I have been informed by Those Who guide me and Who oversee "the Projects" that I've become involved in (Earth's White Brotherhood) that many more healers (at the human level) are going to be needed for the Coming Times into which the Earth is inexorably headed. (Refer to "Earth in Metamorphosis".) Those Times will see the collapse of the insurance industry, the faltering and then the worldwide collapse of the economic system, geological and weather-related events that affect millions of people, pandemic diseases and extreme emotional states, and the unraveling of the medical care delivery system.

Those uncountable ones who are going to be in need of healing and who have no money to spend on the conventional, allopathic physicians will be desperate for help of any kind as they reach out in their moment of need to be healed. That is why The Ascended Masters are putting out the call, well in advance, for healers to step forward and make a commitment to work with The Master Healers in The Spiritual Hierarchy, for that is the offer being made (click on "What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?").

They have informed me that They will work with and through those who have the necessary purity of heart and intentions, and They will know all those who meet their criteria for this work of giving and reaching out to those many who suffer. This is an offer of inestimable value and an unprecedented privilege to be directly working with such Beings of Grandeur and Radiance, but the Earth's Transformation is in crisis because there are so few who will be able to make the Dimensional Shift to a higher level, and extraordinary measures are being taken by The Hierarchy to offer assistance that may benefit the Plan of Sanat Kumara (see "Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?") and The Galactic Council of Twelve.

That Plan, in part, involves demonstrating to the rest of the Galactic Races (who are without emotions and who evolve by means of the intellect) the true meaning and value of love, the Christ-like Love that has no conditions, once the small remaining fraction of the Human Race has moved with the planet into Fourth Density and the Aquarian Age of Peace and Harmony. This demonstration by Humanity after eons of conflict and bloodshed will enable the Galactic Races to look more favorably upon incorporating emotional expression into their beingness in order to feel love and to learn love, which is only a concept known to their powerful intellects.

They have heretofore considered this planet at the distant fringes of this vast galaxy to be a God-forsaken bit of cosmic dust because of the barbarity and brutality that sentient beings have committed against each other as a consequence of their negative emotional patterns for the long stretches of time that this planet has been under observation. Once the great majority of self-serving and lowly-evolved humans have left this planet and the New Golden Age has begun, the Galactic Observers will be astonished by the collective radiance of unconditional love that is being emanated from Earth by contrast with the collective emanation of the emotional energy known as fear for eons and eons of time.

When the humans of Earth show to all the others (who lack emotions) what love is truly about, and when other Races in this galaxy decide to create an emotional body into their beingness in order to experience that love for The Creator and all of Its Creations, instead of the intellectual knowing of love but never being able to feel it, then The Galactic Being will be expressing more love through the Sentient Races that are evolving within its field of expression -- its body that we call the galaxy.

And the ever-expanding love shown by this galaxy will spread to other galaxies in the Universe through the desire of other evolving civilizations to experience that love as well, and the Universe will be filled with more love. The Universal Christ, That Second Aspect of The Triune Godhead called Divine Love, will be in a state of expansion as this unfolds, and then, at last, will the experiment of emotions on Planet Earth be considered a success for the example it was able to offer when finally the fear-based emotions were eliminated from the human repertoire along with those Forces of Darkness who had promoted all that fear for their own purposes of control and domination.

To return to the matter at hand, the more healers there are who are working with The Master Healers of The Hierarchy, the more people who can be healed at all levels of their being and who will then have a better opportunity to make the correct choices that will, with effort, help them to transition into the Higher Level that is being called the New Golden Age. The more humans that make it into that Era and who are giving love from the Anahata Chakra to each other and all life-forms, the more brilliant and intense will be the radiation of Christ-Love from this planet and the more enticing it will be to the Galactic Observers.

So, this explanation will make it more understandable as to why The Masters have made this exceptional offer to send their Transformative Healing Energies through the worthy and humble healers who agree to the clauses of their contract and who maintain the purity of their giving hearts and their intentions. I have then, with guidance, written up the clauses of that contract with The Master Healers of The Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth. Do you want to be a part of this?

There is one final point that I've been guided to make. The Masters wish that all the healers serving as channels and working on behalf of The White Brotherhood stay in touch with the Sanctuaries (check out "The Sanctuary of Kuthumi") that I will be creating and building. I believe They make that request so that the human healers do not lose their spiritual compass as they make their way through the mundane preoccupations of the world and the innumerable distractions which that world offers. The Sanctuaries will be an anchorage of peace, harmony, and Aquarian Age principles of living, and the chaotic world during the Tribulation into which the healers will be thrust will be far removed from that utopian microcosm. The Masters have foreseen this and want their human vehicles for spreading love and compassion to remain connected with the Sanctuaries.


1.   The Ascended Masters have come forth on the issue of charging a fee for the healing services, and a fee for the service is acceptable, however if the fee becomes excessive and the attachment to money called greed overcomes the healer, The Masters will withdraw from that one. The proper perspective on money must be attained and held.

2.   It must always be understood by the healer that they are serving as a vessel and a channel for the Healing Energies of The Master Healers in The Spiritual Hierarchy.

3.   Those Healing Energies do not flow from but rather flow through the healer, and thus the healer must clear the mind and serve as an open and unobstructed conduit for those Energies originating from Higher Levels.

4.   The Healing Masters need be invoked at the outset of the healing, and the request for their services need be made vocally, thus asking for their help in order to receive it (ask and ye shall receive).

5.   The ego of the healer (in the sense of inflated self-importance) must be held in check, otherwise The Masters will withdraw and no longer work through that one. "The first must be last, and the last first", as put by The Nazarene.

6.   The recipient (if possible) need be instructed to be specific in the healing request they are making of their Higher Self (or Soul), and it may be done mentally.

7.   The 7 Major Chakras of the Aetheric Body (the template of the physical body) need be included in the healing as they invariably need work by The Masters involved. The placement of the hands and the healing work should always proceed from the 1st Chakra (the so-called Root Chakra) upward and ascendingly to the 7th Chakra (the Crown Chakra).

8.   The Emotional Body (Astral Body) of most humans is usually in dire need of healing, whether they are willing to admit it or not. The 3rd Chakra (the so-called Solar Plexus) is directly connected with the Emotional Body and serves as a transmitter of its energies. The healing path to the Emotional Body is directed through the 3rd Chakra, and an emphasis should be placed on that Chakra during the healing session.

9.   As long as the intentions of the healer are pure, The Masters will continue to work with him or her, but if secondary motives are entertained (aside from the desire to be of service to others) then The Masters will withdraw from that person.

10.   A healing can never be promised to the one making the request because that decision is made at the level of the Higher Self of the recipient, Which knows whether or not that person is ready to be healed (from the standpoint of karmic indebtedness and phase of lesson-learning).

11.   When a healing at a distance has been requested, the healer must let it be known, unequivocably, that a Master Healer from The White Brotherhood will be at the side of the recipient and that time or distance have no reality to The Masters. The appointment made by the "approved" healer is considered as a contract by The Higher Ups.

12.   When the healing session has ended, a state of gratitude by both the healer and the recipient of the healing is the most appropriate state of mind to be in. Gratitude draws more of the universal supply of abundance toward the one who is grateful. The Healing Masters should be thanked for responding to the invocation and for offering the healing.


(Spoken Aloud) I acknowledge my identity with the Divine Presence of my being (that which is called the Higher Self), and from that Level of my being I make the solemn pledge that I will serve humbly and lovingly as the vessel of healing for The Masters of Wisdom Who guide Humanity from darkness into the Light. I further pledge to fulfill my contract with Those Masters as stated in the clauses of that contract.


James Oliver Cyr, M.D.


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