Sweet Lord Kuthumi at Mount Shasta, California, The Perfected Essence of God's Love

120. 18 August 2010 E-Mail:       I'm including this brief message because I think that it is useful information for those who are beginning to gain an understanding of the Dark Forces that have plagued this planet for so long and, particularly, the Reptilian Group of those Forces that serve the self at the expense of all those who serve others and who are aligned with the Cosmic Principle of Disunity and Separativeness. The Pleiadians Who teach and communicate through Barbara J. Marciniak have said that the females of the Reptilians are the ones who call the shots and are in charge.

I had placed a picture of a crocodile at the head of my writing which is called "The Reptilian Conquerors" because its form is not very dissimilar to that of those that we call the Reptilians or Lizzies. In fact, they are distant descendants of those invaders that conquered this planet 100's of 1000's of years ago. As Greg was looking at the picture of "the kissing cousin to the Reptilians", he received the following message that confirms what The Pleiadians had said: "Those appearing as female are even more dangerous because of their wholesale acceptance as being the 'innocent' gender". The Heavyweights want humans to know that the female Lizzies are not innocents and have no similarity whatsoever to the female gender of Humanity, who are the bringers and nurturers of life. The female Lizzies wield the power and initiate the decisions to conquer and enslave other civilizations in the galaxy and the universe and were called dangerous.

121. 13 September 2010 E-Mail:       I had written about my experience of finding a perfect, idyllic little alpine lake in the high country east of Medicine Lake in Siskiyou County of far Northern California. No one else had camped there the entire Summer though it was only a hundred yards off one of the main forest service roads in the area. I had looked for evidence of other people being there, such as tire tracks, footprints, cigarette butts, shell casings, beer cans, and a campfire, but there was nothing. All of the dead tree limbs were lying on the ground in their natural state, one of the first things to go for a campfire when campers come in. I was dumbfounded that not a single person had found this beautiful and serene lake which was right off a well-traveled dirt road.

During the Summer, the National Forest is crawling with dirt bikes, ATV's, pickup trucks, hikers, and SUV's, and most people are drawn to the water, whether a stream, pond, or lake. This was in dry country where the bodies of water were sparse, and yet there was no evidence that anyone else had even found the little alpine lake so close to a main dirt road. There was something peculiar about the whole thing. Thirty feet up the trunk of a large tree was an artistically made sign that read "Mystic Lake", but there were no branches below that sign to allow someone to get up there. The energies were pure and refined; the water was pristine; and the song-birds sang in muted tones as though not wanting to disturb the sanctity of the place.

I wrote Greg that it was almost like I had stumbled through a dimensional window and gotten a glimpse of the beauty and harmony that would await the nobler fraction of Humanity who would be making it into the Aquarian Golden Age on Earth at the Higher Level of Expression. When he read that about the glimpse of the New Age, he said that he got REALLY big chills and his hair stood on end, which may well have been the signal that I had been given just such a glimpse. It's hard for my logical aspect of mind to reconcile such an experience, but it was at the least extraordinary, and it was aethereal, and I shan't forget the tranquillity that surrounded me. It appears that my short drive to that lake had led me into the future, and that's why no one else had been able to find it, as easy and desirable as it was to find.

122. 13 September 2010 E-Mail:       I had written to Greg the following: "I'm kind of fascinated that your receptive abilities (from On High) have so diversified and expanded since we began discussing these things some years ago. It's a marvel how The Heavies work. They waited until your awareness had become expanded to a certain point, until I had helped you to become aware of certain matters and you had used your freedom of choice to WANT to learn about them, and then They (I guess) were allowed (by The Karmic Council) to open you up to receiving Their input in a real variety of ways and to having a heightened sense of Their Beingness. You might recall that due to my persistent questioning, we found out that you had been trained and prepared in the Astral Temples (by HighTeachers, I think) before this lifetime to be capable of CONSCIOUSLY receiving communication from the Level of The Ascended Masters and other High Initiates. You really should know what an extraordinary gift that it is (a gift that you gave to yourself). A lot of 'New Age' people can receive messages from their Spirit Guides (mostly astral beings) or, infrequently, from their Higher Self but NOT from Ascended Masters of the Wisdom. And the unevolved billions on this planet do not consciously receive anything at all other than the thoughts they have generated themselves."

Greg wrote back, "I agree and am humbled by it all, but I have to tell you that when reading this paragraph I got a sudden thought-package that said to YOU, 'Don't be astounded. You will be seeing lots of this as the Sanctuaries progress, BUT you must LOOK for it in everyone. Often it will be very hard to discern'." I (Jim) believe that The Heavies are saying that everyone who makes the Dimensional Shift along with this planet into its Golden Aquarian Age will become capable of receiving telepathic communications and mental impressions from the High Levels of The Spiritual Hierarchy, but it will be hard to distinguish the thoughts and ideas which arise from the personality from those which are being impressed by Master Teachers. This is NEW information, and it will be fascinating to watch this unfold. (Check out "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".)

123. 20 November 2010 E-Mail:       I (Jim) had been in touch with and trying to help a young woman in England for several months. Her name was Flavia, and she had been enduring Clinical Depression and had attempted suicide more than once. She had found my website by suddenly and unexpectedly seeing my website appear on her computer screen after she had closed out from another site. She had not searched for my site nor was she aware of its existence previously. It was obvious to me that she had been directed to me by The Ascended Masters. I found her to be very intuitive and spiritually advanced. She was strongly drawn to the teachings of Lord Hilarion. She was compelled to ask for healing, telling me that she had never allowed another to attempt a healing on her before me, feeling that none of them were pure in their intentions and heart.

Because she was impoverished, I had freely given her a series of 8 distant healing sessions, but she was making very little progress. Through our correspondence I had come to recognize that she was coming under the attack of the Dark Ones and gave her some suggestions for eradicating them from her life, but still little progress was seen. She was having suicidal ideation again, and I suggested that she write to Greg to see if that would trigger some input from On High. Actually, I intuitively felt that Greg was going to get a flood of information for and about her, and I sent him her picture to facilitate the process. It worked, even though he hadn't gotten anything for himself or me for many months and was about to give up. The following is his note to Flavia after organizing the download from The Higher Dudes:

Dearest Flavia, thank You for Your e-mail and allowing me the opportunity to help such a Magnificent Spirit as Yourself. I feel very honored! I was STUNNED at the information I received for You. I don't know if Jim had mentioned it to You, but the information I've been asking for for myself AND for Jim has recently been few and far between. I had even started to become a little cynical regarding my so-called "special abilities". But, as usual, They work in most mysterious ways. The information came flooding through not only for You but also a little for Jim and myself. I was not aware of Who the information was coming from but felt it was from a fairly High Source and from several Entities.

I'm sorry I'm not able to tell You, from the information I received, where or what Your place might be in that Hierarchy, but I have NO DOUBT it is very high. I will add that it was also impressed upon me that You should be referenced as an "Exceptional One", and so I felt the need to capitalize references to You. I hope this does not make You feel uneasy. That is not my intent. You obviously have incredible connections within The Spiritual Hierarchy, and so I am truly humbled to be able to act as an intermediary. (If need be, go to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

Jim had sent me Your picture in hopes that it might help in causing some information to flow from above, and apparently it did. I had a very interesting experience with it. The second I looked at it, I somehow recognized You from somewhere. I know it is not from my past, at least not during this incarnation, but I suppose there is the possibility that I recognized the Spirit within You and somewhere, somehow, sometime our Spirits had been together. I told Jim it was like opening a door and there stood a dear long-lost relative. A heartfelt Thank You for stopping by! :-) In Your astral journeys, even earthly ones, if You happen to stumble on when or where we might have encountered each other I would be most grateful if You would enlighten me.

Well, here is what I received and how I received it. This all transpired over several days. I was given the information regarding the music first. I then scrambled across the Internet to find and download it. I was listening to it as I received the rest of the information. I was instructed to give You the ritual information last. I must tell You, I am a little embarassed. As I was listening to the last three pieces and trying to type fast enough to keep up with the flow, I just started crying like a baby. It became almost unbearable while "Benedictus" was playing. I actually had to stop typing as I was having tons of goosebumps, chills, and the hair was standing up on my arms and neck. It would just come in waves, and a couple of times it became so overwhelming I had to stop and take a break. All I can say is WOW. This has never happened like this before. Absolutely AMAZING.

I was instructed to "remind" You to hold tight and never lose sight of the unfathomable goodness that's within Yourself, "for it is We that join with You to produce Your joy that has been temporarily set aside. You must try and recognize, or more aptly remember, that Your powers and abilities are far beyond even many of Ours, and few of Us would have undertaken the earthly tasks You have. One of Your many paths for this earth event is to heal others with Your tremendous ability to love. You purposefully chose this path but also made the choice, because of Your tremendous abilities, to often have around You those of a doubting, disconcerting, and/or malicious nature" (maybe such as your family?).

"You must remember that You can only offer Your Love, Help, and Guidance. It is for them to choose to accept or reject such. You must not allow their election to dysharmony to affect You ... but We know You well and so also know You will. Because You have been so successful in these endeavours of love and healing, there is currently an influence blocking the love You are able to pour out to others that is causing You turmoil. Those of the Dark Nature have set upon You AGAIN with a vengeance. You are one of their greatest liabilities! You will know They are unable to do You direct harm because of the very special relationship and protection You have with Us and The All They can and will influence Your surroundings, which We are unable to guard for You and which could cause you ill effect, and so You must be EVER mindful of this. They will lose in the end, but You must persevere to their end."

"Find a way to pour out Your love to others again, and You will set yourself free as You have always been and always will be." I asked here what ways that might be and They answered, "such as visiting and helping sick or terminally ill children. Offer Your love to the aged or any less fortunates. Doing this will force the Graces to start flowing once again. It may feel strange to be healing again but PLEASE do not let that deter You." They continued, "You are a most beloved Member, and You are a complete Part of All Love That Is. All That Is cherishes You REGARDLESS of the choices You make. You are an integral part of All That Exists as are We. This glorious Chain of Light, of which You are a most revered Part, understands how difficult the paths are You've chosen and that You are now and have been for awhile bathing in these difficulties."

"Your Light is not accustomed to this type of diffusion, and so it troubles You. Understand that the entire planet is, at this point in time, being overwhelmed by those of the Dark Realm. There is an enormous thrust on to drive our brothers and sisters away from the Light. Though it may not be consoling, know that You are not alone in the slowing of Your successes. Our Brother, the one, Jim Cyr, also has much to accomplish, and yet there is a major trifling with his path, and so he also often despairs as You do. There is much work for all of Us and especially at this point in linear time. Be assured that You are not to be held accountable for Your efforts and You are able to rejoin Us at any moment, but We would implore You to continue on Your path. Please be mindful that You are one of VERY few Who have the Sanctity, Grace, and Power on the planet to help those who have nearly extinguished their Light but scream out in the darkness for a Savior."

"We would also remind You that You were keenly aware of the trials You would encounter on this most difficult path, but there was not the slightest hesitation to Your most gracious acceptance. PLEASE, We implore You not to abandon those candles whose light few are able to reignite. Know that We love You UNCONDITIONALLY and will accept any decision You make. You are We, and We are All That Is. We would lastly say about this that it would be wise for You to take a 'break' from the brutal and demeaning entities currently around You and spend some time with those who are desperate for life as it is stolen from them" (the terminal children?).

They went on to say, "We are not normally able to impinge on those of you such as the following, but We have sought and been allowed special dispensation for You. Here is a way to help break the bonds the Dark Ones have helped You envelop around Yourself. We are not allowed to explain to You how the following has been accomplished, but We believe as You take this journey the remembering will return, and You will then have this knowledge renewed. There is one fairly near to You, by the name of Karl Jenkins, that You have done tremendous Spirit work for. You have joined with That One known to Jim Cyr as his earth-journey sister, Virginia, or as he likes to refer to Her as 'The Big V' (The Ascended Master), and We are endeared."

"You and The One, Virginia, with Others have literally healed and helped mold the exceptional spirit of this Karl Jenkins. (With my eyes closed I had visions of You and Virginia holding hands, dancing, laughing, and singing Your way through an immense green, flowered field. She is also a VERY special Spirit.) You have enabled him to rid himself of several most powerful Dark Forces that had assumed him. Herein lies, in part, their thirst for vengeance against You. He has celebrated his success, as well as Your's, Virginia's, and Others', with certain musical compositions. We would suggest to You to conduct an exercise or ritual using some of this music to help break the bonds currently affecting You. We have elaborated this process to Greg and will have him pass this information on to You."

The pieces of music are below. I'm (Greg) a little confused about it because I did some research, and the timeline of the pieces are a little strange, but then again we on this planet are bound by linear time. For instance, "Adiemus" was written in 1995, "The Armed Man" in 1999, and "Dies Irae" in 2005. I certainly don't want to interject my interpretation into any of this, so I will suppose that You will understand it or it will somehow be revealed to You (Your "remembering"?). I must remember that time is linear only to we mortals. I will tell You that I did listen to all of the music, and it is most amazing, powerful, and beautiful. It really moved my soul. I took the liberty of exploring some history too as I did a search for the music.

This first piece is from Karl Jenkin's album written in 2005 called "Requiem". This VERY powerful piece might be a little discomforting. I was told he produced it to represent his desperate fear and horror at those powerful Dark Forces consuming him. I was told it is very representative of the physical and emotional events he experienced: 1. "Dies Irae". The next two pieces are from his work called "The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace" (interestingly... armed with You, Virginia, & The Others & finally achieving his peace?) written in 1999, and I was told he wrote these two to represent his journey of return to Humanity and life renewed. The "Sanctus" represents his difficult and unrelenting forward march of hope to finally cast off those incredibly powerful Dark Forces. He is unaware of the "specific" help received from You and Virginia and Others but is aware that he pleaded for and received this help. I was told it is also representative of the incredible powers used to release him.

The third piece, "Benedictus", is his representation and outpouring of finally achieved relief, peace, love, and tranquility. I was told he STILL feels the compassion and loving arms of Your Love and Grace. 2. "Sanctus". 3. "Benedictus". This last piece is the opening track on the first album in his Adiemus series, "Songs of Sanctuary", written in 1995. I was told it represents his thanksgiving and finally taking possession again and celebration of life: 4. "Adiemus". I was told that You should listen to the pieces for the first time in the exact order as numbered above. I was told that You should try not to listen to the musical pieces in advance or out of order. I was told that You should find a comfortable place and a quiet time with adequate time for this event.

    1. "Dies Irae"

    2. "Sanctus"

    3. "Benedictus"

    4. "Adiemus"

You should begin by thanking That Which Is Everything for the tremendous protection that has and will always be afforded You. You should then take several minutes to completely relax Yourself. It's important that You not hurry the exercise. You should welcome That One, Virginia, as well as The Others to join with You in your exaltations. You should next allow Yourself permission to recall any or all of the events pertaining to the helping of Karl Jenkins, also knowing that all events are now historical and recollection can do absolutely no harm to You or Others. I was told that the Forces removed from Karl Jenkins were not only removed but will never again have the chance to cause tribulations.

At this point You should start the music in the order it is listed above. You should steel Yourself for the piece, "Dies Irae", but as it unfolds celebrate and feel the swelling of Your power and abilities at overcoming and causing the retreat of extremely Powerful Forces. You should allow yourself a small amount of time after each piece to reflect on its meanings and connections to You, Virginia, and Those Others who helped with Your endeavours. You should continue through each piece reveling in the joys and thanksgiving of Karl Jenkins, knowing that his joy and love is also Your joy and love and that which You replanted. His joy grows as the music progresses, and so You too will remember and release Yourself as the music progresses. I also took the liberty of copying the text of each piece, then also adding to it the English translation. I also found several pictures of Karl Jenkins and will include them. Maybe they will help with the exercise.

I would normally wish You the best of luck here, but I absolutely know "luck" will have nothing to do with it. I know in my heart Your beautiful Spirit will be rekindled and the world will be a much happier and wonderful place to live in because of it. I also know that The Spiritual Hierarchy will be most excited as well. The concern I felt from Them was really heartrending. Please keep me informed, and I will continue to ask The Masters for ANY information for You that They might deign to send and will send it on to You immediately. I send all my Peace and Love, Greg

124. 16 December 2010 E-Mail:       From Greg, "Most of the stuff I received was NOT good news. I don't remember the exact wording, but They (The Great White Lodge) are NOT happy about the direction things are taking here on Earth. I was told that the Dark Forces have been able to subvert much of the work They had accomplished recently and that in the overall battle for 'souls' (numbers of incarnate humans), The Forces For Good were losing. HOLY EXPLETIVE, that was a pretty scary revelation. I was also told that as of now the date of the Dimensional Shift has been brought back down or nearer to the 2012 date and so is NOT as far away as it had previously been. I was told that nearly all of the contracts made to help your Projects have reneged, but your's was only one of many, many contracts and agreements around the world that had been subverted. I asked if you should continue on your path, and They only replied that you would be rewarded regardless of what you were able to produce. 'The effort and intentions are as good as the production.' Sounds to me like the old cliche, 'it's the journey, not the destination', besides, how could They hold you accountable for producing anything when you are not provided the tools?"

"They are considering the idea that it may not be worth waiting much longer to try and bring more people to a higher level to make the Shift. They said that the greed, avarice, hatred, and complacency around the world was just really getting out of hand. I asked about the Forces thwarting your path and that you had been informed that They (The White Brotherhood) would 'kill or destroy' those who interfered with you or your mission. They replied that this only applied to those who directly attacked you but, as in all cases, They were not allowed to interfere with Forces in your environment (indirect attacks)." Greg went on to tell me that, when he received the thought-package about the cancellation of the postponement for the Tribulation and Dimensional Shift, he felt intuitively that the end point for the Piscean Age and the Shift would be around 15 to 20 years past 2012 A.D. (Please see "Earth In Metamorphosis".)

"I asked about the massive financial crisis and if this was the catalyst leading to the final end. They said that it depended on many other things, but should these 'other things' (They didn't say what) not materialize, then this crisis could EASILY lead the world to the abyss. YIKES, it may be just around the corner except for the 2012 prediction. Anyway, They said that the information I had been led to regarding 'survival' was, in fact, to help ward off the dangers that would be produced from the financial crisis. This (failure of the world economic systems) was going to happen regardless of the date and time of the Shift, and the beginnings could be seen in the strikes and protestations in Greece, Ireland, and England. I was told that the problems will be getting MUCH worse and that in the next two years could get very ugly. That's about all I can remember off the top of my head."

"We had some very interesting discussion about the nature of existence and the Universe. I was told that the closest theory we had to explain it all was 'M Theory' or 'Membrane Theory'. They said to think of a ream of paper standing on edge except that rather than a couple of inches thick it was millions of miles thick. EACH piece of paper was an entire Universe and that a separate Universe existed for each possible choice I had in life. I could shift between the sheets of paper, and this shifting is influenced by my choices in life. That is why it's so important to consider, if possible, only the 'good' choices. One of the differences between Their existence and ours was that They are able to pass through any of the sheets of paper at any time. In other words, They can be everywhere, anywhere at any time. It's pretty funny in that, at the time it was completely clear to me, but the more I pondered it the cloudier it got. Probably just this pea brain of mine."

125. 12 January 2013 E-Mail:       It had been more than two years since Greg had gotten any messages from The Higher Ups, and he despaired of ever hearing from Them again. Then unexpectedly in the middle of the night, while in a dream-like state, he received a large amount of thought-packages that he referred to as a Big Download. It was a somewhat lucid state in which he could ask questions, and there was so much information coming that he didn't want to disrupt the flow by grabbing a pencil and paper to write it down. So, he waited until the morning to try to remember as much as possible but feels that he lost a tremendous amount of what was given to him. What follows is what has come back to his waking conscious memory, and his remembering was made even more difficult by the Dark Ones creating loud, distracting, clairaudient noises that sounded like noisy traffic, horns honking, people shouting, etc. It is obvious that the Dark Brotherhood did not want him to remember.

Greg wrote, "This is a lot harder to explain than I thought it would be, and I think I've lost some of it. I've been jotting down anything I'm reminded of so I don't forget it, then coming back and trying to expand on it and trying to put it in some semblance of order. The order has become less important now. During the conversation all of this was crystal clear. Considering it afterwards, it seems cloudy and muddled to me. Anyway, from The Dudes, and I'm not sure WHO this was coming from. It seems to me there was only one voice I was talking to. It's also taken out of context. There was so much of it I will never be able to recreate it exactly. It seems that the conversation extended much longer than what I'm typing. God, I'm probably leaving out LOTS of detail that I can't remember. Here is what I've been able to recall."

"There exists an infinite number of parallel or co-existing Realities or Universes for each of us. In our other Realities there exists every alternative to every event that could possibly happen during our existence. In our human form we are unable to see nor are we aware of these other Realities even though they exist side by side. As we travel through our life, unbeknownst to us, we access or shift into and out of and through these Alternate Realities by the choices we make and oftentimes by forces that drive us to make choices that we might not normally make. It's difficult for humans to understand as we live in a linear existence, but our Soul or Spirit or Life Force is the same in all of these infinite Realities. Our Spirit is NOT limited to one body or one existence. It transcends our total and entire existence. Our Spirit is universal and equally present in each Reality. I also remember being told that this was a very, VERY simplified explanation of it."

"When we sleep we are often able to enter an altered state that allows us to experience some of these alternate selves (by merging with them). It is similar to what we refer to as 'Walking In' or dreaming. We are able to experience with this alternate self because their consciousness is our consciousness. 'Conversely, your Alternate Realities or selves are able to join with you and, for all practical purposes, become you. Occasionally there are times when you or your alternate self will suspect that something odd is happening. Jim is an exceptional case in this process (exceptional ability to move between many of his Alternate Realities and accomplish the things being accomplished). I explain these things to help you understand what is happening with Jim'."

Greg: "Why is no help forthcoming to Jim?"

Answer: "Jim is a powerful Master that has accepted an incredibly difficult task for The Spiritual World as well as for Mankind. Lord Jim is accomplishing his mission splendidly. During his sleep, this Lord (Jim) is able to access and assume his infinite number of Alternate Realities, and the process is known, accepted, and joined by his alternate selves. He has setup, is operating, and has designated supervision in several hundred Sanctuaries across many, many Realities. All but one of these Sanctuaries are exceptionally successful. In addition, he is teaching and healing during these excursions far beyond Our wildest expectations."

Greg: "Looking back on this, They never did answer the question, at least not to my satisfaction. I also remember Them telling me that you had planned and initiated all of the details of this entire incarnation and that the majority of events that had happened and would be happening were, at least in part, an integral part of your plan. Maybe this is the reason They aren't able to just jump in and go against YOUR planning."

"What about Jim's inability to maintain his physicality?" (This refers to 20 years of generalized muscular atrophy and emaciation. - joc)

Answer: "The Lord Jim is expending an enormous amount of energy with the many Sanctuaries he has established, even though they are in Alternate Realities, and it takes a physical and mental toll on him. We are amazed that his efforts have not taxed him more than they have. He has extraordinary stamina. His physical recession is, in part, a condition of natural earth aging but some is also due to diet. It is the simple rule, and he understands this, that he needs to increase his intake of sustenance. He needs to increase his intake of meat. He would even do well to imbibe occasionally in what you call a junk-food diet. This will and has proven difficult for him as he has developed a regimen that he may not be able to circumvent. He needs to treat himself as he would one of his patients. Much the same as 'physician, heal thyself'. If the means to do this escapes him, then let him research the information again while on the Internet. The answer is DIET."

Greg: "This then shifted into a discussion of Their Hierarchy (somehow I guess I asked about it but don't remember how or why). I was told that there really is no Hierarchy. That this was something we, as humans, have invented to help us understand and categorize Their existence, since this is how we see ourselves. They, as well as us, are all an equal part of The One Great Lord. One is no more powerful than the other. All have the same Love and Light as the next, and each is willing to do whatever might be necessary to help each other. 'An example of this is when The Master, that Jim calls Virginia, incarnated to help him with his projects but was sidelined by the Dark Forces. That Master has been trying to help from a distance and has accomplished this several times for Lord Jim. All are striving to rejoin in total with The One Great Lord, as we are all meant to be One Single Entity'."

After being challenged about the existence of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth, he wrote, "I didn't mean to imply there was NO Hierarchy or Masters as such. What I was trying to explain is that They were saying that there is no 'ranking', as in One is higher or lower than Another. That ALL are equal in the Eyes of God, so to speak, and we humans designate 'ranking' for our OWN purposes." I think that there was difficulty for Greg in translating this concept into words in his remembering process. (For more detail, click on "The Ashram Of The King".)

Greg: "They used the analogy of taking a glass of water from the ocean in Japan, saying it's the same ocean as taking a glass of water from the ocean in California. It's the same water regardless of where you take it from. It mixes as rain or rivers or lakes and is ULTIMATELY the same great body of water on the planet regardless of where on the planet it exists. And so, ALL beings are of ONE. It was stated that the one difference between Them is that many have been able to 'rejoin' with The Great Lord moreso than others, but it is the ultimate goal of ALL of us, including the Spirit of humans, to eventually become ONE again with The Great Lord God."

"This led to Them saying that YOU are no less or no more powerful than Kuthumi or Hilarion and that ONE was needed to try and accomplish these things that you have been working on for many, many years. Most were reluctant to take on this endeavor, but you took it on and so have gained the love, honor, and respect of ALL of The Hierarchy (there's that word again). The Dark Forces are perfectly balanced with The Forces of Light, and they too are assimilating back to The Great Lord, albeit much more slowly as there is much conversion to be done on their part." (Refer to "The Polarity Of Light Forces And Dark Forces".)

Greg: "Why is this revealed to me and not to Jim?"

Answer: "You and Jim have elected to be 'grounded' in this particular Reality among the infinite number available and which happens to be one of the most difficult of all Realities. Few of either of your alternate selves choose to spend time in this, your present Reality. Lord Jim's ability to communicate with Us is affected by the protection he has and affects his ability to get in touch with his Higher Planes and spiritual selves, especially in his waking state. The Dark Forces are terrified that he will 'break through' to his ability to communicate and understand and are doing everything in their power to prevent this. We were hoping that Master Jim would be able to communicate with Us in an altered state, but it appears that his left-brain development is making this extremely difficult. You must understand that the Forces of Darkness continually look for the smallest crack in Jim's protection. Should it appear, they would swarm with delight to his demise. You as well as many of Lord Jim's contacts do not have the extent of protection that he has nor do you need it, and so it is several of you whom We have elected to send communications through. As you've seen and experienced yourself, the Dark Forces do not appreciate your helping in these matters either."

126. 18 February 2015 E-Mail:       When reading an e-mail from me, Greg suddenly and unexpectedly had an onset of the "big chills" (commonly a premonitory sign for him of a forthcoming communication from The Higher Ups of The White Brotherhood), and the following thought was entered into his mind (or mental body): "Healing is not necessarily just for the impaired, ill, or dis-eased". I am confident that The Masters are encouraging me and indicating to me an expansion of the healing work that I am doing as an instrument and intermediary for Lord Kuthumi.

That is, They are saying that those people who consider themselves to be healthy and without physical and emotional problems will equally benefit from the Healing Sessions offered by Kuthumi (and other Masters) because of help They can offer in other areas of their life: karmic indebtedness, psychological disorders, possession and attack by members of the Dark Forces, pre-incarnative lessons and plans, evolutionary advancement, chakra balancing and progressive unfoldment, stimulation of spiritual aspiration, raising of vibrational frequency and awareness, removal of obstacles and blockages created by Dark Entities, deleterious sub-conscious programs impacting life expression, opening of the Heart Chakra to perfect the love nature, and on and on. The Great Ones have expanded the help They are willing to offer to individuals beyond the pathological boundaries of sickness and ill health, and it may be the opportunity of lifetimes (from the Soul's perspective).

(To Be Continued)


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