Revelations Received As Though Struck Repeatedly By Lightning

101. 04 November 2007 Miscellaneous Comments:

    a. I had gotten a note from someone who said they were channeling a message from Kuthumi for me. The message read, "An important aspect of the New Age is music, Jim. Find some music that you truly love, that moves you, that you feel in your heart. When you feel down, anger, or frustration, play some music and dance. Feel the music and dance." The person then said, "That comes from Master Kuthumi. He wants you to keep your vibrations up." I shared this with Greg, and he wrote back, "Wow, I got confirmatory chills reading it. He is RIGHT ON about the music. I 'got' that music has ALWAYS (for many lives) been a STRONG force in your lives."

This same person also wrote to me, "Believe it or not, an aspect of you has been with me, protecting me and guiding me."

    b. A correspondent had written to me that he was being given the numbers for winning the lottery. Greg received from The Higher Ups that concrete information regarding matters, such as lottery numbers, is RARELY given by The Masters. It contramands their "hands off" policy with regard to the free-will affairs of humans. They do not interfere or interject Themselves into the free-will choices of humans.

    c. In response to a note from a friend to me, a note that I forwarded to Greg, he received the following from The Spiritual Hierarchy: "We chuckle that you humans think that you must create ritual to communicate with Us. Know that We are with you at all times. You need only think (of Us), and We hear and see. Our greatest joy is when you help those around you who are less fortunate. Even a gift as simple as a smile is greater than you can imagine."

They went on to tell this friend of mine, "Learn from the many writings on Our (Jim's) website (". The Ascended Masters of The Hierarchy consider my website to be Their website, which is an indication of the confidence They have in the truthfulness of the information and teachings presented on it. I might say that this message very much surprised and humbled me and that I consider it an inestimable honor and responsibility.

They said further, through Greg, that Representatives of The White Brotherhood do not have to be sent anywhere to see anything, because They continually know what is happening at any time, at any place, to humans. They said, "We DO NOT judge, as there is NO right or wrong. All simply IS!". I have included these comments because I think it is important for humans to know, with all their laws and moral principles and judgemental predilections, that there is nothing that is right and nothing that is wrong in a Free Will Universe. There are only choices to be made and the consequences of those choices to be experienced. And not only does God not judge, but The Masters pass no judgement on any.

    d. This message came through Greg after I had told him about someone who had expressed great enthusiasm and interest in the Sanctuaries and who had written a flurry of e-mails about all the help he was going to give me to create Them and who then disappeared into the aethers, never to be heard from again. "I got a 'sense' that you just need to get what you can from people. If the Sanctuary has to be built piece by piece, then so be it. Just take what you can and keep moving forward, NEVER looking back. If they fall by the wayside, it will only hurt them."

    e. Finally, this last comment had to do with my ability to receive input from Higher Levels through my right cerebral cortex, all the while thinking that all my thoughts originated within my own mind and that I had little intuitive ability. "I got a 'chills' confirmation about your abilities (psychic), and I was reminded of the lightning-fast transfer that you do from the right (the intuitive) to the left brain (the analytical) that confuses you into thinking it was you doing the processing."

102. 16 March 2008 E-Mail Responses:       A woman from Belgium had written me after she had discovered "Lizards In The Library" on my website, a piece which concerns the Dark Reptilians who have so influenced this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. She had discovered she was pregnant, and it was unplanned and unwanted. Next, she discovered through her psychic/sensitive abilities that the being she was carrying as a fetus in her uterus was a Reptilian in its origins at a higher level of being (though the fetus was human).

He communicated with her that it was a temporary situation of attachment and that he had no intentions of carrying the pregnancy to term and being born. He said he wanted to discover the feminine perspective as a human and to experience emotions. He wanted to know what pain was because he'd never felt it. He said he was looking for understanding and forgiveness for all the cruelty he had perpetrated and that he also wanted to learn about compassion. He was reaching out from the Darkness (Service to Self Polarity) for more illumination, and the woman was reaching out to me for some insight and any kind of help that I might be able to offer.

I shared the e-mail with Greg, and when he read through it he received the following message intended for me from One of The Higher Ups "yelling" in his head: "He (Jim) can help this woman. He can help this woman. Jim can help this woman through Master Invocation. This is a new path of healing for him but healing none-the-less (exorcism of a possessing entity). Heal her Physician!!"

I scheduled her appointment for a healing session, and after it was completed she wrote me the following: "Here is what I experienced yesterday: I was laying down and doing some breathing. Then at 8 p.m. I felt this Strong Energy coming in, as a storm sweeping through and over my body. It felt like a tornado, swirling around, dust and rubbish flying in all kinds of directions, all black and grey and dark. This went on for quite awhile. When the storm was over, everything felt clean and peaceful. Then I felt my womb/uterus expanding energetically. It went as big as the entire universe. There was a war (between the Forces of Darkness and Light) raging in my womb/universe, a complete chaos of planets, stars, comets, energies bumping into each other. This also went on for quite awhile. Then my womb/universe contracted again and went smaller and smaller until it was the size of an atom. From there, from deep inside my womb, a warmth started spreading over my belly, chest, and down into my legs. It was a very pleasant, peaceful, 'yummy' kind of physical sensation."

"At some point I felt a whole team of 'Angelic Doctors' working on my body. There were 10 of Them at each side, and They were quickly reconnecting 'wires' (symbolically). 'We need to do this quickly'. I also got a picture (aetheric vision) of a white reptile/lizard laying in the sun, soaking up the warmth and the light of the sun and feeling peaceful with a big smile on his face (like a dolphin smile), saying, 'I am Home again' (which differs completely from the grey, brown, black, and mean and ugly Lizzies I perceived before). I believe you/we managed to bring this Lizzie back to The Light/The Source/God."

"Then I fell into a deep sleep. I slept until 1 a.m. then lay awake 'til 5 a.m. unable to sleep. I could 'sense' some other Dark Lizzies hanging around, peeking in, curious about what happened. Maybe this one Lizzie paved a path to the Light, so others might follow. Their energy still feels freaky to me though. My 'feeling' is that my womb got swept clean, and we brought this one Lizzie Home to the Light again. This feels already like a big thing, and I am sincerely thanking you for that. During the healing I felt you as being surrounded by a light blue light, which felt really reassuring."

When Greg read the account of her healing session, he wrote me, "Wow & wow!!! While reading her account of the healing, I 'got' that she can now become a 'Gate' for those of the Dark Force that are fleeing 'back' to the Light. She can learn to do this process, if she so chooses to do this, on her own but will need your assistance until then. The 'Angelic Doctors' were all High Masters led by Hilarion and Thomas Aquinas. They will nearly drop everything to bring a Dark Brother across, and she is right. It is literally a war with the Dark Forces. The Darkies will do anything to try and destroy the escaping turncoat. She is completely protected during this struggle, but it can be pretty unsettling."

103. 30 March 2008 E-Mail:       A young man from Southern California by the name of Brian M. had been sent to me by The Hierarchy to do some healing work on my aetheric body and to bring me some communications from The Higher Ups and also to channel answers to any questions I might have. I sent Greg a file of one set of questions and answers he had provided for me to see if he might get some input as to the authenticity of them. He wrote me back, "WOW, nice! I felt completely comfortable reading all of it and was surprised by none of it. While reading the first part, I got a message appearing in my head. I had to stop reading, open NotePad, and write it down or it would have slipped away. I got that it was from Hilarion."

"For success to be your's (Jim), you MUST develop tolerance. Do not expect from others what you expect from yourself. MOST will not achieve to your satisfaction, and that will incite your anger and your slide into oblivion. Remember, this must come from within you. We are unable to affect this change. These challenges you are meeting are those that you chose before incarnating this lifetime. You explained them then as rungs in a ladder that must each be experienced to reach the top."

These were the questions that I had submitted to Brian M. (and his channeled answers), which I later sent to Greg:

Brian's Question: (To Kuthumi) "What is your connection to Jim?"

        Answer: (From Kuthumi) "He is one of my children. He and Me are one. He is my Soul extension. He is not like me as my incarnation as Kuthumi. He is his own personality. I came back as Jim to show the world that the healing of consciousness is still necessary. I wanted to teach that being uncomplete or unwhole is a condition of the human. So I came back as an uncomplete or unwhole human to show the world that Humanity needs healing. Even Masters are incomplete on Planet Earth. By healing the wounds of Jim, I can teach from direct experience. By healing the wounds of Jim, I am healing the wounds of Humanity."

    a. Question: "What would Hilarion or Whomever is gonna answer this suggest that I do to eradicate my anger?"

        Answer: (From Kuthumi) "I would suggest that Jim work on meditation. He needs to learn to control his mind. Jim seems to think he does not have control over his anger, but he does. If he learns to meditate, it will slow down his mind's instant reactive patterning to move into anger. If he slows down his mind, he will see that he does, indeed, have the option to either move into anger or not."

"I believe that Jim is going to become a great teacher. He has the qualities of a left-brain scientist and the qualities of a right-brain healer. By combining these two, I have created an incarnation that can assist this planet in the merging of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine. I can assist Humanity in healing the subconscious pain of straying away from the center of their beings (the Divine Self). I have created a union that can heal the schisms in Humanity's consciousness that are a result of Humanity choosing the lower mind (the ego) over the Higher Mind (the Soul)."

"I want to say that Jim is an evolved being in Soul. He is an extension of My Consciousness. I decided to take on a life of a person that needed lots of healing, so that I would be assisting this planet with the healing of its collective pain. I decided to become a person in need of healing so that I could heal that pain, thus healing the pain in all of Humanity. I want to tell Jim that we chose this life out of love for Humanity. We chose this life out of love for God. We chose this life out of love for self. Me and Jim chose to heal Humanity's pain, yet again, because it would help us in our evolution as a Soul as well as help Humanity's progress."

"I would also like to say to Jim that the anger will fade. It is a subconscious program that is being healed. It is not permanent and will fade in time. Some things that will make it fade are bringing love into his life, also bringing positive people into his life, also healing the way he views himself, also healing the way he admonishes himself. Jim is learning to control his anger. He is not as subject to it as he used to be. Jim is learning to be in control of his mind. It is coming easier and easier to him. The remains of Jim's anger can be healed in one year if he decides right now to make a supreme effort to become totally aligned with his Higher Self, to become totally aligned with his self worth, to become totally aligned with his self love."

"If Jim decides to put his mind to something, it always happens. If Jim decides to put his mind to healing his wounds, it will happen. I, being the Soul of Jim, know what I am capable of. I did not choose this life by accident. I chose this life knowing exactly what I am capable of. I chose this life to heal Humanity."

    b. Question: "What is my relationship to Lord Hilarion if there is one?"

        Answer: (From Hilarion) "He (Jim) is my brother. He is my friend. He is my Soul Mate. He is my equal in The White Brotherhood. We chose this life together because I am the most fit. I have the most experience working on the issues that Jim is working on in this incarnation. I'm also his very close Friend. We have worked together many times in the past. We are a great team together. I have been his father in incarnations. I have been his brother in incarnations. I've also been his mother in incarnations. He and I have a long history of working together with success. In this life, he and I are working together as an incarnated person and a Master Guide. We are working diligently to heal this planet's pain. We are going to make great waves, great ripples of change in Humanity's consciousness, with this life of great importance that is Jim. As a Brother in The White Brotherhood, I have dedicated my entire focus to helping Jim in any way and every way I can. As a Brother in The White Brotherhood, I dedicate this time as Jim's Teacher to the healing of Humanity. It is our choice and our contribution to the evolving plans of The White Brotherhood."

    c. Question: "Is there anything I could be doing differently in the distant or personal healings to improve on the results?"

        Answer: (From Avery - Higher Self of Brian) "He (Jim) can use his personal love. He can bring forward his personal feelings and desires to heal the person that is either sitting in front of him or at a distance. The power of emotion to heal is a great tool that Humanity is gifted with. The simple desire to heal someone creates a wave of emotion that brings forward a wave of love that can do a tremendous amount of healing to the subtle bodies as well as the physical body. He needs to work on bringing the power of his emotion into the healing session with him."

"He can also use his prayers to heal people. He can use his prayers outside of the scheduled time slot of the healing. He can pray for his clients throughout the day. He can use the power of emotion in his prayers. He can tell his clients that he is praying for them, which will align their intentions with his prayers. He can tell his clients what his prayers are. Tell him that his healings will evolve over time. They will get stronger and more effective as well as lengthen in time. We want him to know that his abilities are evolving as well as his mind and body. With time, his healings will end up being much different than they are now. In the future, there will be more communications to him about how to improve his healings."

    d. Question: "How can someone like me, with all my flaws and failings, accomplish all that I've been told I will accomplish?"

        Answer: (From Kuthumi) "This was covered in the first answer."

    e. Question: "Would you care to say anything more about the Dark Lizards and my protection?"

        Answer: (From Kuthumi) "Tell Jim that the Dark Lizards have no power over him. They work on the Astral Plane where they can't reach him. Tell him that I am by his side at all times to scare away any potential harm-doers. I am here by his side to scare off ANY lower level beings that could do him any harm. There is NO DANGER! We, The White Brotherhood, have many safeguards in place on many different levels. I, Kuthumi, want to make it clear to Jim that he is in no danger, and he has never been in any."

"I would also like to tell him that his future lover, this coming woman (in Sedona, Arizona), is also protected by The White Brotherhood. She is also a very high-ranking member of The White Brotherhood. She is capable of using powers and abilities that Jim has never even dreamt of. She is a master in her own right. We are teaming him together with her to create an unstoppable force, a union of divine power that will be unstoppable by the Dark Forces. The Darkies are pretty much castrated at this point in time, and they know it. They are still trying to make a go of it, but they know that they have lost their momentum, and the pendulum has swung completely back into the court of The Light Forces. They also know that their time on Planet Earth is very short now. They have accepted their fate."

    f. Question: "What is the problem with my van's engine that causes so much loss of power and poor performance? (Are there any Master Mechanics around?)"

        Answer: (From Saint Germain) "I have shown up to give Jim the answer to this question. I want to tell Jim that his van is an earthly possession. It will take money to fix. It is part of his education at this time in his life to become self-sustaining again. He needs to learn how to attract monetary wealth to himself. This is a task that We, The White Brotherhood, are placing upon him. It is part of his growth and part of the plan. We realize that he doesn't want to charge for his healings, but that is NOT POSSIBLE! We are telling him that if he is to become the great teacher and healer that he is destined to be, that he needs to learn how to function efficiently as a great businessman as well. This is paramount to his evolution! It is not an option. This planet needs him to acquire great wealth. It is his destiny."

"His van's mechanical problem will become fixed this Summer when he has accumulated the necessary wealth to repair it. This is the first monetary goal that he is to meet."

104. 30 July 2008 E-Mail:       A woman in Flagstaff, Arizona, who has had the gift of psychic abilities all of her life passed on a message for me to a friend (Deb. W.), asking that she give it to me. I was told that the message came from The White Brotherhood and came spontaneously during meditation. The woman said that she never receives messages from The Hierarchy and so considered it to be most important and timely for me. In essence, I was told that I was not doing the work that was expected of me by The Higher Ups. That is, I wasn't getting myself out there to meet with and mingle with people. Her take on it was that I should be giving talks or workshops, etc. She said that people will be drawn to my "Light" when they meet me in person and that that "Light" will influence them. I explained to the messenger (Deb. W.) all the work I'd done on the website and all the healings over the past 2 years, but she said that my Light wouldn't be available to them on the Internet at my site. They needed to be in my presence, whether that was a social gathering, a church service, a lecture, or etc. I sent the message to Greg, hoping that he could get some comment from The Masters, and he wrote to me as follows:

"You're not going to like this, but I told you I would always tell you what I got, good or bad. I got that Deb W. is right on the money. This was kind of a flowing of thoughts as I was reading & re-reading your note and felt that it was from Hilarion Himself. Wow, that was pretty scary! The thoughts came so fast I couldn't write them down so will have to pull the stuff from memory. He said that you had been guided to doing the talks and presentations a very long time ago (? Chico, California - 1992) and then again way back in Flagstaff (2006), and the whole reasoning behind all of that was to start bringing you back from the wilderness. I think I even mentioned once or twice that this is what They wanted to have happen, but it's been a long time now; maybe I didn't."

"The picture (vision) I was given was Jesus coming back from his years of absence and beginning his path of Teacher/Healer. He had to 'be about His Father's work' and that required 'going among the people'. I got that she is exactly right about people being 'drawn' to your Light. That was even happening in Flagstaff when you were giving those talks back when. I 'got' that the power of your Light is 'STUNNING', even beyond anything you could imagine, but it needed to be allowed to spread to those around you, however you elected to stop the process. You have stepped off of your path and are waiting for something to happen rather than making something happen. The picture I was given was of Jesus going back into the desert and not gathering the Apostles or not going from town to town teaching & healing. His story would have disappeared and his path ended there."

"I also 'got' that many things that were suggested to you (by The Heavy Dudes) were forsaken and discarded, often because of your cynicism and also not trusting in yourself or Their guidance. I got that the website is only a tool, but you were counting on it to move mountains. It has it's place as a teaching tool, but your path was to get out among people. You were given and have developed, over the eons, the incredible powers of thought, an ability to accomplish ANYTHING, and an incredible magnetism of Light. I got that your dis-ease at being around people was normal and would have eventually dissipated with the exercising of humility, but your cynicism and anger will keep you off of your path until it is eradicated. I also got that 'Light' from the website WILL be available to those who are ready to receive It, but It is to be used to enable people to 'find' you and to enable them to 'experience' your Light."

I (Jim) had written Greg this: "Then she said that The Heavies were extremely disappointed and were either drawing away from me or had already drawn away from me (I forget which). She said They've found someone else to do the work that was expected of me. Then she went on to say that the psychic woman was told that my van wouldn't last much longer as it was getting old and wearing out. We talked about other things, but that was the core of it."

Greg wrote: "She is correct in that They are disappointed, but They did not seem 'extremely' so and are absolutely NOT drawing away. They are, indeed, activating others to take up the reins, but these are simply those that were to be activated at a later date anyway. Regardless of your decision to get back on your path, They always have and always will love and protect you. You are of Them and are ALWAYS most welcome to step back on the path, but 'We need him in the fields not in the wilderness' as He (Hilarion) put it with an uproarous laugh! I'm not sure what the laugh was about... I guess I missed the joke but was too nervous to ask. I just kept my mouth shut and listened."

"I was also told that the psychic woman is correct about the van. Had you pursued things the way they had been planned (you were in on the planning), your van would have been replaced by now and your circumstances vastly different. Hilarion said that it would now take a monumental effort to turn things around but that it could be done because you have the gifts needed to accomplish anything, IF you elect to do so. If you elect to return to your path, you will need the help of many, many friends -- even moreso than the original path. With the Light you have to offer and the gifts you have to share, there are others who will leap to your side."

"(From Lord Hilarion) 'YOU MUST LEARN TO GRACIOUSLY ALLOW OTHERS TO HELP YOU. YOU MUST NOT ALIENATE THEM. ALLOW THEM THEIR SHORTCOMINGS. WHEN OTHERS MOVE YOU TO ANGER, BE HUMBLE NOT ANGRY. WHEN YOU REBUKE THEM, YOU REBUKE US WHO HAVE SENT THEM TO YOU (His emphasis). Would you dismiss the eons of time you have spent preparing? You can learn to work amongst the hordes of civilization again with it's noise, traffic, congestion, and inconveniences. Which is more important, your comfort or your work? This is where Our work needs to be done, and so this is where you are needed. Now be at peace with yourself. There are no mistakes; you will make the correct decision whichever it may be'."

"I (Greg) 'got' that this (the message received by the woman) is the real deal. Nothing is on the line even if you choose to end your path. Your decision will not affect what happens to you. (Hilarion) 'You are still of Us and so have much Grace. You will simply make a choice to not pursue the work you have prepared for, and this will be shifted to others. Your consciousness will pass to the New World (the New Golden Age) regardless of your choice'."

I (Jim) had written Greg: "I'm asking you kindly if you would read this note over and over until you receive something from The Higher Dudes, something, just anything. If all the above is true, I think They might use this one last opportunity to get through to me and let me know just what it is that They want me to do to receive their continued support and guidance and protection. I mean, is this what I get in return for all I've done in the past 2 and a half years, not to mention the preparatory years in the wilderness? If my van goes, I am homeless. There is no one to fall back upon. And where would my 'Silver Platter' be in all of this and my Ascended Master Guardian? (See 'The Silver Platter'.) And what about your message of 3 years ago that my van problems were healed and that I wouldn't have any more major problems?"

Greg wrote: "They were VERY disappointed that you would expect something for what you've done. (Hilarion) 'It's sad that the love you receive for your accomplishments would not suffice. Did The Christ give up more than you? You have been given gifts that transcend mortal man and still you want more. Would riches make you happy? Would riches move your Soul to a higher glory? Then you are wanting less than you are'."

Greg continued, "Regarding the 'Platter', your 'Ascended Master', and the 'van problems being healed', I 'got' that 3 years ago you were on a much different path and having stepped off of it, things have taken a turn in a downward direction. I also 'got' that things could get much worse but are avoidable if you move quickly. I asked what 'quickly' meant but got no answer. I actually got no more. I have to tell you, this was not a very pleasant experience. It was lots of bad/sad news, but then again it sounds like it is totally salvagable AND They have NOT abandoned you by any stretch of the imagination."

105. 10 August 2008 E-Mail:       I (Jim) sent the above channeling and message from Greg Paul to Brian M., a channel for The Hierarchy of Masters, to see if he would get any kind of response. I also shared a note from Rebecca L. of San Diego with Brian. She receives visions and messages from White Eagle and Others when drumming, and she said to me, "Your Light and humility is now needed among the people. You must walk among the people and reveal your Christ Light. Speak in public of your simple teachings. Gather people. From those people continue your healings. Names of places for you to go: Bellingham, Washington, Sedona, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mount Shasta, and San Diego. Jim, you can stay with me, and I will set up a talk for you. I have a place and people who will come. Faith and trust. I saw you with White Light a lot around you and then an aura of blue around you. They want you to know you will be protected. Do not fear the people. You are welcome to come here first. Let me know."

Brian then wrote, "Jim, I asked Kuthumi for a response to Greg and Rebecca's e-mails to you. I would also like to say here that Kuthumi is one of my favorite Guides to work with because His Spirit always envelopes me in a blanket of nurturing, supportive love when I am speaking to Him. Here is His response."

From Kuthumi: "I want Jim to know that he is still greatly needed on this planet. He needs to hear Me. I, Kuthumi, need Jim to trust Me. He needs to follow what Rebecca told him. I told him 3 months to get him mentally prepared for change. He is prepared now. I need him to travel to San Diego to start his talking again. This is part of his growth. He is ready for this. I want him to utilize the gifts I am providing him. This is an opportunity to get back onto his feet. I told him I would bring him people to get him more financially stable. This is it. Rebecca is the first person I was speaking of. This trip will enable him to meet the other people I spoke of. They will recognize his talent, his purpose, and his mission. These people will want to help him. They will be inspired to help him get on his feet. Jim is going to have to be open to receiving help from these people. They will offer him money to help him start a business. They will offer him their support in and guidance in the logistics of operating a business. They will not be there to support him financially for the long haul. They will be there to help him become financially self-sufficient. It will be up to Jim to take the ball and run with it."

"I have many people for Jim to meet. I have many people for Jim to heal. His abilities will flower. His confidence will grow stronger. He has much to accomplish in this life. I will be there supporting him with My Love for the rest of his life. He will begin to feel My Love surging through him. It will open up his channels. It will melt his fears. It will melt his anger. It will melt his pain. I am guiding his life. I have not given up on him. I ask him to go to San Diego to start My mission. I have ordained this path. It is my choice."

"The trip to San Diego will be uneventful. I will ensure his van makes it." (This is where I [Brian] inquired about the future of your van.) "I will say this. Jim's van is not to live much longer. However, I am going to bring Jim the means to purchase another car. It will be nothing fancy, but it will get him where he needs to go. It is My choice to end Jim's van's life now because the time has come for Jim to remove himself from the woods. I am guiding Jim's life. I am bringing him people to help him. I am bringing him the means to carry on My mission. I am bringing him the Christed Energy of Love. I am bringing him out from within himself. I will never leave his side. I will never leave his heart. I will begin to channel though him so that he, as well as any who are around him, will feel My Presence. He will begin to live his life through the vibration of love."

I forwarded this channeling on to Greg to see what he thought of it. He replied that he did get a "sense" that this channeling was correct and on track. He thought that it was quite similar to the information that he had received for me. He also commented that if things seem to go wrong, it would be because I neglected to take the advice of The High Ones and failed to do something They had intended for me to do.

106. 13 August 2008 E-Mail:       I (Jim) had written Brian M. after I'd gotten the front end of my van evaluated recently. Even though Kuthumi had said that He would ensure that my van made the trip to San Diego, I had some lingering cautions and concerns after one of my lower ball joints had suddenly broken off, stranding me in the forest (at highway speed, it could have killed me). It had sensitized me to the dangers of my aging front end parts. The mechanic found that the idler arm and one of the inner tie rod ends needed replacement, but I didn't have the money for it. He also found that the rear universal joint needed to be replaced after only 8 months since it had been done, and I did take care of that.

The vehicle remains with a violent steering wheel vibration at 30 to 40 mph, indicative of the front end as the cause, and with a shimmy at higher speeds, which the mechanic thought might be caused by a damaged drive shaft. These are not good conditions under which to be driving 540 miles across an inferno of a desert during the hottest time of the year. If I would break down and not be able to afford the repair, I would lose all my worldly belongings and become homeless.

With this new information available, I wrote to Brian to ask if Kuthumi had any more comments for me before I made the attempt to get to San Diego. This is what he received from Kuthumi:

"Jim, this is where you have to trust Me. We (The Spiritual Hierarchy) are all waiting for you to arrive in San Diego. You will have work to do there. I have a special mission that needs your attending. This is one that only you can accomplish. I will escort you and your van to San Diego with a Host of Angels. This trip will be uneventful. These Angels are capable of manipulating reality in your Third Dimension. Do not fear. They will escort you without harm. You, Jim, are on a path to freedom. I am guiding this path. I will not let you falter. I am your true Master, Kuthumi."

I (Jim) sent this to Greg, and he said that he read it several times with the same outcome. He had a "feeling" that it was correct and accurate. He wrote, "I have a really good feeling about San Diego AND Rebecca, nothing specific, just that it IS the place you're supposed to go and there are good things there awaiting you."

107. 15 August 2008 E-Mail:       Without asking for it, Brian M. of Green Valley Lake, California, was given a message for me (Jim) from Lord Sananda as follows:

"Jim is not alone. He has legions of Angels and Masters around him that all want to help him. He would stagger at the number of Guides he has that are surrounding him. He will notice that these Angels and Masters will work through the people who are in his life and those who are coming into his life. They will literally enter the human bodies of those surrounding Jim to teach him his self-worth and the importance of his mission. Jim's self-worth will grow. It will blossom. It will flower."

"He is a Master who is waiting to come forward into his human flesh. Jim must realize that he is a Master. There will come a time when Kuthumi will join Jim in his body. He will become what is known as a Self-actualized Master. Jim is to be a Master in a human body. He is learning to heal his emotions. They have been around for a long time, and so they won't heal instantaneously. Jim knows he is making progress. I and Kuthumi are teaching Jim to reprogram his mind. This process has already begun. It is well underway."

"The next step is re-socialization. Jim is ready for this step. We have ordained this move to San Diego to surround Jim with positive people who will support him in his new vibration. Jim has shifted. He is now operating from a new vibration. It is higher than any he has ever achieved before. We are all so proud of Jim. Jim needs to know that he and Kuthumi are becoming one. The merge has already started. It will continue as scheduled without hindrance."

"He must understand that his protection is phenomenal. No lower entity can get near him now. His protection is too strong. We, The Ascended Masters, are walking with him now. All who see Jim can feel Our Presence. Jim has nothing to fear."

"Jim will continue to evolve his vibration up, octave after octave. This is happening at a quick pace now because the planet has moved into a vibration acceleration. Jim is moving with the planet. Jim's pace is being guided by Us. We have it all under control. We, The Ascended Masters, love Jim. We will not let our child fall. We now have Jim by the hand and are walking him into his new position. We are walking him into his new power. We are walking him into his new life as a leader in the New Age."

I (Jim) asked Greg what he thought (or received intuitively) about this message. He wrote back, "WOW & WOW! I got a 'sense' that it's all correct and good but nothing specific. That's so cool but for some reason not at all surprising. It seems to be, in different words, stuff that has been coming to you for a long time. For some reason you just never saw it or connected with it. I guess you'll have to get along with everyone you meet now since you won't know if they are humans, Angels, Guides, or Masters you're dealing with (said humorously). Of course, when you're on your 'Path' it really doesn't make any difference, or at least I don't think it should. You're there to do a job, regardless."

108. 17 August 2008 E-Mail:       Greg wrote to me, "I re-read Kuthumi's message to Brian (above #106), and while reading it I got some REALLY good info. (thought-forms but with sound?) from Kuthumi":

"My Brother (Jim) needs to AGAIN start formulating the creation of tapes and publications. He needs to begin the process for creation of a daily or weekly talk show via the Internet. He needs to create a place where hands-on healing may be effected. There will be available those who can help him. Without his initiation or inquiry, the help will not manifest. The work is much and he will be exhausted, but this will bring him the strength to reintegrate himself. The Master Virginia (my Ascended Master Guardian) will see to it."     (My van made it to San Diego without incident.)

109. 25 August 2008 E-Mail:       I had written Greg that Rebecca L. and myself had gone to Encinitas, California, for the day and upon leaving a drug store she spontaneously connected with some woman who was approaching the store. Rebecca began to tell the woman about the talks that I am being asked to give by The Heavies and our search for various places to give those talks. Just at that moment, she suddenly received a lightning bolt of energy which left her feeling blissful and lightheaded and giddy. At the very same time, I received my sign of chills up the back and neck several times as if in corroboration. A message accompanied the sudden infusion of energy, and she said that the message was that there were NO OBSTACLES anymore for me, NO BLOCKAGES OR IMPEDIMENTS to what I want to achieve on Their behalf. It was as if I was being told that the way had been made clear and that nothing would stand in the way, I guess, that The Masters were clearing the way of all hindrances.

He responded as follows: "WOW, what an experience. I also got tons of chills and the long-time absent hairs on my arms stood straight up. It was a fine relief from all the heat here. I would say that was a confirmation of what she and you got. VERY COOL."

I (Jim) also told Greg that we went to Paramahansa Yogananda's Hermitage and wandered the grounds. It had felt like hallowed ground, and I was moved to tears a number of times by the peaceful, loving energy of the place. That has rarely happened to me. Rebecca could see White Light all over the place with her aetheric vision. When Greg read that, he said that he "got" (intuitively) that some of the Sanctuaries of The Masters will be very comparable as far as having the energies of a "holy place".

110. 26 August 2008 E-Mail:       I (Jim) called Brian M. to let him know that my trip to San Diego had gone well as predicted by The Heavy Dudes and that in a week's time I had begun to make some connections, find venues for giving talks, and look into dates for giving those talks. I wanted to know if any of The Masters had any guidance or advice for me and my San Diego venture at this point in time. He called me back later with the following voice message, saying that there was more to come, but he was pinched for time at the moment. The message was from Lord Hilarion.

"Tell Jim that I am here for him. His talks in San Diego are being guided by Me. I want to say to Jim that his services are needed at this time. I and he, as a team, have a lot to teach this planet in this Time of Transition. I am going to guide him when he is on stage. My talks are the ones I'd like him to focus on. I want Jim to focus on inspiring people. He should focus on uplifting peoples' minds and giving them hope. The talks that I'd like him to give are meant to bring people into alignment with their heart vibration. They are to inspire people to make changes by trusting their own guidance systems to come through their heart. Inspiring people to a higher vibration is much more effective than scaring people."

"I would also like to say to Jim that he is my partner. We are a team. I am not above Jim. He is my brother and I love him. Jim is on the path to enlightenment. I am his Partner in this process. I am going to be here for him every step of the way. I have talks that I feel are appropriate. I am going to infuse Jim or inspire into his awareness those that I think are appropriate. I want Jim to know that all is well. We have a great lineup for him. I want Jim to know that there is nothing to fear. We, The Masters, have a glorious plan for Jim's life. He is doing great! I also want to say that I, Hilarion, love Jim like My brother."

I (Jim) sent this to Greg to see if he would get any kind of response, and he wrote that he got the sign of "chills" as a confirmation of the truth of the message from Hilarion. He thought that the importance of it was BIG if it was coming from Hilarion.

111. 08 December 2008 Miracle:       I had written Greg about the latest occurrence in my life which seemed miraculous in its nature. A year ago, I had the universal joints on my 25-year old van replaced. When I had driven away from the repair shop, there was a vibration which had never been there before, and it shook the whole van. I went back to the shop, but the manager refused to accept responsibility for the vibration, and I went on my way. I knew that the vibration had to have something to do with the driveshaft and that the mechanic had either damaged something or botched the job, but I didn't have the money to investigate it, and I had to drive my van because it was my home where I lived.

I knew the implications of driving with a driveline vibration as it was dangerous! The vibration would be loosening up the u-joints and the driveshaft might fall out, and also it could do damage to the transmission or the differential. If the front u-joint failed, the front of the driveshaft would drop onto the road, dig into the asphalt, and destroy the rear end or even lift up the van like a pole vaulter and bring it to an end along with its driver. If this happened while being passed or followed by an 18 wheeler, there would be even less chance of survival. Each time on the road was a white-knuckle experience. The vibration got worse over time, and I could hardly see out of the rear-view mirror, but it was 8 months before I had the money to check out the u-joints again.

When I did, the rear one was found to be loose and needed to be replaced, even though they should be able to last 200,000 miles. Upon driving away, I discovered that the vibration was still there. Nothing had changed. I then became determined to have the driveline evaluated by the experts, those who specialize in driveline work. 4 months later I took it to such a shop in Yuma, Arizona.

When the work was completed, the head mechanic who specialized solely in driveline work came out to talk to me. He said that he was just astonished that my driveshaft hadn't fallen out and done serious damage to my vehicle or to myself. He said that it was a MIRACLE that I had driven it for a year, because the driveshaft had been reinstalled backwards (both times) and had a one-quarter inch play from side to side where it inserted into the differential. In addition, he said that some fasteners for the driveshaft to the differential were missing. He was completely dumbfounded that it hadn't fallen out and jokingly said that the only thing that must have been holding it in place was suction, but there is nothing to produce suction at either end of the driveshaft.

When Greg read about all this, he was given some input from Higher Up. He psychically felt the sensation of a giant smile (which then made him smile), and he got his confirmatory signs of huge goosebumps and chills all over. Then he was given the words, "Holiest Lord Virginia", to indicate The One responsible for the driveshaft miracle and for keeping me safe from harm. The Ascended Master Who is my Guardian was The One Who prevented the loss of my driveshaft and all the consequences which would have followed. I wrote Greg that I received chills myself when reading his note, and when he read that he said that he got a wonderful, warm feeling that swept through him, and his eyes filled with tears for a full 5 minutes, which I think is a sign and an indication of the warmth and caring and love that The Master Guardian has for me. It was channeled through Greg to pass on to me.

112. 10 December 2008 E-Mail:       I had written Greg, querying about my Master Guardian Who was most recently called "Holiest Lord Virginia". We had never, to this point in time, received any messages from That One, and I was curious why the word, Lord, had been used. Whenever Master Djwhal Khul had used the word, Lord, it referred to 6th Level Initiates or higher in The Spiritual Hierarchy, a Level and Consciousness beyond my ability to imagine. For example, The Chohans of the 7 Rays were called Lords of the 7 Rays. After reading my note a couple of times, he said that "thought streams" came from Ascended Master Virginia and that he was enveloped in such a loving feeling that he couldn't even begin to tell me! The message was directed at me.

From The Master Who had an incarnate life as my sister, Virginia: "We are amused at Mankind's interpretations of our Existence over the years. These are idioms known to you (Jim), but you will not become aware of them until you clear. We have no need to conserve energy. We ARE the energy. We are The Life Forces of all universes. We are ALL energy. We consist of all."

"We also delight and chuckle at Mankind's need for Structure or Hierarchy (of Masters). It is simply an Alignment of Pure Love. The last is as heralded as the first. We are one in all and all in one. None is greater than another. It is slightly more complex, but Mankind does not yet enjoy the necessary concepts to be able to fully explain this. Again, these are things that you have learned over past existences, aethereal and mortal, but there are things you must accomplish before all can be revealed to you as though a light were turned on. These things of anger and disdain (my frailties) are not essentially or physically compatible with the knowledge and experience you have gleaned over the eons and are capable of. Your physical being would cease to exist were the two combined, hence the reason you have not cleared and you yourself, in Soul, will not allow yourself clearance until such time. So, it is yourself controlling both eventualities."

"Long ago I saw these such small but inevitable shortcomings and wanted to present an example for you to follow so as to bypass their effects, but alas we had such a short time together (my sister, Virginia, passed from her body at the age of 24). It is not too late. Please know that it is an easy thing to accomplish, but know that it must be from an outpouring of love for ALL Mankind, regardless of good or evil. You must truly put yourself and your wants and needs last to put the good of the universe first. I continue to love and honor you, and I remain an integral part of you as well as your most loving sister amongst all levels of existence and universes. My love is with you always."

Greg wrote afterward: "That was it. WOW!! I had to go into the bathroom and was crying my eyes out. What an experience! Jesus, just having her thoughts coming in was incredible and loving. Holy Cow. What a Soul!!! I would love to have Her hanging out with me forever!".

113. 21 February 2009 E-Mail:       I had sent Greg information about the lives of Helena P. Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Olcott, the founders of the Theosophical Society. They were both disciples of The Ascended Master El Morya Who appeared to each of them at various times throughout their lives. They were also visited by The Masters Kuthumi and Djwhal Khul and received monetary help whenever it was needed as they strived to develope and expand the Theosophical Society. The writings of HPB, "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine", and the Society were a major thrust of The Great White Brotherhood toward the spiritual awakening of Western Civilization, and help was provided by The Masters many times.

In my note, I wondered why I was not receiving help from The Great Ones. I said that it felt like I was in the lineage of Blavatsky and Olcott and Alice Bailey, in that, I had come into this incarnate form to accomplish a certain mission on behalf of The Spiritual Hierarchy, one that would influence large numbers of people through the Sanctuaries and the healings and the preparation of many to be capable of making the Dimensional Shift. Everything was at a standstill, and I couldn't understand why there was not intervention and help from The Masters in this time of need.

When he read my note, he received a message from The Heavies and knew it was not The Master Virginia this time. It was addressed to me: "You are exactly where YOU planned on being. You temporarily no longer have access to those strategies, and We are unable to intervene, but We can tell you that YOU set up these series of events and conditions prior to this incarnation. We can only follow but not interfere with the directives you have bestowed upon yourself for this journey. We would remind you that much of it you created as a test of yourself. Any and all change of direction is in your control. We can say, look to yourself rather than others except for advice or suggestion."

Greg continued to say, "One thing that struck me was that They said it was up to you to change directions not that you had to do it all yourself. Somehow I get the 'feeling' that this might be some sort of battle, so to speak, between you changing directions and the Dark Lizards trying to smash that change so as to prevent the results of the change of direction. It seems that it would be up to you to somehow defeat their efforts and somehow maintain the changed direction, at least until The Dudes can join you in the battle. I assumed that the stategies referred to were the flow of events you decided upon before your incarnation."

114. 27 July 2009 E-Mail:       Greg was reading through the healing experiences of people in "Sharings and Testimonials" on my website when he said he heard a voice in his head that was very direct and very clear. He heard the exact words of the message clairaudiently rather than getting a thought package which would need to be converted into words. "He (Jim) must begin performing hands on healing everywhere he is. There are several nearby (Bayfield, Colorado) who are in particular need of his help." For a couple of years, almost all of the healings that I have offered have been at a distance during which Kuthumi would go to the side of the healing recipient to conduct the healing following my invocation, and I hadn't made any effort to announce myself or let it be known locally that I offer healings. All of the requests were coming from the Internet.

115. 22 October 2009 Phone Conversation:       Greg and I were having a phone conversation, and the subject of the Spiritual Communities had come up, the Sanctuaries of The Masters that I had been asked to create years ago just before stepping onto my path in the Spring of 2006. I was mentioning that nearly every single person who had expressed interest in offering assistance to this Project had disappeared into the aethers never to be heard from again. I had also told him about a woman in New Jersey who was being inspired and guided by Kuthumi on a daily basis to generate the funding for these Temples of Grace, as they have been called. Greg said that he received the sign of chills and then a thought-package which boiled down to this: when the Sanctuary comes into being (and likewise the others), all the help and the skills and the talents which will be needed for its developement will be attracted to it and will just show up to become participants in its creation and expansion. I would see this phenomenon as being directed by The Heavies of The Hierarchy.

In this same conversation, I was elaborating on the need to become a more Soul-infused and Soul-influenced personality and that meditation was the means for establishing a more open and persistent channel of communication to the Higher Self. I reminded Greg that since I had begun to meditate 20 years ago, I was always brought out of my meditation by a spasmodic muscle-jerking somewhere on my body. Just at that moment, he received the chills again, alerting him to the message that was forthcoming. He was told that the Dark Ones were the cause of the muscle-jerking for all of this time and that they have been, thusly, able to prevent me from contacting my Source and receiving guidance in that way. This floored me that they were capable of doing such a thing, and it told me of yet another of their obstructionist tools in opposing The Forces of Light. It has been extremely effective with me and undoubtedly delayed the entry onto my path for many years which, in turn, postponed all the aspects of my mission.

116. 14 November 2009 E-Mail:       During the Summer of 2009 I made connection with a couple from Pennsylvania who were going to be touring the country and interviewing metaphysically-inclined people about their spiritual journeys in life for a documentary that they were being inspired to create. I later came to believe and feel that this whole project of the spiritual documentary was being overseen and guided by The Ascended Masters of The Hierarchy. On their "Consciousness Tour", the couple met me in Southwest Colorado and videotaped what I had to share about my journey and my path and the things that I had come to do on behalf of The White Brotherhood and my Source, Kuthumi.

I had never been videotaped before and didn't have any preplanned outline of what I might be talking about, but I just opened my mouth and began talking. I thought I had stumbled through the whole thing, but they liked it so much that they said that they were going to edit it separately from the documentary and post it on the YouTube Website. A few months later, it was posted as "Consciousness Tour Dr. Jim" in 3 parts, and I sent Greg the link to watch it. This is what he had to say: "WOW ... I got MASSIVE chills watching this. I got a 'feeling' that these videos could open the flood gates. I got the 'feeling' that THIS is your next mode, if you will, to moving forward even beyond your website. You presented a HIGHLY believable and interesting demeanor."

I think that Greg received his input, in the form of chills and intuitive feelings, from the usual Lofty Level of High Estate in order to inform me of the influential nature of these videos and the need for me to be receiving more of this type of exposure to advance the projects I've been given to accomplish.

117. 14 November 2009 E-Mail:       I had shared with Greg a note that I'd written to someone with regard to the attraction that I've had to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas for the purpose of beginning the Sanctuary Project there, for the purpose of establishing the first Community and Healing Center of the Sanctuaries of The Masters. As he read the note, he received intuitive input from On High as follows: My (Jim's) own intuitive attraction to the area of North America, which is called the Ozarks, is intended only to be an example or suggestion by Those Who guide me, but the location of this first Community is not written in stone. It is not predetermined and could potentially be developed anywhere in the world. I believe that this message was given so that I would not be inflexibly fixated on starting the Project in the Ozarks and so that I would be more open to other possible locations.

118. 17 February 2010 E-Mail:       When Greg was reading an e-mail of mine, he received a sudden and direct knowingness that he called a "flash". What he received was a confirmation of something that I had been told years ago but found very hard to believe. My website,, is considered by The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy to be THEIR website, and it is being used by Them to influence FAR more people than I am being made aware of because only a few of them make contact with me. Many, many people have gone to my website and have come to know Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters in this way and have developed a fabulous association with Them. That was the gist of the message, which I think was given to reassure me that more was going on behind the scenes than I knew and that people were being guided to my website by The Masters.

119. 21 February 2010 E-Mail:       I had written Greg about a Native American woman in Tennessee with 90 acres of land which she felt was gifted to her for a purpose. Following her intuitive guidance, she had made contact with me and, in doing so, Kuthumi had come into her life. She is now feeling that she is to create a Spiritual Community on her land and asked me to join her. I gave Greg the reasons why I couldn't do that under the current circumstances, and he received a thought-package from The Lofty Ones as he read my note. One of the reasons I gave was that I wanted my own piece of land to hold in trust for The Ascended Masters so that there could be no interference by any unenlightened owner who didn't share the highest of Aquarian Age ideals that my vision offers me. I had said that I absolutely could not compromise those very highest of ideals as outlined in "The Sanctuary Of Kuthumi" on my website (click on link).

The message coming from The White Brotherhood said that it is okay for these parcels of land to be owned by others and that, even if they are, They would still encourage me to help set up the Communities. They knew that the Tennessee land would not be "my" Sanctuary, but then none of the Sanctuaries will be "mine" anyway. The Hierarchy for Planet Earth will be claiming them. I was told that even though I would not be the property owner or in complete charge, the nascent community would be MUCH better off with my input, guidance, and direction!!. The Heavyweights will be guiding me and working through me. Though I had not received it consciously, They had tried a long time ago to let me know that some of the Sanctuaries that I will be creating will not be "mine" with regard to land ownership. Many of the Communities will be set up by me, will become viable and stable, and I will subsequently move on to ignite others. The Hierarchy will assume control of the Community as I leave.

Next he said that the MAIN benefactors, who had made a pre-life contract to supply me with the means to accomplish my projects and who had been given great wealth to do so (by The Masters), have committed suicide because of their financial losses in the Great Recession. They had other projects that they were supposed to help besides mine, but they had reneged on the terms of their contract and so were allowed to lose their vast fortunes. They had been born into their fortunes and didn't even have to work for them. The next two benefactors in line to provide assistance to me are not very far behind the first ones in losing their fortunes, because they've clung to their wealth and have refused to help.

Greg said that The Masters are amazed that these gifts of wealth have bred such vile greed, such contempt, viciousness, and reluctance to serve Humanity. He said that the amount of financing for ALL of the projects that they had agreed to assist was simply insignificant in comparison to the amount of wealth that the main benefactors possessed, which indicates how enormously wealthy they were. He said that They are in awe of the power of avarice that grips these and many other humans, and They called it a "blinding force". He received cold chills while learning about the unimaginably wealthy ones who had refused to part with even a small portion of their wealth.

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