Our Wayshower for The Piscean Age, Beloved Lord Jesus

This second conversation with Master Jesus took place in the same location as the first one, that is Paradise, California, and the energies were just as high, which led to all the laughter on my part. As I became enveloped in the Field of Influence of The Master, I succumbed to a natural high, and He held me in a love-suffused, unwavering eye-to-eye contact the entire time. George was out of the way, and I was talking to The One Who came among us 2,000 years ago to demonstrate, through example, the way for Humanity to evolve itself to the next level of advancement during the Zodiacal Age of Pisces, a way which stimulated and activated the Heart Chakra by kindness, helpfulness, and caring toward others.

During the first part of this channeling, Jesus tried to convince me to re-acquire my medical license to practice from the Medical Board of California, so that I could work for change from within the Allopathic System, and I listened but made no commitment. I had voluntarily returned my license in 1990 after undergoing a huge expansion of consciousness and coming to understand the delusional nature of medical science and the self-serving orientation of the system's proponents (physicians) toward money-lusting greed and power. After considerable internal debate over Jesus' proposal, I could not go through with it and continued my life outside of the Medical System. This is an example of our freedom to choose and the policy of The Ascended Masters never to demand but always to request (even for disciples).

I have left out all of that discussion about the medical license with the view that it would no longer be relevant. Underlinings are mostly mine to emphasize a topic or focus the reader's attention in the midst of so much text, but some words were pronounced more forcefully by The Master. Otherwise, I made no changes after transcribing it all from a tape-recorded cassette, and this is the second talk I had with Jesus in 1994. As with my first talk, I felt totally immersed in LOVE and was high as a kite. I offer this conversation with one of Earth's Ascended Masters for the impersonal ideas expressed which may readily be applied to the life of the reader.     J.O.C.


03 November 1994:

Jesus: "I assure you that all of the help that you might deem necessary will be more than available, more than available for you to secure that which it is that you will be in search of. "

"Reaching higher and attaining greater levels than one had achieved before is what life and ongoing life experiences are about, for if you were to have found some lackluster position and slipped into it and had, what you might say, the mediocrity of things made available to you, then you would have died at a very young age out of pure and simple boredom. If you look at your life up to this moment, while it may not have seemed to be extremely rewarding, you cannot say that it has not been interesting."

JOC: "There's another understatement."       (laughter)

Jesus: "So, this interesting thing that you have called life and that you have, then, such a grand dictatorship about is about to take, as We have already shared with you, a turn for a different direction. For, instead of being that lost sheep that has been looking for some direction, you will step into the light. Now, that has more than one meaning; does it not? You will step into the light of knowing and become the leader."

"You have learned much in your wanderings, have you not, Grasshopper?"

JOC: "Yes, I have."

Jesus: "So therefore, dear friend, realize that, number one, your primary purpose is you. Your primary purpose for being here is life. And the number one thing that We would not pass up, and We spent many hours in conversation with you already on, is that embrace your own being, for that is what is of most value here, to embrace yourself so as that then you could embrace others. For without that love allowance, nothing else will take place. Just as if That One That you call God, That Beginning with a capital B, if It were to stop sending out LOVE to everything, everything would cease to be. And that was what was happening to you. You were ceasing to be because of the lack of love that you had for thyself."

"Now, after that which you have already done great and wondrous things about, as you have already embraced and are embracing others so as that you allow yourself to be embraced, so this We applaud you and this We recognize. And while you are performing in that function and you are beginning to become more radiant because of that particular change in concept, this is now number two, your purpose for being here, and that is the healer that you are. Not the second thing of importance would We say in listing, for the number one thing should be to just be, no matter where you are. Never allow that to slip from your memory."

"So, the second thing, then, for Us to bring to your attention is what it is that you came to do, and, as We've said, it is that you are a healer. So, while you have created that reminder, while you can hold up in front of your eyes and see that reminder (an acute dermitits of severely pruritic nature), now We say to you that it is time for you to be about your Father's business."

JOC: "That's interesting. You must have seen my list then."       (laughter)

Jesus: "We would never look over your shoulder (laughter), through it possibly."

"So, while We have said to you, and the last time that we sat together, We remind you once again, contrary to that which has been said. We say now, heal thyself, physician, and in doing so come to the knowing of what thy value truly is and where it is, for I assure you that you serve nobody in the capacity that you presently are in except frustration. So then, We do bid to you a welcome to the knowing of what it is about, and We bid to you a welcome to the return of that which you are about, and the years that you have been in confusion and frustration, they have not been in vain, for only in opposites are values discovered. Only in extremes are values realized."

"So oftentimes when it is misunderstood why an individual goes so far from God, it is because then they completely understand the embrace when they return. So, We would ask that you sit and that you contemplate those things that We have shared with you in private and those things that We have reiterated to you so as that you can listen to them again, and they will spark those words in private to come back to your memory."

JOC: "Yes, I'm going to be deliberating a lot, thinking a lot about that. Might I move to another area of discussion?"

Jesus: "We are here to serve you, my friend, so you may move to wherever you like, and We would be happy to accompany you."

JOC: "Thank You. I think that in the area that we were discussing, since I had developed this skin condition for a number of reasons, another physical problem that I've been perceiving is that I have had a chronic protein deficiency and that my muscles have been atrophying over a period of time, and I'm getting a little concerned about it in that I'm told and I'm assuming that I'm going to be here for awhile (great longevity in this life), and I need to maintain my strength to carry out whatever it is that I'm going to be doing. And I was wondering if You could speak to this problem."

Jesus: "The two things that We would contribute to your knowledge relative to that which you've defined are, number one, in this place that you call society there is a requirement in order for an individual to sustain physical health, and that is called money. You need the necessary dollars so as that you then can go out and procure the necessary foods in order for you to be healthy. So one of the things that will come into correction, through the process that We have already spoken of, is that you will then create an income that will allow you to be able to feed yourself properly."

"Now, the protein deficiency that you have can be corrected quite quickly by picking up and starting to address your condition from a broader spectrum of food intake. You have limited yourself too much relative to those things that you would consume (vegetarianism), so as that while all things are here for a purpose and it is understood that while I was on this Earth, I participated or partook of many meals of meat."

JOC: "Did You?"

Jesus: "I did; I did. It was part of my ongoing process of food that meat was a very big part of my diet. Yet if I were here today it would not be, because in 2000 years the physical being has evolved to become a different kind of a species than it was when I was here. Now, We do not consider it to be a violation of life to consume that which you would call flesh, to consume a fish or an animal, any more than it would be a violation of life to consume a head of lettuce, for life is life in all presentations. What has happened is that the species called Human has literally changed so that it no longer requires, no longer can it facilitate, the density of that which is considered to be dead food, which is animal flesh. And yet, We would say that the human form is still in requirement of some things, and there are good ways to facilitate this, and one of the things that you must do is to broaden your spectrum of acceptibility so as that you would embrace more foods than you presently do and find less fault with some of the things you find fault with."

"Now, We do not say that you should run out, then, and fix yourself a hamburger for your going away meal after this meeting, for to return to that which would be considered dense food or flesh is not the solution, and yet fish is something that is still very acceptable to your human form, and it is very high in that which you are seeking (protein). So, We might recommend to you that you embrace that particular part of the food chain until you have come into the knowing of how to circumvent that need."

JOC: "So, I am correct that I have been protein deficient."

Jesus: "You have been deficient in more than protein, and protein is not something that you require in great abundance, as it has been said. For while We have shared with our dear friend here (George) many things about nutrition, one of the things that has been stated to him, that he also shared with you, is that protein is not as required as one might think and that protein can be the required amount and the required variety, for there is more than one presentation of protein for you to then ingest. But what is happening with you is that you have a breakdown of your molecular structure due to the extreme limitation of foods and quantity that you have been taking in."

JOC: "It's extreme, is it?"

Jesus: "It is extreme. So, if you were to consider that you drive an automobile, and if you were to go out to the automobile and tell it that it no longer could have one gallon for every 16 miles that it goes, that you're putting it on a diet and that you're only going to allow it one gallon for every 80 miles, how far do you think it would take you?"

JOC:     (laughter)     "Can I not be a vegetarian with my body's current condition? Can I not maintain it or rejuvenate it with the vegetarian diet for now?"

Jesus: "You can, and We're not asking that you get off of or change what you call your vegetarian diet except for adding fish to it occasionally, for the properties of that particular food for you now would be most appropriate and most healing. So for the, let Us say, interim moment, if you would allow yourself to participate in that ingredient of the food chain, you will find that it will be most beneficial. It will not add fat to your being, but it will add value to it, and your body will then begin to utilize the properties that are available in that. Now, there are many other vegetable, or let Us say, other materials that can be consumed that would do the same thing, and yet it would take large amounts of them. So, the fish will allow you to return to health quicker. Once you are there, then you can discontinue, if you choose, and go back to a strict vegetarian diet and continue then to maintain what you are. Do you see?"

JOC: "Yes. Is that diet not a preferable one for those who desire to expand their consciousness and move into the New Age that we're moving into?"

Jesus: "It is not only most desirable, it is going to become demanded (a necessity), for what is going to happen to you (the human species) is that first it (the diet) will go into that which is called vegetarian, then you will go into liquidarian (strictly juices), then you will go into airian (no food consumption). So, it is the process that you are following. If you go into many of the under-developed countries where those individuals are less evolved as a species, you will still find them very participatory in eating dense things (animal flesh), for it is in harmony with their physicalness."

"So, over the period of time, the many thousands of years that this particular species, this human species, has been around, then what We say is that it has been an ongoing process of evolution, eventually, to arrive where you will come to the point of Lightness, where you will, virtually, sustain life from the elements of the Universe."

JOC: "That's what I thought we would move to and that we would receive our energies directly from the Sun, The Solar Logos."

Jesus: " Not only the Sun but also from the Universe Itself, for there are energies that are flowing all of the time even when, you might say, the Sun is gone and you do not have that solar input. Life will still continue to be sustained, and yet your body is like a reservoir, like a battery. It will take in energy and store it so as that throughout the process of day and night, as you understand it to be, you will always be in energy."

"Now, another thing is going to occur, and that is that a second Sun will come into creation, and this is not going to require millions of years of happening. It will happen over-night almost, so as that then you will become a binary unit, and then you will have another Sun, and It will be a blue Sun as most other Suns are, not hot white as yours is. So, while you perceive and see most of the Suns or the Stars to be hot elements, the blue Sun is what is predominantly in many of the other Universes, and that blue Sun will also radiate the energy required for Man, Human, to sustain life. It will also add to or contribute to that which is called your environment, so that the Earth, in uniformity, will be at a constant 72 degrees minimum."

JOC: "How far off is that in the time illusion?"

Jesus: "It is happening. In the time illusion it is within your lifetime, so it is within a very short period of time. So often in presenting the facts, which is so entertaining as We perceive them to be, the presentation of facts by your scientific community that states that certain things have happened and that certain time frames have been required for them to happen, in truth, in one day magnificent things can take place. Enormous changes can take place. So, one million years are not required, necessarily, for a Sun to come into creation. A Star can be formed from what is called a planet. In the condensing process that is taking place on one of the planets within your system at this moment ................"

JOC: "Jupiter, perhaps."

Jesus: " ......... and it can condense and condense until it becomes gaseous, and under pressure it then ignites and begins to then be a Sun. And yet it does not have the fuel, and it does not have the intensity of the Sun that you presently look upon, so therefore, then, it radiates blue instead of white, and that is happening right at this moment."

JOC: "Very interesting for one with the analytical mind.     (laughter)     A real quick, mundane question in the midst of all of that ..... then regarding my diet and trying to rejuvenate my body again, trying to make the recuperation in terms of intake of protein, then fish would be adequate for doing that? I wouldn't need to consume the flesh of the fowl as well?"

Jesus: "No. What We have suggested to you is to reinvestigate your vegetarian approach, for you are not adequate in the amount of foods that you are consuming to facilitate or to maintain your physicalness. It matters not if you were to go out and eat a flock of fowl each day in an effort to try to regain that which you were if you do not have, then, a maintenance program to sustain it. Now, your bulk or your size is diminishing relative to that which you aren't consuming, for it will only be as large as you give it food to be. So, in the diminishing factor of that which you call your body, come to realize completely that it is the amount that you are putting in your body that has a direct proportion as to how much body you then have. So, you must begin to address the fact that you are not eating enough, and you have not eaten enough because you did not care about yourself enough to even look and see what was happening."

"We have watched you, in a way you might say, wither away, and We have agonized about this. We have agonized about this condition taking place because you didn't seem to have any interest in what was taking place with you. In fact, you were on a destructive cycle. Now you have come to where you realize your value, and in realizing your value you are now starting to say, 'My goodness, look at what is happening to me. I need to do something to correct it'. Well, what you must do is that you must correct that which you have been doing for quite a period of time."

JOC: "And so that's going to take quite a long time to do that."

Jesus: "It won't take a long time to correct what has happened, but what is necessary is that you correct what you have been doing so as that you don't expect a change to take place if you continue on the same path that you have embraced in the past. So, again We would recommend that you go to the nearest library and you go in and sit down in the cookbook area, and then you can inform yourself more completely as to what it would take to sustain your being in the vegetarian concept."

JOC: "Okay, thank You. I had a question about what was said to me the last time that we spoke, through George, and it was about .......... I was curious whether You were being literal or figurative when You said that I never need worry again about another thing this lifetime."

Jesus: "The answer to that is yes (toying with me)."

JOC: "And can You explain why that would be (taking a while to get the joke)?"

Jesus: "You said, were We figurative or literal, and the answer is yes."

JOC: "Were You literal when You made that statement?"

Jesus: "And the answer is yes. What We are saying to you is that concern or worry is a thing of the past when you choose for it to no longer be the moment, when you choose to no longer use that as your particular choice of dealing with a particular thing. When you no longer have worry, when you no longer have worry about life, then you will no longer ever have to worry about another thing. Now, this may seem somewhat trite, and it may cause those who would hear these words, exactly as We have said them, to say, 'Big deal', and yet it is a big deal, for consider what has been said to you."

"You virtually have no need to ever worry about anything again, for what would worrying ever bring about? What would worrying or concern ever do in a particular situation, for it will be as it is. So, if you were to stand underneath what would be considered an avalanche, and if you were to look up and see it taking place, to worry about it would have no value."

JOC: "But it wouldn't eliminate the avalanche; would it?"     (laughter)

Jesus: "It wouldn't, and yet to worry about it would have no value."

JOC:     (continued laughter)     "Yes, okay."

Jesus: "Now, the same is with life, for there is an avalance of things always taking place and preparing to happen in life, and if you were to be able to look down the road and see some of them, you would begin to worry right this moment, because they would be worrisome. So, that is one of the reasons people are not permitted to see into the future, for they would not always like what was coming, and they would try to avoid it even though it would be serving them best. So, We say to you again, you will never have to worry about anything again in your life, for all things will be as perfect as one could consider."

JOC: "Okay."

Jesus: "And when you do look up and you do see an avalance coming down upon you, then We would ask that you smile, put your arms around yourself and say, 'My God, how grand this is'."

JOC: "But don't worry."     (laughter)

Jesus: "Why worry?"

JOC: "Okay, that helps explain what I was, uh, worried about."     (laughter)

Jesus: "Let Us just extend a little more on our answer, so as that there is more value to the understanding. Consider that worrying is an energy, which it truly is. It is like putting your hand up and saying, 'I'm sorry; I don't want any help. I'm busy worrying. Don't send me any abundance; I'm busy being in lack. Don't send me happiness; I'm busy worrying about how unhappy I am'. Worrying is like putting up a big stop sign to the Universe that would be in the process of sending you abundance, whether it's love or anything else that you could consider an abundance. So, when you stop worrying then you will, virtually, never have another thing to worry about, because all things will then flow to you. Being the physician that you truly are --- do you see how We snuck that in --- you are well aware of the fact that a most curious thing happens in the Human Species, and that is that those who worry about becoming ill are the ones who are most ill, and yet those who worry about being healthy do not bring health, do they?"

JOC: "No, I've seen that."

Jesus: "So, the thing to do, dear friend, is to not worry, and you will never have to worry again."

JOC: "Okay, thank You. And I think this could be helpful for others to hear this as well. May I ask in other areas?"

Jesus: "You may."

JOC: "One of the little items I have on here (a list of questions), I believe that You addressed: what my particular role was in the Time to Come, and it sounded to me like it was primarily as a healer."

Jesus: "What We have said to you is that your primary goal would be to be a healer and a teacher. In fact, you could reverse it if you choose, for to be a teacher is to be a healer, and to be a healer is to be a teacher, for you will be then observed at what you do, and then what you do will then become that which is done. So, realize that you are no longer hidden behind a veil of secrecy, that you are about to go into your public life, my friend, and that you will be seen and observed by all."

"So, what We are saying to you is that, do not limit it to healer, but realize that you have two hands, and one hand would be considered the teacher and the other hand the healer, so therefore you have a situation of equality taking place and formulating. So, do not expect to be one without the other, for while you are becoming the healer that you have the potential of being, you will be a teacher to those who are observing."

JOC: "I understand. And then this would have been my intent and purpose for this embodiment?"

Jesus: "It is your, not would be; it is your intent and purpose. So, while you have chosen a most unusual school to go to in learning how to be what you are, We accept and embrace your selection, and We applaud the fact that you have now come back out to join in and be that which you declared you were before you ever came here. Run as you will; hide you can't."

JOC: "Apparently not. I have something unrelated to that. I was curious about .......... I know that in any particular embodiment there are certain other of our lifetimes that are ongoing now as You have said --- all of time is simultaneous, is instantaneous, and is NOW, so that what we think of as our past lives are really happening now and likewise our future lives --- and I was curious about what other embodiments may be impacting me the most and in what way they are impacting me, so that learning this I may move on." (Check out "Time Is An Illusion".)

Jesus: "Well, let Us first say that you are moving on regardless as to what you might consider happening in any other life, and the other lives that you have spoken of or touched upon are also being affected by what you do this very moment. I assure you that every other life that you are presently involved in has had a big upswing in quality because you have embraced yourself this year. So, virtually, when you took and you found it within your ability to embrace yourself, and when you found the capacity to allow others to embrace you, across the board, so to speak, every life that you are presently involved in, which are many, have all had a great and grand uplifting in their quality. They have had happiness come into their life without knowing the source. They have ceased to struggle without knowing the reason. And they have arrived at tranquillity and peace, in many cases, without even knowing why. And it is because of what you have done in this lifetime."

JOC: "Hmm, this would seem to be an important lifetime."

Jesus: "It is an extremely important lifetime, for it is at the crossroads of an important moment. It is what you might say all of the other lifetimes are taking place in support of, for while you are what you are today, it has been a culmination of great effort throughout many other days to be this, that which you are. It is why, when you sat with Us last, We shared with you that you are the creator of what you consider to be your dilemma, and We brought to your awareness that you were the creator of your life and that there was no other that you could point a finger at and find fault with, for the finger would have to be then reversed to point at yourself, for you are the one who created it. And you have created all of the things that have come into this contributory factor called life for this moment."

JOC: "When You address me as you, are You addressing me as the lower-self personality or as my Higher Self/I Am Presence?"

Jesus: "I would ask first that you never consider yourself as a lower self. We do not see you separated or less or lower than any. You are as grand as I Am in the Position that I presently am sustaining, and that, I assure you, is grand indeed. Because you have happened to slip into and wriggled into and then found yourself in this little container called a body does not make less of you than what you truly Are, and I assure you that you are far more grand than you give yourself credit for. And I would hope that you could transform yourself, through arrogance in a humble way, to That Which you truly should Be."

"So, that Higher Self that you have spoken of is nothing more than an extension of what you are here instead of the other way around. Remember always, my friend, that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. You are not a human being having a spiritual experience."

JOC: "Yes. In conjunction with that I'd like to ask about that structure of consciousness. In the way that I've learned it, we have this Essence or 'Higher Self' which extends Itself out in hundreds if not thousands of embodiments, incarnations, etc., and that these are fragmented aspects of Itself, with a capital I. Would You see it that way?"

Jesus: "I would say it is that way, and yet if you were to extend your hand out, would you then, from your perspective, look at your hand and say, 'What a lowly piece of presentation that is of the total grandness that I Am.'? Or would the hand turn around and would it look back and say, 'What a grand presentation I am of that which is as grand as I am, for I Am; I am part of it.'? Do not see yourself as less than that which you consider yourself to be more, but consider yourself to be in completeness, always, even though you might consider that there is separation."

"And part of the things that I have said for 2000 years, and I emphatically say it today in every meeting that you have ever been in attendance to, is that there is no separation. There is only Oneness, so set aside that ridiculous concept and begin to embrace the complete thought of all things as being one, for while you go back to a more Grand Position than you presently consider yourself to be, you and I go back to a more Grand Position than you can even contemplate. So therefore, my friend, we are all one, just as the light that shines from the Sun is one even though it seems to be fragmented. Do you see?"

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "So, do not look upon, even though you, intellectually, can have an understanding of what We are talking about, do not look upon lowly or separation in any way, and instead always look upon yourself as being part of, part of a Grandness instead of separated from."

JOC: "Well okay, a bunch of questions ran through the mind, but I understand what You're saying. Uh, because of the Veil as we enter this Density, the Earth Illusion, we have that perception, I suppose, that we are part of, an extended expression of this Higher Level of ourself. And I guess one of the questions that's been running through my mind in reviewing your teaching is that ......................... When You said that we really have nothing to do and that we already Are, that there should be a repetition of the I Am Decree, I Am That I Am, and a knowingness and allowingness that we already Are, that there really is nothing that we need to do in terms of trying to evolve our consciousness here; but I think I see it or we see it that I am this personality and an extension of this Higher Self, and it seems that there are things that I need to do in order to evolve back to that Higher Self or help that Higher Self evolve further."

Jesus: "The misconception that took place many thousands of years ago was the concept or the conception of separateness, and it has been an attempt by many who have come to this Earth Plane and who have been called Teachers, Prophets, or Masters, and there is an ongoing presence on this Earth Plane by Those Who are trying from another level to try and input the remembrance that there is no such thing as separation. Now, I assure you that you touched upon the very word that explains the whole dilemma, the personality."

"The personality is what is sustaining the thought of separation. If you were to take a child, and that child was 3 years of age or a child of 5 or a child of 25, and if they had not been raised in this society with the teaching that you presently embrace, then that child, whether it's 3, 5, or 25, or 55, would have no understanding of that ridiculous, outrageous concept. It is because of the teaching that you have been raised with. It is because of the literal transferring of information through the DNA level of your being that this concept has been passed on from generation to generation."

"Now, if you were to completely, as I did, sit down and embrace the concept of Oneness and set aside the concept of separation, and if you were to do it 100%, then it would no longer be, and then you would come to the realization that you have to do nothing. You have nothing to do to attain That Which you already Are. It is only the personality, because of what it has been taught, that thinks it must go through some procedure in order to attain acceptance, in order to arrive at being accepted within the Realm of Spirituality. And yet I assure you that perfection is what you were before you came here. You do not need to become it; you are it. Accepted is not what you have to do; it is what you are, for you are accepted; you are part of. You do not have to return Home. You have never left. All you must do is come to the recognition of this, to the acceptance of it, and to the allowance of it."

"So, while your personality and your intellect, which are, in truth, the same thing only playing one with the other, while they may express to you that you are many things, I say to you that you are all things, and you already Are, with a capital A. So therefore, the finest thing that you can do, without any longer expecting or attempting to become something that you must not even have to, would be to declare the fact that you Are. I Am. It is something that I do on an ongoing basis, and I do it arrogantly and humbly, for I do declare that I Am, and I would never allow another to say otherwise, for I Am, and so Are you."

JOC: "And I'll be going back through those words for further understanding. Do You think that my I Am usage and my I Am decrees are making any difference for me?"

Jesus: "Your I Am is an intellectual application of That Which you are attempting to become, and I would ask that you take it to another level of your knowing, and then instead of saying 'I Am', say 'I Am'. Your I Am is more of a request than a demand or a declaration. Your I Am has been a request for you to become instead of a declaration that you Are. So, if you want to change the way that you do an I Am so that it then dictates what you truly Are, then find the highest place that you can stand upon this evening, and as the Sun goes down so as that you can speak to all things, then declare that today you've discovered that you Are."

JOC: "Okay. When one comes closer to that realization in their life, does this Greater Essence, this Greater Self, then begin manifesting more through them, through him or her?"

Jesus: "It does, for the allowance, then, has begun to take place. Up until that point, you have been holding up your hand in a way that would say, 'I Am', and yet you're not convinced of it, so you stop that from happening. It would be like planting a seed and then putting a rock on top of it."

JOC: "Okay. And I would gather that this Greater Essence, then, would begin manifesting through the level of the Fourth Chakra by way of love."

Jesus: "It will manifest Itself on all levels, so do not there again create a separation with your Being, for you are a Totality, not one thing within that Being. Do not be as some who sit and they try to then manifest an awakening process in the highest of the Crown (Chakra), so as that they can find spiritual fulfillment and the rest of them dies; do you see? For it is all things within your being, all the way to your root of knowing and those that are all in between you and your crown of knowledge that need to participate in this process of becoming I Am. For it is the I Am Process that says, 'I Am capable of speaking the truth, and I Am capable of seeing where others cannot, where they are blind, and I Am rooted here in this human form for my purpose, and I Am heartfelt and expanded, and I Am expressing love, for that is what I Am about'. So you see, do not limit yourself, my friend, for all areas, almost synchronistically, must be in complete harmony for you to be I Am, for that is when you can truly say, 'I Am'."

JOC: "Does the Higher Self evolve any further?"

Jesus: "It is in constant evolution. It is what It is about. It is an ongoing process of creation that you are participating in, so the Higher Self is your Self and you are It, and everything you do is contributory, for It is expressing Itself through you, and therefore you and It are one."

JOC: "Are You speaking to me from that level?"

Jesus: "I am speaking to you from all levels."

JOC: "Okay. I have something a little bit confusing regarding the so-called Higher Self, the I Am Presence. When that I Am Presence sends out the extended expression of Itself, perhaps this personality, for one, that's speaking to You, does It not create certain events and occurrences and happenings for a particular lifetime for It to live out and experience, and if that's the case, is not the free will and free choice of the ego-personality not as free as we've been taught?" ......................... (pause in response) ............................... "Is that a confusing question?"

Jesus: "It is not. While what you are saying has some validity to it, it is valid only in the respect to the freedom that is permitted each expression to fully embrace. Now, what We are saying is no different than ................ you have a child and you raise that child to be a certain way, and yet every time that child goes out the door it has the freedom to express even though you have prepared the school for it to go to, prepared the lunch it will carry; you have trusted, etc. You have taught it how to speak, for the vocabulary that it carries is what came from you out of your home. So all of the things that that child is and represents is what you have input, so therefore you could say, 'How is it that that child could have any choice other than what I have dictated?' And yet, does every child not go out with free expression to take what has been taught and yet create its own life? And does not every child have the learning from where it came from and yet still create difficulties to continue to learn? Do you see?"

"So, you have freedom of choice, completely, and yet you have guidance and you have what We would say to be an outline of life (a blueprint) to follow should you choose. The more focused that you become on your spirituality, the more focused you become on becoming the Spiritual Being. The more you become I Am one with all things, the more that your freedom of choice will elect to follow the prescribed outline, for it is so grand as that you would not want to change it. And yet at any moment if it was not comfortable, you could still invoke a veto and then go in the direction of selection. Do you see?"

JOC: "Not quite."

Jesus: "Then listen to these words once more, as many more times as is necessary, and I feel that you will find clarity in what We have shared. For while it may seem to be a conflict, it is not, and while it may seem to be a paradox, it is. For what is dictate is not necessarily dictated, and what would be appearing to be freedom of choice is only surrendered when a more knowing method is then subscribed to. So, for one to surrender their freedom of choice (to the Soul or Higher Self) is not to give up life but it is to give up difficulty, for the freedom of choice is invoked every time you choose to follow that which has been prescribed. Do you see?"

JOC: "By the Higher Level."

Jesus: "By You."

JOC: "And when You say You, You're referring to my Essence?"

Jesus: "I am referring to your Totality."

JOC: "Okay."

Jesus: "And you, as you perceive yourself to be, are still looking upon yourself as separate from That Which is All, Complete."

JOC: "Yes."

Jesus: "Set aside that thought and all of this will make sense to you."

JOC: "I was thinking that if I, as this extended fragment of my Essence, was sent into this lifetime and this experience, then certain things were created by that Essence and not created by me, the ego-personality, and if there's a perception or a knowingness of The Oneness of it all, then these things aren't being imposed upon me."

Jesus: "They are not being imposed upon you, and I would say also that the difficulty did not even begin until the ego aspect of your Being came into creation, for prior to that all things were in harmony. It was the moment that you had the capacity to then question or express and impose your freedom of choice that difficulty began to arise within what you call your life. It was when you turned over your life to your intellect that your problems started. When you started to question That Which was already wonderful, That Which was already perfect, and That Which was unfolding in wonderfulness, when you began to question It is when you began to create difficulty for yourself."

"Now, when you can start to and you have already begun to tell that aspect of your being (the intellect) to shut up ............ "

JOC: "I'm trying."

Jesus: " .......... then that is when, as you've already found, life will begin to become a loving embrace once again. But that Higher Aspect did not sit down and write a dictate and hand it to you and say, 'Now get yourself down there and do this'. You sat and wrote the dictate that then you came down to perform."

JOC: "So, I was already a consciousness within a Consciousness to be able to do that?"

Jesus: "You were a consciousness within a Complete Itself Consciousness, and yet again you are attempting to impose a separation, and I would ask that you not."

JOC: "Well, these are all intellectual matters I've been discussing."     (laughter)     "You've been very nice to have accommodated me. May I ask something else?"

Jesus: "One last question."

JOC: "Okay." ........................ (pause) .................... "Maybe I should phrase it as, what misconceptions do I have about the transcendent realities or just spiritual matters in general that You could correct and not take too long at it?"

Jesus: "You are allowing Us a moment to have a good time with you."     (laughter)

JOC:     (laughter)     "Well, we like to have a laugh; don't we?"

Jesus: "Then We are going to make this our last comment, and it is going to be thusly: that someplace in your life you took upon the ridiculous concept that you were a victim and that you were being perpetrated upon and that you were not in charge of things and that you were subjected to a greater power than you are, and that would be what We would say is the greatest thing that you have embraced and the greatest undoing that you could have encountered. For it took and it caused you to slip into an area of thinking that you could not do other than what was being perpetrated upon you, and yet I assure you that you are like the conductor standing in front of a great orchestra and that every instrument and every individual that sits at that instrument is doing nothing but waiting for you to look in their direction and say, 'Play, play', and that is how your life is. So, you stood in front of this orchestra; you have not picked up the wand, and you have not taken command. You have not dictated, to all of those who are sitting, this outrageous comment that says, 'I Am the conductor; now please pick up your instruments'. It is time, my friend, for you to do that."

JOC: "Pick up the wand."

Jesus: "And make the declaration."

JOC: "Can I make some beautiful music?"

Jesus: "You do make beautiful music. We have been witness to it, for what pours out of your being is far more beautiful than what you have ever conceived it to be. You have thought it to be lowly, and you have thought it to be unworthy, and yet I say to you that you are a conductor of grandness and that you are only limited within your own limitations (self-imposed). And by doing the things that We have shared with you, not only this time but in other moments that We have spoken, that you have had now enough information for you to go out and be the great being that you truly are instead of the pitiful being that you have thought yourself to be."

"For it has been truly difficult to reside with you while I sit there and I talk of and praise all your attributes, while you sit and you speak of all your undoings. So, I am so pleased that we are now both singing in harmony, and that song is one of love and grandness. And I can say to you that it has been very heartwarming for Me to have been able to stand up and to announce to the Universes and all Those Who have said, 'You will not be able to wake that one up', and I have been able to say, 'It has come to pass, for he is awakened, and he is a light among those who are still living in darkness'. So, I praise you, my dear friend. I applaud what you are, and I welcome you to become That Which you truly Are in truth: magnificent. So, do go out amongst them and ring their bells."

JOC:     (chuckle)     "There was doubt, then, about me."     (laughter)

Jesus: "Not within My Being, there wasn't."

JOC:     (continued laughter)     "Did it take a lot of work?"

Jesus: "Patience would be more the word."

JOC: "I see. So, what You told me is the biggest misconception that I have that would be better for me to rearrange in my way of thinking?"

Jesus: "We highly advise that you reconsider those things that you embraced and take upon yourself a new thought which would allow you then to stand up, as I've already stated, and to be the grand declarer of life that you have always been."

"Now, it is that moment when We would say, in this form, our goodbyes, and yet, as you already know, We never say goodbye, for we are always one. So, my dearest brother, always go in love, for you are adored more than you presently even allow. Be loved beyond that which you have conceived, for it will help you rise to the level that you are attempting to maintain. And be in peace; you never have to worry about another thing. Always be in peace in knowing that the World and all things on Earth are unfolding in perfection contrary to what they may appear, and be in peace in that knowing. And bless you always, my friend, until you are in the form that we can, literally, perceive one another more. Always bless you, for you are one of Us (The White Brotherhood), and you have returned Home even though you have not found it completely within your being yet. And thank you for taking the time to be with Us."

JOC: "Could You touch me before You go?"

Jesus:   (taking me by the hands)   "I would touch you always, in human form and in other form. Know that you are always embraced. Thank you, dear friend."

JOC: "Thank You."

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