After I have made the appointment for your healing session, I would like you to find a quiet place to bring your mind to a state of calm and peacefulness. At that time of reflection, ask the Source of your being (that which is called the Soul or the Higher Self) for the healing that you desire. If you feel more comfortable asking God for the healing, then please do so, but remember that you must ask first in order to receive, thus exercising your free will.

As the time approaches for your session, you should try to remove any matters which produce anxiety or concern from your mind. Allow them to drift away and think of happier moments. At the same time, any negative emotions such as fear or anger or self-pity need to be placed on hold at the very least. I would like for you to read at my website: "These Kuthumi Hands", "Who is Kuthumi?", and "Some Reasons Why A Healing May Not Occur".

On the day of the session, please try to be in a state of expectancy that miracles, indeed, do happen. If you do not truly believe that you can be healed by the laying on of hands, then the doubts caused by the lack of belief (or faith) may well throw up a barrier to any healing which may occur. Be specific in your mind what exactly it is that you would like to have healed, and then intend for it to happen. Loose fitting clothing is preferable, and any sacred or beloved religious objects may accompany you. Be comfortable; be relaxed; be at ease.

When I meet you, I may ask for a hug or embrace which may, in and of itself, effect the healing. (It has before.) In the session itself, I will ask you some questions about your illness and any other particulars that I consider to be relevant. You may be seated or you may lie down depending on the circumstances. Before beginning, I will silently and by visualization surround our space with a protective and nurturing cocoon of White Light. I will invoke Kuthumi, The Lord of Compassion, and you should ask your Higher Self or Soul to allow Kuthumi's Energy to bring about the healing which you desire. Then I will briefly describe what it is that I'm going to do.

It isn't necessary to be silent. It won't affect the healing one way or the other. My hands won't necessarily be placed on the skin or the clothing. Proximity is close enough. Kuthumi's Healing Energy is transmitted through me instantaneously, so the amount of time I spend is not a determining factor in the healing, but I am aware of the expectations of people, and so I will linger and take my time as I move my hands from place to place over the body.

You may have various unusual sensations. You may have sudden thought impressions enter your mind. You may see a brilliant white light, and you may even have a vision form in your "mind's eye". Don't be alarmed. These messages are provided by your Higher Self, and the meaning will become apparent to you over time. When I'm finished, I will describe to you what it is that I did, especially if I received an intuitive impulse to do something different in the healing than I originally had intended.

The healing, if it is to take place, may be sudden and dramatic or it may go on over a period of weeks or months. The character and duration of the healing are determined by your Source, so don't be discouraged if there aren't any immediate changes that are noticeable. Your Higher Self is wise beyond all comprehension and knows precisely when you are ready to heal and how best your healing should manifest. This also means that a healing may not necessarily take the form that is anticipated, but whatever form it takes, that determination is made at the Source Level of being. Kuthumi will have already been in touch with your Higher Self and will know where to direct His Healing Energy.

When the session is over, I will let you know, and if you wish you may tell me about any perceptions or sensations you experienced. I hope you will keep me informed of your healing progress, and I will try to keep a record of it (as time allows). Be at peace, and may you perpetuate the kindness and the love that reflects the very essence of The One called Kuthumi.

Healings At A Distance

For all those who have made a request for a long-distance healing, I want you to know that distance has no meaning to The Ascended Masters. It does not exist for Them (if not familiar, go to "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?"). When I have made the agreed-upon appointment for the healing session, which is a contract between me and the healing recipient, it is Lord Kuthumi Who goes to the side of that recipient at the appointed time following my invocation.

As a supplement to the above instructions, please be in a supine position (lying on back) if possible and in a quiet place with privacy. An unscented candle may be lit, and soft inspirational music may be playing. Allow 20 to 30 minutes for the session, and be in a state of gratitude toward Kuthumi afterward. I would appreciate your feedback about the session after some elapsed time. For those who have chronic and serious medical conditions, a series of healing sessions is recommended. In that regard, there is nothing that Kuthumi cannot heal in one session, however most people are unable to withstand the full intensity of the Christed Healing Energies that would effect a complete healing in one session (dependent on the problem).

The Master Who incarnated as Saint Thomas Aquinas informed me that it is of no consequence if the healing recipient falls asleep during the session. Waking consciousness is not necessary to facilitate the healing. He emphasized 4 points as prerequisites that all who ask for these healings should take to heart:

    1. Request for the healing must be made.
    2. One must be eligible from a karmic indebtedness standpoint.
    3. The desire to be healed must be genuine.
    4. The expectation of being healed must be present.

The following message was received from The White Brotherhood: Some people, especially those who are not very psychically sensitive, may receive healing without even knowing it. That is, they will not consciously perceive any sensations, symptoms, or signs during the healing session, and yet the healing will have been accomplished and will unfold over time. This message was given so that those people will not allow discouragement or disbelief to interfere with the ongoing healing process.

Blessings for life from Kuthumi

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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