Lord Saint Germain

If you feel that you would like to make an appointment for a healing conducted by Lord Kuthumi through me, then please go to "Contact Me" for my phone number or e-mail address.

I would need the following information from you: your name, your location and time zone, background information on what it is that you desire to have healed, and what time of day and days of the week you can be available for a session.

Based upon what you tell me about the illness or dysharmonious condition that you seek to heal, I will inform you whether I would recommend a single session or a series of sessions, and I make that determination by intuitive input from my Source. In this regard, there is NOTHING that Kuthumi cannot heal in one session, however most people are incapable of receiving the full intensity of the Christed Energies which would effect healing in one session because of their debilitation, physical compromise, and weakened condition created by the chronic and serious illnesses that they are seeking to heal. Thus, the Healing Energies are given in increments because Kuthumi would never harm the one asking to be healed.

After 2 years of providing free healings to all who made the request, Senior Members of The Spiritual Hierarchy informed me in no uncertain terms that it was imperative that I begin charging a fee for the service, and Lord Saint Germain told me that He had been placed in charge of all business-related aspects of my healing work (if need be, refer to "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?" and "Who In The World Is Saint Germain?").

I was told to set a date for the start of charging a fee and to be firm in that date and to make no exceptions. The date I have set for this to begin is April 10, 2008. From that point on, I must charge a fee for these very powerful healings, as Saint Germain describes them.

In accordance with the fee schedule given to me by The Lord of the 7th Ray (Saint Germain), the current fee will be $50 per session, and the fee will be the same for animals or people. He advised me that each session was to be $50 regardless of the number of sessions which must be conducted. I was also informed that the fee should be received before the services are rendered.

For the impoverished who cannot afford to pay: my compassion will not allow me to withhold these healing services from anyone simply because they do not have the money. Do not hesitate to contact me if you feel that you would like healing by The Christed World Teacher for Planet Earth. I will make the necessary arrangements at no cost to you if you honestly inform me that you are unable to afford the recommended fee. I do not want money to be an issue.

Because of the slowness of the postal mail service, I have made available the electronic transference of funds by way of PayPal. Please click on the "Contributions" link, and then follow the instructions after clicking on the PayPal button. This is a secure method of money transfer.

Statement from Saint Germain:

"I, Saint Germain of The White Brotherhood, have been appointed as 'Business Manager' to Dr. James Oliver Cyr who is the proprietor of Kuthumi-Hands.com. His current business model is not serving the interests of The White Brotherhood. In order to generate the necessary funds for Jim to live on as well as the necessary funds for future projects that Jim has been appointed to, from the stipulated date forward there will be a fee for the healings. We of The White Brotherhood have made it crystal clear to Dr. Jim that he has no alternative to this change if he is to further the Plans of The White Brotherhood. Any questions about the fee schedule or any business aspect of Dr. Jim's practice are from now on handled by Me.         Saint Germain"

Statement from me:

When I began my path of healer, it was fully my heartfelt intention to always and without exception offer all my healing services as a conduit for the Christ Energies of Kuthumi for free. I have now been informed by high-ranking Members of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth that it is essential that I begin charging a fee for these services. As an incarnate human, I am doing my work on behalf of these Beings of Splendour, and I've chosen to follow Their advice and Their guidance. They have the grand perspective, whereas mine is narrowed to this level of reality. My decision to charge a fee for my healing services is in compliance with Their wishes and has been an agonizing decision to make. From henceforth, there will be the indicated fee for each healing session conducted by Lord Kuthumi. May you forever remain within The Forcefield of Kuthumi's Christ-Love.       J.O. Cyr, M.D.


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