The Creative Eye of The Initiate Magician

1. A Quick History:

This historical rendering of the so-called 3rd Eye of Man is derived from the Old Commentaries in the Ancient Archives of The Great White Brotherhood and is necessarily compressed and abbreviated for the sake of relevancy and the text-overwhelmed reader.

I should explain at the outset that there are a total of 7 Major Root Races of Mankind during this World Period on this planet. Each Root Race developes in a series of 7 sub-races over millions of years, and Modern Man (most of it) is the 5th Root Race of the series, the 5th sub-race being the most advanced to this point in time (mentally). The first 2 Races were very aethereal and without any dense physical consolidation, such as we now experience; their forms were nebulous and ill-defined and dynamically changing. They were spiritually-oriented with minimal involvement in the 3 lower sub-planes of the Physical Plane (dense physicality).

(For the novice, there are 7 Major Planes of Existence in this Solar System, and the Physical Plane is the lowest vibrationally. As with all the Planes, the Physical Plane has 7 sub-planes, the higher 4 being aetheric-physical and the lower 3 being dense-physical.)

The 3rd Root Race, the so-called Lemurians on the Continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean, would be the first Race to enter into dense physicality (though less dense than our's) after transitioning through the lower aetheric-physical levels. In the earliest phase of the Race, they were all hermaphroditic (both male and female) and, as with the whole Animal Kingdom, had only one eye in the head for an organ of vision (both physical and spiritual). The early members of the Race would more accurately be described as animal-man because of the lack of a mind and appearance resembling modern pithecoid apes (although several times larger). They were not ensouled and didn't recognize individuality (no self-awareness).

As evolution proceeded (over millions of years), the 2 eyes in the front of the head began to slowly and gradually develope, initially beneath an opaque skin, and later emerged into prominence on the face. As hard as it is to believe, the early Lemurian hermaphrodites had 4 arms and 3 eyes in the head, two in front and the third being in the back of the head. They could see before and behind themselves. The Third Eye, which was really the First Eye, was never on the forehead or front of the face as assumed by later artists of our Aryan Race.

Individualization and the Ensouling of the Race took place 18.5 million years ago, thanks to The Lords of the Flame from Venus, and the Separation of the Sexes (to male and female) took place some time after that (during the 5th sub-race of the 3rd Root Race). These were the first that we could recognize as members of the Human Race (though greatly different anatomically). The direction of progress as a whole, thereafter, was away from spirituality and toward materiality. This was the line of descent all the way through the rest of the 3rd Race, the 4th Race (the Atlantean), and most of the 5th Race (the Aryan).

It was intended in the Divine Plan for Mankind that there would be a descending arc from the spiritual toward the material followed by an ascending arc back toward the spiritual. The lowest point was mid-Atlantean (4th sub-race), at which the densest physicality was reached as well. The consolidation and perfection of the human form paralleled the engrossment and entrapment of the sub-races in the things offered by the material world. Matters of the Spirit assumed less and less importance as time went on, and the visual organ in the back of the head fell into disuse.

You see, as the 2 front eyes became more important in perceiving and interpreting physical reality, the 3rd Eye became solely the visionary organ for contacting and experiencing matters of the Spirit beyond physicality. The once-single eye that had guided more aethereal man became the spiritual eye that was no longer receptive to dense physicality. And as the Race grew more attracted to matter, it began to lose its powers and, eventually, atrophied. Over millions of years, the single eye was joined by the 2 eyes, and then it was replaced due to physical emphasis in life, and then it atrophied and disappeared altogether from the back of the head. It came to be "stored" in the middle of the brain for the future use of The Initiate Brotherhood of the 5th Race. Today we call it the Pineal Gland, which is just its physical residual. Our 3rd Eye activation, however, involves more than the Pineal as will be explained.

The First Eye that came to be called the Third Eye, after the 2 eyes emerged onto the face, was physically present for the entirety of the 3rd Race and its 7 phases (or sub-races), and it was present (in the back of the head) until the mid-point of the 3rd sub-race of the Atlanteans (4th Race). Of course, its importance in physical sight waned over the countless generations and eons of time while the Race of Man was becoming immersed in dense physicality. As its physical function waned, its spiritual function expanded, but only the more evolved could use it then. It was during this 3rd sub-race that the spiritual eye disappeared from its exterior location and became seated within the brain as the glandular mass that we now call the Pineal. Thereafter, its opening and awakening into activity had to be stimulated by methods learned in the Mystery Schools.

It's easy to understand the modern-day confusion of identifying the Pineal with the Spiritual Eye, because at one time (and for a very long time) the vestigial organ that we call the Pineal was, in fact, the Spiritual Eye of our distant ancestors, but it is no longer the same. The Pineal is very connected and even essential for the re-awakening of the Eye, but the two are not the same. The former is dense-physical, and the latter exists on aetheric-physical levels.

2. A Giant History:

Anthropology is blind (and dumb) to the true history of the Human Race as it progressed from one Root Race to another because the remains of the ancient forebears have all been pulverized to dust and buried beneath the oceans after multiple polar shifts and massive geological upheavals. By comparison with modern standards, they were all giants that walked the Earth in the eras before our's. The records were kept by the Initiate Brotherhoods, and they tell us that the stature of the early 3rd Race was 50 to 60 feet. They were gigantic, hairy, aethereal, and dumb (no mind) but more connected with Spirit.

As the descending arc toward physicality was traversed, the size and stature steadily decreased, so that each succeeding sub-race was smaller than its predecessor. This proceeded through all of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Races down to our modern Homo Sapiens of roughly 6 feet tall. The early Atlanteans were 30 feet tall and gradually came down to 20 feet or so.

These were the giant magicians and sorcerors that have been dimly remembered in legend and fable. These were the Gibborim of Genesis in the Bible, the Kabiri of the Egyptians, the Titans of the Greeks (Homer and Hesiod), and the Rakshasas and Daityas of the Hindu Puranas, all allegorized by the Initiates to veil what was then part of the Mysteries and to teach certain lessons to the unawakened masses.

By the time of the cataclysmic sinking of the final remnant of Atlantis (Poseidonis) 12,000 years ago, the 5th Root Race had been geologically separated and developing on its own apart from its Atlanto-Aryan projenitors for 1 million years. This took place in the far northern reaches of what is now Central Asia (the land masses being re-arranged several times since then). Their tribes and branch races spread out southwardly from there. By the time of the 3rd sub-race, their heighth was down to 10 - 12 feet. And paralleling the diminishing stature, along with the densification of the body and the orientation toward matter, their longevity would likewise decrease.

There were, indeed, giants in those days, mighty men of renown. In fact, they were all giants compared to us, and their history goes back millions of years on this planet, just as the history (and source) of our Pineal Gland goes back eons of time to a single, enormous eye on those giants that served the visioning purposes on the physical levels as well as beyond the physical.

3. Head Centers:

The aetheric body is the template and mold for the dense-physical body, which forms and consolidates around its aetheric counterpart (the doppelganger). The two are an inseparable unit, and the aetheric body (the vital body) serves as the receiver and transmitter of all energies to the dense-physical. It contains an intricate and vast system of life-force channels (nadis) and the centers or chakras where many channels meet and cross. There are 7 Major Chakras with 5 anterior to the aetheric spine and 2 in the aetheric head. Going up the spine, the 5 are called the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Centers. The 2 in the head are called the Brow and Crown Centers. Humans have a triple nature with 3 lower forms: the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body. The latter two also have chakras, but those are beyond the scope of this writing.

In the head (aetheric), there are actually a total of 7 centers (or chakras), 3 major and 4 minor. The Brow and Crown Centers have been mentioned, and there is one more which could be considered as a semi-major center because it's not one of the 7 Major Centers of the body, but it synthesizes the 4 minor head centers and has an important role in consciousness evolution. This is the Alta Major Center located at the base of the aetheric skull.

It externalizes as the carotid gland in the medulla oblongata of the dense-physical body, and it forms one point in the triangulation of energy flow formed by the 3 Major Centers in the head. It filters the vital fires of the sleeping serpent (kundalini) as they rise and seek expression in the Head Centers, and it thus communicates between the rising kundalini and the 2 Major Head Centers. It also has a close connection with the Throat Center, and it begins to come into activity when the Throat Center becomes vivified, so that it is prepared to deal with the kundalini as it rises up from its sleeping quarters in the Base Chakra.

4. The Ajna:

This is the Brow Center, which is called the Ajna Chakra in Sanskrit. The pituitary body is the externalization in the dense-physical body of the Ajna (each Major Chakra externalizes as one of the endocrine glands). It's location is anterior to the pituitary (in the aetheric body, of course). The Major Chakras are symbolically described as Lotuses, and the Ajna appears (to one with aetheric sight) as a Center with 2 large wings spread laterally across the forehead. The 2 wings correspond to the 2 lobes of the pituitary, which it effectively controls.

This Lotus Center appears to have 96 petals with 48 petals in each of the 2 large wing-shaped petals comprising the Chakra. One-half of the Lotus is rose and yellow, and the other half is blue and purple. This is how it appears to someone viewing the aetheric body with aetheric vision. We may think of these "lotus petals" as force centers which focus different energies that are raised from the lower 5 Chakras by the techniques learned on the Lighted Path to become focused in the Ajna.

The number of "petals" in the 5 Spinal Chakras beneath the Ajna Chakra is 48 in total. Each of these 48 different types of energy has a physical aspect and a Soul quality to them, and that creates the 96 differentiated energies which are fed into the 96 "petals" of the Ajna Chakra by the spiritual practices of the aspirant who is becoming Soul-infused and who is raising/transmuting those lower energies up into the head area. The 96-petaled Lotus receives 96 kinds of energy when the Light of the Soul is beginning to illuminate the mind of its personality and Soul domination is taking over the personality life. The "petals" of these Chakra Centers must be considered as more symbolic than factual and should be thought of as expressions of force with an effect on the Material Plane.

The 2 wings of the Ajna may be seen as the 2 large petals of the Lotus, which contain the 48 minor petals on each side. When the 5 lower Centers of the spine (with their 48 force centers called petals) have become synthesized in the Ajna Center after eons of lifetimes of finally reaching spiritual heights approximating the Soul, then the 48 is added to the 2 (large petals) to become 50. This state of consciousness is represented by the number, 50, after the Ajna Center is awakened and activated, and that is the number of the perfected personality, because the esoteric number (in the realm of symbolism) for Man is 5, and the number for perfection is 10.

Sublimation of the lower personality energies and their transmutation into the blossoming Ajna Lotus produces the Soul-merged Initiate Who may stand before The One Initiator (Sanat Kumara) in taking the Transfiguration Initiation (the 3rd Initiation) to walk the Earth as a divinely-inspired Emissary of The Great White Lodge.

One of the things taught in all the true Mystery Schools was the power to visualize in the earliest stages of learning meditation. The visualization exercises, accompanied by the developement of the creative imagination, served to begin to awaken the dormant Ajna Center and arouse it into rudimentary activity. There is a correlation between perfection of visualization technique and increasing activity of the Ajna Center, but Soul alignment and influence must be present before it can be used as an organ of creation and manifestation at the physical level. (Visualization stimulates the Ajna.)

It only begins to awaken into minimal activity when the Soul first begins to have a small measure of control and influence over the personality. This stage is present in the average, good, and decent person who is nearing the Path of Probation, which leads (after many lives) to discipleship to a Master. Its first awakening depends on contact with the Soul Light (sent through the Silver Cord). Prior to this important juncture, the Ajna is inactive. The lower self makes the first move (by reaching out for "God"), and the Higher Self responds when the time is right by sending a trickle of Light into the Ajna as an incentive for greater spiritual aspiration.

The stimulus for the Ajna to come to life comes from both directions and is a united enterprise of both the Soul and the personality. The down-pouring from the Soul matches the up-pouring of energies by the integrating/mentally-polarizing personality as the energies below the diaphragm (Base, Sacral, & Solar Plexus Centers) are transferred up to the Heart Center and then the Throat Center and then the Ajna over a long period of incarnations.

The 5 major types of energy of the 5 Spinal Chakras are raised and blended with the Ajna energies automatically as the 3 aspects of the personality (physical, emotional, and mental) are purified and bent to the service of the Spiritual Will (coming from the Higher Self of the Soul, the Monad, and transmitted through the Soul). "Not my will but Thine be done, oh Father."

If the kundalini is forced to rise to the Ajna (by certain esoteric practices) prematurely and before its due time, disastrous psychological problems may result, and pathological physical conditions may be precipitated, such as seizure disorders and eyesight problems (blindness). The kundalini must always be allowed to work its way up to the head naturally.

The Ajna is the Center of Force by which the Soul controls its incarnate personality and its expression in the 3 Worlds of Form Life (Physical, Astral, Mental). This is the means for the Solar Angel (Soul) to finally be in charge of its 3-fold instrument in physicality, and it culminates by the time of the 3rd Initiation when the lower will is totally surrendered to the Divine Will of Spirit (the Monad) pouring through the Solar Angel and there is complete and harmonious fusion between Soul and personality.

It can be considered as the focusing and directing point for the unified energies of the Soul and personality. The Soul energies come through the Crown Chakra, and the personality energies are transmuted (by spiritual practices) and lifted up, eventually, to the Ajna to be focused and combined with the Soul energies. The synthesized energies therein that Vortex of Force are then available for the activities and functioning of the 3rd Eye (discussed later). It is the great distributing agent of energy in the head (of the aetheric body), which increasingly serves as such in those who are advancing along the Aspirational Path, and its activity is reflected in the increasingly perfected activity of the master endocrine gland, the pituitary, and the health of the body.

The 3rd Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence, the energies of which stimulate the mind into creational activities. It both stimulates the mind, and it impels the mind toward intelligent creativity. The Throat Center (the Vishuddha) is the organ for the distribution of the creative energies of the 3rd Ray for disciples on the Probationary Path, while the Ajna Center is the distributor of these energies for accepted disciples and Initiates. The Ajna is the creative agent, Soul-influenced, after the Bridge of Light or Antahkarana has been built by the personality to the Soul. Prior to that, the creative agent is the Throat Center for aspirants on the Path. For the lesser-evolved of Humanity (the great masses), their creative activity is mediated through the Sacral Chakra (sex and procreation).

In further clarification, the Ajna is closely interactive with the Throat Center once it (the Ajna) has been roused into activity, and it manifests divinely-inspired ideas by pouring its energies through the Creational Center (Throat Chakra). The creative life of the Initiate (all in line with the Divine Plan of The Spiritual Hierarchy) is made possible by the interaction of the Ajna with the Vishuddha. In this way, creative Soul ideas find their expression. It focuses the Soul's creative intentions, while the Throat Center brings those intentions into manifestation in the World of Form.

There are 2 principle levels of psychic powers (or siddhis) in the human being, the lower and the higher. The great majority of "psychic" individuals on this planet have the lower form (unknowingly), which is mediated through the Solar Plexus, which gives them astral consciousness and an open door to the Astral Planes, the Planes of illusion, desire, and deluding thought-forms. They have astral clairaudience and clairvoyance, which can be very misleading. A small minority have the higher form of siddhis, which is mediated through the Ajna Center. These have the capacity to contact Higher Planes of Being and read the Akashic Records and receive Soul-given visionary experiences and get communiques from The Ascended Masters (not the astral thought-forms of those Masters). There is a world of difference between the two, an astral world.

The Ajna Chakra doesn't become fully functioning until the 3rd Initiation is taken (the 1st Major Initiation in the view of The Masters) and fusion with the Solar Angel is consummated. It is then the distributor of the 3rd Ray Energy of Creative Intelligence from Soul Level. A 4-pointed star between the eyebrows is the symbol for an awakened Ajna. It has 2 important activities in the Initiate-Disciple: the projection of thought-forms (as a creational activity) and the higher clairvoyance (beyond Astral Levels). Its increased activity intensifies its magnetic vibration and widens its electro-magnetic field, which reflects into the pituitary (an activity that relates to the 3rd Eye, as will be seen).

5. The Brahmarandra:

The Crown Chakra in the head of the aetheric body is called the Brahmarandra and also the Sahasrara, and many call it the Thousand-Petaled Lotus. This major Force Center, for those with aetheric sight, appears to have 12 major petals in the center that are white and gold, and these are surrounded by 960 minor petals, all foci of a particular type of energy. Its location is the top portion of the head, extending up to the crown, and its externalization in the dense-physical body is the pineal gland, of which little is known to Modern Science.

It becomes activated as a consequence of the meditation, growing mental developement, and selfless service of the evolving aspirant, and its awakening, in turn, begins to activate its associated pineal gland. The timing of all this is overseen by the Solar Angel as it observes the spiritual progress of its reflection in the World of Form, and the awakening of the Sahasrara will be slow and incremental and spread out over numerous lives. It doesn't happen suddenly and precipitously.

All energies from the Soul to its incarnate expression pass through this Center like a funnel, the consciousness thread anchoring in the aetheric brain near the pineal, and the life thread anchoring in the Heart Center of the aetheric body. These "threads" are contained within the Sutratma or Silver Cord, which is made of aetheric matter. And when the purpose for the incarnation is complete, the Solar Angel severs the "Cord" and withdraws the aetheric body and all its energies out through the Crown Center. It is the point of exit from physicality; the Silver Cord is "loosed"; and the process of death ensues.

It functions as the focusing point for the downpouring of energies from the Soul to its incarnate expression and as the entry and exit point from physicality for the Soul. It is the means for bringing under subjugation the lower nature when its physical reflection has chosen (under the Law of Free Will) to evolve beyond the mundane. It gives consciousness to the brain and life force to the body. Its essential relation is with the Monad, Who expresses through the Soul. It is the link of human consciousness with all parts of the Whole (when active). Above all, it is the organ of Divine Will and Purpose as projected by the Father in Heaven (the One Life, the Monad).

This Brahmarandra registers monadic purpose as reflected through the Soul and is the aetheric organ which receives and concentrates and distributes the Will Energy of the Monad (for example, to the Eye of Shiva). This is the gateway for the energy of will to enter the incarnation: the will to be, the will to live, the will to accomplish, the will to conquer, etc. It supplies the driving force (good or bad) for the lifetime.

The Base Chakra (Muladhara) has a relationship with the Head Center in controlling the expression of the will aspect in the individual. The interplay between the two depends upon the evolutionary status at hand. In the more primitive and less-developed of the Race, the Base Center directs the will toward personal survival and self-oriented attainments, while in the more evolved aspirants the Head Center directs that will toward more altruistic purposes for the good of the all. Ultimately, on the road to perfection, the energies of the Base are raised all the way to the Crown (through the Ajna).

Lower aspects of the will energy (1st Ray) involve personal, self-oriented matters. Higher aspects of the will energy, related to work in service to the Divine Plan, cannot be evoked from Soul Level until the Path of Discipleship is entered.

In the awakening of the Head Center, there is a consequent arousing of the sleeping serpent coiled in the Base Center. It rises like a thermometer in response to the heightening activity of the Crown Chakra and must burn its way through the protective aetheric webs separating each of the 5 Spinal Centers to reach the head. This is as incremental as the Head Center coming into full functionality. If awakened prematurely by unwise practices, serious psychological problems may follow, as also many brain abnormalities, such as cancerous growths. Hypertension and different neurological disorders may be precipitated.

During the greater part of the long Incarnational Cycle, the Solar Angel makes all of its contacts with its incarnate aspects (human personalities) through this many-petaled Lotus at the top of the head. But when the Lighted Way is entered, the Indwelling Soul takes a firmer grip of its lower self by making all its contacts through the Ajna Center. It descends more deeply in its involvement and influence with the spiritually-advancing reflection of Itself, and this explains why the Ajna becomes the distributor of the Soul Energies during the latter part of the Incarnational Cycle.

The control of the Head Center throughout the long and turbulent Cycle of Incarnation is managed by the Solar Angel until that momentous lifetime in which the 3rd Initiation (Transfiguration) is taken, and even though it indicates that complete fusion of Soul and personality has taken place, the Father in Heaven (Monad) thenceforth has direct control of this Center. This makes possible the increasing contact with monadic consciousness and greater potency in use of the Divine Will by the White Magician (Initiate). (Not my will but Thine be done, oh Father!) The lower will is surrendered to the greater Will of Pure Spirit.

6. Head Glands:

The human brain is strongly conditioned by 3 major glands in the head: the pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the carotid gland found in the medulla oblongata. These 3 glands are objectifications of the Head Center, the Ajna Center, and the Alta Major Center respectively and are the means by which the Solar Angel controls its physical vehicle (once the personality is coming under its dominance). Each gland is located within the electro-magnetic field of influence of its originating Center.

They (both the Chakras and their exteriorized glands) energetically form a triangle with close interplay in the spiritual person but are barely interactive in the less evolved. In the disciple, progressively on the Path, the energies increasingly circulate around the triangle, and it is this triangular mechanism which assists the physical brain in receiving telepathic impressions from the mind. (The mind is not located in the physical brain but rather uses it like a computer from the Mental Plane.)

As the relationship of the 3 points in the triangle reaches perfection and the fiery energy circulates freely around the triangle, the Initiate-Disciple reaches the desired perfection and has synthesized will, love, and intelligence (the 3 Aspects of Divinity).

When the Soul begins to be aligned with its aspiring incarnate expression, that is when the pineal and the pituitary begin to develope and function at a higher level, and the status of their physiological activity is a consequence of the heightened activity of their Chakras of origination. Prior to that evolutionary phase, these two glands are functioning at a rudimentary/basic level.

7. The Pituitary Gland:

The pituitary body, with its anterior and posterior divisions, is the dense-physical objectification of the Ajna Chakra with its 2 wing-like extensions. The Ajna is the aetheric cause, and the pituitary is the physical effect. This is the master endocrine gland which, through hormonal secretions, has control over the other endocrine glands in the human body, just as the Ajna Center serves as the synthesizing center for the energies of the 5 Spinal Centers below it (Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat). As evolution proceeds, the energies of the lower Major Chakras, anterior to the physical spine, are transmuted and raised (eventually) up to the Ajna Center, which then synthesizes them all.

The effects are paralleled in the increasingly perfected activity of the pituitary and its health-giving control over the entire endocrine system and, subsequently, the body. You could say that the state of awakening of the Ajna conditions the state of physiological functioning of the pituitary. The progress goes hand in hand, and as the magnetic field of the Ajna expands in the aetheric head, so does the field of the pituitary in its physical head. These expanding fields of influence are the causative factor for giving birth to the so-called 3rd Eye, as will be explained.

The pituitary has a close connection with the Heart Center (the Anahata) and doesn't come into its more evolved activity until the energies of the aspirant are being lifted up above the diaphragm from the Solar Plexus Center and the Heart Center is becoming enlivened with inclusive love. But the primary energy source for the pituitary body is the Ajna, of course. Its increased activity follows that of the Anahata, as the serpent fire (kundalini) naturally rises up the column over the lives of treading the Path.

8. The Pineal Gland:

The name, pineal, comes from the Latin, pineus, referring to pinecone-shaped. Although a remnant of the 3rd Eye from millions of years ago, the pineal gland today is the objectification of the Crown Chakra. It would be seen, anatomically, as a pea-like mass posterior to the 3rd ventricle of the brain. It is stimulated and re-awakened out of its dormancy (since infancy) by input from both the higher and lower aspects of self.

In the disciplining of the physical body, by the aspiring disciple, which leads up to the 1st Initiation, there occurs an activating impulse that begins to stir the pineal into renewed activity. This discipline is of a spiritual nature and incorporates sexual continence, vegetarian practices, and the avoidance of alcohol, nicotine, and the array of psychotropic drugs.

The Solar Angel (Soul) also plays an important part by the downflow of its energy that is invoked by the vivification of the Major Chakras that results from the meditational and spiritual practices of the personality. As the Chakra Centers become enlivened, the inflow of Soul Energy is quickened, and it all flows "downward" through the Crown Center. This stimulus greatly impacts the pineal and contributes to its re-awakening to serve as a distributor for the Will Energy of the Monad (through the Soul). It is brought out of its atrophied state and enlarges in size and begins a new round of activity.

The pineal gland is the physical agent in the incarnate individual for the transmission of will-energy (1st Ray) from Higher Levels of Self. (Divine Will originates in the Monad and is passed through the Soul to the incarnate reflection.) It is activated and functioning throughout infancy so that the will-to-be is sufficiently established in the newly-incarnate. It assures an anchoring and continuance of new life down on the dense-physical levels, and then it is deactivated until such a time (or incarnation) that its Chakra of origination (the Crown) is enlivened on the Path of Initiation.

During the final stages of the Soul's Incarnational Cycle, the pineal is re-activated by the intensified activity of the Head Center, particularly after the 3rd Initiation (the Soul Merge), and becomes the agent in the physical brain for the willful accomplishment of the Initiate's goal. The awakening of the pineal by the enlivened Crown Center is a sign that the Soul is beginning to take control of its reflected shadow in physicality.

The activity of the 3rd Eye and the pineal are parallel (but not identical). As the pineal begins to re-awaken, the 3rd Eye begins to "open". After numerous lives of aspirational nature, when the pineal is fully functional, the Inner Eye is fully opened. This occurs in the Soul-aligned candidate for the 3rd Initiation, Who is the fully-awakened (not yet perfected) human being.

So, what exactly does this mysterious body of cells in the brain do? As hard as it is to understand, this tiny organ serves as the transmitter of divinely-originating will energy for use at the physical level by the Initiate-Member of Earth's White Brotherhood. Because of increasing Soul control and sacred oaths taken during Initiation, that one can now be entrusted with limited infusions of this powerful energy to be used in service to the Divine Plan for Earth. Will energy (or will power), which is more self-oriented toward matters of the mundane, is drawn up from the Base Center.

This organ is also, esoterically, the organ of spiritual perception, not of vision. For instance, it is the means for the adequately-evolved aspirant to come to know the purpose and intention of the Soul for the incarnation. But it must be awakened to do this.

Looked at linearly, the Higher Chakras or Centers are stimulated first as Soul Energy begins pouring in in response to the spiritual practices and mental developement. Then the stimulated/enlivened Centers, in turn, automatically stimulate their physical counterparts, e.g. the pineal and the pituitary.

9. Marriage:

The Head Center (Crown) is the symbol of the Spirit Aspect (the Monad, the Father) and is masculine and positive in polarity. The Ajna Center is the symbol of Mother Matter and is feminine and negative in polarity. The electro-magnetic fields of these two Centers expand as their activity intensifies, and when their magnetic influences make contact with each other, Father Spirit and Mother Matter become united in marriage, and the Christ Principle is born in the aspiring personality.

This is the Second Birth. "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." The Portal of the 1st Initiation is entered, and the "Little One" becomes a Member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy (the Kingdom of God). This is the true meaning of Christ's statement given through Jesus. The true union of Soul and personality has begun, resulting in the Birth of the Christ within.

The interactive, energetic relationship between the pineal and the pituitary comes about as a result of the closer relationship between the Brahmarandra and the Ajna, and that becomes possible as the personality and the Soul progressively come into increasing alignment along the Lighted Path.

The deeply-meditating Soul gets drawn into the spiritually-aspirational practices of its incarnate expression and intensifies its downflow of energies through the Head Center. These enliven and vivify the Centers in the head, which then broadens the reach of their magnetic fields. As the Higher Self begins to grip its lower self (not completed until the Transfiguration) and the fields widen, they come into contact with each other and begin to overlap. A similar process occurs with their 2 counterpart physical glands, and at the moment of contact a light in the head flashes out to the amazement of the meditating disciple.

As the incarnate one increasingly purifies and stabilizes and disciplines the lower bodies of the personality structure (physical, emotional, mental) over as many lifetimes as it takes, the energies of the Spinal Chakras are transmuted and drawn up automatically to the Ajna Chakra, which blends the 5 major types of energy with its own. This energy intensification widens the reach of the magnetic field surrounding the Ajna and its pituitary body.

While the personality is undergoing these aspirational practices, the Soul Energy pours into the Head Center with increasing potency to supplement the spiritualizing efforts. This expands the magnetic field of the Crown Center and its pineal gland. When the 2 fields make contact in the head, a burst of light flashes out, indicating the activation of the so-called 3rd Eye with its visionary capacities. This is an important sign-post on the Way of the Initiate Brotherhood, and the further merging of the 2 fields (by continued practices) enhances the potencies of the Spiritual Eye.

It is only when the light-emitting unified energy field of the Ajna and Crown Centers has come into being that the pituitary and pineal glands become incorporated into the field together. The 2 Head Centers unite magnetically at the aetheric level, and then their dense-physical counterparts are united by the lighted field. Only when this process has begun is it possible to take the 1st Initiation (the Birth). Then, during the long journey toward the 3rd Initiation, the magnetic field is intensified and stabilized, and the light in the head gains in brilliance and condensed form (it becomes a glowing sphere).

From a slightly different angle, when the Ajna has become awakened into conscious activity, its activity must then be subordinated to the activity of the Crown Chakra, which produces a harmonious vibration in unison between the two, a resonant vibration. With these 2 Head Chakras in resonance, an electro-magnetic field is set up which encompasses the 2 Chakras and their physical condensations, the pineal and the pituitary. This, in turn, creates a light in the head (initially diffuse), which can be seen during meditation.

The Soul may then exert its WILL through this magnetic field, expressing its True Purpose by means of its Soul-compliant personality. A direct alignment between the Soul and the mind and the brain has been effected, and the Soul becomes seated on the Ajna Throne between the eyebrows. It is this unified, light-emitting energy field that creates the effects attributed to the so-called 3rd Eye.

10. Head Light:

As the Golden Path is traversed on the long series of lifetimes that the Soul has created for itself on its Wheel of Destiny, the incarnate personality begins to approximate, in consciousness, its Higher Self (the Soul, Atman, or Solar Angel). Because of intentional practices and aspirations toward the God Self of within, higher and more powerful energies are attracted toward the personality and its vehicles (physical, astral, and mental) from that Level of Self, because the Soul wants to support this planned-for advancement in consciousness after eons of playing in the mud.

Its usual energies have always been there for its incarnate expression, coming through the Silver Cord (Sutratma) into the Crown Chakra: the life-force energy being anchored in the Heart Chakra and the consciousness energy being anchored in the head near the pineal gland. But now, due to aspirational achievements, the Light of the Soul has been magnetized to the spiritual aspirant, and this intense White Light comes from the vehicle of the Soul on the Higher Mental Plane. This vehicle of expression is called the Causal Body or Karana Sarira (also called the Temple of Solomon). The White Light penetrates into the area surrounding the pineal gland and so stimulates the atoms of the brain cells that they begin to radiate the latent light that is within all atoms.

It is this atomic light from the highly-stimulated atoms in the physical brain that meditators, who have reached this stage, see during their meditations. It's a diffused glowing light within the head. At a more advanced stage of meditation (and participation of the Soul), the diffuse light condenses and focalizes down to the appearance of a glowing sphere or sun in the head. This is a result of the combination of the atomic light with the golden light coming from the aetheric body of the individual (the aetheric body is the vital body which houses all the chakras and life-force channels -- called the "Golden Bowl" in the Bible).

Later still on the Path, perhaps over several lifetimes, an intensely-bright light will surround the inner sun, and a dark center of indigo blue may appear within the sun. The Soul Light, as combined with both the aetheric and atomic lights, is now being seen by the meditator, who may be assured that the right track is being taken.

This phenomenon is not necessarily seen by all who have reached high states of spiritual consciousness. It depends on the condition of the atoms and elementals of the physical body, achievements in past lives, karmic status, and ability of the meditator to hold steady the Light from the Soul in the region of the pineal while in the detached, thoughtless state referred to as meditation. Many advanced souls do not have this experience, so it need not be sought after, but if it occurs it serves as an indicator that one's Soul is being brought into the spiritual enterprise and that the Path of Initiation is nearing.

In some individuals, the intensifying magnetic field in the head can affect the optic nerve in such a way that the two eyes may then be capable of aetheric sight and may then see the aetheric counterpart of all forms (the aetheric body being the template for building the dense-physical body). This is not clairvoyance but actual aetheric sight.

All this activity in the head and the intensified energies of the Soul pouring forth through the Sushumna (Central Life Force Channel) inevitably begins to stimulate and vivify the other Major Chakras along the spinal column of the aetheric body. Their increased vibrational activity, from the Base Chakra up to the Throat Chakra, stimulates all the atoms of the dense-physical body into higher oscillatory and rotational rates (increased frequency), and they begin to radiate the inherent light contained within all physical atoms. The body begins to radiate the collective light being produced by its constituent atoms. This accounts for the light which has been seen emanating from the bodies of High Initiates, such as saints and yogis and ascetics of high status.

The halo surrounding the head of the more lofty Members of Earth's White Brotherhood, Who have graced us with Their Presence (as depicted by artists), may be even more noticeable because of a more concentrated focus of the Soul/Monadic Light in the head area. The light in the head progresses from a diffuse, glowing pattern to a central, golden sun to a dazzling whiteness of high intensity as the Solar Angel is drawn closer to its reflection in the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental). As consciousness is raised further, due to increasing influence of the Soul, the inner light becomes an outer light that can be seen shining forth from the head as the brain atoms come under increasing levels of stimulatory influence and the Soul Light directed into the head is intensified.

The light in the head indicates that the pineal gland is functioning to some extent (depending on the point in evolution), and it indicates the alignment of the individual with the Soul and the subordination of the personality life to the management by the Soul (again to varying degrees dependent on evolutionary status).

Each Ascended Master in The Spiritual Hierarchy of Planet Earth has an Ashram of disciples to be guided and instructed in accordance with the methods derived from the Ray of The Master (one of the 7 Rays). When seeking new potential members for the Ashram (probationary aspirants) to work with the Divine Plan for the planet, the karma and the service work are always taken into consideration by The Master. But also, the light in the head must be there, indicating a re-awakening of the pineal gland from its dormancy as a consequence of conscious Soul contact and the beginning of Its influence on the individual. Unless the aspirant is a "lighted lamp", it is a waste of time for The Master to get directly involved with the student, and Initiate Members are used for the instruction. (Souls on the same Ray are chosen by The Master.)

Accompanying all this light display in the one who is undergoing a partial and then complete mergence with the Soul is an activation of the dormant fires harbored by the Base Chakra, that fiery serpent that we call the kundalini. As the Soul becomes seated on the Throne of Ajna, It then magnetically draws the kundalini fire toward Itself, raising it up the spine with all its attendant effects.

The Fusion with Soul progresses over the first 3 Initiations along the Path of Initiation and is consummated at the Transfiguration (the 3rd). Thenceforth the Solar Angel is absolutely identified with its reflection in the 3 Worlds, and all life and purpose are subordinated to the Divinity residing within. The incarnation is but a pliable instrument for the Soul to work out its designated purpose within the grand scheme called the Divine Plan for Planet Earth (as guided by its Master Teacher).

11. The Eye of Shiva:

Well finally, at long last, we come to the heart of the matter, and it should be obvious by now that this Eye is not an eye at all as humans understand eyes, and it exists in aetheric matter not dense-physical matter. Remember that the 4 higher sub-planes of the Physical Plane are aetheric-physical, and the 3 lower sub-planes are dense-physical. If you could see the aetheric body of an Initiate (with your aetheric vision), there wouldn't be a 3rd Eye just posterior to the center of the forehead. This is an energy vortex and center of force that is granted by the Solar Angel, and I'll explain all about it. Some synonyms used are: Eye of Shiva, Eye of the White Magician, Spiritual Eye, Third Eye, Single Eye, and Inner Eye.

Many believe that the 3rd Eye is equivalent to the pineal gland or the Ajna Chakra, but that simply isn't the case, though it is related to both of them as has been explained. This Inner Eye comes into existence when the light in the head becomes regularly established and stabilized, and that comes about by the meeting and merging of the electro-magnetic fields of the Crown and Brow Chakras, which merges the fields of the pineal and pituitary in turn. The production of the diffuse head light by the excited atoms of the brain, as a result of the marriage of the Sahasrara and Ajna Centers, is a consequence of aspirational efforts by the personality. While the merging is taking place, the interested Soul sends its Soul Light down the Silver Cord to the pineal, and the light intensifies and consolidates into a sphere eventually. Later on, the brilliance is enhanced by greater downpouring of the Soul Light.

The personality exerts aspirational effort, and then the Soul responds when the time is right. The forces of the Soul and the personality meet in the head in the closing phase of the Incarnational Cycle, and the phenomena produced are, sequentually, the diffuse head light and then the golden sphere and then the dark center in the sun surrounded by dazzling white light. The Force Center that we call the 3rd Eye is set up by the Soul in this mutually-shared magnetic field in the head, and its functionality grows with the continued merging and fusion of the lower and Higher Self. From initial activation to full functionality may take many lifetimes (as it does from the 1st to 3rd Initiations).

It is a major means for the Soul to work through its incarnate instrument in the World of Form, and it is granted to the developing personality only after a certain high state of consciousness has been reached, because the powers of the 3rd Eye may be destructive as well as constructive. It could be used to cause great harm by any who are not Soul-dominated in their orientation.

It can only come into being in response to the Light sent by the Solar Angel from its Causal Body into the Crown Chakra of the aetheric body and the penetration of those intensified energies into the pineal region of the physical brain. And this significant spiritual developement comes about only at the tail end of the Incarnational Journey of 1000's of lives, when the incarnate instrument of the Soul has re-oriented its focus and alignment from the Material Plane to the Christ-like Soul Level of Being. Arjuna hands over the reins of his chariot to Sweet Lord Krishna.

It is the personal Master in the head, and it opens solely at the discretion of the Soul when It knows that the time and the particular incarnation are propitious. It cannot be forced into formation or activity merely by certain occult practices of meditation, pranayama, visualization, mantra chanting, or yoga. The aspirant who is not ready will not receive this gift from the Soul. It comes when the fully-integrated and intellectually-developed personality has reached the point at which he or she may be effectively used as a divinely-guided instrument for furthering the Divine Plan (of The Spiritual Hierarchy) for Planet Earth.

It is responsive only to the Spiritual Will that is sent forth from the Soul Level and never the lesser will of the personality, so it can only be used for purposes of good that are approved by the Soul. It is found only in the White Magician (or Initiate). Black Magicians of the left-handed path cannot activate their 3rd Eye, having created barriers to the higher energies from the Soul (especially Love, the 2nd Ray) and must use other techniques and methods to pursue their nefarious, evil goals. It opens (gradually over multiple lives) only in the initiated White Magician, and only the White Magician may open it (because overseen by the Soul).

This Spiritual Eye is called the Eye of Shiva because its usage in the magical work of a White Magician is dependent upon the ability to use the Divine Will of the Soul (which actually originates in the Monad or Higher Self of the Soul). Shiva is the 1st Aspect of The Triune Godhead (also of our Solar Logos), which is the Will of God, Divine Will and Power. This power is granted to the spiritual aspirant who has demonstrated his readiness to use it constructively in service to the Plan, and it is granted by the Solar Angel when the time is right. This Eye of Shiva is the vehicle through which the Higher Will is projected to conduct the work of the White Magician. (This has nothing to do with the various aspects of the will-power of the unevolved personality.)

There are 3 principle activities of this Spiritual Eye by which the Soul, through its Soul-controlled reflection, accomplishes its purpose within the Plan as counselled by its Master Teacher.

    a. The Magical Work: Force actually flows through the 3rd Eye when focused upon the objective, and that force is propelled by intention that is empowered by intelligent will. The Will Energy is supplied by the Soul, and the creative work of the Initiate-Disciple in support of the Divine Plan is made possible by the personality-Soul fusion and the cooperative effort that results.

        The White Magician creates by use of the Soul's 1st Ray Energy (Will), which is projected through the Eye of Shiva to propel the creational thought-form toward manifestation (with the cooperation of the elementals and Devas). The process is more elaborate, but I intended an overview. Divine Will sent through the 3rd Eye is the key to magical work. It is then directed through one of the Major Chakras to be correctly utilized (e.g. Throat Chakra).

    b. Purification Work: This is basically work done by the Soul, by sending energy through the 3rd Eye, to bring to an end the limitations and barriers presented by the lower vehicles of the personality (the physical, emotional, and mental bodies). The Soul is now in charge and wants vehicles of the highest refinement to be able to accomplish its purpose. All of the 4 bodies are composed of atoms on the 3 relevant Planes (Physical, Astral, Mental), and all atoms are an expression of an elemental life. (We have 2 physical bodies: dense-physical and aetheric-physical.)

        What the Soul does is to rid the old forms or bodies of their less-desirable natures, which are simply the nature of the elementals that compose the bodies (our 4 different sheaths are made up of 4 different levels of elementals, expressing themselves through the atomic structure of the body). The Will Energy of the Soul, directed through the 3rd Eye, forces the evacuation of the lower-nature elementals and their replacement by higher-natured elementals. Better and more suitable elementals and atoms are drawn to construct the body.

        I know this is hard to understand, but my writing called "Lunar Lords and Solar Angels" may help the interested reader if so desired. For example, a physical body prone to addiction or laziness would be replaced by elementals with no such limiting tendencies. An astral body that was swept by labile emotions would have its astral elementals replaced by ones whose nature was calmness and serenity. A mental body possessed of mental elementals whose nature was restlessness and lack of focus would have them replaced by those of more disciplined and directed nature. The Soul facilitates its mission in the 3 Worlds of Man by upgrading its 4 lower sheaths to be commensurate to the task at hand, and it is done through the opened Eye of Shiva by a downpouring of its Will. (The Lunar Lords submit to the authority of the Solar Angel.)

    c. Vision: Once opened, the illumination within all other forms of life is revealed, and a world of radiance is exposed. The light within all forms can be seen, and the state of being of each form can be recognized. This is not to be confused with clairvoyance, which is mediated by the Solar Plexus Chakra and is simply visual perception at the Astral Level (astral vision). The light of the ensouling/enlivening entity of all forms of life can be seen by the activated 3rd Eye.

        It easily pierces the veil of matter. It is a window for the incarnate one to be looking inward at the essence of all things. Alternatively, the Higher Self, when desired, can look out upon our physical world through the physical eyes. This Single Eye becomes the facilitator of higher visions granted by the Monad through the Soul. It has profound visionary capacities that allow its possessor to read the Akashic Records, to perceive causes moreso than the effects, to have visionary experiences deemed relevant by either the Soul or the Monad, and to see things on Planes of Being unavailable to the astral clairvoyants whom we call psychics.

        This "Eye" enables the Initiate to contact new and higher fields of awareness. The vistas and the phenomena and the nature of the World of Souls (on the Higher Mental Plane) and of the Realm of The Hierarchy (on the Buddhic Plane) become seen and experienced periodically by this Spiritual Eye as granted and monitored by the Solar Angel when in charge of its incarnate instrument. The Higher Realities become as real as the world of the 5 physical senses.

This is the directing agent for energies that are received from On High rather than the energies developed by the lower self/personality. That is, this Vortex of Energy in the head is the agent used by the Initiate-Member of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy to consciously project and direct the higher energies as received from the Soul Level, the Ashram of the disciple's Master, The Master Himself, or The Master of all The Masters (Lord Maitreya). And The Masters all work through the Soul of the individual, so it feels like these energies are all coming from the Soul (or Solar Angel). The energies (of various of the 7 Rays) accompany thought-forms that are impressed upon the mind of the Initiate-Disciple, Who must then correctly receive and interpret these downloads in the brain consciousness.

These energies and mental impressions from Higher Levels have solely to do with the part that may be played by the Initiate in advancing the Divine Plan for Planet Earth that has been formulated by The Spiritual Hierarchy (under the watchful guidance of The Shamballa Council). And only those who have crossed the Threshold of the 1st Initiation (the Birth) and become Members of Earth's White Brotherhood may be entrusted with these empowering energies to be used for the good of the Human Kingdom and the evolutionary intent of The Planetary Logos (our Creator).

They have undergone the scrutiny and training of The Ascended Master and have necessarily developed: a vivified Heart Chakra, a mental polarization, an integrated personality, the light in the head, and an awakening 3rd Eye. And they have stood before The Bodhisattva (Lord Kuthumi) to be touched by His Rod of Initiation and taken the Great Oath which binds the Babe in Christ to The Initiate Brotherhood.

To be more precise, the Ray Energies (with their qualities), sent from Higher Levels through the Soul to its incarnate expression, are passed through the Crown Chakra and then the Ajna Chakra before becoming focalized and concentrated in the Energy Vortex called the 3rd Eye in the aetheric body. From thence they are knowingly and discretely directed toward projects and challenges in service to the Plan by the Soul-aligned personality.

The more the advancement on the Path of Initiation (the Way of Light) and the more "open" and activated the 3rd Eye, the more power and potencies are available from the precise projections of these energies. The White Magician has a power transformer in the head which is fed from Levels of Being far beyond the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental) and from which can be sent the energies needed to effect changes at the Physical Level as desired by Earth's Hierarchy of Ascended Masters.

The Eye of the Magician must, at least, be in the process of opening (or being activated) before someone may be considered a worker in White Magic (in alignment with Earth's White Brotherhood). This attribute, granted by the Soul, is not only the means for consciously projecting and directing the energies sent forth from the Soul for creative purposes, but it is the means for utilizing the thought-forms that are sent from Higher Levels by way of inspiration, ideas, and telepathic impressions on the mind. These forms (of mental substance) all have to do with immediate aspects of the Divine Plan for Earth, and they are energized, potentized, and directed outwardly into physical manifestation by the use of this energy field called the 3rd Eye.

The Greater Devas or Greater Builders (of the Deva Kingdom) are drawn into the creational enterprise by the rituals, invocations, and words of power (mantrams) learned in the Mystery Schools, and the Eye of Power, with its energized thought-form, helps to sweep the lesser deva-builders and elementals into the intended activity to make it a reality (in concretized form). It can be thought of as a powerful creational tool of the Initiate-Magician to be cooperating with the evolutionary plans as formulated by The Spiritual Hierarchy. And the line of endeavor will parallel the Ray Energy of the Soul (each Soul being on one of the 7 Rays).

This Inner Eye is, most importantly, the Force Vortex that receives and directs the Will and Purpose of the Father in Heaven (Monad) onto the Physical Plane after it has been passed through its lower reflection, the Solar Angel. So, it is the distributor (for creative purposes) of the powerful energy of the 1st Ray, the force that Shiva radiates throughout the Solar System.

The 1st Ray destroys and eliminates all hindrances to the objective, but keep in mind that the 3rd Eye Vortex synthesizes and sends forth all 3 of the Major Ray Energies (Rays I, II, and III) that are downloaded into it from the Solar Angel. It's the distribution point outwardly for Soul Energy in the creative activity of the White Magician. Will (1st Ray), Love (2nd Ray), and Active Intelligence (3rd Ray) in synthesis are powerful energizers of the thought-form being organized by the Initiate. The "Eye" directs the energy where it is needed to accomplish the task, and all of this is supervised from Soul Level.

The 3rd Eye may be seen as a focusing point for the Soul to work more directly in the World of Form. Prior to its activation, the Soul has to work with the mind of its incarnate personality by way of inspiration, abstract ideas, intuitive impulses, and the sense of conscience; and the mind then impresses the brain. Without full and precise alignment between Soul, mind, and brain (and only the evolved aspirants achieve it), there are many impediments to Soul/personality cooperation.

Once the Soul Merge has been consummated and the 3rd Initiation has been taken before Lord Sanat Kumara, this Spiritual Eye functions as a lens for the direct reception of Light from the Monad (the Higher Self of the Soul) and as a distributor of that Monadic Light out into the World of Form. At that point, it becomes a Light-gatherer from Higher Realms.

An Adept or Arhat is a 4th Degree Initiate in The Great White Lodge Who is still working through a dense-physical body for the sake of Humankind. The Adept may use this "Eye of Shiva" as the medium for instantly contacting any disciple anywhere on the planet and for stimulating or helping them by directing certain energy currents their way. Likewise, this is the means for communicating with other High Initiates in The Brotherhood around the world. And, from the creational standpoint, the Builders of Form (the Devas) may be controlled and directed in their activity by means of this agent through the focused energy sent from it. The Adept has perfected and mastered the Eye of Shiva. (5th Degree Initiates or Ascended Masters do not usually retain the physical body.)

Finally, it was previously mentioned that the Inner Eye cannot be forced to open or become activated by any esoteric practices in the individual who is not ready, because it is a gift from the Soul (to itself in form life), and the Soul knows when the timing is right. But for the initiated aspirants who seek to enhance the potency of the Eye in creative endeavors, the time-honored method is to visualize the thought-form goal a few inches in front of the center of the forehead while in a meditative state. This visualization practice helps to develope the 3rd Eye in the individual who has already crossed the Threshold of Initiation.

12. The 7th Ray:

The Ray Energy which will govern and condition the New Age in Aquarius on Earth is the 7th Ray. It began incarnating in 1675 A.D., and its energetic effects have gradually been intensifying since that time as it replaces the dominance of the 6th Ray, which governed the Piscean Age on Earth. One of its principle influences is relationship, bringing together, approximating the higher aspects of life to the lower aspects of life. For example, it facilitates the drawing together of Spirit (Monad) and Matter, of Soul Nature with form nature, of the Solar Angel with its lower reflection - the personality, of the Human Kingdom with the lower Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal).

It is the qualified energy which will be making possible (and inevitable) the right human relations throughout the Human Race. And it is this 7th Ray Energy which conditions the period leading up to the Threshold of the 1st Initiation (called the Birth) as well as the Ceremony Itself. Because of its heightening potency and power on this planet, it is catalyzing the greater unification (not complete fusion) of millions of aspiring disciples with their Soul Level of Being and escorting them through the Doorway of the Birth Initiation.

It is this energy which is greatly helping the magnetic fields of the Ajna and Head Chakras to approximate one another in those who have done the preparatory work, and that, in turn, draws the pituitary and pineal glands into a unified field of influence that creates the 3rd Eye in the Initiate of The White Brotherhood (as well as the light in the head). That's not to say that all 1st-Degree Initiates have a functioning 3rd Eye. It's highly individualized, and its capabilities expand as the Path is traveled.

13. The Mother of Illumination:

Taurus, the Cosmic Bull of God, is depicted in the 12 Signs of the Zodiac as 2 upturned horns over a circle. The 2 horns of the bull are representative of duality, the great play of the forces of polarity which face the evolving members of the Human Race: black/white, good/evil, dark/light, progression/regression, service to others/service to self, etc. In the center of the Bull's forehead is the "Bull's Eye", the Eye of Light, which is representative of the Single Eye that is born and developed in the aspiring Initiate on the Path to Liberation. The Bull's Eye in the Sign of Taurus has its correlation in the 3rd Eye of Man.

This astrological sign, if it's not too much of a digression, is meant to represent the determined, bullish striving of Man through all of the obstacles presented by duality towards the goal of illumination and freedom from the bondage of the Great Wheel of Incarnation (represented by the circle in the sign). The horns of the Bull protect the Bull's Eye that is found between them, just as the long and wearisome sojourn of Man between the pairs of opposites every step of the way assures the eventual opening of the Single Eye and the ability to distinguish the Real from the Unreal.

It is very interesting to note that our Sun, the physical reflection of our Solar Logos (Creator of this Solar System), revolves around one of the Stars of the Pleiades, Alcyone, and the Pleiades are found in the Constellation Taurus. This indicates the strong and guiding relationship of the Pleiades with all life in this Solar System and, certainly, with Humankind. The Eye of Alcyone, in the Bull of God (neck region), is leading our Human Race into the golden light of illumination, and that illumination is all about the Divine Plan for Planet Earth and how it may be brought to fruition. The Eye of Taurus and the Eye of Shiva have a close relationship and may be considered as Eyes of Revelation. In other words, the Pleiadians are having a major influence on the evolution of our Race and its visionary potential.

The Bull's Eye, simply put, stands for illumination, so Alcyone in the Pleiades is the great illuminator or light-bringer for the Race of Man on Earth. Cosmic Light is poured from the Pleiadians onto this evolutionary scheme from the symbolic Eye of the Bull, and this was known to the Ancient Astrologers who crafted the Science of Astrology.

I should go on to explain that all of the Astrologers of old (for untold millennia) were Initiates of Earth's White Brotherhood, and the System of Astrology was taught and held within the Mystery Schools of the Initiate Brotherhood. The body of knowledge and the symbols and the meanings and their applications were guarded as secrets by Initiate Circles, having been begun as a system of higher consciousness and aid for human evolution by Ascended Masters back through the mists of time.

It is my contention (personally) that They knew of Pleiadian genetic contributions to the form/body of the current Root Race of Man (the 5th Root Race) and their continuing assistance toward the Race's evolvement. I believe that the Bull of God was created as a zodiacal constellation by Them with this knowledge in mind, because it contains the cluster of Stars that we call the Pleiades and the pivotal Star for our Solar Logos, Alcyone.

They named Taurus the Mother of Illumination in knowing the illuminating work of the Pleiadians on behalf of Humanity (past, present, and future), and They knew that Alcyone governs the Human Race, just as Sirius governs Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and Polaris governs Shamballa and its Great Council. They called Alcyone the Star of Intelligence in knowing that its radiated energies (the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence) have had a powerful influence in the developement of the mind in human beings (and many other Races), and it is the mind in its higher aspects (the abstract mind) that will be the illuminating factor for the Race of Man. The Bull of God, centered in the Eye of Alcyone, is the Great Illuminator for Earth's 5th Root Race, whose goal is the perfection of the mental side of the triangle of being (physical, emotional, and mental).

The energetic influences of this Constellation of Stars are primarily two-fold, as might be seen in the pair of horns adopted for its symbol. It is a great stimulator, in individual or collective Man, of that impelling emotional force called desire, and, as mentioned, its energies serve to impact the mind in such a way as to bring about illumination (in those with sufficiently-developed minds to respond to the energies).

One of the 3 Rays that it sends to Earth is the 1st Ray (Divine Will), which provides the motivating impulse to live and to pursue and to persist and to desire. This desire is self-centered in the unawakened masses and must be transmuted into aspiration in the probationary disciple and later (on the Path) into intelligent will in the Initiate Who works to manifest the Divine Plan on Earth. The Bull of God stimulates us to rush forward in life in pursuit of all that we can gain materialistically or spiritually.

The two key words for the conditioning effect of the energy sent by Taurus the Bull to Humankind of Earth are desire and illumination, and the first effect leads to the second effect in those who have painfully and determinedly fought their way onto the Path of Discipleship to a Master and, later, opened their own Spiritual Eye before joining the ranks of The Initiate Brotherhood.

Lord Buddha showed us the power and importance of the Mother of Illumination, for our Sun was in Taurus when He was born. He conquered all desire in Taurus and achieved His Illumination in Taurus under the Bodhi Tree, and He left His body behind likewise in the time of Taurus. Now, He returns each year to offer a Blessing to The Great White Lodge and, through Them, to Humanity at the Wesak Festival in the Himalayas on the Full Moon in Taurus.

There is one more small point to make. Taurus the Bull was also called the Mother of Revelation for what the Eye of Alcyone had to offer (and reveal). The Eye of Shiva in Man, with its still-secret relationship with Alcyone, is also the organ through which higher revelations are accorded to the Initiate. These may come as visionary experiences but may also be in the form of direct, abstract knowingness that comes from Monadic Level (by comparison with lower intuitions that come from the Soul).

14. Closing Remarks:

The Eye of Shiva is a powerful tool for the Soul to become more directly involved in its physically-incarnate reflection when that reflection has freely chosen to evolve itself to the point of being qualified to enter the Path of Initiation. This Inner Eye is actually a Vortex of Energy and Power in the aetheric body of the spiritual aspirant, and it comes into being as a consequence of the meeting and merging of the electro-magnetic energy fields of the Crown and Brow Chakras in the head.

The spiritual practices of the personality enliven the Ajna toward the end of the Incarnational Cycle, and the Solar Angel responds by sending its Soul Light and intensified Soul Energies through the Brahmarandra to the region of the pineal gland. The quickened Head Centers expand their magnetic fields toward each other and, upon contact, produce the light in the head and the first partial opening of the so-called 3rd Eye.

It is a gift from the Solar Angel, and it is only given when the point in evolution is sufficient to warrant its trust, because it has powers that could be used for destruction and harm in the individual who is NOT Soul-aligned. It can never be forced into awakening by any kind of exercises or practices; it is entirely overseen by the observing Soul.

The pineal gland is not the 3rd Eye nor is the Ajna Chakra the 3rd Eye, but they have an intimate connection as has been explained. Its most important function is to serve as a distributing center for the energies from the Solar Angel that are to be used in the creational activity of the White Magician in support of Earth's Divine Plan. The projection of the energies through the 3rd Eye is a joint enterprise of both the Soul and its personality, and an intricately-organized thought-form is projected along with the energies by the "Eye".

The most powerful of these energies is the Divine Will (1st Ray) coming from the Monad through the Soul, and it simply eliminates all obstacles in the way of the goal, which gives such power to the Initiates Who have activated this Spiritual Eye. It is an outlet for the Will of God (Shiva's Energy) but also the other Soul Energies that are intended for creative activities which further the Plan.

This Vortex of Power has other purposes as well besides the magical work of the White Magician. It has revelatory functions that are granted by the Soul or Monad, visionary experiences deemed valuable to the aspirant and direct, abstract knowings from Monadic Level. It provides access to the Akashic Records on the lower Mental Plane, and it allows perception of originating causes to effects seen in the 3 Worlds of Man. It "sees" into the essence of all forms of life, and it sees into Higher Realities (beyond the Astral Plane) when so granted by the Soul.

The Inner Eye opens further and further as the Path of Initiation is traversed, and its powers magnify as the 3rd Initiation is approached. Transfiguration signifies total Soul Mergence and complete opening of the Eye. The Soul is entirely at-one with its physical reflection, and the Eye is used to concretely manifest its purpose. One of the goals for the 5th Root Race of Man (the Aryan) is the re-awakening of the long-dormant Spiritual Eye. Two thousand years ago, The Christ (through Jesus) said, "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light". The Race of Man will one day be full of Light, and the Kingdom of God (The Spiritual Hierarchy) will walk the Earth once again.


James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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