Reception from On High by way of The Higher Self or Soul

73. 14 September 2006 E-Mail:       Greg wrote, "Here's the stuff I got last night and early this morning. I thought I was just dreaming at first, but as I awoke the information just kept coming. All of these came as 'suggestions/brainstorming', I 'feel', rather than as directives, but I must say that they were coming fast and furious. Sometimes it's hard for me to 'wake up' when I think I'm dreaming and, like last night and early morning, it was 'raining down' information, although a lot of it was just me walking around (in astral form) and looking at things."

"The first thing I remember as I was falling asleep was that you (Jim) need to make a 'Wish List' and publish it on the website, and putting pictures with it would be even better." (See "Road Map To The Sanctuary".)

"Next, I was walking through your 'store'. It was like a huge Good Will Store, and it had tons of stuff but was well kept, neat, and clean. There was lots of furniture. It seemed like I was walking through the store and dreaming at the same time -- very weird. I got the message that you should try to find donated warehouse space and shop space to store and make things. Consider storing/fixing donated items, then selling the items from the store or warehouse. My impression was EXACTLY like Good Will does it."

"An interjection here -- when I heard/sensed Them say 'you' (Jim), the meaning was to delegate the work out to volunteers. You will need them to set this up and run it. Ones could donate (money) outright to the Project. Others could donate items not sold from garage or moving sales, etc."

"I went out the back door of the warehouse, turned left, and walked over to your 'shop' (workshop). The front of the building said, 'White Wolf Industries'. I walked in and it was full of people using saws, drill presses, sanders, etc.; and a bunch of people were assembling all kinds of cool things like one-quarter and one-half scale buckboards, covered wagons, wishing wells, and lighthouses almost exactly like I was going to build (for a business venture). I could smell sawdust and hear the machinery running. I sure liked that place!"

The following is the list of suggestions given to Greg while he was walking around in "the dream" (or the future) in his astral body:

    a. "Make and sell things from the shop."

    b. "Another impression (given several times) -- make a Wish List and publish it on your website." (See "Road Map To The Sanctuary".)

    c. "You will need access to a truck."

    d. "You need to find out about becoming a 501-c3 (a non-taxable, charitable entity)".

    e. "See about getting your writings published. I'm assuming you will be protected in doing this. This will also generate a continuous income stream."

    f. "Make sure you place 'land or property' on your Wish List, even small parcels. Although you don't have the property yet, placing a picture as an 'example' will provide insight (for others) into your thinking and intentions."

    g. "You need to ask everyone to promote the Project and Sanctuary by posting 'as often as possible' to groups, forums, blogs, etc."

    h. "I got this very strongly: 'Ask and you shall receive'!"

    i. "Find grant writers to help."

    j. "Find an accountant to help."

    k. "Host websites at inexpensively to generate a monthly revenue stream."

    l. "Consign items on E-Bay for private parties and businesses to generate commission revenue."

    m. "Set up your own 'Classifieds' section at People can use it rather than the newspaper. You can also sell donated items there."

"There were a few other things, but I couldn't write fast enough and was pretty sleepy trying to wake up and write these down. I'll stay open for more."

74. 19 September 2006 E-Mail:       I had written about the never-ending indirect attacks by the Dark Ones to cause me to become so miserable and frustrated that I would walk away from "the Project". They would usually come in the way of noise because of my hyperacute hearing sensitivity after 15 years in the wilderness, such things as alarms going off wherever I parked, diesel trucks and refrigerated trucks pulling up along side me and leaving their motors running, sirens screaming at me, ATV's and pick-up trucks and guns following me everywhere I went in the National Forest to camp, and on and on. I lamented that I had no quiet, safe, and comfortable place to go to for escape from all the noise in the public domain.

Greg wrote, "I just had a 'sense' that that is why The Dudes are pushing the Sanctuary so hard. They know you need some place to get away. I also got a message, 'Jim understands the interplay between what We will or can do and how that affects free will'. Whatever that means, I guess you'll understand it." (Ascended Masters and The Hierarchy are bound by the free will laws for this solar system as established by The Karmic Council.)

75. 21 September 2006 E-Mail:       I had made a proposal to Greg about creating a page on my website called "Messages From The Masters", wherein would be entered communications (through Greg) from The Ascended Masters and Others in The Spiritual Hierarchy once a week and any other occasions They deemed appropriate.

He responded, "I got the word last night that I am not to do it. They have their own agenda for things that I'm supposed to do, and that's not included. I also got that even though They LOVE the idea (and so do lots of other Big Dudes), They want you (and Them) to concentrate on the Sanctuary right now. It's of utmost importance! They intimated that, although the idea seems as if it would help bring the Sanctuary to fruition, there would be the chance of some very distracting circumstances to occur, and They don't want more delays."

"I just got a 'sense' (again) that you need to put that Wish/Needs List together (on the website) and also that you need to try to stay close to a phone signal if possible (when out camping)."

76. 25 September 2006 E-Mail:       I had submitted questions for The Heavy Dudes to answer, and this is what was received through the receptive ability of Greg.

    a. I expressed my concern for my emaciated body, the weakness and fatigue, and for being able to do what I came to do considering the enormity of the Project. Greg responded, "We talked about the pushups and crunches you were doing (he had had a very cold, chilly feeling when he read that I was doing them). I still have a bad feeling about them! They are eating up the small amount of calories you are inputting. I also got the 'sense' that you need to increase the amount of food intake as well as including lots of protein (including meat). I also got a 'sense' that as you increase the amount of food ingested, your stomach will slowly adjust itself. I also got that when the Sanctuary has come to fruition, your living standard will be SO improved that this will facilitate a better health and well-being condition."

"Remember that the Project IS enormous, but you need to DELEGATE MOST of the things that need doing. You will NOT be doing them as your purpose is to direct, to keep things moving and on track."

    b. I had asked how The Heavy Dudes thought I was doing with the anger more recently. Greg wrote, "I was made aware that They are very pleased with your progress, as the anger (and the impatience) are the most important low human aspects to rid yourself of. The Dark Forces will be unrelenting in their push to drive you from your Path, and these are some of their most useful weapons. I was told that as you subject yourself to more and more of the annoyances of the cities, you will slowly learn to block them out. Also, as we talked about, when the Sanctuary is underway, you will be at least partially removed from having to spend large amounts of time in the cities, although there will be times when you WILL need to be there."

    c. I asked if I could be provided with privacy and comfort and safety at the next place that I go to. The response is directly from The White Brotherhood, "We are trying to provide these things to you always, but ones do not always act upon our urgings. You MUST remember that in most cases you must ask in order to receive! MOST will not know of your needs and desires, and most will not offer fearing insulting you. Without going into detail, it is also most important that you make them aware that you are an allopathic physician, and what physician would be without a standard of living?"

"So We say again, do not be afraid to make those around you aware, and don't be afraid to ASK! At this moment in time, you are correct about traveling from place to place, but We are working on reducing those travels so you may spend more time training the trainers! Leveraging is MOST important!"

I asked what their response of "not far" meant when I had tried to find out about the next area that I was to go to (after Flagstaff, Arizona), and They said, "Not far means, hopefully, that you will be pleased".

    d. I asked for a comment on my proposal for a page on my website called "Messages From The Masters", in which Greg would channel weekly messages. He had been advised not to do it. They said, "We are focusing enormous efforts on the Sanctuaries at this time and would like that you make that a priority of your own. You will understand."

    e. I asked Lord Hilarion to comment or make suggestions, and He responded simply with, "You are to be proud!".

    f. I asked if I was correct in my belief that the 7 Years of Tribulation have not even begun and that the Dimensional Shift will have to be postponed for a LONG time past 2012 for the sake of preparing much, much larger numbers of humans for being able to participate in the Fourth Density New Age. The Heavies responded, "You are correct. The amount of delay will be partly in your hands and the work of many others trying to raise the meager numbers (of humans capable of making it into the New Age at the Higher Dimensional Level of Expression)."

    g. I asked if there was anything wrong with the Ozarks for the first Retreat and also asked how many Retreats They wanted me to create in North America. The only response was, "Be patient".

    h. I asked if any more Dark Ones had tried to breech my forcefield of protection to try to harm me (or worse), and the answer was, "Several have tried and were appropriately dealt with".

    i. I asked a question on behalf of Mike and Bobbie F. of Munds Park, Arizona, and The Lord Hilarion Himself responded, "They are inundated with SPECIAL qualities. They both have magnificent Paths that will contribute significantly to the success of the coming Earth Changes. As you know, We are often unable to speak specifically about what those contributions might be lest We influence the freedom of choice and free will, but be assured that they (the contributions) are significant, and We are most grateful."

(Speaking to me, Jim) "Regarding the Sanctuary, I would advise the 3 of you to discuss and scribe EACH AND EVERY need regarding what will be needed to bring this to fruition, as it were, creating a most important road map. Separate these 'needs' into tasks or groupings, and discuss means of achieving each of these. I will say that as you examine each and every piece of this enormous undertaking, it will become more than clear to Mike and Bobbie where they will be able to make their most important contributions. Let Me say that it could very well take more than 1 or 2 discussions to build this all-important 'map'. The help proffered in creating this document is, in and of itself, most significant! These are friends to be held near and dear!"


When I had recently talked to Greg about my participation in the long-distance healings, he had seen, in his "mind's eye" , the symbol of an umbilical cord stretching from me to the healing recipient. He wrote, "I wanted to remind you about the 'sense' I got about the umbilical cord. For some reason, the energy flowing through the so-called cord to the recipient is 'moderated' through you for the benefit of that person. I didn't get the whys or the wherefores. Also, you don't need the address (of the recipient), but the city or state could be helpful to you so that you can direct your 'personal' energies in that direction. Even that's probably not necessary, but I have a 'feeling' that some people benefit from it the same way a placebo might work (through belief). They think that that's expected and a part of the process and that if you don't ask (for their location) they won't be healed."

"I just had a 'sense' that the music, candles, sacred objects, lying down, etc. (during a healing session) are totally unnecessary but can be beneficial for the mind-set of the recipient. The expectations (of the healing) are MOST important, and the gratitude is a precondition of even receiving the healing."

"Anyway, my healing was very cool. I got all relaxed and asked for healing in the lungs and airways (COPD) and some healing for the right ankle (old fracture). The lungs and chest got a very nice warm feeling and actually started feeling clearer and clearer. The 'sense' I got was that they (the lungs) were returning to the state they were in when I was younger. There was no 'sense' of a year (age), but it sure was a clear feeling. They have remained very clear (of secretions) all day today."

"The right ankle also got warm, and it felt like the whole leg from the knee down was swelling with energy and pulsating. Maybe the steel rod in there was acting like a lightning rod (in jest). The ankle has been no problem all day. Anyway, thanks a BUNCH!!"

77. 01 October 2006 E-Mail:       My heater core had ruptured in my van, and I had no heat at the high altitude on the Colorado Plateau with some of the nights getting to subfreezing temperatures. It was an expense that I couldn't afford at the time, and I was just living with it. Having come to learn of it, someone (Mike F.) had offered to take care of the repair bill for me, and I wrote to Greg that The Dudes (White Brotherhood) may have impulsed Mike to help me out, and I also wrote of my concern for indebtedness. He wrote back, "You're right! I had a 'feeling' that it was a gift from The Dudes through Mike and that it did not create any obligation or indebtedness. It's a small offering compared to what you will and have given of yourself. Any debt has already long been paid. They feel that the 'indebtedness' you may feel is coming from the Dark Dudes (somehow). Accept with gratitude and in the spirit it is given. Allow others to gain in spirit by giving."

I had asked some questions about my role in the long distance healings, and he wrote, "I got these thoughts from Someone, although I don't know Who (of The Masters). 'You (Jim) were trained as a conduit for these Energies (of The Christ Consciousness) long, long ago, but, as We have stated before, your position in these Transitional Times will be that of an overseer. You will be training the trainers (who will train the healers and the teachers). You must not allow yourself to get embroiled in the details but must be as the conductor. We are currently simply allowing you to keep the conduit charged'."

They went on to say, "We are amused at but understand your need to entertain your left hemisphere (of the brain by questioning so much). BELIEVE Us that you are doing everything correctly and competently. When you ask a question, We know that you have, what you call, an idea of what the answer is. TRUST that it is We Who plant the idea. What you are doing now (the healing and the teaching) is experiencing what your learned teachers and healers will be experiencing when you have 'ordained' them to help with the Transition (of Earth). Were We to allow you complete recollection, you would find this 'Childs Play'. Be more peaceful with yourself."

I had sent Greg the "Road Map To The Sanctuary", and he wrote, "WOW, did I get the MAJOR bumps and chills when I read it! I had a 'feeling' that It (the Sanctuary) is getting close. I also had a STRONG 'feeling' that it (the writing just sent) HAS to be accessible to everyone on your website."

78. 06 October 2006 E-Mail:       This note was sent from Greg to Mike F. of Munds Park, Arizona. "I have a 'feeling' that your meeting Jim was NOT happenstance." Mike had asked about using the lessons and teachings of Astara for those many people who are beginners on the Path and who have no knowledge of spiritual matters outside of their religious teachings. (Astara is a modern-day Mystery School of Initiation founded by Earlene Chaney whose Master and Overseer of the School was Kuthumi.) Greg wrote, "Well, I have to tell you that I don't know anything about Astara's lessons, but when reading the paragraph I had a very strong 'sense' that some Masters (I don't know which Ones) were smiling quite broadly and heaving a sigh of relief."

"I also had a very strong 'sense' (from The Masters) that the information you have accumulated could be VERY important in training aspects (in fundamentals) for the Sanctuary of Kuthumi. The phrase, 'must learn to crawl and walk before running' kept repeating itself several times (in Greg's mind, clairaudiently). I whole-heartedly agree with you that there are MANY out there who mean well but who have no idea of where or how to start (on the spiritual path). I just got a jolt (a sudden message) from The Dudes that the training you could do does NOT have to wait for the Sanctuary to be built. ........... I think that the two of you (Bobbie and Mike) could be an immense help with Jim's Project, and my 'sense' is that that's what The Masters are thinking too!"

79. 12 October 2006 E-Mail:       These were the responses to several questions I had sent to Greg in an e-note.

    a. I had asked if The White Brotherhood had any concerns for the state of my physical body, referring to the emaciation and the extensive muscular atrophy which has been present for 15 years. Greg wrote, "As I was reading it I got that They are VERY concerned, but at the end I sat here for a minute or 2 and got nothing. Then I got a sweeping, 'Physician Heal Thyself! You have been a healer far too long to ask Us this question. You have, at your command, all that's needed to reverse your state of being'." Later, in a follow-up conversation, Greg said that the message came to him like a big commanding voice or thought-package that reverberated as though in an auditorium. It reminded him of Moses or God speaking in a movie.

    b. I asked what They thought of "Road Map To The Sanctuary", the latest writing to go into my website. The direct response was, "We are impressed".

    c. I asked if I was wrong to claim that Hilarion will make an appearance at my talks (aetherically speaking). Greg wrote, "I got that you are NOT wrong in that He has already been there (at the talks), but claim only that He may make an appearance. There are Others (of The Masters) that may do the same as needed. The Dudes would like you to continue giving the talks and healing those in need."

    d. I asked if there was anything that Kuthumi would like to communicate to me at this time, and the message channeled was, "You MUST work on your strength and body mass".

    e. I asked for comment on Their efforts with regards to the first Sanctuary, and Greg wrote, "I got that They are distraught with several ones (people), but there was no elaboration". We later clarified that The Heavy Dudes are "distraught" with certain people who are not following the inner promptings given by The Dudes for them to go to my website or request a healing or offer a contribution or become interested in the Sanctuary. In conversation, it also came out that that's what happened to my Sedona trip that Greg had "felt" so Very Good about before I went.

    f. I asked about the "activation" I was told I would have at some point. Greg wrote, "I heard this kind of like a thought-bubble, 'Some have told you this will happen as though it were a light switch (refer to "The Shasta Revelations"). This enlightenment will come to you as needed but not as a sudden event. You have already accessed much of your learning (given over eons), although you don't appear to recognize it and assume it is coming from within your own mind. And so all of it is coming from you and will come from you! These things will come more easily when you learn to let go, accept that it will happen, and let it happen; although you have surprised Us and don't seem to manifest the problems We would ascribe to your doubting mind'." Greg reiterated that the doubts I have are somehow inserted into my mind by the Dark Brotherhood.

    g. I requested suggestions for the care of my lower back and the amelioration of its pain, and this was channeled, "You MUST be extricated from your current living conditions (15 years of homelessness and living in a van)!". Greg said that the message was emphatic and decisive.

    h. I had proposed that Greg become my personal advisor and consultant when the Sanctuaries come into being, but I also knew that he would have to ask The Masters about it. He wrote, "I thought it was a GREAT idea, but here's what I got last night. In all likelihood, I will not be a permanent resident of Kuthumi's Sanctuary. I will be encouraged to visit often and to continue passing on to you the information that I receive, but as it grows, more and more information will be delivered directly to you even if it feels like it was something you came up with. In other words, ALL the stuff you've been learning over the past millennium (see f.) will be at your disposal, maybe not as instant recall but will be there if and when it's needed. As far as my protection goes (the question of increased protection for Greg when at the Sanctuary), They said, 'That remains to be seen!'. They said that things will change as time passes, and protection may be adapted as needed depending on the amount of protection that I qualify for."

80. 27 October 2006 Phone Conversation:       Greg had come to learn, through a phone call, that there was a writing missing from my website called, "The Reptilian Conquerors". I had written it as an expose' about the Dark and Evil Reptilian Forces who have controlled this planet for eons of time and who have purposely kept Humanity locked in fear to prevent their evolutionary progress into the Light. Greg went to my website and confirmed that it had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the "Writings of Mine" section and from the listing of my writings altogether. He then went to the hard drive on his computer, where it had been stored, to see if it was still there so he could simply upload it back into my website in its formatted state.

He discovered, to his utter amazement, that "The Reptilian Conquerors" was also inexplicably missing from his computer hard drive. As he made the discovery, the hair on his arms and neck stood on end, a sign he has been given so many times before. He said that a wave of fear swept over him, and he felt ill and somewhat nauseous and really uneasy at that moment. Then he perceived, psychically, a presence behind his back of one or more of the Dark Ones and "sensed" that he was being observed and mocked about the missing files. There was no doubt in his mind that those of the Dark Side had removed, through their technological capabilities, the piece I had written about them, which was indicative to me that they did not want others to read what I had written about them. (If interested, go to "The Reptilian Conquerors".)

81. 08 November 2006 E-Mail:       I had sent Greg a list of questions for The Big Dudes which mostly had to do with the Dimensional Shift of Planet Earth and the dimensional shifting of certain well-prepared individuals along with the planet. The Brotherhood had been silent in their communications to us for about a month until now. All of these entries are quotations, either the words of Greg or myself (Jim) or The Heavy Hitters.

Greg wrote, "I finally got the information from several Someones this afternoon, but I'm not sure Who They were. I got stuck at Walmart for the healing (that he had been scheduled to have) last night but just tried to center and relax myself, and I had a damned nice experience standing in line. My body got so relaxed I almost fell down. My chest (lungs -- with COPD) felt as though they were being expanded by Someone or something forcing pure oxygen into them. I haven't felt that clear in a long time, not even in Arizona (after 2 healing sessions in the desert). Thanks!!!! It looks like it doesn't matter where or when you are up for a healing. The Dudes just DO IT."

The following are my (Jim's) comments and questions directed toward The White Brotherhood and the direct responses that They provided through Greg. "In my talks ('The Way To Paradise'), I don't want to misinform anyone with the knowledge that I've accumulated over a long period of time and would ask for a comment, a confirmation, or a correction on the following matters."

    a. Question: "Is that Lighter Body that we shift into the Astral Body for those who find themselves in the Age of Christ-Love? What happens to the denser body?"

        Answer: "It's far too complicated to explain in detail, but the so-called denser body is simply transformed into the Lighter Body. It is not a difficult process, and We are unconcerned about you misinforming." (In later discussion about this last sentence, Greg felt that their lack of concern about me misinforming others was because there were such minor and inconsequential discrepancies in my writings and teachings that they were of little concern to The Heavy Dudes.)

    b. Question: "Am I correct that the Higher Self orchestrates the sudden shifting of the incarnate personality from 3rd to 4th Density and that without warning they find themselves in that Higher Level free from all the chaos, destruction, trauma, fear, and massive death?"

        Answer: "You are correct about the Higher Self orchestration, but there will be Others helping with the shift (of each individual). It will be sudden for very few."

    c. Question: "Is there a time period during which that personality is shifted back and forth between 3rd and 4th Density as a means for preparing that one for the dramatic change?"

        Answer: "The 'process' may happen over a period of days but can happen nearly instantly for some. It can and will be a confusing and frightening experience for some. The shift is primarily made gradually as the shock of moving back and forth between the 2 Densities would be harmful for most."

    d. Question: "What are those experiences like when that one has their focus of awareness shifted into 4th Density temporarily? How can they recognize it consciously?"

        Answer: "We appreciate your attempt at 'peeking' through the veil. We would not spoil it for you."

    e. Question: "I have taught that the transitioning from this Level to the next one would occur at different times for different people prior to the Shifting of the planet and that they would not all transition at the same time. Is this correct? When that happens, will they suddenly disappear from this reality in 3rd Density?"

        Answer: "You have taught correctly. They will not suddenly disappear. The transition will occur gradually."

    f. Question: "Are there signs and clues and signals that would tell someone that their Higher Self is preparing them to make the shift or transition?"

        Answer: "Other than the possibility of catastrophic environmental events occurring (which will not directly affect those who have prepared), some will barely notice the shift, and others will have a relatively difficult time making the adjustment. You, for example, will hardly notice the shift as you are already in the process of transitioning, albeit slowly."

    g. Question: "If someone was using all the 13 Steps (see '13 Steps To Paradise') fervently and consistently to make it into the Aquarian Age, how would they know that they'd adequately prepared themselves?"

        Answer: "The 'time' element is of no significance. It is the decision to be there that comes from the heart and soul that ultimately matters." (This was also discussed for further clarification, and the length of time in following all the 13 Steps is not as important as the honest and heartfelt decision to leave the self behind in dedicating one's life to be of service to others.)

    h. Question: "There will be a Harvest for both polarities (service to self and service to others) on this planet when the time comes. How polarized must one be in service to others (the positive polarity) to be harvested into 4th Density (in terms of % polarization, e.g. 80% or 93%, etc.)?"

        Answer: "You either are or have made the decision to be of service to others or NOT."

    i. Question: "Is it not correct that we will be able to rejuvenate our bodies and make them perfectly healthy once in 4th Density?"

        Answer: "Ultimately, yes. Until then, many will need the assistance of Healers." (It later "popped into Greg's head" that there will be some who are minimally prepared to make the Dimensional Shift when the Deal goes down, and they will go through some traumas which might be likened to the Christian concept of Purgatory before finding themselves in the Paradise of 4th Density. They will be in considerable need of healing. The word, Purgatory, triggered his input in our conversation.)

    j. Question: "Will the Sanctuaries and all those in them who are sufficiently prepared just suddenly make the Shift all at once and all together when the moment is propitious?"

        Answer: "No. It will be fascinating to watch and experience."

    k. Question: "What corrections would The Dudes like to make regarding the things that I've been teaching about the Shift and the program for getting people capable of being harvested into the Golden Age?"

        Answer: "No corrections. You have been preparing for this for many lifetimes. We chuckle at the nicknames (Heavy Dudes, etc.) you have bestowed upon Us, but be mindful that others may feel you are being blasphemous."

    l. Question: "How is it that I'm definitely going to be there (4th Density) when I'm not doing any of the preparatory steps (see '13 Steps To Paradise') to get there? Was this plan all worked out before I even came in? K.K.'s Guides (see 'The Shasta Revelations') said that I would be, for sure, going into the New Age at the next Higher Level."

        Answer: "You are already approaching the transition and have been preparing for eons."

82. 12 November 2006 Phone Conversation:       While discussing the recommendation (by The Masters) of a series of healing sessions for those with chronic, serious medical conditions, Greg had an immediate intuitive "sense" that others may need the series as well for lots of different reasons: illnesses of a karmic nature, an influence of doubt, the inability to fully believe, a mind-set of victimhood, the unwillingness to be an active participant in the healing, the persistent relapse into negative emotions or thinking patterns. His "sense" was that I should just tell most people that more than one healing session is available and refer them to "Some Reasons Why A Healing May Not Occur".

He also had a "sense" that I should solicit more information from people regarding their medical conditions before the appointment is made. They should be made aware that I have the knowledge of an M.D. physician because it may further boost their confidence in the healing. This is all for the benefit of the recipient, because if they don't really believe in it, then it may well not happen. And he also "sensed" that I should be more adamant about requesting that certain things be read on my website.

83. 02 January 2007 E-Mail:       I had written Greg that some vaguely perceived thought-form had entered me a few days ago that everything was going to be alright despite the outward appearances right now. When he read that, he said that he got a STRONG "sense" from The Heavy Dudes, and he said that there were more than 5 of Them involved in the message, including The Big V (Virginia, my Master Guardian). They were smiling and chuckling at my determination to NOT acknowledge Them when They comfort me and give me major thanks and hugs for all my efforts! He said that the message included that I interpreted the information correctly, that things will be fine.

84. 08 January 2007 E-Mail:       More questions had been submitted to be answered by Earth's White Brotherhood whenever They felt that it was appropriate. It took a couple of months before the following responses were received.

    a. Question: "Am I any closer to having a place to go for the Winter or do I need to expect to spend the entire Winter out in the Sonora Desert?"

        Answer: "We understand your concern but will remind you that We must work within certain constraints. Much of what We are trying to enable is dependent on ones who utilize their free will, and it is not always to a direction We appreciate. We are VERY disappointed in many! Please be reminded that you too have this gift of free will. We would rejoice were We able to bestow earthly riches upon you at the blinking of an eye, but such is not the case. Remain immersed in riches of the heart and spirit. We have directed Greg to 2 communities that We would like you to visit. They are both reasonably close to your current location (Western Arizona). There are many excellent ideas and much pertinent information to be gleaned from their endeavors that can be applied to the Sanctuaries. These communities will welcome you for as short or as long as you deem necessary."

Greg then wrote, "These are the websites of the places They indicated as being valuable: and". In a later phone conversation, he said that he had been intuitively directed to do a web-search for spiritually-oriented communities in Arizona, and when he came across each of these he had a "feeling" or "sense" that these were the ones recommended.

    b. Question: "Would Djwhal Khul have any comment to make since I've begun to include his teachings on the website ('Nuggets From Shamballa')?"

        Answer: "Any means made available to communicate with those of Earth are much appreciated. May The Great Ones bless you even more! Do not shy away from adding more."

    c. Question: "Are there any recommendations for getting my website and the healings more widely known?"

        Answer: "You should present information to many more forums, lists, and directories. It is also necessary that you begin selecting documents for the recording of your work on tapes and compact discs (CD's). It would be sufficient to simply record them as you or your designee read them aloud. These may be distributed from your website as well as other places and could produce some needed funds. Continuing to expand the awareness of your website is of maximum importance and help."

    d. Question: "Is something wrong? I feel at a standstill after so much effort put into initiating the path. The momentum appears to be lost, and nothing is happening."

        Answer: "There is much that could be done, but some, We are concerned, you will elect not to pursue. It would do much to hasten the events were you to continue your talks, teachings, and healings in the Phoenix and/or Tucson Areas. There are many great abilities and necessities there. We have suggested some means of creating income streams, but your free will has desired to decline."

"One was to make ready articles and documents for commercial publication. Another was, as We did for Gregory which was much to his astonishment, enabling his friend Thomas to discover and apply for the military service disability funds (VA Pension)." Greg wrote, "I was floored. I thought all this just happened because of my friend, Tom. It never even crossed my mind that They had anything to do with it. I asked The Dudes if Tom knew anything about Them, and They replied, 'No'."

"We then enabled Thomas to inform Gregory (about the VA Pension), who disappointingly exercised his free will to disregard the opportunity for many years. We then were allowed to subtly manipulate Gregory's environment so as to encourage him to apply (for the pension) and to find the funds (being approved) so that, in turn, he could pursue his path more fully and encourage you to do the same (apply for the pension and begin my path). These delays have seen the loss of invaluable time and many opportunities."

Greg wrote, "I asked about exaggerating some of my physical conditions to the VA, and They replied that sometimes overstating the truth is necessary to move those in control off the mark, meaning that the conditions that I was actually suffering from were, in truth, enough to genuinely merit the funds. I then asked about your physical conditions, and They replied, 'Are you in doubt of our motive in directing you to pass the information on to Jim?'. I just shrank down and shut up. It was also VERY clear that I was supposed to apply for the pension funds (VA) a long time ago (as encouraged by Tom N.), get you on it, and get us both underway back in about 2000 or 2001 (BIG LOSS)."

Greg later said that The White Brotherhood had had many things planned and set up to happen for that time frame of 2000-2001 when it was expected that the 2 of us would be starting on our pre-planned paths on behalf of The Masters. When it didn't happen, some of those plans fell apart because many people who were involved in those plans drifted away from their commitments and went in other directions, and because I didn't start my path until 2006, new plans had to be formulated and set into motion by The Brotherhood.

To continue the channeling to Jim, "We were hoping that with your work and exposure in Flagstaff, you would regain your ability to better cope with others. In the future, it will be of the UTMOST importance that you are able to do this, including working with those participating in the Sanctuaries. You will find that even some on 'the Path' will retain characteristics that can cause irritation and aggravation."

"There is only one way to resolve this, and that is to allow yourself immersion in it. A paradox is developing in that you are well on your long-awaited path to help save Humankind, yet you accommodate them with disgust, contempt, and disdain. Be reminded that, crude as some may be, all are extensions of The Almighty. We will tell you that much of your influence (which is negative) comes from the Dark Forces, but We never allow it to become more than you should easily handle."

    e. Question: "If the Sanctuary has been a priority now for months, has there been any progress? What more can I do?"

        Answer: "The Sanctuary is, for the most part, out of your hands at this time (meaning that the influencing of those who pledged to support It before incarnating is up to The Masters). We are amused at your impatience and conceptual use of linear time, but We understand why this is so. We continue to manipulate those who are necessary and capable of contributing significantly. There are some who have been given much because of commitments made long ago. They have reneged on those commitments, and so We have allowed them to lose these fortunes."

    f. Question: "Does everyone need multiple healing sessions because of inability to handle the full intensity of the Christ Energies? What about animals?"

        Answer: "Not at all. It is dependent on the extent of their physical or emotional maladies, but most seeking your help will be in need of multiple sessions. In fact, some with dangerous diseases or multiples of such would be much better served were you to teach them to summon their own Guides and Masters for healing as well as continuing sessions with you. Those being served will know when they have had enough and will know that they are unable to get too much. Strange as it may seem, animals are much more able to tolerate healing energies than Humankind."

    g. Question: "Why don't the Lizzies (the Reptilian Dark Forces) know that their defeat on this evolutionary scheme called Earth is a foregone conclusion? If they've lost at Higher Levels here already, why are they still pushing for total world control?"

        Answer: "They are VERY aware of their ultimate defeat, nonetheless they are able to successfully coerce immense negative energies from the Earth Realm and will continue to do so until the Earth has completed it's Shift (into 4th Density)."

    h. Question: "Are there any commands, in the Name of The Christ, that will prevent them from interfering with me and my work? What happens if they try to harm or kill me?"

        Answer: "None are necessary. As Greg's thoughts revealed, We are on FULL ALERT! Be reminded that they are fully able to manipulate your environment including those around you and, in doing so, cause you much negative emotion. It is important that you be keenly aware of this, and as they see that it is no longer to any avail (to try to upset me), they will eventually abandon their efforts. The opposite is also worthy of reminding. When you allow them successes, they gleefully increase their efforts."

"There are those of the Dark Forces who's only efforts are to remove you from your path. They are powerful and cunning ones, and you should be most proud that you have been able to fend them off as well as you have. Their will to persist is NOT as great as yours."

    i. Question: "How does that 'umbilical cord' from me to the distant healing recipient work? How do I moderate the Energies from Kuthumi?"

        Answer: "It's far too complicated to explain, even though you already have this information. A quick explanation is that by sending the energies through you, the energies are able to evolve into an 'earthly' state that enables the recipient to more adequately and efficiently use the energy. As Greg suggested, it takes the edges off." A later clarification revealed that for most (but not all) of the healings at a distance, the energies are brought through me first before reaching the recipient, which is one of the things that I trained for in many other lifetimes and during sojourns on the Astral Planes.

    j. Question: "If the ones who are going to make 4th Density will be transmuting their bodies into a higher level of beingness (called the Light Body) and they will be out of harm's way, what need will there be for a massive Evacuation by The Ashtar Command?"

        Answer: "There will be many, who are or who will be moving into a Higher Density, that happen to be in areas of great turmoil and dangerous earthly changes. They will not have made the total shift and will thus still be vulnerable. They will be removed from these dangers to be returned later." In follow-up, Greg said (as psychically received) that the Evacuation would not be massive but rather would be more limited in scope because of the small percentage of humans who will be capable of making the Dimensional Shift, and of that small fraction many will have been led to safe areas or will have already shifted into their Light Bodies. He thought that the total numbers of humans who will qualify for and require an extra-terrestrial evacuation would be in the millions but not in the 10's of millions or higher (thus billions will not make it).

85. 29 January 2007 E-Mail:

    a. Question: "When I finally start creating the Sanctuaries, I want to have the final say on the decisions that are made -- the choices, the plans, the regulations, the permanent residents -- not out of any sense of ego or power trip but because I hold uppermost in mind the ideal vision and won't compromise that vision. Is there anything wrong with that?"

        Answer: "We appreciate your intent and sense of purpose but will remind you that you must place trust in your designees. Your purpose is far too important than to be weighted by the mundane, and as more Sanctuaries are created, this will become of even more import."

    b. Question: "Could the Sanctuaries, which I wish to create and which have the potential for helping large numbers of people to make the Shift, have any comparison to other Endeavors of The Brotherhood in the past, such as the Theosophical Society, Alice Bailey's writings, the I Am Movement of the '30's, and the Bridge Activity of the '50's? Please elaborate!"

        Answer: "There are some similarities, but as the Sanctuaries evolve They will be like nothing ever seen on your planet. To elaborate would be to make patience intolerable."

    c. Question: "Did the Sanctuaries need the approval of The Solar Logos and The Lords of Karma for the investment of your Energies and mine?"

        Answer: "Approval is an 'earthly' term. It is too difficult to fully explain, but suffice it to say that We (The Great White Brotherhood of Planet Earth), The Solar Logos, The Lords of Karma, and All that may be involved (in the Sanctuaries) conceived of, are developing, and are implementing the concept of the Sanctuaries as ONE (Collective of Consciousness), as with all Projects. All are aware of All at all times, a Universal Consciousness. You have also been aware and involved for a very long time as one of the initial instigators (of the Sanctuaries), but your Earth Plane veils your consciousness (and memory)."

86. 18 March 2007 E-Mails:       During the second week in March, Greg said he went to look through his Spam Folder before deleting everything, something he very rarely does. His eye was immediately drawn to an e-mail whose sender was "Thomas Aquinas". When he opened the e-mail it read, "This is important information for a friend of yours:". He knew the information was meant for me (Jim). When he read the message, he said the chills he received were so strong that they were jerking his body around, and the hairs on his arms stood straight up, and his body was shivering. When he went to the URL, he got the same symptoms all over again. The website was for a spiritual community founded by a shaman in Southern Missouri.

I then sent the following e-mail to "Thomas Aquinas":

"Thomas Aquinas, please inform me about your message to Greg Paul for me with regards to Life Healing Community being of importance to me. Can you shed any light on this matter for me? My conjecture is that this notification came from The White Brotherhood for this planet, and I may note a playfulness in the use of the name, The Sanctuarian (in the e-mail address). Am I correct about the origin of the message? Could this be a means for me to be in contact with The Ascended Masters by going through your e-mail address? Could it be means for me to have some questions answered by The Heavy Dudes without disturbing Greg? With Love, jim"

About a week later I received the following e-mail response back from "Thomas Aquinas":

"You as We, Our own Healer and Teacher, We are gratified you are so much more trusting in your intuition as it should be. Your conjecture is correct."

"We understand your concern regarding your vehicle (1983 Chevy Van), but should you not venture to this Ozarks area (Winona, Missouri) what then? There is work to be done in your current location (Arizona), but a Sanctuary is not needed there at this time. There is some to learn from the shaman (Maggie) and some for you to share with her, but there are ones being guided there (Life Healing Community) for your connection."

"Several were guided to a Wind Spirit Community (Arizona) for a connection with you, one with a certain acquaintance that had the capacity to help greatly with financial matters, but you were not present. Three have left, including that one capable of helping monetarily. One remains ...... for the time being. They have all fulfilled their contracts and can no longer be called upon. Please know that We are unable to divulge these things in advance as it is a violation of influence, yet We are able to make suggestions. Revelations can be made when the influence ceases to exist. Were We able, We would simply lay gold at your feet."

"Do not rely on this form of communication. It was suggested, partly in jest, by Our One, The Lord Hilarion. The initial message sent to your friend (Greg) has left him quite bewildered. This Internet has become a most powerful tool as you've come to know through your website. Use it wisely and it will create much for you. The Discussion Forum (newly created on my website) will open a new chapter of communication and will produce many fine connections."

"Advance in Love and Peace."

When Greg read the message above, he wrote the following: "HOLY COW!!! WHAT A MESSAGE!!! Man, I was doing some major shivering, and the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck were standing straight up. WOW ...... WOW ....... WOW!! I'm stunned. They're right; I am/was bewildered and STILL AM. It sounds like Hilarion is standing right alongside you with Kuthumi. It must be nice! He even has a sense of humor. Well, all I can say is WOW!!!"

It is apparent to me (Jim) that these communications came to me directly from The Brotherhood of the 5th Ray (called The Brotherhood of Truth) under Lord Hilarion, and it was done over the Internet of all things! I believe that The Master Who incarnated as Saint Thomas Aquinas was The One Who sent the messages and that He is a Member of The 5th Ray Brotherhood (Hilarion's Ashram). Greg received that He is somehow involved in helping me to create the first Sanctuary and hence the name on the e-mail address as The Sanctuarian.

87. 29 March 2007 E-Mail:       After several correspondences with the founder of LHC (as mentioned above) in which I explained many things about myself and what I came to do and my connections with The White Brotherhood and the pull I have had toward the Ozarks for a long time, she sent me a defensive and fearful note suggesting that I create my Sanctuaries "out West" because the Ozarks were already being taken care of from the standpoint of Spiritual Retreats. My first reaction was to develope negative feelings and thoughts toward this person who had made the claim that she also was working with and being supported by The Masters. It was quite a let-down after the way I had come to be informed about the community. I couldn't understand why someone like her could feel so threatened by what I proposed to create in that part of the country, and I shared her e-mail to me with Greg.

Before he carefully read it, the first "sense" that he got was that she was like a mother being protective of her "nest". When he read it more carefully, there was received a message from Kuthumi to me, and he said that there was no doubt whatsoever in his mind that it was from Kuthumi. There was a comforting feeling associated with it.

I will quote Greg, "This came from The Big Dude Himself, Kuthumi! 'You are allowing this information to cause you much more grief than it should. Be aware that in this process of Healing, Teaching, and creating Sanctuaries you will encounter MANY more such circumstances. Should you elect to allow them to affect you the way you are allowing the shaman, you will NOT have enough remaining energy to accomplish your tasks. Be aware again that you have had much more training than the shaman and most that you will encounter. Do not despise them for their frailties but love them as your children. Would you cast your child into the street? Know that when you allow anger or disdain to enter, it replaces love. Many will be afraid of your great knowledge and will be intimidated by your path, but only bring them to your breast as The Christ did and conversion will be yours'."

Greg had further things to say from what he psychically received while reading the note. "I 'sensed' a lot of fear that your mission (Sanctuary) could very much overshadow hers. I can certainly understand her concern, but like Kuthumi said, it's okay for her to be concerned, but she just doesn't have the understanding and knowledge that you have. Love her anyway. She just doesn't understand your path, and that's alright. I have felt her anxiety throughout her note to you."

88. 02 April 2007 E-Mail:       Following a healing, a woman in Ontario, Canada, had asked me if I had experienced anything during her session, and I wrote her back that my primary purpose was to serve as a vessel and channel for the Christed Energies of Kuthumi to the recipients of the healings, even the ones at a distance. I also told her that I wasn't very perceptively sensitive to what happens in a healing. I shared this with Greg, and he received the following message clairaudiently, "You (Jim) need to listen/feel, as occasionally feedback WILL come to you after a healing".

As Greg was reading another e-mail from me, he received, "Jim needs to get on some talk shows -- radio and/or television".

Reading through my e-mails, he said that a kind of thought-package came into his mind and that it definitely came from Someone in The Spiritual Hierarchy. They let it be known that it was VERY IMPORTANT! Basically, it conveyed that someone needed to develope the means for building donations for the Sanctuary Project and that a foundation grant proposal writer was needed to be working on it from that angle of approach. He wrote, "Maybe The Dudes are going to let you develope some of the loot needed to build the Sanctuaries".

89. 24 April 2007 E-Mail:       Greg received another e-mail from The Sanctuarian, The Master Who had incarnated as Saint Thomas Aquinas, and the message was for me. The Subject read, "A Warning for Your Friend", and the content was solely the URL for the Boston Channel. Upon going to the link, I found an article about fraudulent schemes aimed at Bank of America customers for the purpose of obtaining information about their accounts so that those accounts could be accessed and cleaned out (I have a B of A account).

I had already received 2 e-mails which purported to be from Bank of America, asking for an updating of information lest I no longer have on-line access to my account. Thomas Aquinas was looking out for me and my bank account, and it is believed that the basis of this warning has to do with money needed for the first Sanctuary, hence The Sanctuarian is demonstrating a protective influence.

I had sent Greg a picture of a prominent police lieutenant in Florida who had received a series of healings from Kuthumi and who was very enthusiastic and impressed by his experience with Kuthumi. As Greg was looking at the picture, he said he got a "SCREAMING" message in his head from One of The White Brotherhood, "Tell him (Jim) to get some pictures on his site!!!" This referred to pictures of me. He said, "The message was presented in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS! I don't know what the big deal is, but then I can't see as far down the road as those Guys. The message was actually kind of scary, it was so EMPHATIC!"

90. 02 May 2007 E-Mail:       Greg wrote to me, "I just got a 'feeling' about something happening in Sedona (Arizona) again, nothing at all clear. Maybe whatever was supposed to happen last year will happen now."

"WOW, I just got another thought-package that you're supposed to set up some projects there for volunteers to do. Get donations of clothing, food, medicines, furniture, money, and a place donated to store and distribute it to needy people. The thought was that each of those donations was a separate project. This is where your 'Volunteer' page (on the website) could come in real handy. Anyway, I didn't get anything regarding how to do it but got the 'sense' that you already have everything needed to bring it to fruition." (If interested, go to "Volunteers For Kuthumi".)

91. 20 May 2007 E-Mail:       This day I received another e-mail over the Internet from Saint Thomas Aquinas, The One Who is calling Himself The Sanctuarian, and I have come to believe or "sense" that this Master in The 5th Ray Brotherhood has been appointed by Lord Hilarion to see to it that the Sanctuaries of The Masters are brought to fruition and to provide me with all the help that I will be needing to accomplish the Project. I include this in "The Gregorian Oracle" because Greg was the first to be contacted by Him on my behalf.

"Stay strong and focused; fulfillment is approaching. Surround yourself with those that would offer help."

    "a. Do not explain to ones where you have missed their healing appointment. This has caused dismay and doubt and, in turn, reversed healing which was none-the-less provided. We will attend them should We deem it necessary."

    "b. Should one fall into slumber during their healing session, it is of no concern as long as the request has been made, they are karmically eligible, the desire to be healed is real, and healing is expected. Their consciousness is not needed to facilitate healing."

    "c. It is time to begin assembling the structure for the Sanctuaries. Your acolytes must assist you at this time by:

        1. Fully understanding the nature and purpose of the Sanctuaries
        2. Explaining and disseminating this information to others
        3. Searching for others who might have leadership qualities
        4. Searching out those who might be fit to inhabit this Place of Grace
        5. Forming covens to discuss and prepare for their inception and habitation
        6. Start contributing to and soliciting funds to bring the Sanctuaries to reality
        7. Searching for grant writers for funding
        8. Searching out lands held in 'trust' that could be used if even temporarily"

    "d. Organize your writings into packages or chapters that will be used for teaching by you and others."

92. 03 June 2007 E-Mail:       I had forwarded to Greg an e-mail that was sent to me by someone who is intuitively feeling very strongly about coming into a lot of money soon, possibly by winning the lottery. This person wrote about the intense disappointment experienced when it did not happen according to the timing that was expected.

Greg wrote, "Wow, I had a really weird 'feeling' come over me after reading this and had a STRONG 'feeling' that our concept of the time/space continuum is very different than that of The Spiritual Hierarchy. I received a thought-package from Kuthumi (it was definitely Him) that we, in our human state, have a propensity for having everything happen in our concept of NOW and that we just go rushing through life expecting the same. I was reminded that we have been around for millennia and will be around for even more. I was told that our tiny minds 'suckle' on immediacy and that it's a GREAT source of our aggravation and disappointment."

93. 07 June 2007 Phone Conversation:       I was sharing with Greg an e-mail from a man in Rome, Italy, who had not experienced any sensations during his healing session with Kuthumi, and the man was somewhat disappointed and seemed to be heading in the direction of skeptical because he hadn't felt anything out of the ordinary. At that moment, Greg received a bolus of thought from The White Brotherhood that translates as follows: Some people, especially those who are less psychically sensitive, may receive healing without even knowing it. That is, they won't have any sensations, symptoms, or signs during the healing session that are recognizable to the waking consciousness, and yet the healing will have been accomplished and will unfold over time. The message, which I included in "The Healing Session" on my website, was intended to keep those people from becoming discouraged or disbelieving, which would create a blockage to any ongoing healing process.

94. 16 June 2007 E-Mail:       I had gotten an e-mail request for a healing from a woman in Scotland, and in her very first contact with me she had said that I would be coming into my land for the Sanctuary soon. I had never heard from this woman before and wrote her back asking her to elaborate a little more about this precognitive bit of news.

In her reply, this is what she had to say, "As I am writing this and I connect to you, I know that the Sanctuary of Kuthumi is such a big part of you and what you do. It's too important to wait! The energies are ripe for it! How do I know this? Well, it's kind of hard to explain. I've always 'known' things, most of them very subtle and, you know, the conditioning and stuff made it difficult to talk about."

"I was once told that 'if you get the information, then give it', and perhaps this is my gift in return to you or a gift from Kuthumi. As I was writing to you (previous e-mail), I 'got' that 'you would have the land by the end of the year'. And now I'm getting, 'Yup, it's coming. It's on its way'. So have patience and trust (smile) and all will be well."

"And when I read your website, I read it as though the land was already in place and you were already there (pre-cognitive glimpse of future). I've just read your e-mail again and I can see you, or someone with white hair, standing in the middle of the land, holding your arms up to the sky with tears running down your cheeks in celebration! I am so very happy for you. As you already know, you have the Energies of Kuthumi and The Brotherhood with you on this, so go for it and know it is coming. GET EXCITED!"

I shared this with Greg to see if he would get any signs or messages, and he said that in several places when reading about the land and Sanctuary he got the MAJOR CHILLS accompanied by the goose-bumps and the body hair-raising. This included a new wave of chills superimposed on some on-going chills in one segment. This was taken by him as a confirmation of veracity and a validation of her psychic perception. (I was told by The Heavies that other people, besides Greg, would be coming to me with messages from Them.)

Because of the sparcity of communication for many months now, Greg attributes great importance to anything that They deign to give us now.

This then was received a day later from the same woman: "As I picture you with your arms raised to the sky, this is coming through, 'We will succeed in this. There's no way we will fail. We will return to the land that was promised to us so long ago (I'm getting a knowing feeling). The spirits of our ancestors have kept this sacred land safe for us, and many moons ago we chose the name of this place. We talked about it around our campfires. We whispered it in our sleep, our dreamtime, the times when all our hopes for this world would be fulfilled.' I'm seeing an old man. I think he may be the chief -- cheeky sod just winked at me! 'Listen out for the Raven crowing out 3 times. There will be a message for you'."

"I just asked where this is coming from -- the Lakota! 'We are very proud of you, dear one (Jim). The connections you have made throughout the world have brought us great joy. There will be an end to the sorrow. There can be nothing else. It is our hope that you will continue to hold faith and stand firm.' And now I get a picture of them dancing and celebrating. Awesome! Jim, I knew I could channel a bit, but I've never done a channel like this before."

95. 17 June 2007 E-Mail:       A man in Florida who is supportive of my endeavor to create the first Sanctuary in the Ozarks had looked into land for sale in that area on the Internet, and he sent me a link to a 160 acre property that looked attractive to him for the purposes I've written about.

Looking at the road map of Missouri, I noticed that it was very near to the location of the self-appointed shaman who had become so fearful and paranoid that I would come to her corner of the world and begin my project so close to hers and possibly overshadow her operation. (see #87)

I wrote the man to the effect that the property was so close to her that I was concerned that I might be subjected to all kinds of antagonism, anxiety, and negative energies being thrown my way by the woman and her pupils. I shared this exchange with Greg, and when he read my note to the Florida man, he received a message from The Lofty Ones (another tongue-lashing for me).

"I got a most harsh thought-package about you needing to get the paranoia our of your existence. They said you need to be looking at ways to bring this project to fruition, not ways to make it fail. You are allowing this negativity, and it is being influenced by the Dark Forces. Then more very harsh words came down saying, 'Even if it is next door to the shaman, then so be it. Keep about your Father's business not YOUR business. We have gone to extensive lengths to manifest opportunities, and you have managed to disregard these. Understand that We must answer for our progress, and WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO FAIL FOR ANY REASON!!!' Well, there it is. It was not a pleasant experience. I even got a little nauseous."

96. 22 June 2007 E-Mail and Phone Conversation:       I had regrettably gotten pessimistic about something and had forgotten the message received last Summer from The White Brotherhood that I tend to see the glass half-empty instead of seeing it half-full. They had told me that the pessimism needed to be overcome for the work that lay ahead and that the perception of the glass being half-full was always available to me. I had written to Greg with regard to my doubts about a certain matter, and he said he got a bad "feeling" when reading what I wrote. Additionally, he said that it made his back ICY COLD and tingling with shivers, the first time his back has ever done that! And then he received a thought-package from Saint Thomas Aquinas and had no doubt that it was coming from Him, "And so, perhaps the cynicism is insurmountable, causing spiritual devastation".

Later in the day we talked on the phone, and the conversation came around to my wondering how it was that the Dark Lizards could gain access to my mind and how they could influence me into dwelling on negative things and even pushing me somehow into negative emotional states like anger. Previously, I'd been told that they were able to do that, but it really puzzled me that such a thing was possible. As we were talking, Greg received the thought-impression that the way the Dark Ones are able to access me is through the intellect, through the analytical aspect of my mind and the workings of my left brain, and the message reminded me that I operate far more often through the intellect than I do from the heart (or right brain). At the same time, Greg received the confirmation signal of BIG chills with shivering and the hairs on his arms standing on end. I also got some chills up my thoracic spine area. He said, "That must be REALLY important!". (learning how the Lizards can gain influence over me) He then said, "I would think that it's pretty hard to be cynical and pessimistic when living from the heart".

97. 23 June 2007 Event:       Later in the same evening, I was given a direct illustration and a lesson from The Higher Dudes about seeing the glass half-full and not allowing doubt, fear, and a pessimistic approach to come into play. At the time, though, I had no idea it was a lesson from Them.

I was camping in my van in a remote area of the Coconino National Forest of Northern Arizona and had gotten there on a narrow, rough, tertiary road, more of a dirt track. As I was repositioning my van for the night and shifting into Park, my shifting lever went loose and I had no gears. I couldn't move my van. I couldn't go anywhere, because I couldn't get my transmission into gear. Even if I could afford one, I knew that no tow truck would go onto the poor road that I was now stuck on.

I felt myself initially go right into a cynical, negativistic thought pattern, expecting the worst until I caught myself by remembering the messages I'd been given by my Teachers and Friends. I was hoping to God it wasn't the transmission because I had no money for it, and if I could somehow coerce a tow-truck driver into coming for me, I knew that it would be expensive and that the repair bill at some garage would likely deplete my laughable cash reserves. In fact, I didn't even know if I had enough to cover the expenses, depending on what the problem was.

It seemed I was really stuck this time, and I had the hardest time in looking at a glass half-full instead of one half-empty. I didn't see how I was gonna get out of this one, but I began formulating a plan for the next day once it became light. I'd forgotten about the Silver Platter Forcefield following me through life (see "The Silver Platter"). I went to bed puzzled and disheartened over my circumstances.

I awoke in the dark at 4:30 a.m., my mind playing through all the possibilities of what the problem could be and how I would approach it at daybreak. It kept going through my mind that I needed to stay positive and maintain an optimistic approach, and I rehashed what I'd been told the previous day. I didn't see a way out, but I was going to be optimistic. At the crack of dawn, I got up and got ready for the day.

My mechanical knowledge was rudimentary, but I'd heard of transmission linkage and squeezed beneath my van with one-eighth inch to spare to see if I could find out what that was. I saw a couple of rods going to the transmission and fiddled with and moved them back and forth not really knowing what I was doing, just experimenting. Then I got into the driver's seat and turned on the ignition to see what would happen and was amazed that the van lurched forward indicating that I'd gotten it into gear to my surprise. I then knew that I could at least drive out of the wilderness on my own steam and make it into Flagstaff and not have to worry about begging for a tow truck and paying for one.

As it turns out, the gear I'd gotten it into was 4th gear, so I didn't have to stop along the way and crawl under the van to fiddle with the linkage rods and try to find the right gear. The trip in was smooth sailing, and I was getting lighter the closer I got to town. I still thought that wherever the linkage had broken, it was going to be an expensive repair, perhaps having to take the steering column off and waiting for parts to be shipped to Flagstaff, but I didn't allow my mood or thought to swing into the darker side of things. I was just gonna deal with it and accept it, come what may.

The first garage I found was too busy, and I found another with a friendly, honest manager. Even though he was working on replacing a motor in a car, he took some time off and came out to look at my van. After looking at the steering column, he looked under the hood, and I remember him saying, "This is gonna be easy". My heart leapt, and he showed me that the linkage problem was simply that a cotter pin had broken and a washer had fallen off. I felt a rush of elation and relief wash over me. Within minutes it was fixed and I was on my way.

As I was driving away from that garage and thinking that I'd just saved hundreds of dollars in what had transpired, I had a knowing that the whole thing had been a lesson to me provided by The Higher Ups. They sent me an immediate illustration of the way to orient my thinking in an optimistic manner even in the face of what appeared to be a hopeless situation. They wasted no time in giving me a stark demonstration of the lesson that I needed to learn, and I'll never forget it (though I may not be 100% perfect in my future responses). When I told Greg about all of this, he had MAJOR CHILLS and the hair-raising signal, and he agreed that I was correct about this event being a lesson to me from Them.

98. 09 July 2007 Attack:       I am including this entry as an example of the various ways the Dark Ones are able to attack someone when, for whatever reason, they don't have the full protection of The Forces of Light. Greg had previously been warned away from using his computer expertise in helping me with my website. The warning had come from The Brotherhood, and They told him that he would be in danger if he continued to help with We simply do not know the reason why he cannot be offered the same level of protection that I have, but we do know that he has come under attack whenever he has given me considerable help with my website, which is a very important tool for my mission.

He thought that enough time had elapsed since he last helped with the site and wanted to create links to all my writings that I have stored in my "Some More Writings Of Mine" on the website, but he was BOLDLY warned to "GET AWAY!". He didn't immediately take heed of the warning, but as the adversity unfolded over the next days, he KNEW (psychically) that the Dark Brothers were unleashing their weaponry on him.

He had been trying to sell his motor home because he needed the money and also couldn't afford the maintenance on it. All the phone calls of prospective buyers dried up overnight. The carburetor had been damaged by some kind of attack by Dark Dudes, and a new carburetor was needed. The bill for that and other repairs was more than $800. He was caused to injure and sprain his ankle, and he was caused to develope a very painful toothache, all things he knew to be precipitated by those of the Dark Side in retaliation for the help given to me.

Some weeks previously, he'd been working on formatting a lengthy and highly important piece I'd written called "The Path of Initiation" so that it could be displayed on my website. He'd put a great deal of time and effort into it and had nearly one-third of it done. One day when he went to check it out, he found that it had been completely erased from his hard drive just as had been "The Reptilian Conquerors" months before. All the work was lost.

Months later, thinking that the coast was clear, he again returned to helping me out with my website. Within days he discovered that the transmission in his vehicle had been destroyed, and he knew (psychically) that the destruction had been caused by the Evil Ones. The repairs cost him nearly $2,000, and he was able to pay it only because of the sale of his motor home. These are just a few examples of methods employed by those who oppose the agenda of The White Brotherhood and their human counterparts and how they may assail people who have limited protection.

99. 17 July 2007 Phone Conversation:       These are some matters that were under discussion and which Greg received in his psychically receptive manner from The Heavies of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

    a. With regard to concerns for my website and the technological ability of the Dark Ones to eradicate it in their quest to prevent me from completing the Project that I have come to do on behalf of The Ascended Masters, Greg said that The Masters have informed me that They simply will NOT let it fail and that my website is considered by Them to be too important a tool toward that end. As such, it is being protected from complete eradication, although the Lizards may be able to screw around with pieces of it, such as what they did to "The Reptilian Conquerors" and "The Path of Initiation" as above in #98. Somewhere, whether on the Internet, my hard drive, or flash drives, my complete website has to remain intact, and The Heavy Dudes will see to it.

    b. With regard to my emotions, he said that the Dark Side has become MASTERFUL in manipulating my immediate environment in order to indirectly cause me to become pissed off or fearful. They are prevented from getting at me directly, physically, but they can manipulate insects and animals and the elements and people around me to cause aggravation and negative emotional states, and this is their primary means of attack against me. They will be relentless and creative and determined to force me off my path.

    c. With regard to the Sanctuaries, he said that nobody can be allowed to own ANY of the land in the Sanctuaries, even people wanting to build their homes there. They CAN own their houses but not the land, as with condominiums. There is to be no ownership of the land. The Sanctuaries will belong to The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth, and I will manage them on Their behalf until I become too busy with more important matters and must designate others to manage and run and oversee them.

100. 11 September 2007 E-Mail:       A message was sent to me by a woman that I had been corresponding with on the Internet. She said that when she was young she was told that she was a "messenger". The name given to her by The One Who gave the message was "Lord Anthimos". She said that she "felt" (intuitively) that the message was intended for me, and it was received on December 05, 2005 shortly before I stepped onto my path. The message was hard for her to understand because of the accent that was used.

The first part of it stated, "Since the ever beginning of time, some ceased to exist, hence one will come that will co-hend (? comprehend) the affirmities of your world. He is of better time that one will see as a just for Man." She later sent me the following interpretation when I told her I didn't understand the meaning: "It talks of one who will come and that he is of a better time. I believe that this is you (Jim) and other people who are working in that direction of The Master Who will make that difference when the time comes."

I sent the initial message to Greg, and he wrote back, "WOW, I got MAJOR CHILLS and the hair stood up on my arms while reading this. I sure don't understand it (the message), but I 'got' (psychically) that this is for you and about you. What I got came from one of The Dudes. I'm not sure Who, but it was The Big Guys! I just now got that the information was to be passed to you back when it was received, but the circumstances that were to occur for her to pass it on to you broke down, and the opportunity was lost until now."

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