Overseen and Guided by The Galactic Brotherhood of Light

51. 02 April 2006 Conversation:       While we were taking a walk in Quartzsite (Arizona), I described how the typing was going on my new laptop computer. Though I had typed all my life on a typewriter, the laptop was the easiest thing I'd ever typed on, and the size of my hands and fingers fit perfectly on the keyboard.

At times my fingers would fairly fly over the keyboard, and if I got my thinking mind out of the way, it seemed as if my fingers and the typing were being manipulated from another level -- a sort of automatic writing experience that was quick and efficient (and accurate). That is, the less I thought about what I was doing, the easier and the more unconscious was the process. Greg confirmed my suspicion that I was being a channel during those times when he received a fairly strong chill and a pleasant "sense" about it.

During a recent hike in the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness, I came across the largest helium balloon I'd ever found in my walks. It was 2 and a half feet long, had teddy bears on both sides, and read, "I Love You". I thought it might be yet another balloon message from The Master Who came as my sister. It was obvious to Greg that it was from Her, and I think the size was significant.

    a. Q: Is Hilarion aware of what I'm doing by digitalizing His teachings and getting them on the Internet?

        A: There was an immediate "feeling" of "Yes"!

    b. Q: Do I need to ask for protection every time I use the computer?

        A: A concise "uh uh" (given humorously).

    c. Q: What should I do to protect all of Hilarion's teachings?

        A: "Back them up." He had a "sense" that nobody's gonna come in and get them (erase them from their digital storage).

52. 16 April 2006 Get Together in Quartzsite:       Greg had written up notes of the past week when he had experienced meta-physical things happening to him. I will number my entries the same as he did, and I will quote him as appropriate in the entries.

    1. He experienced a great number of attacks by the Dark Ones and knew with a certainty that it was them trying to provoke his anger and a negative emotional state and trying to make him so miserable or discouraged that he would discontinue helping me to get started on my path of teaching and healing. While working on his computer, they somehow made him create a multitude of typing errors and overwrite finished files with new ones and the same mis-spelling error 5 times in a row.

As the temperature got to 100 degrees inside his motor home, he opened up one of his windows to catch a breeze. Just at that moment, a motor home drove by his spot in the RV park kicking up dust. Instantly, the wind picked up and blew it right in through his windows. He closed the windows, and after a few minutes opened them again. The exact same thing happened again, a passing RV, dust, and a gust of wind directed at his windows. And it actually happened a third time when he re-opened the windows for some relief from the heat. I should mention that his computer that he has used to format all my website material was exposed to the dust.

At 104 degrees inside, he went out to get some relief, but there was no shade, and the direct sunlight was as bad as being inside. At that moment, he knew that it had been his Higher Self that had prompted him to go to Prescott, Arizona (at 5,200 feet altitude) a few weeks previously to avoid the heat and the boredom he was now experiencing.

    2. At the library, he was on the Internet and was trying to formulate the wording for a message to a metaphysical forum site in Sedona, Arizona. The message had to do with getting people interested in hosting me for a talk on healing and related matters. Just then he received a forceful thought-package that he called LOUD thoughts that said, "Don't worry about what you say or how you say it! We will rectify ALL inconsistencies! Set up talks at ANY COST. THE PROCESS MUST PROCEED!!!!" Greg said that They didn't care how it was done. They just wanted it done! They want the talks to get started, and all else would spring from that!

He practically felt like The Heavyweights were admonishing him the way the message came in and the force that was behind it, though later he granted that he was being instructed in no uncertain terms. He next thought, "What if some group wants an evening talk? Jim said, no evenings for the talks." He received an even louder message in his mind, "DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WE JUST SAID?". This made his eyes water with tears, and when I asked him later about it, he considered the tears to be a sign that he was given to be paying attention to the importance of the message. There was also a "sense" conveyed to him of: "Don't question Us and don't make any assumptions that it's not important".

Then after creating the e-mail message and trying to send it from the Yahoo Website, it wouldn't allow him to send it because of supposed errors, even though he has used Yahoo many, many times for sending e-mail. He tried to send it twice, and there was nothing wrong with the e-mail address. After saving the message and printing it out, the whole computer locked up, showing the "blue screen of death", and he knew, psychically, that the Dark Ones had prevented him from contacting people to set up a talk that I could give in starting on my path.

    3. Later in the week, he was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by soft, gentle, and soothing thoughts saying, "Be at peace, loved one. We are not angry with you. You have accomplished far beyond what We were hoping for. You are reserved!" He mentally asked what that reserved meant but got no answer. He "sensed" that the reason They came back to soothe his feelings was that the forceful message at the library had disturbed him considerably. More thought-impressions came in to him. "Just know that Jim's path as teacher is SO important that even he isn't allowed to remember. The Project MUST proceed, and We will let NOTHING stop it even at the cost of 'Apocalypse'."

Greg here "sensed" that the whole matter of what I came to do, "the Project" on behalf of The Brotherhood, was so important that The Lofty Ones would, if necessary, kill and destroy any who got in the way. The intensity of Their determination actually provoked anxiety in Greg, and he got sweaty palms. He said They were dead serious about seeing It to fruition.

He then stated, mentally, "I thought Jim's path was that of the healer." This was the reply: "It is both teacher and healer, but his gifts of teaching are FAR more important at this time. One can heal the body which only heals the vehicle. Heal the mind and you save the soul!!! Jim understands this and yet is reluctant. He must know that as the process starts, We will be directing him and speaking through him as We have with many great orators. We chuckle as We know he will love listening to Us (coming through me during the talks). By the way, both of you are correct regarding Jim's intuitive abilities. He receives the information (in the right brain) and transfers it to the opposite hemisphere (left brain) so quickly that it appears to manifest in logic, but the process has served him well all his life."

Then a different quality of thought-message came to Greg, and he had a very strong feeling that it was The Master Virginia. "When you speak to the judge this morning you will be pleased." Greg had gotten a couple traffic tickets on his dirt bike which were expected to cost $200, and he had no money. He had made no plans to speak to the judge. He mentally asked, "What's gonna happen?", but there was no reply.

He then asked why he was involved in "Jim's Project". There was a loud belly laugh that came to him, then, "Do you think your paths crossed in Boys Town by chance?" There was another huge laugh. "These things are worked out, in part, long before the events, and some of the circumstances are not so pleasant. If you could remember these with your free-will, you could and probably would alter them and render the projects useless. Some projects are far more important than others and so are buried deep within (subconsciously). You have yourself guessed many times about upcoming projects of your own. We have not blocked your discovery because you seem to work through the bad times and are able and willing to continue."

"To answer your question, you are not involved in his (Jim's ) Project. We have enlisted your help by developing the long history (of the relationship) and to help move Jim off his 'Rock' at the proper time. Once things are moving properly, you can return to your intended path. By the way, you are correct about Prescott (AZ)."

    4. That same day in the early afternoon he went to the municipal court clerks window to see what he had to do to request doing public service in lieu of fines for his tickets. He filled out a form and then was told, surprisingly, that the judge would see him in a minute. He'd worn shorts and T-shirt because of the hot weather and hadn't expected to see the judge right away. Expressing his concern to the clerk, she said it would be okay.

When the judge came out, he apologized for the way he was dressed, and she told him not to worry about it. He explained his financial dilemma, and the judge said, "No problem". She went on to say that she normally wouldn't be inclined to do what she was going to do, but for some reason she felt inclined at that moment to give him the break, and she gave him 20 hours of public service at the air conditioned library, and that was all of the penalty for the tickets.

    5. I had found another balloon in very good shape on a hike into the Eagletail Mountains Wilderness, and it read, "Welcome Home". I told Greg I thought it was another message from Virginia, The Ascended Master. I interpreted the message as a welcome back to the fold or family of The White Brotherhood, that is, since I was now firmly and determinedly placing my feet upon the path that I had intended, at long last for this life, I viewed the message as a welcoming home to whom I truly am. Greg had chills, goosebumps, and tearful eye-watering all in response to my intuitive explanation of the balloon.

53. 22 April 2006 Walk in Desert:       We walked and talked about whatever came to mind in a free-flowing stream of consciousness during our last day in the desert before heading for the high country of Arizona and the start of my path after 15 years of living in seclusion in the wilderness.

A thought-package congealed into Greg's mind, and these are the words that gradually formed around it in order to express it: Somehow, I would come into some land somewhere, a parcel of real estate. It would be woodsy, populated with trees. He initially didn't know if I would own it or be leasing it. It would be a place where people could come to enrich their spirit, a place of grace and peace and learning of matters of the Spirit. He didn't know when it would happen but said that it is there in my future as long as I continue on the healer/teacher path. It is a Spiritual Retreat for people to live in for varying periods of time.

He saw me as the organizer, the builder, and the figurehead of this Spiritual Community, and he could see it as being incredibly successful. Then he went on to say that it was critical that I must not be reluctant to accept offerings of help or be hesitant to let it be known what it is I want to develope.

I said that I could title it as something like "Dr. Jim's Dream" and put it onto my website as a separate page of its own. This immediately gave him the sign of chills and "goosebumps". I was advised that I needed to start developing the plans in my mind. As he was falling asleep last night, he heard repeatedly in his mind, "teaching the teachers, teaching the teachers". He said that at this Place of Grace I would need to teach the teachers and delegate responsibility, because I would not be able to do it all on my own.

And I would need to keep on top of the financial situation, but because I don't like asking anyone for money, I should appoint someone who is trustworthy and trained in money-matters to do the asking for me and to manage the finances. When I read this entry back to him for approval, he immediately received a feeling that two different people would be needed for the two different jobs, marketer and accountant.

I can lecture to many, but it's not the same as having a community where people can come and live the life of the Spirit according to Aquarian Ideals. I would set the guidelines and rules. Since I can't truly reach the numbers needed by The Hierarchy to continue with this planet into the New Age, I will have the responsibility of teaching others to go out and reach them.

He said that ultimately my Spiritual Sanctuary would be BIG but that it pales in importance to "the Project" that I came to do (whatever that might be). He said it was just as important to mentally create this Dream Place as it will be for me to be healing and teaching, because many more people could be reached and influenced through it. Then he said that he had a strong "feeling" that I would have this place and community.

Finally, he was impelled to tell me once more that it is a good and even excellent idea to put my dream of a Spiritual Community on my website (click on "The Sanctuary Of Kuthumi" ).

We had a short Q. and A. session as follows:

    a. Q: Is my beard gonna turn people away from me?

        A: The instant response was, "It will for some". Then he said that for others it will have the opposite effect.

    b. Q: I asked if I wasn't allowed to remember the details of my path and my mission because The Big Dudes might have a concern for ego-entrapment on my part.

        A: He received an instantaneous response, which to him meant a point blank and emphatic answer. They are not at all concerned with my ego, else They would not be backing my endeavors.

    c. Q: I asked once again if we received it correctly that The Heavy Dudes of The Brotherhood would kill and destroy any who got in the way of my "Project" and tried to stop it.

        A: Greg's intuitive response was, "Affirmative!" The words, "death and destruction", also formed in his mind with regard to any interference with the Project that I will undertake on behalf of The Hierarchy. He later told me that of all the messages that he has ever gotten, this is one of the strongest he has ever gotten, if not the strongest.

    d. Q: Have I trained (perhaps at night) to be able to consciously channel The Masters?

        A: I was no further than 2 words into the question when he got the response, "For a long time".

    e. Q: How will I know the channeling is happening?

        A: "You won't know, and you won't need to know, and it won't make any difference for you to know."

    f. Q: Was I way too late in moving off my "rock of inertia" to start down my path?

        A: "The timing is exactly right."

    g. Q: How long do you think Greg will be working with me?

        A: "For as long as it takes."

54. 22 April 2006 Night-time Communication:       Greg was lying down and relaxed when he asked his Guides for help and protection during the upcoming trip from Quartzsite to Flagstaff where I would get started on the path. He asked Them if he'd experience any problems and was told, "The trip will not be without incident or concern". He asked what that might be but received no answer. He asked if the warning was related to vehicle problems but received no answer.

After 5 minutes of silence, he was asked if he would forego his departure preparations until the morning in order to delay the planned departure time by 30 to 60 minutes. He asked for the reason for the request and was told They wanted to give me the opportunity to exercise my ability to tolerate, with little or no concern, a matter of no importance, because I'd be encountering such matters frequently.

He said he suspected that the delay would have no effect on me, and the reply was "hopefully". They went on to explain that the more important reason for the delay was to avert the possibility of a "catastrophic event" from happening. Disconcerted, he asked what that might be, and They said that if he chose to delay, the event was unimportant, but if he chose not to delay, a different route should be taken. He replied, "No problem".

They then asked him not to discuss any of this with me for at least 4 days. He agreed but asked why. They replied that the reason would have no meaning for him and that he should understand that it was only a request and he was free to choose. "But We thank you for your decision." He wondered if They already knew the decision he'd make, which was to delay.

55. 23 April 2006 Restless Night:       He couldn't sleep well and had second thoughts about how I'd respond to the delay in the agreed-upon departure time, but the averting of any catastrophic event far outweighed any other consideration for him. He kept asking for more clarification but got none, and he was perplexed why They would not want me to know. As it turns out, I responded poorly to the delay and drove off alone to Wickenburg, waiting there about an hour for Greg before continuing on to Flagstaff. Nothing catastrophic occurred, but his motor dangerously over-heated on the steep grades (past the red line) but somehow made it up to the Colorado Plateau of Northern Arizona. A blown motor would have been the end of his helping me.

56. 24 April 2006 Middle of Night Messages:       He had been psychically feeling under attack by the Dark Ones for months since he volunteered to help me get started on my path, and those repeated attacks included his motor home. His heater would run only when the generator was running because his deep-cycle battery was worn out, but he couldn't get his generator started this night and so had to run his engine for heat, but the carburetor put out gasoline fumes despite a $200 repair in Dallas and filled the inside of his motor home, threatening a relapse of his COPD (lung disease) and a needed run to the E.R. in Flagstaff. He was very discouraged but somehow drifted off to sleep.

About 2:30 a.m. he was awakened by soothing and calming thoughts which seemed like a voice to him. "Dearest loved one, please do not despair. We so cherish your boundless love and compassion for your fellow man. We honor your undying efforts to help produce perfection in others. We are astonished at the success you've had in your path of subtly and not so subtly helping others move towards and/or onto their intended path and, so importantly, asking nothing in return. We hold you dear to our hearts, more than you will ever know."

The sentiments made him weep. They continued, "We know these are tears of anger, of joy, of pain, of sorrow. This is a cleansing of your soul as you have done before. Know that We are appreciative of your efforts with Jim, beyond expression, and understand that you have extended far beyond your sacred covenant. Here understand that you are without 'reserve' and, with full hail, released from this Project (of The Brotherhood). The progress forward has been astonishing, and Jim's unrelenting drive to accomplish this Project has created nothing short of unbridled bliss."

"The momentum gained will keep the Project moving, and all the tools necessary to bring it to fruition are in Jim's repertoire. Though he appears retiscent, he has rehearsed his role to perfection. His ideas to move all forward are exactly correct as are all suggestions you have presented."

"The discussion regarding the Sanctuary of Kuthumi (the Spiritual Retreat) had to be 'pressed through' to both of you as neither had previously mentioned it. Jim, as he said, has all the details to make it a viable entity, and you were exactly correct in suggesting that it be published on the website (of We will direct the correct benefactors to it."

"To answer your questions and pleas of a short while ago, because of the extreme importance of Jim's mission, We are able and must provide extraordinary protection for him. We humbly and with regret tell you that We are not able to offer you the same. As surprising as it may seem, We have to work within certain constraints with those (Dark Ones) who would do you harm as well as with those We would protect."

"It is in that light that We would release you from your covenant and, in turn, release you from the unrelenting attack of these Evil-doers. Please do not misinterpret the release as something you must do. As stated before, you have Our unending gratitude and blessings that you will only encounter later. You are so welcome to continue helping, but know that you are fulfilled. Now sleep in peace and know that you are a kindred spirit as well as a beloved member of The Association." Greg asked what that Association might be but received no answer, and then he "felt" a very warm smile and a hand touching his heart area.

57. 25 April 2006 Night Message:       In the midst of more generator problems and a diarrheal illness, he had an intuitive "sense" that he needed to draft an e-mail to send to each of the Arizona publishers that he had put on a list, regarding the possible publication of some or any of my writings.

58. 29 April 2006 Conversation with Higher Ups:       He was up all night long having a "conversation" with Members of The White Brotherhood and could clairaudiently hear the exact words rather than getting thought-package impressions. He was instructed and guided and warned all night long and received so much information that he couldn't remember it all in the morning. Most of it had to do with him, although some applied to me. He said there were at least 4 Beings that took part in the conversation, and They wouldn't allow him to close his eyes because of the carbon monoxide level inside (from motor running for heat). He might never have awakened. What follows are the pieces he was able to remember and write down.

He was warned to stay, during his remaining time in Northern Arizona, in an easily accessible area where a tow truck would not be reluctant to go, because the Dark Ones had compromised his engine and his electrical generator as well. (A day later he heard a new, ominous sound coming from the motor.) And because of the attack, They said that his propane system will soon fail. He was told that the cost of towing when the motor home goes plus the storage and repairs would be beyond his ability to pay, and he would lose all including his dirt bike and trailer if that happened.

Since I (Jim) have the maximum protection now (according to his Sources), the Dark Dudes have the intention of "crushing" Greg, and they've actually been reinforced with several new ones (evil ones) to carry it out and to get past the limited protection in place.

Two Dark Beings have tried to breech my protection, and they were "removed". He asked, "Do You mean killed?". The answer was, "It's enough to say that they will never bother anyone again".

Greg was told he was in financial danger and, physically, in mortal danger. The carbon monoxide had infiltrated into the motor home, he was told, and he would be in constant danger all night. He was told not to fall asleep while running either the engine or the generator (for heat). They said They would dialogue with him to keep him awake.

He was told that he must leave the Project I'm forming for The Brotherhood. If his participation with it would end, the Dark Forces would lose (somehow) their ability to harm him physically and financially. Even so, They said, the motor home was already compromised and would remain so until fixed.

He was told that he should drive it back to Texas and sell it. They said They have a family of 4 from Oklahoma that They will connect with it. The man is a master carpenter and mechanic, and the woman is an excellent teacher with 2 kids from a previous marriage. They want to go to the Hurricane Katrina-devastated area to offer their help. They have the resources and the ability to make the repairs in a mechanic shop at home, and they will fix it to alleviate any dangers. The woman would love the flowered blue/grey upholstery.

Greg asked how soon he should leave. They responded, "Today, but We understand your financial situation. We STRONGLY advise you to be prepared to leave on Monday (when his disability pension would be directly deposited into his bank account). We are pleading with you."

"The Dark Ones' abilities will not relent until you are actually underway (on the road). Your intent is good but is susceptible to change because of your free will. We will continue to send some information through you for Jim, but We will primarily be dealing directly with him."

They said that everything was in place for the Project They are overseeing for me, everything from Their standpoint and everything from my standpoint, i.e. my motivation and determination and intention to carry it through, and since it was all in place, They did not hesitate to release Greg from any further commitment.

These were some of the don'ts for him in lieu of potential attack by the Dark Brotherhood:

-- Don't ride motorcycle again before departing, even in the forest.
-- Don't park the motor home in a remote area.
-- Don't use any electrical appliance without the power inverter.
-- Use extreme caution in all parking lots.
-- Don't walk behind a car with someone at the steering wheel.
-- Don't stop to help someone having car trouble.
-- Don't pick up any hitch-hikers.
-- Don't sleep with generator or with engine running.
-- Don't buy and eat chicken as planned.
-- If cut or scratched, attend to immediately.
-- Don't hike alone.

"You can continue helping Jim from a distance, but it must be done sporadically. This will keep you removed from a direct participation and thus safe. This includes things like the website help, the search engine submissions, exposing the site to those who might be able to help, to contribute, or who may be in need of Jim's abilities. Be very careful as you have a tendency to over-commit. Remember, the Dark Forces will always be watching and waiting for your return."

"Also remember that you can contact the individuals in Flagstaff by phone, as though they were a block away. When you make an appointment (for Jim), it is not necessary for you to be present at the meeting."

"Continue pursuing the series at AZ Net News. It is an excellent idea and is read all over the Southwest. Ask Jim to consider what he would submit as a multi-part article."

They reiterated that my Project would be a success, and They said I was adequately driven.

It was the Dark Ones who blew Greg's computer and the surge protector as well. The Brotherhood said, "In as much as you were very attached to your computer, compared to what they intended to do, that computer was nothing".

59. 01 May 2006 Night-time Messages:       I will quote the messages that Greg received. The first one relates to his wondering how much help from afar he could give me before crossing the line whereby the Dark Ones would attack him and try to eliminate him. "We can't tell you where the line is as it will change in relation to what you are doing. We will let you know when you are approaching the point where you will need to back away."

"Tell Jim he has done a magnificent job, and We are so elated. Be sure you (Jim) do not allow yourself to lose the powerful drive you have initiated. Our only concern is your willingness to be patient and tolerant of your surroundings when in the city. We know you can do it, but will you? The frustration you allow to grip you at these times is extremely detrimental to your well-being."

"We have guided one to your (Jim's) website. They have been misguided in many respects but have a pure and honest heart. We were hoping you would at least attempt a clarification of some of their misunderstandings but are concerned that you have simply rebuked them. Know that you will encounter many such as this. We have no need to send enlightened ones to learn from you as We have no need to send a healthy one for healing."

"Jim's 'special' friend is close at hand. She will enter at an unusual time but will be of significant help in many different ways. Be gentle, as her attraction to you will be greater than your's, and she has seen much pain this lifetime."

"Consider posting (on your plan for the Sanctuary (the Spiritual Retreat). We have, at this time, several possible benefactors that We would like to expose this to. We are not sure if they are ready yet but would like to introduce the possibilities regardless." (Check out "The Sanctuary Of Kuthumi".)

"Do not fear being asked to do too much as We will provide all the help needed to manifest this Project (the Sanctuary). Also know that you have been developing this concept for several lifetimes, and We LOVE this idea. It will be a Utopia within a Utopia. We have several others working on similar ideas but need far more than what have been proposed. Please consider a multiplicity of Sanctuaries."

"We are, indeed, pleased with all of your efforts, and know that you will be protected personally and financially."

Greg had a "pictorial sense", in other words a vision in his mind's eye, that all the volunteers for my "Project" are already there. They just don't know it yet. He saw a white picket fence with lots of people waiting on the outside to get in (as a symbolic representation).

When his pension money was deposited in his account, he then departed Northern Arizona as recommended by The White Brotherhood and returned to Dallas, Texas.

60. 11 May 2006 E-Mail:       I had sent a note to Greg about the connection that I had made with Unity in Flagstaff, the meeting I had had with its spiritual leader, Konrad Kaserer, the support I was told that I would have from Konrad when I had told him all about myself and what I am here to do, my flyers being posted at Unity, and that he would introduce me during the Sunday service. Greg had a VERY GOOD intuitive "sense" come to him about all of that.

"This will be a really important connection or pipeline for The Big Dudes to use to send people to you. I had another strong 'sense' that you should talk to Konrad in a week or two about giving some talks on weekends. I didn't get a 'sense' of what the talks should be on. Perhaps it is being left up to you. Anyway, I had a 'sense' that this will also connect you to others that can offer the same thing that Faye M. created for you (organizing groups of people for me to speak to them). I had a 'sense' that it's VERY important to use every connection here as they are being sent by The Big Dudes (White Brotherhood), and They don't want any to slip by the wayside."

"It's weird; I had another 'sense' that you were to create a dialogue with that lady at the Sedona Journal Forum for the benefit of others. The Dudes wanted to 'steer' some people to you by having them read the dialogue."

"I had a 'sense' that the Dark Creeps are having a field day with your discouragement (that my path is starting so very slowly). Since they know they can't win, their only rewards are to get you as far down as possible and hope you will abandon the Project."

"Remember, I had a 'sense' (psychic) that the newspaper classifieds and flyers would not produce much response for some reason (they haven't). They probably just don't have the charismatic aspect as in a personal appearance or contact. Remember, The Big Dudes are NOT going to let this fail. Also, remember that The Dudes are going to be speaking through you, so the information will be reaching the people that it is supposed to reach regardless."

Regarding the healing that Greg received through me (COPD): "The lungs are holding out damned well even here in the oppressive humidity of Dallas. I'm still using only the one medicine in a.m. and p.m. and occasionally using the albuterol. It's pretty damned amazing. Thanks Kuthumi!!"

61. 22 May 2006 E-Mail:       I had conducted a distant healing on a friend (Jody) in the State of Washington, and she had later sent me an e-mail about it, which I forwarded on to Greg. As far as she was concerned, she said that the healing was successful for 2 reasons: 1. Kuthumi had found her and 2. She had asked for improvement but not total healing of her lungs (Advanced COPD). She asked to have the passage of air to flow more freely in and out of her lungs, and she said that her breathing was easier both during and for quite a long time after the healing session.

Greg responded with, "I'm not surprised!!! I had a 'feeling/sense' that the remote healing work will be just as effective. The only difference will be in the recipient's belief system regarding your 'being there'. If the remote doesn't work, they just might have to make a trip to see you in person!"

He had a "Strong Feeling" that I was "steered" to contact Cyndi K. (a friend in Indiana who may have future work with my "Project") and that I simply thought it was my own idea, another instance of intuitive right-brain reception switched over to the logical left brain too fast for me to realize it.

I had previously e-mailed Greg that I offered Cyndi K. a healing at a distance and that I thought that Kuthumi would offer her a healing because of what she represents to Those of The Light and that I would try to draw her back into "the Fold" for The White Brotherhood because The Heavy Dudes need all the ground forces They can get. He had a "sense" (psychic) that I was "right on the money" in that regard. He then said that her husband would probably need to also be drawn into "the Fold", because she would need her husband to support her in her endeavors for The Light on this Planet.

He had a REALLY good "feeling" about what would develope from the evening sessions I was invited to at Unity of Flagstaff, and he had a STRONG feeling that Becky L. (recipient of a healing session) was an example of where I will have to do some teaching.

Greg got tears in his eyes (as a sign) when reading my e-mail about the healing conducted for a man named Gunter (in Flagstaff) and about him giving me feedback after the healing because he knew it would be helpful to me. (Gunter felt tingling in the area of his fractured elbow and increased energy in his Heart Chakra Area, and he said that he KNEW Kuthumi had conducted the healing through me.) Greg "sensed" that he is going to be a VERY helpful/beneficial contact for me!!

He had a VERY GOOD "feeling" about Rebecca L. (Flagstaff healing recipient) referring Stanislava (a woman in Phoenix) to me and sensed that both of them were pointed to me by The Heavy Dudes. He "sensed" again that distance (for healing) was Totally Immaterial except for the beliefs of the recipient and wrote, "I also had a 'sense' that you should explain that to the distant recipients (of healing) so that they understand that it's not you at your present location that's doing the healing but that Kuthumi is standing right beside them wherever they are".

He had a "sense" that Deborah W. (from Unity of Flagstaff) knows a lot more about me (through her psychically-receptive abilities) than I suspect and that she can be of Great Help in my Project (for The Brotherhood)!!

62. 24 May 2006 E-Mail:       When Greg read my e-mail about the healings for a couple of people in Flagstaff, he had a "sense" that I would need to do 2 or more healings for some people to allow them to work through their doubts and lack of faith in order to effect a full healing on all levels.

I had mentioned a distant healing for a woman in Phoenix (Stanislava) with frontal lobe brain damage following an auto accident in 2001. He was excited to hear how her healing went, intuitively. As an aside, I can say that she came up to meet me in Flagstaff after the healing and told me that at the outset of the healing she felt a Strong Presence in her room and felt a pressure sensation in different places in her head but mostly in the frontal lobe areas and especially on the left side. Then she felt like the entire left side of her body was split off from the other and was being worked on, and afterward it was re-integrated with the other side (probably at the Aetheric Body Level). Near the end of the session, she felt a huge pain in her Fourth Chakra Area like an explosion or ripping apart (of blockages). She could ambulate and drive her vehicle better afterward and no longer had her suicidal impulses. She was clairaudiently told to ask for 2 more healings from me because the full strength of the healing necessary could not be given to her all at once.

I had blown off some steam about having to give talks and speeches to people as part of my mission, because I'd been living in isolation like a hermit for 15 years and had doubts I could do public speaking. Greg said, "I had a BAD 'sense' about how you looked at it. I had a voice saying in my head, 'He has been training for these days for SO LONG! Why does he think of our GIFTS with disdain? Why does he want to turn away from his path of teaching'?"

He said, "Remember, The Dudes (The Masters) are running the show! They will take care of the topics and will manipulate the subject matter as They see fit. You will just have to show up (said humorously)."

He had a STRONG "sense" that I should set up an appointment for everyone that calls to ask about the healing, rather than referring them to my website first as some might be too timid to call back after reading the very esoteric material there. "The Dudes are sending people and manipulating most of this, so don't try to second guess Them! Who knows why They do things the way They do?"

I had mentioned that I couldn't imagine that my healing and teaching work would take off on the Unity (in Flagstaff) connection alone. He responded (intuitively), "It's already spread beyond the Unity connection. Unity is just a gathering place. I have a 'sense' that The Dudes (White Brotherhood) have been directing people there for you/them for a long time! Witness that the 'connection' has already spread to Phoenix (Stanislava)."

I mentioned again my displeasure at having to give talks, and Greg said, "Wow, I had REALLY BAD sensations again! I was a bit nervous as I had a 'sense' that this was coming from Hilarion (Lord of The Fifth Ray)! I was positive it was Hilarion. There were BIG ECHOES in my head, 'Read the word me. Is he doing Our work or his work? Have We started him before he is ready? Some self-serving remains.' Remember that the talks are, in most cases, leading directly to the healings. Also, remember the 'old' information that this will start off slowly."

I wrote, asking about the Sanctuary Project, and he had just had a "dream" about it the previous night. "I had a 'sense' that it is free to no one but must be contributed to in one way or another (money, labor, etc.). It's going to be expensive to maintain. I also had a 'sense' that as it grows you will allow some to live there permanently (in their own cabins) but will also have hotel/motel style accommodations available for shorter stay guests. I was also looking at a line on some webpage on your site (in the dream) that said, 'We will turn no one away! If you can't afford to pay, contact me'."

In response to a question, he said, "Most of the people asking for healings are being referred to you by The Dudes or by those who have themselves been referred (by The White Brotherhood)".

I asked about my emaciated body with muscular atrophy. He said, "I had a strong 'sense' that you should not go to a vegetarian diet and that you need to start eating more meat to help develope strength and body mass. I had a 'sense' that you're getting the right amount of exercise (hiking) but that you're expending more calories than you take in."

63. 04 June 2006 E-Mail:       I had told Greg that I supposed there may come some things in return for all that I'm doing for The Brotherhood, and he said, "I have a 'feeling' that the coming things are without a doubt".

I told him about the talk that I had put together and had scheduled at Unity, entitled "The New Golden Age: Do You Want To Get There?". It was to have 4 parts: an Introduction and Background, the Dimensional Shift, the New Golden Age, and a 13-Part Program for getting people capable of making the Transition. He said, "I got a Really, Really good 'sense' about your program! There were chills and goosebumps, even on my legs! I also had a VERY strong 'feeling' and 'sensed' that this was from Hilarion: that you should NOT forego the Q. & A. section at the end of your presentation and that you should add that you would be more than happy to talk to anyone one-on-one, should they so desire. Maybe Hilarion's sending you some people who are too shy to ask questions in a group setting. What's going on with Hilarion? I thought Kuthumi was directing all or most of this? The program sounded VERY GOOD."

"Before I forget, I woke up in the middle of the night with a repeated message in my head that it is imperative that you put a picture of yourself on your website. I asked why and which page but got no response."

"I wanted to sleep on your e-mail to see if I could get anything. I asked if They were losing confidence in you (because of message in previous e-mail) and just got a 'feeling' of Them smiling and then saying, 'He has everything he needs to accomplish the Project, and that is one of the reasons We were able to release you (Greg). Jim is doing MORE than We had hoped. We have our reasons for sending what We do'."

"I had a Really good 'feeling' toward the Unity program (my talk as above), but the 'sense' was much stronger toward the series of talks."

"WOW, I just had 'Someone' telling me to write up the information about your healing of my tooth and COPD (chronic lung disease) and to get it onto a Testimonials Page on your website as others would be forthcoming also (see 'Sharings And Testimonials')."

"I had a good 'sense' about Cyndi K. (friend in Indiana) and felt that you're right about the blows to her head (by ex-husband, traumatizing her head chakras) and the work she has to do (for The White Brotherhood), but because of the trauma she needs to be handled like a baby (very gently)."

"I got the same 'sense' regarding the flyers and the classifieds as I always had (after sleeping on it). Save your money!"

"I have a 'sense' that it would be extremely beneficial for you to submit an article to 'AZ NET NEWS' or, even better, a long article to make a series for several inclusions."

"I had thoughts 'popping' into my head last night regarding your course of action (in Flagstaff) and 'sensed' that you were doing exactly the right thing but that you should not back off or wait for anything (to be orchestrated by The Heavies), as that was not your nature anyway. A strong thought was that you should mention to all that should they know of anyone having poor results with mainstream Medicine, they could refer them to you in that they have nothing to lose even if they're skeptical of the process. The Dudes are sending people, but many of them are reluctant. I got a 'sense' that some of the things I'm doing (for the website) will allow Them to motivate people for some distant healing and also to start the process for your next journey to someplace away from Flagstaff."

"I had a strong 'feeling' about the Sanctuary and that They would like to steer some potential donors in that direction (once its page is created on the website)."

64. 06 June 2006 E-Mail:       I questioned Greg about his dream of my Sanctuary and that no one would be turned away. He said, "I assume it means that if they don't have the money to pay or are too sick or weak to work/volunteer that The Dudes (The Masters) want them to be there anyway. Regarding getting the Sanctuary on your website, my 'sense' was that They have people They want to steer towards donating money or land or something that will bring the Sanctuary to fruition but need to plant the seed, and that seed is your site."

"Regarding protection, I got a 'sense' that the Sanctuary would be protected, but not necessarily all of the people living in and visiting the place would be protected to the same degree. It was something along the lines of why They couldn't offer me complete protection even though I was helping you and 'the Project'."

"Regarding the sponsorship of the Sanctuary, I didn't get a 'sense' that it was 'sponsored' by The Heavy Dudes (word-meaning semantics). My 'sense' was that it was your creation (over a several lifetime period) rather than Theirs but that They LOVE the idea, have integrated it into 'the Project', and will work with you to bring it to fruition (and absolutely will NOT allow it to fail)."

"The Sanctuary IS one of the places for the Love Masters (see 'Mission Of The Love Masters') to be brought for raising and education. The Sanctuary is simply a part of the whole Project but is also under the 'Will Not Fail' and 'Kill or Destroy' umbrella. (The White Brotherhood will destroy any of the Dark Ones who attempt to interfere with or obstruct any portion of the Project or Mission that I spearhead on Their behalf.) I got a 'sense' that They would like you to start mentioning to everyone the fact that you will be building the Sanctuary at some point, this being to allow any and all possible contributions of money or property and suggestions to do the same. I also had a 'sense' that They will be leaving most of the details up to you but will send help when it is appropriate."

"My 'sense' regarding what you should do now (in the Flagstaff Area) is to 'not let up', whatever that means. I suppose it means to just continue to press for more talks and/or healings, etc. One 'sense' that I got was that They can and will send people to you, but your interaction with them has a lot to do with the outcome of the meeting, such as convincing them to try the healing, etc."

65. 16 June 2006 E-Mail:       Greg wrote, "I was thinking about what you told me regarding the woman you were helping (Stanislava) and had a voice 'pop into my head', saying that you must ALWAYS avoid confrontation. If a situation is deteriorating to the point that you will become angry, you MUST WALK AWAY."

"Also, you must maintain a remoteness when living in the Sanctuary, probably to keep you from being drained of energy and to provide the solitude that you hold so dear."

"I had a really bad 'feeling' about Stanislava living in a van. My 'sense' was that it's NOT the right thing for her to do."

I had written him, "Maybe Big K (Kuthumi) sent her along to tug or even jerk on my heart strings. She draws bunches of compassion right out of me." Greg wrote, "Wow, I got chills and goosebumps about that! You are Right On The Money!!!"

Regarding my meeting with Doug L., Chiropractor, and his wife (Barbara) and her son (Steve), Greg wrote, "I had a VERY GOOD 'feeling' about all of them. I also had a 'sense' that you will be doing more work with them. I had no 'sense' as to what that would be, just more."

He mentioned that things would progress, mostly from my talks, and would be building to Great Heights just from there.

In response to what I had written about the healing of and interaction with a man from Munds Park, Arizona, Greg wrote, "My own intuition tells me that this is how contributions for the Sanctuary will happen. People who have the means will simply dump them in your lap! I LOVE hearing about the healing work!!!!"

He wrote, "I got a 'feeling' to ask you to consider dividing the Testimonials Page into groups by malady. It might make it easier for people who are considering calling you to look at what others had to say regarding things specific to their problems."

"I didn't get a very good 'feeling' about that Rainbow Gathering or Retreat in Colorado (I had considered attending). I had some weird 'sense' that half the attendees are real healers and on the path but that the other half are fruitcakes and bored hippies with nothing else to do. I also had a Very Strong 'feeling' that you would be wasting very valuable time not being there in Flagstaff."

I had asked for advice and guidance (through Greg) from The Guides and Masters on the long distance healings that I was doing after saying that more and more requests were coming in, and I wanted to get it right and maximize my participation and be as effective as I could possibly be. He wrote back, "I had an OVERWHELMING FEELING that you are doing exactly the right thing in what you are doing now and that these are some of the things that you've been training for when out of body (at night when asleep)."

"I had 'Someone' say in my head, 'Tell him that some people may need to be on the phone with him while doing the healing. Tell him to remind them that they are always more than welcome to visit him in person should they feel more comfortable doing that. Tell him that distance doesn't exist for Us. We are there! Tell him to remind them of this. Tell him "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi" (page for the website) is spectacular and timely. Tell him to press for follow-up information from each healing and, just as importantly, to ask if they know of anyone else who might need Our Loving Grace. Lastly, the means for contributing is needing completion (PayPal on the "Contributions Page" of the website). Some intended gifts have been neglected due to this. In addition, consider offering the means to contribute incrementally (monthly contributions)'."

66. 22 June 2006 Phone Conversation:       While watching the World Cup Soccer Tournament on TV, Greg suddenly had a "mental movie" play out in his mind. It was like he was standing in the scene off to one side and was privy to the conversation. It took place in one of the Sanctuaries that I had created (he knew there were more than one), and it was a conversation that several people were having with me. They were people of position who were running and managing the Sanctuary for me. They were complaining about there being so much mail and that they had to run back and forth from the town so often to take care of all that mail. Somebody mentioned to me that what was really needed was a post office to take care of it all but that the Sanctuary would have to become incorporated to get one. Somebody else said that they were pretty sure that there were enough people living in the Spiritual Community for it to become incorporated, which was an indication of its size.

In an e-mail I had explained a story that was related to me by a woman (Marta H.) who had her psychic gifts from a very young age. She told me that when she had seen me at an evening presentation at Unity in Flagstaff, she saw "White Light" radiating from my being and recognized me from her childhood. A man had appeared to her and her mom repeatedly as she was growing up. He counselled her about what she would be doing in her life in the future, and he always suddenly appeared when her mother needed help of some kind, like the time that he showed up when the house had caught on fire and her mother was asleep. He always wore the same clothes through the years and always disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. That "man" had the same appearance as I do now, she said. He looked just like me. Greg said that he had MAJOR CHILLS and GOOSEBUMPS when he read of that story, which to him was a confirmatory signaling of its importance and veracity. She had also asked me to teach her to do what I do in the way of healing. Greg said, "I had a thought rammed into my head. You need to assemble some type of organized 'course' for the ones you will be training to do healing work."

67. 27 June 2006 E-Mail:       Regarding teaching the healers to do what I am doing, Greg said, "I had a 'sense' that you will not have to 'transfer' anything to them. They will need to undergo much of the same training/learning/understanding that you have undergone but without having to distill the information over many years as you did. You have the information that they need. The Dudes (Masters of The White Brotherhood) will then 'allow' them to act as a conduit for Their Healing Energies."

"My 'sense' is that They (The Master Healers) will work with them (the healers) ONLY if They feel that those healers are ready and are of pure heart and spirit. In other words, you don't really have to worry about it. I don't have a 'feeling' about the 12 points (in 'A Call To The Healers') but have a STRONG 'feeling' that They are depending on you to instruct or train those who want to become healers (on behalf of The Brotherhood). I also had an interesting 'feeling' that the healers would need to 'affiliate' with the Sanctuaries of The Masters. I have no idea what that means except that maybe by affiliating, they will be kept on 'track' by the atmosphere/environment at these Places of Grace."

68. 01 July 2006 E-Mail:       I had asked for clarification about "the Project" that The Masters had for me, and Greg wrote that he received the answer from Them in a kind of quiet whisper, "The Project is simple and one of many. The current cause is pointed almost totally at bringing as many as possible to a point that will allow them to make the Shift to the New Level. You ARE a key to this most important endeavor and will be teaching others to go about the task of teaching and healing, but your most important tasks will come during and after the Shift." Then They said, mysteriously, "What is the Light?"

This next part regards Craig J. of Maui, Hawaii, and was given in another whisper, "It's enough to say that no healing occurred for him as none was offered. This occurrence has caused him to shift off his path. Should he return to the path, We may cause the 2 of you to dialogue again. It may not be apparent, but it can be very difficult, even for Us, to cause certain ones to contact you. We understand your unrelenting drive and know that this has been causing you distress. Please release the anxiety. It is resolved."

Greg wrote that there was more whispering, and the following was addressed to me: "The work (healing and teaching) is proceeding more slowly than We had anticipated but not because of your efforts. We are working on certain ones who can contribute greatly to your work, but at times it is like moving mountains, as you would say, to get them to act on their paths. Sometimes We are awed by the audacity of Free Will. We do have suggestions (for the work) but will be sending these through 'brainstorming' sessions (with other people) that you and Greg discussed by phone. Greg needs to ease back as he's cracking the door ever wider for the Forces of Evil (by the amount of help being given to me)."

Regarding long distance healings, "We do have a request. One session is enough for Our Healing Powers to resolve any problem, but We would ask that you suggest 2 to 3 sessions -- with them (the recipients) contacting you after each session to produce feedback."

I asked how The Heavy Dudes liked the Ozarks for the Sanctuary of Kuthumi, and the only response was, "A most beautiful area". Greg said that he had "felt" a nice, warm sensation when that response was given.

I asked if there was any more advice for the healings in which I was in attendance, and They said, "Slightly more dialogue could bolster the belief system of the one receiving healing".

Regarding the future need for more healers to be working on behalf of The White Brotherhood, "There are no abilities for you to pass on. We will work through any who are of pure heart and spirit and whom you have taught to understand and who are willing to walk the path. Understand that you will be 'the Rock' for those that you 'ordain', and you must always remain available for interaction. Those ones must also vow allegiance to and support of the Sanctuaries."

Greg wrote, "I had a pretty strong 'sense' that most people need to work on one major problem (during a healing) at a time, as their bodies won't usually have the wherewithall to handle the healing energy required to eliminate several maladies at once."

While reading a note about a home-cooked meal I had enjoyed, he wrote, "I did get a 'sense' that besides the protein (being required in larger amounts) you just need to put more food into the body (increased caloric intake starting right away). As things get busier, you're gonna need the fuel!"

69. 26 August 2006 E-Mail:       Greg wrote, "They (The Higher Ups) said that your deficiencies were things that were easily changed by looking inward and that you were perfectly capable of changing them. They also said that if you were unable to identify them in yourself, how would you ever recognize them in others and especially those of the Sanctuaries, BUT They were very optimistic."

"I was made aware by Kuthumi and Hilarion that my role in this Earth Transition, unlike yours, is peripheral only. They said it was more as the Fire Starter in that I have been given the ability to move some to action or, as They put it, 'tossing a pebble into a pool to create a wave that can become a tsunami on the other side'. They have intimated that They have many other projects that I am to do myself or participate in. They also explained that some of the projects will be accomplished without knowing that I'm actually doing it. An example They used was that one of my purposes with you was to help transition you from out of the wilderness or isolation back to living and coping with civilization. I guess part of that was the talks that you give (refer to '13 Steps To Paradise')."

"They made it VERY clear that there is NO unimportant project. They said that some projects may seem so (unimportant), but the eventual end can be beyond belief. We are not always privy to its importance and may even leave a project before it is accomplished. They said that They have their reasons for doing things like this but didn't share those with me."

"I will watch your project unfold, but I was told in no uncertain terms to leave your project, at least until They indicated otherwise. I was also told that their communications through me for you might be transferred through another. They didn't say who that might be. According to The Dudes, They've got lots more for me to do. I know of a couple things I've been steered to -- of all things, 2 more websites -- but They have indicated that something very important is in the wings. I asked several times what it might be but got no answer. Per The Dudes, I am to leave your project but will help get the website back up (website down for 8 weeks). I have already asked if that would violate Their directive, and the answer was, 'No'. In addition, as I had promised, I will pass on any information that's given to me for you unless, of course, directed otherwise. They (The White Brotherhood) are still just as grateful to and fond of you!"

I had written a short piece about The Lord Hilarion (Chohan of the Fifth Ray) making an appearance at one of my talks about "The 13 Steps To Paradise" and sent it to Greg to read. A psychic woman with aetheric vision had told me that she saw, while I was talking, a brilliant flash of White Light enter the room opposite her and the name of "Hilarion" was given repeatedly to her in her mind, clairaudiently. She had also after that seen Columns of White Light moving about the room, and these represented to her Ascended Masters from her previous experience. Greg said, "Wow, I sure got a 'Right On' feeling reading 'Hilarion's Visit'. (This intuitive impression came to him from The White Brotherhood, he said.) 'A Call To The Healers' and 'Stipulations For The Healers' felt right on too (that 'feeling' came also from Them). They (the mentioned writings) keep it simple and to the point, easy."

70. 07 September 2006 E-Mail:       Greg wrote, "I have to tell you that I have been asking The Dudes (Anyone) about helping with the website, and the only thing I got back was, 'We're concerned'. Nothing more, no explanations, etc. BUT it's not a no or a yes. (He had previously been asked to withdraw from my Project because of the intentions of the Dark Ones to destroy him.) Then the other night, I was awakened in the early morning with Them wanting me to finish adding the monthly contributions part to the site (in 'Contributions'). I guess They think you need money or something. So be it."

I had written him about a precisely-timed synchronicity that had occurred between me and Linda S. and her boyfriend Roger, and I said I'd bet that he would get the "chills" signal when he read it. Greg wrote, "Wow, you're right about the chills. Lots of them but not pointing at anything specific! I also got a damned POWERFUL message or 'thought transfer'. Anyway, the message was that They want you to really start PUSHING the Sanctuaries (at least the first one). To anyone who voices or even hints at an interest in It, They want you to 'grill' them for ideas they might have in how to help get it started, how they might be able to help or contribute, AND if they might know anyone else who would be in a position to advise or help!"

"This was in terms of contributing money, land to lease, lend, or donate (and it doesn't have to be out in the wilderness to get it started), fund-raising skills they might have and how to set something like that up, skills to help build or produce everything or anything for the Project! It is imperative that they understand that you can't just build the Sanctuary by yourself! The implications were that some people have crossed your path that might have been able to help but for one reason or another may have managed to 'slip away'."

"I also got VERY strong 'feelings' that the Sanctuaries are becoming a critical factor in the Project, and They are going to really push it at everyone .......... whatever that means. Man, I haven't had information that intense in a long while."

I had written him about a healing during which I began to feel tingling in my hands when over a certain chakra. Greg wrote, "I got another message that essentially said, 'You are finally getting IT back!' I have no idea what that meant, but I imagine you will. I think (or sense) that you will feel more and more as the healings progress."

I wrote about going to Sedona (Arizona) soon to distribute flyers and cards and see whom I might meet, and he responded, "Hey, I had a REAL GOOD feeling about Sedona, also that there is someone there that you are supposed to meet for some reason. There was no more information, but it was REAL positive."

"As I mentioned, The Heavies are really pushing the Sanctuary. I just got, 'Get the Sanctuary going!' Damn, They are persistent. Things 'feel' like they're picking up for you again, and I am still getting shivers about Sedona. There is something there for you!"

71. 10 September 2006 E-Mail:       Greg wrote, "I got tons of stuff over the last few days from The Dudes, and it's not all in this note, but a lot of it was about the Sanctuary, and I'm having a hard time remembering all of it. Anyway, here's a lot of the information that I got."

"You (Jim) MUST get your anger under control. Failing this could preclude the success of your 'Project'. This is MOST IMPORTANT! It is like a poison or radioactivity around you. As in radioactivity or poison, it MUST BE SHIELDED from escaping. Until you are able to eradicate the anger, you should use one or more emissaries in whom you trust to deal with that which angers you the most. When this anger overcomes you, you should simply walk away from them, but you must allow them to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it before the fact."

"You are overly pessimistic. You tend to see the glass half empty. ALWAYS look for the positive, even in unfortunate situations. It will ALWAYS be there as will the bad."

"You have contempt and disdain for much of Mankind. We/you are all of the same Spirit and are trying to return to the same Light, even the most 'hideous' of humans. Allow yourself to take joy in seeing even the lowest move toward the Light at even a small rate. If you won't allow yourself to feel the joy, then feel sorrow or pity, but DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF ANGER! It may take them many lifetimes, but the journey is to reunite all. REMEMBER, .......... what you do to your brethren, so you do to yourself and Us. We are you as you are Us."

"You expect others to meet the same expectations you require of yourself. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN! The more lowly of Humankind will not even begin to meet your expectations. There are those who can but not with the constancy and consistency that you are able to do. This breeds intolerance in you, creates anger, and will drive ALL away."

"You ARE able to control this anger but for particular reasons have chosen not to."

"We could bring countless things to light for you, but We must also follow certain rules and laws. Were We to allow you all the information you request/need, then what of free will and creativity? You would be as a puppet following a road map rather than the grand being you are."

I (Greg) asked, "Why do you send information through me rather than directly to Jim?" The response, "Jim has chosen to close that particular channel for reasons. As in his meditations, he thinks he is unable to 'attain', but that is NOT the case. He thinks the 'body jerking' does not allow him to meditate. Far from the truth. As the mind travels, it doesn't care what the body does." Greg heard loud laughter. "Jim thinks he should be in the twilight zone or something to accomplish his meditation." To Jim, "Continue your work without concern or frustration".

Directed toward me, Jim, "The Sanctuary has become a priority. We understand your need to heal and teach, but your expertise in this Project, for now, needs be that of teaching the teachers. You simply cannot accomplish all that needs doing by yourself. This teaching needs to be facilitated at the Sanctuary in a setting without disturbances and in an environment of peace, harmony, and grace."

"Jim, We understand that you do not like soliciting funds for yourself, but any soliciting will be for the Sanctuaries and the benefit of Humankind NOT yourself. Therefore, have no reservations. It is imperative that you ask ALL for funds, help, suggestions, and/or ideas in building these Temples of Grace."

"These deficiencies (mentioned above) are precipitated predominantly because of your advanced state of existence, but this advanced state also requires that you abandon lowly earthly ties to destructive emotions. You are mostly aware of this current Plane of Existence, and We understand that it has been most unpleasant for you. You need to trust that, in the grand scheme, it is only a minor 'bump in the road'. Do not treat it as more. Were it that We could expose all of it to you, but We have our reasons for not doing so at this time. Please be patient. Please heed our suggestions."

I (Jim) had written that some people, when they read "A Call To The Healers", were put off by the request of The Masters that healers and teachers who go out into the world from the Sanctuaries should remain affiliated with those Sanctuaries. Greg wrote, "Wow, I had a NOT GOOD 'feeling' (? frustration and disappointment, almost anger, from The Dudes) about those who doubt your motives and Their motives and sincerity, ESPECIALLY those who have met you in person. The Higher Ones said, 'Use caution when dealing with those of that nature'. I can't pinpoint exactly what that means, so it's to your interpretation." (caution about wanting to deal with those who have doubts about the recommendations of The Masters of Wisdom)

"I just now asked for a clarification but got nothing but a kind of 'cold chill feeling', so I wasn't moved to ask a second time. Of course, They're far beyond any such emotion like anger, but that was my interpretation (of the conveyed feeling)."

"I can't remember the exact wording (regarding affiliation with the Sanctuaries), but the impetus was to maintain a contact (with the Sanctuaries), I guess, rather than an affiliation and, as you interpreted, to maintain their spiritual direction (or compass) if needed. Of course, they may be so advanced as to not need that. It will be an enormous amount of work, and the Sanctuary will be a WONDERFUL place to go to get your 'batteries charged', so to speak! That did NOT mean that anyone would be obligated to the Sanctuaries for ANYTHING. God forbid that they would feel a kinship of sorts!"

"I just now had a 'feeling' that these are the types of things that are causing the 'weariness' of The Dudes, especially those sentiments coming from people on the Path. If those on the Path feel this way, then what of convincing the mundane masses? Hmmmm, it was not a very pleasant 'feeling' I got (about some people being suspect of the recommendations and the Wisdom of The Ascended Masters). Anyway, another part of the impetus (for remaining connected with the Sanctuaries) was that The Dudes would 'appreciate' that those who have 'graduated' from the Sanctuaries return occasionally to offer inspiration and support to those who are in the process of becoming teachers/healers (like an alumni maybe). In addition, many people, including teachers and healers, will be living at the Sanctuary. Why would you not want to return Home to experience old friends? That's about all I can remember of the information (from The White Brotherhood)."

"I have a Very Good 'feeling' about Sedona and you. There are some good things that will come from your travel there."

"I have been getting inundated the last couple of days with lots of dream-like sequences about the Sanctuary. It's like I'm walking around the place (in astral form) after its finished, just watching and experiencing 'being' there. I can tell you for SURE, it is one fine, beautiful place, and it's heavily forested and has a stream running through it. It was a VERY comforting and peaceful place. It had that piney smell, and I could hear people talking, calling, and laughing, especially the kids." (Though he tried, he couldn't tell what specific kinds of trees there were to identify the region.)

Question and Answer Section:

    a. I asked about guidance to the next location once I leave Flagstaff and was told that it was "not far" in linear distance terms.

    b. I had previously been told to eat more meat in my diet to increase strength and body mass (muscularity). I asked again about my diet because of reservations about eating the flesh of innocent animals. Greg said, "I got the 'sense' that you don't need to eat a lot (of meat) but that you do need to eat some for strength. I heard a laughing 'guffaw' saying that all animals would gladly sacrifice themselves to contribute to your health and well-being (including your strength) to help with the Project. Then I heard from 'Someone', 'Please (Jim) understand that yours' are special circumstances. You're only eating their flesh, not their soul or spirit'."

    c. I asked if Virginia (The Ascended Master Who is my Guardian) had anything to say to me. Greg replied, "I felt a HUGE smile, a hug for you, and a showing of the V sign with the hand. Then I heard, 'Are you (Jim) loving it?' There was nothing more."

    d. I asked if there were any inaccuracies in "The Shasta Revelations" from the Summer of 2003 (when I had received many extraordinary revelations from the Guides of the woman I worked with in the aura of Mount Shasta). Greg said, "I had a 'feeling' of 'minor details only' (being inaccurate)".

    e. I asked what the White Light radiating from my being was all about. Five different people with aetheric vision have told me about It. Greg received (and channeled), "It's the radiating energy of the Angels and Those Who would join with you at times. It's a mild and temporary type of 'walk-in'. You often act as a doorway to your world. Just as you experience 'out-of-body' (mainly at night), We occasionally manifest 'in your body'. We are surprised that you are not more aware of Us when this happens."

    f. I asked if there was anything more that I could do for Lord Hilarion. Greg received this directly from that Lord of the Fifth Ray. "I am fully pleased with your efforts. I am enjoying our orations (Hilarion merged with me) and would only encourage more of the same (the talks I give)! As you are aware, things (relative to the Project) are moving much more slowly than We (The Masters) had hoped, and the incident with your website (being down for 8 weeks) did not enhance these efforts. We are working on pulling lost benefactors back to a working reality. I would also suggest that you follow the promptings of The Lord Kuthumi regarding your anger (bringing it under control), as it could be your undoing with the Project. We could tell you how to eradicate the deficiency but must be extremely careful concerning how and what We offer as We too are under certain constraints (by The Lords of Karma)."

Greg said, "Wow, that was from The Dude Himself (Hilarion). I got freezing chills while that was going on!"

    g. I asked what more I could do during the healings to be more effective. Greg channeled, "We are delighted that you are finally experiencing the enormous energy that is flowing through you at these times. You are performing perfectly and as We expected. We did not pick you at random."

    h. I had said that I was a little surprised that such Lofty Ones like Kuthumi and Hilarion would have any personal involvement with humans during this busy time in preparation for the Dimensional Shift and the Aquarian Age. Greg said, "I got a big smile 'feeling' from The Dudes when reading the personal involvement sentence. They intimated that They would have personal involvement with ALL humans if they would simply open up and reach out. I also got that They send complete portions of Their Consciousness (not fragments) as They are able to be everywhere completely at all times. They have no need for fracturing (to interact with humans)."

    i. I had written that I thought that Lord Hilarion had sent a holographic projection of Himself to the talk I was giving at Unity when someone with Third Eye sight saw Him come in (see "Hilarion's Visit" in "Some More Writings Of Mine" on the Home Page). Greg received this directly from Hilarion, "Regarding the hologram, as I said above, I thank you for allowing Me to, as I called it, 'walk-in' (merge with my consciousness). When this happens, your energy field becomes so powerful that ones attuned are often able to see Me 'with' you (merged), sometimes 'beside' you, and sometimes are only aware of the energy or Light in and around you. We are amused at those of you who are in such awe. There are so many experiences beyond your farthest comprehension that We take for granted."

Greg then wrote, "Whooooooeeeee, more of those chills and giant goosebumps!"

Greg told me later that he had a "feeling" that Hilarion will hang out with me during the talks that I give ("13 Steps To Paradise"). Kuthumi will also come but not just Those Two. Other Adepts and Masters will "drop in" on my talks. Hilarion will both influence the listeners to ask certain questions and will influence the answers that come out of me.

72. 13 September 2006 E-Mail:       Regarding the talks that I give, he wrote, "Just like the talks, you didn't think you would be able to talk for more than a few minutes. I have a 'feeling' that you're doing (talking) a couple hours (which is true), and a lot of it is coming from The Big Dudes, but you're not aware of it."

I had written, "I think that The Heavies are reasoning that the sooner this Community (Sanctuary) is organized and functional, the sooner that large numbers of people can be influenced, can be healed and taught and shown the way to prepare themselves for participation in the New Age in Fourth Density. The sooner It is there, the sooner The Dudes can impulse people to be drawn to It." Greg responded (intuitively), "That's EXACTLY what I got from it too!".

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