It is my intention to offer my hands in healing to as many of my brothers and sisters and animal friends on this wondrous, watery orb as is humanly possible in order to alleviate as much suffering and pain as I possibly can out of the compassion that arises within me.

I have come this time to serve the Plan of Sanat Kumara (Lord of the World) and The Spiritual Hierarchy of Planet Earth, and I have likewise come to serve the Human Race in my capacity as a healer and a teacher. Part of my mission will be the creation and developement of Spiritual Sanctuaries and Healing Centers to be placed under the non-profit umbrella organization of "The Sanctuaries of The Masters". I will do this with the full guidance and approval and protection of The Masters of the Wisdom. (See "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi".)

It is my sincere desire that everyone that I touch will receive healing in one form or another and that their suffering will be replaced by happiness, their anxieties be replaced by peacefulness, and their tears be replaced by smiles. It is my firm intention to spread the Light of The Masters and the Compassion of Kuthumi.

I wish to make it perfectly clear that I am merely the conduit through which the transformative energies of healing flow and that none of it originates from within myself as the personality. Consequently, there is not now nor will there ever be any ego-entrapment on my part. I am ever awed and humbled and inspired by the force which flows through my body and my hands for the benefit of others. Kuthumi, the very Source of my beingness, is The Source of those Loving, Christed Energies.

As a vehicle for The Great White Brotherhood of Planet Earth, it was pre-incarnatively planned that I serve in the capacity of raising consciousness, being a receiver and transmitter of the Light and Love of The Immortal Sons of the Fire Mist, bringing relief to the suffering, elevating the numbers who will be capable of making the Dimensional Shift, and spreading the word about The Ascended Masters of this planet. My commitment was made eons ago and will continue past the Times of Tribulation and well into the Aquarian Age of Peace and Harmony for the remainder of my days on this evolutionary scheme called Earth. I have surrendered the error-prone will of the personality called Doctor Jim to the all-knowing and all-loving Divine Will of The Christed World Teacher, Lord Kuthumi.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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