Lord Kuthumi, Chohan of The Second Ray for Planet Earth

These dissertations about the individual Rays are necessarily going to contain a few items of repetitious nature because I cannot make the assumption that the reader has already read "The Seven Rays" or any of the others, and my intent is to write in a manner that makes the esoteric subject as readily comprehensible to as many people as possible, regardless of background or familiarity with the "occult".

From a cosmic perspective, the 7 Rays are the Forces of Creation which are sent forth into the Universe by The 7 Emanations of The Original Deity. Our God or All That Is for this particular Universe, in coming into manifestation, first came forth as a Triplicity and then manifest as a Divine Septenate (please see "The Seven Rays Explained"). The Triplicity or Trinity are The 3 Major Aspects of The Manifest Godhead: The Will of God (1st Aspect), The Love of God (2nd Aspect), and The Mind of God (3rd Aspect).

The Primordial Seven then came forth from out of The Trinity. These are The 7 Divine Aspects from Which the entirety of the 7-fold Universe was created. Our Universe is a Septenary Universe (click on "A Septenary Universe"), and all life in this Universe is septenary precisely because of the 7-fold division of The Godhead at the very beginning of this Universe.

The One Central Deity became The Three, and The Three became The Seven. Each of The Seven was a manifest Focus for a different Attribute and Characteristic of The Central Deity and a Point of Dissemination for the unique energies of those Divine Attributes. The Forces emanated throughout the Universe by The Seven are collectively called the 7 Rays. There is nothing in existence, no matter the level of that existence, that has not been propelled into manifestation by the interplay of the energies of the 7 Rays, which, in turn, derive their origination from The Primordial/Primary Seven, The 7 Mind-Born Sons of God, to use humanly inadequate ways of looking at it.

The 7 Cosmic Rays are universe-wide, however in our particular solar system only one of the 7 Rays is operational because of the unfathomable choice and purpose of our Solar Logos, The Creator of this system of planets. The one Ray of the 7 Cosmic Rays that penetrates and perfuses throughout this solar system is the 2nd Ray of Divine Love. Our God is a God of Love to be sure. The 2nd Ray is also called the Ray of Love-Wisdom for the two principle aspects that are generated by this Ray. And then, all of the 7 Rays within the ring-pass-not of this solar system are branches or sub-rays of the Great 2nd Cosmic Ray, including our 2nd Ray. Each of our 7 Rays that impact Planet Earth and all our other planets is permeated with The Love of God and is conditioned by the 2nd Cosmic Ray.

The Solar Logos and Sanat Kumara (The Lord of the World - see "Who Is Sanat Kumara?") are essentially on the 2nd Ray. Being on a Ray is being a Living Exponent of the nature and energies of that Ray, down to the core of one's being. At the end of the greater cycle, when this solar system has achieved its evolutionary purpose and The Solar Logos takes a great Cosmic Initiation, The Love of God will have become perfected by all of life contained within the system. Love is what it's all about here, though the lessons and experiences of sentient beings are enormously varied due to the mixing and interactional dynamics of the energies of the full spectrum of the 7 Rays in this system (I will henceforth use the term 7 Rays, since we now know that they're all sub-rays of the Cosmic Second).

Just as incarnate humans have chakras in their aetheric-physical bodies (the template of the dense physical body), so our Planet Earth, which is the incarnate expression of our Planetary Logos, has chakras. The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth (for more, go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"), as a Unit and as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, is the Heart Center or Chakra of the planet. The Hierarchy of Initiates and Ascended Masters guiding the evolution of all life here is the Center where The Love of God is known, the Repository and Focal Point for the 2nd Ray for Planet Earth. The energies of the 2nd Ray are distributed, after being qualified and stepped down, by The Hierarchy to all the Kingdoms of Nature on the planet (Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human).

At the Head of Earth's Hierarchy, beneath the "watchful eye" of Sanat Kumara, is The Master of The Masters, The Teacher alike of Angels and Men, The Great Lord Who is known as Lord Maitreya. This is The One Who has charge over the distribution and dissemination of the 2nd Ray Energies for this planet. In back-tracking slightly, there are 7 Divisions of The Hierarchy for this planet, the 7 Great Ashrams of the 1 Principle Ashram of Sanat Kumara (see "The Ashram of The King"). The first 3 Divisions are the Major Departments (1st Ray, 2nd Ray, 3rd Ray), and the last 4 are more Minor Departments (4th Ray, 5th Ray, 6th Ray, 7th Ray) that fall under the responsibility of the 3rd Ray Department. The Lord Manu heads the 1st Dept; The Lord Maitreya heads the 2nd Dept.; and The Mahachohan heads the 3rd Dept. These 3 are called The 3 Great Lords of The Hierarchy and are 7th Degree Initiates.

All of The Hierarchy is pledged (by solemn oath taken during Initiation) to the fulfillment of the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara for Planet Earth, and each of the 7 Depts. uses the qualities and attributes of its Ray Energy in bringing into physical realization its alloted portion of the Plan by working through its own disciple and initiate members who are incarnate on the Earth. Because of the Law of Free Will for this system, the Plan must be worked out by incarnate Humanity, lifting itself up by its own bootstraps as telepathically impressed and energetically influenced by the Center called The Hierarchy, which, in turn, is impressed and guided by the Center Where The Purpose of God is Known, Shamballa (refer to "Shamballa").

The ultimate and cosmic Divine Purpose for this planet is known solely to Lord Sanat Kumara and is sequentially and fragmentarily transmitted to The 3 Buddhas of Activity (The 3 Exoteric Kumaras) Who are Members of The Great Council of Shamballa. From there it is transmitted (telepathically) to The Contemplative Nirmanakayas, ever in deepest meditation for eons. They mediate between Shamballa and Hierarchy and convert the Purpose into a workable Plan by means of a dynamic meditation and then transmit that Plan to The 3 Great Lords of The Hierarchy. It then gets passed, after being filtered through Their Cosmic Consciousness, to The Chohans of the 7 Rays Who are The Heart Flame and Focal Point for their Departments (or Ashrams). Each Chohan has a certain aspect of the Plan to be worked out, which is done through the cooperative effort of all the Members of the Ashram, incarnate or discarnate. Just as the 7 Ray Energies are stepped down many times along the way, so is the Will or Purpose of God stepped down until it becomes impressed upon the minds of incarnate humans who are psychically and intuitively receptive enough to bring through the idea and pursue the ideal embodied by the idea, using the Ray Energies at their disposal.

1. The Head Honcho of the 2nd Major Department is The Master of The Masters, Lord Maitreya. The Second in Command, so to say, is Lord Kuthumi Lal Singh, The Chohan of the 2nd Ray for Planet Earth. At a Higher Level still (on The Shamballa Council) is The 2nd Ray Buddha Who came before Humankind as the Prince Siddartha Gautama, the Enlightened One, 2600 years ago. This is the line of the 2nd Ray, the great Spiritual Teachers of the Earth. In fact, one of the names for the 2nd Ray is the Teaching Ray. The 2nd Ray Buddha is one of The 3 Buddhas of Activity and is more accurately known as Amitabha Buddha (sometimes inaccurately called Gautama Buddha). He is The Perfected Representative of the Wisdom Aspect of the 2nd Ray, whereas Maitreya is The Perfected Representative of the Love Aspect.

Amitabha Buddha came to our Planet Earth millions of years ago and assisted over the eons in raising the consciousness level of animal-man from its exceedingly primitive level to the mental status of today. For millions and millions of years, Earth's Hierarchy (initially composed solely of The Lords of the Flame from Venus) incarnated and walked openly among the fledgling Races as the leaders and instructors and way-showers and divine examples to be followed. Progress was extremely slow, but they helped the 3rd Root Race (the Lemurians on Mu) to gradually coordinate, integrate, and perfect the physical form and begin to activate the emotional/astral body. They were the priest-kings, the divine ones, on Atlantis who helped the 4th Root Race (the Atlanteans) to develope and begin to perfect the emotional body. They were the divinely-inspired agents and the instrumentation through which all the civilizations and their cultures came into being. Without the direct contact and leadership of The Hierarchy, the Atlanteans would have remained a primitive Race because of the lack of mental capabilities (having a mere germ of a mind) and their excessive emphasis on material desires and exaggerated emotional expression.

Amitabha Buddha was certainly involved down through the eons as one of those divine kings and leaders, although we are not given to know the details and the names (which wouldn't mean much to us). After the Path of Initiation (click on "The Only Path On Earth") had been instituted by Sanat Kumara during Mid-Atlantean Times (to accelerate the progress of Man), only the 1st two Initiations were given for hundreds of thousands of years because none amongst Humanity could qualify to take a higher Initiation. The 2nd Initiation (the Baptism) was nearly insurmountable, as it necessitates absolute and unwavering and imperturbable control over the emotions, and the Atlantean Race were awash, nearly drowned in their emotions (look what happened to their continent). The mind was poorly-developed, and the emotions held sway over the personality. Only the most advanced of the Race could make it to the Portal of Initiation (to take the 1st Initiation, the Birth) and become Members of The Great White Lodge, but very few of those had the discipline to make the 2nd Initiation.

The 3rd Initiation (the Soul Merge or Transfiguration) finally became available during the latter era of the 4th Root Race on Atlantis when a small group of 7 Initiates had developed to the point of qualifying for it. The two that we know as Maitreya and Amitabha were in that august group, and for the first time in this planet's history the 3rd Initiation was given by Sanat Kumara Himself as The Presiding Hierophant on the blessed occasion. A milestone was passed for the Human Race, making a higher point of attainment now possible for the aspirants of the Race. The Sacred Seven were the Forerunners Who broke the barriers of the limiting thought-forms of Man. Amitabha Buddha had come from outside of the Earth (from what is called the Moon Chain of planets), but Maitreya was the first from the ranks of Humanity to have ever evolved so far. It was a watershed moment for the Race of Man and opened the door to further and higher advancements for the disciplined few who followed.

Amitabha Buddha fully overshadowed rather than incarnated in Prince Siddartha Gautama approximately 2600 years ago when He was The World Teacher during the Astrological Age of Aries. The World Teacher is always The Chohan of the 2nd Ray, so He would have been a 6th Level Initiate at that time. As mentioned, He exemplified the Wisdom Aspect of the 2nd Ray and assisted Gautama in attaining enlightenment at the age of 29 (B.C. 592) and in answering the most predominant question on the minds of men: why is there misery, discontent, and suffering in life (as a human)? The 4 Noble Truths were given to an awakening Humanity, and the Noble 8-fold Path was given as the means to escape out of suffering (and perpetual karmic recompense). The cause of all suffering was identified as desirefulness: the desire for, clinging to, and becoming attached to the transitory, unworthy things of the material world, truly a realm of illusion (maya). The resolution was identified as becoming desireless, quieting the emotional body to the extent of freedom from desire for all things of the flesh. (The teachings were channeled through Gautama.)

It was shortly after the lifetime of fully overshadowing Prince Gautama that Amitabha took a Higher Initiation (the Seventh, the Resurrection) at Shamballa and moved on to higher work in The Council Chamber of The First Kumara (Sanat Kumara) and passed the Torch (The Office of World Teacher) on to Maitreya, Who was a 5th Degree Initiate working on the 6th Degree. Through the centuries He has progressed to greater work and greater responsibilities until today we have Him as one of The 3 Buddhas of Activity (there are also 3 Inactive Buddhas) and the most exalted Beings directly associated with Earth's Evolutions next to Sanat Kumara.

The Great Initiates Who embody the Wisdom Aspect of the 2nd Ray find Their way to The Great Council of Shamballa in some capacity or another (rather than The Hierarchy Lodge of Masters), and The Buddha that we know from history was no exception. His Disciple, Gautama, made another approach to Humanity during the 14th Century A.D. in Tibet, when He incarnated as the Great Buddhist Reformer, Tzon Kha Pa, the Founder of the Gyalugpas or Yellow Hats for the purpose of correcting errors in the Buddhist teachings and reorienting the course of Buddhist thought and practice. You could say that He was karmically linked and came to set the record straight and, because of the close karmic connection, was likely guided and, perhaps, partially overshadowed by Amitabha Buddha. A 6th Level Initiate cannot take dense physical form through the usual method of incarnating (childbirth). The overshadowing is an age-old practice by very High Initiates to allow for direct human intervention through a sacrificing disciple-volunteer (the same as was done by The Christ through Jesus).

Centuries ago He relinquished His physical body in order to more effectively carry on the highest form of work for Earth on the 2nd Ray, some of which has to do with the coming Aquarian Age and the return of The Avatar of The Christ Consciousness (the current World Teacher, Lord Kuthumi). There is no more physical contact with Humanity, but for many centuries He has attended (in consciousness) the Wesak Festival once a year during the Taurus Full Moon (usually in the month of May). This is a gathering of those incarnate Initiate-Disciples of The Hierarchy Who are consciously receptive to the telepathic invitation to be guided to the secret valley in the Himalayas where the ceremony is conducted. It is through Lord Maitreya, during the ceremony, that the energy of Divine Will and the outline of the Divine Plan for the next year is poured into the assembled multitude. And it is at that time that the world receives His annual blessing, being transmitted to Humanity through the Disciples at Wesak. (Link to "Lord Buddha And The Wesak Moon".)

The work of Amitabha Buddha for Planet Earth is nearly completed. When the New Age in Aquarius is fully established; when The World Teacher and two-thirds of The Masters in The Hierarchy (associated with the Human Evolution) are walking the Earth in physical embodiment; when the Mystery Schools of Initiation are in place around the globe; and when right human relations govern and condition all human living, The Buddha will be departing this solar system for greater challenges elsewhere. There are 7 Paths of the Higher Evolution that face The 6th Degree Initiate, and when The Buddha took His 6th Initiation (called the Decision) millennia ago, He agreed to temporarily continue on the Path of Earth Service at the request of Sanat Kumara, but the successful flowering of the Aquarian Age will release this Great One for greater assignments.

2. Lord Maitreya became The World Teacher when Amitabha Buddha took the 7th Initiation and joined The Shamballa Council approximately 2,600 years ago and has remained in that Position until a few decades ago, The Position also being known as The Chohan of the 2nd Ray, The Office of The Christ Consciousness, and The World Savior. I could mention, in passing, that the name Maitreya was given to Him by His Master when He took the 2nd Initiation on Atlantis. It means Happy One, The One Who Brings Joy. As previously mentioned, He was the first from Humankind to take the 3rd Initiation and advanced more rapidly than any in the history of the planet.

Lifetimes from pre-historic periods have not been given for these Masters (not by reliable sources anyway), but we do know of the advent of Lord Krishna from the Sanskrit Records and His teachings which pass down to us (relatively untainted) in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna was an incarnate lifetime of Maitreya, during which He took the Ascension (the 5th Initiation of Revelation) at the age of 57. For reasons known only to Him, He chose to come back as the Great Swami Shankaracharya in the land that became India. But He is most "famous" for the work that He did with and through Jehoshuah Ben Yussef (Jesus) at the outset of the Age of Pisces, when He fully overshadowed in every way the 3rd Level Initiate Jesus from the Baptism in the River Jordan to the Crucifixion on Mount Golgotha. Maitreya was The Christ manifesting through the most perfectly-prepared vehicle for that all-important Endeavor of The White Brotherhood to initiate the Christian Era for Western Civilization and to provide the perfected example as Wayshower for the Piscean Age.

It was at the end of that lifetime (and ministry) that Maitreya took the 6th Initiation during the event of the Crucifixion, when Jesus took His 4th Initiation (the Renunciation). The double Initiation involving The World Teacher was a powerful event with world-wide impact on the Collective Unconscious of the Race, and the exteriorized physical crucifixion of the body of Jesus was the mirrored reflection of the interior Personal Crucifixion which accompanies the 4th Initiation (please see "What Initiation Is Really About"). The Christ, Maitreya, withdrew from His Loving Disciple at the same time that the Soul of Jesus was dissipated and reabsorbed into The Monad (His Father in Heaven), resulting in an overwhelming loss: "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?". (The Monad is The Higher Self of The Soul, which is no longer needed after the 4th Initiation.)

In the appearance of The Christ through Jesus, the divine ideal was presented to the Human Race for the first time, a perfect expression of divinity to be emulated for the Piscean Cycle. He was a Perfected Exponent of the Light of Wisdom (as first brought to Earth by The Buddha) and the Love of God (both Aspects of 2nd Ray). The crystalline purity and profound simplicity of the teachings of The Christ have been twisted and distorted and erroneously interpreted by generations of theologians who could not leave well enough alone and the self-appointed church hierarchy whose primary motivation was the gratification of their own selfish interests as demonstrated by the acquisition of unequalled occidental power and untold wealth. The true gospel story has disappeared in a mockery of dogma, ritual, riches, and blind ambition. The clerical pompousness, silken vestures, golden chalices, and massive cathedrals would put shame into the heart of The Humble Shepherd of His human flock.

Maitreya held The Post of World Teacher for roughly 2,600 years until recent times and, as with all World Teachers, was responsible for the developement of all religions and all philosophies during His tenure. He said so Himself in the Land of Judea that He had other flocks to attend (other religious persuasions than the incipient Christian Faith). The World Teacher (of any era) is responsible for the evolvement of consciousness within the form, unlike The Manu on the 1st Ray Who is responsible for the evolution of the form itself and the very life impulse within the forms on Earth. The growth of spirituality in the Human Race is in the very capable hands of The World Teacher Who has come to be called The Christ after the name given to The One Who manifested through The Master Jesus. The Greek Initiates who were aware of the arrangement called Him Christos, and The Office came to be called The Christ Consciousness.

Lord Maitreya will be taking the Path to Sirius (the most commonly chosen of the 7 Paths of the Higher Evolution) once His obligations to Sanat Kumara and Planet Earth have been fulfilled (probably at the conclusion of the Aquarian Age). He is The Example, par excellence, of a Sirian Initiation. (The Logos of Sirius is The Higher Self of our Solar Logos. and our 5th Initiation is the 1st Initiation into The Great White Lodge on Sirius.)

3. The Rod of Initiation of The Christ has now been passed to Lord Kuthumi, the closest and most accomplished 2nd Ray Disciple to Maitreya for a very long time. He, of course, had to take the 6th Initiation to assume The Sanctified Post and became Chohan of the 2nd Ray at that time (becoming also The Hierophant for the 1st Two Initiations as with all World Teachers). For more detail, please see "Who Is Kuthumi?" and "The World Teacher For Planet Earth". I'm aware that there are articles on the Internet which claim that The Office is shared with Master Jesus, but those claims are false assumptions. The World Teacher for Earth is solely and always The Chohan of the 2nd Ray, and Jesus/Sananda is The Chohan of the 6th Ray for Planet Earth.

Kuthumi is now The One looked for in the so-called Second Coming. The Buddhists anticipate The Bodhisattva; the Muslims anxiously await The Imam Mahdi; the Jews still hope for The Messiah (Whom they denied 2,000 years ago); the Christians pray for the coming of The Christ; and the Hindus look for The Kalki Avatar. Though little do they know it, they are all looking for the same Exalted Being, The World Teacher, and that One is currently Lord Kuthumi, our Lord of Compassion.

He took His Ascension (5th Initiation) in the 19th Century A.D. and, instead of retaining the old physical body (as a light body), He manifested the mayavirupa (body of illusion), by an act of will and higher visualization, which resembles His old human form as Kuthumi Lal Singh. His residence, at the aetheric-physical level is near Shigatse, Tibet, in a portion of the Himalayas where the residences of El Morya, Djwhal Khul, and The Mahachohan may also be found. It should go without saying that the curious and the uninvited will never find their way there because of the protective force-field around the ring-pass-not. Kuthumi works very closely with His Brother Chohan, El Morya (1st Ray), as He's done for centuries.

Besides His many responsibilities as World Teacher and Heart Flame for the Second Ray Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, complex preparations are being made for His Coming as The Avatar of The Christ Consciousness and Wayshower for the Aquarian Age. Ascended Masters and High Initiates are walking the Earth right at this moment in preparation for the momentous event (notwithstanding the appearances to the contrary all over the troubled planet). Most of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy will precede The Christed One in what is known as The Externalization of The Hierarchy (for the first time since the Atlantean Landmass was submerged).

The energy of The 2nd Aspect (Divine Love) reaches Him by way of the Heart Center of Sanat Kumara, passing through the Heart Center of Maitreya. His work is conducted by means of a meditation centered in His own Heart Chakra. The spiritual destinies of the Race of Men are committed to His guidance as is the realization of divinity within each member of the Race. All the religions and all the philosophies of Humanity are now under the inspiration of Kuthumi through the medium of 2nd Ray Masters and Initiates in The Hierarchy. His work incorporates the stimulation of love manifestation latent in the hearts of all incarnate souls and the awakening of the perception of universal brotherhood in the consciousness of the Race. Philanthropic organizations come under His influence and that of His Ashram.

Right human relations (between individuals, between groups, between nations, between all life-forms) will be one of the principle goals in bringing His Love Energy to the Human Kingdom of Earth. Right human relations will be the consequence of goodwill (1st Ray), loving understanding (2nd Ray), and love in action (3rd Ray), all conditioned by the 2nd Ray Energy brought through the Heart Center of Kuthumi. To Him will fall the responsibility of manifesting the New World Religion in the New Age, based on the Mysteries and the Path of Initiation (temples and schools will be erected around the planet).

As World Teacher, Kuthumi is now The Hierophant for the first Two Initiations (conducted on Mental Levels), the Birth and the Baptism. His Rod of Initiation was received from Maitreya when The Office was assumed. This is the same Rod of Power used by all World Teachers since the foundation of The Planetary Hierarchy millions of years ago. It is recharged and revitalized in a ceremony at Shamballa when the new World Teacher takes Office. The Flaming Diamond (Rod of Sanat Kumara) is touched to the lesser Rod of The Christ, transmitting a terrific force to be used by Kuthumi to initiate Disciples of the 1st and 2nd Degrees and to magnetize and stimulate the central focus for religious organizations of all kinds, e.g. the use of the Rod of Power on Judea 2,000 years ago to give impetus and attractiveness to the new religion which would follow the life of The Christ.

The Rod focalizes cohering energy on aetheric levels which organizes and propels the externalization onto dense physical levels. Maitreya would have applied the Rod (aetherically) to the Arabian Peninsula before Mohammed was born and to the Territory of Utah before Brigham Young and the Mormen Pioneers arrived. The 2nd Ray Energy of the Rod of Power facilitates the cohesion of the foundational concepts of the religious or philosophical movement by its magnetic, attractive potency. It would have been used on Adyar, India, before the Theosophical Society established its world headquarters there, and it would have been used on the city of Wittenberg, Saxony, as Martin Luther was becoming the catalyst for the Protestant Reformation.

4. The Master Djwhal Khul is a 2nd Ray Master with His own Ashram subsidiary to the Major Ashram of Kuthumi, His Teacher. He took the Ascension Initiation in 1875 A.D. and continues to occupy the same body of that lifetime, it, however, being transmuted into the light body. He is called The Tibetan and The Messenger of The Masters because of His willingness to do whatever needs to be done and to assist Kuthumi, El Morya, and The Mahachohan. He is very devoted to The Lord Kuthumi and is in line to become the next World Teacher when Kuthumi advances to higher work and higher levels.

He occupies a small residence in Shigatse on the borders of Tibet (at aetheric level) and has taken on many of the disciples from The Ashrams of El Morya and Kuthumi as Their duties become progressively more demanding in the lead-up to the Aquarian Age. He is exceedingly learned in matters of the 7 Rays and the Initiations of Earth and all the Planetary Hierarchies in our solar system (not to mention an impressive knowledge of practically everything else). He it was Who provided H.P. Blavatsky with most of the material for "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine". He it was Who virtually dictated the most profound works ever given to Humanity through Alice. A. Bailey from 1919 to 1949. He works with some of the great philanthropic movements of the world, such as the Red Cross and Red Crescent. He also works with certain groups of Healing Devas to lessen some of the physical ailments of Humankind. And He presides over a large group of Tibetan Lamas and a large lamasery in the Himalayas (protected from intrusion by unwanted outsiders).

He has stated that the most important revelations He has given out on behalf of The Spiritual Hierarchy were the fact of the Reappearance of The Christ (this time Kuthumi not Maitreya) so that adequate preparation in the invocative appeal by Humanity could be made and the fact of the existence of the New Group of World Servers which is comprised of all the disciples and Initiates who are physically incarnate at any one time. Consciously or unconsciously, the invocative appeal for The World Teacher must be widely spread throughout the Human Race; the establishing of right human relations must be well on its way; group effort and group consciousness must be more prevalent than self interest; and there must be signs that the consciousness of the Race is adequately expanding (refer to "The Coming of The Christ").

The efforts and the energies and the telepathic instructions of The Ashrams of The Hierarchy are focused on the world-wide members of the New Group of World Servers, who usually have no idea that they belong to the hierarchically-inspired Group or even that they have taken Initiation. They just go about their loving, altruistic work ever oblivious to the fact of Ascended Masters but ever responsive to the inner impulses to help and care for others, the less fortunate of the Race. It is this Group, in every field of human endeavor, that prepares the way for Lord Kuthumi and the Aquarian Age on Earth.

We are given to know very few of the previous lifetimes of Master D.K., but one of them was Kung Fu Tzu of China, known as Confucius, certainly a great teacher. Another one was the Zoroastrian Magus Caspar who traveled with Melchior and Balthazar (El Morya and Kuthumi) to pay respects to the Infant Jesus. The Magi of Persia were the holy priest-initiates of the culture, the learned ones. He had a couple European lifetimes, but those names were never given. He worked for 30 years with Alice Bailey during the early part of the 20th Century, having been asked by His Master (Kuthumi) to assume some of the world-teaching responsibilities, and the reason for the excellent telepathic rapport between D.K. and A.A.B. was that He had been a Senior Disciple in charge of her progress and training when she was yet a neophyte in The Ashram of Kuthumi. She's now a Senior Initiate in Kuthumi's Ashram.

5. The 2nd Ray is the Teaching Ray, the energy involved in improving the quality of life within the form and the consciousness dwelling within the form. Education, the dissemination of knowledge, the augmentation of awareness, the revelation of spiritual truths lying behind outer, seeming appearances are the duties (dharma) of The 2nd Ray Personnel of Earth's Hierarchy. They have come forth in all ages (for millions of years) to present the ideas and aspects of the universal truth (the ageless wisdoms) which will meet the immediate need of the developing Human Race and become the ideals that will create a better civilization and prod Man further along the Path of Return to God.

The teachings of one World Teacher supplement, complement, and are built upon the foundation of the previous One, on and on back into the mists of time. Heretofore, the selected concepts have been presented to a chosen few (an inner circle) who were charged with promulgating the new teachings to the more enlightened individuals of the time, who could accept it, spread it, and popularize it. Such has been the method over the eons on Earth, as exemplified by The Buddha and The Christ in our historical framework of time.

Vyasa (the first one) came 18 million years ago in response to sub-conscious invocation by then animal-man (sub-human, before the earliest beginnings of the Human Race). His work evoked from Sanat Kumara and Shamballa the direct pouring in of the 1st Ray Force upon the dominant anthropoidal species, resulting in the "door" being opened for the first time into the Human Kingdom and a cascade of world-shattering events: the Start of the Human Race (though still very primitive) with the mere germ of a mind, Individualization (out of group consciousness), Separation of the Sexes (out of a previous hermaphroditic condition), and the Ensouling of the Species (entering of Souls for the first time into the more evolved vehicles). He moved on from this planetary scheme millions of years ago.

Hercules came forth to walk amongst Humanity in early Atlantean Times to teach the Path of Discipleship in a symbolic, obstacle-strewn journey of the struggling prodigal son making his way back to the father's house (The House of God). The pictorial drama portrayed the tests and trials that all disciples must face during the very lengthy sojourn toward the Threshold of Initiation and accepted Membership in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. The 12 Labors of Hercules are the allegorical representations of the labors of the disciple. He pointed the way toward the Path of Initiation (refer to "The Only Path On Earth") and conveyed the necessity of strength, steadfastness, courage, and determination in achieving the great objective. (His Soul was 1st Ray of Will and Power, and the name is a modernized version.) He is currently a High Initiate on The Shamballa Council.

So many lesser and greater Teachers have come forth as invoked by the Collective Unconscious of Man, most before the record-keeping of history. Hermes/Thoth was The Thrice Great One Who came forth into ancient Egypt and was the first to proclaim Himself as The Light of the World (as later did both The Buddha and The Christ). Vyasa (not the original personage) entered into old Aryavarta (ancient India) to give the one essential revelation that was the most greatly needed at the time: death is not the end of life because each one has an Atman or Soul. In those days (as with all preceding days) thinking was rudimentary, as emotions and instinct prevailed, so the messages had to be simplistically given.

Krishna came as an incarnation of Maitreya and gave to posterity the Bhagavad Gita and the admonition of relinquishing control of the lower incarnate self to that of the Soul, the goal of all disciples (symbolized by Arjuna). Zoroaster was a High Initiate working toward the Ascension when He gave us sun worship as acknowledgement of the Divinity of our Solar Logos, The Source of all in this solar system, and He revealed the fact of duality in all existence, the two basic oppositional principles underlying all life expression: good & evil, male & female, yin & yang, positive & negative, etc. (His father, Zend, was an incarnation of Jesus.) Mithra was an incarnation of The World Teacher during the Age of Taurus (preceding Aries) and gave the Mithran Mysteries of Initiation to Persia and the Mediterranean Basin. The bull wasn't worshipped but was rather the symbol used for Taurus.

The Age of Aries prompted a major teaching thrust by The 2nd Ray Ashram of Hierarchy (The Ashram of Amitabha Buddha at the time): Pythagorus in Greece (Kuthumi), Siddartha Gautama in South Asia (advanced vehicle for The Buddha), and Lao Tzu and Kung Fu Tzu (Djwhal Khul) in China. The School of Pythagorus in Crotona was a School of Initiation, and mathematics was used as a device for understanding and transmitting occult myteries of the universe. Pharoah Akhnaton came into Egypt (from the 2nd Ray Ashram) during the 14th Century B.C. and attempted to displace the polytheistic beliefs of the priesthood with monotheism. Moses (Moishe) incarnated into Egypt, was trained as an Initiate, and was initiated in the Great Pyramid. He became the Lawgiver for the Hebrew Tribes. Shankaracharya in India was overshadowed by Maitreya and gave forth deep instruction on the nature of the Atman or Higher Self.

Maitreya was The World Teacher when He overshadowed Jesus (in every way) from the Baptism to the Crucifixion. He provided the perfect expression of divinity for this Piscean Cycle and the perfect example to be followed by Humankind. He taught as well as demonstrated in His Life that service to others was the key to liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth and the means for establishing right human relations (a totally revolutionary concept at the time). Desiring nothing for the personal self, He emphasized the Buddha's teaching (desirelessness) and carried forward the teaching continuity from World Teacher to World Teacher, and He was the greatest example of Divine Love that the world had ever seen. He anchored Unconditional Love in the Collective Unconscious of the Race, where it has incubated below the threshold of expression for 2,000 years though being destined to blossom forth in the Aquarian Age.

Ramakrishna was a very High Initiate from the Ashram of Maitreya also and demonstrated that enlightenment could be reached on the Path of Tantra Yoga. Jiddu Krishnamurti was another High Initiate affiliated with Maitreya's Ashram. He was trained and prepared by the Theosophical Society to be the overshadowed vehicle for Maitreya, but he disbanded the Order of the Star and took his own teaching path (leading to his 4th Initiation). I have given only a few of the unbroken line of spiritual teachers that have come on the love-infused impulse of the 2nd Ray to inspire and to lift Humanity a notch or two on the evolutionary ladder, some major, some minor but still nonetheless significant.

The task of all The World Saviors has ever been to embody, to demonstrate, and to implement certain divine qualities and attributes for which the Race of Man has become ready. Besides the teachings They give forth to the world, appropriate to the era, place, and culture, They give a demonstration of Man's point of developement that has been reached, offering a mirrored reflection of the divine potential (the mind had to reach a certain stage before The Buddha could come, and the love nature had to be in incipient arousal before The Christ could come). They are chosen by Their aptitude in attracting incarnate disciples who harbor the same divine qualities and who can translate the inspirations and ground-breaking teachings into understandable equivalents for the masses. The Avatars will keep coming until the last weary pilgrim has found The Father's House.

6. Now that some of The Personnel of Earth's 2nd Hierarchical Department have been mentioned, perhaps we might take a look at the type of energy given off by this Emanation of The 2nd Aspect of The Godhead and singular influence in our solar system. From a cosmic perspective, the 2nd Ray is the basis for the Universal Law of Attraction. That is, the Energy or Force that humans call love is the attractive, magnetic, cohesive Force of the Universe that binds or brings things together. At the risk of becoming susceptible to accusations of heresy, I am going to say that there is no such thing as Gravity (there goes ol' Isaac Newton turning over in protestation). What the physicists have labeled and mathematically quantified as Gravity is the cohering Force of the 2nd Ray, Love in Action. What goes up must come down is an observation of the effect of the 2nd Ray on Earth, and when a body in space displays an attractive pull on another body, the 2nd Ray is the Causative Agent.

The Love of God (2nd Ray) is The Binding Force of this Universe. The 1st Ray Force (The Will of God) created the so-called Big Bang and thrust all of life outward from The Central Point of Deity. It was the out-breathing creational act of God that used The Will of God to project forth the Playground of Creation that we have come to call the Universe, and it is the 2nd Ray Force (Love) that is drawing all the uncountable fragmentary expressions of God back to their Point of Origin, the in-breath.

These two Forces (coming from The 1st Two Aspects of The Triune Godhead) are responsible for the great Exhalation and Inhalation of Deity, the Days and Nights of Brahma. The 1st Ray thrusts forward the expansion of a manifest Universe in the first half of the Cycle, and the 2nd Ray holds all universal life in spacial and spiritual relationship during the entire Manvantaric Cycle, and then it governs the second half of the Cycle by contracting the Universe and bringing all life expressions back to their Universal Source (to begin the Mahapralaya of Unmanifest Rest).

The 2nd Aspect of The Godhead is also known as Vishnu, The Builder. The 2nd Ray is the Building Ray. The 1st Ray sets creation in motion by creating the "building blocks" and imbuing all of creation with the Principle of Life in its outward thrust from The Center. The 2nd Ray provides the cohesive, attractive energy to build and construct and form together that which The Will of God brought into being. Shiva (1st Aspect) and Vishnu (2nd Aspect) are partnered in the eternal dance. Shiva creates the enlivened particles of substance, and Vishnu makes something out of all those unrelated particles (to put it simplistically). Then Shiva tears it all down and destroys it when its purpose has been fulfilled (hence being called The Destroyer).

The 2nd Aspect of God is God's Love for all of Its creation, and the 2nd Ray is the Divine Energy of Love that is drawing all the disparate parts of The Whole back to their Creator, and while all of creation is being ultimately and slowly returned to its Source, the 2nd Ray Energy is providing the cohesive force to hold all of the created parts in relation to each other by what appears to be gravitational pull (and molecular binding). The Universe is created by Shiva and held together and structured by Vishnu.

7. From a planetary, human perspective, how does the 2nd Ray work out on Earth? First of all, The Hierarchy is The Heart Center of the planet, where the 2nd Ray is received, concentrated, modulated, and dispersed to Humanity (as overseen by Lord Maitreya). As this energy manifests through humans, it would impart such qualities and characteristics as inclusiveness and the empathetic ability to see and feel everybody else's point of view. It predisposes the personality to an introspectiveness, an inwardly-directed orientation and introversion. It promotes passivity and receptivity and intuitional contact with the Soul.

Each incarnate human has 5 Rays of influence (as chosen by the Soul), one each for the Soul, the personality, the mental, astral, and physical bodies. The major influence is usually the personality Ray because most people are centered in the personality and have very little Soul contact or influence. So, by calling someone a 2nd Ray type, it usually means a 2nd Ray personality or mind. These people tend to be receptive more than out-going (like 1st Ray) and to look inwardly and to lack initiative and appear to be lazy. But they have an empathetic and sympathetic nature and can be quite intuitive and psychic, however they also can be quite timid and fearful of the aggressive natures of others. The love energy, if it dominates the personality, may demonstrate as kindness and gentleness and sweetness and generousness in its inclusive understanding that all are children of God and all are really a unity. The 2nd Ray types make such good teachers because they have a love for the truth and can intuitively know the truth and are able to communicate it, and their loving natures magnetically draw those who need to hear the truth.

The 2nd Ray type has a hyper-sensitive nature and a diminished ability to handle the outer, exoteric forms of life because of its inwardly-oriented focus toward the Soul. The sensitivity provokes the anxiousness and fearfulness. There is simply a lack of confidence in the self. Intuitive connection to the Soul comes easy to them. Keep in mind that each Ray, as it works out into manifestation through the incarnate personality, has its virtues and its vices. The lower the evolutionary status of the individual and the less that there is Soul contact (consciously), the more that the vices of the Ray will be expressed. Also, when the Soul and the personality are on the same Ray, it is much more likely that the virtues will be demonstrated in the life because it is the line of least resistance for the energy. As an aside, the Ray structure of the individual is not the sole determinant of characteristics. Astrological influences play a part along with karmic requirements and stage of developement (which factors in or factors out the Soul and its Ray).

Each Ray energy gives different qualities to the mind or the emotions or the physical body. The 2nd Ray physical body is generally smaller (petite) and more fragile and delicate with a fastidiousness about it and a hypersensitivity which may adversely impact the nervous system (a jitteriness, fidgeting, the nervous wreck). The body itself (not just the emotions) is more sensitive in its response to environmental stimuli (people or things) than other body types.

8. The virtues and vices of a Ray are the qualities that are latent in the energy as it impacts the individual, and it is up to the choices made by that one as to whether the virtues will be expressed or the vices. The goal of the Soul in choosing the Ray is to have its incarnate fragment experience and express the virtues. The negative (vice) qualities are brought out by those of Humanity with no Soul contact or control (the majority), and they are especially prevalent in those who serve the self (the negative polarity).

The virtues of the 2nd Ray can be listed as: wisdom, divine/unconditional love, tactfulness, faithfulness, calmness, inner strength, love for the truth (honesty), patience, serenity, intuitiveness (to the Soul), and a clarity of mind untroubled by complicated reasoning.

The vices of this 2nd Ray may be given as: selfishness and an indifference to others, a withdrawn nature, a coldness and emotional distance from others, contemptuousness toward the mental limitations in others, suspiciousness, ingratiating behavior due to desireousness to be liked and for popularity, self-pitying, smugness, and over-absorption in study. The vices get expressed due to an excessive introvertedness toward the lower self and not toward the Soul or Higher Self. The qualities become self-ish.

There are virtues which must necessarily be acquired by the 2nd Ray aspirant or disciple on the Path, and these are compassion, love, unselfishness, and an energetic involvement with the outer forms of life (thus negating laziness and hesitancy and reluctance and timidity). The 2nd Ray, with the help of the Soul, must draw the mild-mannered individual out of his/her shell so that the higher qualities may find expression in serving the Human Race (teaching, spreading love, healing, and giving).

9. Examples of the 2nd Ray: I'll list a few historical personages whose life in some way exemplified the more idealistic expression of this 2nd Ray energy. These were all Initiates of one degree or another who served the Grand Plan of Sanat Kumara and The Hierarchy of Earth in their own way by demonstrating the 2nd Ray in their make-up. Any of these who held the Love/Wisdom Ray in 2 or more aspects of their beingness were powerful exponents of this particular Ray Energy. The 5 aspects of individuality governed by a Ray are Soul, personality, mental, astral, and physical bodies, and I'll designate each of them as S, P, M, A, and Ph.

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: S, A       (French philosopher & scientist)
    U Thant: S, P, Ph.       (Burmese diplomat)
    King Solomon: S, A       (Judean king)
    Franz Schubert: P, M, Ph.       (Austrian composer)
    Albert Schweitzer: S, P       (German humanitarian)
    Franklin D. Roosevelt: S, A       (American president)
    Anwar Sadat: S, A       (Egyptian president)
    Florence Nightingale: S, P       (British nurse & hospital reformer)
    D.H. Lawrence: S, P       (British writer)
    Abraham Lincoln: P, A       (American president)
    Jiddu Krishnamurti: S, P       (Indian spiritual teacher)
    Martin Luther King Jr.: S, P       (American civil rights leader)
    John Keats: M, A, Ph.       (English poet)
    Sant Kabir: S, P       (Indian poet & mystic)
    Saint John the Beloved: S, P, A       (Judean apostle of Jesus)
    Joseph of Arimathea: S, A       (Judean biblical figure)
    Mohandas K. Gandhi: S, P, A       (Indian spiritual & political leader)
    Albert Einstein: S, P, A       (German physicist)
    Charles Dickens: S, M       (English writer)
    Edgar Cayce: S, P       (American clairvoyant & humanitarian)
    Ramana Maharshi: S, A       (Indian spiritual teacher)
    Luther Burbank: S, P       (American horticulturist)
    Alice A. Bailey: S, A       (British occultist)
    Marcus Aurelius: S, A       (Roman emperor & philosopher)
    Ananda Mayee Ma: S, P       (Indian spiritual teacher)

When the Soul and the personality of an Initiate are both on the 2nd Ray, the Love Force may pour forth unimpeded for the benefit of Humanity.

Each of the nation-states of the world have two Rays of influence, two major types of energy which strongly impact the national character: a Soul Ray and a Personality Ray. The Soul Ray of a country is the highest ideal that was intended for the country when it came into formation under the guiding energetic impulses of The Manu and the 1st Ray Department of Hierarchy. The disciples and Initiates (the more advanced) of the nation sense and express the Soul quality that was intended, but this occurs only sporadically from time to time, especially if an Initiate of the same Soul Ray is head of state. The Personality Ray finds expression through the unevolved masses and reflects separative and selfish national interest by comparison with service of a global nature (Soul Ray).

The Soul Ray remains the same throughout the lifetime of the country, but the Personality Ray periodically changes in some countries as revolution and upheaval and war and mass migrations alter the national character. Nations with similar Rays understand each other and become friends and trading partners. The goal of every nation is an unqualified expression of its Soul Ray Energy, which will come to pass in the Aquarian Age as all groupings of people who remain are led by Initiates of Earth's Hierarchy.

Major countries in the world with the 2nd Ray Soul are Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, and U.S.A. Perhaps a few examples may help to elucidate the concept. When an inclusiveness is the national policy, this particular Soul quality is shining through. The British Commonwealth, as a federation of autonomous nations, is one example of bringing together many diverse peoples into a common trading partnership. The U.S.A. demonstrated its Soul quality during the signing of the Constitutional Bill of Rights and when the Emancipation Proclamation was implemented by Abraham Lincoln (the Initiate) and by the open-door policy to the impoverished European immigrants of the 19th Century (though not to Asia) and in the aftermath of World War II by the Marshall Plan for Europe. It was also expressed in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It is no coincidence that the International Red Cross is headquartered in Switzerland and that it remained a neutral haven in WWII. Australia gave a glimpse of its Soul when immigrant status was extended to peoples who were not European or Caucasion and when treatment and reparations for its Aboriginals was improved. Norway reflects Soul quality by taking care of all the citizens within its boundaries. Canada's laws and governance demonstrate, to some extent, the love nature. The special relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. is primarily due to the Soul Ray being identical, as it is with Canada and the U.S.

When the Personality Ray of a country is the 2nd Ray, it will usually be manifest as the inwardly-directed self-centeredness that is one of the vices of the Ray, when the unevolved masses are not led by Initiates: such as Brazil, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Philippines. The mass expression, until we enter more enlightened times, is separative, nationalistic, and self-serving, the negative side of Ray Two.

10. The Cathedral of Nature: Each of The Chohans of the 7 Rays has an aetheric-level Retreat, which is available to students and aspirants in their astral bodies when sleeping or in meditation. They are magnetically drawn there for instruction and training by Senior Disciples in the Ashram of The Master. These Retreats cannot be found physically because they are beyond the perceptive range of the 5 human senses (the upper 4 sub-planes of the Major Physical Plane are aetheric sub-planes).

The 2nd Ray Retreat of The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe is located in the gently rolling, verdant hills of Kashmir in Northern India (where Kuthumi experienced His last lifetime before Ascension). There is no structure, but rather it is open to the sky and all of Nature within its ring-pass-not vortex. Kuthumi is now The Head Master (if you will) of the Retreat since Lord Maitreya advanced to higher levels within The Great Council of Shamballa, but Maitreya's Divine Love and Sweetness remains perfused and saturated through the Retreat, blended with the blue-water lakes, emerald-green carpets of grass bursting with flowers, and the sweet birdsong everywhere to be found.

Those who are the educators and teachers of all things secular and religious are drawn here and receive instruction by wise Initiates from every Race and every clime, the advancement of consciousness within the form being one of the principle goals of this Ray Energy. An aura of peace, tranquillity, and harmony envelopes all who find their way here as prompted by their Soul or their Guides, and they sit (clothed in yellow-golden robes) in concentric circles around The Illumined Teacher. The motivation of all activity is love and a desire to disseminate truth to all who are ready to hear it. Since The Chohan of the 2nd Ray is responsible for all religious and philosophical movements of Mankind, much of the teaching is so oriented and much instruction is given to correct the erroneous interpretations which have crystallized around the message proferred by the Original Founder of the religion that followed in his wake.

At the Heart Center of the Retreat is a Great Golden Lotus from which rises the Heart Flame of The Golden Robe Brotherhood: called the Flame of Illumination and Constancy (illumination of mind and constancy of purpose). This Christ Flame is a brilliant canary yellow with delicate shadings of white at the periphery, and it focuses the Christ Love of Maitreya and Kuthumi. The energy of this Flame is available to all who are affiliated with the Ashram of Kuthumi and its Teachers by visualization techniques, affirmations, and decrees (the power of sound). The Keynote Song that encapsulates the energy of the Retreat is "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life". There is also to be found in the Heart Center an 18 inch long Golden Bar which balances on the apex of a pyramid and which is the representation of love in perfect balance. The Bar never moves regardless of geological upheavals or any other disturbances in the world of Man.

11. Miscellaneous Comments: The appropriate form of meditation for the 2nd Ray aspirant on the Path is one of gradual inclusiveness for all of life. A one-pointed focus is held on expanding the consciousness to include one's immediate group of friends and workers, then all within one's environment, then all life beyond that in a limited radius. Then the radius of inclusion is gradually increased more and more. The consummation of this method is the final shattering of the Causal Body at the 4th Initiation of Renunciation to make direct contact with The Monad (Higher Self of the Soul) and the realization of oneness with all that lives (for more, go to "The Causal Body of The Soul"). This happened spontaneously to Jiddu Krishnamurti who suddenly found himself in a state of oneness with all life and could directly experience the rock on a hillside, a bird flying overhead, a tree in the distance, a truck on the road, and workers conversing while they labored. He was one with all of life and lost all sense of individuality (a 2nd Ray experience).

The World Teacher (Bodhisattva) works with the quality of the evolving life within the human form and the expansion of consciousness within the form, whereas The 1st Ray Manu works with the evolution of the form itself. The World Teacher developes philosophical concepts and spiritual ideals to be promulgated to Humanity by His incarnate disciples relaying the message by way of teaching. The Mahachohan (3rd Ray) works on the intelligence aspect of Man, while The Bodhisattva is concerned with the love-infused quality of that intelligence (spirituality), the advanced philosophical ideas that heighten the cultural achievements of a civilization and bring about tolerance and inclusiveness and equality and equitable sharing and the right kind of human relations. His Love is the downflowing Force that makes it all possible.

As has been explained, the Love-Wisdom Ray (2nd) is the Synthetic Ray for this solar system, it being the Originating Ray for all the 7 Rays within the aura of The Solar Logos. Love predominates in this corner of the galaxy, and our God is a God of Love. In billions of years, as we mark time, when all of life within this system has perfected the expression of Divine Love and the solar system has perfectly achieved its purpose, the Synthetic Ray will absorb the Seven, and The Solar Logos will take a Cosmic Initiation incomprehensible to the human intellect. A "Black Hole" will remain of the former system, and the third and final incarnation of The Logos will be created for the perfection of the 1st Ray of Divine Will and Power (our system is the second in a series of three incarnations for The Being called The Solar Logos).

Discipleship (to a Master) as it manifests in service on the Physical Plane is understood differently depending on the Ray of The Master. 1st Ray disciples of El Morya understand their discipleship in terms of action, energy, and force (refer to "The First Ray"), whereas 2nd Ray disciples of Kuthumi or Djwhal Khul understand their discipleship in terms of expansion, consciousness, and Initiation. The other Rays have different approaches, and this accounts for the differing points of view. As disciples become Initiates and progress on the Path, the lines all merge, and the endeavors and viewpoints and energy usages and disparate goals are resolved in group cooperation to meet the needs of Sanat Kumara's Plan for Earth.

The Planetary Center (or Chakra) called The Hierarchy is The Custodian of the 2nd Ray (as supervised by Lord Maitreya). Its prime activity within the Master Plan is the unfolding of consciousness within all life-forms on the planet. The 1st Ray from Shamballa bequeaths the principle of life itself to all forms, while the 2nd Ray bequeaths differing types of awareness to sub-human life and self-awareness to sentient life plus the sense of relationship between the recognized self and all other not-selves. The task of Hierarchy, by means of its 2nd Ray distribution, has been (over the eons) to expand the consciousness of Man from group awareness to self awareness to Soul awareness and finally to Monadic awareness (by building the Antahkarana -- see "The Soul"). Awareness in all the Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human) is raised by utilization of this 2nd Ray.

One way of viewing the work of creation wthin the ring-pass-not of this solar system is to come to a realization that the energy of the 1st Ray is used to provide the "substance" for creation at the aetheric level and to inspire/infuse that substance with the life principle and purpose which renders it responsive to the Plan. The energy of the 2nd Ray is used (with the help of the Deva Evolution) to build aetheric-physical form out of that enlivened substance and to build consciousness within the form, which automatically precipitates out into the dense physical level. The energy of the other 5 Rays is used to qualify and modify all the life-forms that have arisen out of the cosmic dance between Shiva (1st Ray) and Vishnu (2nd Ray). Brahma, The 3rd Aspect, wielding the 5 Rays from the 3rd to the 7th, takes the creation handed to Him by Shiva and Vishnu and works out the Purpose and Plan for that creation.

Cosmically viewed, Shiva thrusts outward with The Will of God to create all the life-infused particles in the Universe. Then Vishnu, using the Glue of the Universe (Love), constructs every form of life within the Universe and grants consciousness to those life-forms (from atoms to galaxies). Brahma then takes over and gives an infinite variety of qualifications to the life within the forms of the Universe (the 3rd Ray, as emanated forth by The 3rd Aspect of The Triune Godhead, projects forth the Minor Rays of 4 through 7). Finally, at the end-point of the Day of Brahma, Shiva destroys the entirety of creational manifestation and returns it to The Fount of God, setting the stage for the Night of Brahma (the Great Pralaya) before a new Great Cycle begins again and extends its periodical nature into infinitude. (These Hindu Gods are, of course, Personifications of The 3 Major Aspects of Prime Creator.)

12. The Golden Age: The New Age in Aquarius will be dominated by the 7th Ray, as I have explained in "The Seventh Ray" (click on link), just as the Age of Pisces was dominated by the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism. Other Rays have their influence though not as prominently. The 2nd Ray is going to play an important role for the next 2200 years, because its unique energy will be needed for the re-construction and re-building of civilization following the "Earth Changes" and the Dimensional Shift (check out "The Dimensional Shift of Earth"). The bulk of the current Souls in incarnation now are 2nd and 3rd Ray, and as the Aquarian Age unfolds, the bulk of Souls will be 2nd and 7th Ray.

The Love Energy, as transmitted by The Hierarchy and particularly by Kuthumi's Ashram, is playing upon modern Humankind in a more intimate manner than ever before and is being concentrated primarily in the New Group of World Servers, The Hierarchy's principle channel of expression. These are all the disciples and Initiates incarnate on Earth at any one time. Through them the Great Approach of The Christed Avatar (Lord Kuthumi) will be hastened; through them the changes in consciousness will be made; and through them the higher form of Love will flow to bring about right human relations, mutual caring and sharing, and the Christing of the Race. The 2nd Ray will synergistically augment the work of the 7th Ray to usher in the New Golden Age (see "The New Golden Age On Earth").

13. Closing Comments: The 2nd Ray is The Love of God for all of Its creations and is the Divine Energy that holds the Universe together and the magnetic, cohesive Energy that draws all bodies in the Universe toward each other as described by the Law of Attraction. It is the Force that guarantees the inevitability of unity out of all diversity.

When two stars in a binary system revolve around each other, it isn't due to "gravity", but rather it is Love. When the billions of stars in a lenticular-shaped galaxy hold that configuration and all spatial relationships in revolving around The Central Point of the galaxy (The Galactic Logos), it is due to Love. When atoms bind together to form molecules and molecules bind together to form a molecular structure, the attractive Force underlying it all is Love. When the Universe implodes upon itself at the end of this Day of Brahma and The Fiery Shiva has shattered every form in creation, all will be drawn back to The Origination Point by The Love of God. Vishnu unifies all by the Power of Love after Shiva and Brahma have had their frolicking throughout the Playground of Creation.

Dedicated with boundless love and devotion to Lord Kuthumi Lal Singh!

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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