Back in 1994 I had a couple conversations with The Ascended Master that we call Jesus. These conversations were facilitated through a humanly incarnate vehicle that we call a medium or channel, a person by the name of George Fletcher. George explained to me that he had been clairaudient to a guiding voice for many years of his life and had greatly benefitted from the guidance but didn't know The Source and simply called it E.T. or something along that line.

When finally the beneficent voice identified Itself as Jesus, George refused to believe it and couldn't accept that he had been the recipient of messages for a long time from the "Son of God", as the Roman Church likes to call Him. But the messages and intimate conversations continued for a few more years until George's resistance was worn down and eventually overcome, and he then came into a mode of acceptance that he was in close touch with The Master Jesus, Whom he referred to as Jesu.

In keeping with the free-will directive for this system of evolution (never violated by The White Brotherhood), Jesus then began to instruct George on how to be a channel for Him in order to reach and directly impact more people. This took a few more years, and then George began to go public with his offerings from Jesu to individuals in private sessions and to groups.

After attending one of his public channelings in Chico, California, I was so impressed that I asked George if I could transcribe a bunch of his tape-recorded channelings in exchange for a personal reading, and he agreed to the arrangement. By the time I had completed around 15 of the public channelings and had studied them, I was convinced that George was doing precisely what he claimed to be doing: channeling Jesus.

My session was held at the home of George's mother in Paradise, California, of all places. When he had gone into trance, his eyes remained open and held me in eye-to-eye contact for the entire time as Master Jesus talked to me with such love and concern and gentleness that I was emotionally swept up in the moment and became light-headed and giddy with the high energies I was experiencing (hence all my laughter). His gaze never wavered from my eyes, and the out-pouring of love registered deeply within me. The session was recorded on cassette tape and later transcribed by myself.

When George came out of trance, he told me that the love that Jesus felt for me was so powerful and intense that he'd never experienced anything like that before in all the private sessions that he'd conducted, and it almost brought him out of his meditative state. He said that the closest he'd ever come to that kind of intensity was when he did a session for someone who was aligned with the Dark Brotherhood, and the force and the kind of energy projected by Jesus toward and in opposition to that individual so weakened and incapacitated George that he nearly swore off doing any more channeling work. He said that Jesus' love for me was just incredible.

I've not changed a word from the original transcription, and any underlinings represent emphases by Jesus on certain words. When Jesus uses plurality in the pronoun We, it indicates the collectivity of consciousness experienced with all of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (please refer to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). This was how it all came out, and I felt enveloped in LOVE.       J.O.C.

FIRST TALK       (Go directly to "SECOND TALK".)

17 May 1994:

Jesus: "And We would extend to you, dear friend, the welcome that has been there for a very long time, and yet you have not seemed to have listened to it. We would extend to you that welcome that brings you closer to Us than you think you are worthy of. We would say to you that you are walking perfection that We are so pleased with, and yet you are the one who seems to have difficulty in recognizing that."

"So, what We offer to you in these few moments that We sit in this form (George Fletcher) is the opportunity for Us to say in a way that you cannot ignore nor pretend that We did not say it. Nor will you be able to change it because of these wonderful techniques that are available (tape recorder), and We will be putting Our words in record for you to hear over and over."

"Now, We would offer to you, that magnificent person that you are, a little bit of reminding of some things that you obviously have forgotten, for it is with enthusiasm and excitement that We bring the information to you. It is that which We have memory of, and you so casually and comfortably left behind when you dove into this pool of opportunity called Life. It is that which you actually wanted to not remember until it was the right moment, and would this not be a fine moment to remember?"

JOC: "Yes, indeed."

Jesus: "So, that last life that you had, that you walked about and were such a miserable, in your opinion, failure at your endeavors, is what has stimulated this particular life. And what We are going to say to you is that there has never been a miserable endeavor. There has never been a failure in your life, for you are a success. For to see anything else, then, would be to look upon God as less than That Which It is. For all things are of that Beginning, are they not?"

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "So therefore, dear friend, if you were to look upon yourself in anything other than in complete perfection, then you would look upon God as less than what God is. For you are that extension of that Beginning, and therefore you are, in essence, God. Now, that last time that you were here -- when you walked about and you had parents that were completely and overwhelmingly in control of your person -- that you achieved very little -- that you achieved so little that you had said on the threshold of becoming once more (incarnating) that you would never allow that to be in your way again. And so you have created an opportunity this time not to have any parents in your way, have you not?"

JOC: "That's what it appears to be. Yes."

Jesus: "It is quite accurate, not only in appearance but in fact, for you were set free at a very young age."

JOC: "Oh, yes, this time around." (parental abandonment as a child by both mother and father)

Jesus: "That's correct, and that is what We're referring to, and that is why you are in the condition that you presently recognize yourself to be in. Because, the last time you had overwhelming parents that kept you from becoming anything. All of your desires and all of your quests were put aside, and they were not allowed to come to fruition in any form, in any way. You died an individual that felt completely without success in your life."

JOC: "I see."

Jesus: "You looked back through the corridor as you walked away from this thing called life, in your death, and you said, 'This was a valueless experience, and I shall not allow another to ever do this to me again.' So when you did come back and you made the arrangements for parents, as we all have whenever we have come into human form, you made sure that you selected two that would set you free at a ripe young age to become whatever you decided to become."

JOC: "Boy, did they."         (chuckle)

Jesus: "So, We would ask that when this is finished and you have a moment of quietness, that you sit and you thank them, for they did what you asked and no more and no less. For they did perform the limit of the contract that you entered into -- not you with them but them with you. For you went in search of two that would have you and still be able to release you instead of clinging like parents often do."

JOC: "I see."

Jesus: "For you had too many things that you wanted to go do, and you wanted nothing to be in your way, even parents. So, now that We have established how you came about to be where you are and what you are, shall We continue with the unfolding of this dynamic thing called life?"

JOC: "I would love that."

Jesus: "To continue, then what We have to share is that in your forgetfulness you have become stuck, as you did in the prior life, on apparent issue -- the prior life that you were here, where too many parents or a parenting of too much. This time you have become stuck in the lack of that which you had too much of before, so that parents have not been a participant in your life so as that you could then have the freedom to become what you like. We say, dear friend, then be in celebration of what you have created, and become what you have chosen to become, the free spirit without limitation that you were before you came here and absolutely demanded when you arrived."

"Now, all of the things that you have been doing are nothing more than things that you have been doing to prove -- now listen to Us, for you have been in the process of testing the system, so to speak. You have been in the process of testing to make sure that you can create, even when there is nothing to create from. In your life, as you presently understand it, if you would take but a moment and reflect back on all of the events and the things that have taken place, all of the allowances that have been put there in your life to let you become what you are, there is always a touch of magic at the moment when it is needed."

"As you have gone through and you have used examples of how you have been stuck in a particular moment with nothing in appearance to save you from the grim reaper, so to speak, there has been that moment of miracle or magic that has reached down from some level that isn't understood and plucked you from the jaws of foreverness, has it not?"

JOC: "Mm hmm."

Jesus: "So, what you have been doing up until this moment is that you have been playing with your abilities to create. You have been walking on the very fine edge of testing the system, as We would say, for you are attempting to prove that the system does work even to the limit of putting your life on the line and then still finding out that it comes through when it's truly needed."

JOC: "But I am doing that?"

Jesus: "You are doing it."

JOC: "Oh."

Jesus: "You are not a victim. You are no more a victim than any individual who walks, and you are doing it, for it is something that you put into motion and then wait to see the results. If you were to participate in the ridiculous process of going to a place where many gather and throw balls down a wooden plank to knock over some things that are standing at the other end (bowling), you would be doing nothing less or nothing more than what you do with life. You take and you put into motion a particular event, and then you stand without a whole lot of activity to see what the results will be. And then you stand and make judgement. Either it worked or it didn't. And I say to you, the very fact, my dear brother, that you are sitting here is proof positive that the system works. For you have had opportunity more than once to remove yourself from physicalness, and it has not come about."

JOC: "Okay, I'm trying to listen carefully and understand what You're saying."

Jesus: "If this does not make complete sense to you, then listening to this many times will bring clarity."

JOC: "Okay. Right now it doesn't, completely, I will admit."

Jesus: "What We are saying to you is that you create or you put into form the events that you then participate in, that they are not perpetrated and then put upon you by somebody or something else. That each event that you start out on is the very event that you want to then participate in. And that event is nothing more than your desire to test the system, to once again prove that you are and can be a survivor or, better yet, the creator that you truly are. For you test the system, and each time it has saved your bacon; has it not?"

JOC: "Yes ............... so far."       (laughter)

Jesus: "So, how many more times must you do this?"

JOC: "That was going to be a question. Do I need to keep testing the system or get on with it?"       (laughter)

Jesus: "We will answer your question in a question form, and while this may not be completely pleasing, We hope you will accept."

JOC: "Oh. No, go right ahead."

Jesus: "For, what We are saying is that We would not take away the delight that you have found in creating these experiences. And if you find them necessary, then by all means continue to play in the Playground of Creation. And yet ..... and yet, what We would suggest to you is that there are far more grand things for you to do than to continue to play in forming mud puddles and mud pies."

JOC: "Oh, and I don't care to, as a matter of fact. I have projections of grander things myself."

Jesus: "So, what We would then ask of you is to then not only begin to allow them to be, for you do not have to be the creator and the choreographer that you presently think you must be. You do not have to bring all ingredients into the situation in order for it to then manifest in a wonderful and magic way."

"When you begin to allow others and other things to become involved in your life, then you will find it will be like the ingredients that must come together in order to create what you call a cake. If you were to look upon yourself as the main ingredient of that cake, which is flour, you will find that you will not have much success in your endeavor, for you will only walk around being that substance. And you will not then present anything else. But when you allow the egg to come into your environment and the moisture, be it water or milk, and the other ingredients that are called for in the recipe of life, or in this analogy the cake, then soon you will find the mixture will be quite grand, and you will present either spice cake, or maybe another moment it may be devil's food cake, or it may be whatever you choose, but you must begin to allow other ingredients to come into your life for this to happen."

JOC: "And I'm not doing that?"

Jesus: "You have not done that. We would not say to you something that was not a truth. We would only share with you that which is. And We ask you to look at your life and see where you have embraced other ingredients. What you have done is that you have looked upon them as necessary or necessities, but you have not embraced them as grand ingredients of life and therefore made them part of your experience. Do you see the difference? To pull into what you would call a service station to become in a better position to continue your travels by having fuel, you can do one of two things. You can merely go in and drop a few dollars onto the counter and declare your intent and walk out, and that will be the end of it. You will then go down the road and you will have fuel. Is this true?"

JOC: "Sure."

Jesus: "However, you could take a moment and you could bring within your being the utmost love that is within your capacity, and you could walk in and present your few dollars and the love that is within your being to that individual who is the attendant. And take the few moments to share with the attendant a bright thought that may not have been available to that particular being. And in doing so most likely change their life, most likely create a connection that may come back and spark into something more grand in another moment. This is a very small example of what We are referring to, for it is not a lonely and singular path that one must walk in order to attain spirituality."

JOC: "And I really don't care for it to be, although it has been for me."

Jesus: "Through your selection."

JOC: "I don't feel it's consciously my selection. I don't feel that at the waking conscious level that I have chosen to do that."

Jesus: "Then what We would say to you is that it has been done in a subversive mode, so as that you, in clear conscience, could say it was not your desire. So, step up and become bigger than you were 3 moments ago and address and accept that within your being, from some level, there was a decision or a process that was embraced, and it became what then was represented as this person called James, and this person was, what We are saying, somebody who was not embracing and accepting life or the ingredients of life, for you are very busy in the creation of what you have been participating in."

"Now, We would ask for you to look upon your life as it is, and We would ask you to be in truth in regards to -- what are the options that are available to you other than to continue in the direction in which you have been involved in for the last period of time? What options would you see that you could do, even if it were not be embracing the system that you rejected? What opportunities are available to you to still put forth to Mankind that which you would like to do and to be of service?"

JOC: "Which I do want to do."

Jesus: "It is well known by Those of Us Who are close to you, Who sit with you in your lonely moments when you are not alone, Who are with you in your thoughts, and you are thinking and you are attempting to try and understand what is taking place, and We are in an effort, trying to help untangle the mess. We would say to you this: that there are more grand opportunities for you than most who walk this place; that you have the potential of doing more good and being that which you would like to be than most others who are here, for they do not have the capacity as you to do what you could do. Healing in this world goes beyond that of writing on a piece of paper with a pen and presenting it to the local pharmicist."

JOC: "Mm hmm."

Jesus: "That is but a step in the healing process as you are aware."

JOC: "Sure."

Jesus: "And while there is an essence within your being that overtook and overwhelmed you when you became that physician, We would say to you that you have been a healer many, many, many of your lifetimes."

JOC: "I see."

Jesus: "And for you to choose this this time is most natural, and not only is it most natural but it is also the best vehicle for you to achieve that which you are searching for, which is your spirituality."

JOC: "I would like that very much."

Jesus: "Then We would ask that you go out into the world and do that."

JOC: "Could I be given some guidance in that regard?"

Jesus: "You will receive all the guidance that you seem to or deem necessary. What We would ask though is that when there is a knock on the door that you do not sit in solitude in attempt to become more spiritual and instead that you would get up and open the door and allow that assistance and guidance to be invited in."

JOC: "I've tried to respond to any requests for assistance for a number of years now, for many years."

Jesus: "What We have noticed is that your assistance has always had some kind of definition to it. And what We would say is this mere small example for you to ponder. If you were to decide that fruit were the finest thing for you at this particular time and that it would bring health and happiness into your life, and then there was a knock on the door and an individual stood there with a bunch of bananas, what you have done is that you have said, 'Bananas are not what I am searching for; apples are what I desire.' And you have closed the door on the opportunity."

JOC: "Well, I'll have to ponder that."

Jesus: "We would ask that you not only ponder it. We would ask that you go beyond pondering and not get caught up into the intellectual function of trying to understand that analogy, but enjoy it and play with it, and then when the knock comes on the door and somebody has prunes, smile and embrace that person and say, 'This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Thank you.', even though it is a surprise and it is the last thing on your list. Opportunities present themselves in a variety of fashions, dear friend. They are not always going to be clothed or they're not going to be gift-wrapped in the presentation that you are expecting."

JOC: "May I ask a question in this regard?"

Jesus: "You may."

JOC: "I have really wanted to pursue this path of the healer for a long time, but I didn't know in what way I could or what capabilities that I had at a conscious level in terms of healing, that is, whether I could utilize my hands, whether I could communicate to the I Am Presence or Essence of another individual, or whether I should begin studying and learning herbs or utilizing flower essences. I didn't know in what way I could help to heal another person."

Jesus: "What We would say, and this is going to be something that you are going to intellectually contemplate, and We would ask that you jump over this hurdle and move on to the emotional aspect of Our words. The loving embrace that you could literally create and give to another will do more to heal them than any prescription that you could write. For you to open your arms and for you to literally, physically welcome in another person and be able to embrace them in true love will have more healing effect than all of the things that you can do from all of the education that you've had."

"Now, you ask what you can do and that is what We are saying, that you have taken and you have stepped back out of the world. You have removed yourself from that which you wanted to be part of. And you have gone and you have become recluse, and you have said, 'I do not want to participate in that which I find no beauty in, for it is not what I was looking for.' And yet I would say to you that this truth is bigger than the moment. You are the one who chose to be here, and you are the one who chose to be what you are. And you are the one who has created all of the events to bring you, literally, to this moment while you are sitting with Us. And so therefore, there is no ugliness, only that which you perceive. There is no difficulty, only that which you create. And there is no unacceptance of you, only that which you do not accept."

"So, We are saying that you set aside the belief system that you have been entertaining and living, for that belief system will not serve you in your future endeavors. It will only keep you where you are. That belief system will not allow you to become what you choose and want to be. It will, literally, keep you in bondage in the place that you are at this moment, in that place of being stuck and not knowing what to do next. One must not only plant seeds in a garden, one must then allow them to grow, for if you were to plant the seeds and then stomp around on that very effort, you would have very little fruit for all of your work, would you not? So, We are saying that you allow the seeds now to grow that you have planted, for while you have been busy and while you have been in search of that which you call The Godness or The Oneness or The Spiritual Essence of being, you have forgotten all about life, and that is what you came to be part of. You have come to be part of life, not to be a removed part of life. Do you see?"

JOC: "Yes, but there's much that goes on out there that, as You say, I really don't care to participate in. That is, I have difficulty with the values of this civilization."

Jesus: "Then I would ask, who is it that you think you are to make that judgement, when God Himself or Herself would never make judgement of this civilization or society, and God, as you have understood God to be, virtually and literally accepts every expression of life, no matter at what level it may be expressing itself. We again would submit to you, in what moment did you find yourself capable of looking upon that which is called the world and find that it is not acceptable? From where We are, We look upon the world and its marvelousness and its perfection and in its unfolding, and We think it is grand indeed, dear friend, and We ask you to join Us in that view."

"You are not singularly any more than I could be singularly when I walked this Earth, and you were there to witness it. When you watched Me walk the Earth, one of the things that you did is that you shed more than one tear at what you called the fruitless effort to try to save Humanity from Itself."

"And then I would extend to you that ......... would you do and be able to do anymore than what I did and attempted to be? And it is not that I was more great than you, but it is that we are equal, for we are one and the same. And you are here to do but that which you can do and to combine that effort with others who are attempting to do the same, and that is nothing more than to bring Light to this place and Love. So, while you have intellectually contemplated how this might be, We ask that you now go do it, that you go out into the world, into a place that may not be completely embracing and completely perfect as you might consider it should be, and understand that it is not going to move one small bit without your help. It is not going to change unless you bring about a change, and We would ask that you do that which is within your capacity to bring about that change."

"It is a very simple thing for one to sit back on a hill and to make judgements of the town that is down below and never go down because of all the difficulties. And a pious and a spiritual man who goes to the market once a month and comes completely apart because of that which he must deal with has not yet attained spirituality, has he?"

JOC:         (laughter)         "Thank you."         (laughter)

Jesus: "So, We are asking you then, dear friend, to leave the cave that you have been in, and that you put on your sandals and you go down into town and be amongst them, and yet do not become one of them, for it is not necessary to become one of them to still do the work that you can do. You have hands that are capable of doing much healing and a heart that has the capacity to spread an enormous amount of healing, in love. And there are many who are on this Earth who do not have the money to participate in the system that then would allow them to come in communication or contact with the healing they require. So, if you do not want to participate in the illusionary process that you do not agree with, then We would ask that you go into another area that has more need and would not be then what you perceive it to be, and that is one not unacceptable to you."

JOC: "Yes. May I ask a question?"

Jesus: "You may."

JOC: "Could You be more specific? I know these are personal questions. Well, the whole thing's been quite personal. But could You be any more specific about how I may go about helping to heal others, other than, as You said, embracing and utilizing the energy from my heart area?"

Jesus: "We would suggest that the first thing you do is to embrace yourself, to set aside any limitation or anything that would keep you from seeing that you are truly the magnificent individual that you are. When you can truly sit down and you can love you like I do; when you can sit down and realize that there is not a single thing that you must do, that you are already everything that you could ever be. Do you understand these words? You were the extension of That Which is perfect, and therefore you Are."

"When you came to this place called Earth, you came here to experience life in a different form and fashion than you have at other times. You did not come here to be more perfect than you already were. You came here to experience life, dear friend, not to become more perfect, for you already are perfection. You already are as perfect as you will ever, ever be. All you are doing is that you are experiencing life in another variety, in another form than you have at other times."

"You have had over 600 lives in human form, and this is an accurate presentation of your endeavors. This 600, more than 600, presentations have all been different. They have not all been white, Caucasion, and doctors. It has not all been black women with many children, and it has not all been Asian or anything else. But I would say to you, it has been every one of them."

"And when you have stood and you have thought about what you would do next, you have thought about what you have done, because you have wanted to do and to be everything that's available. Would you go to Disneyland without actually riding on all the rides? Would you go for just one ride? You would go to experience all of it. And if you could not do it in one trip, you would go back again. And then the memory would cause you such excitement that you would say, 'I must do this once more.' Then 2 years later you would return and take friends with you. You've done that in life, over and over. And you have come back and brought friends with you. So, there are many who are waiting to embrace you once you embrace yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally."

JOC: "Will I know when I've done that thoroughly enough?"

Jesus: "When you have done it thoroughly enough, then others will be allowed to embrace you without your rejection. Literally, physically when you can accept and enjoy the embrace from another, then We would say that you have embraced yourself, never enough but enough to accept more. For when is it that there is a limit that says you have enough love in your life? What kind of a gauge or what kind of a meter do you have built into the faculty called body that says, 'Thank you; I am full now. I want no more love'. What is there that would limit you?"

"So then We would say, be limitless in not only what you give to yourself but what you receive and then give out to others. For it is said that you are a vehicle. You are a vessel for that purpose Which is called The Allness of Everything, That Beginning that you are a part of and a presentation of. And in doing so, then allow That to become part of you and allow It to flow through you, for that is what you came for. You did not come to stand and be one by itself, separated from all things. You came so as that you could be in oneness with all things and never stand by yourself even though you are an individual, and you will never lose your individuality."

"Now, what We are asking is that you do not rush out, that you do not go out in an effort to try to undo what you might consider the errors that you may have been involved in. Instead, sit down and take an amount of time to embrace that which you have been. Take an amount of time that is necessary to embrace that which you have created, so that you look at each thing and you laugh about it, for it was so wonderful for you. It brought you to this moment, and you are so pleased with this moment and what you are that there isn't a thing that you could see that you did wrong or was ever done wrong to you."

"And embrace yourself so that you can, in truth, walk up to a mirror and you can look into the eyes that are looking back at you, and you can, in truth, say, 'Not only do I love you' ------- and look at Me for we'll practice, because this is how I feel about you. 'Not only do I love you, dear friend, but you are grand beyond your understanding, and I accept you precisely the way you are, and you are going to do nothing but become more and more grand as each moment unfolds'."

"Now, you do this to yourself as I have done for you, for you are, in truth, my neighbor, and I would love you as I love Myself, and I would ask that you do no more and you do no less than I do, for if you are not worthy of that, then I would not have been so pompous or pious as to present it to you. But you are worthy of that and you are worthy of more, because you are that magnificent, and you are not somebody who is here trying to become as good as Me. You and I have walked in equal, and you are Me. You are that part of Me who is here in this moment to do what you can do."

JOC: "I'm confused. I'll contemplate it."

Jesus: "Do not intellectualize this. Do not get caught up in the thinking process, so as that it never makes sense to you, and it does not occur. But listen to these words over and over so that then they become a resounding echo within your mind and that you cannot escape them, for I will not allow you to. It has taken too long for you to come to this moment, and I will not allow you to slip away once more."

JOC: "I desire to serve. I desire to help my brother and sister."

Jesus: "Then We would say that, embrace yourself so that you can embrace them. We would ask you that you would adore yourself so that you could adore them. And We ask that you accept yourself so that you could accept them. Do you understand this?"

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "In doing this, not only will you then achieve what it is that is necessary for you to go on with life, but you will then begin to live life as you want, and you will begin then to have the rewards that will fall into your arms, that you have been searching for. And these aren't necessarily going to be an economic abundance, however you will not go without, for We will not allow that. We will allow you to go to the edge as you often have, but We would never allow you to slip over."

"So, what We do say to you is that you begin to do this, and then let those things unfold for you that will unfold. We will be busy and We will be about, in front of you removing every stone from your path, dear brother, so that you will not trip and fall. And when you look up, you will see a road sign that We will place so that you will say, 'Even though I know not where I go, and even though I do not understand where I've been, I see where I'm going for the way is pointed for me'."

"And I will be your Guide, and I will be there in front of you at all times as well as beside you, and all you must do is to allow this to be and not, I say again not, to be so intellectually involved in trying to understand it that you miss it. Instead, allow it to be from the center of your beingness, which is below that which you call intellect. It is within that Heart Center (Anahata Chakra), which is where you are attempting to live from."

"So, take your intellect and allow it to tie your shoes for you and fry an egg if you like. If you want a sandwich, allow it to butter the bread and to put whatever contents there are into it. And then let your heart decide what it wanted, and let your heart enjoy, then, the return of your intellect's effort. But do not allow the intellect to dictate what sandwich you will have. Let your heart make the choice, and only let the intellect prepare it for you."

"So, step out into the world community. And look about, and see what it is that you can do from your heart aspect and not your intellect. And say, 'What is it that I can do to improve or make better for those who probably can't or haven't?', for you have lived in lack and you know what it is like to be there. And ask what is there that you could do to better improve the condition of those who know no better and who do not know where to go in search of help. And go and present it to them as a gift."

JOC: "I would like to make it all a gift."

Jesus: "Then do so. There are organizations within this world community that, even in your way of looking may not perform to the level of your expectation, and yet would you say that the vehicle that you propel yourself around in is the ultimate mode of transportation? Or is it just one that is suitable for the moment?"

JOC: "Just for the moment, I would say."

Jesus: "Then We would say that these organizations in society are no different. They are a vehicle for you to be moved or to be made available in one place or another. And it is not up to you and it is not necessary for you to go through the judgement factor as to whether or not it is acceptable. If it will allow you, whether it is in this country or into another country -- if it will allow you to present that which you are and make available the gift, as you call it, to those who really need it. And, if finances are not that which you are seeking, then present yourself to these organizations, and then become that which it is that you say that you want to be."

JOC: "I just don't know what it is that I can do with my abilities."

Jesus: "Not can."

JOC: "Or will?"

Jesus: "Want. Begin to work and begin to function from the desire level of your being and not from the intellectual level of your being. Begin to work from that outrageous center of you that your intellect would call crazy, that your intellect would question, 'What are you doing now?'. It would say, 'Are you crazy? What are you contemplating?'. And yet, We ask you to look back at the insanity that you have participated in and say, how is there anything that you might contemplate that could be called insane?" (This refers to my having left Medicine and become homeless and living in a van.)

JOC:       (chuckle)       "Well, you got me on that one."         (laughter)

Jesus: "So, begin to motivate your beingness from the center of your heart and not your intellect, and do not look at anything as outrageous beyond acceptance, for any moment that you might do that then We would say, look at the outrageous that you accepted as life that you've already done, and then you will move quickly through the non-acceptance factor of what you're entertaining."

JOC: "That's funny."         (still laughing)       "In this regard -- in the regard of my desire to serve, in some capacity, Humanity -- I guess I wanted to ask how it is that I may serve the Plan of The Spiritual Hierarchy in my greatest capacity? How may I work with The Ascended Masters of The Great White Brotherhood in some capacity? How can I serve this Grand Plan here in my greatest capacity? Has that been answered in the previous discussion?"

Jesus: "In part. What We would do is that We will address that question in totality, so that you do not need to go back through this particular device (tape cassette) in search of a clue here and a clue there trying to bring together the answer. So, what We will do is to take a moment so that We have an adequate amount of recording material, and then We will address that particular issue."

JOC: "Okay."

Jesus: "So, one moment." .............. (cassette tape is turned over) ................ "The question of what it is that you have within your capacity to serve. The total and complete fulfillment of your purpose in that which has taken place on this planet and the Universes is not as big as one might consider but well within your grasp, for you would never have come here, for failure is not your desire. You did not come sliding down the chute of opportunity into this place of density so that you could get caught up and lost in this whole web of illusion and not be able to remember what it is that you came here to do and what you are here for."

JOC: "I see."

Jesus: "So, what We are going to say to you is that the very beginning and the number one purpose that you are here for is to embrace and love your particular essence and being beyond anything else that you have ever done. The number 2 thing is, that then would allow you to embrace and love all other things and all other forms of life. Number 3, then you would be able to, virtually, affect the frequency level of the Earth and the beings who reside here, because, do you not know, in all of your learning, that love is the highest frequency that one can attain? And when you are filled with love not judgement; when you are filled with acceptance not rejection; and when you are filled with allowance and not condemnation, then you are vibrating, virtually, and literally oscillating, shaking, or however you want to see it, at the very highest rate available in human form."

"You have ascended, essentially, to the highest level that I have presently attained, and that is to attain the level of Pure Love. Now, that is what you have come here to do, to help the level of the people and the planet to go to a higher level of frequency or to Ascend. Now, if you walk around and if you have judgement, condemnation, or non-acceptance, then you are virtually, through your very process of living, bringing all things that you come in contact with down to the level of what you are."

"So, by being and setting aside, as We have already stated, and becoming nothing more than Pure Love in the form of human, then you are and will be at the highest level of frequency attainable. Physically --- now listen to these words, for they are Truth with a capital T, dear brother --- physically, if you were to attain that level, you would do as I, and for somebody to come into your presence you would not write another prescription in your life, for you would heal them as they stood there. Physically, you would walk through a town, whatever town it might be, and everybody on both sides of the street would be affected by your very presence, even though they know not your name, and they may have no memory of you. Physically, you will assist the Earth, for you will be embracing with your loving presence the very Earth Herself and assisting Her to pull Herself up out of the stickiness that is called the 3rd Dimension (3rd Density)."

"Now, it is no more complicated than that. It is not necessary for you to do anything greater than that, to become the quiet Messiah, the Ghandi that you have the capacity to do without going out into public and standing up on some kind of a levitated or elevated platform and making spectacle of yourself. In fact, it would probably do less than what you can do in silence. If you were to go out into a village or a community or to some little town, and if you were to make available the healing that you have within your capacity, you would bring happiness and you would bring joy, and that would replace the heaviness and the heartache that presently may be in that particular place. And in doing that, do you not see that you would elevate to a higher level, to a more loving level, every being that is around you? And then you will have done what you have come to do. And how much more could We ever ask? Now, is this clear?"

JOC: "Partially clear, and I'm going to reflect upon it all."

Jesus: "You seem to have some kind of thought process that would demand that you become something that is not necessary. The stories that have been told of Me are not true stories. They are partial truths and have been embellished so as that then there would be the capacity to create a new belief system or what they call religion around that which I was. And yet, let Me say to you that I was more grand than they have recorded, just as you are. I was more grand, for I did not do the sillyness that they have put down in document. I did the love that I came to do."

"While I did walk through a town, I did affect every being who was in my presence, because I was the essence of love and still am. And before you jumped into this ridiculous costume you're presently adorning, you too were Pure Love, and you had memory and knowing of that. And when you slipped into this place, you had forgetfulness. You might say that you took on amnesia. And We say, while contrary to that which is said, 'Doctor, heal thyself of your amnesia'."

JOC:       (laughter)       "Well, I'd like to."

Jesus: "And you can. For We have shared with you, if We were to stop at this very moment, enough for you to continue on in life for the rest of this life, which will be very long indeed."

JOC: "Oh, will it?"

Jesus: "And it will be very fruitful, and it will be very rewarding, because We believe that through this and other things that will unfold for you soon, you will have an awakening or a remembering. When you have the capacity to sit down and to tell your intellect, which is in a great and dire effort to remain in control of your being --- if you have and when you find the capacity to sit down and to say, 'I am telling you for the last time to shut up, for I will not invite you for dinner', you will then make one giant step in the direction of your life beginning to unfold."

JOC: "And what You have told me, then, is how I may work with The Spiritual Hierarchy and serve, then, The Ascended Masters and their Plan?"

Jesus: "We do not even want you to serve Us. We want you to serve yourself. The last thing in the world, and We will even go to a bigger comment, and We would say that the last thing that there is that any Universes would ever request of you --- now, that includes every being that has ever been created, every life-form that is. Through your great intellect you could not begin to comprehend. There is not one that would be in true request that you serve them."

"The purpose is what We ask you to serve. And the purpose is what We have defined for you, relative to what you are here for. And it is not just limited to this place, for if you were to sit and if We were to then exchange words, and if I were to say to you, 'My dear brother, I have forgotten what this is about. Could you remind Me once again?'. What would be the words that you would say to Me to help Me to remember? Would they not be the same words that I have said to you?"

"If I were to say to you, 'What is my purpose? I do not seem to have recollection of why I am'. Would they not be the same words that I have said to you? Would you not say, 'Dear Jesu or Jesus or Jeshua', or whatever name you find comfortable --- would you not say, 'from what my memory recalls and serves me best, were You not the Essence of Love, and is that not Your purpose?'. And then I would say, 'Ah yes, thank you. That is what it is about; is it not?' And is that not what I have said to you?"

JOC:       (chuckle)       "Yes, it is."

Jesus: "So, let us keep it that simple. Let us not complicate it. Let us put aside all of the books that you have found so entertaining, for they serve you no more. They are not necessary for you to be that which We have described."

JOC: "They are not?"

Jesus: "They are not."

JOC: "All of my books on the herbs and all these other methods ................. ?"

Jesus: "We are not talking about healing processes through natural ingredients. We are talking about all of the literature that has been available to you and has given you information in an intellectual form as to what it's all about. We would say to you, in truth at this moment, that you have now all of the information that you require to go forth in life and that the greatest service that you could do to yourself would be to never again pick up another document that has anything to do with telling you how to become spiritual. Never pick up another document that tells you about what the Earth may or may not do, for in truth, my dear brother, it serves you not. It gets you intellectually, completely involved in that which you do not need for your life."

JOC: "Is that right?"

Jesus: "It is. And what We would ask, then, is that you then put your energies and focus into the direction of life instead of what might be or might not be. If there is a child standing in front of you, and that child needs your moment, needs your assistance, then there is a truth. Is there not?"

JOC: "Mm hmm."

Jesus: "And if you can take and put your arms around that child to give it assurance that you are there to help it, even though it knows not your words, is that not a truth, and is that not doing what you are here to do?"

JOC: "Yes, I think so."

Jesus: "And if you are then to take the things that are within your capacity, through your education, and if you were to then be able to extend the healing to that child, are you then not the great and wondrous being that you want to be?"

JOC: "Perhaps."

Jesus: "Not perhaps, but yes."

JOC: "Okay."

Jesus: "And all of those books and all of those documents would not serve you in that moment of miracle, would they? It would not have anything to do with Earth Changes. It would not have anything to do with The Great White Masters."

JOC: "I see."

Jesus: "So, We ask that you go into the simplicity and into the very, very essence of your being and of life. And begin to live it, and stop searching for that which you would like to have, for you are already it, and you have within your capacity, dear friend, all of the ingredients that are necessary to become that which you already are, not becoming something that you hope to be."

"Have you ever stopped and looked at a caterpillar, and have you ever thought how ridiculous it would be for the caterpillar to look upon a butterfly in envy and wish that it could become so beautiful?"

JOC:       (laughter)       "Well, no, I haven't thought about that."

Jesus: "Then We would ask that you look upon it in that form. So, while you slither upon your belly and you think you are lower than others, We tell you that you are, in truth, the most grand presentation of life there ever could be. And again We say, again We announce, there is nothing for you to do, for you already Are. You already Are. All you must do is embrace that which is and allow it to be, for it already is."

JOC: "In my embracing of this and re-emerging or re-awakening to this, are there any processes that would be helpful, such as meditation, the utilization of the Violet Flame, and the I Am Decrees?"

Jesus: "We would say that in the I Am Decrees that you limit it to one, and I would say, 'I Am magnificent and perfect in this moment, and I Am accepting that, and I Am not going to do anything more'. And then say, 'Thank you'. And that is the end of the I Am's that I would suggest at this moment."

"Now, what We would like to do is for you to entertain, in the future, to return and to reside with Us as We are in this way, for then We could share additional things with you, for there are many things for you to become aware of in life. And yet, if this one (George) is not sitting and available to you, We will make sure that there is another way for you, then, to hear these words."

JOC: "This is so clear that I would hope to cross paths with your vehicle again."

Jesus: "You will; We assure you. It is not something that We would dangle in front of you and then run away and hide. For We would never run away and We never hide. We are always there."

"Now to continue, with the mantras and other things that you might consider of value and importance. Forget them. Do not participate in them, for you then lose your beingness within what it is you are attempting to do, and We once again announce that you are already It. So in the mantras and other things that people walk around and participate in, listen to them and hear what it is that they are saying. They are saying things like, 'Allow me to and help me to become more spiritual'. You are the most spiritual being that you could ever envision. All you must do is to allow it to be."

"Now, you will hear the words continue to be repeated that are of importance, and the word, when you ask if there anything that you can do, the word is allow. Go out and find yourself a quiet place and look upon the beauty of Nature and see that there is a rose bush that you might gaze upon. And see how much frustration, irritation, and aggravation the rose goes through in attempting to be what it is, and you will find that there is none there. It does not get caught up in a mantra, even if you were to use your most intricate of listening devices. It does not say, 'Please God, please, with everything I have, I am asking, would You please make me a rose?'. For it already is and it knows it. Does it not?"

JOC: "Does the rose meditate?"

Jesus: "The rose sits in glory and magnificence of what it is in its knowing that it is that, and that is its meditation."

JOC: "And that should be my meditation?"

Jesus: "It should be. Your meditation should be no more than the mere and simple process of sitting down and closing your eyes and being consumed in love and being in love with all things. And know that you already are That which you are attempting to become, and then always say, 'Thank you'. For the Universe and That Which you call God embraces those who are in appreciation, and when you find within your capacity to say, 'Thank you', there is always much more, then, made available, because you are in appreciation."

JOC: "Can I say it mentally?"

Jesus: "You may say it in every and any way that you like. Verbal announcements are never necessary. Now, We have time for one more question. We have time to entertain one more thought with you, and then We would suggest that We depart."

JOC: "Thank you." ................... (pause) ...................... "Would You be able to discuss any further or elaborate any further about my most probable future, near or far future?"

Jesus: "We would expect that if We were to delve into that kind of entertainment, We would take away from you the excitement of what would happen. What We will share with you is that you have in your future, if you allow it ---- and let Us put the underlying emphasis on that particular part of the comment or comments --- should you allow, you will have in your future not only personal satisfaction and gratification for that personal life that you would seek, but you will also find fulfillment from your purpose or your work, for it will take you and allow you to be that which you choose to be."

"You do not need to search ever again for anything, for it will always be in front of you, even when --- and hear these words most clear --- even when you are most suspect and in most doubt that it will unfold. Then take a deep breath and know that another miracle will be presented to you, and things will again continue to be in perfection just as they always were."

"Now, this is not to create question. It is not to bring about within your mind, 'What could that mean?'. It is about bringing into your mind the awareness that you never need worry again about anything. Do you see?"

JOC: "This is true?"

Jesus: "It is true. There will be messengers and messages that will come into your life that will direct you, and all you have to do is be accepting enough to see them and accept them. Again, We use the word accept or allow. Whether it seems to be something that you are interested in doing or not. If it seems, then, intellectually not to be right, but your heart seems to be excited about it, then do it; just do it."

"And soon your outrageousness will begin to become more of what life will be in its extension of presentation, and intellect will then become a back seat instead of a front seat. It will then no longer dictate where to go. It will only be the mechanic that goes along should the vehicle break down."

JOC:       (chuckle)       "Well, we like having a good mechanic around."       (laughter)

Jesus: "It is most opportune, is it not? Begin to realize that it is safe for you to put your life into the hands of others, while never surrendering your life to that individual or individuals. Because, if you were to consider, if you were to go to the place called Hawaii, would you not put your life into the hands of that individual who first makes that reservation?"

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "Would you then not put your life into the hands of the individual that takes your luggage or baggage and puts it onto the airplane and checks you in and puts you into the seat of assignment?"

JOC: "Mm hmmm."

Jesus: "Would you then not put your life into the hands or hand of the individual who's going to sit in the cockpit and instruct the vehicle as to what it should do to get you safely there? Is that not so?"

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "And there are many others who are in participation in this event while you may not even see them --- the ground crews as they are known and the control towers that you are aware of. And they all function as a unit so that they can do nothing more than to assist you, one named James, to go from one point to another. Is that not so, in using that analogy?"

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "Then, extend that to life and do not be so limited that you would not trust or allow somebody else, then, to become a participant in your life. And let them start to become a participant, because you cannot do it alone, dear friend. It will require or necessitate others participating with you before your life will ever be. For you have 2 options as you look down the road, and the Y is where you stand right now. And if you choose to go to the one, you will become a hermit, and you will die a death of an early age, because there will be nothing for you to continue to live for, and that will be your purpose."

"The other is to make the decision to embrace yourself, for you are far too precious to ever make the decision to become a hermit. You love yourself far too much to allow that to happen to you. And you are too excited about life and what might unfold to miss out on that."

JOC: "Yes. Yes, I am."

Jesus: "Now, when you make that decision and you go down the path of that direction, then you will begin to and, in fact, have to allow others to come into your life, and when they do, even though they may have no appearance of contributing to it, embrace them for the mere fact that they are there. And you will find soon that the community that you have set out to shun or not be a part of will begin to embrace you and allow you, then, to become what you want to become."

"Now, We would hope that you would listen to this, for We have shared much with you in this short time, and We know that it has been in contradiction to much that you have been in belief of. And We would not ask that you rush off and change everything in one fell swoop. Make it 3 fell swoops. But We would ask that you do it."

JOC: "Okay."

Jesus: "And above all and beyond all, leave in this knowing, and go on your way in this understanding, and this is for your heart to hear and for your intellect, if We may be so blunt as to say, 'Shut up while We talk for this last instance'. For what We would offer to you is the love that you have always looked for and seemed to think that you are not worthy of. What We are is the essence of that love that has always been your's, for, dear friend, we have been too many times together for you to just sit in quietness and to, without any intellectual input, say, 'Dear Friend, whatever name You might go by in this particular moment, whether it be Jesus or Jesu or Jeshua, I would like for You to be involved in my life'. And you will find I will be there in such involvement that you will see My face whenever you close your eyes. And you will hear My whisper in your ear, even though it may be through a child. And you will know always that you shall never again be in doubt as to who you are, for I will remind you constantly."

JOC: "And I would love to do that."

Jesus: "Then allow it to be. Now, go in peace, dear brother, for peace is where you deserve to be, and be loved, for it is what We do whether you allow it or not. And be in the knowing that We are with you always. And thank you."

JOC: "Thank You very much." (For more about Jehoshuah Ben Yussef or Jesus, click on "The Unknown Nazarene".)

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