Please keep in mind that Kuthumi and all of The Ascended Masters have evolved beyond the Wheel of Rebirth and the need to incarnate into physical form (see "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?"). They are Grand Foci of Pure Consciousness, however there are times when it is appropriate and deemed necessary to interact directly with Humanity. When that decision has been made, They virtually create out of Their will and intention a body of manifestation which is human in appearance to meet the expectations of humans. That form which They bring forth is usually similar to the human form that They occupied during Their last lifetime on Earth when They took the Fifth Initiation (called the Revelation) and Ascended from this Level of Reality (for an explanation of Initiation, go to "The Only Path On Earth"). Likewise, They usually use the name from that lifetime when communicating (through mediums) with Humanity. Some of The Masters may choose to actually keep the original physical form from the last lifetime, a lightbody form which is no longer subject to the laws of dense physicality.

Kuthumi was Kuthumi Lal Singh in His last lifetime, a Kashmiri Prince, and is most commonly depicted by artists in that form. There are considerable discrepancies in the appearance of Kuthumi from artist to artist, and I believe that that is a function of the clairvoyant capabilities of the artist and the degree to which they are able to use the visionary capacity of the so-called Third Eye (the Eye of Shiva). The clarity of the receptivity of the artist, then, would be one determining factor in the outcome of their psychically-guided portrait, and another would be any subconscious expectation of the form that Kuthumi would take.

This Great Lord and Teacher of Humanity truly has no form but rather is an immense Gestalt of Consciousness, however He and Others in Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy recognize that most humans need some human-like image to cling to when their thoughts have turned from the more mundane matters of the world and have soared to the Heights wherefrom all the inspirations of Humanity have originated (refer to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?"). Kuthumi may also create a holographic projection of Himself into this Level of Reality on rare occasions, and that may be seen by the physical eyes. The image which I personally prefer is that which is known to the Ancient Mystical Order of Rosae Cruciae (A.M.O.R.C.), also called the Rosicrucians.

I suppose I should mention one more factor which may play a part in the way an artist may portray one of The Ascended Masters of Wisdom. The Dark Brothers (those who serve the self) are ever searching for ways to bring confusion and disinformation and obstacles into the path of those seeking enlightenment and greater alignment with The Forces of Light (Those Who serve others). They may influence an artist to create an image which can have no beneficial impact on those who view it. And that is the value of learning discernment, which is always an extension of one's inner intuition and which, in turn, is a communication from the Higher Self which will never lead one astray.

Love-Permeated Blessings of Kuthumi upon you!

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