These are a few examples of healing which took place when I was asked to lay my hands upon another in order to effect a healing of one kind or another. It won't necessarily be a chronological accounting but more of a documentation of the facts surrounding the healing while the memories remain available to the conscious workings of my mind. I desire to record simply what factually took place and take no liberties with the truth. This list and these anecdotes will continue to grow as I proceed down the path of my calling.

I am fully aware that the one who is called the healer is no more than the conduit or channel for those energies which are called healing and which originate from Higher Levels of being. Having come to this realization, the healer cannot succumb to any form of ego-entrapment, egocentrism, and augmentation of self-importance.

In my particular case, I have been informed that many lives have been spent in achieving the ability and enhancing the ability to be the instrument through which healings may be offered to another human. I believe that this gift is Divinely inspired, and I hold it humbly in a sacred trust. I further believe that The One Who is known as Kuthumi is not only The Source for my being but is also The Source for any healing energies which may flow through me (please see "Who Is Kuthumi?"). I see my role of the healer as the best means for me to offer service to my fellow humans, and it is a service which will always be offered to any who may make the request.

1. In the Summer of 1992, I was living in the Chico, California, area which is in the mid-Sacramento Valley. One of my closest friends at the time was an elderly woman named Faye Moore. Faye had a talent at "automatic writing", a form of channeling, and was likewise a sensitive and psychic woman. I had come to know Faye through the several readings she had provided to me as a channel, and we gradually developed a friendship when I began stopping by her apartment quite frequently for chats and conversations.

Faye had a surgical history of multiple abdominal procedures (Laparotomies), and one time she began developing the typical symptomatology which was indicative to me of a Partial Small Bowel Obstruction, and I knew that abdominal adhesions from her previous surgeries were the likely culprit. She had abdominal distension, poor appetite, inability to tolerate food, abdominal cramping pains, and her bowels had stopped moving. Also, she was getting to the point where she couldn't drink fluids and was getting dehydrated.

She was close to deciding to go to the nearest emergency room and asked me for a healing session. The obstructive GI symptoms had persisted for 2 or 3 days and dehydration could have compromised her kidney function and caused damage to them. Another surgery would have been performed if the obstruction persisted, thus placing her at morbidity risk.

With Faye lying supine, I placed my hands on her abdomen and held them there for awhile, perhaps 10 minutes in all. I visualized a powerful White Light entering my Crown Chakra, passing down to my Anahata Chakra and concentrating there, and then radiating out from there through my arms and hands to her abdomen. She told me that my hands felt hot as fire. After the session I left her to give her rest for the night. When I returned the next day, every one of her symptoms had been relieved, and her bowels were acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. I knew that the obstruction had been relieved.

2. Sunshine was a woman I met in Grants Pass, Oregon, at her home which she and her husband called Ananda Bhavan (Abode of Bliss). We became fast friends very quickly because she recognized me from another of her lifetimes, although she was not more precisely aware of that previous relationship at the outset. Later, she was given an aetheric vision of that lifetime, and I was her older brother who cared for her and loved her deeply, our parents having died previously.

One day when I was visiting Ananda Bhavan, Sunshine fell down while out shopping and injured the shoulder that she fell upon. She was subsequently in a considerable amount of pain and asked me to do a series of healings on her injured shoulder, which I thought to be a soft tissue injury (no fracture).

Each time I laid my hands on her, she told me that she could feel warmth emanating from my hands, and she became temporarily pain-free. The duration of the pain-free state became longer as the healing sessions continued, and eventually she woke up one morning with no further pain and knew (intuitively) that she had been healed. There was no relapse or recurrence after that.

3. During the first Summer that I was visiting Ananda Bhavan for several weeks, a friend of Sunshine and Manu by the name of Dorothy came by for a visit. Dorothy had been a spiritual teacher and minister in Grants Pass until her retirement and was very knowledgeable in matters of the Spirit.

Sunshine and Dorothy were talking in the temple when I was asked to join them. Dorothy was explaining that she had undertaken a certain meditation program that raises the Kundalini up from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra and was having severe and disabling headaches as a consequence.

Sunshine suggested to Dorothy that I be allowed to lay my hands on her. Dorothy said that she had never in her life allowed another person to lay hands on her, knowing of serious consequences if the wrong person were allowed to do that, but she agreed to permit a healing by me at that time.

I placed my hands on either side of Dorothy's head, holding them there for awhile and doing my invocation and visualization while my hands were in place. Afterward she told me that she could feel the pleasurable energy from my hands going all the way through her head from one side to the other. She did not become immediately free from pain, but later in the day her headache that she had had for several days was gone and did not return.

Then I received a phone call from Dorothy the next day after she had done her morning meditation. During that meditation, she had seen a cobra snake rise up from behind her, extend itself over her head, and hold its head unmoving in front of her forehead. (This was an aetheric vision, of course.) She had a sensation of the opening of her "Third Eye" (the Ajna Chakra), responsible for aetheric sight. Then she told me that she believed that her experience with the cobra and the Third Eye was directly connected with the healing session in the temple.

4. While staying at Ananda Bhavan during the Summer of 1999, a woman from British Columbia by the name of Rose-Maria was visiting for several weeks and staying in one of the cabins. I later found out that she had been abused as a child by being locked in a dark closet which terrified her and left its psychological scars resulting in Panic Attacks which could be triggered by provocations which were unknown to the other people around her.

One afternoon when I was outside the house on the front porch, I heard a sudden onset of screaming coming from the dining room and Sunshine calling my name. Rose-Maria was seated at the table with several others including Sunshine and Manu, and she was emitting deafening screams while looking just terrified of some unseen demon. I placed my hands on either side of her head while calmly explaining to her what I was doing and remained fixed in that position behind her. Within no more than a couple of minutes, the screaming had stopped and the state of panic and terror had abruptly ceased. She returned to her placid self. This occurred on one more occasion with the same results to the healing touch.

5. One Winter I went to visit a friend living in Texas, northeast of Dallas, and I happened to be there over the Christmas Holiday Season when his Jesuit priest brother came in from El Paso to be with family members. John, the priest, had been suffering for some time with chronic Hepatitis C infection of his liver for which the medical profession has no cure to offer. The Hepatitis C Virus had been documented by blood tests and liver biopsy, so there was no uncertainty as to the cause of the liver problem, and the status of his liver function was basically monitored over time with a series of blood tests.

He was feeling poorly at the time with general malaise and fatigue, thought to be secondary to a recent re-activation of the Hepatitis C infection, and I was asked for a laying on of the hands. A quiet healing session was held with John lying supine, and a focus was made on the right upper quadrant of the abdomen for perhaps 5 to 10 minutes.

His brother remembers John telling him that he felt better immediately after the session with a lifting of the malaise, and then a couple weeks after he returned to El Paso he gave a call to report on the Hepatitis condition. He had been feeling much better and had been to his Internist for a routine follow-up evaluation. Blood tests had been taken and his blood was found to be entirely free of the Hepatitis C Antigen, which is indicative of the presence of Hepatitis C Virus. In other words, there was no further evidence at that time for the virus that had infected the liver, and I believe I was told that the liver function tests (liver cell enzyme levels) came back in the normal range.

6. During the Summer of 2003 I worked as a gardener on the golf course of the Mount Shasta Resort. There was a little dogwood tree near one of the greens that had been transplanted and was doing poorly despite extra attention it was receiving by my co-worker.

She took me out to see the little dogwood on a Friday just before the weekend when we wouldn't be working. I found it to appear lifeless. All the leaves had died and fallen to the ground except for just a few brown stragglers getting ready to fall.

I stood there for awhile sending it love from my Anahata Chakra and directing energy from the palms of my hands toward it. Then I invoked and called upon the Deva of Dogwood and the Deva of the golf course to give me help in resuscitating the little dogwood as I continued to send it energy from and through my palms.

Three days later after the weekend, when I went back to see it, it was now growing numerous green leaf buds and had obviously come back to life. It then continued to grow and to thrive and to do well. This took place in late August or early September at 3500 feet elevation and not in the Spring, so the growing season was almost over at that altitude.

7. In the Summer of 2003, Sunshine had several bouts of Partial Small Bowel Obstruction which prompted her to be admitted to a hospital for either conservative or surgical management as needed. She likewise had had several abdominal surgeries and was found to have adhesions upon a repeat Laparotomy to relieve obstruction.

Despite the surgery, she continued to have relapses of the same problem thereafter, and I drove to see her from Mount Shasta one weekend. When I arrived at Ananda Bhavan, she was suffering another of her relapses of the Small Bowel Obstruction and was in pain and could not drink fluids. Her condition was worsening.

I hugged her and I held her for a long time, and then we sat down to talk and visit for the rest of the evening. I did not lay hands on her in any other way and conducted no formal healing session that day of my arrival, and yet upon awakening her bowel obstruction was relieved; her appetite had returned; and she was able to eat and drink without difficulty. She felt, intuitively, that the hug had effected the same result as a laying on of the hands. Her pain was gone, and her sense of well-being was improved.

8. When I was still a "practicing" physician and was, at the time, doing a locum tenens (temporary medical coverage) at a community clinic in a small town in the San Joaquin Valley of California, a Mexican woman came to me one day for evaluation of her gastro-intestinal difficulties.

I took her history and did my abdominal exam of her, which included the usual palpation and percussion (hands on exam). My initial impression was an Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is a psycho-physiological disorder, however I would try to exclude a number of other GI diseases through blood and stool testing and some X Rays.

When she returned in a week for a follow-up visit and I entered the exam room, she began shouting and talking rapidly in Spanish to the nurse assistant who translated for me. She was absolutely insistent that I had healed her by placing my hands on her for the examination. She was entirely symptom free after a long period of the uncomfortable and painful symptoms. She was tearful and offering me blessings in her gratitude, and she wouldn't be dissuaded from her belief that my hands had healed her.

9. During The Summer of 2006, I was contacted by a woman in Phoenix who was from Prague in Central Europe originally. Her name was Stanislava, and she had suffered a frontal lobe brain injury during an automobile accident several years previously. She had been a lawyer and a judge before coming to the States, but the head trauma had caused such brain damage that she was cognitively impaired in her life and was dependent on others for her care. The syndrome of the neurological deficit did not allow her to be self-sufficient. I arranged for a healing session at a distance.

At the appointed time, she was lying on the bed in her bedroom, and she said that she felt a Powerful Presence come into the room. She felt remarkable sensations of pressure in different parts of her head but most especially in the frontal areas and particularly on the left side, and this went on for quite awhile. Then she said it felt like her body was being completely divided in half (at the aetheric body level), one half being separated from the other, and then there was some kind of work done and energy infusion made on the left side of the body before she perceived that the 2 sides were brought back together again, reintegrated.

After that she felt a strong and painful ripping/tearing sensation, almost like an explosion, in the region of her Heart Chakra (blockages removed). When the session was through, she said that her suicidal impulses had left her, and she felt peaceful and more grounded than at anytime since the trauma. She was able to walk more steadily and feel the Earth more firmly beneath her feet. She was able to get in her vehicle and drive without any assistance, which she hadn't been able to do in a long while. She became more independent, however she was advised (clairaudently) by her Guides to receive a series of healing sessions from Kuthumi.

10. During the Summer of 2010 I was doing some camping in the vicinity of Medicine Lake in Siskiyou County of far Northern California, a vast National Forest to the east of Mount Shasta. I had discovered a large, remote meadow and was the only person around, delighting in the beauty and the quietude. A young buck would come every day and graze for grass just a few feet from my van, and butterflies would swarm around the van each day. When one of them became lost and trapped inside of my van, I captured it in my hand and tossed it forcefully toward my opened sliding door so that it could escape and fly away, but my aim was inaccurate and the little butterfly struck the chassis of the door frame and went completely lifeless.

There was no movement whatsoever, and it did appear lifeless. I gently laid it on the ground and positioned my right hand over it, asking Kuthumi to heal and to bring the little butterfly back to life through me. I centered myself, quieted my mind, and got the personality out of the way so that The Source of my being could clearly work through me. I closed my eyes and counted to seven. When I opened my eyes again, the butterfly was stirring back to life and simply lifted up and flew away as though nothing had ever happened to it. I can't say for certain that it wasn't "stunned" by the blow, but the force with which it had struck the unyielding metal could easily have killed it, and even if it had still been alive, the rapidity of its recovery was remarkable.

Something similar had happened to a little bee a few days before that when I had captured it in a bandana to let it outside of my van. It lay motionless on its back and also appeared lifeless. I invoked Kuthumi, asking for His help, and held my right hand out over the bee in a semi-meditative state. After about 10 seconds, I removed my hand and opened my eyes, and the little bee had righted itself and just flew away. Wow, I thought, Kuthumi loves even the smallest of God's creatures.

11. I was contacted on the Internet by a retired christian minister from Pennsylvania. He asked for a distant healing of his circulation problem to his legs and feet. He related a past history of Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease in that he had had "open heart" coronary bypass surgery approximately 6 years prior to the healing request. In fact, he had had more than one coronary bypass, so it wasn't surprising that there was atherosclerotic involvement of the peripheral arterial vasculature in the legs and feet. He said that it started to become symptomatic shortly after his last coronary bypass 6 years previously, and it started with his legs becoming cyanotic and showing a bluish discoloration. Over time it progressed to his feet getting cold, especially at night. His left foot was worse than the right one.

His biggest problem when he contacted me was the pain in the feet that had been ongoing for about 3 months, which told me that the arterial obstruction had become very serious. The pain had become so bad that he was very close to making an appointment with his primary care physician, but having great faith in Kuthumi from his previous experiences, since we'd been in touch for several years, and having received healing regarding other matters, he wrote to me and requested healing for the severe pain (as he described it) and the circulatory insufficiency to his legs.

I made a series of 3 appointments for him for distant healing sessions with Kuthumi, and when the series had been completed he wrote to me that "miraculously" the pain had disappeared and the coloration of the legs and feet had returned to normal. They were no longer cyanotic, which had been indicative of an inadequate oxygen delivery to the tissues and cells. The arterial perfusion and blood circulation to his legs and feet were markedly improved according to his description, and he was so very grateful that the pain had been relieved. I knew that The Great Surgeon Kuthumi had removed the arterial obstruction and granted this gentle man his wish. This is an example that distance has no meaning to Ascended Masters and, I think, that faith and belief are important components to the dynamic healing process.

12. I was told of this healing many years later and hadn't remembered it for some reason. In 1999 I was visiting relatives in Indiana. One of them told me about the problem that she was having with her "bowels". She had, for most of her life, been quite regular in her bowel movements, which was every couple of days in her case. In the history of this problem, she described having no bowel movement for 8 days, then going to the emergency room of some hospital for an enema with some relief. She was able to have another movement a couple of days later, but this was followed by another 8 days of no bowel movement, and again she went to the E.R. and received another enema. After that, she said that for 6 months she could only have her bowel movement every 3 or 4 days and they were always difficult. This wasn't her usual pattern, and there was something definitely wrong. I should mention that Fecal Impaction is one of the concerns when this happens, and a bowel obstruction may result, a serious condition.

She came to me; I laid my hands on her lower abdomen for a couple of minutes; and she said that from that point on she became regular and normal in her bowel movements for the next 14 or 15 years up to the present day and never required another enema again. She believes that she received healing for the problem, whatever its cause, and it has never returned.

13. During the Summer of 2014 I had camped on the federal lands of Central Oregon, and in August I began to get visits by mountain jays. Every day they would land on my van and gently peck on the windshield to let me know they were there, and then I would scatter bread crumbs and peanuts on the ground for them.

Years before, on Mount Shasta, I had fed the wild mountain jays right out of my hand. They would swoop down from a nearby tree branch, perch on my thumb, and take the nuts or grains in my upraised palm, never once injuring me with their sharp beaks. In subsequent years whenever I would return to Shasta, the succeeding generations would always know of my presence and would come to visit my camp as soon as I arrived. Through the collective consciousness of mountain jay the memory was still intact, and they obviously knew of my whereabouts in Central Oregon.

One morning when I went outside my van I found one of the little birds sitting stunned and immobilized on the ground next to my van and only a couple feet from a sprung mousetrap (I have a problem with nocturnal mice getting into my engine compartment and gnawing on rubber hoses and wire insulation and won't tolerate it anymore). Being on the exposed ground is a very vulnerable position for a bird, so I knew that it had been seriously injured on the head or neck when pecking at the peanut butter bait in the trap and couldn't move any further. It's a wonder it hadn't been killed by the force of the trap.

I called upon Kuthumi to direct healing energy through me to heal the sweet little bird, held out my right hand toward it, closed my eyes, and counted slowly to seven, the defining existential number for all life. Just as I neared the end of my count, there was a great fluttering of wings that somewhat startled me in the silence of the morning, and just as I opened my eyes I saw the jay fly off to a nearby tree. Kuthumi had instantly healed the seriously wounded bird, giving me a reminder of His lifetime as Saint Francis of Assisi. As I write this, there is a pair of mountain jays landing all over my van, gently pecking on the roof and windshield even though they already have food on the ground, gracing me with their presence.

14. This is an example of a couple of healings which took place on my own physical body through the Grace of Kuthumi. In both instances I cannot say if the cancerous growths were malignant or benign, because no biopsy was taken for microscopic examination, but both concerned me enough (what with my medical knowledge) to ask for healing.

One of the growths was behind my right ear, situated on the mastoid process. It reminded me of a squamous cell carcinoma of the skin and was irregular in outline. From the size of it, by the time I noticed it, it was probably present for a good 6 months. I asked Kuthumi for healing, and within a couple months it was gone, having slowly diminished in size until disappearing.

The other growth was in the scrotum and had been steadily growing for a year or so. I know the anatomy, and it was no lymph node or anatomical variant. It was definitely pathological and had grown to the size of a small marble when I asked for Kuthumi's help. Thereafter, it steadily shrank in size for weeks (no sudden disappearance) and can now no longer be found. It may have been malignant, but I'll never know, which is just fine with me. My Beloved Source healed me.

15. In the time of the viral pandemic, during the Spring of 2020, I could feel the virus proliferating in the mucous membranes of my throat (pharanx). It was at an early stage of infection, and my symptoms were fairly mind: a sore throat, headache, dry cough, weakness, and fatigue; and I may have had a fever (temp. not taken). The symptoms were different from my usual Springtime allergy to pollen; I could tell the difference.

In hopes of stopping it before it got any worse and spread more deeply into the respiratory system, I conducted a Healing Session on myself and called upon Lord Kuthumi for help. It was very subtle and almost unnoticeable, but all of the symptoms lifted by the time the Session was finished. It was like it had never happened. I believe that Kuthumi healed me of the potentially-dangerous respiratory virus that had come to be called Covid 19.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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