As I write this during the Summer of 2020, it is 30 years since I chose to leave the medical profession and the "practice" of Modern Medicine because I no longer believed in it as a valid system of healing. I was then living in seclusion in the mountains of Northern California and was undergoing an internal re-awakening to my true purpose for this lifetime and my connection to Those Who are called The Great White Brotherhood of Planet Earth, especially One called Kuthumi. (For more details, see "Who Is Kuthumi?" and "These Kuthumi Hands".)

This re-awakening was essentially an enormous expansion of consciousness beyond the delusional paradigm of the Consensus Reality that was accepted by the Collective Consciousness of Humankind. And in that greatly-broadened arena of awareness, I could readily see the misconceptions and erroneous beliefs (and severe limitations) of Medicine. Without the most rudimentary knowledge of the aetheric body (the template for the dense-physical body), the medical methods and modalities would remain harmful and, at the least, inadequate for true healing of the dysharmonious conditions of the physical body.

During my 4 years of enlightening mental infusions in my mountain retreat, I had come under the strong influence of my Soul Level of Being (though little did I know it at the time), and I could do no other than live my life with integrity and honesty as a consequence. Kuthumi was guiding my Soul, and my Soul was guiding my decisions. So, even though my attainment of a Doctorate in Medicine had been a monumental achievement against astronomical odds, and even though I had absolutely no alternatives for making a living, and even though I had no financial assets to fall back on, I quietly returned my medical license to the State Medical Board of California and knew I would be charting a different course for the rest of my life.

The proceeds from the sale of my little piece of land would support me for the next 2 years of living out of my car and a tent, but other than that there were no savings or investments or assets of a financial nature to turn to, and there were no friends, relatives, or family members to call on for help. I was on my own in the uncharted waters ahead of me.

Medicine was the only thing I had known (having practiced for 12 years) as a means of living, and accumulating money and material things had never been a priority, and there was no inheritance of any kind, so I just proceeded day to day to see what life and a series of synchronicities had to offer. I had no skills or trade or work experience in any other areas, and my integrity would not allow me to do anything in the whole Field of Medicine (I could not live a lie). All my education and training and effort had been in Allopathic Medicine, and that was no longer available to me. Plus, there was no money to pursue another field of study, and I wanted to live spontaneously as I stumbled and found my way (tenuously) toward my purpose of healing and teaching.

What happened, without going into too many details, is that I ended up living in a van when my car mechanically gave up the ghost, and I continue living in a van to this day, the current model being a '92 Chevy G-20. It was the only way I could afford to live, and it allowed me to spend most of my time in the wilds of Nature to energetically prepare myself for the things that I came to do in this lifetime.

It allowed me to distance myself from the vortices of pollution and bad energies, the population centers. I was enabled to benefit from the purities of Nature and reduce my exposure to the endless bombardment of noise, bad air, emotional cacophony, and massive electro-magnetic pollution.

I basically lived on the federal lands of the Western States, where the camping was free, and found work on the maintenance crews of golf courses that were near National Forests when I needed the money. It was unskilled, manual labor (that became skilled) for minimum wage during the warm season and then a layoff during the wintertime. The reason for the proximity to a National Forest was so that I could camp for free each night to save the modest income.

I did this, off and on, to make a living and stay alive (physically) until I could draw early-retirement Social Security at the age of 62. This is currently at the rate of $730 per month, so it should be understandable why saving money is such a challenge when the cost of necessities can barely be met. It took me 10 years to save about $5,000, and then that was taken from me suddenly by the need to replace the motor in my van in the Spring of 2020 (cost $4,300).

I have exposed my underbelly and brought my monetary impoverishment into the light of day in order to let it be known, unequivocably, that I need help (and lots of it) to make this Sacred Sanctuary a reality. While Kuthumi is ever and always with me, and while physical protection has been afforded me, The Ascended Masters have to accomplish Their work down on the Physical Plane through those who are incarnate because of the Law of Free Will. And They never violate the Law of Free Will. (If desired, go to "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?".)

They cannot lay a chest of gold at my feet to get it done. They must inspire and telepathically impress incarnate individuals, who have the resources, to lend me a helping hand to bring this extremely-important project into manifestation. And the first step is the acquisition of a suitable piece of land to serve as the focal point for all the energies, desires, dreams, and aspirations of those who comprehend the immense significance of this Endeavor on behalf of The Divine Benefactors of Humankind. (Link to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

The land will serve as the concrete and tangible signal that the project has, at long last, begun, and all those who have expressed interest over the years may then know that the time has come to walk the talk. Rumination and speculation will be a thing of the past, and it will be a time for action, time to get it done. As the land becomes magnetized and energized, and as the radiated Light is intensified, it will draw all those who are needed to fulfill its mission (with the help of The White Lodge of Masters).

I think it should be made clear that we don't have the luxury of plenty of time to get all of this done. There is urgency in this appeal because the Transformative Changes of this entire planet are not far off. The geological re-arrangement of the tectonic plates is not in the distant future. Billions of civilizations in this galaxy await this sole-laggard planet to complete the Dimensional Shift of the entire galaxy to its next higher level. The postponements of our Transmutation by Sanat Kumara are coming to an end. (See "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".)

It is time to get moving on this before it's too late, before the chaos and the fear and the pandemonium have taken over, and while there is enough order to get the ball rolling. Listen attentively; your Soul and its Master Teacher may be telling you something. We need a special piece of land between the Rockies and the Appalachians, and we need it soon, and The Higher Ups await your decision. This potential act is of such magnitude as to karmically grace your Soul's entire evolutionary journey on Planet Earth, and Blessings of The Sweet Masters will follow your days.

Please contact me if deeply (and intuitively) within your heart you resonate with this message and you feel the NEED to help me get this Sanctuary of Kuthumi started. If your Soul (or Higher Self) is crying out for you to pay attention, then please pay attention and do something about it. All the mundane pre-occupations of the world pale to insignificance by comparison with this divinely-inspired and divinely-blessed Endeavor that is sanctioned by The Ones Who oversee the evolution of Humankind on Planet Earth. (Link to "Contact Me".)

The greatest opportunity imaginable stands before you. What will you do with it? What will you choose? How will you respond to the prompting by your Soul? Lord Kuthumi, The Aquarian Age Christ, sends Christ-Love into the depths of your beingness.


My most immediate need is for a place to stay or park my van. The 30 years of living rough in a van have taken their toll on me, and I am hoping that some kind person will come along and offer that opportunity to me (for a short while or a long while). Does someone have a little cabin or hut or shack or outbuilding where I might stay for awhile or, even, a place on their property where I might park my van? All I ask is for privacy, quiet, and safety. My contact information is available by clicking on the following link: "Contact Me".

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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