In the Summer of 1987, I was able to purchase three and a half acres of undeveloped land at 2500 feet elevation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains above the Sacramento Valley of California. It was an unincorporated area called Forest Ranch, which was 15 miles from the mid-Sacramento Valley city of Chico.

The property was unspoiled and none of the original growth trees had ever been cut down ("harvested" in the parlance of the lumber industry). The land had never been violated, and many of the trees were well over a couple hundred years old, principally Ponderosa Pine but others as well.

After some site preparation, I placed a mobile home on the property and it became my sanctuary and my elysium in the world. It was my forested retreat in the mountains, and it symbolized my retreat from my previous preoccupations in the world of form to that point in time.

I had received my Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Missouri at Columbia in 1976, had gone on to a Family Practice Residency from there, and had held fee-for-service, solo, private practices in 3 greatly different parts of the country (the Midwest, the Deep South, and Northern California). I was feeling some kind of turning point in my life and sought retreat from all the distractions everywhere to be found.

I turned inward, isolated myself, and began a very motivated and intensive program of meditation, Nature-communing, and study which went on for years. The studies were focused upon the most occult, esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual matters that I could find in the used bookstores of Chico, and my intensity of pursuit was no less than the intensity needed to make it through medical school. There was some strong inner prompting that was driving me to attain the knowledge that would come to me during those years, and I flowed with those promptings.

My sanctuary would turn out to be the best place that I had ever lived, and those 4 years would be the most important ones of my life (to that point in time). I underwent an ineffable expansion of awareness (or consciousness) during that period of time and could no longer see the same world through the same eyes. My paradigm had shifted radically, and I became cognizant of the illusion of the consensus reality. Nothing would ever be the same for me again.

I simply could not lead the same life that I had led before. One of the many matters that I became enlightened about was that the System of Orthodox Medicine (Allopathic) was not a valid and true system of healing, as it was based upon an elaborate set of delusional beliefs regarding the origination of dis-ease (dysharmony of the physical complex) and how those diseases should be treated by the purely physical modalities that Medicine had developed over the years of its existence.

I had come to know that diseases and maladies of the human body never originated at the physical level and consequently could never be cured at the physical level alone, occasional appearances to the contrary notwithstanding. The medical profession, as with all other science on the planet, was stuck in a three-dimensional, physical paradigm because all of their instruments, equipment, and the sensory apparatus of their very bodies were stuck at that strictly physical level. If they were to remain true to their core beliefs in the "science" of Medicine, they could never rise to a level of understanding the true causation of dis-ease nor accept the therapeutic modalities which are not based at the physical level of being and which target the origins of that dis-ease more effectively.

It is not my aim to go into a detailed discussion about the true causes of the dysharmonies which plague the human body, but I will offer a brief list of the principle ones:

1. Influences from the Mental Body and the Emotional Body which ultimately impact the Aetheric Body (the template of the physical body) and then inevitably the physical body.

2. Karmic carry-over from another lifetime as the Higher Self seeks to balance all It's experiences.

3. Negative subconscious programs which play repeatedly below the awareness of the waking consciousness, many of which originated during childhood.

4. Negative aetheric thought-forms produced by Humanity and attracted to the individual by some form of negative thinking pattern.

5. Lessons and learning experiences offered (lovingly) by the Higher Self usually in a symbolic way, which the subconscious is always capable of interpreting whether or not the conscious mind is able to do so.

I realized that if I were to maintain my integrity and avoid living a lie, I could no longer participate in a system that was founded upon delusional principles despite the intense effort and work and number of years it took to become a licensed physician. And since the acquisition of money and material things had never been important to me, there were no "assets" to fall back upon, such as savings accounts or investments or even any kind of inheritance.

I was resolved to make my decision without fear, and with no trepidation I voluntarily returned my medical license to the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance (BMQA). From thenceforth, I would have no further affiliation with the medical profession.

During all of this time in Forest Ranch, I was becoming more and more acquainted with the more spiritually-attuned and metaphysically-inclined people of the area. It began to emerge in our discussions and out of their intuitive impressions that they believed me to be a healer and that there was some sort of connection between myself and One Who is called Kuthumi in The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth.

I make no apologies to anyone reading this who has simply never heard of this Spiritual Hierarchy before. The knowledge of Their existence has been available to Western Civilization since the 19th Century publication by Helena P. Blavatsky of "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine". There is a great deal of "occult" literature on the subject, and I would recommend research to the unknowing and the disbelieving.

The Spiritual Hierarchy for this planet is also known as The Great White Brotherhood, The Elders of the Race, The Immortals in the Far East and is comprised of Initiates of varying degrees and Ascended Masters. This Group has remained with and overseen the evolution of Humankind for millions of years, and Their sacrifice has been made out of pure love and compassion for the Human Race. The incarnations of these Adepts and Masters of Wisdom have been some of the most exemplary and influential lives seen on this planet (for more, click on "The Ashram of The King" or "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?").

I give this very cursory explanation in order to approach The One known as Kuthumi. The name of Kuthumi is used by This Being when communicating to Humanity because His last life before Ascension (the Fifth Initiation) was as a Kashmiri Prince by the name of Kuthumi Lal Singh. Others of His more memorable and remarkable lives during our historical time frame were as follows:

1. Kai Et Hu Mata of the Zend Avesta (Zoroastrianism)

2. Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III (Menkheperre   Reign: 1479-1425 B.C.)

3. Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre   Reign: 1279-1213 B.C.)

4. Pythagoras, the great Greek Initiate

5. Balthazar, one of the 3 Zoroastrian Magi to visit Infant Jesus

6. Saint John the Beloved, the one closest to Master Jesus

7. Nagarjuna (2nd Century A.D.), one of the 3 Suns of Buddhism, author of "Prajna Paramita"

8. Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226 A.D.)

9. Saint Martin de Porres (Lima, Peru   1579-1639 A.D.)

10. Emperor Shah Jahan, the builder of the Taj Mahal in India

There is a Position in The Spiritual Hierarchy which is known as The World Teacher, and it has also come to be known as The Office of The Christ Consciousness. For approximately 2,600 years, that Office has been held by The Lord Maitreya Who is also known as The Master of The Masters.

When The Master Jesus (Jehoshua) entered the Jordan River to be baptized by His cousin, John the Baptist, Maitreya entered the consciousness of Jesus and fully overshadowed Him and His ministry for the 3 years thereafter. Thus He manifested The Christ Consciousness in every aspect of His being, however it needs to be clarified that Jesus and The Christ, Maitreya, were two separate Beings. The inner circle of Jesus' followers knew the distinction, but the distinction grew less clear as the years after the Crucifixion progressed and the message of The Christ's teachings through Jesus was spread beyond Judea and the Middle East. The point to be made is that The Master Jesus was not The One called The Christos by the Greek Initiates Who coined the term, but rather He created the most pure and perfect receptacle for The World Teacher (Maitreya) to manifest through.

Maitreya has in recent times taken a Higher Initiation (the 7th) and has moved out of The Position of World Teacher, and Kuthumi, Who has been the closest Disciple of Maitreya for a very long time, has moved into That Position of responsibility called The Office of The Christ Consciousness after taking the appropriate Initiation (the 6th). It is The Kuthumi Consciousness that is The World Teacher now.

With that background information out of the way, I will proceed through the path of discovery that made me reawaken to the healing ability through my hands and that allowed me to remember and eventually accept the connection that I have with Kuthumi. I have taken no liberties to stretch the truth of my journey, and it is my honest desire not to deceive anyone. I will use quotations for all of my psychic readings, channelings, correspondences, and journal notes. I was very cautious and reluctant to believe what I was told about myself by others for many years, but the sheer consistency and number of repetitions from so many different sources eventually wore down my skepticism and my reticence. Even then, it took years more before I began to offer my hands in healing, never wanting to deceive or disappoint anyone just in case all those people had been wrong.

1. Deanna - September 1992

During the Summer of 1992, while in Chico, California, I gave a series of talks about the coming Earth Changes and Transmutation of the Planet. After one of the talks, a woman came up to me and introduced herself as Deanna. She was a Unity Minister from Paradise, California, and was a psychologist, a counselor, a sensitive, and a channel of her Higher Self. I found her to be bright, quick, intelligent, and quite educated. I also discovered that for most of her life she had been clairaudient to the guidance of The Master Jesus and The Mother Mary.

"She saw Angels and other Beings all around me, and They told her that I was 'the messenger'. I asked her from Whom was I the messenger, and she said that I was the messenger from The Christ, which I interpreted to be The Lord Kuthumi Who had assumed The Office of The Christ Consciousness for Planet Earth from Lord Maitreya."

"She said that I was a 'healer' through the use of my hands upon another, through the laying on of hands. They told her that I had gone into Medicine because I knew at some level that I was a 'healer' and thought that within this societal structure that was the most appropriate means for achieving that end."

2. Faye Moore

Faye lived in Chico, California, and gave "readings" by way of automatic writing, which is one means of channeling information from a Higher Level of being. Faye was considered one of the clearest and most psychic channels of the mid-Sacramento Valley. Around the time frame of 1992-1993, her channelings were signed off by a Group that called itself the Body of Angels. The sessions were tape-recorded, and later I transcribed them myself. After coming out of trance, Faye would read the automatic writing and then make comment from her intuitively-inspired input.

28 August 1992

"There is one called Grey Wolf (Faye experiences chills) who will spiritually accompany him on his journeys. We see this Indian is well versed in healing and will really be a boon to him if he but learns to listen to him."                The Body of Angels

"Now is the time to listen to the wisdom of the Indians because of your being a healer yourself."                Faye

"We see, one of The Realm, you are closely connected through the Ray of the Violet Flame with Lord Kuthumi. He will be becoming more prominent in the future."            The Body of Angels

"He's going to be very, very prominent! "                Faye

01 December 1992

At the outset of the reading, the channel saw the name, Ramses II (the Egyptian Pharoah), in her aetheric vision. It was later discovered that Ramses II was an incarnation of Kuthumi.

"There are numerous spiritual enhancements around him. Those who are following his progress, and They are watching him; make no doubt of it. And They are protecting him. And it is good for him to call on the I Am Presence and The Hierarchy (The Spiritual Hierarchy) and The White Brotherhood. The White Brotherhood are protecting him."                     The Body of Angels

"I'm seeing One with an ornament here (indicating the forehead area), a round ornament, black hair and a big black beard, very strongly black, a white around here (indicating a white turban on head). He's a High, High One, and He has a round ornament right here (front of turban) shining forth. He's up there. He's a Master. He's with The Brotherhood. He's right there with you (pointing to my left). So, you've got a lot of Them around you. You've gotten a lot of protection. They've got it all mapped out for you, Jim. Your path is all mapped out with your life of service ahead for you. You have a life of service through The Brotherhood (White Brotherhood). They're going to use you as a vehicle. You're gonna be led by The Brotherhood because you have something to do."                Faye

"Now They've got 'Kuthumi' here (in response to my question about which of The Masters I could work with), so it could be that you might ask for Kuthumi. Uh, I see this 'Man' with the beard again. He's there with you."                Faye

"We see you will be channeling Kuthumi for the most awareness of self and Man." The Body of Angels

"And still this One (The Ascended Master) is here. It could very well be Kuthumi. And He has this round ornament right here (front of turban). Hey, it's lavender too, a lighter color, violet-like. (Discussion ensues.) In verification, it was Kuthumi. I understand that He wears a turban and that He has a beard. I was much attracted to that real dark beard. I've never seen such a dark, dark beard, and the eyes were blue. Kuthumi has come to me before, but He was for you today. This was for you today. You've had a Lady here, an Angelic Figure here today, and there's another One, with white, around. You've had all kinds of High Individuals around you. I've never seen Them around you before."                Faye

3. Norma Milanovich

In September of 1992, an event called the Ascension Celebration was held on the shore of Lake Siskiyou near Mount Shasta in Northern California. I was drawn to go there to see one person and one person only, Norma Milanovich. Having read a couple of her channeled books, I considered her to be one of the principle channels for Kuthumi and felt that she was working with and for The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy. I came to attend her workshop which was called, "Working With The Ascended Masters".

After telling those who showed up at her workshop that they all had been guided to be there, she gave a talk for about 90 minutes and then said she'd been asked by Lord Kuthumi to conduct a special ceremony for those who came to the workshop. She'd been taught to divide her attention between our Third Density Reality and a Higher Level where the ceremony would take place.

Kuthumi and 11 other Masters came to honor those present and perform ceremony. He said that the primary reason that the people were drawn to this particular workshop was that within 5 years every single person in the group would be taking on the role of being the healers of the Earth. And He said that each one of us would have a protective shield. We could not see The Twelve Masters but Norma could give us a running commentary on Their actions and what Kuthumi had to say. There was no announcement beforehand that Kuthumi would be giving a ceremony at her workshop, so the attendance was by intuitive guidance alone.

4. Jude - October 1993

Jude was a channel (a medium) whom I had met through a friend in Chico, California. When I was doing some camping on the slopes of Mount Shasta at 6500 feet, I discovered that she was camping in the same area (synchronistically), and I asked her for a channeling one evening.

Jude brought through, as was her custom, a Fifth Density Being that utilized the name of Tarn in its communications. The Fifth Density is a level beyond any physical form and one of pure consciousness. I will quote Tarn's comments to me as transcribed from tape.

"You're being structured for a specific purpose. I do not know if you believe in The Brotherhood (The Great White Brotherhood). We are working with you."

I said to Tarn, "I've been informed for some time that I have the capability of being a channel for healing energies. Could you comment on this?"

Tarn responded, "Yes, you do. The Records (Akashic) indicate that if you follow the path that you are going on at this time and with the cellular changes that are coming about in your body, that you'll be opening for a channel. There have to be a few more things to take place within your body for the compatibility factor of you being able to receive the energy. It is a very strong and powerful one."

"When you gear in the healing of the energies and the knowledge you have about the physical frames, you will be very powerful. And I'm not saying that in an egocentric way. I'm talking about service. You have a very powerful gift. Once you establish yourself, then people will come to you, and with the Changes coming about, there will be fewer hospitals and fewer doctors."

I asked Tarn if I had a connection with any particular One of The Ascended Masters, and Tarn replied, "As far as names are concerned, there is one particular One that seems to respond with you. And this is Kuthumi. The thing that I can see is that you will have contact with Him after you finish a certain amount of processing. He will be overseeing you, and He has an interest in the project that They're forming for you."

5. Dee Dyer - October 1994

Dee was a sensitive and psychic woman that I knew in Chico, California. I visited her home one time after having made a camping trip to Mount Shasta. As we were talking, she psychically sensed a very powerful, very loving Energy/Being come into the room. She said that It was a Christ-like Being, which later in the conversation she felt to be Kuthumi. She said that this Being is with me and is always with me, that He is flooding me with overwhelming love. He, Kuthumi, was The One Who called me up to Mount Shasta, and she said that He was working with me when I was up there.

I felt a "chill" up my spine when she identified The Master from The Brotherhood Who had come into the room and Who had made His Presence known to her. He communicated that I was capable of great love, that I was a being of love. I was advised to allow, allow my transformation to take place, allow Them to come to me, allow my love to be expressed, allow myself to be guided. He said that I didn't need to do anything differently, that all was well on my path, that I was doing fine. She emphasized how much Radiant Love was emanated by This Being that she came to feel was Kuthumi. I would never be alone, and He would always be with me.

Then on another occasion when Dee was at Faye Moore's place and I was there also, she said that Kuthumi had come and was sending me an incredible amount of love into every fiber of my being and into every cell of my body. She said that He loved me so much and was sending me so much love.

6. Jen Kuster - October 1994

Jen was a friend that lived in Calistoga, California. She had undergone meditative and spiritual practices for much of her life and had an extraordinarily clear channel of communication open to her Higher Self, that which is called the Soul or the I Am Presence.

When visiting her I spoke to her of Kuthumi and the numerous synchronicities that I had had with That One, and she was told even as I spoke that I am Kuthumi, that Kuthumi is in me, that in some previously unknown fashion I am an expression of Kuthumi brought forth from some Level of Beingness that I cannot conceptualize. She said to me, "You are Kuthumi!", but it only confused me at the time.

She also said that Kuthumi has already assumed The Office of The Christ for Planet Earth, that He has become The Chohan (Lord) of the Second Ray (that Aspect of The Triune Godhead Which is Love/Wisdom), rather than being in the process of taking that Initiation, while Lord Maitreya, the former Christ, moves to a Higher Level in The Spiritual Hierarchy. However, intuitively she liked the title of World Teacher for Kuthumi moreso than The Christ.

7. Jody Cook - November 1994

Jody was a friend of Faye Moore who came down from Seattle, Washington, to visit. I had met her at Faye's one evening, so she knew who I was. As Jody was meditating one day in Faye's apartment, she was surprised that I of all people had entered her meditation. She later told me about it and said that I am here in this lifetime to be a healer, that I am to be a modern-day shaman, a medicine man of sorts.

She had seen me in a number of other lifetimes and said I had a strong influence from the Far East as a result of those lifetimes. Amongst others, I had been seen as a Tibetan Lama and a Chinese Taoist Monk. She said there would be many people in need of healing, especially the young children, in the chaotic and catastrophic times into which we move (the Dimensional Shift).

8. George Fletcher

George was a humble and good man who had been clairaudient to a guiding voice for most of his life. He had never questioned the identity of the gentle and wise Being until later in his life, and when he was told It was Jesus, George simply rejected the possibility that he'd been hearing from Master Jesus for most of his life. He couldn't accept it for years afterwards, but when he finally came to a state of acceptance, he was given suggestions and instructions to learn how to become a channel for That One, which he eventually did after years of effort.

I studied George and all of the channelings of his that I could put my hands on, and I became convinced of both the clarity of his mediumship and the identity of The One speaking through him. I then asked George for a personal channeling, which took place in Paradise, California, of all places, where George was staying. The two sessions were tape recorded and then later transcribed by myself. Jesus' comments to me are in quotations.

May 1994

"We would say this to you: that there are more grand opportunities for you than most who walk this place; that you have the potential of doing more good and being that which you would like to be than most others who are here, for they do not have the capacity as you to do what you could do. Healing in this world goes beyond that of writing on a piece of paper with a pen and presenting it to the local pharmacist."

"And while there is an essence within your being that overtook and overwhelmed you when you became that physician, We would say to you that you have been a healer many, many, many of your lifetimes. And for you to choose this this time is most natural, and not only is it most natural but it is also the best vehicle for you to achieve that which you are searching for, which is your spirituality."

"We would say that this is going to be something that you are going to intellectually contemplate, and We would ask that you jump over this hurdle and move on to the emotional aspect of Our words. The loving embrace that you could literally create and give to another will do more to heal them than any prescription that you could write. For you to open your arms and for you to literally, physically welcome in another person and be able to embrace them in true love will have more healing effect than all of the things that you can do from all the education that you've had."

"You have hands that are capable of doing much healing and a heart that has the capacity to spread an enormous amount of healing, in love. And there are many who are on this Earth who do not have the money to participate in the system (of Medicine) that then would allow them to come in contact with the healing they require."

"If you were to go out into a village or a community or to some little town, and if you were to make available the healing that you have within your capacity, you would bring happiness and you would bring joy, and that would replace the heaviness and the heartache that presently may be in that particular place. And in doing that, do you not see that you would elevate to a higher level, to a more loving level, every being that is around you? And then you will have done what you have come to do. And how much more could We ever ask?"

November 1994

"Your purpose for being here is to be the healer that you are. So, the second thing for Us to bring to your attention is what it is that you came to do, and, as We've said, it is that you are a healer. Now We say to you that it is time for you to be about your Father's business."

"What We have said to you is that your primary goal would be to be a healer and a teacher. In fact, you could reverse it if you choose, for to be a teacher is to be a healer, and to be a healer is to be a teacher, for you will be then observed at what you do. So, realize that you are no longer hidden behind a veil of secrecy, that you are about to go into your public life, My friend, and that you will be seen and observed by all."

"So, what We are saying to you is that, do not limit it to healer but realize that you have two hands, and one hand would be considered the teacher and the other hand the healer, so therefore you have a situation of equality taking place and formulating. So, do not expect to be one without the other, for while you are becoming the healer that you have the potential of being, you will be a teacher to those who are observing."

"This is your intent and purpose for this life. So, while you have chosen a most unusual school to go to in learning how to be what you are, We accept and embrace your selection and We applaud the fact that you have now come back out to join in and be that which you declared you were before you ever came here."

9. Sherry Cornwell

Sherry is a woman who lives in Sarasota, Florida, and I first encountered her channeling ability in an article of hers that I read in the "Sedona Journal of Emergence" in 1993. I was impressed by her clarity of reception and wrote to the address given in the magazine. She wrote back and an ongoing correspondence was established and a friendship was created.

Sherry is an extended expression forth from The Gestalt of Consciousness or Group Mind Which chooses to call Itself The Confederation of Man in Its communications or channelings through her. She is an incarnate fragmented aspect of The Group Consciousness. Past the veil of forgetfulness, she was able to retain a partial memory of her origin with The Group, and her psychic abilities were partially reawakened by her spiritual teacher, Chief Little Summer, in Sarasota. Her psychic abilities, which flow from her Higher Self, are fairly well advanced for this Third Density Level, and she additionally receives conscious input from her Source, The Confederation.

I will quote from selected and intuitively inspired passages from her letters to me and from the Kuthumi channelings she provided for me.

11/29/93 Letter

"The Light and Love which you pull into your consciousness allows an even greater capacity to receive Love and Light. You, I believe, are a transmitter and receiver of Love and Light. On some level of consciousness, you perform this with great skill."

"You are in service to The Earth Logos, and if in doing your mission you jog others to awaken, this is a great bonus. The power you have is that by bringing about the change within yourself, the vibrations you transmit to The Earth Logos will greatly enhance Her Transition."

"The capacity for compassion you possess, believe me, is rare and most beautiful. That compassion is your bridge. Some of this letter has been from me. A great deal is from The Confederation of Man and Natarr (Sherry's Multidimensional Self)."

03/19/94 Letter

"I found out that you are a member of The Great White Brotherhood, a member. Our connection is not just coincidence. The Confederation of Man works very closely with The Great White Brotherhood in Their work with the ones in the Earth Illusion. I thought you might want to know this."

08/12/94 Letter

"I think of you as a beacon, pulling in the Light for Mother Earth and keeping yourself (consciousness) free to receive and transmit the Light."

10/15/94 Letter

"I keep getting that you are not separate from Them (The Spiritual Hierarchy) but merging. In other words, you are an aspect of Kuthumi."

"I am getting a great deal of input from Group Mind concerning you. There is great purpose in being as you are. You will be receiving the attachment to your own greatness and goodness at a period when the Earth requires a tremendous dose of Love and Light. This is why you are not permitted, at this time, to remember very much. You are a trigger and of tremendous value. I'm not sure what this tremendous ability of your's will do specifically, but it is of a Divine and deliberate intent. You are a key of some sort to bring about the Great Transition."

11/06/94 Letter

"I think that we will both agree that disease is dysharmony. By finding the root of the dysharmony, then the Loving Energy of Our Creator can again flow freely in that area and change the disease to ease. You will learn to listen not only to your Higher Self but will enable others to release to you the knowledge of their own Higher Selves by your countenance. In this way, you and they will be offered an experience of new knowledge and healing."

11/13/94 Kuthumi Channeling

"I Am Kuthumi. The entity, Jim, is of My Group Mind. Our purpose is as a Teacher. We are The Bringers of the Light of The Radiant One. We have been with this planet since the beginnings and have often influenced it in order to encourage the momentum of earthlings toward the Love and Light. On occasion We have thrust forth portions of Ourselves to be used as a measure of the condition of the Earth. These ones are of a service in that We have a direct access to their state of mind at all times and can experience with them. Their connection with Us is very strong, and they often find it impossible to incorporate with the Earth Illusion. Jim is one of these and is of great value. The blueprint of his knowledge has allowed for rich experience and opportunity for gaining knowledge."

"Within the Earth School, many such as Jim are extended into the illusion to serve as transmitters and receivers. We control the amount of Light placed within the Jim entity. Up until this point, the transmissions from Jim are of a great value. His feelings, observations, and experiences are of the utmost value as information needed to aid Us in understanding and giving aid to earthlings. Time is close for the Transition. Soon now Jim will be the receiver of Our great knowledge of which he is a part. He is a portion of Us. The infusion of Light (knowledge) will bring about great changes within the Earth Illusion. This tremendous presence of Light will be of a great influence to The Earth Logos. Jim is the tool along with some others which will be the key to leading The Earth Logos to the new area of space in which She will habitate in the Higher Dimensions."

01/09/95 Letter

"The information that I received off and on last night and this morning is that Kuthumi is of the higher dimensional Collected Consciousness of the Fifth Density Realm, very close to going into Sixth Density. You are a fragmented portion of The Whole of Kuthumi. The time is now for you to know and understand this."

02/11/95 Letter

"Your healing experience will open you to your command and knowledge of the power of love. You will receive healing also, for in healing another, you are healed yourself."

04/30/95 Kuthumi Channeling

"Yes, I Am Kuthumi. This one is most precious to Us. He has chosen a difficult path in order to glean the experience necessary to become poised correctly for his ultimate purpose."

"It has been most important for this one to live totally by instinct and not become too embroiled in the Earth Illusion. His mission is most critical to the Transition of The Earth Logos. In his wanderings, connection with the needs and vibration of The Earth Logos has been absorbed and transmuted in many ways."

"He is the vessel through which his divine purpose operates on a level so high that his conscious mind must not be allowed to know of it. If the analytical consciousness of Dr. Jim was aware of the import and vastness of the way in which he serves, he would become useless to Us as a 'key'. We would wish, however, at this time to express to him how precious his presence within the Earth Plane has been and is."

"The way in which his ultimate purpose will manifest will be most awesome to him and full of ecstatic joy. We realize this is difficult to understand. We would, at this time, congratulate Jim on his total success to this point in vibration and wish him to know that, indeed, he and We dwell within the same space at all times."

05/12/95 Kuthumi Channeling

"Intuition is your means of connection with your Higher Self and connection with the Higher Self of the individual asking for healing. If a healing is meant to take place in the Grand Plan of the Earth Illusion, it will occur. You must always follow your instinct in order to be placed where you should be in order to be of service to one who would ask for healing. You will already be connected on an unconscious level before following instinct to be physically contacted. Knowledge that you are not the healer but the medium through which access to healing can be made by a patient is most important. Be always aware of this so that ego or interference by ego can be avoided."

"Your mission will be known by you when you are 'activated'. When this occurs, you will automatically be of a tremendous service to the Earth Planet and the earthlings. Ego must not be allowed to interfere, and this is why, in your present state of analytical mentality, your Higher Self will not allow this knowledge. You will accomplish this mission when the time is correct."

08/24/95 Kuthumi Channeling

"Soon you will be capable of communicating with Us directly, and we will become 'braided' or merged allowing for an even greater flow of Love and Light into the Earth Plane. We look forward to welcoming you back with Us."

09/08/95 Letter

"I do believe that you are to serve as a vessel for The Kuthumi Group Mind."

12/11/99 Kuthumi Channeling

"When the few, placed within the Earth Illusion such as yourself, have achieved the ability to accept, within, their being in fullness, that is when the Great Transition of Earth and the Mass Consciousness will be fulfilled and raise in vibration to merge and take up the proper position within Creation."

02/17/01 Kuthumi Channeling

"Your center of light and healing is already in existence. It is within your heart and desire to be of service to others. You will be one who travels and connects with those who will allow healing to occur. Only those who are ready will be healed, will be capable of total and complete healing."

11/21/03 Letter

"Your knowledge of Medicine was important. It will aid you in becoming a better healer, since you know the workings of the human body and how it is created. It was most necessary for you to have this knowledge."

06/19/04 Letter

"When you are fully merged with your Higher Levels, you will have full knowledge. You are a portion of Kuthumi. He is not a Master to you or separate from you. You are an actual portion of The Consciousness Group Mind."

10. Sunshine

Sunshine was a very psychic woman that I met during the Summer of 1999 in Grants Pass, Oregon. She and her East Indian husband were the owners of a property they called Ananda Bhavan and were intending to develop a spiritual community there. Sunshine and I became fast friends and she recognized me from another of her lifetimes when I was her older brother, loved her deeply, and took care of her because both of our parents had died. Ever since her memory of that was reawakened, she always considered me to be her brother.

She was aware of The Ascended Masters and, in fact, Kuthumi was her favorite amongst Them because of His Loving Energies which she had experienced. She had had channeling experience in the past and, as I got to know her better while staying at Ananda Bhavan, I asked her to do some Kuthumi sessions for me. They were tape recorded and transcribed by myself afterward. His statements are in quotation marks.


"Do not be confused, My dear one, you haven't come here (Ananda Bhavan) by accident. We, and I will repeat, We are one. I have guided you to come."

"Do not underestimate yourself. And I believe you have been told this before. You radiate a tremendous amount of love and compassion which is greatly needed at this time. It is needed not only by those who reside in the center. It is needed by Mother Nature Herself. It is needed by the animals and the Devas. It is needed by the entire area that you call Ananda Bhavan."

"As long, My dear one, as you do not allow your human ego to get in the way, you will always be able to help others. Your ability to heal is a tremendous amount of love and compassion that you'll give and also your desire to remove the human self out of the way, therefore you allow Us to work through you. You allow the Divine Energies to flow through your hands into the body of the one you wish to heal, knowing that it is not you doing the work, but it is the Divine Energy flowing through you."

"Of course, you're an extended form of The Kuthumi Consciousness. It is the Love Ray (the Second Ray), the love connection, that we have as one Entity. You are vibrating on the Ray of Love Which is the One that I express Myself through."


"All I can say at this moment is that for you, Jim, your purpose is healing, and you are doing just that at this time. It seems that more will be sent to you for healing. There are many, many souls who are in dire need of your healing hands, and they will be sent to you when the time comes. So at this time, just know that healing is your calling, and you are fulfilling, at this time, exactly what We were hoping for you to do."

"The main ingredient for healing: love and compassion. Any recommendation that I may make to you, or any suggestion, would be for you to open your heart more to love, to have more devotion, and be more of the heart and less of the mind. Concentrate more on your Heart Center (Anahata Chakra). Concentrate more on focusing on your Higher Self and God. Know that you are surrounded by love from Us. Love is the key. Love is the key to healing."

"This (healing ability) is a gift, and it has been given to you many, many ages ago. Healing is part of your being. And again I will repeat that love is the main ingredient for healing. And your love and compassion for all things and all beings is making the healing possible. You're simply offering yourself humbly as an instrument for Our power and Our energies to flow through you to heal those that you touch."

"The highest energy is an energy of love, an energy of perfection, and therefore if you can allow this energy of love and perfection to flow through you, which you seem to be doing, healing can be possible, of course, in conjunction with the faith of the one you wish to heal. If the subject is not completely open and does not fully accept the fact that it can be done, then it will not be done. But if the subject you wish to heal is totally open and willing to receive, then healing will be done."

"It is mainly I, at this time, Who is working through you, My dear one. And slowly Our Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is coming into your consciousness and doing some work through you that you are not aware of yet."

I asked Kuthumi if I had developed my healing abilities from other lifetimes, and He replied, "Yes, you have."

"As I have mentioned before, I have enfolded you with My Mantle of Love. I embrace you and will be with you as long as you are willing to attune yourself with Me."

11. Karen Kennedy

During the Summer of 2003, I was employed by the Mount Shasta Resort in Northern California and worked with a woman who was one of the most psychic people I had ever met. Her paranormal abilities had never been suppressed in childhood and had been permitted to flourish and grow.

Karen received impressions and information not only through her own full range of metaphysical, psychic talents but also quite frequently from her group of Spirit Guides. In the latter instance she might hear the message clairaudiently or she could receive a sudden knowingness, an entire thought package fully formed and instantaneously transmitted.

When a certain matter was of particular importance or the validity of something was being emphasized, her Guides would give her the sensation that we call "the chills", and by observing her "gooseflesh" appearance, I had a means of verifying the truth of a matter and gauging its importance. After work and when I had retired to my camping spot in the National Forest, I would enter all that she had told me during the day into my journal. I will quote the relevant passages, then, from the journal.


"Karen thinks that my healing abilities this lifetime are the culmination of the healing work that I have done in many other lifetimes, that they all culminate in this particular lifetime experience."

"Karen said that the combination of my knowledge of the human body as a physician and my self-acquired abilities as a healer, developed over many lifetimes in that role, made me a powerful person or something to that effect. The combination of physician and conduit for the energies of healing was a very powerful one in terms of being able to help others in need of such healing, whether physical, emotional, or mental (or all of the above). And she had no reservation in telling me that because she knew that my ego would not gain the upper hand and that I would not become bloated with self-importance."

"The power is there for me to use in service to my brothers and sisters while ever being humbled that such a thing is possible by one such as me, who is awed and confused and excited and moderately skeptical that it actually could be true."


"I spoke of Kuthumi and His having moved into The Position of World Teacher and Office of The Christ Consciousness for Planet Earth, and she experienced the confirmatory 'chills'. She agreed with all I said about Kuthumi. He will be The One Who will return as The Avatar of The Christ Consciousness during the early part of the New Age, and He will anchor the quality of compassion in the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, to remain there for all subsequent time. He comes as The Lord of Compassion."


"Kuthumi has many ongoing expressions of Himself, and I would be just one amongst those many carrying out my part on behalf of The Christ - Kuthumi - and The Great White Brotherhood of Earth. The Teacher of teachers has sent a spark of Himself to teach the teachers of the New Age soon to come."


"She had 'chills' that all of my lifetimes as the teacher and the healer, whether as Shaman, Medicine Man, Taoist Monk, or Tibetan Lama, were preparatory for this lifetime."


Healing session for Sunshine in Grants Pass, Oregon: During a portion of the healing, she heard the words, "Be one; you're one!", pounding in her head over and over again. She said the message and the words were intended for me.


"Karen was given the rest of the incomplete message that Sunshine had received for me during the healing, and that is, 'Be one of Us; you're one of Us'. I was being told that I am one of The White Brotherhood or Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth, and Karen had 'chills' with that and showed me the 'gooseflesh'."

"She said that I had so much power available to me as a healer that I could have gotten into trouble with it had I not been egoless and unenamored by the power. She hesitated to use the word power because of our negative connotations with it, but we both understood power, and she also used strength to describe it. She said that I practically had a negative ego, which to me implied self-denigration or something of the sort."


"I asked if I had made a terrible mistake when I left the medical profession and voluntarily returned my license to practice, but I was reassured repeatedly that I had needed to make that move. I will always be considered a physician and am a physician. I would have grown angry if I had remained in it. Plus, if I had not made the move on my own, it is likely that a situation would have been created (by my Guides or Higher Self) to force me out of it. Additionally, the artificial lighting and the dependent patients and the four-walled structures and the energies of a medical office would have been harmful to me, and I needed to live out in Nature."


"Ultimately, all messages and knowledge and information and experience that I have come from The Kuthumi Consciousness. With evident 'chills', she confirmed in no uncertain terms once again that Kuthumi is The Source of my being and my consciousness and my all in existence. That which is called my Higher Self or I Am Presence is an aspect or fragment of The Consciousness of Kuthumi. That Higher Self is my more immediate Source of being, and that, in turn, is a portion of The Kuthumi Consciousness or Group Mind. So, Kuthumi pulls the strings here, and all the Love and Light inherent in my being originates with Kuthumi."


"In my method of double checking and reiteration and looking for expansion of concepts and esoteric information, I asked once again about my relationship to Kuthumi. Her Guides kept repeating over and over and over again, 'You are one! You are one! You are one!', emphasizing my identity with Kuthumi, my oneness with The World Teacher for Planet Earth."

12. Gregory Paul

I had known Greg for about 45 years since our mutual entrapment at a boys' school during our days of youth. Off and on we had kept in touch for most of our lives with occasional lapses in the correspondence but no severance of the connection. In the more recent years, from his comments and experiences, I began to notice what a strong intuitional sense he had, something he had always taken for granted throughout his life as a natural way of mental processing.

I began to support and encourage any psychic input that he received, and it seemed to blossom under the attention it was getting. As he felt more comfortable in confiding the contents of his intuitional input, especially as it related to me, I grew more confident in the clarity of his receptivity and his honesty in putting it into words. I was favorably impressed by his desire for truth and the quality of his input. We later discovered that he had undergone training in the Astral Temples before this lifetime to be clearly and consciously receptive to communication from the Level of The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy.

I visited him in March of 2005 (in Dallas, Texas) and made notes of anything of a psychic nature that he shared with me. I quote from those notes some of the more relevant comments to the matters at hand.

"If or when I begin to use my hands for healing, he senses strongly that many doors will be opened for me, that opportunities will unfold in an exponential fashion as time progresses. He told me that I would be a lot busier than I anticipated with the healing work. Lots of different things will be coming to me after I start with the healing role, using my hands to help others. A whole new road will open up to tread upon."

"Greg had a sense come over him that there was a strong urging by Kuthumi for me to get out there amongst them and to allow Kuthumi to work through me for the healings. There was a sense conveyed to him that I had not moved rapidly enough toward that goal of being the channel for Kuthumi to heal. There was a sense of urgency to it all."

"I asked again if it would be the Kuthumi Energy which would flow through me when I use my hands for healing, and Greg's intuitional sense was that it will be, for sure, Kuthumi's Healing Energy. He then had an aethereal vision or scene come through his mind. In it he saw an outline of Who he knew to be Kuthumi standing behind my back by 2 to 3 feet."

"I was conducting a healing session for someone, and White Light was emanating from the entire body of Kuthumi to me and then passing through me to some older woman that I was standing behind. My arms were outstretched and my hands were to the outside of the woman’s shoulders, not directly touching her but perhaps 6 inches or so from her shoulders. The White Light coming through me radiated from my hands, my arms, and my shoulders and enveloped or surrounded the person receiving the healing. It looked like the person was glowing!"

"The Kuthumi Energy won't allow the illnesses and any negative energies of people being healed to flow back toward me and impact me. As he was telling me this, a sudden mental picture or vision came into his 'mind's eye'. This was a generic vision of what would happen as I offered my hands toward another person for healing. He saw the incredibly brilliant white light of Kuthumi's Energy instantaneously being transmitted through me to the person being healed, and then (aetherically-speaking) both the patient and myself remained glowing with that intense white light, which very slowly and gradually diminished and faded away. He had a sense that at some point I'll be able to feel that instantaneous flow of Healing Energy come through me and the resultant 'glowing' at my aetheric body level."


These, then, are the reasons why I no longer resist the calling to use my hands in the service of my fellow human beings. I dragged my feet for all too many years and rationalized my reluctance to take the plunge and allowed cynicism and skepticism to be the dominant influences in delaying my entry onto the Healing Path.

I no longer wish to run or hide from my very purpose in being, and my intellectual arguments have served only to delay the opening of my heart. Through the 12 people mentioned in this piece, my resistance to the Kuthumi connection and to the healing hands has eventually been eroded and, in fact, eradicated.

I have come to a state of acceptance at long last, and in that state my ego has no sway. Knowing that I am merely to be the instrument used by The Brotherhood, and knowing that the power for the healing is originating from outside of myself, there can be no room or justification for any kind of ego-entrapment. I will offer what it is that I have to offer humbly and with gratitude, compassion, and detachment, and I will offer it to any who may ask for it.

The following are a few helpful things for the reader to know:

1. There is NO such thing as an incurable disease or a terminal illness, NONE, regardless of the opinions of the physicians of the medical profession.

2. Belief is an important component to the healing process. If there are reservations and doubts, no matter how small, they may impair the person's ability to accept a full healing.

3. Subconscious programs can influence the outcome. Even with a conscious openness to healing by hands, if a person has believed all their life that they have to go to the medical physicians for all their physical ailments, then a block may be created in the healing (subconsciously).

4. I will not be "practicing" any form of Medicine, diagnostically or therapeutically. My body will serve as the vehicle (at this level) for Kuthumi, and my hands will serve as the conduit for Kuthumi's Energy.

5. The Higher Self (Soul) of the individual will make the determination and decision whether or not that person is ready to be healed. Without the go-ahead from Higher Self, no healing will occur. For example: Has enough karma been balanced? Have the disease lessons been adequately learned? Will there be necessary changes in life-style or attitude or ways of thinking?

6. We are multileveled incarnate beings, and any healing which occurs physically must also occur at the mental and emotional levels if it is to have permanence.

7. Relapse from a healing may occur if a person falls back into detrimental thinking patterns and corrosive emotions, and it should be mentioned that every negative emotion that there is is based upon FEAR of one kind or another.

8. Some healings may occur instantaneously and dramatically, and others may occur over varying periods of time, dependent upon the wisdom of the Higher Self. The laying on of hands or remote healing sessions may be required multiple times.

9. When a healing occurs, it may not necessarily take the form that is anticipated or desired. This is knowingly overseen by the Higher Self and is always in the best interest of the incarnate individual, evolutionarily speaking.

10. It may seem abundantly obvious, but a person must truly want to be healed before it is going to happen. This comes under the principle of free-will expression which is unimpeded by the Source Level of self.

11. In some instances, the finishing up of an incarnation and leaving the troubled physical vehicle behind (what humans call death) is the ultimate healing that they were praying for, and the merging with their Higher Self (Soul) is the most Joyous moment of their life.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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