.)

"Hi Jim, thanks so much for facilitating the healing. It was quite strange as I didn't feel anything around the chest area, not that that means there was no healing taking place there. The odd thing was that I was having a MAJOR issue with an upper tooth. As I lay there anticipating the chest healing (COPD), the whole left side of my face became very hot, and then cold, and then hot again, and finally those sensations just melded away."

"From that moment on, I had NO PAIN whatsoever from the tooth!! I had been keeping ice packs on it and taking 3-4 Advil (200 mg. per tablet - NSAID) every 4-6 hours to try to manage the pain. All I can say is WOW!! Kuthumi is one fine dentist. The curious part is that the gum swelling is still there even though the pain is completely gone! So, THANKS A MILLION to you and Master Kuthumi!         Greg"

40.   June 28, 2007 - Elisabeth - Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

(7 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with exacerbations and improvements but no resolution. Multiple Food Sensitivities, especially wheat. Worsened by Stress/Anxiety.)

"Since 2000, the IBS would sometimes flare up and sometimes recede, depending on my activities, diet, and emotional state. However, 7 years later I am IBS free! It is gone! Yippee! I can even eat wheat if I want to without suffering. I rarely have any bloating after eating. This is so nice. I am also a bottomless pit, grazing constantly. It feels good to have such appetite. I am hopeful that some weight gain will ensue." (Irritable Bowel Syndrome was healed during Healing Sessions with Kuthumi.)

"During the past few Healing Sessions I have 'seen' a Being of Light at my left side, though there have been other times when it seemed like Someone was at my head or at my right side. Curious. Anyhow, I am sure it is Kuthumi, since He is the one expected to be with me. Much gratitude to you and Kuthumi once again. I really appreciate your commitment and generosity. Many blessings to you.       Love, Elisabeth"

39.   June 25, 2007 - Carol W. - Eden, Australia

"I first found Dr. Jim and Kuthumi's site by 'accident' while checking out someone else's website. I felt compelled to contact Dr. Jim, though I didn't have anything physically 'wrong' with me, and I felt that maybe I was taking up space which should go to someone who is genuinely in need. Soon after that, I got a response and we set up the 1st Session."

"I had that Session in mind every day, and it was written down on my calendar. Well, somehow at the last moment it completely slipped my mind, so I was playing a relaxing computer game at the time of the session. At some point, I felt Someone put their hands on my shoulders, and even then I didn't twig! Dr. Jim kindly reminded me to prepare myself in a better way for the next Session, and he said that he felt the work was being done on my emotional body, due to early childhood abuse."

"The 2nd Session was in the middle of the morning while I was driving. I felt that it began about 15 minutes early, though it took me a while to find a good place to pull over. To begin with I felt an opening or a loosening down into my lower chakra areas. After that I felt myself being asked to make choices, one after another after another. After that Session, I was uncharacteristically emotional for days on end. I also became closer with my friend, while finding a new way to reclaim my power in an uncomfortable situation so that it ceased to be a problem to me. All sorts of new potentials were opening up out of the blue as well. There was movement!"

"The 3rd Session began with warmth in my Solar Plexus Area (Third Chakra). I saw a lot of violet light and some green. My belly area had a lot of gauzy, grey fabric removed from it, layer by layer, until my intestines were visible and looking very healthy (in the aetheric body). Then that was all closed up and healed. Layers of something went from my face, and I felt a loosening of tightness over my frontal lobe area, as if my skull had expanded there. I also had a conversation with my ex-husband, but that may have been my mind just wandering. I also saw beautiful lips within the violet light, but could not hear what they were saying, and saw lots of eyes and a mouth and nose that was possibly Kuthumi's. My breakthrough, in the following week, was to realize that whoever is responsible for me on the other side of the Veil actually cares! They really have my good at heart! I feel safe now. I can't begin to say what a difference that makes to my approach to life and my ability to work with the new energy and let go of the ways of the old."

"Several weeks later, I can say that my belly and pelvic floor muscles seem effortlessly stronger, and when I visited friends who hadn't seen me for a few months, they commented that I look lighter and younger.           With love, Carol"

38.   June 22, 2007 - Annie L. - Cincinnati, Ohio

(Diagnosis of Ductile Carcinoma of the Breast monitored by Thermography and Ultrasonography. Final Sonogram of the Breasts read as Normal by the Radiologist.)

"In October 2005, I was diagnosed with Ductile Carcinoma in the left breast. I had no symptoms until after I had a Mammogram. I had tingling sensations and a slight change in the nipple and lots of sensitivity."

"After trying many healing modalities and also changing my diet, I found Dr. Jim and Kuthumi in January of this year. I received long distance healings from January to May. After the Sessions were over, I would always feel at peace. Once, I felt a warmness (in the breast), and the last few Sessions I felt like I could just fall asleep."

"In April I had a Thermography done, and it showed great improvement at Th-1. In 2005 when I had a Thermography done, it was a Th-4. There was concern about the right breast this time around (in April) because the numbers had changed on it. I was advised to have an Ultrasound done, so on May 24th I had one done. I had no symptoms going on in the right breast. The sonographer was quiet as she scanned the right breast. Then she asked, 'where was the other cancer in the left breast?' I told her it was between 10 and 7 o'clock. She scanned and never said anything. When she was finished, she left the room to take the test to the doctor that reads them. A nurse returned and told me that the doctor was going to label the test incomplete because I had not had a Mammogram before the Ultrasound. A week later I received a letter from the hospital saying that my Sonogram 'appears to be normal'."

"I believe that everything I did contributed to my healing and that I healed faster because of Dr. Jim and Kuthumi. I am very, very grateful to Dr. Jim and Kuthumi and feel so very blessed to have found them. I would encourage anyone out there who needs a healing to give them a chance. You will be glad you did. Dr. Jim has got the best prescription ever!"           Annie L.

37.   June 08, 2007 - Rosamaria - Paris, France

(Acute Exacerbation of Bronchial Asthma with labored breathing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and inability to lie down for sleeping)

(after Second Session)

"Last night for the first time I could sleep lying down without waking up, and the breathing was much, much better. I mean, there is not noise (wheezing from bronchospasm) when I breathe in or out. I'm not taking any medicine now (Ventiline). For 4 days I haven't touched it. Of course, there is still the mucous in the bronchioles at night but less and less."

(after Final Session)

"Hi Jim, thank you very much for your help! Since the 3rd Healing Session on the 3rd of June, it has happened. I don’t have any more problems breathing. My chest is clear! I can sleep straight away without any sound in my chest. It’s great!! So, it took three weeks, more or less, for the Asthma to resolve. I don’t know yet if I’m still allergic. Time will tell, but for the moment it is a week already that I can breathe again without any difficulty. The only thing I can say is all my gratitude to you and Kuthumi. Good work!! God bless you, Rosamaria."

36.   May 29, 2007 - Lilium R. - Alberta, Canada

(Prior to Healing Sessions, a history of fear and deep anxiety, lack of courage, and being desirous of greater self-love.)

"Dear Jim, once again thank you so very much and thank You, dear Kuthumi. I have to say at this point that most, if not all, of my anxiety is gone. My courage is at maximum right now, and I also have to say that I Am ready for my divine mission. I feel much closer to myself, and the love has picked up 1000-fold for me/myself ...... truly a blessed place to be in. With love and gratitude, Iris"

35.   May 28, 2007 - Brigid L. - Port of Lyttelton, South Island, New Zealand

"You can have no idea how relieved and heart-warmingly grateful I am in coming across you, Jim, under the auspices of our Beloved Kuthumi. To receive assistance from one of your life experience through the Aeons of Time, who is able to be a transformer for the High Energies, is a most precious Gift -- being that the gift of your life restores the Essence of my life, restores the God-given energies of my life force which will, in turn, facilitate my return to greater service most importantly at this crucial time on the planet."

"When I 'came across' you, I was inwardly s-o-o-o excited because I knew.... I knew I had found my restoration. In that instant, I responded by sending off my request and waited in excited anticipation for your response. It was an instantaneous and whole-being knowing that you were the Divine Vehicle of Transformation I had long hoped for. Hope, my own, went up by volumes."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your existence, Jim, and your Divine Service. Love enfolds you, Brigid"

34.   May 20, 2007 - Brigid L. - Port of Lyttelton, South Island, New Zealand

"Hello Dear One of The Realms, my heart-felt gratitude to you and The Team for your Beingness in Service. I connected in the Aethers with you and Kuthumi and Christed Beings and opened my heart in gratitude for the Session you extended to me."

"On the day concerned (May 07), The Beings started working with me early in preparation. When the Session started, a Ball of Blue/White Light came rolling in (at great speed ). I was in a deep, deep state - 'out there' - yet anchored. My experience is of 'floating on/in the Aetheric Body of the Universe' - Essential Levitation!"

"E-mails don't really do justice to the written expression of that which was felt, yet that sentence is profound!! The Light Ball came swirling, swirling in. I can still see it. The feeling of absolute levitation and floating on the Aetheric Body of the Universe defies words. Peace .... Knowingness .... at Homeness! The knowingness of where I was was repeated over and over again to ensure I recalled exactly. I was reminded some time after the Session to recall and write about the levitation on the Universal Aetheric Body. This was/is key!"

"I felt good afterwards, not sluggish but energized. The next day I had to and, most importantly, was able to walk up an extremely steep path near my property with absolute ease, which I had not been able to do for quite some time. That was major!"

"I continue to strengthen and am able to achieve more and more on the Material Plane. I feel as though I'm on the edge of something momentous and am equally aware that there is much more to be done. My last 'check in' with Kuthumi & Company suggested 3 more sessions with you, at least, shouldst you be so willing. What I would have given to have had your assistance 5 years ago, as I know I am on the emergent side of things now."

"Dearest Jim, I welcome your future Sessions in service to my beingness and the acceleration of my ability to step into the next phase of my Divine Mission in the unfolding of God's Plan on full physical and financial freedom!"

"Most of all, Jim, I just know that your Love in Service has helped tremendously and continues thus, so much so that the many subtle shifts simply have led to improved quality of life. My very beingness is more comfortable and, most importantly, each day I am able to achieve, simply achieve something which is carrying me forward. Each day I feel my Joy for Life returning!! I am able to laugh again, which was once my constancy."

"Thank you, Jim. Thank you and Beloved Kuthumi.         In deep Love and Regard, Brigid"

33.   May 17, 2007 - Barbara M. - Springfield, Illinois

"Hello Jim, I thought I'd let you know how my second distant Healing Session went last night. As with my First Session I felt a heaviness in my body, but this time it felt as if I was being held by the calves of my legs. My hands and feet had been quite cold when I laid down but rapidly became very warm. I felt unable to move yet completely relaxed. My ears rang for most of the Session which lasted about 22 minutes. I received Visions of a White Dove soaring upwards, then it transformed into a Crane, then into a Phoenix, all rising upwards. Even the shadows cast on the ceiling by the candle I had burning seemed to look like wings. This time I heard no words, but the theme seemed to be, 'transform and be free'."

"Near the end of the Session, I saw glowing pink and gold light coming in through my Crown Chakra. I was extremely tired after the Session. Thank you, dear Jim and Master Kuthumi, for my 2 Sessions thus far! I will wait to hear when my third and final one will be.       In gratitude, Barbara M."

32.   May 16, 2007 - Lilium R. - Alberta, Canada

"Dear Jim, I just wanted to report what happened on Sunday during my Session. At the beginning, I saw luminescent blues, greens, and violets breaking into White Light. I also felt my hands heat up again, and this time I also felt like I was being pushed into my couch where I was laying. I could feel my body's 'heartbeat'. My entire body was beating/throbbing to the rhythm of my heart, and I could feel it right through to my backside. I also saw what appeared to be an eagle flying towards me very quickly then veering off to the left field of my inner vision."

"The next thing that happened is that I saw a face in the darker shadows making it's way towards me, and it looked so familiar. Then it hit me. It looked like the picture of Kuthumi you have on your website. I remember asking Kuthumi if I could see Him just once, and I believe my wish was answered. Following this Session, I felt bathed in Loving Energy and a sense of 'newness' in that I now feel strong in my self to carry out my purpose. I am also feeling very loving towards myself and have been ever since the First Session. So, thank you, Jim, and Master Kuthumi. I am forever grateful!      With Love, Iris"

31.   May 03, 2007 - Barbara M. - Springfield, Illinois

"Hi Jim, thank you and Kuthumi for last night's Session. I wanted to tell you my experience while it is still fresh in my mind. The first impression I had of a Presence other than mine in the room was a heaviness in my body as if I was being pressed down on the bed. I was relaxed but rather unable to move. Then, I felt hands over my hands which were resting on my abdomen. That sensation went on for some time. After a while, I got a picture of gunky, sinewy bindings being removed from around my heart (Anahata Chakra). Then these were placed in a white bowl on a table and set afire. The flame became violet. I seemed to sense a figure in a white hooded cloak. I lay fairly still after that, although I was now able to wriggle around a little. Oh, and also the phrase, "Relax and KNOW", kept going through my head. The total length of time that I was lying down from the beginning of the Session was 42 minutes. This is when I felt comfortable in getting up from my bed."

"Again, thank you and Dear Kuthumi for this Session. In gratitude, Barb"

30.   May 02, 2007 - Jody C. - Seattle, Washington

(History of Hypothyroidism, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease, and Stroke/Cerebrovascular Accident)

"My healing went well, but my meditation beforehand was not as good as I like. I felt your arrival and got the usual chills all over for the entire time. Brrrrrrrrr! I was a passive recipient this time and did not participate in the healing at all. I truly am getting better (receives bi-monthly Healing Sessions). My body is producing less phlem or mucous. My coughing is greatly reduced. I awaken much more rested and just plain feel better! Sometimes I feel like I am floating in a bubble filled with peace, serenity, love, and the wisdom of the ages. Today is a very good day (one day after the Healing Session)."

"Thank you for your healing. I am grateful. You and Kuthumi have helped me so much that you will both be forever in my heart. God bless and keep you and provide for you always. Vaya con Dios, Jim, mi amigo.           Love, Jody"

29.   May 02, 2007 - Elisabeth - Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

"During the last Session, I intuited that Dear Kuthumi was giving healing mainly to my emotional body/energy field. I had not intended anything specific (with my mind) but instead had handed the decision over to my Higher Self. Since then, I have noticed much has been coming to the surface to be acknowledged and released. The sleepless issue (insomnia) is letting up. I am finding that speaking up for myself comes more easily ... to the surprise of some! I believe my intuition is more accessible, and I have been having interesting dreams where I am aware of the dream as I am dreaming it and even seeking meaning during it (lucid dreaming)."

"Anyhow, life is interesting, and I feel hopeful. Thank you very much for the Healing Session on April 20th. Love, Elisabeth"

28.   April 30, 2007 - Lilium R. - Alberta, Canada

(History of Fear and Anxiety upon awakening every morning, the Anxiety being profound at times.)

"Jim, at the beginning I experienced my Crown Chakra opening with luminous waves of blue and violet, which then dissipated into a very bright light (in my Third Eye). I felt incredibly relaxed, and both my hands were very hot and red. I awoke this morning with NO anxiety, not one bit, and felt a glorious glow of Love around me all evening yesterday, and it even carried into today. My thoughts are more positive and focusing on courage for the next leg of my journey. I feel stonger in my emotions and, as I stated, the Anxiety is gone!!"

"Thank you so much for sending this healing along. I AM very grateful to both you and Master Kuthumi for this!! Yes, I felt the Love and it was, indeed, sweet! Much love and blessings, Iris"

27.   April 29, 2007 - Mike F. - Munds Park, Arizona

(Prior to the Healing Session, Mike had such exacerbation of his Bronchial Asthma that he could hardly walk the length of his house due to shortness of breath and wheezing and despite taking several bronchodilators.)

"The improvement of the bronchospasm from the Asthma is significant, but when the wind is out of the south I still have problems. BUT, it is better! My breathing is definitely easier, and I have more mobility due to easier breaths. Now I'm a lot more mobile and can sleep at night (due to improved breathing). It is such a pleasure not to need pills (bronchodilators) to get some sleep."

"The lower back pains, the numbness in the left leg (Sciatica), along with throbbing at night, along with the aching feet are about 80% improved. At least the constant pain is almost gone, and I can walk in the woods for better than an hour before noticing any slight twinges. Traveler (his dog) and I are grateful to Kuthumi and you for the healing. You and Master Kuthumi are quite a team. God bless you both. Love and Peace, Mike"

26.   April 25, 2007 - Joe G. - South Florida

"My name is Joe G., and I am a newly promoted police lieutenant in South Florida, so hopefully you will understand that I started my journey (spiritual) very skeptically. Us cops are probably the most cynical, skeptical people on the planet. I am 35 and in good physical and mental health. I am 6 foot 4 inches tall, weighing in at a muscular 240 pounds. I started police work in 1994. I did not come to Dr. Jim for physical healing but for something much greater, I believe."

"Right now as I write this, Master Kuthumi is with me and He wants me to state all of the following. I know He just came to me because I began tingling all over my body. I felt His Love and His Presence as during the Healing Sessions. I asked Him a question only He could know from my Sessions. He buzzed my fingers again (thumb and index) to assure me it is Him and not the Dark Brotherhood. I know it was Him and felt Him immensely."

My First Healing: "I go upstairs, lay on my bed at the appointed time, and start to relax. Dr. Jim was NOT kidding when he said that Master Kuthumi would be with you/next to you during the healing. I felt Him enter, through my sixth sense, very strongly. I KNEW He was there. I felt him poking around and moving my energy body (the aetheric body) very strongly. It was like Reiki on steroids. I started to relax as I felt the Love from Master Kuthumi. I started to drift off to sleep. Master K., who must have chuckled at my response, 'buzzed my fingers'. It felt like I squeezed one of those trick hand buzzers between my finger and thumb. Boy, did it bring me back from la-la land. I knew He did that to keep me awake in my trance state."

"Dr. Jim, I want to thank you for the Healing Appointment. I definitely know that Kuthumi was present and gave me His Healing Energy and Love. I had some specific anomalies occur that not only made me feel and realize His Presence with me but also some physical sensations exactly in the area where I feel this healing needed to take place in my non-physical body. I know now why you suggested 3 Healing Sessions, as His Love and Healing Energies are very strong. I felt Kuthumi poking around and realizing what I needed. One thing is for certain. Kuthumi has an incredible Love Energy."

Second Healing Session: "During this Session, I had the same things occur, but I was not going to let Him get me twice. I did not fall asleep. I can say that anyone that is aware of their energy body (aetheric body) will definitely know when Kuthumi arrives. My energy body buzzes like crazy. I could feel Him manipulating my energy body. I gave Master Kuthumi and Dr. Jim all of my love for their gracious help."

Third Healing Session: "Again, I felt Him poking around and moving my astral body A LOT, progressively more each time. This time I felt Him work extensively toward my head and face. (Joe was tortured and killed by the Sons of Belial -- the Dark Ones -- during an Atlantean lifetime when they placed a device over his head and face to remove his memory of a highly important invention.) He did not remove the pressure completely, but it has been lessening each day now that I think about it as I write this. Since that healing, more and more information has been pressing hard on my intuition. That night after the Session, I went to bed and did my nightly 'meditate yourself to sleep' routine. I felt an IMMENSE, and I mean incredibly strong, draw of energy in through the top of my head. I did not resist it and accepted this gift of Love Energy made allowable by Master Kuthumi."


    Kuthumi is Powerful!
    Kuthumi is Love!
    Kuthumi did work on my energy body (aetheric body) intensely.
    I never before felt so much power within my astral self.
    I believe the experience was real.
    I believe that distant healing works."

"The amount of energy that I am absorbing each day is astounding. As I write this I am sweating, and it is cold with the air-conditioning on in my home. Master Kuthumi has started my awakening. This may explain my amazing progress in only 6 months. I sincerely thank Dr. Jim and Master Kuthumi. I love you both deeply for your generous help."

25.   April 23, 2007 - Deborah W. - Flagstaff, Arizona

Deborah had written me a note about a healing that had taken place during her regular bi-weekly Healing Session, and I wrote back for clarification: "To summarize in my mind, Thursday night you got a wooden splinter under your fingernail, and the pain drove you to go to some doctor on Friday to have it removed. The splinter was removed, but the throbbing pain continued afterward and into Saturday. Saturday afternoon (after the scheduled healing appointment) you found that the pain was gone and also that you had a higher energy level and were feeling much better in general. Would that be accurate?" She wrote back, "Yes, I believe Kuthumi healed me. The energy level was SO HIGH. It was great!!"

24.   April 16, 2007 - Stephanie S. - San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

"I laid down and tried to relax. I called my Father-Mother God, Master Kuthumi and The Great White Brotherhood, my Angels and Guides to be with me. Immediately, the room was full, and I was surrounded by a Higher Energy. I asked that my mission on Earth will come through and that all the obstacles which are holding me back may be understood and that I become aware of them. I asked to open my heart!!! As soon I said that, I could feel another shift in my consciousness, and in my aetheric body I could feel my Third Eye and my Heart Chakra pulsating more strongly. Then I had the feeling that I should lay my left hand on my heart and my right hand on on my Throat Chakra, and energy started to flow through my hands. Then I saw my Father-Mother God, first in 2 forms then becoming one, and a snake-like energy rising up which also happened somehow in me. Then I could see a flower opening up in my heart (3 times) and energy flowing permanently through my body. As the Session was ending, I saw Master Kuthumi standing in front of me. I showed Him my gratitude for his endless Love, and his hand went to my heart and my hand to his heart. My other hand I lifted up to The Great Wholeness, and an activation was happening. Then we hugged each other and became one. PURE UNITY!!"

"Thank you, Dr. Jim, for your kind offer to help.      Love, Stephanie"

23.   April 13, 2007 - Mike F. - Munds Park, Arizona

(Long history of moderate to severe Lower Back Pain with radiation of pain and numbness and tingling into the legs and feet -- Nerve Root Compression Syndrome. Degenerative Disc Disease and Disc Herniation are documented by MRI Scan.)

"Jim, there is 80% improvement following the healing. I thank Master Kuthumi constantly for this expression of His Love and for having you as the go-between. Again, I want to express my gratitude for the healing last week to you and Master Kuthumi. I haven't felt this good and pain free for this length of time in several years."

"Love and forgiveness for all, Mike"

22.   April 07, 2007 - Gale H. - Southern California

(Demonstration of Amazing Grace available from Kuthumi, provided with humor and symbolic importance and compassion)

"Something happened today when I was rehearsing 'Amazing Grace' on stage for tomorrow's performance. It was difficult bearing weight on my foot during the rehearsal. Then suddenly I felt an electric, pulsating shock in my foot, and in an instant the pain was completely gone!! My left foot is disfigured from Arthritis, and it has been painful to stand on or walk on for a long time. Now, my foot does not hurt at all, the first time in a long, long time. The joint still looks crooked, but it feels normal."

"Something definitely shifted in that moment. I have no doubt that something very magical happened on that stage when my foot pain suddenly ended! Peace and Love, Gale"

21.   April 06, 2007 - Elisabeth - Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

"Hello Jim, thank you very much for the Healing Session on April 6th."

"What I noticed for the duration of my Healing Session was a light pressure on my Heart Centre (Chakra), as though Someone were resting a hand very lightly on my chest. That night and the next day I was aware of several emotional issues coming up and being released, mostly tearfully. I faced some 'beliefs' I had about myself that I have been projecting onto others and issues with self-love, etc. It felt like a Heart Centre Spring-cleaning, actually. Other things that are further improved are my digestive system, and I have a great deal of energy. Overall, I am feeling better than when we first met. That is for certain."

"My sincere gratitude to you, Dr. Jim, and Kuthumi!     Love, Elisabeth"

20.   April 05, 2007 - Antoinette R. - Madawaska, New Brunswick, Canada

(History of Hypothyroidism documented by elevated Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - TSH)

"Dear Kuthumi (Christ Love),

Regarding my thyroid gland, my test result (TSH) is 22 now, and the doctor told me that we have to bring it under 10. And do you know what? During the time (since your healing), I was supposed to take Synthroid .75. I never took one and my test result (TSH) is better (previously it was 44), and now the doctor told me that I have to re-increase the medication to .88. I said okay and went to buy that prescription, which I put aside again."

"So dear one, I think I need to balance each of one of my chakras with your healing hands and God's Light. I need your guidance on this to bring all of my body to functioning TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, AND PERFECTLY IN LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH, JOY, HAPPINESS, AND ABUNDANCE SO THAT MY THYROID GLAND WILL BE BALANCED IN THE PERFECT WAY!!"


19.   April 02, 2007 - Elisabeth - Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

"Dear Jim, thank you very much for the healings on February 21st for myself and my dog, Gracie. During the Session I could feel very gentle and peaceful energies, a sensation of warmth, active Third Eye, light, and movement. I became very relaxed. I noticed some gentle twitching in my limbs (especially the arms), which I understood to mean energies releasing. Areas of my body that I noticed energy sensations specifically: head, right ear, right breast, Heart Center, Solar Plexus, and Throat Center. For the next 2 weeks, I continued to release/purge bowels every morning. Mind you, a lot of powerful energies were coming in at that time, and I tend to be sensitive to these things."

"How I am feeling now is much lighter, clearer in many ways. My body is learning to let go of tension (muscle tension) instead of hanging onto it, which is a new developement. The shoulder injury/muscle tension problem I mentioned before has resolved. And now if my muscles get tight, they also relax again without getting stuck and worsening. This is very encouraging."

"Thank you again. Love and Gratitude, Elisabeth"

18.   March 29, 2007 - Joanne R. - Bronx, New York

(One year of generalized body pains and numbness of the hands following a Nuclear Scan of the kidneys)

"Hi Jim, I wanted to write to say thank you. The healing went really well. I feel great, and I have lots of energy. Kuthumi started the healing at my hands, as a warm heat radiated from them. At one point, I felt my hair on the top of my head (Crown Chakra) lightly touched as well as a light touch on my stomach (Manipura Chakra). Afterwards I slept like a baby. The pain that I usually experience is no longer there. The numbness in my hands is almost gone. I have to say that I feel better than I have in a long time. Thanks again. I can't wait for the next Session!           Thanks again, Joanne"

Received in follow-up several months later:

"Since the healing, I no longer have pain all over my body, and I feel great! I have lots of energy. The tingling in my hands is still there but not as much (the numbness is gone). Thank you so much for your help. Lots of love, Jo"

17.   March 22, 2007 - Gale H. - Southern California

"Hi Doc Jim, I received my Healing Mediation on Thursday, March 22nd, at 3:30 pm. I was having moderate neck pain most of the day. It was difficult finding a comfortable position on my back. My neck hurt with or without a pillow. I asked for healing in my C-spine (Cervical Spine) and invoked the visualization of white rings circling my spine, concentrating on C-4 through C-8. I was in a state of awareness with my eyes closed and fully relaxed. I felt as though I was directing the healing. After the Session I did some gentle stretching of the neck. Thank you for giving your time. I am feeling much less pain. Peace and Love, Gale"

16.   March 21, 2007 - Beth K. - Knoxville, Tennessee

"Within my Crystal Pyramid there stands a circle of my Beloved Council. I am at center, laying on a raised bed of rose-colored quartz. Kuthumi comes forward from his position within my beloved circle of Ascended Energies."

"We begin today with visions of the arteries. I understand that Kuthumi is going to start running energies through my circulatory system, kind of like an energetic Angioplasty. He places his hands around my physical heart and begins to whisper, in the language of Light, directly into my heart. The warmth of his words begins to circulate within my physical body. I see the effects of his words. Immediately, the arteries begin clearing, allowing the flow to expand unimpeded. I am grateful for his gentle touch."

"I see the Golden Flame of Kuthumi joining with my own flames of creation within my heart. As I choose to allow His Energies a clear path through my entire being, the fire grows, engulfing my entire field of vision."

"He then moves to the 2nd and 3rd Chakras, placing a Golden Flame upon each. I feel the heat rising through my body, allowing a full opening and balancing of the energy within."

"Thank you for the Session today! I am most grateful for your facilitation. Love and Light, Beth"

15.   March 10, 2007 - Rose - Tampa Bay Area, Florida

"It was about 11:05 AM. I got my 'tone', my indication of alert. I was in a reclined position. I shut everything off and just went with the flow. I felt a warm sensation, a sort of hug. I smiled; I was at peace. I asked for help with my hand and shoulder. I had surgery 2 days earlier, but the recovery from physical invasion was taking its toll. I felt warmth on my shoulder and my fingers tingled. The experience lasted about 10 minutes, but I needed to sleep afterwards. When I woke I felt great. As you can see I'm typing. I said a prayer of thanks and got up."

Received in follow-up: "The experience was unbelievable! As much pain as I live with (multiple vertebral and arm fractures and spinal nerve root entrapment), I felt great for the last 3 days. I'm recovering rapidly from the surgery. It may not sound like much, but I've been losing the use of my arm progressively for a year now. I'm so happy! I pray we'll be able to do this for my back and legs someday. Most of all, I felt loved like a child in her mother's arms. How can I thank you enough? Blessings, Rose"

14.   March 09, 2007 - Tami G. - Elkhart, Indiana

"About 20 minutes before our Session, I quieted my mind and asked Kuthumi to come near, along with all Others wanting to participate. I felt His Presence of peace and profound love. I believe I lay in solitude for over an hour, feeling very loved and contented afterwards. When I had my transformational breathing session the following week, I felt His hands, literally, on my shoulders and neck area. It was wonderful and incredible all at the same time. I find myself speaking to Him often and am ever so grateful for His Presence in my life. Again, I am blessed to have known you and Kuthumi. Blessings in Christ's Love."

13.   February 18, 2007 - Beth K. - Knoxville, Tennessee

"I prepared self for the arrival of my beloved Doctor Jim by gathering my small collection of crystals (love their energies) and chose to share all that we are together for an inclusive view for the good doctor and, of course, Kuthumi. My 2 scent-free candles lit, I began to do some stretching. I felt Kuthumi's Presence arrive at about 5 p.m. He is very much within my home and all portions of my bodies."

"The energy has definitely evolved within my perception. It is more of a support and guiding type role ... one of, dare I say, equality. I am grateful."

"I felt Doctor Jim's arrival as I lay upon the bed. There was a totally inclusive energy scan that penetrated every layer of the physical body. Much attention was paid to my left shoulder area, neck, and spine. It would appear that the pain I have been feeling is, in part, due to misalignment of this area. However, I am aware of the physical heart and the condition in which it is presented to Beloved Kuthumi."

"It was as though a new heart were 'uncovered' within my body. It felt as though the physical heart had also been placed within this embyronic veil that I referred to earlier. This has since been removed. I embrace this with all of my being. I am grateful for the application of these Higher Energies through Dr. Jim. I am also aware that the work is just beginning. I honor this also as my choice."

"During the Session I experienced a spasm, the left foot, 4th toe went into spasm with the vision of the 'new heart' being unveiled. I allowed Kuthumi to position my body for a more efficient flow."

"So much happens within my Sessions. Much of it is beyond words and human definition or expression. This is wholly embraced by self, as I choose to leave much undefined so as to allow its limitness in effect and manifestation."

"The area (Knoxville, Tennessee) got a light dusting of snow on Saturday night. A large heart appeared in my front yard, sitting there under a Bradford Pear (tree), recessed in the thicker layer of snow. It was a heart with a very light dusting. I was/am beyond grateful for the manifestation of visual signs along my path. Love, Beth"

12.   February 17, 2007 - Beth K. - Knoxville, Tennessee

"I have experienced Chronic Sepsis (Hydroadenoma/Sepsis Syndrome) for an entire year. I chose to allow the beloved Dr. Jim to facilitate the healing energies of Master Kuthumi in September of 2006. I am Most Grateful to report that I have been free of all blood infections for 4 months. I am literally thrilled to be able to accomplish simple day to day tasks ... thanks to Dr. Jim's gift of self to me."

"Words fail to express the wonders of His Divine Touch. Comfort, Grace, and Ease come close, however I suggest that one ask to experience this Master Healer for oneself. You will be delighted with the results."

Journal Notes of Beth K. - September 25, 2006

"Dear Dr. Jim, I felt that you may enjoy reading my personal notes from the Session you facilitated for me tonight. Thank you for your service. I surround you with my loving gratitude."

"Attending in my outer circle: Mother-Father God, Metatron, Michael, Brother Jesus, Mary the Magdalene, Mother Mary, Saint Theresa (and all who come in support of my healing). I aligned and opened my entire being to the Energies of Beloved Kuthumi, and I aligned to my physical facilitator, Dr. James Cyr."

"Music: chants from the sacred temples of Bali. Sacred Object: Tibetan crystal from the Rainbow Balancing Template Session."

"The Energies of Dear Kuthumi are far more gentle than I anticipated. The frequency compatibility is amazingly easy -- no dizziness or nausea. The energy signature is definitely that of my Beloved Kuthumi. I welcomed Kuthumi into my energies with great comfort and ease. He began with scanning my physical body in White Light. This I felt as a slightly warm wave of energy cascading from my crown (Crown Chakra) to my feet. I saw a golden flame placed at the Heart Center (Anahata Chakra) of my body. Then, at the 3 lower major chakras, energy pulsated from the further expansion of these chakras."

"A series of mental images flowed forth at this time -- my daughter Hanna's birth (by C-Section). I felt a sharp stab in my cervix. It lasted only a moment then was bathed in warmth. My son, Jim's birth passed in a flash without pain. The next image was that of my own birth. The afterbirth (placenta) came before my actual birth. I was able to see this afterbirth (placenta) as the physical 'source' of this syndrome (Hydroadenoma/Sepsis). There were flashes from previous/parallel lives. One image was bareback horse-riding with another being whom I sensed to be Kuthumi Himself. Maybe this was wishful thinking on my part, but a pleasant emotion flowed with this image."

"There was slight discomfort when the White Light focused on the 2 cysts that are currently present and highly infected. It felt like laser surgery was being performed. The heat was then within my uterus, and my ovaries were as if they were on fire. Pain then began to manifest in the left hip (which is also something I feel was damaged during my birth, along with the protruding disc in the lower lumbar area). Both breasts were scanned and flooded with the warmth of the White Light. The focus then shifted to my mouth. Teeth and gums were scanned and also treated with White Light."

"I felt the energy flowing freely from my Base Chakra through the Crown (Chakra). Then I was bathed in White Light flowing from the Crown through to my feet and into Mother Earth. There was a slight pinching in my right foot inner heel area."

"I rose to empty my bladder, returning to my rocking chair at 9:38 p.m. when I heard Kuthumi speak to me. He asked me to stay seated and 'be with Him awhile'. I happily did so. At this time, He opened a book and began to write today's date -- month, day, year -- followed by a statement that went something like, 'On this date, September 25th, 2006, the karmic overlay has been removed'. He then handed me the book and asked me to sign it, which I gratefully did. The letters appeared in golden script."

"I am eternally grateful for this healing and the Compassion of my Beloved Kuthumi. I invited Him to stay within my home and self. He smiles, laughs, and reminds me that He has never been away from my side. I offer humble gratitude for the facilitation of this healing and the direction to contact the beloved Doctor James Cyr. Kuthumi simply smiles, holding me in his arms."

"It has been one hour since the signing of the book. There aren't any of the usual associated discomforts that accompany a high energy infusion. I am grateful. I do realize, however, that my dream state will be most interesting this night!"

11.   February 27, 2007 - Stephanie S. - Los Angeles, California

"Hello dear Jim and Master Kuthumi. Thank you again. Yes, now I have the time to write immediately after the Session , so everything feels very fresh to me. After I lay down, the energy stream started again in my hands. Then I could feel it more intense in my head inside. I had the feeling that Kuthumi was working with my hypothalamus. I don't know, but it felt (and I saw in my inner eye) something like it being shoved upwards, and the horizontal energy strings to the earthly level got cut off. My energy (subtle) bodies were radiating in all directions, and I got nourished from the Crown Chakra. ( It is difficult to describe or maybe I have read about it, but it felt familiar.) Anyway, then I had a feeling of something pushing me in the right place in my aura on the left. Then I saw a pink-magenta color for a period of time. After that the energy started to work on my lower body and was there for a while. I could feel an expansion of myself, and then suddenly I could feel something in between my eyebrows (Third Eye Area) like something pushed me upwards. Then I saw violet-green colors changing. All of that was at times stronger and at other times more subtle. I have had a fever for the last few days, but I knew it was energetically induced and actually I felt good but physically very weak. After that the fever was finished (up and down for 3 days). I came into my menstruation about 8 days before (no pain and a very powerful feeling), and I feel like I am totally on the right path in the right time in the right place. Everything is in the flow. Love & Light, Stephanie"

10.   February 22, 2007 - Stephanie S. - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America

"Thank you again for your help!!!! Yes, this time was a bit different because I didn't have my private space here in San Marcos on Lago Atitlan .... but I felt and saw something again. The energy started to flow in the belly, and then I could feel something in the hand chakras. After a little while, I could see a diamond in my heart, and suddenly I saw sparks of rainbow colors coming out there (from the Heart Chakra). I think something happened with my Crown Chakra as well. Thanks again. Love, Stephanie"

9.   February 14, 2007 - Stephanie S. - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America

"It was very interesting the Healing Session. First of all, I had a difficult time relaxing, but with my breathing I came into a deeper state of awareness. Then after 5 minutes I could feel an energy stream running through my whole body. It became stronger the more I started to breathe deeper, then I could feel a warm feeling in my hand chakras and in my belly. My awareness was starting to expand, and my Heart Chakra opened more and more. Then I could see the colors white, green, and violet/purple. After that I could see Master Kuthumi. He was standing behind me at the side of my head. He looked very strong and powerful but, at the same time, loving with an inner strength. I could hear the words, 'You receive great knowledge and responsibility. Everything is good as it is. Everything comes in the right time. You are in the right place. Don't worry; everything is good.' I felt a great peace in me. Then another energy stream came through me, and I just felt really relaxed and empowered."

"Thank you so much, Jim, and I can only say that what I felt was beyond words. Thank you for this beautiful service. Vaya con Dios!     Love, Stefanie"

8.   February 02, 2007 - Rebecca L. - San Diego, California

"I met Jim at Unity Church in Flagstaff. I was taken by his deep humility and his desire to serve The White Brotherhood. I was especially impressed that he heals without expectation in return. My experience with Jim and his channeling of Kuthumi was powerful, in that, a block (painfully present for 3 years) under my left rib was removed and stayed away for at least a month. I know that Jim is a true healer in the sense that he is dedicated to helping us all on our spiritual journey. Sincerely, Rebecca L."

7.   December 05, 2006 - J.F. - Sweden

"The greatest healing that took place for me was that my mind that had been in a very busy, stressful state at times was stilled, and I could finally allow healing to take place within me. I felt a great sense of relief as I felt the loving hands of Kuthumi with Jim as a channel for an amazingly gentle love. The moment I felt the touch of Jim's hands, I felt this great comfort and relief that everything was going to be alright. I could finally relax and allow love, which I feel is the greatest way of healing for me. I am forever grateful for the experience I had with Jim's work and for the love that he channels."

6.   November 24, 2006 - Deborah W. - Flagstaff, Arizona

(Recurrent Hip Dislocation with Severe Pain)

"Kuthumi, through Jim, has healed the constant, extreme pain in my hip. I had fractured my back at my L5-S1 (this is my lower back, vertebral column). My back had not healed properly and had caused my hip to constantly go out of place, and it would not stay in place due to the injury. This caused extreme pain, making it really too painful to walk, which I avoided every chance I got. There was no exercise that helped, and it even caused more pain. Kuthumi-Jim healed my injury and pain. I can now exercise, hike, and enjoy life."

5.   November 05, 2006 - Sherry C. - Sarasota, Florida

(Diabetes Mellitus, Type II)

"Dear Doctor Jim, I would like to share my experience of a healing you did for me two months ago. It was an extraordinary experience for me. The sensation I felt was a pulsing through my head and then in my chest. I felt a surge of warmth flow through my body and a sense of peace and well-being. I am a diabetic, and my glucose count has gone down. The most important thing I have derived from this Session is feeling good and more peaceful. I have an extremely stressful job and find that I am much better prepared emotionally and physically to deal with it. I am very grateful for your healing. Love and Light, Sherry"

Received 1 month later: Dear Jim, throughout the week my glucose has been testing consistently between 100 and 80 points lower, even when I cheat a little (e.g. Thanksgiving). I still have not given up my wine drinking. At my last blood test, my cholesterol was 189 and in perfect ratio to the triglycerides. I think that is significant improvement, and I am very pleased. Thanks for all your help. Love, Sherry"

4.   November 04, 2006 - Agnes E. - The Netherlands

"Dear Doctor Jim, thank you so much for the healing! Well, it's kind of difficult to express what I felt during the healing (due to the language too), but I'll try. I felt very clearly when Kuthumi came in. I had expected a soft, loving energy, but it was more like a HUGE ELECTRIC JOLT of energy that I first felt in my hands and then through my whole body. It was so intense that I had, for a few seconds, a real fear that I would be thrown out of my body at full speed and would be hanging somewhere in the Universe. This fear, which lasted only a few seconds, brought me back into my body, but during the Session I felt it again and again as if I would be catapulted into the vast Universe."

"I didn't see or hear so much, the energy was sooooooo intense! I talked to Kuthumi before the healing, explaining to Him my wishes, my great wish to be at peace finally here on Earth and within my Self, to connect fully with my own Divine Being, and to get rid of all the pain I created in this life."

"At some moment I felt ice-cold and had some glimpse of lying in a coffin in a pyramid in Egypt. I know that I've been a High Priestess during the reign of Ramses the Second (incarnation of Kuthumi). At the end I heard Him say, 'Watch your hands'."

"Thank you so much. Thanks to Kuthumi. It was a great experience! I didn't expect such a POWERFUL, POWERFUL Energy!!      Love, Agnes"

3.   November 03, 2006 - Jonathan B. - San Diego, California

(Knee Injury with Chronic Pain)

"I was skeptical when I first heard about long-distance healing, which I suppose was more or less understandable. Not long before my Session, I told a friend about it, who informed me I was insane."

"My right knee had been bothering me for the past couple years, following an ATV (all terrain vehicle) accident. Recently, it'd been getting worse. Having received only mildly successful (at best) treatment from my family physician as well as a hospital doctor AND a Chinese doctor, I thought I'd give Reiki a try."

"I did precisely as Dr. Jim instructed, laying down at our appointed time, putting on one of my favorite instrumental CD's, and focusing on my knee as deliberately as I could. The experience was one I will likely never forget. Whatever lingering skepticism evaporated within the first couple minutes. For the next hour, the energy around my knee was shifted and manipulated to startling effect. Two days later, for the first time in months, I went for a jog."

"The details of the Session are probably unique to each participant. What I imagine is universal, though, is this aspect: mental discipline!!! Mental discipline, specifically on two counts: a) suppressing your pragmatist brain, which will lead you towards skepticism, which will lead to a less successful healing; b) remaining focused throughout on your ailment in question. You lose absolutely nothing by trying this, friends. And as I and several others I know can attest, you have very much to gain."

November 17, 2007 (one year later): "I haven't had knee problems in some time, not since we did the long-distance healing. It's grand."

2.   November 01, 2006 - Morgan - England

(Anxiety and Panic Attacks)

"Before the Session with Jim and Lord Kuthumi, my emotions were all over the place. I was experiencing anxiety and stress and my body frequently had little panic attacks, shaking and trembling. The Session itself was amazing, just lying down and feeling my energies being shifted, mostly in my hands and back, was a very pleasant tingling experience, and the effects have been wonderful. I don't seem to panic anymore, no matter what happens. I have this new sense of being grounded and balanced and being so much more in control than before. Even in my body, I feel more connected to it and sure of it. I feel so much more comfortable now to go out and stay balanced in my own energy. My emotions feel calmer than ever, and it's like the tides have turned and I can continue getting stronger from now on."

"As a result of having a healing with Dr. Jim, although I was having treatment for another condition, I have noticed significant improvement in my eyesight as a side effect. I had been having trouble with my long-distance vision, but it has improved significantly since having the Session with Jim and Lord Kuthumi. Thank you so much for your kindness, Morgan."

1.   February - April 2006 - Greg P. - Western Arizona

(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Dental Pain, Leg Pain post Anterior Compartment Compression Syndrome)

"I am recounting to the best of my recollection several incidents of healing provided me by Jim Cyr. So many occurred that these may not be in chronological order and certainly are not all inclusive."

"My First Session with Jim working on my COPD: After Jim placed his hands on my chest, the movement of air through my airways was easier with less resistance, and in the days and weeks after that I was able to reduce significantly the bronchodilator medicines I was taking. I had been using one Albuterol inhaler per week (one per month is considered heavy use) and was able to reduce the usage to approximately one puff per week. Also, the allergy symptoms (Allergic Rhinitis) diminished and abated after the Session when he placed his hands over my nose and paranasal sinuses."

"I developed an unbelievably severe toothache and could only control it by applying frozen ice packs directly against my jaw. I asked Jim for some help. He placed his hands over the jaw area, and the pain went away almost immediately. I had a kind of vision in which I saw (symbolically) the tooth tilting back like on a hinge and a cloud of black aetheric particles streaming out of my mouth like in the movie, 'The Green Mile'. The pain remained at a tolerable level until I was able to have a root canal done, a post placed, and a crown placed on the post."

"After every Healing Session, my breathing was made easier and usually remained that way for several days. In most cases I felt Jim's hands become very warm, almost hot. On one occasion I sensed that my lungs were being returned to a state or condition of someone much younger."

"In 1992 I had a horrible fracture of my lower right leg playing soccer. I then developed Anterior Compartment Syndrome from having the cast placed on too tight. The Compartment Syndrome destroyed the Tibialis Anterior Muscle and the surrounding nerves. The injury took over a year to recover from, but I have always had varying degrees of pain in the ankle and the knee. During a healing for my COPD, I experienced my right leg and ankle get warm and had a sensation of some powerful energy being infused into the area. I felt a pulsation of energy there. I have since remained virtually pain free in the leg with the exception of occasionally turning the ankle."

"In one of my long distance healings with Jim, I was supposed to be lying down and relaxing at the appointed time. Instead, I had forgotten and was in the check-out line at a large department store. I remembered at that moment (the appointed time), and so I closed my eyes, relaxed, and felt a wave of energy wash over me. My lungs became warm, and my breathing became much easier. I was totally shocked that Kuthumi would just saunter into the store and take care of business. I guess that for One so powerful there is no wrong place to achieve the healings."

"There are many more experiences, but at the moment this old and weary mind can't seem to pull them together. I am very grateful to Jim for his help and will continue to ask him for more when needed and as long as he is willing and has the time for it. Greg P."


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