Perfect, Dispassionate Karmic Balancing for All Lives of The Soul

Let me tell it like it is though it rub the wrong way all those many who have erroneously considered themselves to be victims, in one way or another, throughout their lives. Let me shine some light on the presupposition of victimhood, which effectively serves as a barrier of disempowerment for all those who so readily subscribe to that way of thinking. And let me illuminate this delusional concept by offering a perspective that rises above and beyond the theoretical speculations of the unknowing masses, who have succumbed to the collective illusion into which they have immersed themselves from the time of childbirth.

The information I offer is substantiated by the teachings of Those Who are called The Ascended Masters of Planet Earth, Those Who Know (see "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?"). We all, each of us incarnate personalities on this planet, have what is called a Higher Self or Soul as the Source of our beingness (refer to "The Soul"). That Soul has extended forth a small portion of its consciousness and life energy into a humanly-incarnate vehicle for purposes of dense physical experience, growth, testing, creational opportunity, sacrifice for the good of the all, and karmic balancing according to the great Law of Cause and Effect.

The fragmenting of the consciousness of a Soul-Being, existent on the Higher Mental Planes, to be incorporated into an incarnate human being is not a singular event for the Soul in producing a single lifetime down in this Physical Level of Existence as many of the Western World has come to believe. The Soul or Higher Self fragments its consciousness thousands of times to experience thousands of lives in physicality, and those who believe in re-incarnation believe the process to be occurring in a linear fashion from past to present to future, one life at a time. But the truth of the matter is that all of those incarnate lives of the Soul are happening simultaneously from the perspective of the Soul.

The linear passage of time is truly an illusion engendered by a grand thought-form collectively agreed upon by human civilization, a powerfully convincing thought-form to be sure but an illusion none-the-less (click on "Time Is An Illusion"). One now moment proceeds into the next now moment, but never does it proceed from the past into the future because they do not exist outside of the imaginings and fantasies of the human mind, which has been taught to operate in a linear fashion instead of a hologrammatical, abstract fashion. The former is a function of the left cerebral cortex and the latter a function of the right cerebral cortex. Linear, analytical reasoning happens in the left brain and sudden all-comprehensive knowingness in the right brain (e.g. intuition).

The only moment that exists in The Mind of God and all Beings throughout the Universe higher than the Physical Plane is the Now Moment (the 7 Planes of Existence: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, Logoic). We could call it the Eternal Now Moment, and the Soul resides within that moment always and forever. Thusly, in fragmenting its consciousness into thousands of aspects of Itself for the sake of the experiences offered by physicality, the Soul projects Itself not into the different "time frames" of this planet (or any other) but rather into different frequency domains or sub-dimensional levels that only appear to be in the past due to the impingement of the illusional thought-form of time on the Collective Consciousness of Humankind.

The lower the frequency domain (or vibrational level), the further in the past it appears to be, and the higher the frequency domain the closer to the present or even "future" the lifetime appears to be. By frequency, I'm referring to the rapidity of oscillation of all the atomic and sub-atomic particles. The vibrational rate of atomic oscillation in all physical forms progressively increases going from the distant "past" to the proximate "past" to the present and on into the so-called future of the sub-dimensional levels on this planet.

Are you with me still? All "past" lifetimes of an individual are simply lifetimes of a lower sub-dimensional plane than that of the present one living in the Now Moment. Future lifetimes, as contacted in dream state, hypnosis, meditation, or "psychic readings", are living in a vibrationally higher sub-dimensional plane. But none of them have anything to do with time or its passage as is commonly believed by those who have latched onto the re-incarnational concept.

Telling it from the perspective of the Soul, there is no such thing as re-incarnation, but rather there is multiple simultaneous incarnation, because it's all happening at once. The Soul only experiences the Now as do all Higher Beings of the Cosmos. An image which may be helpful (to the logical, linear mind) is to visualize the Soul (the Solar Angel) as a brilliantly radiant spherical focus of golden light suspended in the firmament of darkened eternal quietude. From that radiant Ball of Light are projected 1000's of "spokes" going off in every direction and every angle. At the end of each of those spokes, there is a smaller ball of light representing a separate physical incarnation and aspect of the Solar Angel. Through the communicating spoke flows the energy of consciousness and life force from the Soul to its fragment/aspect.

The passage of time is not experienced by the Soul, and every incarnate extension of Itself is contained within the Moment of Now. The life-infused balls at the end of the spokes have been projected forth into planetary schemes of evolution all over the Universe, and each finds its way into a different "time frame" or frequency domain on those many different planets throughout the Playground of Creation (sometimes the Soul will incarnate more than once in the same "time frame" on the same planet, two spokes in parallel).

And so, the corollary to this incarnational scheme for Souls Who choose to experience physicality is the method by which karma (action) is discharged or balanced (re-action). The Law of Cause and Effect was established by The Lords of Karma for this solar system for all the Solar Angels wishing to participate by way of incarnating into sentient beings. Beyond the ring-pass-not of our Solar Logos, however, I know not what other Star Systems may incorporate the Karmic Law into their Evolutionary Laws. For this system of planets, it is one of the fundamental Laws.

Negative karma may be considered as any thought, word, or deed which brings harm, distress, or suffering of any kind to other members of the Kingdoms of Nature on this planet or any others (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human). Almost all writings on karma focus on the negative kind and its repercussions, but there is positive karma as well (see "The Silver Platter"), which I can certainly attest to. Also, the Law of Karma governs groups of people of every size: families, corporations, tribes, cities, organizations, states, countries, etc. Everyone on this planet balances not only individual/Soul karma but various group karmas as well.

It is a gross misunderstanding, by millions of people who believe in karma, that negative karma is expiated from the past to the present, from a previous life to this one. They believe that many difficulties and obstacles in this life are a result of bad things done in a previous life, but it doesn't work that way. If there is no linear progression of lives (and there isn't), then there can be no linear discharge of karma. Here's the way it happens: the Soul (outside of time) balances all its good and evil deeds by spreading them out amongst the 1000's of its incarnations, but the balancing doesn't proceed from the "past" to the "future" because it's all Now to the Soul. Harmony and a roundedness of experience and an equilibrated balance are sought by the Soul from the entirety of its physical lifetimes.

A "future" life may produce a cause from which the Solar Angel may choose to effect the result in a "past" lifetime. The causes and effects are all balanced according to the discrimination and divine knowingness of the Soul, and that balancing has nothing to do with the passage of time and moving from past to present to future incarnations. "Past" deeds do not necessarily have to be worked out in this lifetime, though they may be if deemed to be wise by the Soul and the lessons chosen for the life. A murder committed in 1792 A.D. may be expiated by being murdered in 25, 123 B.C. Severe mistreatment of animals in a "future" life may be balanced by being mauled to death by a bear in this present life. Uncontrollable greed and acquisition of material fortunes in 1876 A.D. may result in a Chinese life of abject poverty in 672 A.D.

Karmic recompense is non-linear, non-temporal, always justified, and absolutely overseen by The Karmic Council for this solar system. What you sow, you will reap, but the timing for the harvest will be determined by the Source Self of each one as guided and instructed by The Lipika Lords of Karma. Good deeds and altruistic sacrifices will help to balance out the horrors and depredations committed in other earth walks in this scheme.

The Source Level that we call the Soul is Itself an Extended Expression of an even Higher Being or Gestalt of Consciousness called The Monad. The Soul is the Divine Intermediary which allows The Monad (The Father in Heaven) to experience and express at these much lower Levels of Existence. The Monad is the ultimate True Source of everyone's beingness. "I and My Father are One"; thus spake Master Jesus Who knew the relationship. He wasn't referring to The One Infinite Creator as the Roman Church would have you believe. When the Initiate takes the 4th Initiation (called the Renunciation or Personal Crucifixion), the Soul is shattered and re-absorbed into The Monad, having served well for the eons of incarnations and no longer being needed as the Intermediary because the newly-become Adept is immersed in Monadic Consciousness at all times (refer to "What Initiation Is Really About").

Why did I take such a long detour to address the issue at hand? Well, an understanding of time and multiplicity of incarnations and karma and Soul was a pre-requisite to understanding the misperception of victimhood. Before every single incarnation, the Solar Angel and its incipient fragment/aspect of Self work out a pre-incarnative plan which could be considered as a general blueprint for the life to come, during which the incarnate personality has free rein and free will to operate within the boundaries of the blueprint and its contractual clauses but otherwise must meet the obligations of the previously agreed-upon Soul contract and plan.

Always included in that binding contract are the lessons and challenges and karmic matters and purposeful goals for the lifetime, all welcomed and agreed to by the incarnating aspect. No one enters life on Earth without having accepted the terms of the contract and the blueprint of the life. Forgetfulness is no excuse for thinking like a victim and for blaming the gods for all the disasters in one's life. Everyone passes through the Veil of Forgetfulness which divides the conscious from the subconscious mind, but the pre-incarnative plan programmed into the subconscious is available to all by meditative techniques and the establishment of an open channel of communication to the Soul. And when the personality aspect begins to get off course for that particular lifetime and begins to deviate from the blueprint, the Soul will gently tug it back into place. If that doesn't do the job, then a crisis is created to set that person back on course. So, as we can see, free will doesn't mean freedom to do absolutely anything you want. It is operable within the boundaries of the blueprint and Soul contract because they were freely chosen before entering the fetus in the womb.

There is another factor which comes into play in determining the experiences of a lifetime, which aren't all planned in minutest detail beforehand, just the most important ones. The mind is a very powerful creative instrument, and thoughts are things. Thoughts have power and consequences and creational momentum. The manner of thinking, the beliefs, attitudes, and expectations of an individual are strongly influential in being determinative of experience. In fact, the mind is so powerful that the extrapolation may be made that what happens outwardly in our lives is a perfect mirrored reflection of the interior workings of our minds. Life is one long hall of mirrors reflecting back to us what our mental activities are projecting and is thus designed so that we can better come to truly know ourselves. All we need is objectified observation and a knowing of the process.

So, with all of that in mind with regards to the self-chosen blueprint, the contract with Soul, the creational capacities of the mind, and the mirroring of self in all aspects of life, there can be no justification for not taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in one's life, the fantastically fortuitous along with the horribly painful. There is no one else to blame, no god, no astrological alignment, no misfortunate happenstance, no run of bad luck, and no accidental occurrence.

Seen from the perspective of the Soul (and that is the preferred and most ideal perspective), there are NO accidents; there is no such thing as luck; chance is a figment of the imagination; and serendipity is a foolish fantasy. These concepts have arisen out of human ignorance. Once it is known how it all works, the only honest position with unencumbered integrity is that of taking full personal responsibility for every single thing that happens in one's life. It's not a philosophical approach to life in general; it is simply the truth of the matter. Without any exceptions, every single person walking the face of the Earth is responsible for every circumstance, every event, every success, and every failure in their lives. Either it was part of the blueprint orchestrated into objectified manifestation by the Spirit Guides of the individual or it was created by the complex workings of the mind, both consciously and sub-consciously.

Anyone who cannot accept responsibility for the entirety of their life is being delusional or in a state of denial. Were you born with a congenital heart defect? It could be in the blueprint because you were a Mayan Priest who cut out the hearts of enemies on a sacrificial altar. Can you never make headway in "getting ahead" in life? Poverty could have been chosen by the Soul to balance a lifetime of intense material acquisitiveness or you may have a subconscious belief that equates poverty with spirituality. Did you get your legs blown off in the Afghanistan War? The Soul may have chosen this in the pre-life contract to instill courage, inner strength, and doggedness in the face of adversity or you could have been responsible for horrific slaughter in wars over the millennia.

Was your child's life taken in a "senseless" murder rampage by an unbalanced gunman? That child chose to leave at an early age and may have murdered another in one of its lifetimes; and it could be a pre-arranged impetus to open the Heart Chakras of the parents. Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? It well could be a reward for selfless acts of kindness and generosity in other lives (for example, go to "The Silver Platter"). Does everything you try to do in life fail miserably? You may have a pessimistic, cynical outlook on everything and are seeing the reflection of your mind in the outcomes in your life. Do you have an obsessive fear of heights or enclosed spaces? The memory of falling from a mountain slope or being buried alive in another life may have been programmed into your subconscious after birth to work through that fear in this life.

Have you wanted to be a mathematician or musician or policeman or athlete from a very young age? Those aspirations would be in the life blueprint and would have been implanted into the subconscious as persuasive programs by the Soul in order to round out its physical experiences or to counterbalance other qualities in the Causal Body (see "The Causal Body Of The Soul"). The desire wouldn't be "accidental". Were you a punkified juvenile delinquent in and out of trouble as a teenager? Your Soul and Those of your parents could have been in the same Soul Family, and you could have been sent to teach them patience, forebearance, and forgiveness. (All Soul-Extensions of a Monad are a Soul Family.)

Were you raped as a college student by your date or even a "stranger" who held a knife to your throat? You could have done serious physical harm or even perpetrated rape on that individual in another lifetime and merely witnessed the balancing of the scales. Did a tornado touch down in your town and rip to shreds your house and some others in the neighborhood? You could have been a military commander in the hordes of Genghis Khan's Army responsible for leveling and pillaging entire communities as it marched westward across Central Asia. Devas of the Deva Evolution would have controlled the air elementals incorporated into the tornado and directed them only toward the housing structures occupied by families in need of the karmic lesson. Were you brutally beaten to unconsciousness in Civil Rights marches of the 1960's in the Deep South? You quite likely were a slavemaster in an earlier era who mercilessly whipped and flogged his slaves like animals, and you came face to face with yourself by being beaten in turn.

Do you have resentment for the race you were born into or the family circumstances or your facial features, gender, body type, skin color, mental acuity? The Fates are blameless. You chose every one of those particulars in conjunction with your Soul before coming in. Were you a resident of the City of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit? As with everything else in life, storm systems do not develope or move by "chance". On Earth, the negative thought-forms of peoples create tremendous imbalances in the energy field of the planet, and cyclonic storms and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and inundations are one means of discharging the negativity. In the case of Katrina, it would be an example of the power of the collective mind to create destruction by way of intensely-charged, strongly-impactful negative thought-forms. The force of the hurricane, its vector, its landfall, and the breech of the levee system were NOT an "Act of God" or a one-in-a-million chance occurrence. The unprecedented flooding of the city was a consequence of the freely-chosen thoughts and emotions and attitudes that coalesced into the harmful thought-form that attracted the hurricane in accordance with the Law of Attraction, and not one person involved was a "victim".

Whatever befalls one in life has either been pre-arranged before coming in or has been self-created by the workings of the mind, be it consciously or subconsciously. The thought-forms projected forth by the various levels of the mind congeal upon the lower Mental Planes initially. As emotion is fed into the thought-form to intensify it, it makes its way down to the Astral Planes (the Planes of Desire and Emotion). With further intensification and both mental and emotional reinforcement, the thought-form appears at the Aetheric Level (the 4 higher physical sub-planes), from which it will inevitably precipitate into dense physicality over varying periods of time depending on the energy given to it and the consistency of effort (rhythmic repetition of energy pulsations).

One may wonder about free will and pre-destination in all this, and that may be a legitimate mental exercise, but never has the freedom to choose been taken out of the equation. Whatever seems to be destined in a life was freely chosen as an option and a plan by the incarnating consciousness fragment in conjunction with its Superior and Originating Source. Nothing was imposed; nothing was dictated; nothing was demanded by the Solar Angel. Everything was made in full agreement including critical measures if the blueprint is not being followed properly. And then, freedom of will is given to the incarnate aspect when operating from within the blueprint outline for the life.

Any appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, ALL is exquisitely orchestrated, as in a stage drama, during any one particular and all particular lives for purposes of expanding the Soul's repertoire of experience and for beautification of the Causal Body in accordance with the direction given by The Monad (Higher Self of the Higher Self). The incarnate personality, the Spirit Guides (on the Astral Levels), the Solar Angel, and the Family of Souls all coordinate and cooperate together to fashion a dance for a physically-incarnate entity on this Planet of Sorrows to meet the goals of The Father in Heaven (The Monad). In the knowing of all these things, how could there ever arise such a thing as a belief in victimization? There never has been nor will there EVER be a victim of anything, not in this life, not in a million. Do you still feel like a victim?

In reverential honor to all Those Who are Teachers of our Souls,

The Ascended Masters of Earth's Hierarchy


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