Greg's Esteemed Mentor, Hank the Magnificent (Just Kidding)

1. February 2004 E-Mail:       "As I said on the phone, I got chills and bumps (confirmation) reading your letters the first time and got the same on re-reading them." (letters from Mount Shasta, California, during 2003 describing "The Shasta Revelations" that I received from my co-worker's Guides while working at the Mount Shasta Resort as a gardener) Click on the link to "The Shasta Revelations" to learn about the extraordinary communications given to me in the Summer of 2003.

"Another VERY WEIRD FEELING I had talking to you on the phone ..... I wasn't going to say anything about this, but what the hell. When you were telling me that you were there in Oregon (at Ananda Bhavan in Grants Pass), I had some major chills and my eyes really teared up. I felt that you were EXACTLY where you were supposed to be and that something unbelievable was soon to happen. It was like living under grey clouds for days and then seeing a most beautiful sunset. You know how that kind of takes your breath away? Anyway, for what it's worth, something 'zapped' me." (Ananda Bhavan was a spiritual center founded by Manu and Sunshine Prasad.)

2. August 2004 E-Mail:       "You did send me a copy of the 'Sherry to Jim' papers (selected passages of correspondence from a talented channel and friend, Sherry C. of Sarasota, Florida, to me). Wow, what a group of revelations! I had good 'feelings' about all of it with the exception of the condemnation of your ego. I would say the largest hurdle for you was your anger not your ego and maybe your disdain for the mundane things around you (people)." See "Sherry to Jim" in

"I also want to tell you about a weird dream I had the other night. I was back in the Navy and was standing on the pier beside the aircraft carrier, USS Bennington, that I had been stationed on. They were prepping the ship to go on a 6-month cruise. Anyway, you and I were standing there on the pier talking when Manu (an East Indian man in Grants Pass, Oregon, at Ananda Bhavan) walked up to you, dropped to his knees, and wrapped his arms around your ankles with his head on your feet. He didn't say anything and just started sobbing like crazy. I remember it almost made me cry to hear his sobbing."

"You never said a word but tried to pull him up several times, and he would just drop back down with his head on your feet and kept sobbing. Finally, you got him up with his face buried in his hands still sobbing. You put your arm around his shoulder and the two of you walked away. You never said a word but looked back over your shoulder and nodded in the affirmative, turned, and the two of you just disappeared in the crowd of people at the end of the pier. It was very intriguing. The only thing I could make of it was that somehow your paths will cross again but under very different but better circumstances." (I had left Ananda Bhavan because of strange and aggravating behavior on the part of Manu.)

3. December 2004 E-Mail:       "I read the 'Sherry to Jim' papers. Was totally amazed but not in disbelief. Also 'felt good' about all info. Also spent some time dwelling on your experience with K.K. (the source or vehicle for "The Shasta Revelations" during the Summer of 2003) and your emanation of Light and your birthday numerology (9-9-9 for day, month, and year) and 'felt good' about the experience, although I had an overwhelming 'sense' that the entire experience was somehow for her benefit/learning experience rather than for you, as though she was being given a sign to 'listen up' and learn."

"By the way, if you feel you're being taken astrally at night to 'school', so to speak, what is so unbelievable about emanating intense Light? (K.K. clairvoyantly saw it radiating from me.) I additionally had a 'feeling' that she was speaking metaphorically, and the so-called Light was simply a 'human' description and glimpse of the power of your knowledge and the person you don't seem to believe you are."

"Funny thing about Manu and maybe not so funny. As I write these words about him, I get a 'sense' that he is really grieving about something and have a 'sense' that things are coming down around him."

4. February 2005 Letter:       "When you were talking about teaching the Beings who will be the Leaders (in the New Age, the Masters of Love - click on "Mission Of The Love Masters"), I had this overwhelming 'feeling' come over me that you would never know who some of Them are/were. Like the learning for Them will be observing you from a distance and learning from your writings. Weird, because I always thought of it as either like a small or large gathering with you talking or discoursing with the group but pretty much knowing the people in the group."

"I also had the weirdest 'feeling' that The Masters (Ascended Masters of Earth's White Brotherhood) would not push you into the teaching but would leave it in your hands to accomplish (or not), as there will be other teachers as well. That They would provide everything you needed with the exception of the impetus. Also, I definitely can understand how you have such a hard time believing and reconciling the gulf (between my humbled circumstances and the predictions), but the thought seemed to just 'flit' by without any meaning to me. I guess as though there is no doubt in my mind that these things will be accomplished by you."

"I had a dream about watching you sit in a room with a bunch of giant pillows. People were lined up at the door and would come in one at a time and recline on one of the pillows. You would ask them a question, and then they would go off on this long tirade seemingly about nothing. This would happen several times and the person would get up, go out in the hall, and tell those waiting what an incredible, enlightened person you were. There was a 'glowing bowl' filled with mist next to me that I could ask questions of, and it would answer me."

"I asked it what you were doing, and it said 'teaching'. I said that you were just asking questions and letting them whine, bitch, and moan, mostly about crap. Of course, maybe it wasn't crap to them. The bowl then said, 'The greatest teachers teach by mastering the art of listening'. I then remarked that listening didn't seem to be teaching. It was just listening. The bowl replied, 'It teaches that the one listening can be trusted and opens the heart to receive the teacher's wisdom'. It then asked me how many times I had run into someone that was ONLY interested in me and talking about me. Well, I guess that drove the point home."

March 2005, numbers 5 through 29 received while visiting Greg in Dallas, Texas:

5.       Greg says that anger is the principle cause of my Lower Back Pain (which became a severe problem) and that, when I am able to get it under control, the pain will go away.

6.       He has a "sense" that I will be successful in gaining the upper hand of the temper and anger demon, and he doesn't think that it will take as long as I believe it will. He doesn't think it'll be long before I am once again pain-free.

7.       When reading of the suspected connection between my anger and the LBP (Lower Back Pain), he heard repeatedly in his mind, "his only demon, his only demon, his only demon". He was impressed that that was the only remaining demon or obstacle for me to be dealing with. (This is in reference to a lengthy poem that I wrote in January of 2000, entitled "Entertaining Demons".) His intuitional sense was more pronounced with this message than with others.

8.       He thinks that I developed anger in my Boys Town days as a shield of sorts to keep people at a distance and to keep the bullies and predators from picking on me, one of the smaller boys there. I had been in Father Flanagan's Boys Town near Omaha, Nebraska, for 8 years in my youth.

9.       Even though there is a likely connection between my LBP and the mattress I sleep on, Greg feels that when my emotional body wound (from anger) is healed and the pain has subsided, it won't matter what I sleep on. It won't cause me pain.

10.       He thinks that the egg-crate mattress pad is the best substitute for the hard mattress that I have right now. It wasn't necessary for me to get anything more expensive. The 4 inch thick mattress pad would be adequate. Then he said that he had a "sense" that I couldn't find anything that worked right now because the pain is used as an impetus to get me to healing others.

11.       He "feels" that I still will have some involvement with Ananda Bhavan (in Grants Pass, Oregon) in the future, even though I'm not able to tolerate the behaviors of the owner, Manu, who originates from India. It may be that Manu has passed on and someone else has inherited the place. We just don't know.

12.       If or when I begin to use my hands for healing, he "senses" strongly that many doors will be opened for me, that opportunities will unfold in an exponential fashion as time progresses. He told me I would be a lot busier than I anticipated with the healing work.

13.       The positive affirmation that I created in order to displace the long-standing sub-conscious program of anger from childhood was said to be not strong enough. He said that it might work over time but that another one could be "stronger" and more effective in eradicating the childhood anger program.

14.       Greg has a "sense" that I'm a lot more intuitive and psychically-receptive than I have believed of myself. The right hemispheric receptions from Higher Levels and the instantaneous movement of that information over to the analytical left hemisphere to be perceived as the logical workings of mind was seen as the explanation that I've thought myself to have little intuitive ability. The transfer of the input from Higher Self and Guides, as it flows from the right to the left cerebral hemispheres, is so fast and immediate that it only appears to be a function of the intellect, however much of it is what we call intuition. This is in agreement with what I was told by K.K.'s Guides (co-worker at the Mount Shasta Resort in 2003).

15.       Lots of different things will be coming to me after I start with the healing role, using my hands to help others. A whole new road will open up to tread upon, and some good things will come, including some gifts of remuneration. He said all of that wouldn't be far off, depending on the back and its pain.

16.       He also "sensed" that some people in the field of alternative and natural healing methods would be upset when they came to learn that I was offering my services for free. He's gotten this twice.

17.       After the astral body wound heals and the LBP is greatly diminished or gone, I would be able to sleep on just about anything.

18.       He had a "sense" of my needing to get proactive and to take the initiative in finding different metaphysical groups to meet with. It'll take the help of other people to get underway with the healing. I just need to put myself into those types of environments to be exposed to other like-minded people. The Heavy Dudes will do the rest of the work once I've exercised my free will. And these get-togethers may not initially have anything to do with healing, but it'll progress toward that. It'll allow the people that can help me to find me.

19.       For the maintenance of a healthy and pain-free back, he "sensed" that I needed to keep the abdominal muscles strong by doing exercises to build up the strength of those muscles (crunches, etc.) and also mentioned pelvic tilts.

20.       When I was reading "The Shasta Revelations" to him, Greg had the following intuitional senses arise:

--- a "whoa, wait a minute" caution in regards to my being told by K.K.'s Guides that I needn't worry about the generalized muscular atrophy that has taken place on my body (leading to emaciation). He thought her clarity was impaired at the time she said it, or maybe it was even a false assurance. I shouldn't allow any more of the atrophy to occur but should do okay if I maintain the weight and muscle mass that I have right now.

--- there was a sense, although not a strong one, that if I do the pelvic-tilt exercises it may help but not in itself end the pain and that the abdominal and back exercises may prevent my muscles from wasting and "going to hell".

--- somebody in the Dallas Area is one of the future teachers for the Love Masters (see "Mission Of The Love Masters") and, consequently, one of my peers. He didn't know if that person would be in the same spiritual community as me or another.

21.       For a long time he has had a "sense" that the year, 2012, is not correct as the end-point, space/time nexus for the completion of Third Density experience (on Earth) and the beginning of Fourth. He has felt uncomfortable for a long time whenever he has heard it and read it from me, and he doesn't know or sense if the End Point is sooner or later (refer to "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth").

22.       I said I would be sorely disappointed if it doesn't happen by then, and he said that it wouldn't make any difference to me by then if I start down the path of healer, because I would be so pre-occupied with what I came to do (the healing and teaching).

23.       I was saying to Greg that I had been having the thought for a couple of days that "Kuthumi Hands" would be a good name for my website as healer. It had been a passing thought through my mind, and I'm not aware whether it originated within my own conscious mind or was impressed upon it from another level. Greg had an immediate "sense" come over him that there was a strong urging by Kuthumi for me to get out there amongst them and to allow Kuthumi to work through me for the healings. There was a "sense" conveyed to him that I had not moved rapidly enough toward that goal of being the channel for Kuthumi to heal. There was a "sense" of urgency to it all.

24.       Greg had a fleeting "mental picture" of Kuthumi standing firmly with hands on His hips waiting impatiently for me to get a move on it and to get to doing what I came to do. He knew and acknowledged that The Big Dudes could have no such emotion as impatience and that it was merely a symbol to convey the prompting by Kuthumi for me to stop stalling and to get moving. I received the "chills" signal when he said it to me.

25.       When I said that I thought my being a channel and a vessel for Kuthumi to do healing through me would help to heal my lower back problem and possibly even the emotional body, Greg's eyes began to tear up, and that has occurred on only one other occasion that he has told me about -- when I informed him by phone that I had returned to Ananda Bhavan (Grants Pass, Oregon) in January of 2004. Greg emphasized that it was very rare for his eyes to water or tear up and that it has happened only with an extreme emotional reaction to something.

It was interpreted as a signal conveying much importance to the matter being discussed, and regarding the channeling of Kuthumi and the healing of my back problem, I think it was a sign to indicate the truth of the matter. He also got a "chill" with the eye-watering.

26.       I asked again if it would be the Kuthumi Energy which would flow through me when I use my hands for healing, and Greg's intuitional "sense" was that it will be, for sure, Kuthumi's Healing Energy. He clairvoyantly saw an aethereal picture of White Light flowing through me to another human and my health just blossoming as it was happening.

27.       When I asked more specifically what Greg saw in the aethereal picture (or vision) mentioned above, he saw an outline of Who he knew to be Kuthumi standing behind my back by 2 to 3 feet. White Light was emanating from the entire body of Kuthumi to me and then passing through me to some older woman that I was standing behind. My arms were outstretched and my hands were to the outside of the woman's shoulders not directly touching her, perhaps 6 inches or so from her shoulders. The White Light coming through me radiated from my hands, my arms, and my shoulders and enveloped or surrounded the person receiving the healing. It was like the person was glowing!!

28.       When discussing a lot of my writings that I preserve in a box in my van and particularly when I was explaining the content of "Aquarian Age Child Raising" that I organized from Hilarion's teachings, Greg "sensed" that some of my writings which derive from the communications of The Ascended Masters are the very things that I've been taught at night (for much of my life) when I'm out of body and in astral form while asleep. That's not all I'm taught but a portion of it. Some of the other writings were included in the "sense".

29.       A "sense" came to him that it might be a good idea to find some "psychic" for their feedback on my current situation, thus getting another intuitively-sensitive opinion.

30. October 2005 Letter:       "Man, I have never had the bumps, chills, and shivers like when I read your letter (describing the extraordinary circumstances under which I was able to procure another van when my '84 Ford Van had a transmission failure -- see entry #50 in 'The Silver Platter')!! I thought I was gonna catch pneumonia!! It was continuous big bumps on the arms and back. Never, ever have I had goose bumps on my back before. Also, the hair on my arms and back of the neck felt like it was trying to leap off my body. Too weird!!"

"I had a very weird but good 'sensation' about the lady that sold you the van ('83 Chevy Van) too. She did not just happen to be there! I had much the same 'feeling' about the van builder (street mechanic in Chico, California, that helped so much). I had major flashes of a book I once read by Og Mandino, called 'The Rag Picker'. You must read it if you haven't read it. Also, I had an overwhelming 'feeling' that your van problems were being 'healed', so you could put those concerns aside in order to start your teaching and healing of others, as you are to do ......... sometime."

"The other 'feeling' I had was when you were talking about the perfect timing of the event (transmission failure) and that had you not been in Chico you would have been thrown to the wolves (due to impoverishment and homelessness). The really strong 'feeling' was that regardless of where or what had happened, it would have been taken care of but with a totally different series of unbelievable miracles and events. I had a 'sense' that that was dead on! The lady with the Chevy Van, the van builder (master mechanic), and the Ferg (Jon F., a friend who purchased the '83 Van for me) were just instruments used (by The White Brotherhood) because of their proximity."

31. October 2005 E-Mail:       "Man, you sure manifest your share of miracles! Those Dudes (The White Brotherhood) are protecting you like crazy. I sure hope you return to healing and teaching soon. I have a 'feeling' that once you start, it will bloom and blossom so fast it will make your head spin."

32. November 2005 Letter:       "I seem to have a much more intense experience as I read the events in your letters the first time than when I re-read the letter to answer it later. It's interesting. I have experienced these chills and goosebumps, etc. for as long as I can remember. It is and always has been either a confirmation, repudiation, or warning (heads up) of some event, proposition, or thing being true, false, or imminent."

"I have a 'feeling' that you are right about our Guides being in cahoots. I got a very strong 'sense' that They don't care about your 'unquestioning confidence' (whether or not I have it). They are just taking care of you (click on 'The Silver Platter') until you are about your intended tasks of teaching and healing. I just had a weird 'feeling' that there is something else you're to do ......... hmmmm ........ I've no idea what it might be."

"They and/or the Platter will be there whether or not you believe, and I had a repudiating 'feeling' about what you said that the 'doubting energy' might serve as a block to receiving something miraculous. Witness all the miracles that have already happened, and you were doubting at that time. I had a 'feeling' that the doubting is a product of some Sinister Force (the Dark Brotherhood) trying to steer you away from your intended purpose. Once you start your 'work', you will not have the time, inclination, or need to doubt!! As you progress further into your 'work', you will be beyond the grasp of any Dark Force that would love to see you fail. Until then, you are creating your own need."

"I also had a very strong 'feeling' that your 'concern' or 'preoccupation' with the Silver Platter is an iron gate keeping you from your purpose. Damn! I just had the strangest 'feeling'. I was reading a part of your letter where you mentioned 'The Shasta Revelations' (in 'Writings Of Mine') and thought about how weird it was that I couldn't read it, and damned if I didn't get a confirmation chill that it was also some 'Sinister Force' keeping me away from it. It makes me wonder if there isn't something in there that is ultra heavy duty/important, and they (Sinisters or Dark Ones) don't want any feedback coming to you regarding it. I tried reading some of it a few days ago, and the same thing was happening. I would read a few lines and my mind would wander off on some unrelated tangent. Another very weird thing is that when I try to remember what we covered when you were reading it to me out on the bench by the desert garden (in Texas), I have absolutely no recollection of what you read."

"You might want to go through it again and see if there is anything that really jumps out at you with a hammer! Damn, this is tough! I had a hell of a time trying to type that last sentence. The fingers kept missing every other key. The Sinisters maybe want me to shut up? I believe too that you are correct with regards to my helping you out, that it might bring good things back to me (karmically) from The Dudes (White Brotherhood). Witness the VA disability approval (100% disability pension for life) and done so effortlessly, well sort of."

"When you were talking about The Dudes seeing you to the right place at the right time to start the teaching and healing, I had a sense that They would not do that. It would be left to you to start the process, but once it had begun They would jump in with all manner of 'gusto'. It's almost like it's a hands-off (Theirs) part of the process for some reason, maybe because you will start it when you are ready and They can't know when that might be. You also mentioned not knowing how to do it or get it started, and I got a really strong 'that's incorrect' sensation in that you had already started the 'process' way back when you were 'teaching' or, as you called it, lecturing/talking to those groups of people that Faye Moore got together to hear you speak (in Chico, California, 1992, about the coming Earth Changes). Remember, you have no idea what your words are doing to or for the people that are absorbing them!! You could be teaching some and healing others at the same time."

"I still have that 'sense' that They (The White Brotherhood) think this process (stepping onto the path of the healer) is way overdue. I had a Big but also Bad 'sense' that brought the bumps on when I was reading the part about you feeling stupid putting the sign out ('Free Healing') and not having room in the van to do anything. The thought that jumped into my head was, 'Are you doing this for you or for the person needing the instruction/healing?'. If I needed some help with something, I wouldn't care who, what, where, or when as long as it helped, and you are even offering it for free!"

"I did have a 'sense', though, that parking along a road and putting out the sign is not the way to re-start the process. You might try doing such things as contacting a holistic or healing group of people and offering a free session, whether it be teaching or healing or both. At that meeting, simply ask if anyone would be interested in having a get together/session at their house or place. It will build from there like you won't believe! I also had a Very Big 'sense' that once you start the process (of channeling Kuthumi's Energies for healing), The Dudes will take care of the rest, as I said above. I didn't have a sense that it would snowball overnight, but that within a year it would really get out of hand and you would need Their help as in a teaching facility and land to build your 'Place of Grace', etc. Another 'sense' I had that conflicts with your life-style is that to get your process started you are going to have to spend much time in or very near cities. I suppose if someone offered a safe and quiet place to stay in the city for awhile, it might be bearable."

"Regarding the lady who sold you the Chevy Van, I just had this 'sense', as you suggested, that she didn't just happen there, meaning she was part of the whole miracle of finding the new van and for some reason was very powerful, spiritually speaking, and would be a good contact. Maybe it was just the fact that she was put there or had volunteered at that particular time to help you to recover from the original van failure. I had a very similar 'feeling' about the master mechanic that worked on your new van."

"The book thing, 'The Rag Picker', was kind of weird too. It just leaped into my head and I had an overwhelming 'feeling' that there is a message or some information in it that you need. I have no sense of what it might be. I hadn't thought about Og Mandino in years! Do keep in touch with that master mechanic if you are able! There's something there. I get a really good 'feeling' about him."

"As far as the meaning of your van problems being healed, I meant only that I had a strong 'sense' that you will have no more major problems with any more vehicles, including your new one (1983 Chevy Van)! YEAH! Regarding the demise of the Ford Van, I meant that it happened at that particular time and place so that a certain set of events were unfolded to simply get the problem out of the way. Had it happened at an earlier or later time, it still would have been taken care of but possibly using vastly different events or scenarios, and you were correct. It does refer to the Platter Effect (see 'The Silver Platter'). About your being thrown to the wolves (during that crisis), the 'feeling' I got was that you may have thought that perhaps you would get thrown, but They (The Spiritual Hierarchy) knew otherwise. You would not have been allowed to be thrown to the wolves."

33. 07 December 2005 E-Mail:       "I started to read your last letter and 'The Gregorian Oracle' but decided to stop and get all information down in sequence (chronologically) so any senses (psychic impressions) would not start overlapping or causing undue influence toward each other. A very funny thing happened as I was reading your letter about my buying a trailer versus a motorhome and asking 'The Dudes' (The White Brotherhood) for input/guidance. I was sitting there reading your letter and watching my bid expire (win) on E-bay at the same time. It was too funny as I KNEW 'The Dudes' had helped me find this thing (1987 class A 27-foot motorhome). I got it for $4000. Everything else from 1983 up was selling for a minimum of $6000-$7000 plus. Your 'Boys' did me fine!"

"I have to tell you about this RIGHT NOW. Last night I was going through an old picture album that Tyler (son) found in a box in the garage. I turned the page and there in all her glory was a picture of your sister (Virginia, having passed away in 1967)!! I had MAJOR CHILLS and this echoed in my head over and over and over: 'Here is Jim's Silver Platter', 'Here is Jim's Silver Platter', 'Here is Jim's Silver Platter'. I also had incredible senses (psychically) that this 'Lady' is MUCH MORE POWERFUL than you have EVER imagined. I scanned the picture (for digitalization), and when I was getting ready to file and name it, the words 'ASCENDED MASTER' kept shouting at me, and so that is what I named Her picture."

34. 16 December 2005 Letter:       "When you were talking (in a letter) about all the things that occurred (at Mount Shasta - Summer of 2005) to and with you when 'out of body' (while asleep) but you can't remember, I got STRONG CHILLS that 'it doesn't make any difference' and that you need to stop being concerned about it. You are gaining whether you are cognizant or not."

"Holy expletive, when reading about your back pain (severe episode in Grants Pass, Oregon, necessitating visit to hospital E.R. and needing to crawl from my van to the entrance), I didn't feel the pain but could feel the intensity so much it made my eyes water! It was not a pleasant thing to read about and I'm sure a horrible thing to experience!!!"

"I had a VERY strong 'feeling' that this was ONLY a physical malady from the dreadful early morning arising (4 a.m.) and working bending over so much (gardener job at Mount Shasta Resort) and had NOTHING to do with anger or anything else. My sense is that you need to find out what is wrong before you do some permanent damage and become an invalid!"

"WOW, I had STRONG CHILLS and a flashing thought about you having to teach/reach MANY before the Earth Shift (from Third to Fourth Density Level of Reality) while I was reading the part of your letter where you were talking about the blind billions following the blind elected officials. I guess that means you'll be teaching before the Changes, maybe to reduce the numbers that fail to cross over (transcend Third Density Reality)? That's sure what it 'felt' like." (Please refer to "The Dimensional Shift Of Earth".)

"I got a chuckle out of your description of the beard and hair and not caring about how you look. Funny thing, after reading that I had a 'feeling' that there is a female friend coming soon and your looks will make no difference. I have no idea what that means. I just let you know the things that pop into the old 'bean' of mine."

"I was STUNNED when I found Virginia's picture. It has opened up a whole new world! Ascended Master (Fifth Initiation Level or higher in The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth) for a sister??"

35. 26 December 2005 E-Mail:       "Regarding Virginia, I am amazed about that event too (the major chills and clairaudient messages). I have had her picture for years and nothing like that has ever happened before, but like you said maybe it was 'time' (to learn of Her Ascended Master Status and of Her being The Source for the Silver Platter). You mentioned that K.K. (source of the Shasta Revelations, Summer of 2003) said that Virginia had 'volunteered' to be a Guardian Spirit for you. The 'volunteered' rang false to me, meaning that my 'sense' (intuitive) was that She chose to help guide you and was not asked to 'volunteer'. You also mentioned Her taking that on as a 'limited role' (limiting for an Ascended Master of Wisdom). My 'sense' was that She does thousands of other things, mostly beyond our comprehension, in addition to helping to guide you and that YES your intended path (in life) is important enough that They (The White Brotherhood) will and do intervene in your 'life adventures'."

"I also had a 'sense' that you are not provided with all your needs, only those that keep you from going over the edge, from destitution, emergencies, or whatever meets Their needs to try to keep you on your path (healer, teacher, etc.). As you have said many times, you are left to develope the rest (the initial stages of the healer path) through your own free will or volition. I had a 'sense' that They don't care how you do it. Just GET IT STARTED and the rest will fall into place."

"As much as I want to, I still haven't read that letter you mentioned about going to Flagstaff (planned for the Spring of 2006 to begin my path). I thought about sneaking a peek to all of them but didn't have a very good 'feeling' (intuitively) about doing that, so in fear of sending misinterpretations (of psychic input) and having your 'Big Buds' (of The White Brotherhood) hurling lightning bolts at me (written in jest), I refrained. During our phone conversation, I did have a VERY GOOD 'feeling' about you going to the Flagstaff Area (Arizona). I had a 'feeling' that, should you choose to, you will be able to start your 'path process' (as the healer) and will be able to accomplish a lot!"

36. 30 December 2005 E-Mail:       "They know you're on to something and they're panicking???" (The Dark Brothers may have caused me to accidentally delete a helpful e-mail from Greg.)

"Regarding the help (from The White Brotherhood when I begin my role as healer in Flagstaff), my 'sense' (intuitive) was more that when They step in to help it will NOT be with alacrity or gusto. I had a 'sense' that it might even start out to be a pain in the butt getting things rolling but that once the initial chaos settled and your work and interactions with your 'patients' start to develope, They will start causing more and more people to seek you out. I guess the 'feeling' was like They want to watch what you do and how you do it. I don't know why, but that's the 'feeling' I had. Maybe They want you to do your internship?"

"Regarding not providing all your needs (by way of the Silver Platter), what I meant was that I had a 'sense' that some of the things you attribute to the Platter are, in fact, manifested through yourself and the capabilities (creative) you have developed over the years, NOT the Platter. I had no 'sense' of which those might be, just that single 'sense' (as above)."

"Interestingly, I never got a 'sense' of Virginia's gender (as an Ascended Master) until I read your question (about that). For some reason, I was forced into a huge smile and 'felt' that it was, in fact, Her smiling with my face. That was pretty strange but pleasant. Immediately, I 'sensed' that gender was an earth-bound malady (while in physicality) and had nothing to do with Them (The Ascended Masters of The Spiritual Hierarchy) and that you can think of Her and call Her whatever pleases you. Also, I had no 'feelings' regarding other expressions (incarnations) of Her in other lives."

"I had a STRONG 'sense' that Her physical afflictions (Cerebral Palsy and its complications) were somehow to benefit you but that something went awry, and whatever the plan was for, it was not totally completed. Possibly it was to help direct you into the healing professions, and she was to be one of your first healings?"

37. 05 January 2006 E-Mail:       "I 'feel' that the first part of your paragraph is correct (people who come for healing will be guided from Higher Level to do so). I also had a 'sense' that you will be getting some who are skeptics but who are never-the-less sent by The Dudes (The White Brotherhood). Maybe that's the 'teacher' part of what you are to do as well as the healing. Maybe it's a test of your patience."

"Now that you mention it, I also remember having that 'sense' previously (that The Guides and Guardians will jump in with gusto once the healing work is begun). I'm not sure what or if there is any meaning to my latest 'sense' (that They will hold back from getting involved for awhile). I just pass on any 'sense' or 'feeling' that I get. I am VERY reticent about doing any interpreting as that should be for you to do. If I start doing that, my interpretations could be very different than yours, as our word meanings sometimes are."

"I will say that the 'feeling' that I did have about your starting things up was like you would get things started and then you would just STOP and wait for The Dudes to do the rest, and my 'sense' was that They want it to be a joint project with a maximum commitment from you. Maybe They want to see how much dedication you have. I have no idea and no 'sense' of that."

"I also had a really negative/disappointment 'feeling' about the part where you asked if you would be left twisting in the wind and exposed to the Beast without any back-up (once beginning the healing work). I had an echoing in my head of, 'Have We left you twisting with no back-up before?'. Anyway, another fear I have of interpreting is: what if my interpretation is influenced by the Ugly Ones (the Dark Brothers)? I just don't like the thought that I might send the wrong information (by trying to interpret the messages received intuitively)."

38. 19 January 2006 E-Mail:       "The next part of your letter was your concern about my buying some old, worn out, worn-down motor home. I got another big grin on my face but not quite as big as the day I sat here reading your letter and getting ready to place my bid on the Gulfstream (motorhome). I guess it was kind of weird, like I intuitively just KNEW that it was mine (purchased for very low price and far below market value). Then again, I had requested help from beyond myself, and They (The White Brotherhood) DID come through!"

"You also mentioned that you felt I would be rewarded (for serving as the vehicle for messages from Higher Levels). Well, at this point in time, there is NO DOUBT about that happening, i.e. the V.A. pension (awarded), the motor home, etc. It (being the channel and messenger) seems like a C.E.O. position when it should only be a mop-pusher's position, but if it helps, then I am most glad and will NOT shy away from the returning help that 'The Dudes' may provide, though do know that I would do it without reward! Also, know that you will get only truthfulness from me."

"After reading (in 'Sherry to Jim' in about what Sherry C. had told you, that you had some TREMENDOUS ability to be a receiver and transmitter of the Light and that you would be one of the 'keys' for assisting Earth to move from Third to Fourth Density, that information felt very 'settled' and 'correct'. AND I can certainly see why you might think it incredible. Man, what an assignment! I also think that that is why it's so DAMNED important that you get the show on the road (begin the healing path), and I suppose that that's why I really felt GOOD about your looking at going to Flagstaff, Arizona. Maybe that's where it's to start!!!"

39. 26 January 2006 E-Mail:       Questions of mine answered through telepathic input of Greg Paul (from Guides and The White Brotherhood):

    a. Q: "Will my teaching be coming by way of the healing and by example rather than speaking to groups of people?"

        A: "Both."

    b. Q: "Do I need to do anything more to prepare myself as the vessel for Kuthumi-Healing?"

        A: "Yes, but I had no 'sense' of what that might be."

    c. Q: "Do I really have enough time, now that it's already 2006, to make a difference by healing and teaching?"

        A: "Yes ........ It will start slowly, but if you keep working with it, you will be absolutely amazed at how rapidly it will suddenly take off (?? when The Dudes kick in Their help??)."

    d. Q: "Can the Dark Dudes reach me and harm me if they've been able to implant doubt in my mind for so many years?"

        A: "Only if YOU allow it, whatever that means."

    e. Q: "Will I ever have a place, a healing center, or a spiritual community that I can call home?"

        A: "Yes and beautiful."

40. 11 February 2006 Conversation:       (Greg had come to Arizona in his motor home to camp in the desert with me.) In discussing the "activation" that I was told I would have by Kuthumi through Sherry C., Greg said that it would be more of a gradual process and not a sudden event. He had no "sense" of how long it would take once begun.

He strongly confirms something that I was told during my Shasta Summer of 2003: that I am taken, when out-of-body at night, to a totally secure astral location to be taught all the things that I will need to fulfill my role and mission. In all the times he was told about it, he has never "sensed" that that wasn't so.

Greg had an extremely good "sense" about my plans and intentions to begin my path as the healer, but he also "feels" that there will be pitfalls and that I'll run into obstacles set in my way by the Dark Brothers. He says it is imperative that I push on through those obstacles because the more people I influence and help, the less that the Dark Ones will be able to create obstructions to my path. That is, The Forces of Light will intervene once They see that I am committed to the work.

The healing work will start slowly, but the numbers of people seeking my help will expand as in a geometric progression, assuming I give talks. Otherwise it will be considerably slower.

The Heavy Dudes will watch me to see how I react to the adversities because They want to observe my level of commitment. If I beat a hasty retreat from my path, They may just let me keep running, but if They see that I'm committed, then They will start sending people to me.

Once it really gets going, there's no way that I'll have the time to take care of all the people who want to come to me for healing, and then I will need to learn how to teach others to assist me in the work and by doing that will find myself in both the roles as healer and teacher. If the numbers become too great and I don't have enough help, I may be able to heal entire groups of people at one time if The Brotherhood deems it necessary due to excessive demands upon my time.

He had a "sense" that I already know how to train other healers to help me because of what I'm taught at night when out of body.

41. 14 February 2006 Conversation:       When Greg was reading "These Kuthumi Hands", a mental picture or "vision" of sorts formed in his mind coming out of the blue and having nothing to do with what he was reading. He saw himself in the back of a large auditorium that was full of people, and I was on the stage sitting on a stool giving a talk or presentation. He remembers looking from side to side and thinking something like, "Wow, this place is packed". He was awed by the number of people there who had come to see me and thought what a good thing it all was.

In response to my asking about it, Greg had his intuitive "sense" that I didn't need to and shouldn't be doing any kind of visualization during a healing because I would just be getting in the way of the healing. That is, ideally I should just be a clear and balanced and open receptacle for Kuthumi to use in passing through His Energy. I don't need to do anything else than be the conduit for Kuthumi.

It's not that Kuthumi can't over-ride any minor obstacle that I may unknowingly create if He intends to cure or heal through me, but I could diminish the effectiveness of the healing if I insert my mental activities into the process. If I do anything other than being a clear conduit during the healing, then, in effect, the Energies coming through me are filtered or screened in part by the interference I've created. I need do nothing else but simply serve as the hands for Big K.

I told Greg that I had my own "sense" that Kuthumi's Healing Energy coming through me was instantaneous and that, from the healing standpoint, it didn't make any difference whether I laid my hands on someone for 1 or for 10 minutes. His intuition agreed with that concept. Our seeming passage of time is an illusion. All is occurring in the Now, and The Masters are beyond any illusionary limitations of time. Kuthumi's Energy is passed through me in the blink of an eye. However, we also both agreed that people will have an expectation that I spend some time with them, both before and during a healing and that if I don't, they may have doubts which could block or reverse the healing.

42. 15 February 2006 Conversation:       With regard to my approach to healings, he had a "sense" that before I do anything I should spend some time finding out the person's problems and specifically what it is that they want healed and what their expectations are. I should explain what it is I'm going to do beforehand and then explain just what I did afterwards, especially if I did something differently as received intuitively. Kuthumi will send the intuitive message and redirect me to another area if needed. I should be specific in my request of Kuthumi and say it out loud. This is all for the benefit of the patient so that they don't develope a doubt that might impede the healing from happening.

The "patients" need to be a partner in the healing process, and clear explanations from me would be beneficial to their state of mind and the character of their expectations. It will be really helpful for them to know that I can comprehend and bridge and integrate the physical syndrome with the spiritual, that my knowledge bridges the human body and the Realm of Spirit.

In one of my letters I wrote of myself, "I also think that it took me many lifetimes of preparation to be capable of such skill and true-hearted devotion to be entrusted with such purpose (healing on behalf of Kuthumi). I suspect that you (Greg) had your own training in other times and other places to bring you to this juncture in your life (bringing messages through for me from Higher Levels)." Greg's intuitive "sense" was that that was correct. He "felt" that his intuitions would be focused upon what is coming in the future for me.

The following was "felt" to be true and had no "sense" of falseness to it: My "Silver Platter" (click on "The Silver Platter") may have been granted to me by The Lords of Karma for this system, but it is administered and overseen by The Master Who had incarnated as my sister, Virginia. She is also my Protector, somewhat of a Guardian Spirit for me, except that she's an Ascended Master. Greg had a "sense" that She has an incredible sense of humor and that She always has an energy of Joy with Her. He said that She REALLY has some POWER!!

When hiking in the desert a month ago, I found another balloon message from my Guides, and it read, "Congrats Grad", as though congratulating me for moving to another level or phase in my life and acknowledging some advancement of mine. In my mind, I had been working out the details of starting on the healing path. Greg had a chill that my interpretation of the balloon was right and said that my apprehensions about coming out of the closet won't last for long. They will be pushed aside by the joys of my work.

43. 17 February 2006 Conversation:       Sherry C. (of Sarasota, Florida) had channeled that I was one of the keys to helping the Earth transition from Third to Fourth Density. Greg had no negative "sense" to the use of the word, key, keeping in mind that I am just one of the keys. As one of those keys, he said that there are many thousands of people that I will influence directly or indirectly by my healings and teachings. My participation in the Earth Shift and my mission will be extraordinarily important, according to his input (I write this non-egoically).

He had an intuitive "sense" that my lower back is now better because of the choice I've made to start offering myself for healings and also because the anger has come under better control. The aid (regarding the lower back pain) comes from my Higher Self.

As I talked about one of my writings, "The Unknown Nazarene", I mentioned that it remained unfinished because I just didn't have access to the books I needed. He had a "sense" that I will have my own personal library and that it will be a big library.

44. 18 February 2006 Conversation:       When I begin to give talks, he had his "sense" that I need to keep it up, to schedule more talks because people will bring other people and eventually I'll be reaching a lot of people in that manner. He said it grows from there and gets "big". But how will I find time to do all the healing and teaching? His "sense" was that The Initiate Brotherhood will take care of all those issues and that I need not be concerned for lack of time.

Regarding the woman friend who would come along, he "sensed" that she would become a very close friend and that there would be more than one -- not necessarily intimate partners but friends. In fact, there would be lots of women who would like to befriend me, but they won't say anything because they will be somewhat intimidated.

Regarding The Ascended Master Who came in as my sister, She is always with me, and Greg "sensed" that She had incarnated with me as my sister because there was some work that She had intended to do with me as well as with some others. It seemed really strange to him that it didn't happen. When he saw her picture in the photo album, the message came so strongly in his mind that it was like it was being hammered there: "Here is Jim's Silver Platter" (over and over again). And when he went to title her digitalized picture, the force of the message was even stronger: "Ascended Master" (over and over). We both "felt" that the reason they were given so powerfully and definitively was so that I would be convinced and would rest confidently in the knowledge that I had an Ascended Master directly protecting me.

When writing to me, a psychic friend told me that a thought from out of nowhere came to her for me. It was: "You have reached the top of the mountain. Believe in yourself and go forth." I read it to Greg , and he said a thought popped into his head that the message just given and the balloon message, "Congrats Grad", were tied to each other and inter-related. He thought that the essence of the 2 messages was that The Higher Ups were telling me that it's now time for me to be doing what I came to do in this incarnation.

While talking about all the protection that I've been told repeatedly that I have and the High Level of that protection, I said that I still held about 5% in reserve from completely believing in that protective force-field, that I could commit myself to about 95% faith in the statements and reassurances of all the psychics and channels who have told me of that protection in one way or another. He had an intuitive "sense" that the caution of my analytical aspect of mind in holding back that 5% was not correct, was not justifiable. In other words, his "sense" was that I could and should trust completely in the protection I've been told that I have.

45. 25 February 2006 Campfire Q. and A. Session:       Regarding Cyndi K. (a psychic friend in Indiana who for years has had "dreams" of the two of us searching for certain special children in the chaos and confusion of the cities during the cataclysmic Times to Come), Greg had a sudden "sense" come to him that she has a lot of things that she's supposed to be doing during the Earth Changes. It's still possible that she's not out of the picture. I shouldn't write her off yet (she's become engrossed in the mundane).

And then he said that he had a similar good "sense" about Manu P. (of Ananda Bhavan, Grants Pass, Oregon), in that there was still a good possibility that something could happen to bring us together again, and I was told I shouldn't write him off either.

I wondered if I would get some help or guidance in finding another area to go to after Flagstaff, Arizona, to continue with the healing work, and he said that "without a doubt" I would. His intuitive "sense" was strongly affirmative about it, and I was told that I need not worry about being guided to the next area.

I asked if any harm would come to me for going public with my Kuthumi Connection. His immediate response was that no harm will come to me for doing that. He then had his psychic "sense" that my concerns for being harmed were somehow entered into my mind by the Dark Dudes. Somehow they are responsible for my idea about being harmed by them. I asked if I would be in any danger as I went about being the channel for "miracles" of healing (as it may be viewed by people), and the intuitive response was that, no, I won't be in danger.

He had previously told me that there was more that I could do to prepare myself to be a healer for Kuthumi, and when I asked what that could be, he intuitively told me that it was exactly what I've been doing in organizing the details for getting on my path as the healer and then following through in Flagstaff by starting the process. He had a stronger "feeling" come to him, then, that there would be a need for me to have patience with all the mundane matters with which I'd be inundated and also with the mundane behavior of people, and I was advised to reflect on the reasons why the people have come to me. There will be a lot of people coming around, and I am going to be responsible for helping them to remain with the planet into the New Age at Fourth Density Level! The important word to him was "patience, patience, patience"!!

The Kuthumi Energy won't allow the negative energies and illnesses of the people I heal to impact me, and Greg had a mental image of a dam preventing the back flow. As he was telling me this, a sudden mental picture or vision came into his "mind's eye". This was a generic vision of what would happen as I offered my hands toward another person for healing. He saw the incredibly brilliant white light of Kuthumi's Energy instantaneously being transmitted through me to the person being healed, and then (aetherically speaking) both the patient and myself remained glowing with that intense white light, which very slowly and gradually diminished and faded away. He had a "sense" that at some point I'll be able to feel that instantaneous flow of Healing Energy come through me and the resultant "glowing" at my Aetheric Body Level. He saw me wincing as I felt the power of Kuthumi's Energy.

Then, Greg had an unexpected "feeling" that I would be doing other things besides healing and teaching, though he didn't know what that would be.

In response to my question, he said the Dark Dudes cannot directly harm me physically, but he had a "sense" that they can create circumstances whereby I could be injured and thus be adversely affected indirectly.

He still intuitively "feels" that the year 2012 is not the correct time/space nexus for the ending of Third Density and the beginning of Fourth. He had a mild "sense" that that nexus point was after 2012 sometime (which obviously proved to be true).

He had a "sense" that if I were to step off the path as the healer and teacher, it would diminish the flow of Kuthumi's Energy, mainly because that Energy wouldn't be needed for healings.

46. 26 February 2006 Campfire Chat:       Greg had his "intuitional sense" that if and when I give some talks to small groups of people in Flagstaff, The Masters and Others in The White Brotherhood may, at times, find a way to get information through certain individuals to me.

And he had a "feeling" that when I was giving my talks in 1992 about the Earth Changes (in Chico, California), I was, during that time, on the path that I had pre-incarnatively planned and intended. I was "about my Father's business" as Master Jesus had suggested to me in 1994 when I had received a couple of channelings in Paradise, California.

As I spoke of Master Hilarion, The Lord of the Fifth Ray, Greg had some intuitive input and "emotional sense" that Hilarion and I were connected and, in fact, were very close. He said that Hilarion has a great love for me and sensed that Hilarion and I go back together to other lifetimes and other places and that we have worked together to benefit Humanity.

Then came some unexpected information from Greg's psychic input. During the healings that I conduct, there will be Others of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy besides Kuthumi involved at times. For certain healings and certain patients, Kuthumi will withdraw and Hilarion will provide the healing through me, and other Adepts and Masters will do the same for certain people and for reasons known only to Them.

If Manu P. (Grants Pass, Oregon) and I are to reconcile and get back together, then the initiative has to come from him, and he has to put forth the effort. The ball is in his court.

When I was doing a healing on Greg, out of the blue a "sense" came to him that I should have another person in the room when I'm conducting a healing session for a woman in order to prevent claims that I may have "fondled" her or done anything inappropriate (I had already decided to do this).

47. 10 March 2006 Conversation:       As Greg was relaxed and drifting into an altered state of consciousness prior to falling asleep, he began hearing clairaudiently a message concerning me, and although he didn't remember the exact words of it all, it boiled down to this: "We're gonna provide Jim with financial support and help. We know that he will never ask for money for his services, and so he will need an intermediary or spokesperson to do the asking for him, and he needs to have a place on his website for contributions."

Greg tried to roll over and go back to sleep, but the sense of the message was so overwhelming and so insistent that he got up in the middle of the night at 1 a.m. to create a "Contributions Page" on my website. They wouldn't let him get back to sleep until he took action on the message. When I relented and agreed to the Contributions Page, he said They were happy about that.

Then he said that he "felt" very strongly that I have an enormous undertaking ahead of me and I need the financial means for accomplishing that. The money wouldn't be just for my own personal needs but also would be needed for every other aspect of the endeavor that I'm pursuing on behalf of The White Brotherhood. He said that They will not let this endeavor fail as long as I'm actively engaged in it, and he sensed that more and more information was coming to him about it the more committed that I was becoming to it.

He had a "sense" that once I start giving my talks to small groups of people about healing (or anything else), I'm going to really love it because it is something dear to my heart.

Another strong "sense" was that the Dark Dudes will be watching me too and will be looking for weaknesses of mine to exploit in order to make me beat a hasty retreat from the healing path.

I had found a balloon in the remote wilderness on one of my hikes and thought it might be another balloon message to me. It read, "Happy Valentine's Day", and had little hearts all over it. It had jumped out at me because it was bright red and purple, and it was in perfect condition without any punctures. I asked Greg if Virginia had anything to do with it, and at that moment he got chills and goosebumps to confirm that it definitely came from my Protector, The Big V. All the little hearts were meant to convey the message, "I love you", and the perfect condition of the balloon was symbolic for the perfection of her love for me.

He had a "sense" that it will be important for me to keep records of all the people who come to me for healing, a record of their problems, what I did for them, and the aftermath of the healing session. As we spoke about it, the "Volunteer Page" from my website popped into his mind, because I will need volunteers to do that kind of work, transcribing my dictations and keeping the records.

I gave Greg a written copy of "The Gregorian Oracle". As he read about Lord Hilarion and me being very close and Hilarion having a great love for me and Hilarion and me working together for the benefit of Humanity, Greg had a very comfortable "sense" about that. He said that he had an "It's right!" feeling and said it was "right on the money".

In "The Oracle" when he came to the part about my sister, who as an Ascended Master was said to be my Protector and The One Who administers the "Silver Platter" to me and Who has an incredible sense of humor and an energy of Joy always with Her and Who is very powerful, it brought tears to his eyes and a breaking to his voice. He said it was a strongly confirmatory message to him and an emotional experience to reaffirm those things said about The Master that came in as Virginia.

When he read that my apprehensions about going public with my healing wouldn't last long and that they'd be pushed aside by the joys of my work, he had a sense of confirmation of that and said that I'll love it because I'll be doing what I came to do and because it's my life's fulfillment.

He had a "sense" that I should stay in touch with the master mechanic who helped me with my van in Chico, California. There's something important about him and I might want to e-mail him now and then.

48. 16 March 2006 Conversation:       I asked if I needed so much protection because there will be dangers in doing what I came to do, and the word, "No", came right to him. He "sensed" that there would not be dangers in doing it, and he had a light "sense" that I really didn't need so much protection even though it is there.

I asked why an Ascended Master like my sister would incarnate and risk incurring negative karma which would require other lifetimes, and he psychically "sensed" that The Masters had transcended karma and were no longer affected by it and that karma applied to lower levels of existence (which would be new information to me). He said that the Cerebral Palsy was nothing for The Master V. to handle.

I asked if I had any work to do with Hilarion this life, and he "sensed" that being the vehicle for Hilarion to do healing on occasion was the most prominent work but also "sensed" that I am doing some kind of work with Him at present, but he didn't know what that was. When I give talks, Hilarion will sometimes be there as well as Kuthumi, and They will influence the topics and what information gets discussed. He "sensed" that Others in The Hierarchy will be an influence also, regarding what I talk about. All of Them in The Brotherhood have a responsibility for bringing higher numbers of people into the Fourth Density for the New Golden Age on Earth. Greg received the symbol of a pebble thrown into a pond with the ripples of that splash spreading outward. I think that I might have been the pebble and my teachings the ripples. There's no telling how far the rippling effect will go, he said.

I asked how was my body's health, and there was an immediate intuitive response of "Good".

49. 24 March 2006 Conversation:       When Greg read my introduction to my new web page of "Lord Hilarion's Forum" and came to the part where I said that I thought this would be a perfect way for me to offer service to my Friend, Hilarion, he received a strong "sense" that Hilarion will be using me for teaching and disseminating information as much as Kuthumi will be using me for healing!!! We both got chills when he told me that, and he clarified that the teaching would come from me vocally not just from the website. There was no "sense" if I was to be a channel for Hilarion.

When Greg read "These Kuthumi Hands", he received psychic input when coming to the part where K.K.'s Guides at Mount Shasta, California, were telling me that it had been important for me to get out of Medicine and into Nature because the artificial lighting and dependent patients and 4-walled structures and the energies of a medical office would be harmful to me. The impression came very strongly to him that if I encounter the same circumstances anew in my healing work, I must learn to ignore them. It could be difficult, but I must be more concerned with my mission and not my settings. The annoyances will be coming from the Dark Forces. I must consider that I'm not doing my work for me but rather doing my part for The Hierarchy of Masters.

The Heavy Dudes won't allow the mentioned circumstances to be harmful to me. If I successfully ignore the irritations created by the Dark Ones long enough, Greg sensed that they may just give up putting so much energy into it, and he got some goosebumps talking about it -- a confirmatory sign.

When he read a few pages of my "The Reptilian Conquerors", he said he felt a strong hatred coming from me toward the Lizzies, like it was blasting out of the pages (refer to "The Reptilian Conquerors").

50. 25 March 2006 Conversation:       As Greg read my piece called "Earth In Metamorphosis", a very strong "sense" came to him that The Spiritual Hierarchy will be using me to raise the percentage of humans that will be able to make the Shift into 4th Density. They are extremely unsatisfied and more than disappointed that the numbers of people who have the consciousness and the vibrational rate of being to be harvested into the New Age are so low after all their efforts over centuries. He said my role in this is critical!!! I rechecked his wording on that, and he confirmed it.

He said I would be meeting others in the Flagstaff (Arizona) Area who are involved in the same undertaking as above. He said The Dudes are relying on me to bring along bunches of people into the Aquarian Age.

He had a "sense" that it would be important for me to write up a program for people to follow so that they could raise their energies enough to transition with the Earth into 4th Density, and then he had an intense "feeling" that I could and should set it up as a class. It could be a source of income. (See "13 Steps To Paradise".)

    a. Q: Is there anything more that I need to do for my lower back?

        A: Two words -- "resting and exercise".

    b. Q: Do I need to get my laptop soon?

        A: Not really, no. It's for my convenience only.

    c. Q: Was K.K. (at Mount Shasta) correct that this will be a very long life for me?

        A: "Yes". The words, "You may not see physical death!", came to him clairaudiently and a mental picture formed in his "mind's eye". It was a time-line, and he saw me doing healing and teaching as I was moving forward in time. I passed through all of the Tribulation and on into the Fourth Density Experience and moved a long ways into the New Golden Age, time-wise.

The mental picture was something like an elongated rectangle, representing the time-line that I moved along. I moved through the segment representing Tribulation and way into the 4th Density segment of the rectangle. There was a verticle bar where I would have died, practically speaking, from old age, but I didn't and kept on going further into the 4th Density New Age.

He then had a "sense" that the time/space nexus for ending of 3rd Density here will be "way past" 2012 A.D. The "way past" seemed ambiguous to him but may have been given to him that way because of the uncertainties associated with the free will of humans.

I mentioned that a week ago when in Parker (Arizona), every single thing that I tried to do was met with obstruction and irritation. Some thing or some person prevented each thing I wanted to do from going smoothly. I suspected that the Dark Ones were behind each obstacle (somehow), and I didn't let them get to me or really bother me. I said to Greg that I might have just been paranoid in thinking that the Dark Dudes were doing those things to make me angry, but he said that it was them being the provocateurs.

He had a "sense" that The Higher Dudes want me to be comfortable and financially taken care of so that I wouldn't be distracted from their mission and work by money-related matters.

He received input that I need to start examining my thoughts or ideas that I assume are coming from my left-brain analytical processes, because those thoughts may, in fact, have come through the psychically-receptive right brain from a Higher Level and not my own mind at all. He said I was receiving more than I was aware of.

Then I mentioned that I had been told that I would become a channel for The Kuthumi Source Level of my being and that eventually I wouldn't need to rely on other mediums, because I could get all my questions answered by myself. He had a good "feeling" that I was correct about that.

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