Saint Francis of Assisi (Kuthumi)

15.   December 07, 2018 - Angelina (Cat) - Perth, Australia

(Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation, Right Congestive Heart Failure, Pleural & Peritoneal Effusion, Hypertension, Renal Insufficiency)

"Hope all of this gives you a picture of my Miracle with Angelina. She was dying in front of myself and my husband. I found Jim from a friend. I was so desperate for her healing. I contacted Jim, and he was so friendly and considerate. I had a natural positive feel about Jim and his abilities. He promised to pray and heal three Fridays in a row. It was actually before the end of the first week that a miracle occurred. Taking out Angelina from an overnight hospital stay, they said she was stable but get ready for her passing; say goodbye to her. All they did was give her a drip and some heart pressure medicine. She couldn't breathe properly. She was having heart failure, and her organs were shutting down."

"We took her home, so upset, so devastated. The next morning we looked around to find her eating. She looked normal again. My God, her little body was strong again: no blood-shot eyes, no problems breathing. She previously hadn't been to the toilet, OMG, for 5 days. I smiled and said a prayer of thanks. To the Lord and to Jim. It's been four months, and she runs around our home, eats with a great hunger, sleeps so well, is playful, cute, and loving her life. Thank you, Jim. You are a great healer. Love and Light, Margie K."


"Thank James Oliver, the healer for my little Angelina. The kindness is echoed into all my gratefulness. Jim, you send your healing to my Baby Angelina. Oh, I am so happy!! This means so much to me!! She was a small light in my own healing. She grew close and is a beacon of healing light. I will never forget Angelina's comfort, understanding, fun-cute personality. It will always brighten my days of pain and suffering. Jim, you healed my healer. God bless you forever!"

14.   August 13, 2018 - Mia (Cat) - Cincinnati, Ohio

"My fur baby, Mia, was paralyzed and wasn't eating or drinking any water. We took her to the vet, and she had an upper respiratory infection for which she was given antibiotics and another medicine. She stayed the night, which was on Saturday. My son contacted Dr. Jim, and he and Kuthumi sent healing on Wednesday. Mia started eating a little food and drinking water that I gave her in a syringe. After the healing, Mia began to improve, and she eats now and drinks water on her own. She is walking again and is getting stronger every day. It will be two weeks this Wednesday since the healing. I am very grateful to Dr. Jim and Kuthumi for her healing.       Sincerely, Annie B., Mia's Mom."

13.   October 14, 2014 - 6 Cats - Cincinnati, Ohio

(Upper Respiratory Illness)

"After I asked Dr. Jim and Kuthumi for help with healing all of my cats, who had very bad colds, I would say that within a couple of days I noticed they were getting better. All of the kitties are so much better. Mia was the one that was really, really sick. She has bounced back to her old self, isn't struggling to breathe, and is very alert. She now answers me when I say something to her, and she isn't hiding anymore. There is a 100% difference in her. Thank you so much, Dr. Jim and Kuthumi, for coming and assisting with the healings of my babies: Jumper, Mya, Louie, Socks, Jazz, and Mia.       With Love, Annie B."

12.   September 23, 2011 - Unnamed Kitten - Cincinnati, Ohio

(Probable Viral Infection of the Cornea, Acute Keratitis)

"I contacted Dr. Jim and Kuthumi when I noticed that one of my kitten's eyes was clouded over. He and his siblings (newborns) had problems with sore eyes. Dr. Jim scheduled three healing sessions. After the second session, the kitten's eye was normal and clear as could be! There is a veterinarian that comes in to do a radio show where I work part time. I had told him about the kitten, and he thought that the kitten was blind in that eye. He said that the kitten would be alright with the one eye. I wouldn't accept that, so I got in contact with Dr. Jim and Kuthumi. I am very, very grateful for this wonderful healing. I am so happy and grateful to you and Kuthumi, Anne B."

11.   February 24, 2010 - Juney Moon (Dog) - Victoria, British Columbia

(Developemental Brain Disorder)

This dog's owner/guardian has been an animal communicator for 18 years and was able to receive communication after each of the three healing sessions. She writes, "Juney Moon's mother was rescued from one of the local Reservations here (for Native Americans). They didn't know that she was pregnant at the time, and I'm wondering if the puppies that she was carrying got the nourishment that they needed. It's doubtful. In any case, this might tie in to the difficulties that she has with her brain."

First Session: "Juney Moon slept deeply through it, but get this: when she sat up she was grinning. You know how dogs smile and their faces are completely relaxed? Well, what's significant here is that Juney Moon has never done this. I have never seen her relax and smile! As a result of the healing last night, my sense is that something had been 'unlocked'. Here is the conversation that I had with her about her experience with you and Kuthumi."

Hi Juney. I'd like to know how you felt about the experience that you had last night. What can you tell me?

"When I was sleeping, a Man came. He was very big. He said, 'I have come to help you so do not be afraid.' He said, 'I am going to bring balance into your being.' He said, 'Are you ready ?' And I said, 'I am a little afraid of the Light of you'. And then He held me in the Light of Him and it made me HAPPY. I just slept with the Light of Him and then I woke up."

How did you feel when you woke up?

"I felt good. I felt different. I felt happy and I am still happy."

Do you feel as if you had healing?

"YES! It was very nice. I am not as fearful as I was before, and I am happy because I don't want to be afraid."

Juney, remember when you told me that your brain has trouble receiving information?


Did your experience last night change the way that you receive information?

"Yes. It's a little easier for me now. Something changed in my brain itself. I am doing better."

Second Session: "I can tell you that she seems more light-hearted and she is now carrying her tail at a jaunty new angle. The healing is helping her release something that has been restricting her, and I am so grateful for that."

Juney, will you tell us how your experience was tonight, please?

"Yes. The Man came back. I remembered Him and I was not afraid of Him. What He did was put Light into me. He put Light into the part of my body that is not physical (aetheric body). Do you understand ?"

I do. Did He talk with you again?

"Yes. He said that I would be healthy throughout my body, and He said that I would be strong in my body. Also, He told me to remember something. He said that I am supposed to remember that who I am is Light. He said that I am part of God. Also, He said that He thinks that I am pretty. I like Him very much and He likes me, too. He is BIG but I am not afraid of Him. I love Him."

How do you feel?

"I feel fine and I still feel the Light that He put into me. I feel it mostly in my heart. Also, I feel it in my head."

Thanks, Juney.

"You're welcome, and I want to go out now."

Third Session:

From Juney: "It was very nice. This time the Man did something different. He put his hands on either side of my head and Light came out of them and went into my brain."

How did that feel?

"Like heat. It felt hot but it didn't hurt. Also, He balanced the energy centers (chakras) in my body because they weren't working properly. Energy was blocked, and this is because of the way that I came into the world. It wasn't smooth. Also, He told me about my guides, and he said that guides always help you and if I get into trouble, to listen to them, so I will. He told me that I am special to God. He said that God loves the animals best because we know how to love. He said that I am as smart as anyone else and I am. I know that I don't always do what you ask me to do, but I will some day. Sometimes I don't do what you ask me to do because I am busy, and I want to continue what I am doing. But when I am an adult dog, I will listen more carefully."

Okay. And how do you feel now, Juney?

"I feel good from my visit with the Light Man. I love Him."

Closing Comment: "Juney is more grounded and less fearful, in general, than she was. She has found the courage to go into big puddles and small creeks. This is a very new development. There is such a sweetness to her."

May 07, 2015: Follow-up feedback - "Juney Moon is happy and healthy."

10.   May 22, 2009 - Pebbles (Cocker Spaniel) - Winslow, Arkansas

(Pelvic Fracture)

"My beloved Cocker Spaniel, Pebbles, was hit by a truck and suffered a broken pelvis. I took her to the vet who said that there was nothing she could do, to take her home and keep her quiet and in six or seven weeks she would heal on her own. Pebbles was lethargic, glazey eyed, and in a lot of pain anytime she moved. We carried her outside three times a day to go to the bathroom (because she couldn't walk). I refused to accept the idea that there was nothing I could do and through prayer was led to Jim's website. I signed Pebbles up for two healings, a week apart."

"After the first healing Pebbles' energy level rose quite significantly and she got up and walked, still limping on her right hind leg. She was still in pain from time to time, but her spirits and her energy were high, and she lost the glazed over look in her eyes. After the second session, she ran around the front yard and tried to play with the other dogs. She was much more frisky and wanted to stay out on the grass with the other dogs. The healing that she received from Jim and Kuthumi far exceeded our expectations and those of the local vet. We thank you!"

Received 5 days later: "My stepson called and said Pebbles was running in the front yard and up and down the steps!! Hallelujah!!"           Marianne H. (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

9.   April 28, 2008 - Gonzo (Dog) - Flagstaff, Arizona

(Acute Laryngitis - Croup-like Syndrome with Respiratory Compromise)

"Jim, the healing you/Kuthumi did for my dog, Gonzo, was wonderful! Gonzo was VERY SICK! I took him to the veterinarian with this awful cough, difficulty breathing, and him not feeling well at all. After spending a couple of hundred dollars, there was still no answer as to what was wrong with him. X Rays revealed a serious narrowing of his airway at the level of the larynx. At first the vet thought it might be Congestive Heart Failure (it wasn't) and then thought that Gonzo must have an infection of some sort. He had no idea what the infection might be and gave him antibiotics which didn't help at all. Later, the vet's office called me and asked how Gonzo was doing, and I told them that he was not getting better at all. They wanted me to bring him back in to be looked at again. I told them no, and I called you. Right after the healing session, Gonzo felt better and continued to get better and was healed. Thank you."         Deb W.

8.   April 23, 2008 - Franklin (Cat) - Cincinnati, Ohio

(Crystals in Urine)

"When my cat, Franklin, was diagnosed with crystals in his urine and he was completely blocked and could not urinate, I asked Dr. Jim and Kuthumi to send healing to him. Since then he has recovered nicely and did not need all of the medication that was sent home with him (from the veterinarian's office). He developed an upper respiratory infection while in the vet hospital, but it went away when he returned home. Franklin is now running around and acting like a kitten. I know that Kuthumi's love and compassion helped to solve the problems."         Ann B.

7.   March 14, 2008 - Harley (Yorkshire Terrier) - Lewisville, Texas

(Neurotic Fearful Behavior)

"Harley appeared to have some neurological/behavioral problem, especially around other dogs. This may have been a fear-based Neurosis according to one Veterinarian. She's a tiny 5 pound dog, and she would run over to the opposite side of the room and stand there visibly shaking when the other two dogs were around. She would spend most of the day hiding in the bedroom and only make an appearance to be let outside to go to the bathroom. When let back in she would immediately retreat to the bedroom. She was either lethargic with people or would not even consider coming up to someone for a petting. After Jim sent Kuthumi's Healing Powers to Harley, she has completely rid herself of the shaking and is again playful and allows people to pet and play with her. She acts like a normal dog again. Thanks to Jim and Kuthumi for the help."         Linda H.

6.   February 02, 2008 - Hamlet (the Hamster) - British Columbia, Canada

(Diarrheal Illness)

"My almost three year old hamster had a bad case of 'Wet Tail', which is an often fatal form of diarrhea. Dr. Jim-Kuthumi graciously offered healing sessions for him, and I am pleased to report that our hammie is back to normal now. (This is not your ordinary hamster. He is very tame and behaves almost like a cat.) What was intriguing about the healings was that the Energy Kuthumi uses is gentle yet extremely white and bright, and the sent Energy encompassed our hamster and also a 20 foot radius around his cage!"

"Deep Blessings to Dr. Jim and Kuthumi for helping even the smallest of God's creatures amongst their wondrous healing missions on Earth."       Reverend R.

5.   January 28, 2008 - Mia (Cat) - Alberta, Canada

(Penetrating Eye Trauma from Cat Fight)

1st Healing Session:     "Hi Jim, just a quick note to let you know that when I got home last night Mia was able to open her eye a little wider and for longer periods. I also noted a more peaceful demeanor in her, and she was not so fraught with trying to scratch her eye or clean it. As a matter of fact, I didn't see her do this at all last night (one day after session)! Once again, thank you and Kuthumi from my heart. I'm so relieved that she is in awesome good hands!"

2nd Healing Session:     "When I got home yesterday, I found that Mia was very calm and much to her old usual self in her behaviour. It seems that she is NOT in pain at all and back to her antics .... lol. Her eye still looks red and weepy but not to the degree it was before these treatments started...and only tears and no infection junk or ooze coming out of it. Also, she's able to open her eye two-thirds of the way now."

3rd Healing Session:     "As time moves forward, every day I see an improvement in her eye. Also, the redness is going away, and her ability to open it and keep it open is improving also."

Summation:     "I thought I'd give you a report for the grand finale. Mia is doing great and then some, yes, and then some! She's turned into quite the love muffin .. lol .. not that she wasn't before, but now I can't keep her off of me. Every time I go to put her down, she won't let go of me and literally hugs me. How cool is that? And with my dog, she's become quite motherly often giving her kisses. AND she can almost open her eye all the way now! The redness is disappearing, and the cloudyness/opaqueness of her cornea is also disappearing some. She doesn't seem bothered AT ALL with her eye, and I noted the puncture/gash is getting smaller."

"Anyway, my sincerest thank YOU's to both yourself and Kuthumi. I am forever grateful for all that you have done. From my heart, Thank YOU!       With deepest gratitude, Iris"

4.   October 25, 2007 - Lassie (Dog) - Goa, India

(Crush Injury to Paw)

"Lassie is what is called a mixed Pomeranian dog, a cross between a Pomeranian and an Alsation. She stands about one and a half foot from the ground, and she is very dear to me and follows me like she is my tail."

"Lassie's left foot got crushed under the foot of my Dad somewhere between the evening of Oct. 16th, 2007, and the early morning of Oct. 17th, 2007. I was not in town until the next day. When I returned, the first thing I did is that I went to the pharmacy and bought Rescue Remedy (liquid) to apply on her. From the 18th to the 19th, I faithfully applied Rescue Remedy with the hope of relief. Lassie is what some would not call a dog as we treat her like a human being. She is not chained and has free access to our house . It was hard seeing her walk on 3 legs. She would hop about for 1 or 2 meters then stop because she was not used to using 3 paws to move about."

"On the evening of the 19th, I asked someone to send some healing for Lassie, and she did receive the healing. On the 20th, I stopped applying the Rescue Remedy knowing that it was fruitless as she was still moving with 3 paws but putting the damaged paw down only sometimes. When walking her, I would carry her down one floor and then leave her on the ground. She would walk about 10 meters, answer the call of Nature, and I would carry her back up. By the 21st, she had received energy from a friend and now would put the paw down more frequently than before the 20th, but the pain in the paw was still apparent as she did not permanently keep her paw down."

"So I called in THE BIG GUNS, JIM AND KUTHUMI! I sent a message to Jim on the morning of the 22nd at around 8 a.m. my time. Jim received my message on October 23rd, 2007, and scheduled a healing for the same day which was night-time for me, about 9 p.m. The next day when I walked Lassie, there was no problem with the paw, and she was back to normal."

"It is unbelievable! If you (the reader) had been in my place, you would say that this is a miracle! THANK YOU, JIM AND KUTHUMI. IF IT WAS NOT FOR YOU, I WOULD HAVE BEEN TORN APART."

"My blessings to you, Jim. Please continue this work that you have chosen and know that you have touched my life and Lassie's and many other lives.         Lowen V."

3.   April 02, 2007 - Gracie (Dog) - Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

(History of Abuse by previous owner with resulting Mistrust and Aggressivity)

"When Grace's session began, she was lying in the bay window, and I asked her to come down so she wouldn't be distracted and could relax more fully. So she did climb down and came over to me just as (I believe) she became aware of something being different. She seemed confused and put her paw on me as if to say, 'What the ..... ?', and then promptly climbed onto the couch and laid down. She relaxed immediately and had the sweetest expression on her face for the longest time. It seemed as though she recognized Lord Kuthumi and felt very comfortable with Him. She slept for about 2 hours after that and was very calm and peaceful the rest of the day (February 21st)."

"Since then, my husband and I have noticed a subtle shift in Gracie -- generally a bit more accepting of newcomers and visitors, being more relaxed about sharing her space with others (like the dog she plays with), and being much more relaxed about mail and newspaper delivery people. She seems less fearful of new situations as well, a little more confident, eager to please."         Elizabeth

May 02, 2007

"I have been noticing some subtle changes in Gracie lately. She seems more lighthearted, more willing to trust, and asks for physical affection more than she used to. She considers chasing rabbits and squirrels out of the backyard to be one of her responsibilities. I was pleased to note that as she was chasing a rabbit the other day, instead of reaching for it she actually slowed down just enough for it to make it to the hole under the fence. Rather sweet I thought, as the rabbit is a mother with a young family."         Elizabeth

2.   November 24, 2006 - Gonzo (Dog) - Flagstaff, Arizona

(Arthritis in Hips)

"My dog, Gonzo, has been having some health problems, Arthritis (in the hips) and a large cyst growing over his only eye. He lost his other eye in the past. Kuthumi, through Jim, has been doing healings on Gonzo, and the cyst that covered most of his eye has shrunk very small and is getting smaller each and every day. His Arthritis is much better. He can get up and move now, which has been very difficult for him to do."     Deb W.

1.   July 04, 2006 - Mouse and Sarah (Cats) - Livermore, California

"My cat, Mouse, age 11, recently began having intermittent bouts of diarrhea. After his healing session with Doctor Jim on June 9th, Mouse has been well and has experienced no diarrhea."

"A couple weeks later my cat, Sarah, age 7, developed a strange dime-sized sore on her stomach. Within a day or so of her session with Doctor Jim, the sore disappeared."

"We are very grateful to Doctor Jim for so generously sharing his remarkable gifts of healing and highly recommend him."         Bobbie S.


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