"The Ancient of Days" (by William Blake), Taking Measure of Earth's Evolutions, Lord Sanat Kumara


It is helpful to know certain things which are fundamental to the information being given in this writing because otherwise confusion and lack of understanding may enter the picture. First of all, the Source for this information, which was held secret in the Mystery Schools for eons, is the Level of The Ascended Masters in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, Those Who Know, Those Who chose to unveil these particular mysteries because Humanity had become ready for it in its rapid acceleration of consciousness. I've not revealed anything not deemed revealable.

It should be obvious that a review of the first two Initiations before reading this is a good idea. I've not re-iterated most of the generalities given in those two articles, and they could be helpful for a more comprehensive comprehension of this forcing process called the Path of Initiation that was designed and implemented by The Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, to catalyze the evolutionary growth of the Human Species on this planet. This is a link to "Who Is Sanat Kumara?", and these are the links to "The First Initiation" and "The Second Initiation". (I could add that the process has been wildly successful in the eyes of Those Who administer it.)

The reader needs to know that there are 7 Major Planes of Existence in this Solar System, and they are called Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic. (Beyond the ring-pass-not of this system of planets, there are Cosmic Planes of Existence beyond the imaginings of the human intellect.) There are 7 Primary Forces of Creation in the Solar System which are called the 7 Rays, and They are all branches or subsidiary Rays of the Cosmic 2nd Ray (the Love of God). This is a link to "The Seven Rays Explained". The first 3 Rays are the Major Rays of Aspect, and the last 4 Rays are the Minor Rays of Attribute (of the Mind of God). As might be expected, these latter 4 Rays are subsidiary Rays of the Great 3rd Ray (Divine Intelligence in Activity). For those acquiring an interest in the subject matter of Initiation, there is also the following background information: "The Only Path On Earth" (click link).

Some repetition of these highly esoteric matters, coming from different angles, may be found throughout the piece. This is a teaching tool to aid the memory retention and learning process.


This is the first Initiation that is considered as major by Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, although, to the Candidate, the first 2 Initiations are major in their importance and significance along the Path of Return. (Link to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

This attainment marks the establishment of the unified consciousness with the Higher Self, the state of becoming fully one, consciously, with one's Soul Level of Being. Thereafter, the personality is negated as all intentions and work on behalf of The White Brotherhood are directed automatically by the Soul. The will of the incarnate individual is subordinated to the will of the Soul (which proceeds from the Monad, the Higher Self of the Soul).

After the 2nd Initiation, the desire to serve and progress become so strong that the 3rd Initiation often follows the 2nd in a single lifetime. But the closer the approach, the more rapidly that karma must be expiated, leading to difficult lives (karmic barriers must be removed for unification with Soul).

This Initiation is called the Transfiguration or Soul Merge. The Ceremony takes place in the Causal Body of the Soul on the highest of the 3 sub-planes of the Mental Plane, which are the abstract or higher mental sub-planes. (Link to "The Causal Body Of The Soul" .) And this is the first Initiation in which the conducting Hierophant is The Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara.

During the period after the Baptism leading up to the Transfiguration, the needs of the personality become thoroughly submerged in the needs of the whole of Humanity, and a world server steps forth. The concrete/lower mind becomes completely dominated by the Higher Self, and the mental vehicle comes under control. The Candidate learns the laws of constructing thought-forms for the purpose of creativity on behalf of the Divine Plan that has been formulated by Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

Just as the first 2 Initiations mark the point of attainment of the physical and the astral forms (respectively), the 3rd marks and recognizes and celebrates the control of the mind-body (manas). The higher/abstract mind of the Soul has come into prominence over the lower/intellectual mind of the personality. Fusion of personality with Soul, while in physicality, has taken place. Nevermore will decisions be based upon self-interest or even be contemplated.

The Solar Angel, at this juncture of the incarnational journey of many lives, is in full dominance of its incarnate expression. The transfigured disciple (of The Ascended Masters) is an automatic and willing emissary of all the goodness, love, and mental power of the monadic reflection called the Solar Angel.

The construction of the Bridge of Light (the Antahkarana) on the Mental Plane of Being from the personality to the Soul has been completed by the time that the 3rd Initiation is taken, and the Soul and its mechanism of expression have become a unity irreversibly. The first span of the Bridge has been finished and awaits the ultimate completion of the Bridge to the Spiritual Triad of the Soul's Higher Self, the Monad. (The Triad is its multi-dimensional first differentiation which, in turn, reflects its Solar Angels for purposes of incarnational experience on manifest worlds.)

The 7 head chakras are vivified at this Initiation, and thenceforth all other Initiate Members of The White Lodge are readily recognized because the psychic faculties have been stimulated out of latency into activity, and these are then used wisely for the helping of the Human Race. The thought-forms that are created and then vivified, under the supervision of the Soul, are those that follow the spirit of service to the planet and the Race.

As an aside, there are 7 head chakras, 3 of which are major and 4 of which are minor. Each center has a correspondence to one of the major centers of the body. The chakras vivified at this Initiation are those of the mental vehicle, which has centers/chakras that are counterparts to the centers in the astral and aetheric-physical vehicles. The energy of the force applied flows downwardly from mental to astral (emotional) to physical. The most fundamental centers of the aspirant on the Path of Return are the Heart, Throat, and Head Centers, which sequentially receive stimulating vivification at the first 3 Initiations respectively (by The Initiator). This is a link to "A Basic Primer On The Chakras".

As the Soul Merge is approached, the vibratory nature of the personality has become of a very high order, and this requisite enables the Candidate to stand before The One Initiator (Sanat Kumara) at the Transfiguration Initiation and not before. Following the Ceremony, the Monad, for the first time, begins to directly and definitely guide the Soul, and the 3 lower bodies of the personality (physical, astral, mental) are consciously influenced by the Ray of the Monad (one of the first 3 Rays of the 7 Rays). The Monad makes conscious contact with its human personality for the first time.

The now Soul-illumined mind, having become highly developed, is engaged in creative work and intelligent activity related to the Divine Plan on behalf of The Hierarchy (as impulsed by the Solar Angel).


The Ray of the Soul and the Ray of the personality are distinctly different (usually) and clash for eons of lifetimes as the human incarnations seek to consolidate the 3 lower aspects and orient the personality vehicle to the Manifest Planes of Life (the 3 Worlds of Man: physical, astral, mental), especially physicality. The personality becomes more and more engrossed in the matters of the flesh and refining and developing the 3 aspects of that triple personality as it slowly and very gradually becomes an integrated unit with strength and power (over many lifetimes) in the material world. The Personality Ray has dominated each incarnate expression for eons, and the Soul Ray has been of negligible influence.

At some juncture, perhaps two-thirds of the way around the Incarnational Cycle, the pendulum begins to swing toward Spirit and away from Matter, but many lives are yet to go as the conditioning influence of the Soul Ray builds and increases in intensity progressively, and the energy of the Personality Ray becomes more and more subordinated to it. The weary sojourner has stepped onto the Probationary Path which leads to the Disciple's Path which leads to the Initiate Path over bunches of lifetimes. Guidance, given to and through the Soul, is ever available from Those Who guard and oversee evolution on Earth, The Sons of the Fire Mist, and an Ascended Master becomes involved along the Path of Discipleship, though Disciples in the Ashram conduct the guidance on His behalf until a certain Initiate Stage is reached. (Link to "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?".)

The Transfiguration occurs after the Soul Ray has become fully focused and dominant in the incarnate expression and is in control of all the major centers (chakras). The 4 Rays of the personality and its 3 vehicles are absorbed in that Soul Ray, and all their attributes are completely governed by it. To borrow a biblical phrase, the Aspirant has become a "full-grown man in Christ".

In the training for the disciple on the LIghted Way, The Ascended Master Who eventually accepts responsibility for the spiritual aspirant is on the same Ray as the Soul of that individual (The Hierarchy being composed of 7 Major Ray Ashrams). Keep in mind that it is really the Soul or Higher Self that is being initiated. Most of the time the training, over a long period of lives, is supervised by a 5th Degree Master (e.g. Djwhal Khul) until the 3rd Initiation has been completed, a Master Who trains individuals on all the Rays. It is then that the transfigured aspirant passes into the Ashram of the Senior Master on the same Ray as the Soul. (Examples of 6th Degree Senior Masters: Serapis Bey, Hilarion, El Morya)

Up until the Mount of Transfiguration has been arduously climbed before the 3rd Initiation, the weary aspirant is ever swinging back and forth, like a pendulum, between the most essential pair of opposites (Duality on Earth), and that fundamental pair is Spirit (spirituality) and Matter (materiality). The vacillation stops when the personality and Soul are definitely merged in consciousness, intent, goals, and purpose.

Midway between the 2nd and 3rd Initiations, mental polarization occurs, and the primary activity of incarnate expression is on the Mental Plane where battle with illusions must be made and won. These illusions are massive thought-forms created by Humanity over millions of years, and they exert control over the mental processes. Victory over the lesser illusions is achieved, but the higher-order illusions are not totally eradicated until the 6th Initiation of Decision (Level of The Chohans of the 7 Rays, such as Kuthumi).

Once the 2nd Initiation has been taken and there is effort and progress toward the 3rd, the Soul becomes more and more oriented toward the Monad (Pure Spirit), which increasingly has an attractive power over the Initiate. This is the Father in Heaven which extended forth the Solar Angel as a reflection of Itself at a lower level of being (the Higher Mental Plane). Before the Transfiguration, the Soul is thoroughly identified with the incarnate personality, but this identification and orientation is totally reversed (heavenward, so to say) once this momentous goal has been reached.

One could say that this is the first True Initiation for the Soul (rather than the personality) and that it relates the Soul to the Monad. There is a newly-born focus that begins to shift the attention of the Solar Angel away from the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental) and more toward its Father in Heaven, its Lofty Source. In other words, its long and challenging Incarnational Cycle is drawing to a close (at the 4th Initiation).


There are 5 Stages of this Initiation Ceremony (as with the others), and each Stage might be considered as a Ceremony in and of itself:

    1. Revelation of the Presence
    2. Granting of the Vision
    3. Application of the Rod
    4. Administration of the Oath
    5. Giving of the Secret and the Sacred Word

The Participants (besides the Candidate) are The Hierophant, The 3 Buddhas of Activity, The 2 Sponsors, and various levels of The Great White Lodge in attendance.

    1. Revelation of the Presence: The Angelic Presence of the Solar Angel, Who is the very Source of Being for the Candidate, is revealed directly to the one undergoing Initiation and is seen in a triple manner by the awakened and so-called Third Eye:

        a. a Radiant Angelic Being.
        b. a Fiery Radiant Sphere (the fiery life-force being linked to the other Solar Angels in the Soul Family of the Monad).
        c. a Lotus of 9 Petals (3 concentric circles of 3 Petals each surrounding an inner circle of 3 Petals that shield the "Jewel in the Lotus"). This is the Flower of Evolution. The symbolism of the 3 forms is made apparent to the Initiate as part of the revelation.

    2. Granting of the Vision: After the revelation of the Angelic Source of Being Who has projected forth into incarnate expression for eons and eons of time on this planetary body, the second revelation concerns the part that the Initiate has played so far and the part yet to be played in the Grand Plan of Evolution on Earth as devised by The Great White Lodge to fulfill the Purpose of The Lord of the World.

    That part and role and responsibilities keep expanding as the Path of Initiation is traversed. The primary Ray of the Soul , the energy which defines its purpose, is revealed; this is a sub-Ray of the Monadic Ray (one of the 3 Rays of Aspect: First, Second, or Third). The Soul Group or Family is also shown, all sourced from the same Monad. And a portion of the plans of The Planetary Logos (our Creator, the Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) concerning Earth are allowed in the Vision, that portion relevant to the Soul-merged Initiate.

    Through the Ajna-mediated visions granted during this Ceremony, the Initiate of 3rd Degree begins, in a rudimentary way, to understand the purpose for which The Planetary Life undertook incarnation in the form of the Earth Sphere and all its life in the Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human).

    3. Application of the Rod: The powerful electrical fire of the Monad (Pure Spirit) is first contacted through the Rod of Sanat Kumara, which is called the Flaming Diamond. This was brought with The One Initiator when He came to Earth 18.5 million years ago during the 3rd Root Race of Man, the Lemurian.

    In the 3rd Initiation, the downflow of force through the Rod and to the Candidate is from the Monad for the first time, whereas it originates in the Solar Angel for the first 2 Initiations. Heart and Throat Centers are greatly stimulated, but the force is principally directed to the 7 Head Centers, which augments their capacity and power and turns them into flaming wheels (as viewed clairvoyantly).

    At Ceremony, The 3 Buddhas of Activity (The Pratyeka Buddhas) form a Triangulation of Force around the Candidate, without which the force from the Rod of Initiation (the Flaming Diamond) of Sanat Kumara could never be withstood by the Candidate. The 2 Sponsors, standing behind and to the side of the Candidate, are The Mahachohan (Lord Rakoczy) and The Bodhisattva (Lord Maitreya). When the stupendous force of the Initiator's Rod is applied, it passes first through The Triangulated Buddhas by circling around Their Triangle; thence it passes through the chakras of The 2 Sponsors before reaching the Candidate by an act of Their Will. (The Sponsors and Buddhas have taken form for the Ceremony on the Higher Mental Plane.)

    4. Administration of the Oath: I've copied most of this from "The Second Initiation" because of certain commonalities.

    The Oath, given by Lord Sanat Kumara, is a solemn pledge to NEVER reveal the secrets given, under pain of death (although They never allow it to go that far and strike the intended offender dumb before it happens, a very rare occurrence). It has 3 divisions:

        a. A promise to never reveal the portion of the Plan granted in the Vision, a phrase that encapsulates the purpose of the Initiate, and a pledge of determination to pursue unwaveringly the responsibilities given.

        b. A pledge of certain clarified relationship with all of Humanity and with all Members of The White Lodge.

        c. A pledge to never reveal the secret knowledge acquired regarding the real nature of energy and its manipulation and to only use the force, which has been placed at the disposal of the Initiate, to further the Divine Plan and to serve the Human Race.

    The Initiate repeats the Oath, phrase by phrase, after The Eternal Youth, and the 3rd Degree Initiates chant the Senzar phrase for "So let it be" at different junctures. (Senzar is the very ancient, world-wide language of The Initiate Brotherhood.)

    5. Giving of the Secret and the Sacred Word: After the Oath has been taken, which pledges the new Initiate to maintain silence to the secrets given, he or she advances to the Throne and grasps the center of the Flaming Diamond while Sanat Kumara grasps the lower end and the 3 Kumaras (Buddhas) place Their hands on the brilliantly-glowing diamond surmounting the Rod. That is when the 7-fold Secret is imparted.

        a. The Secret: The multi-faceted Secret always concerns one of the 7 Major Planes of the Solar System. It reveals and explains one of the 7 Laws of Nature. It gives a key to the nature of one of The 7 Planetary Logoi (Elohim/Dhyan Chohans) of the Solar System. And it imparts some secret of one of the 7 Rays with its associated number, tone, and related vibrational essence.

        The 7-fold Secret appears to the Inner Eye as symbolical formulas of a mathematical nature, as an oval with 5 hieroglyphical figures which the Initiate memorizes in association with its secret interpretation. It can also be heard while the vision is ongoing. The strongly applied Will of The Hierophant and His 3 Associates aids the Initiate in comprehending and remembering the symbolical secrets being given.

        One of the secrets is called the Mystery of Electricity or the Mystery of Brahma (3rd Aspect of The Solar Logos), one of the 3 Principle Mysteries of the Solar System, which allows the energies of atomic substance to be released. This is the first of the 3 fundamental secrets of the Solar System given to Initiates on the Path. It includes the mystery of the objective manifestation of our Solar God in the physical sun that we see.

        To clarify, the 3rd Aspect of God (Brahma) is the Mind of God, the Active/Creative/Unknowable Mind of Divinity. Its radiated Energy (the 3rd Ray) stimulates and promotes developement of all qualities and attributes of the mental side of the triangle of being (manas or mind).

        The key to understanding the 3 lower Kingdoms of Nature (Mineral, Plant, Animal) is given along with a greater understanding of the earlier stages of the evolutionary journey on Earth during earlier Rounds of this Planetary Scheme (defined by 7 Rounds, the current one being the 4th Round).

        One of the mysteries revealed has to do with the satellite body that we call the Moon, its history in the Planetary Scheme, and the effects of its phases on the Kingdoms of Nature. Another has to do with the relationship of the Planet Venus (and its Spiritual Hierarchy) to the Human Kingdom on Earth. Venus is called the alter-ego of this planet and is analogous to its Higher Self, having provided tremendous influences during the evolutionary course of this Planetary Scheme that we call Earth.

        This is pretty esoteric and no explanation has been given, but an ability is acquired to assist higher animals in making the leap into the Human Kingdom (thus becoming individually ensouled by a Solar Angel and not collectively).

        b. The Word: The Secret Word of Power given is for the lower Mental Plane (lowest 4 sub-planes of the Mental Plane). It directs energy and creates forms involved in the creative process of assisting with the plans of The Spiritual Hierarchy. The Deva Kingdom is drawn into the form-building enterprise by the use of these sacred words.

        The Secret Word is 7-fold and has 7 syllables which must be memorized as 7 individual words; it is given both visually and orally by the 3rd Degree Initiates in attendance of the Ceremony Who chant them. Then it is condensed into a 3-fold Word to be committed to memory by the chanting of the 3 Pratyeka Buddhas. And finally, a single synthesizing Word of great power on the Mental Plane is sounded forth by The One Great Initiator (Sanat Kumara). Practically speaking, only the 7 syllables are used by The Initiate in the supportive work for The White Lodge. The triple Word and the unified Word have such extraordinary power that very high approval must be obtained for their use.


All sense of separateness is lost forevermore, and identification of self is knowingly made with the Son of Mind, the Solar Angel, and not with the form side which is occupied by the personality. The unqualified acceptance of the Soul's Will has become so complete that the incarnate expression is effectively an automaton of the Soul. The illuminated instrument in the world of form will then carry out the purpose of that Solar Angel Who is being instructed by one of The Ascended Masters. The personality life is finally left behind, and freedom from any mundane demands of that personality is demonstrated.

The Initiate , under the willing domination of the Soul, is then of such pure and loving and intellectually-capable intentions that permission (and the means) is granted for reading and comprehending the Akashic Records (located on the higher Astral and lower Mental Planes).

There ensues a more illuminated understanding of the raising of kundalini and the activation of the Major Chakras. Creative thought-form building is becoming mastered and is utilized in service to the Divine Plan. Energy transmission from the Higher Self to its physical form, via the mental, astral, and aetheric chakras, is better understood and utilized. Forces in the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental) may now be intelligently and lovingly manipulated to further the ends of evolution and the Divine Purpose of Sanat Kumara. Power may be wielded on the Mental Plane in cooperation with the agenda of Earth's White Brotherhood.

This is the beginning of the ability of the Aspirant to respond to the Will of the Monad. Monadic influence can now be consciously registered. The Monadic Will completely over-rides and negates the will of the elemental lives composing the physical, astral, and mental bodies, leaving them subservient to influences from the Solar Angel. (The elementals are the informing lives which animate all atoms.)

The will energy of the Soul, which so completely governs the activity of the transfigured Aspirant, actually originates in the Monad (Higher Self of Soul) and passes through the Soul to the mental body of the lower self and thence to the Crown Chakra (of aetheric body) to activate it and make its impact. Spiritual Will of the Monad is called Atma. This Stage of the Path is the beginning of monadic contact and influence. The Father in Heaven is well pleased with its instrument in form.

This is the first Initiation afterwhich all of the 3 Major Aspects are demonstrated in the life of the Initiate: the Will of the Monadic Source (1st Aspect), the Love of the Soul Intermediary (2nd Aspect), and intelligence (3rd Aspect). The Spiritual Will of the Father in Heaven (Monad) was lacking before this crucial Stage, but now the glory of the Father is increasingly revealed, and the Higher Will (1st Ray) is making contact with the incarnate personality so that the Purpose of Shamballa, as embodied in the Divine Plan, may be fulfilled by the augmented power of the Initiate. Being completely Soul-fused, the Initiate may be trusted to serve wisely and employ the will energy with discretion because the Soul Love Energy (2nd Ray) is conditioning the Monadic Will Energy (1st Ray).

This powerful Will Energy is brought increasingly to use after this Stage of the Initiate Path when the right use of power can be safely assured. This is the energy that implements the Purpose of our Planetary Logos and His sole incarnate expression in Sanat Kumara. The Hierarchical Members are all Exponents of the Love of God, but after the Transfiguration They must increasingly become Exponents of the Will of God (1st Ray) to consummate the Divine Plan (devised by The Hierarchy) that brings the Purpose into reality (manifestation). This is a link to "The First Ray".

The Divine Will of the Monad is not only flowing into the Crown Center (and Ajna Center) of the 3rd Degree Initiate, but the reservoir of will in the Base Center (Muladhara) is now newly awakened from latency and rises to the Crown to relate those 2 Centers and greatly empower the transfigured Aspirant Who is on a mission to successfully fulfill that portion of the Plan that was assigned to him or her by The Master of the Ashram. (The work is primarily on mental levels and frequently behind the scenes.)

The dynamic interplay between Shamballa and The Spiritual Hierarchy related to the Divine Purpose of Sanat Kumara and the Divine Plan of The White Lodge begins to be sensed, and this increases thereafter (on a need to know basis). This is related to the activity of the Ashram (and its role in the Plan) to which the Disciple belongs.

The Initiate has gained what is called "the Freedom of the Ashram" and may move freely among the 7 Major Ashrams of The Spiritual Hierarchy for purposes of work related to the Divine Plan. He or she has emerged out of the Human Kingdom (the 4th) and has become a valued Member of the Spiritual Kingdom (the 5th), the Kingdom of God (also called the Kingdom of Souls).


Every disciple/aspirant on the Lighted Way is being supervised, either indirectly or directly, by an Ascended Master in The Great White Lodge. Part of the supervision and guidance comes by way of telepathic impression of the mind of the disciple. Impression (telepathically) is considered a Science by The Higher Ups and is included in the training given on the Initiate Path. Thought-forms make up the substance of the impressions and can come from the Soul, the Ashram of The Master, The Master, or the Spiritual Triad of the Monad (its primary differentiation). Initiates of 1st or 2nd Degree may receive these impressions from the Soul or the Master's Ashram of Initiate Members. As the 3rd Initiation is approached, these impressions may come directly from The Master (and not until then).

They must be received consciously by the mind, recognized, and accurately registered before being passed from the lower (analytical) mind to the brain for interpretation and action on the part of the disciple. The masses of Humanity, who are polarized in their astral nature (of desire and emotions), unconsciously receive telepathic impressions via their Solar Plexus Center (and feel it in the gut). They are personality-focused and oriented toward the material world, and their impressions are more instinctual and uncontrolled and subject to emotional reaction.

The training for the Science of Impression incorporates both the receiving and the sending of thought-forms. The students learn to create accurate and precise thought-forms, to vitalize those thought-forms, and then to direct and send them on their way to accomplish their goals (with the aid of the Deva Evolution). Only a 3rd Degree Initiate (and higher) is allowed and trusted to be the Agent for the creation of thought-forms intended for specific effects or dispersal to groups to gain their cooperative effort. The reason is that a Soul-fused Initiate/Disciple is no longer influenced by personality preferences (and liabilities). The thought-form is sent from the Ajna Center (Brow Chakra), which is now under the control of the Soul. (This is a link to "The Soul". )

This is a power that could be dangerous in the hands (and mind) of the lesser-evolved. Secret mantrams and techniques are withheld until the requisite stage and state of consciousness.


There are 7 Major Forces which color and qualify all life in the Solar System, and these are called the 7 Rays, each of which is a sub-ray or branching stream from the Great 2nd Cosmic Ray of the Universe, the Attractive Force of Creation called the Love of God. All human beings are strongly influenced by 5 Rays during each incarnation, one each for the physical, astral, and mental bodies and one each for the personality and the Soul. When Soul Fusion takes place at the Transfiguration, the Personality Ray becomes subordinated to the Soul Ray and no longer conditions the personality. It is the Soul Ray Energy which dominates until the 4th Initiation (the Renunciation).

After the 3rd, the Soul Ray becomes a Major Ray of Aspect (one of the first 3 Rays) if it had been a minor Ray of Attribute (one of the last 4 Rays). To explain, it is the Ray of the Monad (always either Ray One, Two, or Three) which now is the principle energy of influence on the Initiate, and this is conveyed via the Soul.

Ray Five, the energy of concrete knowledge and scientific exactitude, is the Ray that is associated with the 3rd Initiation by promoting the developement and dominance of the lower, concrete mind and eventually its control. It is essential for the creation of thought-forms, which all originate upon the lower Mental Plane (lower 4 sub-planes), and for the mental polarization of the aspirant on the Path, an early pre-requisite for reaching this Stage of evolutionary growth.

It makes possible the thoughts and ideas and concepts (and telepathic interplay) that must advance the mentally-oriented aspirant toward the Threshold of this Initiation. It's the energy that makes the Transfiguration of the human being possible (through incredibly hard work and many lives of failure to progress).

Its effect upon the mental body (mind) of the 5th Root Race (Aryan) has been extraordinarily successful in hastening human evolution. It is responsible for 3 broad arenas of human thought: Science, Philosophy, and Psychology. And it is responsible for the great human ideologies of the world (as it works out in the minds of the thinkers of the Race). Without it this first Major Initiation wouldn't be possible. (Link to "The Fifth Ray".)

The first 3 Initiations are taken on the Ray of the Solar Angel, while the next two are taken on the Ray of the Monad, thusly affecting the chosen path of service taken later on.


There is a Major Center or Chakra just above the top of the head which is called the Crown Chakra. It is also called the Brahmarandra and the 1,000-Petaled Lotus because of its appearance to those with aetheric sight. It totally conditions the pineal gland, which is its dense-physical externalization (the chakras being force centers in the aetheric-physical, astral, and mental bodies).

This is the organ which serves as the agent for the distribution of Divine Will, but it is not really brought into functioning activity until the 3rd Initiation, prior to which the will energy of drive, purpose, and determination comes from the lower-self personality. In the stages leading up to this critical juncture, the Crown Center is the means of contact for the Soul, but thereafter it serves as the receptor and distributor of the Spiritual Will (Atma) of the Monad for accomplishment at the Physical Level. Third Degree Initiates have a tremendous reservoir of will-power to fructify their given portion of the Divine Plan for Earth.

This Crown Center, newly activated, is the agent which relates the transfigured personality to the Monad or Pure Spirit, and it happens only after this Initiation. So there is now not only a complete fusion of Soul and personality to vitally empower the incarnation, but the Will of the "Father in Heaven" makes its impact on the purpose in life via the Soul and the Crown (enormously stimulating the pineal gland).

One of the effects of the Rod of Power used in this Initiation is that the Base, Ajna, and Crown Centers come into a coordinated expression, and the entire physical body becomes energized from the upliftment of the life-force energies from the Base Center.

A secret Word of Power is conveyed to the 3rd Degree Initiate (and never before this Stage) for the raising of the Kundalini Fire from the Base Center to the Crown Center, and this is done consciously and intentionally (and safely). This tremendously empowers the Soul-merged individual to physically carry out the assignment given by The Ascended Master via the Soul. Until this Stage of evolution, the Serpent Fire in the Muladhara (Base) is inactive.

Before this Initiation can be taken, the Crown and Ajna Centers must have come into a proper relationship (through meditative practices) as demonstrated by the merging of the electromagnetic fields of the pituitary and pineal glands, which leads to the activation and "opening" of the so-called Third Eye (Eye of Shiva). (Link to "The Eye Of Shiva".)

As has been mentioned, the 7 Head Centers are activated and vivified at this Initiation (3 major and 4 minor). The 3 Major Centers are the Crown, Ajna, and Alta Major Centers (the latter near the medulla oblongata). By stimulation of the Ajna (Brow) Center, the Initiate can then use that radiatory organ as a focus of distribution for higher energies to Humankind. Starting with this 3rd Initiation, the Initiate becomes an intermediary and energy transmitter from Higher Levels, such as the Solar Angel, the affiliated Ashram, and Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. The energies are consciously directed through the Ajna to the whole of Humanity to effect the working out of the Divine Plan for this evolutionary scheme, and this is part of the service given (as focused on the Mental Plane).

All of the 7 Major Centers come under the complete control of the Solar Angel, and that control takes place via the Crown Center. The lower Force Centers below the diaphragm have no more influence on the responsiveness of the personality to environing stimuli. This is another way of viewing the dominance of Soul following the integration process that precedes this Initiation. (For a review of the Chakras, go to "A Basic Primer On The Chakras".)


The disciple on the Path is highly susceptible to illnesses caused by the increased inflow of energy from the Soul (but also the affiliated Ashram and The Master to Whom he or she is an accepted disciple). These illnesses and diseases arise as a result of the over-stimulation of certain Major Centers that have become activated in the first two Initiations, the Heart and Throat Centers (Chakras), and the raising of the sub-diaphragmatic energies focused in the Solar Plexus up above the diaphragm (a necessary stage on the Lighted Path).

The Major Centers govern the endocrine gland system (each of which is the dense-physical reflection and counterpart of its originating center in the aetheric body), and the disease may be a consequence of the abnormally affected gland or the dysharmonious distribution of energy to the physical area governed by the Major Center. Heart diseases are most common (such as Coronary Artery Disease or Congestive Heart Failure or Rhythm Disturbances) and result from a dysfunctioning Heart Center (in terms of abnormal energy flow).

Throat Center difficulties may produce thyroid disease (of any kind), disease of the respiratory system, and laryngeal problems, etc. Solar Plexus dysharmony may lead to all kinds of liver, pancreatic, and gastro-intestinal problems, including cancer. Psychological problems may frequently accompany the stressed and unbalanced endocrine system.

Ideally, the life-force energy flowing into, through, and away from a Major Center has a health-sustaining rhythm and measured rate of flow to all of the minor centers and meridians (nadis) within its sphere of influence, and the dense-physical cells and tissues are thusly affected. The newly-acquired inflow of energy, particularly from the Solar Angel, upsets the balance, and the aspirant has to learn how to readjust and regulate the flow of that energy through the chakra systems (sometimes taking many lives).

The point is that the 3rd Degree Initiate is immune from all these health difficulties because the self-identification lies with the Soul, and no aspect of personality life has any power any longer over the Initiate. The energies from the Soul flow freely and unimpeded through the bodies and their chakra systems. Any health problems are taken on intentionally for reasons having to do with the mission and its influence on Mankind (guided by The Master).

The transfigured Aspirant knows the secret to good health but may not necessarily employ it because of some altruistic, compassionate need to feel thoroughly identified with Humanity and to share the human experience. The example of Helena Blavatsky (3rd Degree Initiate) comes to mind. She had numerous, serious physical problems and was virtually kept alive by her Master (El Morya) to complete her mission for The Hierarchy, passing on at the young age of 60. Alice Bailey, likewise a 3rd Degree Initiate, suffered serious health problems for many years and left her physical form behind after her 30 years' work with Djwhal Khul was completed.


Integration is a word that can describe the ages-long process that leads to the unification of Soul with its incarnate expression. From the animal-like beginnings of the Solar Angel's involvement in the Human Kingdom (by indwelling of the forms and providing a mind), the slow/troubling journey of Man up the ladder of evolution has been a series of integrations essentially.

The dense and the aetheric physical bodies had to become fully integrated and coordinated. Then the astral had to be integrated with the physical, and then the mental body had to become integrated with those two, these processes occurring over millions of years. Then the coordinated personality had to become fully integrated in its 3-fold nature.

The Transfiguration is the Stage of Soul/personality integration (consciously) and is the end of the intense, lengthy conflict between the energies of the Soul Ray and the Personality Ray. (A final integration involves the Monad.) The Soul's identification with the personality is reversed to having the personality identify with the Soul (completely). The Solar Angel is in absolute control, and the personality is headed for dissolution. This is the Stage referred to by Saint Paul (Hilarion) in writing to the Ephesians about Christ making one new man out of two. The new man is at-oned with his Soul Level of Being.

This is a great liberating Initiation for the Solar Angel on the Higher Mental Plane because the thought-form of the personality has been eliminated. The Birth and the Baptism had their effects upon the incarnated aspect of the Soul not the whole Essence of Being. This is truly an Initiation for the Soul, Who is now totally liberated from any lower vibrations of the 3 Worlds of Man (Physical, Astral, Mental) because its instrument of contact will never again transmit any such vibrations. Personality consciousness is replaced by Soul consciousness, and the Soul substitutes an instrument for service for the eliminated personality. This instrument will have no ambitions or desires of its own, only the loving, intelligent intentions of the Soul (Who is taught and guided by The Master).

Freedom from the authority and attractive pull of the 3-fold personality (physical, astral, mental) and its responsiveness to the attractions of the 3 Worlds of Man has been achieved. Consciousness is that of the Solar Angel, and all mental activity is coordinated with and controlled by the Soul.

Another way of seeing it is that the personality is fully irradiated by the Light of the Solar Angel, and the 3 personality vehicles become instruments for the dissemination of spiritual love to the manifest worlds (physical, astral, lower mental) because they have been transcended. The life becomes dedicated to the needs of Humanity and the Plan because the worlds of the Soul and the personality have become one world of activity. Inspiration proceeds from the former, and the latter is the field of service, no distinction being made between the two. The two units of consciousness have become blended into one functioning unit.

I suppose it should be mentioned that prior to this profoundly influential crisis of the Incarnational Cycle, the Soul or Higher Self is in a perpetual state of deep meditation and allows its incarnational selves the free-rein expression of free will while ever projecting forth thoughts of guidance that have been called by Man conscience, intuition, inspiration, aspiration, and the silent voice within. The transfigured Disciple is at-one with the Soul Source whose will is the guiding force of the life. The Silent Indweller is holding the reins of the chariot that is maneuvering in the 3 Worlds of Man.

"Rich young man" is a term used by The Higher Ups to indicate a 3rd Degree Initiate, just as the terms, little one and little child, are used for 1st and 2nd Degree Initiates. The story told by Christ (through Jesus) in the Christian Bible and the admonishment given to the Soul-merged Initiate referred to the enormously difficult preparatory period which leads up to the 4th Initiation (the Great Renunciation). The well-accomplished Initiate still had high hurdles to cross before relinquishing the Soul Level of Being for Monadic Awareness. (The Soul is reabsorbed into the Monad at the 4th.) He faced the "eye of the needle" to reach higher evolution and monadic consciousness.


The Antahkarana: This Bridge in mental substance, which must necessarily be built on the Path of Return (to Monadic Source), is also called the "Way of Escape", for it provides the means by which the Solar Angel can finally escape from the imprisonment in physical form and the Incarnational Cycle (ever prolonged by karmic entanglements). This is the way back Home for the Soul, when the final span of the Bridge is completed to the Spiritual Triad of the Monad (essentially the Monad) and the 4th Initiation is taken, resulting in the re-merging of the Soul with its Father in Heaven and the disintegration of the Soul Body (the Causal Body).

Energy Specialists: Initiates in The White Lodge of Earth become Agents for the utilization and distribution of force/energy in service to the Plan. They become increasingly entrusted with these powers as They progress along the Path and are given the secret methods and mantrams to do so. The right eye is the distributor of love energy and is called the Eye of Buddhi (Higher, Spiritual Love), and the left eye is the distributor of mental energy (ideas, thoughts, thought-forms, plans, etc.) and is called the Eye of Manas. The conscious use of these forces by this mechanism (as governed by the Solar Angel) is learned by the Aspirant to this Initiate Level.

    All Initiates are Workers with energy and are trained in its manipulation, focusing, projection, and utilization for the precipitation of the planetary purpose into manifest reality. They receive the necessary training in the Mystery Schools of the world or at night while in astral form (while asleep). Prior to this Initiate Stage, the energies are first focused in the Heart Center (Anahata) before dispersal (thus ensuring that the love energy is incorporated into the project). After the Transfiguration, the energy is focused in the Crown Center before being distributed by the Ajna Center under the wise control of the Solar Angel.

Atlantis: This 3rd Degree of the Initiate Path was the consummation of all evolutionary progress during the Atlantean Stage of Mankind's journey (the 4th Root Race). Lord Maitreya and Amitabha Buddha were in the first small group to ever take this Initiation on Planet Earth during that time. (Amitabha overlighted Siddartha Gautama 2500 years ago.) The Transfiguration was as far as the Atlantean Initiates could go and was an enormous achievement for a Race that was designed for developing the astral/emotional body and had very little developement of the mind. (For much more, go to "Atlantis And The 4th Root Race".)

Sirius: The Logoic Creator of the Sirian Star System is The Higher Self of our Solar Logos (Creator of our Solar System), and the Scheme of Initiation on Earth originated with The Spiritual Hierarchy of Sirius (the true Blue Lodge) and was given to Lord Sanat Kumara for its employment here (first begun during mid-Atlantean Times). Initiates of the Transfiguration become mere candidate-aspirants in The Greater Lodge there, which indicates the far more advanced nature of its Members. It oversees and guides Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

    The energy of Cosmic Love (the Cosmic 2nd Ray) is sent directly from The Sirian Lodge to our Great White Lodge, by-passing Shamballa, and is first felt only after the 3rd Initiation. LOVE is the overwhelming influence of the entire White Brotherhood of Planet Earth (a Higher Love called Buddhi, which is non-emotional). As an interesting aside, Lord Maitreya, The Master of The Masters and Piscean Age Christ Who overshadowed Master Jesus, will take the Path to Sirius once His work is completed for Mankind. (Link to "The Second Ray".)

The Black Lodge: The Dark Brotherhood (those who serve the self and seek power over The White Brotherhood) has its own Lodge of Initiates who follow their own Path of Attainment toward the Portal of Initiation (while incarnate on Earth). This Path has many similarities to that of The White Lodge for the first two Initiations (Birth and Baptism) but can go no further because the 3rd Initiation cannot be taken.

    They cannot merge with the Soul which, in many instances, has withdrawn entirely from the evil incarnate because of energetic incompatibilities. (Yes, they become Soul-less.) They have rejected the Love Energy of the Soul and refuse its guidance, and they cannot respond to the Divine Will of the Monad, which makes its presence felt at this evolutionary stage. The focus of their ambitions and selfish desires is on the Material Plane and never upwardly toward matters of the Spirit. They may gain tremendous power on the Physical and Astral Planes (and the lower Mental) in a free-will evolutionary scheme but will be mired and imprisoned on the lower levels of existence. The transfigured Initiate of the Right Hand Path leaves them far behind. (They are also called the Lords of Form, the Forces of Matter, the Sons of Belial, and the Lords of the Dark Face.) If interested, this is a link to "Lodge Of The Dark Magicians".

The Goal: As a group and as a whole, the lofty goal for the Human Race is this Transfiguration, which will mark the Soul Fusion of the entirety of the Race and a stupendous Major Initiation for the Ensouling Life of the planet, The Planetary Logos. But this is far ahead and won't occur until the 7th Root Race of Mankind on Earth during this global period.


The consciousness of the 3rd Degree Initiate gradually begins to shift away from the Solar Angel and toward Pure Spirit (the Monad) with the latter's encouragement as the thorny path is trodden to the 4th Initiation. It is called the Life Aspect because the very life force itself originates at that Source Level and is projected from its Divine Intermediary (the Solar Angel) into the human incarnation (as the Life Thread of the Silver Cord, which inserts into the Heart Center of the Aetheric Body).

In the period, of varying lengths and lives, leading up to the Transfiguration, the Initiate/Aspirant comes increasingly under the influence and control of the Soul's Ray (which may be any one of the 7 Rays). After the completion of the Initiation, that individual is thenceforth on the Monadic Ray, which is always one of the 3 Major Rays (1st, 2nd, or 3rd - Will, Love, or Active Intelligence). That is the principle energy that propels the Initiate along the path of service from that point, and most will be on the 2nd Ray of Divine Love. (Of the 60 billion Monads in the Solar System, 35 billion are 2nd Ray, 25 billion are 3rd Ray, and 5 billion are 1st Ray.)

Not until this Stage does the Initiate begin to grasp the nature of the Purpose of our Planetary Logos as administered and overseen by The Lord of the World (Sanat Kumara) and as implemented by The Spiritual Hierarchy , which creatively devises the Divine Plan to meet its goals. (This planning takes place at the Level of The 3 Great Lords: The Manu , The Bodhisattva, and The Mahachohan.) This enlightenment occurs due to Visions granted and contact being made by the Monad.

The objective of this Stage of the Initiate Path is actually contact with the Father in Heaven (Monad) by way of an alignment of the Ajna Center, the Crown Center, and the Causal Body of the Soul, allowing the Initiate to be receptive to the highest reflected aspect of the Monad in the Spiritual Triad: the Atmic. The Spiritual Will may then downflow through the Antahkarana (Bridge of Light) to the Crown Chakra and be distributed by the intentional use of the Ajna Center.

The total merging of personality and Solar Angel is a pre-requisite for the conditions under which contact can be made and furnishes the alignment and receptive capabilities that make continued contact and monadic awareness possible. A channeled outlet for the Will Energy of the Monad has been created, and this is broadened and put increasingly to use as approach is made to the 4th Initiation (when the Soul Intermediary is reabsorsbed into the Monad forevermore and monadic consciousness begins to be operational in the Arhat of The Lodge).


This Event, that is called the Transfiguration by The Guardians of the Human Race, is a transcendental achievement for the Solar Angel on its epic Incarnational Journey on Planet Earth, and it marks the moment when the Prisoner of the Planet of Sorrows can see that escape is near at hand and incarnational involvement with the Human Race is nearly over. The Father in Heaven awaits the homecoming of the Prodigal Son of Mind and its storehouse of treasures (at the 4th Initiation).

In the meantime, until that day, the Monadic Source, from its Lofty Perch on the Monadic Plane, now has direct contact with its incarnated physical aspect and has an intelligent, love-suffused instrument through which its Divine Will Energy may be directed for the purpose of fulfilling the Hierarchical Plan devised for this Planetary Scheme. It is the trusted usage of the mighty 1st Ray Will Energy for which the Spiritual Aspirant has been prepared in traversing the Golden Path within the Hall of Wisdom.

The total unification and at-one-ment of the Solar Angel with its physical reflection in the Manifest World is the necessary condition for the direct involvement of Pure Spirit at this Stage of the Return Path. It is the Love Energy of the Soul, within its very nature, that will absolutely condition the use of any Will Energy that is made available (via the Soul) to the transfigured Initiate, whose purpose is now subordinated to that of the Soul. The 2nd Ray will condition how the 1st Ray is being utilized to further the Divine Plan and benefit the Kingdoms of Nature on Earth. (Link to "The First Ray".)

The One Initiator, within the Temple of Initiation of the Holy City of Shamballa, has welcomed one more accomplished Member of the Human Race into the Higher Echelons of His Ashram to contribute, in a globally-impactful way, to the manifestation of the Divine Purpose of His Source of Being, The Planetary Logos. The initiated Solar Angel, in full control of the incarnate instrument, will be undeviatingly working toward that end, and the Will of the Monad will play no small part in the enterprise.

In Honor of The Youth of Endless Summers, The One Initiator of Planet Earth

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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