Created by Visionary/Clairvoyant Artist, Barbara Besser, on June 28, 2009 in Bayfield, Colorado

Barbara Besser: "When I am asked to do a SPIRITUAL PORTRAIT, if I am with that one, I connect with a prayer/blessings, calling in their Guides and Guardians as well as mine. Then I await direction in form and light ... words as well come in ... while I am in their energy field. The painting is 'conceived' from their Soul's Essence, their knowing, that is transmitted to me, the vehicle for artistic expression in form. Each painting is completed within 45 minutes and is exquisite. The sitter is usually deeply connected to the images and words for them, for it has 'come' from them. I have completed hundreds and more of these for folks around the world."

"I work with Higher Realms through painting and am directed by Beings of Light to create pieces that awaken the soul/individual 'seeing' the painting. They are stimulated at a very deep level without being consciously aware of it happening, though some are open enough to be aware of this."

"When I went into your Essence, your Energy, it was filled with Bright Light, white and a large field. This is very validating for your path. The White Light is a purity, a sign of healing and pure heart ... my interpretation, anyway."

"Jim, here are the insights and words for your reading ... best that I can recall ... very impressive overall. Thanks so much for the experience."

"Upon entering your energy field, I was impressed by the Very Powerful Presence of a (your) Master Guide, most likely Beloved Kuthumi. Overseeing your face, or superimposed upon this face, were many symbols and colors which will be explained below." (If need be, go to "Who Is Kuthumi?".)

"Over the mouth area were a series of Red Radiating Lines, signifying the vitality and power of the spoken word and the power and courage it will take to speak the Truth."

"Blue Diamonds (5th Chakra, lower face, 3rd Eye): These represent the ones who are connected to Pure Source/Godness and who radiate peace and presence."

"Above the Third Eye: A crescent-shaped 'ship-like' object (in red) that appeared to be metallic in nature, perhaps representing the connection to The Spiritual Hierarchy ... The Galactic Ones." (For an overview, click on "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?".)

"Yellow Lines: Coming from the center .... represent pure thought/connection to Spirit/God/Light."

"Purple Star Burst (over head): Upper Chakras (the 5 Higher Chakras) opening to higher calling."

"Overall, this Spiritual Portrait is the most detailed and of the highest and purest energy of all that have been created through this artist. Though it has been a great artistic challenge, this process was deeply meaningful for me. This is such a UNIQUE and POWERFUL piece, I want to include it in works to share with other healers and teachers."

"Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and share time with you. Please know that my life has been blessed. In profound gratitude, Barbara Besser a.k.a. Analeia Jakaih Celestia."

Message given clairaudiently to artist during portrait: "James Oliver Cyr, these, your gifts, are to be shared with many souls who are ready for their awakening. You are to be a key for these ones. Share from your heart and many levels of knowledge. Create opportunities and stand ready, for this IS your destiny!"


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