I came into this particular earth-walk in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 27th of September, 1944. The early years were spent in a small town in Northern Indiana, and when I was two and my sister was four years old we were abandoned by our mother. We spent a couple years in an orphanage and then came a long series of foster homes after that. At the age of 9, I was sent to Father Flanagan's Boys Town in Nebraska where I was to remain for 8 years until graduating from high school in 1962.

From there I went on to college at San Jose State University in California with a major in Premedicine and was accepted into medical school at Indiana University in 1966. After one year of that, I took a leave of absence and hitchhiked to and around South America and was conscripted into the U.S. Army before I could return to medical school. I had a tour of duty in Vietnam and was discharged in 1970.

Following a friend to Springfield, Missouri, I enrolled at Southwest Missouri State and was able to get accepted to the University of Missouri Medical School in 1972. Four years later I graduated with a Doctorate in Medicine and went on to residency in Family Practice in Kansas City, Missouri. I left the program before completion to go into private practice and remained in Conventional Medicine for approximately 12 years.

During the years, 1987 - 1991, I isolated myself in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California and underwent a spiritual transformation and expansion of consciousness. I returned my state licensure and severed my ties with Medicine, no longer believing in it and wishing to live my inner integrity.

During this period and with the help of a lot of friends who were more intuitively and psychically sensitive than myself, I learned of two primary and fundamental things about myself which would change the course of my life. I learned (eventually) beyond all doubt that I am a healer and that healing is the essence of who I am, and I learned and finally came to accept that Kuthumi is The Source of my beingness, that I am an extended expression of The Kuthumi Consciousness. Nothing would ever be the same again. There was no looking back.

Since those discoveries (and many more), I have continually traveled and lived in the wilderness of Western North America and followed the inner promptings, while ever distancing myself from the ailments and the dysharmonies and the harmful energies of the centers of population, allowing the purity of Nature to cleanse me in preparation for the greater purpose for which I came.

It took many years for me to come to a confident acceptance of my healing abilities and my relationship to The One known as Kuthumi (read about my journey of discovery in "These Kuthumi Hands"). Having, in 2006, finally acquiesced to the innumerable urgings by my Source Level of Being and having finally conquered the doubtings of my rationally-oriented mind, I have decided to offer, at long last, my hands to any who may express a desire or need for them. I have now stepped onto the path that was intended before that day of entry so long ago in Cincinnati.

James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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