I have been asked by Those Who are called The Ascended Masters to offer certain clarifications of misunderstandings and to offer certain teachings to an awakening Humanity. One of the most important things to be clarified about the New Age in Aquarius on this planet is that it is not going to be at this Level of Existence. Following the Dimensional Shift of this planet and this solar system in the near future, the New Age of Peace and Harmony is going to be at a higher Level of Expression, a higher frequency level in the electromagnetic spectrum, and will not be at the Level or Dimension in which we currently live (for more information, go to "Earth In Metamorphosis").

This Dimensional (and Density) Level of Planet Earth is going to be deactivated (by The Planetary Logos, The Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) for a very long time, and consequently those incarnate humans who are unable to raise their frequency of being and consciousness to a high enough level to make the Dimensional Shift with the planet will be given opportunities of incarnate experience on other 3rd Density Spheres in the galaxy and universe but not on this one because it will be in the lowermost Dimension of 4th Density. The Nobler Fraction of Humanity will remain to experience the profound peace which has settled over the planet.

All of the current systems of the Piscean Age will nevermore be a part of the human experience, because they are of lower consciousness. That includes the military, educational, religious, political, medical, and economic systems. They will be gone forever and replaced by systems of higher consciousness which are not stratified by the elite and the self serving but rather will be organized on the principles of brotherly love and cooperation and sharing and caring for one another and will be influenced by the unconditional love which flows from the 4th Chakras of everyone who remains.

The cities of the Earth will be gone, because they do not honor the Earth and cause tremendous pollution to her body. There will be small, spiritual communities living in close, harmonious relationship to the Earth Mother and all her life-forms all over the planet, and they will be Vortices of Light which will continue to expand but remain closely connected to the Earth. The diet of those remaining will be purely vegetarian (solely of the Plant Kingdom), and nevermore will innocent animals be slaughtered for the sake of eating their flesh. Eventually the diet will become fruitarian, then liquidarian, and then the energy requirements will be gotten from the sun (The Solar Logos) and the Cosmos.

Many of The High Initiates and Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy will be walking the Earth in what Djwhal Khul calls The Externalization of The Spiritual Hierarchy, and They will establish Ashrams and Mystery Schools of Initiation and Temples around the planet (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). One of the principle things that They will be teaching will be the Path of Initiation, which was established by Sanat Kumara (Head of The Hierarchy) during Mid-Atlantean Times as the most reliable and effective means for the spiritual evolution of Humankind. The Teachers of The Hierarchy will be preparing the way for the next Avatar of The Christ Consciousness, The World Teacher, and That One is Lord Kuthumi, The Chohan of the 2nd Ray (see "Who Is Kuthumi?").

The Ascended Master Rakoczi (called Saint Germain) will be overseeing the New Golden Age, and the 7th Ray of Transmutation, Ceremonial Order, and White Magic will be the dominating energetic influence. Ritual and ceremony and the learning of the true meaning of white magic will be prominent in the lives of all. The use of the Violet Flame will be commonplace. Telepathic communication will eventually replace the spoken word. The prefrontal cerebral cortex will finally come into use and cognitive functioning will be closer to the intended abilities of the human brain. The double-stranded, helical DNA will slowly be rebundling back to the original 12 strands of light-encoded filaments, giving humans metaphysical abilities now only dreamed of.

In short, it will be the most beautiful and loving and wonderful era in this planet's history. It can hardly be imagined as we near the end of the troublesome and bellicose Age of Pisces, but it will be here shortly for those who choose to raise their frequency of being enough to be able to participate (see "13 Steps To Paradise"). The Masters wish greater numbers of people to become capable of participating in the Age of Christ Love on Earth and to show the Galactic Observers the value of emotions and the true meaning of Unconditional Love that The Christ came to demonstrate to Humankind so long ago. To all who read this, Kuthumi sends pulsations of that Love into your beingness.


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