The Divine Cosmic Triune of Planet Earth, The 3 Pratyeka Buddhas of Activity

Shamballa is the Center for the Earth's Spiritual Government, and it has actual physical existence, though at a level vibrationally above the perceptivity of the 5 senses of the incarnate human vehicle, which are designed for sensory response to the environing conditions of the dense physical level (the 3 lowermost sub-levels of the Physical Plane). Shamballa may be found, by those who know the way, on the uppermost of the 4 aetheric-physical sub-levels of the Physical Plane. To encapsulate, the major Plane of Existence called the Physical (the lowest of the 7 Major Planes) has 7 sub-levels, 3 of dense physical and 4 of aetheric physical. Shamballa is on the highest of the aetheric levels and, of course, cannot be seen by the human eye. (If interested, go to "Shamballa".)

As far as physical locations go, the Holy City is situated above the Gobi Desert of Western China where once existed eons ago the great Gobi Sea with its "White Island", where the magnificent golden-domed city was constructed as the Home for Sanat Kumara and His Entourage, the 104 Lords of the Flame from the Planet Venus (the Alter-Ego of Planet Earth). The Lord of Venusian Love (S.K.) had been The World Savior and Ruling Lord of the World for the planet that we call Venus, and roughly 18.5 million years ago, upon request of The Solar Council for this system of planets, came from Venus to Earth in an act of sacrifice of monumental proportions to commit to the Divine Purpose of The Planetary Logos of our Planet Earth. That unfathomable commitment will hold The Great Kumara with the Flaming Sword to this evolutionary scheme until the last weary pilgrim has found his way Home. And the 104 Assistants that came with Him (also called Kumaras), out of love and devotion, came to formulate that Divine Purpose into a workable Divine Plan under the supervisory vision of Lord Sanat Kumara.

The Divine Entourage of High Initiates formed the first White Brotherhood of Earth as we know it and organized into the Septenate of Effort that is now known as The 7-Fold Spiritual Hierarchy with its 7 Primary Divisions, 3 Major and 4 Minor (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). Since that momentous event of the arrival of The Venusian Kumaras (attended by a minor Cosmic Initiation of our Planetary Logos), the Force Center that became Shamballa has become the Crown Chakra of Earth's Planetary Logos (or Informing Life), The One in whom we all live and move and have our being, The One Who manifests in and expresses through the planetary body called Earth and all her Kingdoms of Nature. The Center called The Hierarchy became the Heart Chakra of our Logos and the Instrument for pouring forth Love (the 2nd Ray Energies) upon all developing life in the scheme, whilst the Crown Chakra became the Focal Point and Repository for the Will Energy (the 1st Ray).

The coming of The Great Ones from Venus was timed according to precise astrological conditions and overseen, from a karmic perspective, by The 4 Lords of Karma for the solar system, cosmically-attuned Beings Who are also called The 4 Maharajas and The Lipika Lords (collectively The Karmic Council). They supervise the balancing of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect for all planetary schemes within the ring-pass-not of our solar system, and this applies to individuals, groups, tribes, nations, races, species, nature kingdoms, and even to entire planetary schemes of evolution. They wield the Law dispassionately, precisely, objectively, and with a cosmic vision that beholds the Divine Purpose of The Solar Logos in the original thought-form that was created to manifest the solar system as an outpost and a vessel for the Love of God (the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom, which governs this solar system).

The Venusian Invasion (so to say) accomplished what would have taken millions of years of normal evolutionary processes to unfold. Animal-man, the anthropoidal dominant species that was destined to become the earliest members of the truly Human Kingdom, were gifted with the mental principle by The Venusian Initiates by means which remain mysteries of Initiation, and the first glimmering of extremely primitive mental activity was awakened in that sub-race of the Lemurians who had lived instinctively and below the threshold of self-consciousness until that milestone event in the history of the Human Species.

As I've written elsewhere, this stupendous event, which made possible the start of the Human Kingdom on Earth (the 4th of the Nature Kingdoms, succeeding the Mineral, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms), has been called in the Ancient Archives of The Masters "The Individualization of Man". The animal-like species had been group-conscious only, but now, due to a spark (and only a dim spark) of a mind and newly-stimulated mental body, there was the potency (and inevitability) of developing into self-consciousness. These conditions then made possible the Ensouling of the Species (as it was called), and those Entities on the Higher Mental Plane known as Souls or Solar Angels entered for the first time on this planet as physical incarnates into the newly-nascent humans. The Planetary Logos, Higher Self of Sanat Kumara, took a leap forward in Cosmic Consciousness.

All of this, which took place 18 and a half million years ago, happened during the middle of the 4th sub-race of the Lemurian Race (3rd Root Race). In explanation, there are a total of 7 Root Races of Man in this particular Round on Earth, and each Root Race has 7 sub-races. In our Modern English, the 3rd Root Race is called the Lemurian (though the mother continent in the Pacific Ocean was called Mu); the 4th Race were the Atlanteans, and the 5th Root Race are called Aryans, of which we are the 5th sub-race in the series.

So, the arrival of The Kumaras effected enormous change on the planet, and all Kingdoms of Life benefited. The Silent Watcher (Logos) was enabled to take Initiation and advance on the Cosmic Scale; all forms of life received evolutionary stimulation by force currents deployed and directed by the newly-formed Hierarchy; and the crucial Kingdom of Humanity was begun on its long, long journey toward developing and perfecting the mental side of the triangle of being and becoming Soul-merged Sons of God, bringing the Divine Plan of Sanat Kumara and The Great White Lodge into manifestation down on the Physical Level of Being.

The Innermost Circle of Advisors and Accomplices for The Lord of the World have always, since Their arrival, been the highest and most advanced of The Initiates (8th Degree) Who elected to come to Earth to help The First Kumara (S.K.) actualize God's Purpose for this planet, held in the Cosmic Mind of The Planetary Logos. They are a Group of 6 Kumaras (making a total of 7 with Their Mentor), 3 Who are Exoteric and 3 Who are Esoteric, little being allowed to be known about the latter 3 (a secret of Initiation). It is The 3 Exoteric Kumaras Who are called The 3 Buddhas of Activity (The Pratyeka Buddhas). They form a triangulation of assistive and protective force around The Chief Executive Officer in The Spiritual Government of Planet Earth and are duty-bound to bring to fruition the Divine Purpose, which is known in its entirety solely by The Wondrous One Who firmly holds Their love, loyalty, and reverence. They know the outline and most of the particulars but not the entire Blueprint of Planet Earth.

The 3 current Buddhas of Activity achieved Their highly-advanced state of consciousness (on the Cosmic Mental Plane) during the previous solar system to this one. Our's is the second of a series of 3 incarnations for The Solar Logos, and just as the 2nd Ray of Divine Love governs all in this solar system, the 3rd Ray of Creative Intelligence governed completely the previous solar system, wherein the developement of the mind and its use in creative activity was brought to a perfection as was the Intent and Purpose of The Logoic Being (Solar). Our Buddhas of Activity were The Planetary Logoi of the 3 most mentally-evolved planets in that solar system. Rather than moving on to greater systems of evolution, They agreed to come along with Beloved Sanat Kumara to this important though backward planet to help with the Mission that has consequences that reach far beyond the periphery of influence of our Solar Logos and even beyond The One About Whom Naught May Be Said (our star system is one of 7 star systems in the creational thought-form of That One). In fact, the entire galaxy will be impacted by what takes place on this tiny speck of cosmic dust, so They didn't take too much of a demotion.

All of The Lords of the Flame entered physicality, including The Innermost Seven (The 7 Kumaras) mentioned above, however the physical forms They created could come no lower than the aetheric levels for The Higher Initiates. Yet some were able to incarnate through the gestational and birthing process and experience the dense physicality of the time. These were The Teachers for the fledgling Human Race. One of the clauses of the Mission allowed by The Karmic Council was the necessity for physicality because of the low level of consciousness of the Lemurians given the gift of Souls and a germ of a mind. They would need direct interaction and guidance, the hands-on approach.

Over the eons of millions and millions of years, through the growth and progress of the latter 3.5 Lemurian sub-races, the 7 sub-races of the Atlanteans, and the 5 sub-races of the Aryans (so far), The White Brotherhood from Venus advanced along Their own individual Paths of Return (to God), fulfilled Their assignments here, and graduated to higher work in the Universe. Their places in Earth's Hierarchy were slowly and gradually filled by Initiated Individuals originating in the Human Family, until today all the Offices and Positions of The Modern Hierarchy are filled by Initiates from the Human Evolution except for The 7 Kumaras Who direct the entire enterprise from The Council Chamber of Shamballa, The Secret Place of The Most High.

I should go on to explain that The Council Chamber is more of a state of consciousness (within the all-encompassing Planetary Life) than it is a place or a location, however Shamballa does still exist at the uppermost aetheric level. The Divine King of the Earth can be found, during certain Conferences of The Shamballa Council that admit 5th Degree Ascended Masters and Higher Initiates, seated on His Sapphire Throne, presiding over His Ashram. He and The 3 Buddhas of Activity continue to maintain a physical form of expression of the most refined aetheric level, although there is no identification with that form because Their Consciousness is centered on the Cosmic Mental Plane (the 3rd of the 7 Cosmic Planes). In point of clarification, the 7 Major Planes of our solar system comprise the 7 Levels of the Cosmic Physical Plane, the lowest Cosmic Plane. Ascendingly, our Planes are: Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic.

The 3 Buddhas form a Triangle of Power and may be considered as the sum-total of creative activity and energy for the entire planetary scheme and all life within and upon the planet. Each One of Them is a Focal Point and Distributing Agent for the energies of one of the 3 Major Rays: 1st Ray - Will, 2nd Ray - Love, 3rd Ray - Intelligence. And Each of Them is in direct rapport with and receptivity to one of The Planetary Logoi of the 7 Sacred Planets in our solar system, The Logos on the same Ray as The Exoteric Buddha. (There are 7 Sacred Planets and 7 Planetary Logoi called The 7 Spirits before The Throne of God in the "Book of Revelations" in the Bible. Earth is not one of them.) For example, The 2nd Ray Buddha receives energy from The Informing Life of Planet Jupiter (2nd Ray).

To backtrack for just a moment, The 7 Planetary Logoi or Planetary Informing Lives of our solar system, Who have incarnated through the manifested bodies of the 7 planets that are called sacred, are The 7 Major Centers (or Chakras) of The Solar Logos as It expresses Itself through this solar system of planets. They are The Foci for the reception and transmission of the 7 Rays as they enter the ring-pass-not of our solar system, the 7 Great Streams of Energy having originated in the Constellation of the Great Bear (Ursa Major). Each one of those 7 Rishis or Great Entities (seen as stars) projects forth one of the 7 Rays toward one of The 7 Sisters of the Pleiades (stars), where It is stepped down in intensity and potency before being projected toward The 7 Great Lords of the Rays of Sirius (The Higher Self of our Solar Logos). Each of Them, in turn, serves as a Transformer before, then, sending the qualified Stream of Force into our solar system and the appropriate Planetary Life Who embodies that unique Energy and distributes It under the guidance of The Solar Hierarchy and according to the Divine Intention of our Solar Logos.

There is always a "downward" flow of energy and assistance, telepathic impression, and divinely-inspired guidance from the higher levels of being (vibrationally) to the lower, and the energies from those higher levels must necessarily be transformed to be utilized helpfully and productively at the lower level, lest they prove harmful and destructive. The Transformers of the 7 Rays at each level are Specialists in what They do, having been trained rigorously in the Mystery Schools of the Universe (mystery because guarded and kept secret from the Dark Forces of Negative Polarity).

The 7 Spirits before The "Throne" (symbolically) of The Solar Life are The Specialists in this solar system, and They have a role to play in the deliberations of The Great Council of Shamballa for Planet Earth. Their Ray Energies, as called upon and needed, are directed toward The 7 Kumaras (or Buddhas) at the Apex of the Pyramid of Earth's Inner Government. As the Physical Expression and Representative of our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara is the Divine Prism through which all the Energies are focused and synthesized before distribution to The Triangle of Power that we call The Higher Three or The 3 Buddhas of Activity. All of the energy that comes to the planet from anywhere in the Universe and any Level of Existence must pass through These Three, Who have sacrificed Their ascending progress in order to help The Wondrous Youth of Eternal Summer. They would be long gone from this solar system had not the sacrifice been made out of love, honor, and respect.

It should be mentioned as an informative fact that The 3 Buddhas of Activity do not remain the same throughout the entire Round of 7 Root Races. The Exoteric Kumaras and The Esoteric Kumaras are interchangeable according to certain positions of the Great Zodiacal Wheel of Life and certain configurations of the astrological field of influence. Their activity or inactivity spans millions of years and eons of ages when viewed from the human perspective, but from Their Cosmic Level of Beingness, there is no passage of "time". And the work of The Esoteric Three is held a mystery to all but the highest of Initiates for reasons known only to Them, but we may be assured that They aren't just lounging around "The Throne of God" munching grapes and gazing adoringly at The August Figure of The Almighty.

The Three Who are said to be active are The Representatives in The Council of Shamballa of The 3 Major Aspects of The Godhead of the Universe: Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. The 1st Aspect is the Will of God (Shiva), The 2nd Aspect the Love of God (Vishnu), The 3rd Aspect being the Mind of God (Brahma). They are delegated by The Lord of the World to manage the force distribution of the entirety of the 7 Ray Energies that must enter the Earth and all her Evolutions (Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Deva, and Hierarchical) in accordance with the Original Intention of The Planetary Logos for incarnating as a planetary form, which is held steadfastly in the Cosmic Mind of Sanat Kumara.

It is the most primary and important and sacred duty of The Higher Three to make sure that the Divine Purpose, as provided by Their Kingly Mentor, is brought to fruition, and the means employed is force distribution and mental impression by what we call telepathic communication. Both of these flow downwardly (so to say) from higher level to lower level, being appropriately modified at each step along the way. From The 3 Buddhas in The Council Chamber (and Their Associates), the Ray Energies and the Purpose-suffused Thought-form are directed to The Contemplative Nirmanakayas Who are The Intermediaries between Shamballa and The Spiritual Hierarchy. They remain ever and always in a dynamic form of meditation which organizes, prioritizes, and brings into sharper focus those aspects of the Divine Purpose which are due to be formulated into the Divine Plan (the Plan implements the Purpose), and then They pass that newly-formed and relevant portion of the Plan onto The 3 Great Lords of The Hierarchy: The Manu (1st Ray), The Bodhisattva (2nd Ray), and The Mahachohan (3rd Ray). The Nirmanakayas also step down and modify, as needed, the Ray Energies that are passed to Them by The Big Three, Energies to be used in reaching the goal outlined by the Plan.

The 3 Great Lords (7th Degree Initiates) take the Ray Energy with which They work and embody and pass It to The Chohan of the Ray: El Morya (1st Ray), Kuthumi (2nd Ray), Serapis Bey (3rd Ray). The 3rd Ray Ashram (or Department) encompasses Rays 4 through 7 and their Ashrams. Mental impression is passed downwardly in the same way (step-wise downloading of the Great Thought-form). The Chohans of the 7 Rays (6th Degree Initiates), with the help of The Ascended Masters (5th Degree Initiates) and Their Ashrams of Initiate Disciples on the same Ray as The Chohan, take that Thought-form of Intent and work It into a manageable, proposed Plan to be brought to the attention of Humanity (the creative Throat Center of The Planetary Life). Each of the 7 Divisions of Hierarchy works out an aspect of the Divine Plan which suits the type of Ray Energy that It employs.

Then, by means of telepathic impression, the Ashrams of The Masters infuse into the minds of their incarnate disciples certain ideas and organized thought-forms which will promote the concretization of some small portion of the Plan down on the Physical Plane of Being, which is commensurate with the talents, mental developement, and evolutionary status of the disciple. It is then left to the creative imagination and will-power of the disciple to bring into physical manifestation that idea received from On High, and it is usually done (or attempted) in group formation. These disciples are the world-wide members of the New Group of World Servers, and they don't necessarily consciously know of their discipleship or membership. They collectively are the intermediaries between The Hierarchy and the bulk of Humanity.

Humanity, the 4th Kingdom of Nature and the Creative Throat Chakra of The Planetary Logos, is the key to the eventual working out of the Divine Plan for this outpost of consciousness, and that, in itself, is part of the Purpose being implemented by the Plan. Humanity is the focal point around which pivots every conceivable aspect of the Plan which, at the end of all Root Races and Rounds, will shine brilliantly forth to the galaxy the Original Intent that congealed within the Cosmic MInd of Earth's Informing Life. The Law of Free Will has been and is ever operative for the ensouled physical incarnates on this planet, never violated by The Higher Ups, and so the downflow of ideas and specific qualified energies originating with The Kumaric Triad will ever nudge and impel the sensitively-recipient members of the Human Family to make those choices that accumulatively materialize and manifest the Divine Plan that fulfills the Original Purpose.

1. As might be imagined, there are many other things for The 3 Buddhas to do besides force distribution and inspiration of The Divine Nirmanakayas with projected thought-forms of the Purpose intended for the incarnational scheme of our Planetary Life. One of Their responsibilities is the oversight of Solar Angels or Souls Who wish to enter the incarnational cycle on Earth from other systems of evolution, having been approved by The Lords of Karma. They offer historical background, transitional assistance, and instruction on the governing laws of the system.

2. They have responsibility for keeping in protective custody the Rod of Initiation of Lord Sanat Kumara, called the Flaming Diamond, which was brought from the Planet Venus when The Kumaras came to give a sudden boost to the lagging evolutionary unfoldment of the planet and its Evolutions. This Sceptre or Rod is used during those Initiations when The One Initiator (S.K.) officiates as The Hierophant, that is, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Initiations (the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion, and the Revelation). At the 6th and 7th Initiations (the Decision and the Resurrection), the Flaming Diamond is used, but The Ancient of Days is merged with The Planetary Logos, Who administers the Initiation Ceremony.

Following the Revelation of the Presence (either the Solar Angel or the Monad, depending on the Level of Initiation) and the Revelation of the Vision (progressively of the Plan and the future role of the Initiate), there is the Application of the Rod by The Hierophant to the Initiate, and the terrific electrical force is first circulated through the Heart Chakras of The Triangle of Force (3 Adepts or 3 Kumaras) before being passed to The 2 Sponsors for moderation, and then, by an act of the will, They send it into the chakra of the Initiate intended for stimulation, dependent upon the Degree of Initiation.

3. The Triangular Powerhouse of Shamballa that are also known as The Pratyeka Buddhas are in complete command and control of that portion of the Deva Kingdom who are found solely on the Aetheric Levels (the 4 highest sub-planes of Earth's Physical Plane). These are called, in the Ancient Archives, the Army of the Voice. They were created or called into being by The Planetary Logos using the Science of Invocation and Evocation, basically using the power of sound in the form of secret mantrams along with visualization and His Divine Will. In fact, all of the creative process, all creative acts, are initiated by SOUND (at various levels). "The Word was made flesh."

This Army of Angelic Workers were called into existence by the Voice of The Planetary Being through His physical extension, Sanat Kumara, to manifest His incarnation as a physical planet with all its life-forms. God saw (envisioned); God spoke (sacred words); and God created (through the instrumentality of the Devas).

These particular Devas are the instruments for the implementation of the Divine Will (regarding form) down onto the dense or gross physical levels (the lower 3 sub-planes of the Physical Plane), whether the commands have come from The 3 Buddhas, Others in The Shamballa Council, The 3 Great Lords, or various Masters in The Hierarchy Who know the Secret Words of Power and rituals for summoning these Devas of the Army of the Voice. These are the Builders of Form in their various ranks. They are responsible for bringing into manifestation, from aetheric levels first and then down to dense physical levels, every form on Earth in all the 4 Kingdoms of Nature (and in the Universe). Every form that we can see with our eyes on this planet has been constructed by this Group of Devas; that is their purpose for being.

They may be considered an expression of the Will Aspect of Shamballa, the Center where the Will of God is known and facilitated. They bring to a concretized realization the purposes of Deity onto the Physical Plane and are given their instructions via the meditatively-perfected visualization to be so constructed and are impelled to action by the force of the will of the Initiate, accompanied by the Word of Power appropriate to the creational occasion. The Greater Builders on the highest Aetheric Level (Who have passed through the human stage) command and direct the Lesser Builders (who have never experienced the Human Evolution) and all the Elementals (of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire). The elemental life build the demanded form out of their own substance (a concept difficult to grasp).

This Army of the Voice is only a fraction of the Deva Evolution, which reaches up into Levels equivalent to Ascended Masters and even Governing Intelligences of an entire Major Plane of Being (e.g. Lord Agni of the Mental Plane and Lord Varuna of the Astral Plane). They are ultimately under the complete control of The Power Triangle called The 3 Buddhas and thus are the "Eye Within The Triangle" and origin of the symbol. Through Them physical creation is seen and the activity of the creative process is directed by The Great Triangle and all Their Representatives at lower levels of Earth's Hierarchy. Though the Deva Army are the Agents for the implementation of Divine Will (1st Ray) as it involves physicality (such as on Earth), their major quality is that of creative activity (3rd Ray). Consequently, Masters and Adepts of The 3rd Ray Department of Hierarchy work closely with Them to materialize the Divine Plan of Earth (refer to "The Third Ray"). ).

4. The Contacts of these Cosmic Beings, also called The Higher Three, are extra-planetary, beyond the planetary ring-pass-not, and They have a direct rapport and working relationship with The Planetary Life on the Cosmic Mental Plane to bring forth the unfolding aspects of His Purpose for His planetary incarnation, the Earth. Increments of this Purpose are telepathically sent, via The Nirmanakayas, to The Hierarchy to be worked into the Plan.

They serve as Linking Intermediaries between Earth's Logos and The Solar Logos and likewise with The Great Entity which informs and gives Life to the Libra Constellation. It is energy that They draw from these 2 Cosmic Sources for the benefit of the planet, but the most significant Contacts and Sources of energy for The Three are The Informing Lives of Constellations with which They have a karmic relationship (a history). For The 1st Ray Buddha, those are Aries and Leo, for The 2nd Ray Buddha -- Capricorn and Aquarius, and for The 3rd Ray Buddha -- Cancer and Gemini.

For eons this Power Triad of Shamballa has maintained close relations with 3 of the 7 Sacred Planets in our solar system: Vulcan (not visible), Jupiter, and Saturn. These are, respectively, 1st Ray, 2nd Ray, and 3rd Ray. The Planetary Logos of each of these planets sends its Ray Energy to Earth's Buddha on the same Ray. And the 6 Constellations have had close energetic relations with Earth ever since The Kumaras came to this planet more than 18 million years ago, and that relation (through The Higher Three) is moreso with respect to the Human Kingdom than the 3 sub-human kingdoms. These 6 Constellations subjectively form 2 interlocking triangles of energetic influence and evolutionary impact and are the original inspiration for the symbol of the 6-pointed star (which has taken on many other meanings since then).

5. Although each of The 3 Buddhas is a Receptacle, Custodian, and Distributor for one of the 3 Major Rays (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and embodies that highly-qualified energy for all the evolutionary kingdoms of the planet, as a Unified 3-fold Triangular Field, They are the embodiment at the highest level for the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence. They are the local Representatives for the 3rd Aspect of The Triune Godhead, Brahma, the Mind of God. As far as Earth is concerned, Brahma is able to express on this evolutionary scheme because of These Three working in triangular formation.

The Mind of God is able to penetrate through to all evolving life on the planet by projecting its Mental Energy (3rd Ray) into this Triangle, and it is through the instrumentality of the coordinated and synthesized group meditation of These Three that the mental principle (5th principle) was implemented on the planet for the first time in this Round (via The Venusian Kumaras). This took place during the 4th sub-race of the Lemurians and was responsible for the formation of the 4th Kingdom of Nature, Humanity. The method by which this was accomplished has never been revealed (and remains a secret of the Mystery Schools), but it led directly to the Ensouling of the Race and the Individualization of Man (previously of group consciousness). This event was an enormous leap forward (and an Initiation) for Earth's Logos, The Silent Watcher, observing from the Cosmic Mental Plane.

6. Another of the many responsibilities of our 3 Buddhas is the role that They have to play during the Initiation Ceremony for all Initiates, beginning with the 3rd Initiation, the Transfiguration or Soul Merge. These are conducted in Shamballa and administered by The Wondrous Ancient of Days (S.K.). The 5 Stages of the Ceremony are, in order: Revelation of The Presence, The Vision, Application of the Rod, The Oath, and Imparting of the Word and then the Secrets.

Before the Flaming Diamond (Rod) of Sanat Kumara is applied to the Initiate, The 3 Buddhas form a Triangle before the Sapphire Throne, within which stands the Initiate and, to either side, The 2 Sponsors (The Mahachohan and The Bodhisattva). When the moment arrives after the Vision (which stupifies the Initiate) has fully played itself out, The Hierophant elevates His Rod, pronounces certain secret words and phrases that are invocatory, and the terrific electrical force, proceeding from Higher Levels (Solar Logos, Sirius Logos), is sent forth to The Triangle of Force formed by The 3 Buddhas. They circulate it through Their Heart Chakras around The Triangle and supplement it with Their own qualified energy before passing it to The Sponsors by an act of will. The Sponsors have the function of greatly moderating the force and filter it through Their Major Chakras before projecting it, by an act of will, to the specific chakra of the Initiate that is intended for stimulation.

The subtle bodies of the Initiate (aetheric, astral, mental) are next to be enormously stimulated, and The Hierophant pronounces another secret word, which sends another downpour of fiery force through the Rod to The Triangle and The Sponsors and then to the awe-struck Initiate. This is aided by the collective will of The Hierarchy in attendance and especially the Initiates of the same grade gathered around The Triangle. The force is thrown into the chakras of the Initiate's mental body first and thence to the astral chakras, finally coming into the chakras of the aetheric body for absorption and assimilation. The Initiate is bathed in a fiery blue-white blaze of purification, which intensifies all atomic activity and cleanses all levels of the 3-fold nature. Without the work of The Buddhas and Sponsors, the power emanating from the Flaming Diamond could not be withstood by the Initiate.

After Application of the Rod and before the Oath is administered, The 2 Sponsors drop back into the surrounding Hierarchical Gathering, and The 3 Buddhas take Their stand behind the Sapphire Throne. The Oath is subdivided into 3 divisions, each of which corresponds to one of The 3 Divine Aspects and its Energy (1st Ray, 2nd Ray, 3rd Ray). So, as the Oath is being given by Sanat Kumara to His Initiate in 3 parts, the 3 Ray Energies of Will, Love, and Intelligence are made available consecutively by means of the Rod of Power and certain sacred words for each of the Ray Energies. The Initiator invokes the Energy, by His mantram, from The Planetary Logos on (and of) that Ray, and then The 3 Buddhas jointly touch the tip of the Flaming Diamond with Their Staffs of Office while enunciating a secret word of power, and the downflow of Energy proceeds to the same-grade Initiates surrounding the Initiate of the moment, Who then receives it from Them by use of Their collective will.

This happens 3 times, once for each section of the Oath and each Major Ray, and The Cosmic Triangle behind the Throne (symbolically and virtually) are The Distributors of the powerful forces. They make it possible for the energy to be more tolerable and thus more efficacious to the Initiate and the entire Hierarchy in attendance (Who also receive the same stimulation).

7. The functions, duties, and work of These Higher Three, Who are The Governing Triad of Shamballa under Lord Sanat Kumara, can never be known or understood in their entirety by the very limited human intellect, because These are Cosmic Beings with a primary focus of beingness on the Cosmic Mental Plane and a Cosmic Consciousness beyond the imaginings of Homo Sapiens. Humans occupy the lowest Plane (Physical) of the 7 Major Planes in our solar system, and those 7 Planes comprise the lowest of the 7 Cosmic Planes (the Cosmic Physical Plane). So, we are given to know only a little of what They are about.

    a. They may be considered as The Oversouls of the 3 Root Races which are definitely human: Lemurian, Atlantean, and Aryan. That is one Buddha for each Race with overall responsibility for the evolutionary progress of that Race (working through The 3 Great Lords of Hierarchy: Manu, Bodhisattva, Mahachohan). They are The Wielders of the Law of Evolution for this planet.

    b. Additionally, They have a direct working relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature on Earth. The Deva Kingdom and its form-building work (although overseen by The Full Triangle) come under the impelling influence of the 3rd Ray of Creative Activity, dispensed by The 3rd Buddha. The Human Kingdom in general is propelled onward and upward by The 2nd Buddha and His 2nd Ray Energy (Love/Wisdom). The sub-human kingdoms (Mineral, Plant, Animal) are stimulated and overseen by the Will Energy of The 1st Buddha. They each work through certain 6th Degree Masters on the same Ray Who operate essentially from the lofty Atmic Plane of the "Spiritual Will", bringing the particular evolutionary kingdom into line with the Divine Plan (by every means necessary).

    c. The Path of Initiation on Earth, as designed by our Lord of the World, leads to the perfection of The Ascended Masters (5th Initiation, called the Revelation), but obviously evolutionary advancement does not stop with or on Earth. The Journey beyond Earth and into the Cosmos is called the Way of the Higher Evolution, and there are 7 choices or paths which may be taken for the rest of the Return Spiral to The Logos of the Universe. The decision is faced by The 6th Degree Initiate, hence the 6th Initiation being called the Decision. One of those paths is the Path of Training for Planetary Logoi, and I mention this because The Buddhas do the training for these Advanced Masters by means of a higher telepathy, of which we can know nothing. Graduates complete Their training on Venus before leaving the ring-pass-not of our solar system and becoming Buddhas of Activity Themselves on some other planetary scheme, preparatory to the tremendous sacrifice of becoming an Informing Life of an incarnated sphere of evolution.

    d. Once a year on this planet an Emissary of The Great Council of Shamballa is sent forth to make direct contact with Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. This occurs during the Full Moon of Taurus (usually in May), takes place in that secretive valley in the Himalayas (though well known to the Initiates), and The Emissary is The One Who overshadowed Siddartha Gautama 2600 years ago and Who is referenced as The Lord Buddha (Amitabha Buddha). He serves (at that time) as The Instrument of contact for The Governing Triangle of The Shamballa Council, our 3 Exoteric Kumaras. In this way each year, They are able to more directly impress The Hierarchy with the thought-form of Sanat Kumara's purposeful Intention for the year without going through The Intermediaries known as The Nirmanakayas, and the exceedingly potent energies of The Higher Three needed for implementation of the Annual Plan are funneled and modified through Lord Amitabha Buddha.

The 3 Great Lords are there (in physical form) to receive the mental impression and to step down the energies further before passing both on to The Assemblage of Initiates, Masters, and Ray Chohans. And despite the exalted nature of Those present, the "Blessing" of Lord Buddha can be tolerated in its intensity for only a few short minutes, and this is following due preparation for the annual event. The gift from The Power Triad brought by The Buddha must be received by the entire Hierarchy in group formation, and They, in turn, step it down further for transmission to the Throat Chakra of The Logos called Humanity. They are the intended beneficiary of the Wesak Festival (Vaisaka). Link to "Lord Buddha and The Wesak Moon".

    e. A few words might be given over to The Great Council of Shamballa, which is governed by the triangulated unity of purpose of The 3 Buddhas of Activity under the inspirational guidance of the thought-form of Sanat Kumara, steadfastly holding the Purpose of Planet Earth (and all its life) in view. The Conclave of The Great Council takes place every 100 years on the 25th year of the century (e.g. 1825 A.D., 1925 A.D., 2025 A.D.), and the Participating Members are beckoned by the sounding of the "O" sound (not OM) in a certain tone by The Lord of the World. They meet in The Council Chamber of Shamballa, The Secret Place of The Most High, a Unified Field of Rarified Consciousness and not a physical location.

Telepathically, progress reports are given; mental dicussions are conducted; plans for new unfoldments are made; and specific Ray Energies are approved and released to impel and induce implementation of the most immediate aspect of the Divine Plan in need of physical manifestation. These are then passed down by mental impression through The Chain of Commited Intermediaries (Nirmanakayas, 3 Great Lords, 7 Ray Chohans, 7 Major Ashrams) to the Human Evolution by way of the New Group of World Servers (disciples and Initiates of The Masters).

The Members of this August Council are both planetary and extra-planetary. Basically, the 6th Degree of Initiation (the Decision) is required to participate as a Member in The Council. All 5th Degree Initiates (Ascended Masters) have earned the "right of entrance" into Shamballa but not The Council. The Chohans of the 7 Rays are examples of The 6th Level Initiate, such as El Morya, Kuthumi, and Serapis Bey. All The Chohans and Their Peers are Members, though not in The Inner Circle.

Others include The 7 Planetary Logoi of the 7 Sacred Planets in our solar system, The 7 Spirits before The Throne of God (mentioned in the "Book of Revelations" in the Christian Bible); 4 Representatives of The 4 Lords of Karma for the solar system, Who represent Earth at The Solar Councils; A High Representative from Planet Venus, One from The Council on Sirius (Higher Self of our Solar Logos), Another from the Constellation in triangular energetic formation with our Sun and Sirius at any particular time. The 3 Great Lords of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, The Manu, Lord Maitreya, and The Mahachohan (7th Degree Initiates) are certainly Members. The one exception for 5th Degree Masters are certain 1st Ray Adepts Who are specially trained in the creational use of the Will/Power Energy of God, and They're allowed participation in the Council proceedings.

The Shamballa Council as a Whole has oversight responsibility for every evolutionary process of every life-form in every Kingdom of Nature for the duration of this Round of Existence on Earth (currently 4th Round out of 7) until the 7th Root Race of Man has achieved the goal. They turn the Wheel of Life in accordance with the progressing phases of the Divine Plan as it has been meditatively formulated by The Hierarchy to manifest the Divine Purpose; and cycles come and go, civilizations and cultures wax and wane, species of life appear and disappear, continents rise and sink, and world cataclysms (i.e. axial shifts) punctuate the progression. Planetary karma (never individual human karma) is known and managed by Them with input from The Karmic Board Representatives. And the principle of life itself is infused into every form of life on and within this planet by The Great Council, one of the mysteries in the use of the 1st Ray Energy that comes to Shamballa from The 1st Ray Rishi of Ursa Major.

At the Center or Fulcrum or Pivot Point of all this activity within The Council Chamber of The Lord (S.K.) are The 3 Buddhas Who are known as The 3 Exoteric Kumaras. They are The Ones Who coordinate it all and make it all happen. The Triangle formed by Their unified meditation contains the totality of Earth's Energies (from all Sources) and nearly the entirety of Earth's Purpose, made available by direct rapport with The Planetary Logos. The incomprehensible sacrifice made by The 6 Kumaras (3 Esoteric, 3 Exoteric) in accompanying The 1st Kumara to this Planet of Sorrows was a commitment that will hold Them here for unknown millions of years until God's Purpose has been successfully realized at the end of the Round, and the last weary pilgrim has found the way Home.

Dedicated in Deepest Honor of The Pratyeka Buddhas

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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